The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 17

“Have you checked your phone since last night?” Erin was lying on the sofa with her head nestled in Tiffany’s lap.

Tiffany sat in total relaxation, her body flooded with endorphins and her mind awash with joy. They were both fully dressed once more, in case Hannah returned abruptly, but Tiffany was sure she looked so dishevelled that she wouldn’t be fooling anyone.

“No,” Tiffany replied. She then furrowed her brow as she cast her mind back. “I don’t even know where my phone is...” she admitted. “I remember answering it last night, and then the next thing I knew, I was tied to my bed underneath Alice. Not Alice! You!” She quickly corrected herself. “It was you last night. God, it was so real I’m still struggling to get my head around it. The memory is just so vividly her…”

Erin chuckled. “Yeah, that was fun.”

“Fun!” Tiffany looked down incredulously at Erin’s grinning face. “You! You made me… you’re winding me up right now, aren’t you?”

Erin nodded, her eyes sparkling with mischief. “It’s what I do, Mistress. It’s what I do.” She sighed contentedly before adopting a more serious expression. “But the reason I’m asking about your phone is because I haven’t heard back from Alice since we were at Josh’s the other night. I mean…” She took out her own phone and started pursuing it.

“Hold on…” Tiffany frowned in confusion. “You said last night that you lost your phone, didn’t you?”

Erin looked at Tiffany with an expression that seemed to be holding back on a quip of more laughter. Tiffany ran over her memories again and then it came back to her.

“Oh, that’s right, that was a lie to get me to give you my phone…” She sighed in mild irritation, though really she admired Erin’s successful subterfuge. “Honestly, these conflicting memories are a pain to merge together.”

“Yeah, and how about getting all the memories from that bottle spinning game back all at once?” Erin added. “Talk about a head spin, right?”

“How about this for a new rule: No more memory mind-fucks.” Tiffany made a sweeping gesture with her hand as though she was delivering a sacred commandment.

“Fine with me, you’re the boss, Tiff.” Erin winked at her. She looked back at her screen and frowned. “Anyway, I don’t have anything from Alice. But I do have a few missed calls and a long message from Josh…” She trailed off as she read, then jerked up suddenly while cursing loudly, almost falling off the sofa.

“What!?” Tiffany herself jolted in fright. “Erin, what is it?!”

“Alice was at Josh’s last night!” Erin exclaimed. “While he was out!”

“Wait, what?” Tiffany scratched her head. “So how did he know she was there?”

“I had him install extra security on his computer yesterday before he went to practise. He changed the password and also set up his webcam to record if a wrong password was entered. The worst part is she wasn’t alone.” Erin looked up at Tiffany, her face full of concern now. “Who’s Dillon?”

Tiffany’s heart plummeted into her stomach and she suddenly felt faint as the colour drained from her face. “Fuck…” she uttered, staring intensely at the floor.

“What? Tiff, what is it? Who’s Dillon?!”

“Get your stuff and find my phone,” Tiffany ordered shakily as she pulled herself off the sofa. Looking at Erin, unable to hide her sudden panic, she added, “I’ll explain on the way…”

* * *

Lucy held her head back to let the water from the shower splash onto her face. It was bitingly cold, and she was starting to shiver, but she was determined. She needed to clear her head, she needed to think!

All day long it had felt like her own thoughts and decisions were being hijacked by some adversary at the back of her mind, a presence that she knew was there but she could neither see, hear, or detect in any way.

She was being controlled, that much she was aware of. But by whom and to what extent was still a mystery. She had her suspicions, and a lot of unanswered questions, so she found herself shaking in the freezing shower trying to help her thoughts align.

‘I shouldn’t take too much longer’ she thought decidedly. ‘A good girlfriend wouldn’t keep Trev waiting.’

There! That! Thoughts like those had been materialising seamlessly into her mind all day long. What was the deal!?

She knew they weren’t her own thoughts. Well, not quite… They were her own thoughts, she was thinking them, that was clear. However, she knew that she wouldn’t be having such thoughts if it weren’t for that strange computer program Trev had made with his friends. What scared her the most was that the new thoughts felt so familiar and genuine that she barely noticed them as anomalies, and she seemed to be noticing them less and less as time went on.

She had to find a way to fix it. She had to find a way to turn herself back to herself.

She even had a plan for this, but it currently had so many gaps that she couldn’t see how she could possibly execute it the way things were, and the way her mind was going. Soon she wouldn’t care that she seemed to be changing so much. Soon she might even forget…

‘A good girlfriend wouldn’t try to change herself back,’ she thought idly. ‘She would embrace any change that helped her be a good girlfriend.’

The urgency of her thoughts seemed to wash away like the water running down her naked body. Maybe she should think about it all later, there was no need to stress herself out over it just now.

Moments later, she got out of the shower. She shouldn’t keep Trev waiting, after all. She wanted to dress nice and look pretty for him. But first, before even getting dressed, she found Trev playing video games in the lounge. She used to think that was a stupid hobby, but a good girlfriend wouldn’t be so critical of her boyfriend. Nevertheless, still wrapped in her towel, she politely interrupted, then took him to his room to fuck him for the fourth time that day.

* * *

“Out of all the guys Alice slept with, Dillon was the worst…” Tiffany murmured on the bus, fidgeting with her hands. Erin was sitting next to her, leaning in close as Tiffany continued. “I mean there were one or two pretty much as bad as him, but he was the one Alice was with when she really went off the rails. It wouldn’t be fair to say it was his fault exactly, because Alice was in an awful place anyway… but he certainly didn’t help.”

“How come?” Erin asked in her own hushed tone. “What was he like?”

“He’s shady,” Tiffany replied immediately. “He deals drugs and has links to some of the gangs in the city apparently. I don’t know if that’s true or just him bragging, but he’s been to jail once or twice, so who knows.”

“Well, shit.”

“I know. It’s weird, he’s actually quite charming when you meet him for the first time, or he wants something from you.” She stared out of the window at passing traffic as she recalled the memories. “But if you say no to him or insult him, you could just see his eyes darken like he was thinking horrible thoughts. He never did anything bad around me or Josh or Trev, and Alice never admitted it, but I saw bruises on her more than once. He’s bad news, Erin, super bad news…”

“It’ll be okay…” Erin soothed. “Do you remember the suggestion I planted in her just before we left her apartment?”

“I do,” Tiffany replied grimly. “You’re making her think more and more about sleeping with the two of us…”

“Exactly!” Erin nodded. “So it doesn’t matter if she’s hanging out with Dillon fuckface or whoever, she’s gonna seek us out sooner or later…”

“No…” Tiffany shook her head. When she saw Erin’s look of confusion, she added, “Don’t you see? Between feeling those feelings and remembering a ton of what happened the other night, she’s going to be freaking out!” she hissed, her knuckles white as she clutched the top of the seat in front of her. “I mean, she saw Lucy control me, then she saw me control you and Lucy, then everyone… The only thing she won’t remember, thank fuck, is when I had you all in trance at once and everyone fucking fucked me and each other! I can’t believe I fucked this up so badly!”

Tears were welling in her eyes now. What had she been thinking? That she could just go around messing with people’s minds and not expect fallout? Was she that naive, or just wilfully ignorant? In that moment, she wanted to smash Josh’s computer to smithereens and throw the debris in a vat of acid, obliterating the Algorithm from the face of the earth.

“Jesus, Tiff, calm down!” Erin urged under her breath. “We don’t know the whole story yet… it might not be as bad as we think. Let’s just get to Josh’s and see this video for ourselves first.”

“Fine.” Tiffany huffed, staring away from Erin. She didn’t understand. She wasn’t there the last time Alice had gotten herself in serious trouble. Through several drunken nights, a handful of pretty chill weed sessions, and one evening that got pretty interesting when the magic mushrooms came out, Erin only saw one side of Alice.

But all of those times, Alice had been surrounded by good friends who truly cared about and looked out for her. When she ran away like this… it wasn’t a good sign.

Erin’s optimism was just pissing Tiffany off, and she felt a powerful urge to drop her into trance for the rest of the bus ride. She resisted the urge, strong as it was. Abusing the Algorithm has gotten them here. Erin wanted to be controlled and had made that clear. Alice had never said as much, and now Tiffany was paying the price for her own rashness and lack of self discipline.

The last few minutes of the bus ride went by in an uncomfortable silence. Erin seemed to get the idea that Tiffany wasn’t interested in her positive platitudes and stayed quiet as Tiffany’s mind raced through every horrible scenario that might be befalling Alice right now. Drugs, violence, and worse… She had to fight back tears, lest she break down in front of a dozen strangers on the bus.

When they approached their stop, Erin took Tiffany by the hand and led her off the bus. In amongst all of Tiffany’s other distress, she felt an added layer of self loathing that Erin was able to keep things together better than she could. She then considered that with a quick trance and some choice suggestions, she could make Erin completely unravel into a sobbing heap so at least she would feel better about herself. Thinking that childish thought, however, made her feel much worse instead.

“I’m sorry,” Tiffany muttered as they entered Josh’s apartment block and started ascending the stairs.

“It’s okay, Tiff. Forget it.” Erin squeezed Tiffany’s hand gently. “I mean, I get it. I’m worried too.”

Josh greeted them in his apartment with a look of concern and quickly led the way to his computer.

“I noticed the alarm message when I woke up this morning for my run, but I was running late so only looked at it when I got back.” He clicked on a file and a video popped up on the screen. Tiffany sat in the chair and leaned in to scrutinise the details. The webcam picture quality wasn’t great, but it was good enough for her to get a good read on things.

There was Alice, sitting in the chair, her expression betraying agitation, confusion, and apprehension. Leaning over beside her was Dillon, his short blond beard, chiseled jaw, and intense green eyes all too familiar to Tiffany. He looked sceptical and uneasy. After a few moments, Alice hit the keyboard in anger and cursed at the screen.

That alone set alarm bells ringing in Tiffany’s head. It wasn’t like Alice to lose her cool like that. She was only like that when super stressed out, exceptionally tired, or on the comedown from a high. In this case, Tiffany suspected it was all three.

For the next few minutes, Tiffany watched as Alice silently argued with Dillon on the recording. “Is there no sound?” she asked in frustration.

“No,” Josh replied with a shrug. “Honestly Tiff, I’m not too sure when I even decided to install what’s there now, but it was something I whipped up in twenty minutes.”

“Seems like it was worth it, though…” Erin remarked. “Whatever Alice was up to, we stopped her.”

“What would she be up to?” Josh frowned at the screen.

“Something to do with the Algorithm.” Erin shrugged. “Doesn’t really matter what, it wouldn’t have been good for us…”

“She’d only be trying to undo what we did to her,” Tiffany muttered bitterly. “We, Erin, as in you and me.” She stared at the concerned expression on her slave’s face and added, “Whatever Alice is going through, it’s because of us…”

A heavy silence hung between them all as Tiffany went back to watching the recorded Alice and Dillon. She could only guess at what they may be arguing about, but based on the gestures that Dillon was making, in which he seemed to be gathering something in his arms, he was suggesting that they steal Josh’s computer. Alice was vehemently against the idea though, and instead practically pushed Dillon out of the room.

“They don’t come back at all,” Josh remarked, “but they did steal some bourbon and vodka on their way out…”

Cursing under her breath, Erin took out her phone and, after tapping a few buttons, held it to her ear.

“What are you doing?” Tiffany snapped, feeling overwhelmed with stress and instantly regretting her tone.

“Calling Alice, duh!” Erin replied, unfazed. “Gonna let her give us some answers.” She then shook her head and put her phone away. “Or not, it went straight to voicemail.”

“Yeah, it did that with me when I tried calling her earlier.” Josh sighed.

Tiffany ran her hands over her face, then grabbed at her hair, before snarling in exasperated anger. “Fuck fuck FUCK!” She slammed a fist onto Josh’s desk, making Josh and Erin both jump.

“Jesus, Tiff!” Erin held a hand to her chest, looking startled and uneasy.

“Tiff, relax,” Josh urged. “We’ll fix this. We don’t even know if there’s anything to fix, but if there is, we will.”

“How?” Tiff looked up at her friends despondently. “By the looks of it, she’s on something or been on something, she’s hanging out with Dillon, the worst of all her past mistakes she could be hanging out with, and she knows that we’ve messed with her mind enough that she’s trying to undo what we’ve done. How do you fix that?”

“Okay, firstly, you’re making a lot of assumptions,” Josh replied matter-of-factly. “We know she’s been here with Dillon, but that’s it. We can only guess at her agenda… Maybe she wanted to use the Algorithm on him? You know, make him actually give a damn about her or something?”

“Also, Tiff, are you forgetting that we both have triggers for Alice?” Erin frowned, her tone betraying her disappointment at Tiffany’s emotional reaction. “C’mon!” She did her best to sound upbeat. “It’ll be as easy as finding her, dropping her into trance, then working the whole thing out.”

“She’s with Dillon, Erin!” Tiffany gestured towards the screen. “We don’t know where he is, and we can’t drop her into trance in front of him, either.”

“It’ll only take a second!” Erin insisted. “Like this: ‘Alice down the rabbit hole, act awake and agree with everything we say.’” She threw her arms up. “See, we literally only need three seconds alone with her, that’s all.”

“It won’t be that easy…” Tiffany roller her eyes, shifting in her seat. She then sat up sharply. “But I guess if one of us can distract him for a second, then it could work…”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to say!” Erin exclaimed, sighing raggedly. “So come on, let’s all get over there and get her back!”

“Hold on,” Josh interrupted. “It’s not a great idea to just go barging over to this guy’s place… I wouldn’t mind if it were Sean or Pawel, or hell, even that prick Stephen would be better than Dillon. He’s a criminal, and clearly has some connections for all the drugs he deals. We just go over there, we really don’t know what he’s capable of.”

“We have to, though!” Erin rebutted. “The longer we leave it, the more danger there is to Alice!”

Josh was getting agitated now. “We don’t even know she’s there right now! She might be home just ignoring our calls!”

“Yeah, or she might be shooting up right now and telling this creep everything about the Algorithm! We need to find her, now!”

“I’m not risking you both getting hurt as well!”

Tiffany watched as the argument flew back and forth between the imposingly large Josh and the fiercely defiant Erin. She filtered out the noise and tried to think in spite of her own feelings of overwhelming guilt and worry.

They all cared about Alice, that wasn’t in dispute, but how best to help her? To reach her? They were making huge assumptions based on what little they actually knew, and it might turn out to be much less than they were making it out to be. Still, that thought could only comfort Tiffany so much. At the end of the day, Alice wouldn’t have sought out Dillon if she was doing alright. Tiffany imagined she would have gone to her roommate Marion first and foremost…

And then a lightbulb illuminated Tiffany’s mind. Marion! Of course. Tiffany couldn’t believe she didn’t think of that immediately. Marion would at least be able to tell them if Alice was at home and just avoiding them. She might even offer insight into how Alice was doing.

“Guys, shut up for a minute, will you?” Tiffany asked the bickering pair before her. They ignored her, or simply didn’t hear, as Erin continued with a scathing attack on the notion that women needed to hide behind men for protection all the time.

“Guys! Listen!” Tiffany said louder now, still to no avail. Josh was heatedly insisting that it wasn’t about making women out to be weak, but dangerous people needed to be approached with caution. Tiffany ran her hands over her face again before feeling her own temper bubble over.

“For fuck’s sake! Sleep, everyone, sleep!” she bellowed. Josh and Erin both turned to her, startled, and within moments their heads were dropping, their eyes glossing over. Their aggressive postures melted into relaxed slumps. Silence hung over the room as Tiffany watched in satisfaction the trances that engulfed Josh and Erin.

“That’s better…” Tiffany climbed out of the chair and walked between the two entranced bodies. She stroked Erin’s cheek, enjoying the complete lack of reaction on her slave’s features.

“So, I have to make a call… But while I’m doing that, Josh, you sit in the chair and put the headphones on. Erin, set up the Algorithm to Josh’s frequencies. While we’re here, I may as well ensure he’s programmed correctly.”

They both moved, slowly and deliberately like controlled puppets, until they were where they needed to be.

“Good,” Tiffany remarked as Erin started inputting the settings into the Algorithm. “Now, until I get back and tell you to stop, both of you will repeat the phrase ‘I serve and obey Mistress Tiffany.’ Take it turn about. Erin, you start.

“I serve and obey Mistress Tiffany,” Erin said.

“I serve and obey Mistress Tiffany,” Josh repeated immediately after.

Tiffany smiled and wandered to the kitchen, the sounds of Josh and Erin professing their obedience slowly fading away as she went. She was already feeling calmer; the exertion of control over Josh and Erin was a balm to her nerves.

Had she only instilled some level of control over Alice while she had a chance, she wouldn’t be in this situation. On the other hand, had she not let herself get carried away in controlling everyone around her, Alice wouldn’t have freaked out and ran from her the other night.

Tiffany wondered if she was really that scary. Then she pictured herself towering over a dedication of blank and mindless kneeling slaves. Erin, Alice, Josh, Trev, Lucy, and Hannah, their heads bowed in reverence before her. Then it felt easy to imagine Marion there, and James. Dillon too, actually. Tiffany would make a lot of changes to that asshole…

Okay, sure, she could see why Alice might be scared of her. But despite it being her fantasy, her kink, and lately, her obsession, she didn’t want to control minds in an evil way. She was going to help them all. She was already helping Erin, and god knows Alice needed some help. She’d be happier when Tiffany was done with her. She knew it sounded wrong, but Tiffany was determined to do things right. She would realise her fantasies, but help her friends be who they wanted to be.

The ends would justify the means. She’d make sure of that. She might even believe it by the time she was done.

“I’m an evil, selfish, manipulative, mind-controlling Mistress…” she whispered to herself, before deeply exhaling a troubled sigh. “And I don’t want to change...”

After helping herself to a glass of orange juice, Tiffany took out her phone and searched through her contacts for Alice’s roommate. As much as she wanted to just send a message, she knew time was of the essence, so she hit call and held the phone to her ear.

“Hello, hi, Marion? It’s Tiff here.”

“Tiff? Umm, hi,” Marion replied. “How are you?”

“I’m okay thanks.” Tiff felt her nervousness return in waves. “Except, I’ve been trying to get in touch with Alice but I’m having no luck. Is she in?”

“I don’t think so. I was here when she went out yesterday morning, but I didn’t hear her get home. I was out myself last night and this morning though, so I might have missed her.”

“Do you mind checking her room?” Tiffany asked, wondering if Marion could hear her pounding heart over the phone.

“I guess.” Marion started to sound concerned herself. “Should I be worried, Tiff? I thought she’d be with you and Trev and you guys?”

“None of us saw her last night,” Tiff admitted. “I’m worried so I thought I’d check with you.” She decided not to mention Dillon, because how would she explain to Marion how she knew? She heard knocking on the other side of the phone.

“Alice?” Tiffany heard Marion call out. “Sorry to disturb you if you’re having a super long lie in…”

A few moments passed in which Tiffany held her breath.

“I’m in Alice’s room. Alice isn’t here.”

“Dammit,” Tiffany muttered. “I’m sorry, Marion. I don’t want to freak you out, but I guess that’s what I’m doing…” She closed her eyes and tried to breathe out her nerves slowly. “Is there… is there any chance you knew where she might have gone?”

There was silence on the line. Each passing moment felt like an eternity to Tiffany. She didn’t want to press too hard, but the silence was killing her. After several half seconds, she broke.

“Marion?” she asked with bated breath.

“Yeah, sorry, it’s just that she left a note. I’m reading it.”

“Oh!” Tiffany gripped her phone with a white knuckle. “What, um… What does it say?”

“It’s…” Marion trailed. A few more seconds passed, and Tiffany felt like she was in danger of crushing her phone in her grip.

“She’s done this to me a couple of times before. She used to do this in high school…” Marion sighed. “Things get too much, so she goes and binges with whatever bad influence she can find. I mean, it used to be pretty harmless. She’d turn up a few days later with a killer hangover and a pretty crazy story to tell. But last time…”

“Last time was awful,” Tiffany finished for her.

“Last time was so awful,” Marion agreed. “I thought you and your friends had been such a good influence on her since then… I guess it wasn’t to last.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry.”

“Oh, no, it’s not your fault, Tiff,” Marion comforted. “I mean, I love Alice to pieces, but she can be exhausting sometimes.” More silence followed. Tiffany felt that it was entirely her fault, and nothing Marion could say was going to change that. “At least she’s slightly responsible these days.”

“What do you mean?” Tiffany asked, perking up.

“Well, at least she’s said where she’s gonna be and when she’s planning to be back. Honestly, that’s refreshing…” Marion said.

“Marion, look,” Tiffany said nervously. “I’m really worried about her. It’s so out of the blue. Can you tell me where she’s gone?”

“Well…” Marion considered. “Normally I’d tell you to leave her be, let her get it out of her system… But I think we should go after her this time.”

“That’s what I’m thinking.” Tiffany nodded before realising that Marion wouldn’t be able to see it. “Do you have a name there, or an address?”

“Yeah, I got both. You remember some guy called Dillon? I’ll text the address to you.”

“Thank you!” Tiffany gushed. A mixture of elation and terrified excitement surged within her. She’d be able to go and bring Alice home, but it meant coming face to face with Dillon, and she had no control over him. No power.

“So what time are we heading over there?” Marion asked. “I can come meet you.”

“Oh,” Tiffany replied, her mind racing now. Marion being there was a complication that she hadn’t considered. She wouldn’t be able to trance Alice anywhere near as easily if Marion was there, and Alice might reveal everything Tiffany had done. Marion was another person she had no ability to control directly. She had to convince Marion not to come using some good old fashioned manipulation. “Look, Marion, I think it’d be better if you stay there. You know, just in case Alice decides to go home.”

“What? No Tiff, if you’re going to get her I want to be there!” Marion insisted.

“Please? Marion, I know you go back further with Alice than me or anyone, but that’s why you need to be home in case she returns. That way you can let me know, and that way you’ll be there when I manage to bring her back to you. Please, let me do this.”

Marion was silent for a few moments before grumbling. “Alright, Tiff, but you need to call me the moment you can, okay?”

“Okay.” A victorious smile spread across Tiffany’s lips.

They said goodbye to each other and hung up. Tiffany almost did a victory dance around the kitchen when Marion texted Dillon’s address to her. All she needed to do now was to get across there, find some way to get Dillon out of the way, and to drop Alice into trance. If only she could coax Dillon back to Josh’s apartment, have him sit in the chair, and turn on the Algorithm…

Tiffany snorted in derision. Yeah, that would be too easy. It would be so much easier if she had a handheld version she could just stick in his face until his mind was dripping out of his ears. If only that were possible.


Was it possible?

She had to ask Josh. After programming him, of course.

She returned to the bedroom. Josh was staring into the screen and wearing his headphones, his mind a million miles away. He had stopped chanting the words Tiffany had left him and Erin with, the power of the Algorithm having drained away all memory of that command. Erin had stopped chanting too, clearly waiting for Josh to say the words to let it be her turn again. They both looked so mindless and helpless, Tiffany couldn’t help but fantasize over all the things she could do. It was as if such desires were programmed into her.

She should stay focused, though. Despite how easy it would be to have them both fuck her senseless right there and then, she should definitely not lose track of what she needed to do.

Even just a few minutes was precious time not spent going to save Alice from herself. Time was of the essence. She shouldn’t make Erin drop to her knees to eat her out for what would be the third time that day. She shouldn’t make Josh’s cock rock hard and ease herself down onto it while he stared mindlessly at nothing. She should ignore her own growing wetness and incredibly distracting arousal and focus on getting ready to go.

She definitely shouldn’t be stroking Erin’s short messy hair, or running her hands under her slave’s clothes to caress the inviting flesh underneath.

As her heart started to pound faster in her chest, she couldn’t help but remember her reaction to that first time seeing Erin sitting in the chair, completely blank, completely mindless, completely ready to be programmed. Tiffany had excused herself to Josh’s bathroom almost instantly and had stroked herself to the image of Erin’s mindless face and the idea of what she could be programmed to do.

Now, with Erin standing empty and still by the desk and Josh being continuously blanked in the chair as he stared into the overwhelming patterns of the Algorithm, Tiffany wouldn’t need to excuse herself. It would be incredibly easy to run her fingers down to her wet, needful pussy and feed her pleasure. They wouldn’t know she was doing it, they wouldn’t remember a thing. Knowing that made the idea even hotter

Tiffany begged herself to stay focused, but it felt like her mind was battling with a warm, sticky urge that was dripping through her brain. She was in complete control of Erin and Josh, and it made her so fucking wet and horny. As her hand reached south and she gasped in enjoyment of her own touch, she realised that, somewhat ironically, she was barely in control of herself.

She needed to program Josh and get going, she knew that, but she didn’t want to listen to herself. She would have felt much better being commanded by someone else to do what she needed to do, and momentarily toyed with the idea of making Erin drop her into trance so she could instruct Tiffany to complete her tasks.

God, it would be so hot to lose her control like that…

She had absolute power over Josh and Erin, and she couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if she were to instruct one or both of them to force her into the chair and make the Algorithm sap away her will until there was nothing left, and then program her to be the helplessly obedient one.

She marveled at how easy she could irreversibly have herself enslaved to her own fantasy, with no way to undo the process. Her finger slid effortlessly inside herself, the warm stickiness covering both her digit and her mind as she stroked and pushed and moaned with erotic joy. She pictured herself stripping obediently, presenting her body to be used as a toy while Erin and Josh dispassionately discussed what to do with her, all the while remarking how pathetic she was to have not just lost all of her power, but to have willingly surrendered it.

Then she imagined that since they weren’t able to decide what to do with her in the moment, they erased her mind, her personality, her memories, and her very sense of self. Picturing herself as a naked, kneeling, mindless, empty shell, she shuddered and gasped as an intense orgasm rippled through her. She fixated on the bliss of being utterly enslaved as she rode the wave of pleasure for as long as she could.

Eventually, Tiffany slid her hand free from her panties and refastened her jeans. Panting softly, she marvelled at the latent power of her submissive side. It wouldn’t be ignored or kept down it would seem, and the more she took control over Erin — and now Josh — the more her inner desires to experience the other side would burst forth. She needed to watch out for that, she decided. If it caught her at the wrong moment, she could end up in real trouble.

She also knew time was pressing, especially having wasted several minutes of it, so she decided to keep things brief. She hastily programmed Josh to drop into trance upon her saying “sleep, Josh, sleep,” and instilled a choice few suggestions that meant he wouldn’t be weirded out by all the mind control that was happening in his home and to him. It had been pretty clear to her that Erin had already done something like this with Josh, so it seemed like a good thing to take care of. She promised herself that she would more thoroughly twirl his mind around her fingers later. Right now, she had a job for him.

A few minutes later, both he and Erin were standing with Tiffany in the kitchen, fully awake and aware. Erin was making tea and coffee for them all, while Tiffany was firing question after question to Josh about how the algorithm worked.

“The reason nobody has come across something like this before — that we know of, anyway — was because when Alice and Trev started messing around with the video and audio patterns, they were clearly trying to crash my computer.”

“Oh, yeah, I can attest to that,” Erin confirmed. “They totally were.”

“My rig is a ridiculously expensive custom rig, and I’ve overclocked it myself. Most high end gaming setups can’t handle the demands my computer can, which is why Alice and Trev were able to interlace such a complex set of audio and video outputs over one another. And there was no compression in any of the signals either, I think that might be the key.”

“Okay, but I still don’t understand. Does that mean it can’t be done on smaller devices?”

“Tiff, compression and optimisation are everything in computers, it’s how they can handle the level of data they can,” Josh explained patiently. “You take that away, and you suddenly need a lot more power and hardware to achieve the same results. And I’m pretty sure the reason the Algorithm works so well is because it doesn’t cut corners because my computer can handle it.”

“Sure. But would it be possible to get it to work on something smaller, in theory at least?”

“Maybe,” Josh admitted. “I could fiddle with the code, perhaps drop the requirements a touch, but I can’t guarantee the Algorithm will still be functional after any changes. Or at least not as effective. How small are you talking, though?”

“Like, a phone, or a tablet.” Tiffany shrugged. The smaller the better in her mind.

“Damn, Tiff, you certainly know how to set a challenge…” Josh sighed. “A tablet, maybe, and that’s a big maybe. And I’d need help.”

“Here’s your tea, Josh,” Erin interjected, placing a mug down next to him. “And coffee for you, Mistress,” she added, putting a second mug down in front of Tiffany and then kissing her cheek.

“Thanks.” Tiffany flashed a warm smile at Erin before turning back to Josh. “Who’s help?” she asked, an eyebrow raised.

“I could ask Jan. We share a few classes together. She’s told me about modding tablets in the past, so she’ll have a better idea of how to hack the OS and tweak the drivers in order to get the output you’d need. The thing might end up having the battery life of a firework and run just as hot, but if anyone knew how to toy around with that, it’d be her.”

“You’d have to put her under with the Algorithm before you tell her anything about what it is or what it’s for,” Erin insisted. When Tiffany and Josh turned to her, she continued with a cautionary glare. “I’m serious. If we let her in on our secret here, we need to be able to make her forget the whole thing at a moment’s notice. I’m worried about what Alice might have said to Dillon already. If anyone could truly grasp what it is we have here, they’d want it.”

“Okay, sure,” Tiffany agreed. It wasn’t a terrible idea.

“Oooh, and make her Tiffany’s slave too!” Erin added excitedly. “Have her be utterly obedient to her and be helpless to her commands.”

“Uh, yeah, let’s just do the first thing,” Tiffany suggested with a raised eyebrow. When she saw Erin’s look of dejection, she added, “For now, Erin… I seriously don’t need to go around enslaving everyone we interact with. Even if I want to...”

This seemed to satisfy Erin, who grinned merrily before sipping away at her own tea.

“But we need to focus here. Josh, do you think you could invite your friend over today and get started?”

“Sure.” Josh nodded. “What are you going to do?”

“We’re going to try and get Alice back today, right now.” Tiffany motioned to Erin and herself.

“Really?” Erin perked up at this. “I mean, without the handheld thingy being ready?”

“Yes. It’s like you said, it’ll only take a few words to drop her into trance and convince her to get out of there. I’m hoping we can convince her without even needing to do that, y’know? And if it doesn’t work, we’ll go back with the portable device as soon as it’s ready and try a different approach with Dillon.”

“Sounds good.” Erin offered a hearty thumbs up. “Refreshingly direct, even.”

“I’m not convinced,” Josh interjected as he put his mug down and faced Tiffany with a steeled expression. Whether or not he was aware of it, he had squared his shoulders and straightened up, towering over her. “You don’t know what Alice will be like, you don’t know what Dillon will be like. Why can’t you wait until we can at least figure out if a portable Algorithm is technically feasible?”

“Because of what you just said.” Tiffany stood up to Josh, matching his stance as best she could. It felt like facing off against a grizzly bear, but Tiffany’s posture and gaze were like titanium. “We don’t know what Alice is like. Chances are she’s on a drug binge. We’re all thinking it, none of us want to say it, but she’s probably trying to silence the tangled mess of suggestions we left in her head with whatever substance Dillon will give her. She wouldn’t have gone to him if not for that, pretending otherwise would frankly be pretty fucking naive. I can’t wait around for some theoretical device that may or may not be possible, nor can I sit here twiddling my thumbs waiting for a buried suggestion to take hold of her that frankly is more likely to freak her out even more.”

Tiffany exhaled deeply, switching her gaze from Josh to Erin. Erin still looked concerned, but nodded grimly at Tiff, signaling her agreement. When she turned back to Josh, she instantly saw the determination in his eyes was now speckled by doubt.

“Alright. Fuck it, I surrender, Tiff. When did you get so good at arguing?” Josh stepped back and turned to lean against his kitchen island, his posture shrinking back down to normal proportions. Tiffany couldn’t help but feel an electric surge of triumph vibrate through her.

“Alright then. It’s settled,” Tiffany announced with an air of finality. “You good here, Josh?”

“Almost. Sure, I get why you want to get to Alice as quick as you can now. I agree, the quicker the better, but I should come too, in case Dillion tries to do something stupid, you know?”

“What?!” Erin cut in, deciding it was her turn to straighten her back and raise her voice. “Oh, please! Josh, you’re the most solid guy I know, sure, but we don’t need you white knighting this for us. I mean, black knighting? Urgh, whatever. I mean we’re not fucking sissy helple—”

Tiffany held up a calming hand to Erin, causing her to stop. “Erin, it’s okay, I’ve got this.” She winked, and Erin reluctantly smiled as she put a great deal of effort into biting her tongue..

She turned back to Josh, though because he hadn’t puffed himself up again, she made a point of speaking much softer. “Josh, I don’t think that’s a good idea. It’s just, if three of us turn up, it might seem too confrontational and end up with him not even letting us in to talk to her. I get that it’d be pretty dumb for someone to go alone, even though Alice should be there, so two is a good middle ground. Especially two girls. We’ll be okay, really.”

Josh sighed, looking awkwardly around the room rather before facing Tiffany and Erin again. “Tiff, Erin, look, I’m not trying to say that you both can’t look after yourselves, but we don’t know what Dillon is capable of. It’ll be safer if I just ca—”

“Okay, Josh, we’re going around in circles here…” Some of the softness left Tiffany’s voice. She knew how she wanted things to be. She didn’t want to force her way on him by dropping him into trance, but if he left her no other choice… Then, out of nowhere, she remembered the suggestion she had implanted in everyone two days prior that was specifically for getting her way.

“C’mon, Tiff, Alice is my friend too.” Josh’s voice was also getting more agitated now. “I care about her just as much as you do, and I have a right to co—”

“Seriously, Josh, don’t worry about it. Accept that it’ll just be Erin and I going, and believe me when I say we’ll be okay. Just focus on getting that handheld device designed with your classmate, alright?”

She watched as Josh seemed to struggle to process her words. She imagined it was the suggestion overwriting his own point of view, though it looked like he was trying to work out a complex math problem that was frying his brain. Several moments later, his expression seemed to lose all of it’s confrontation.

“Okay, sure, you two go. You’ll be fine, you’re right.” He nodded in agreement. “I need to get to work on this tablet idea of yours anyway.” He still looked a bit confused, and Tiffany worried that her ‘seriously’ compulsion trigger hadn’t completely worked.

“Yeah?” she asked uncertainly. “So, we’re good? You’re happy?”

“More or less,” Josh shrugged, his voice sounding somewhat resigned. “I mean, I know you’re using the Algorithm on me as well, Tiff, but I clearly don’t seem to mind so much. It just feels a bit weird in certain moments is all. But yeah, I’m good. I’ll give Jan a call once you’re away. I’ll also find out what Trev is up to. Last I heard, he was spending the afternoon with Lucy, but he usually comes over in the evenings, so I’ll find out if that’s happening.”

“Do you think we should let Trev know what’s going on?” Erin enquired. “I mean, he’s closer to Alice than any of us, really. Maybe we should call him?”

Tiffany shook her head. “No. Dillon hated Trev, probably for that exact reason, and the feeling was mutual. Of course he’ll want to come, but it’ll make the whole thing more chaotic. We’ll catch him up when we’re back here after getting her. It’s just us.”

“That suits me!” Erin chirped. “Shall we then, Mistress?” She bowed her head slightly and stared at Tiffany with a longing gaze.

“Certainly, slave. Let’s go and get our Alice back,” Tiffany replied with a wicked smile.

“See, this is the weirdness that I’m talking about…” Josh commented after them. “Anyway, good luck with it.”

As Tiffany and Erin left the apartment, he took out his phone and made a call.