The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 23

Marion sat at the tiny table that was crammed into the one free corner of the compact kitchen. The kitchen sat at the end of the corridor that ran the length of the flat, so it felt cosy and tucked away. She sipped her coffee and stared fruitlessly at the study notes in front of her. It was simply too hard to focus when she knew her roommate was stuck like a living statue in the lounge through the wall. Not to mention Alice’s two friends being exactly the same. She had never seen or heard of anything like it. Just picturing it gave her nervous shivers.

Between her studies, her part time job, and lacrosse practise, she had so little time and energy for Alice’s episodes. She loved her like a sister, and they had been through so much together, but Alice seemed to find a new way to stress her out every few months, and Marion could feel herself approaching a breaking point. She wanted to help Alice, truly she did, but she didn’t know how.

She didn’t even realise she was crying until the first tear dropped into her mug. Startled, she wiped her eyes and looked out of the window. It was fairly cloudy, but otherwise a nice day. The walking to and from class had been pleasant.

Her roommate was a strange, spaced-out zombie.

She shook her head. Why was this bothering her so much? Surely this wasn’t worse than Alice running around the streets one night shouting that she needed a horse and almost getting arrested, or getting into a cab with a stranger who gave Marion the worst vibes. She pondered this for a moment, coming to a realisation.

Alice on drugs she could handle, albeit with some stress and aggravation. She knew the signs of Alice when drunk, stoned, high, or any other number of effects. She knew when to hydrate her, when to put her to bed, and when to call an ambulance, something she had never had to do before despite some close calls. She knew all too well that Alice’s mom would kill her in her hospital bed, or at least take her out of school, and the less she had to ever see her stepdad, the better.

With this new Alice, Marion realised that she felt helpless, which was new for her. Alice usually got them into trouble, but Marion reliably got them out. But walking into that room and having the three of them be completely unresponsive to her… She felt shame at her panicking, and instantly wondered if she was doing the right thing just pushing the problem onto Trev and Lucy.

She got up and wandered back into the corridor to the door of the lounge, which she had instinctively closed behind her. Maybe she could still help. Maybe it would be good for her to be there when Alice woke up.

Her hand hovered over the handle.

She sighed deeply. She needed to stop doing this. She needed to stop insisting she always be the one to fix things. It was burning her out, and she knew it. She should let Lucy help here. She sounded so nice and seemed to know what to do.

Marion shook her head and smiled. Alice was in good hands, and she would only get in the way barging in there.

Marion returned to her kitchen and sat down with her drink once more, though this time instead of trying to study, she let herself relax for a moment and stared out of the window, enjoying the scenery outside.

* * *

“What? What do you mean?” Trev asked in bewilderment.

Lucy smiled sweetly, her eyes seductively gazing into his. “I mean exactly what I said.”

“Make them like you, like, like this you?” Trev felt his tongue tying and a bead of sweat form on his brow.

“Like this me, yes. I want you to have everything you want, baby, and I wouldn’t mind some help making sure your… needs are met.”

“You can’t be saying what I think you’re saying.”

Lucy stole a quick glance around the cafe. An old lady had come in and was being served at the counter. It was still far enough away, the soft music playing through the place helping to keep their conversation private enough.

“Think about it,” she instructed, her voice dripping with teasing playfulness. “Really think. You’ve liked how I’ve been over the last few days, haven’t you?”

Trev stayed silent, looking at Lucy like she was a different person. She couldn’t be serious…

“And don’t lie to me baby, a good girlfriend understands her man, and knows what he wants more than he does.”

Trev cursed in his mind before letting out a sharp breath. “Fine, okay, yes. I like how you’ve been the last few days. You’ve really made an effort, it’s been great.”

“Good.” Lucy smiled with joy. “Now, tell me honestly you wouldn’t like Alice to act that way by my side.”

“No. I couldn’t do that to you. You’re my girlfriend, and I love you,” Trev replied heatedly, his cheeks turning red.

“Baby, that’s not what I asked. Ignoring the fact that I’m the one wanting to do this, I asked you how you would feel about Alice being a good girlfriend to you as well as me…”

“That isn’t right, you’re freaking me out, Lucy…”

Lucy’s eyes narrowed. “What, so it’s okay to accept the changes you made to me because you forgot doing them but doing them to someone who isn’t your girlfriend is crossing your line?”

“What? No! I mean, I don’t know. You like being changed though, right?”

“Yes, Trevor.” Lucy grabbed his face and pulled him so they were nose to nose. “Because I was made to be! That’s what I want to do to them. They’ll be happy they’ve been changed, just like me. They’ll be deeply in love with you, just like me!”

She let her hands slide down now, one sliding under his shirt collar so her fingers twirled his chest hair, the other running down his body to his jeans again, where she gave his stiff erection a long, hard squeeze. Whispering into his ear now, she added, “They’ll also want to fuck and suck and pleasure you… Just…” She unzipped his fly. “Like…” She slid her hand into his boxers and started to tease the tip of his cock. “Me…”

Trev shuddered, letting his eyes close as he gasped quietly at her touch.

“Picture it,” Lucy instructed. “Just picture Alice stripping down for you. Picture her making out with me. Don’t tell me you don’t want that, because I won’t believe you. I want it, but the only reason I’m not already programming her is because a good girlfriend checks in with her boyfriend before setting up the threesome of his dreams.”

She stroked his cock beneath the table like she didn’t even care if they got caught. Something about the chance of them getting into trouble made it all so much hotter. Trev pictured Alice next to Lucy, both of them gazing upon him with lust-fuelled eyes. He could almost feel her blonde locks falling over his bare chest.

He wanted it.

Trev opened his eyes for a moment and saw that the customer was glued to her phone as she held her hot drink, and the staff member had disappeared through the back again. No one was paying them any attention.

He then pictured Alice going down on him, sensually taking him into her mouth, her pleading eyes staring up at him the whole time. Lucy sat next to them, gently stroking Alice’s hair before leaning in and kissing him, the dual sensations sending his arousal through the roof.

“Fuck…” he groaned under his breath. “Fuck, I’m really close!”

Lucy slowed her pace and pulled back from him so she could look into his eyes. “Tell me you want her.” Her eyes were wild and her face was flushed scarlet. “I want you to tell me you want her…”

“I want her,” Trev admitted. It felt more like giving way to a force of nature than any actual effort on his part. But it still didn’t sit right. “But she’s a friend! She doesn’t want to be like you… You were already my girlfriend, we just made you… better at it.”

Lucy shook her head, smiling with amusement. “Oh, Trevor…”

She then pressed the button on his phone, unmuting the microphone.

“Alice, while in trance, you can only tell the truth, do you understand?”

“Yes,” came Alice’s passionless reply.

“Good.” Lucy smiled at Trev while she spoke. “Are you attracted to Trevor?”

Trev instantly jerked upright in protest and was about to blurt something out, but Alice replied first.


Trev’s jaw dropped.

Lucy kept smiling. “Good. Do you wish you were Trev’s girlfriend?”


“Would you want to be a good girlfriend for him?”


Lucy pressed the microphone mute again, then looked at Trev with triumphant fire in her eyes. “Are you ready to stop fighting me on this?”

Trev said nothing, alternating his gaze between the silent phone and his smug girlfriend. She kept slowly stroking him. His mind was swimming in smut, making it impossible to think straight.

“Just trust me baby.” Lucy kissed him lovingly. “A good girlfriend knows how to take care of her man’s needs.”

Trev felt dumbstruck. He knew he should say something, he knew he should stop her, but he just couldn’t act as Lucy tapped the phone again and continued to speak.

“Alice, are you in a deep trance in which your mind is pliable to suggestion?”


“Good…” Lucy took a deep, excited breath. “The next time you see Trevor, you will realise that you love him more than you ever thought possible. You will realise that you want to do anything for him, be anything for him, and that making him happy is the most important thing in the world to you. You’re happy when he’s happy, you want to be a good girlfriend to him. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Alice’s voice replied the same as before. Trev found himself inhaling deeply with nervous excitement. Was this really happening? Was he really doing this? Of course, he wasn’t really doing this, Lucy was. He was simply letting it happen. That wasn’t the same, was it?

Lucy muted the phone again as she gave Trev’s cock a slow, sensual stroke. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” She bit her lip playfully as she noticed Trev’s automatic slight nod. “She’ll thank you for this baby, as will I…”

She unmuted the phone. “Alice, when you wake up, you will only remember me telling you to wake up. You won’t consciously remember anything else I told you, though what I said will still take effect, understand?”


“And you will feel grateful to me for helping and will trust me completely from now on. Understand?”


“Annnnd…” Lucy trailed, looking up at the ceiling, a mischievous smile taking over her expression as she twirled her hair with her free hand. “When you see me, you will need to obey me, and you will find me irresistibly attractive. You will want to experiment and explore with me, especially if Trevor is involved, understand?”


“Good. Pass the phone over to Erin now. Tell her to take it and hold it to her ear.”

They both heard mumbling over the phone as the exchange took place.

“Erin, too?” Trev asked, alarm in his voice once more.

Lucy didn’t bat an eye. “Of course.” She stroked his cheek and looked at him with a single-minded intensity. “This only works if we do the same to all of them, baby. Otherwise it unravels on us. Trust me.”

“I… I dunno…” Trev muttered under his breath.

“Give it a chance, Trevor. Give me a chance… Please.”

When Trev didn’t respond, Lucy took that as permission to once more address the phone.

“Erin, can you hear me?”

“Yes.” Erin’s voice was a distinctively lower register than Alice’s, but was every bit as blank and empty as she spoke.

“Erin, the next time you see Trev, you will be helplessly infatuated with him, and realise that you want to do anything for him, be anything for him, and that making him happy matters more to you than anything. Understand?”


Although Trev’s jaw was clenched, he couldn’t help but picture in his mind Erin entering the room where he was with a naked Alice and Lucy. Seeing them all in bed together, Erin licked her lips and immediately pulled her top off. She climbed on the bed and grabbed a fistful of Alice’s hair, pulling her off Trev’s cock and snarling impulsively that it was her turn. Alice shrugged and started making out with Lucy instead as Erin proceeded to take him deep into her throat, his cock feeling harder than it ever had.

It all seemed so wrong but felt so right.

Lucy winked at Trev as she saw him relax and sigh before continuing to deliver her commands. “Erin, you will feel the need to obey everything I say, and do anything I want you to do, understand?”


“You won’t remember anything I’ve said to you while in this trance, only that I told you to wake up, and you will feel completely grateful and trusting of me. Understand?


“Good, now pass the phone to Tiffany, and tell her to take the phone and hold it to her ear.”

Trev frowned. “I dunno, making Erin and Tiff the same as Alice? The same as you? Isn’t it a bit much?”

“If I don’t do the same to Tiffany, she might find out and undo all the good we’ve just done, baby,” Lucy said sweetly, running her hand though Trev’s hair. “Trust me, we’re almost finished here…”

“Okay…” Trev agreed uncertainly.

“Tiffany, can you hear me?”

“Yes.” Tiffany’s voice spoke through the phone now, though it sounded scratchy and hoarse. In Trev’s mind, he saw Tiffany enter the bedroom where the girls were all taking turns in pleasuring him. She eyed them all up meekly at first before blushing furiously as she failed to look away. Then her eyes met his and he saw that they now burned with fiery lust. He wanted her too… He wanted all of them. His cock throbbed under Lucy’s slow strokes, fuelled by both her touch and the images her words were conjuring into his mind. Saying nothing, he nevertheless willed Lucy on.

“Tiffany, when you next gaze upon Trevor, you will fall deeply, hopelessly in love with him, a love like no other. You will want to do anything for him, be anything for him, and strive to make him happy above everything else. You will obey him, and you will serve him, understand?”


In Trevor’s mind, he saw Tiffany walk into the middle of the room. The three other girls circled her like jaguars and then in one frenzied attack tore at her clothing, stripping her naked within seconds. Enveloping her, their hands collectively squeezed and grabbed at her caramel flesh, and she gasped with erotic thrill.

Lucy’s teeth found her nipples, Erin lovingly kissed her neck, and Alice started licking and teasing her pulsing clit. Trev felt his own arousal go wild as he pictured all four of them moaning and giggling in pleasure and enjoyment. They were all dripping with heat for him, whining with need, ever glancing at him with pleading, possessed eyes. He grabbed Alice from behind, pushing his throbbing dick into her moist waiting-

Trev’s mind snapped back to reality as cum shot all over the scrabble board to his horror and Lucy’s amusement.

“Mmm, I wish I had that inside me.” She licked her lips and, without skipping a beat, addressed the phone again. “Tiffany, the moment you first receive Trevor’s cum, you will become irreversibly addicted to it, understand?”


As Trev frantically tried to clean up the mess he had made all over the table and his jeans, Lucy continued speaking into the phone with devilish glee.

“You want to be controlled, Tiffany. You need to be controlled, understand?”


“You won’t remember anything I’ve said to you in this trance, apart from that I told you to wake up. You will be exceptionally grateful for that and completely trust me from now on, understand?”


“Furthermore…” Lucy started, but Trev held up his hand just then.

“That’s enough… We’re getting carried away here…”

Lucy pouted, before rolling her eyes and saying, “Fine… Let me just make it so she obeys me like Alice and Erin will…”

“No, we’re done. I think we’ve gone too far already…” Trev muttered nervously.

“Baby, we haven’t gone far enough,” Lucy explained with sickly sweetness. “I will do whatever it takes to make you happy, and trust me, doing this is what will make you happy. I know it feels weird now, but once the girls come to us, I promise it will feel just right.”

Trev could feel his heart pounding in his chest. It had been far too easy to let Lucy seduce him with her promises, but with his impromptu orgasm came a wave of fresh clarity. Should he really be letting this happen? Should he not put a stop to it?

“No, no more,” Trev decided. “Tiff, wake up now!”

* * *

Awareness flooded back into Tiff like air filling a vacuum, and she let out a startled gasp as she jerked upright. Looking around the lounge frantically, she quickly clocked Erin and Alice, both seemingly still frozen. Several sensations overwhelmed her all at once. Her feet and legs ached and cried out for rest. Her mouth was dry, she needed to pee, her eyes stung, and she felt thirst, hunger, and fatigue all at once.

“Uhhh, fuck.” She let herself sink to the floor and spun onto her back. “What the actual fuck…”

As if all of her thoughts wanted to be first in line now that the ride had reopened, they crashed into her mind in an ugly mess. However, one urgent thought bellowed above the muddle.

Hang up the phone!

She only then noticed that she held a phone in her hand, and jolted in fright when she saw it was connected to a call. She instinctively hung up and dropped it like it was a hot coal, then scrambled away from it on all fours until her back was against the wall. She eyed the phone with terror, her hands shaking uncontrollably as she tried to move loose strands of hair out of her face. As she heaved in strained lungfuls of air, her other thoughts started to arrange themselves. Despite this, she was thoroughly confused and utterly terrified.

She glanced up. Alice and Erin were still deep in trance, frozen solid with vacant expressions. It made her feel unsafe and vulnerable. One of them had tranced her, while entranced! The memories were sluggish. She could barely piece together what had happened. Something about a phone, then blankness. It could happen again at any moment, couldn’t it?

She didn’t know, but she couldn’t risk it.

“Alice! Erin!” she forced through her pained throat. “Both of you wake up!”

* * *

Trev stormed down the sidewalk, running stressed hands through his hair.

“Trevor! Just stop! Please!” Lucy called after him.

Trev spun around sharply and towered over Lucy as she caught up. “You took advantage of my- my- Argh!” His words lost in frustration, he clenched both fists and brought them up to either side of his head. “That wasn’t me back there! It’s like my dick was doing the-“ He cut himself off and looked dead into Lucy’s eyes. “Look! You knew I would never want to do that to my friends! So why!? Why did you do that?!!”

Lucy glared at him, frustration and anger biting into his gaze. He could see her thinking, churning words over in her head. Eventually, she took a deep breath, and her anger seemed to miraculously melt away. “I’m sorry,” she said, her eyes now pleading and watering. “I just knew it would be something you would want, but you’re not ready to admit it.”

The few passersby on the street spared them a curious or concerned look, but otherwise steered clear of the bickering couple.

Trev threw his arms out in exasperation. “I don’t want it! I don’t want them like that! I’m not going to admit to anything, because it’s not what I want!”

Lucy shrank back, making herself seem small. Unthreatening. “You’re being defensive right now. You’re overcompensating for your guilt by denying how you truly feel. You woke them up before I could tell them to come to you, so to seal the deal you’ll need to go to them.”

Trev lowered his voice to an angry hiss. “Fuck that! And fuck you! This was crossing a line, Lucy! I can’t even look at you right now!”

“Fine, I’ll give you some space and some time to process.” Lucy nodded, a tear falling down her cheek, but her expression remaining neutral. “But please have a think, and you’ll see that I’m right.”

“Just!” Trev took an angry step forward, lowering his voice again to a furious whisper. “Stay away from me! And stay away from them! Don’t call them or anything!”

“But-” Lucy started in protest.

“No buts! Do as I say! I have to figure this out, I have to…” And with that, he turned away, shaking his head as his thoughts tumbled over themselves. What were they thinking right now? Alice, Erin, and Tiffany must surely hate him. Would they remember what was said? Surely they’d find out eventually…”

He felt lost and alone. What had felt so good in the moment felt like such a huge mistake now. Lucy has him twisted around her fingers. Her words had been a sweet nectar that he had greedily inhaled. It hadn’t been hurting anyone, what they had been doing… Lucy herself had admitted she didn’t mind being changed.

But this was different. As he caught a subway ride, he tried to figure out how he had let it happen. Yes, there was a part of him that was super curious as to what the Algorithm could do, but he wanted to see if it could make him better at video games, or make himself completely forget his favourite movies so he could enjoy them all for the first time all over again. He’d also had this idea about using the Algorithm on his teachers to make all his grades better, but he knew that one would take more effort.

In the moment where Lucy had been speaking on the phone, reprogramming his friends while he listened on in an aroused haze (he physically cringed at this memory as he sat in the subway car), he had felt an urge to see if it was possible. It was an incredibly hot fantasy… But it was just that! Just a fantasy! There was a reason you weren’t supposed to get the things you conceived in the wildest and dirtiest part of your imagination. He wasn’t entirely sure what it was, but he was sure it was a good reason, dammit!

The girls would find out, they would undo what Lucy had done, and they would hate him forever for letting it happen.

Unless he was to go directly to them. From his understanding, the programming Lucy put into them would kick in the moment they saw him…

Then they would do whatever he wanted them to do…

He mulled over this thought, and slowly image after image of Alice, Erin, and Tiffany filtered into his mind. They looked at him lovingly and lustfully, in sexy outfits and beautiful makeup they had put on just for him. Each image overlapped with the next, some had all three of them undressing each other. Some had just the individual pulling at his clothes, or doing a sexy striptease for him.

Could the Algorithm really make them all fall in love with him? Could it make them do anything he wanted? He realised he did want to find out, even as another part of him protested in outrage. God, he needed to clear his head, he needed to think… He needed to figure this mess out.

He saw his stop coming up, and purposefully disembarked the train and strode in earnest to his destination.

* * *

Tiffany watched with a heavy heart and twisted stomach as Marion exited the apartment. She hadn’t bought the lie Tiffany had insisted was the truth: that she, Alice and Erin had been using hypnosis files from the internet to help them relax from the stress of studies and everything that had happened recently, and that the file had cut out at the wrong moment. However, Marion hadn’t pushed it, either. She didn’t seem okay, and despite the concern Alice and Tiffany had both shown, she had just excused herself to return to classes.

Once she had gone, Tiffany returned to the lounge where Alice and Erin were waiting for her. Erin held Alice as they both sat on the sofa, both still as visibly shaken as she felt.

“Marion’s gone,” Tiffany croaked, feeling rather redundant as Marion has said a lukewarm goodbye to them all a minute earlier.

“So what now?” Erin asked. She looked at Tiffany expectantly, and Tiffany felt like she would crumble under the pressure of her responsibilities. Why did she have to be the one in charge?

She wanted to be controlled. She needed to be controlled.

Funny. She had often felt that at the back of her mind, but now it was at the forefront and persistent.

But she pushed that desire down. Not now… Now, she needed to be the leader she had set herself up to be and figure this out.

“The voicemail from Dillon,” she strained. “How did he have my voice on there?”

They all were silent for a moment. Then Erin slapped her hand on her knee. “Motherfucker must have recorded us!”

“When we were over there?” Tiffany hoarsely whispered as she wrinkled her brow. “Sure I tranced you, Erin, but not Alice.”

“They would have just edited the sound clip,” Alice said faintly.

“Yeah, Tiff. You never spliced a sound byte?” Erin scoffed. “The bastard almost had us, didn’t he?”

“It feels like he does have us…” Alice murmured.

Erin shifted uncomfortably. “Yeah, all of us were out at the same time. He could have said anything, we could have any of his suggestions in our minds right now…”

“Do you remember anything from it?” Tiffany asked. All things considered, her throat was doing a lot better at least.

“Just Lucy telling me to wake up,” Alice said.

“Yeah same,” Erin concurred.

“Yeah, me too actually…” Tiffany muttered. “Which is weird, because I also remember Trev telling me to wake up… And then I woke you both up. Lucy had nothing to do with that.”

Erin scratched her head. “Huh. Yeah. That’s weird.”

“You don’t suppose she was…” Alice frowned, before she shook her head. “No, she wouldn’t. I’m being silly, I trust Lucy completely.”

“Yeah, she told us to wake up.” Tiffany nodded. “I’m grateful for that, she’s earned my trust. I guess Trev was just saying it with her.”

“Well no shit,” Erin said, and the other two girls looked to her. “We all trust Lucy for good reason. I mean, yeah you told us to wake up, Tiff, but if she told you, then by extension she told us, right?”

“Right,” Tiff agreed. She wasn’t sure that made sense, but she didn’t feel the need to look into it any further. She trusted Lucy completely. “I think I hung up on them by reflex when I woke up, remind me to call them back later.”

Alice also nodded in acceptance of this. “Yeah, sure. Who I don’t trust though is Dillon. What was he even trying to do to us?”

“There’s only one way to find out,” Tiff said nervously. She picked up Alice’s phone. “I’m going to listen to this. Alone.”

“Tiff, no!” Alice protested.

Erin looked similarly distressed. “Yeah, are you fucking nuts!?”

“Look.” Tiff silenced them both with a glare. Her throat still scratched, but she kept her voice calm and it didn’t hurt too much. “For all we know, dropping you both into trance to change your triggers might cause you to do something unexpected. You might be programmed to do anything right now. This is the safest way.”

“What about you?” Alice pleaded.

Erin, by contrast, was almost growling. “Yeah, Tiff, I don’t like it. You realise if you’re compromised, you can drop both of us, right? Then where are we?”

Tiffany’s mind raced. There could be all sorts of hidden programming within any of them. But dropping any of them into trance might trigger such programming. Of course, listening to the voicemail again might do the exact same thing.

She felt trapped, like in every direction there were invisible tripwires, poised to spring, ready to ensnare her. The mere idea of it sent a shiver of excitement through her. She’d be unknowingly controlled…

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled.

The only safe way to enter trance now would be to sit in front of the Algorithm, strapped in, bound and helpless… But travelling to Josh’s flat might trigger them all in itself. She couldn’t risk doing that to Alice and Erin.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled.

She could risk doing it to herself, though. The thrill of thinking it might take her control away was making her warm and wet between her legs. If Dillon’s call really took their control away, then she wanted to know exactly how so she could feel it for herself.

“Alice, unlock this, will you?” Tiffany asked, handing her the phone.

Alice frowned. “You’re going to listen to it?” She nevertheless did as she was asked.

“By myself, in your room, yes,” Tiffany explained calmly. “If I come out acting weird at all, Erin, I order you to drop me into trance. Otherwise, I want you both to stay here while I do this.”

“Tiff, no!” Erin seethed. “I don’t like it, it’s not smart!” She was on her feet now, her gaze intense, though Tiffany could tell she was swallowing a lot of her anger. She was really trying to restrain herself.

Tiffany squared up to her headstrong slave. “Well then what would you have me do then, Erin? What can I do that’ll protect you both?”

Erin stared furiously around the room for a few moments before bringing her eyes back up to meet Tiffany’s.

“Let me trance you,” she said, her tone and expression as serious as Tiffany had ever experienced.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled.

Tiffany did all she could to stop herself from squirming at hearing Erin’s words, the growing desperation to be controlled becoming distracting in her head. Her knees felt weak and her toes curled. Clenching her teeth, she tried to centre herself with a deep calming breath.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled.

God, slipping into trance for Erin would be like sinking into a warm bath right now. The temptation to say yes was so strong, and Tiffany felt it eagerly sitting on the tip of her tongue. But what would Erin do? She remembered all too well what she had tried to do to her the previous night. As much as she wanted to, she didn’t trust Erin here.

Not that she trusted Dillon in the slightest either. But listening to the voicemail again wasn’t guaranteed to take her control away.

She just secretly hoped that it might.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled.

Tiffany exhaled sharply, forcing her attention back onto Erin’s determined gaze. “What would you do?”

“I’d deprogram you,” Erin promised. “I’ll tell your sleeping mind to remove every last suggestion that’s been planted in your head while in trance.” Her eyes were pleading now, but her jaw was rigid.

“Is that it? Is that all you’d honestly do?” Tiffany asked sternly.

“Yes!” Erin insisted, before wavering. “Um, as long as you tell me to, at least. If you tell me to do just that, that’s all I’ll do, I swear!”

Tiffany hesitated. If she let Erin do that, would she still be able to lose her control? She wanted to be controlled… she needed to be controlled… It ached within her, and she just wanted to sink to her knees and let Erin do whatever she wanted. But she fought it, because she knew she had to hold on a while longer.

If Erin did as she said, she would likely make the growing urge to submit within Tiffany calm down. Her inner submissive had latched on to the thought and was trying to beat her dominance down with it. Tiffany knew that surrendering to her submissive urge was a one-way ticket at this point, and this knowledge alone kept her resisting.

She could let Erin put her into trance, sure, but what if Erin had programming that would kick in the moment she did? Tiffany could wind up Dillon’s slave without even having a chance. She shuddered at the thought, her pussy quivering with pleasure.

Whereas she wouldn’t know what the voicemail would do. It might prove that they were free of hidden triggers and instructions, or it might seal her fate, solidifying her programming to obey. Again, heat and horny arousal flooded through her. It was all she could do not to whimper.

She knew she had to choose, but she didn’t want to. She wanted to have every decision taken away from her now. She wanted to give in. But fuck fuck fuck she could still do this, she could claw her way back…

If she chose wisely.

One last choice then… Check the voicemail, or leave herself at Erin’s mercy...