The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 2

“That’s it, Alice, nice and blank.” Erin cooed into Alice’s ears. “Nice and blank now. Staying nice and blank until I tell you to ‘Come back to me’, understand? “Even when you’re not looking at the pretty picture and hearing the lovely sounds, you’ll stay nice and blank, won’t you?”

“Mmm” Alice made the slightest nodding movement, looking like her mind had left the continent.

“Erin, what are you doing?” Tiffany asked incredulously, “Did you just make it so that you’re the only one who can snap her out of it?”

“Yeah, so?” Erin replied dismissively, “She turned me into chicken lady for half an hour. I get to play with her now!”

“Ok, but that was relatively harmless. What are you planning to do?” Tiffany asked tentatively. “And no!” she stabbed at the boys, “Porn star is too far and you know it!” She could feel her face flush as she argued and the boys jokingly groaned in disappointment. Trev and Josh were both decent guys, but Tiffany was scared about the power they had potentially discovered going too much to their heads. Alice turning into a porn star for her enjoyment was pretty high on her list of her personal fantasies, but she couldn’t let Erin do that to her in front of all of them, she’d be horrified afterwards.

Hoping that Erin, Josh, and Trev would mistake her rosy cheeks for anger at the potential misuse of such power, Tiffany then had the creeping thought that perhaps Alice could be made not to remember anything she did while totally tranced out the way she was. She did her best to bury that thought, knowing that only misdeeds could come from it.

“Alright, Tiff, we’ll keep it tame enough that Alice won’t want to kill us after.” Trev shrugged, but then he looked at her gravely and added. “But we really need to test the limits of this thing, don’t we? We need to see if it can make someone do something they’re totally opposed to usually doing, don’t we?”

“Do we?” Tiffany replied back uncertainly. Dare she walk down this path to fantasy and indulgence?

“Look,” Josh spoke, “I don’t know why exactly Trev and Alice rigged this little media show together, but we’ve stumbled upon something. Something we could get rich from, or… or…” he trailed off, eyeing up Trev.

“Tiff, don’t worry.” Trev said placidly “Let’s get Erin to bring Alice out of her trance and we can all talk this through, together.”

Tiffany turned to see if Erin was listening, but found her again whispering words into Alice’s ear. “Erin! What are you saying to her?” Tiff asked shrilly. How dare she go and fill Alice’s mind with suggestions without consulting the rest of them!

“Oh relax, Tiff, it’s no big deal…” Erin grinned. “You’ll like it, I swear.”

Tiffany frowned. I probably would, she thought reluctantly. “Look, all I’m saying is that we shouldn’t just spout the first impulse that comes into our head here.” She said earnestly, holding up her hands diplomatically. “We need to stop and think what we’re going to do with this blank mind maker thingy.”

“Let’s call it the trance blend.” Trev suggested. “It’s like the perfect blend of visual and audio frequencies to induce a trance state, right?”

“I like that” said Josh, nodding. “Erin, wake up Alice, let’s see what she thinks.”

“Oh, about that…” Erin grinned mischievously. She then turned to Alice and whispered “Put on a show for me.”

Alice sprang up from the chair at once, her long blond hair whipping around as she turned to face them all. Her eyes narrowed and her lips pursed as she blew a kiss towards Josh, then winked at Trev. She then turned to face Tiffany and bit her lip, her hazel eyes fixed upon Tiffany’s breasts.

“Well hi there,” Alice said in a sultry voice that barely sounded like her. “I’m glad you called me, we’re gonna have a lot of fun.”

“Erin…” Josh said sternly, trying to hide a devilish grin.

“What did you do?” Trev finished weakly as his eyes followed Alice’s hands as they ran slowly and sensuously down her body.

“Oh, nothing.” Erin smirked as she took a step back to examine her handiwork. “It’s just she’s convinced she’s a stripper we hired and won’t return to normal unless Tiffany makes out with her.”

“What?!” Tiffany shrieked, tearing her eyes off Alice who was running her thumbs under the waist of her designer jeans. Tiffany instead looked at Erin with a petrified expression, and her heart lurched into her stomach, part with surprise and part with excitement.

“Oh come on, Tiff, don’t pretend you won’t enjoy it…” Erin smirked. “I’ve seen the way you’ve checked Alice out before.” Her expression turned bitter for a moment, but Tiffany barely noticed, as her hands had covered her face in distress.

“Well, c’mon then, let’s get some music going in here!” Alice announced, wandering around and stroking Erin’s hair as she passed her.

Tiffany’s mind was racing. Was this really happening? Was Erin just handing Alice to her on a silver platter? Her recently satiated arousal was already getting a second wind as the thought of her tongue meeting Alice’s flashed alluringly in her mind. She could feel blood rushing to her cheeks again as she realized that she wanted this. She wanted, so very badly, to kiss Alice, to feel her silky pale skin all over. She wanted to pull her clothes off, slowly, lovingly, kissing each inch of milky flesh as it was revealed to her. She wanted to feel Alice’s tongue dancing with her own, to feel her lips part and to taste her sweet nectar. She wanted to stroke her golden hair, hold her by her skinny waist, and feel her breath whispering delight into her welcoming ears.

Yes, Tiffany wanted Alice. Badly. Desperately. She had gotten hot and bothered on the idea of Erin being mindless and malleable just an hour previously. But with Alice… it stopped being a fantasy and started being an impossible dream. And here Erin was, offering her a taste of heaven, surely not realizing just how much Tiffany would have been willing to give for this manipulated situation to be real.

But it wasn’t real, Tiffany accepted bitterly. Kissing her now will be validating the reality that Alice would only ever look at or touch Tiffany in this way under some trance induced alter ego. Tiffany liked guys, sure. She loved women more so. And Alice… she internally drooled over Alice. The blonde who was currently convinced she was a stripper had the body of a supermodel, the smile of a goddess, and the heart of a saint. But she liked men, and usually motorcycle riding, tattooed, muscled giants of men that she could “save”. Here Tiffany was, a petite, feminine, caramel skinned bookworm. She didn’t find herself halfway as attractive as Alice was, which was beside the point. She felt much prettier and more graceful than Erin, but that’s because the tomboy skater rebel didn’t give a damn about her appearance past looking like she intentionally didn’t give a damn about her appearance. She knew Erin liked her, and Alice for that matter. Erin was always teasing them about the effort they put into their appearances, and playing practical jokes on them. The jokes Trev and Josh always appreciated, and if it wasn’t for them, Tiffany doubted Alice and her would even hang out with Erin. But for better or worse, they were all part of the gang.

“Tiff? You still there?” came Josh’s voice through the darkness.

Tiffany uncovered her eyes to see Erin, Trev, and Josh all looking at her with mixtures of amusement and concern.

“Why would you—How could you—WHY?” Tiffany snapped at Erin, who merely shrugged.

“It makes sense, really” she replied coolly. “Trev has a girlfriend, Josh is gay, and if I made it that she had to make out with me, then it becomes creepy and self-obsessed, doesn’t it?”

“You think this isn’t creepy?!” Tiffany blurted, stressfully running her hands through her wavy midnight hair. “This is fucked up Erin! Alice is straight! You know that! What will she think when she wakes up? What will she say?” She watched as Alice exited the bedroom into the lounge, calling back about how nice a space it was for a show.

“I guarantee she won’t have a problem with it Tiff. In fact, she’ll thank me, and you.” Erin declared confidently, patting Tiffany on the shoulder.

Tiffany recoiled, her cheeks burning red. “Come on guys!” she appealed desperately to Josh and Trev. “Back me up for fuck’s sake!”

“Erin, it is a bit fucked up.” Trev admitted, though clearly with a lot of reluctance.

“I think you should just do it, Tiff.” Josh said calmly, staring right at Tiffany with a poker face.

In the lounge, the heavy bass of Josh’s sound system stared beating heavily as Alice had clearly put some music on. They vaguely heard her shouting something about finding beer in the fridge.

“Look,” Josh continued, “Erin is clearly taking things too far, I mean, perhaps she’s upset we made her a chicken for the better part of an hour, whatever.” He suggested, as Erin shrugged. “But just kiss Alice, bring her out of trance, and we can decide what to do next.”

“Make out.” Erin said matter-of-factly.

“What.” Tiffany said through clenched teeth.

“Well, you gotta make out with her like you mean it, and she’s got to feel like you mean it.” Erin stated, peering around the bedroom, deliberately avoiding Tiffany’s furious glare. “If you don’t, she won’t wake up. In fact, she’ll just get frustrated and strip even more.”

Tiffany lunged at Erin and grabbed her by the front of her hoody. It felt like her face was on fire now, that smoke must be smoldering from her hair. “What’s wrong with you! You’re demented!” she screamed into Erin’s suddenly shocked looking face. Immediately, Trev and Josh had grabbed her by an arm each and wrested her away from Erin. Tiffany swung her leg out wildly to try and kick Erin, but she dodged backwards awkwardly then hid behind the desk chair.

“Jesus, she’s spazzing out!” Erin exclaimed, genuine fear in her eyes. “Come on Tiff, it’s just a joke, just a bit of fun!”

“A joke?! Fun!?” Tiffany spat. “Arrgh! You don’t get it! How is it fun to fuck with people’s feelings like this?”

“Guys, you should put her in the chair, calm her down with the video and sound!” Erin urged Josh and Trev.

Tiffany’s heart leap at the mention of this. Surely they wouldn’t, would they? If they put her in the chair, would the dancing lights and rhythmic beats sap away her fight? Her will? Her mind? Would she really become as blank and compliant as Erin and Alice both had? No doubt Erin would sneakily implant her mind with suggestions before Trev and Josh could stop her. Perhaps she’d wake up naked, on her knees, cum dripping down her face, looking up at her friends and beg them to use her as a fucktoy over and over. Maybe Erin will implant a suggestion that will make her leave her flat in the dead of night, wandering without knowledge of her destination, until she turned up at Erin’s doorstep where she would drop and bow before her Mistress. Maybe Erin wouldn’t want her at all if she had Alice, maybe she would just take away her mind and leave her a blank, empty shell.

God, she almost wanted that as much as she wanted Alice.

“No, don’t!” Tiffany gasped before Trev and Josh could say or do anything. “I’ll do it.” She breathed heavily. “I’ll make out with her.”

“We weren’t going to, you know.” Trev said adamantly as he gradually softened his grip on Tiffany’s arm.

“Yeah, it’s ok Tiff, I get why you’re upset.” Josh said, also letting her go. “Look” he added once Tiffany was released and once she had shaken her free arms about. “We’re all going to stay in here, me Trev and Erin.”

“What!?” Erin and Trev exclaimed in Unison.

“Yes!” Josh said more firmly. “Look, Erin, we’re gonna have a chat about what the limits of joking around are, and you’re not going to embarrass Tiff any further by watching her play out your sadistic joke, however much you claim it’s harmless.”

As Erin visibly pouted, Trev protested. “What about me!? What did I do?”

“Dude.” Josh rounded on Trev. “For one, they’re our friends. For two, you have a girlfriend. And three, I can’t believe I have to point out one and two!”

“I—You—But… Dammit, ok.” Trev grumbled.

“Go on, Tiff.” Josh said softly, “best you just get it done before Alice, erhm, gets too far… You know…”

Tiffany nodded and left the three of them in Josh’s bedroom, Josh looking stern, Trev and Erin both wearing faces of total disgruntlement.

She heard the door click behind her as she entered the lounge. It didn’t take long for her eyes to be drawn to the mesmerizing picture of Alice dancing slowly in the kitchen. She swayed and turned smoothly with the beats of the music, a beer in one hand which was raised in the air when not taking a swig. Tiffany’s eyes scanned her down her slim, athletic body. Her designer jeans and boots were abandoned on the floor, her long, sleek thin legs on display as they moved with the music. She was, to Tiffany’s mixed feelings, still wearing a pair of red silk lace panties, just visible under her creamy white strapless top.

“Hey gorgeous.” She greeted Tiffany with a wink. “I hope you don’t mind I started without you.”

“That’s… Uhhh…. That’s fine.” Tiffany replied, her throat suddenly feeling like the middle of a desert. She was pretty good at reading people sometimes, and she had hoped that this was all really just an act or joke on Alice’s part. But the ‘come fuck me’ glance she was getting told her otherwise. She gulped.

“Beer?” Alice asked, popping the lid against the opener on the fridge and dance walking over to where Tiffany stood meekly holding her wrist in her arm.

“Uh, sure?” Tiffany managed in reply. Maybe this would get easier if she got blind drunk first? Then again, Alice might be completely naked by that point. Regardless, she took the beer and almost flinched when Alice wrapped both hands and one leg around her. Seizing up completely as Alice’s face moved to within inches of hers, she smiled as best she could while feeling her heart race in terror.

“Cheers, gorgeous.” Alice smiled joyfully, turning her head to swig from her beer. She then released Tiffany and danced sensually back into the middle of the room. Tiffany watched her firm ass swing back and forth, and she felt her mouth go slack. She could feel a growing wetness in her panties, and all sorts of urges were bubbling up through her body. She didn’t know whether she wanted to kill Erin or endlessly thank her. She took a hefty swig from her own beer, before placing it down on the mantle. Alice was dancing and grinning in the spacious floor between the massive sofa and monstrous widescreen TV.

“Take a seat, hon.” Alice indicated the sofa, but Tiffany shook her head briskly.

“I need… I mean, I want… I…” Tiffany tried to say, then realized she didn’t know how she could say it. How did you up and up tell someone you needed to make out with them in order to snap them out of the trance induced character they were in. The situation was as bizarre for her as it was arousing.

“Oh honey, you’re nervous.” Alice winked at her again, putting her beer down. “Don’t worry, it happens…” she reassured Tiffany, swaying up to her and slowly taking both of her hands into her own. Tiffany felt a shiver run up her arms as their fingers linked into each other’s, and they began to dance together.

At first Tiffany felt that each swing of her arm was a battle against her panicked stiffness, but she quickly found her muscles loosening off, and after a minute she even began to smile and enjoy herself. Alice would occasionally run her fingers down Tiffany’s arm, and at this distance Tiffany was finder herself become intoxicated by Alice’s perfume. Soon a light, giddy happiness spread throughout her as they danced together, but in the background she felt a storm cloud approaching.

What would Alice think of her if she let her stay this way for too long? What if she didn’t bring her out of trance before she stripped more? What if she awoke completely naked and blamed Tiffany for everything? She couldn’t bear to have Alice so furious at her. She had to act now!

Tiffany immediately leaned in to kiss Alice, but the blonde pulled away, a devilish grin on her face. She broke away from their intimate dance and spun away, stopping to face Tiffany while out of her reach.

“Ah, not so fast gorgeous!” Alice laughed, still dancing on the spot playfully. “I haven’t even finished my show yet!” She started to take off her top, and Tiffany felt a sharp panic rising in her. How was she supposed to make out with Alice if the she was going to be all playful and teasing about it?

She watched, wide eyed, as Alice finished removing her vest top and ceremoniously flung it to the side of the room. Her petite, perky breasts were covered by a shoulder-less silk red bra that matched her now fully visible panties. They contrasted her flawless milky pale skin dramatically, and Tiffany felt the urge to fall to her knees and crawl over to Alice on all fours.

“Alice, I… I need to…” Tiffany spluttered, completely unsure as to whether stating her intention would make it easier or harder to achieve.

“What you need to do, gorgeous…” Alice purred, striding back over to Tiffany, “Is relax…” she whispered into Tiffany’s ear and then started to sensually kiss her neck.

Tiffany let out an exhilarated sigh. She felt like she was melting as Alice’s mouth left a trail of love bites from her neck to her shoulder. She was so lost in the pleasure that she barely noticed Alice’s hands running up under her blouse. The next moment she was topless, save for her own black bra. Alice gently guided Tiffany to the nearest wall and gently pressed her up against it, running her hands all over her body before taking down her skirt, all the time softly biting her honey skin. Tiffany gasped in bliss with every new touch and sensation, running her hands through Alice’s hair and caressing her face.

What if she never made out with Alice? What if she just left her like this? What if she took her home to her flat, or ran away with her, so that she was like this forever more? As Alice hooked her thumbs around the waistband of Tiffany’s panties, she knew she was approaching the point of no return, the point where Alice may never forgive her for letting her go so far. Her skin felt electric as the panties glided down her legs. As they reached the floor, Alice’s mouth started to trace a trail back up Tiffany’s tingling legs. Her lips were moments away from Tiffany’s dripping, eager cunt, when Tiffany managed to utter a single word.

“Wait.” She croaked faintly, fighting so hard the part of her that wanted to feel Alice’s tongue drive her over the edge.

Alice stopped less than an inch from Tiffany, before standing up to be face to face instead. “What am I waiting for, gorgeous?” she smiled, biting her lip as she gazed keenly into Tiffany’s pleading eyes.

“For this.” Tiffany whispered as she flung her arms around Alice and met her with her lips. She felt all of her passion and lust pour into the kiss, and as Alice reciprocated their tongues danced together in blissful harmony. Tiffany felt such pleasure and thrill, she was devastated when Alice broke away from the kiss.

“It’s ok… Tiff… I’m back.” Alice managed between quick gasping breaths, yet smiling fondly.

“Alice?” Tiffany whispered, her eyes wide with apprehension.

“Yeah, Tiff, it’s me.” She beamed. They were still inches from one another, bodies tangled together, flustered and hot. Alice slowly uncoiled herself from Tiffany, and Tiffany sank back against the wall.

“Are you ok?” Tiffany asked nervously.

“Honestly, I’ve never felt better.” Alice grinned. “That was one hell of a thing.”

“So you’re not mad?” Tiffany replied. “About, you know…”

“Honestly, Tiff, I really wanted to fuck you just now, and I think a part of me still wants to even now I’m back. It’s probably the alter ego I just was talking, but it’s actually a pity you stopped me. Haha!” Alice laughed at herself, wide eyed but grinning. “I can barely believe I said that out loud!”

“Yeah?” Tiffany replied shakily. Her heart sank as her mind went into overdrive. Was Alice… Was she genuinely disappointed that they hadn’t had sex just now? It’s what her words implied, but did she really, and I mean really, mean it? Had Tiffany actually just thrown away her biggest fantasy of the last few years for some inaccurate moral assumptions?

“It’s ok, Tiff.” Alice reassured her as she started putting her clothing back on. “I understand why you did it… I mean, you wouldn’t want to force yourself to sleep with me, yeah? Like, we’re friends and all, and you don’t feel that way about me, right?” she chuckled.

Right. Yeah.” Tiffany did her best to sound relieved, but she couldn’t help but feel she had seized up again and that her voice had gone shrill. With great effort, she calmly continued. “I guess, we should… Umm…” she indicated the door leading to Josh’s bedroom.

“Oh sure, but you need to get your clothes on first.” Alice grinned. “I’ll meet you in there, ’kay?”

“’Kay.” Tiffany acknowledged in a mere whisper. She waited until Alice disappeared through the door before letting herself slide down the wall. She exhaled a deep, longing sigh, and sat for a moment, wondering about what she had just missed.

She put all of her clothes back on and spent a full minute screaming silently into a cushion on Josh’s sofa. She wanted to do what she had done earlier, disappear into bathroom and play out the fantasy she had thrown away in her mind. But she also felt disheartened, and knew that the others were waiting for her. Instead, she downed the rest of her beer, and got another from the fridge before entering the bedroom once more.

Josh and Alice were sitting on Josh’s bed, Trev was in the desk chair but facing away from the trance inducing computer setup, and Erin was standing in the middle of the floor, teary eyed, clearly waiting for Tiffany.

“Tiffany, I really want to apologize.” Erin declared with a sniff before Tiffany had fully entered the room. “I went too far, I toyed with your emotions and gave Alice inappropriate suggestions. I just… I just…” she then burst into a torrent of tears.

“We… uh… pointed out the error of her ways.” Trev commented over the blubbers of Erin’s sobs.

“Possibly a bit too much.” Josh admitted.

“Hey, at least her apology to you had a good couple of sentences in it.” Alice smirked. “She broke down three words into mine.”

Tiffany frowned slightly at the tear soaked Erin before her. She was often pretty good at reading people, and she couldn’t help but feel that the crying and the apology just weren’t as genuine as she was supposed to believe.

But then again, maybe she was just being unfair because she was struggling at the idea of forgiving Erin after the emotional beating she had just taken in the lounge. The more she saw the tears seeping down Erin’s round tomboyish face, the less she felt anger and the more she felt pity. Ignoring her instinct that it was just a clever deception, Tiffany forced herself forward and embraced Erin in a comforting hug.

“Thank you for the apology, Erin.” She sighed. “I’m still, like, mad at you, but we’ll be ok.”

“Really?” Erin sniffed loudly into Tiffany’s shoulder.

“Yeah, really.” Tiffany shrugged her off and turned to everyone else.

“So that was a fun distraction.” Trev mused. “So what now?”

“Well it’s time to put you into a trance!” Alice declared, “Or you, Josh! Or Tiff! You guys need to try it, it’s… it’s intoxicating…”

“It is…” Erin agreed feebly.

“Ok, ok, they’ll be time for all that, sure.” Josh nodded. “But we can fit that in while we’re working on it.”

“Working on what?” Tiffany asked. Everyone turned curiously to Josh.

“Well, we’ve figured out that a certain mixture of sound and that psychedelic graphic puts Erin into a trance.” Josh explained. “And a different frequency of both video and sound puts Alice in a trance. But we had to be here, manually playing around with the frequencies until we found the ones that worked, right?”

“Yeah, so?” Trev asked.

“Well, can’t you see it? We need to automate the process, don’t we?”

“We do?” Alice frowned.

“Yeah…” Erin piped in, her eyes going wide. “You’d be able to put anyone in a trance, and not even be there in the room with them!” Her tears seemed to have vanished in place of an excited eagerness, Tiffany noted mentally.

“Exactly, Erin.” Josh confirmed. “I’m gonna write an algorithm that will cycle through the frequencies of the video and audio feed so that we can automatically detect and trance whoever uses it.”

“That is…” Trev trailed off in thought.

“Brilliant?” Erin suggested, enthusiastically looking around everyone else.

“Difficult.” Alice said.

“Yeah, that.” Trev agreed.

“What? Why?” Erin asked, disappointment etched through her voice.

“Because the, what did you call it, algorithm? It’ll have to recognize when someone has been put in trance…” Tiffany contemplated.

“Exactly.” Josh smiled. “I didn’t say it’d be easy, but think about what it would let us do. We could trance anybody, blank their mind in minutes, and then…”

“Mind fuck them.” Erin grinned.

A silence spread through the room then, and Tiffany’s eyes darted between all of her friends. Each of them were clearly considering the scenarios that could occur were the algorithm to perform as Josh described. Tiffany herself had image after image of Alice dancing for her again, before kneeling down and this time not stopping where she had mere minutes ago. She pictured Erin, docile and motionless, her mind turned off completely so that she couldn’t mess with Tiffany’s feelings anymore. She saw Josh and Trev both waiting to take her out on the town, to the best clubs, the finest restaurants. She saw the faces of everyone she knew, looking up at her, intoxicated adoration in their eyes. She owned a mansion. No, a palace. Celebrities came to visit her, having used the algorithm, and then offered her their friendship, their love… Everything.

She’d have everything.

“It’s fucking nuts!” Trev exclaimed, his voice a mix of exhilaration and disbelief.

Alice sighed. “We really need more points of data before we could possibly know that we could trance absolutely anyone.” She looked around with apprehension. “But then, if it does work, shouldn’t we use it to help people? To help them change for the better?”

There was an awkward pause, before Erin chuckled. “Yeah, totally. We could definitely help people. Totally… But we should have some fun and all too though, right?”

“Ok. Let’s say we do it.” Tiffany said plainly. “We need to come up with some rules, some boundaries, otherwise we risk hurting people, messing with other people’s feelings.” She glanced at Erin with the last words.

“That’s fine. That’s fine.” Josh replied calmly. “I think we can do this together. We’ll do it right. Now who’s with me?” he asked dramatically, moving towards the middle of the room and placing his hand flat out in front of him.

“Fuck yeah!” Erin pumped the air before slapping her hand on top of Josh’s and holding it there.

Alice moved forwards next, looking slightly scared of the two hands. She tentatively moved her own hand halfway towards it. “We do it together, and we do it right.” She stated, to which Josh nodded and Erin grinned. Alice put her hand on top of Erin’s.

“Man, I don’t know if we can pull this off, but it’ll be insane if we can!” Trev jumped up from the seat and threw his hand on top of Alice’s. “Fuck it, I’m in!”

The four of them looked to Tiffany, who looked intensely at the four hands awaiting her own. She held the same nervousness as Alice, similar doubts as Trev, and if possible, more eagerness than Erin. She did her best to hide all of that from her friends, however. Instead she pictured them all in their own chair, staring into a screen each, mindless, blank. She saw herself walking between them, whispering words into their ears; suggestions and ideas that their blank minds soaked up like sponges. But then that image faded away and she saw herself in the chair now, audio tones being pumped into her mind, her eyes being flooded with overwhelming images. She saw all thought and emotion drain from her eyes, her face, and then her very being. She saw her awake and alert friends, standing over her, discussing how to use her, how to play with her, how to make her permanently, irreversibly mindless. Enslaved.

With the slightest of shudders, and genuinely not knowing which vision she preferred, she placed her hand on the pile, and they all broke together with a group cheer.

“Ok. Let’s crack open some beers and order some pizza! We have a shit ton of planning to do, starting now!” Josh declared.

“Awesome. I’ll call the pizza place.” Erin said, and brought out her phone.

“Yeah.” Tiffany smirked. “I think it’s important that we all vocalize everything we want to have this algorithm do, you know? Each of us should have some input at this planning stage.”

“Yeah, sure Tiff, no worries.” Trev agreed.

“Tiff, why are you smiling like that?” Alice looked at her quizzically.

“Oh, no reason.” Tiffany replied, watching Erin with growing glee.

“What do you want on your pizza, Tiff?” Erin asked her, frowning slightly at the manic smile that Tiffany was now aiming at her.

“Chicken.” Tiffany replied, and waiting for a beat, until Erin’s eyes went wide, she added, “Make sure it’s free range.”