The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 4

“Firstly, whenever I say ‘Sleep Trev, sleep’ you will immediately return to this blank and mindless state where I can give you any commands I want. Understand?” Tiffany spoke softly but clearly into Trev’s ear, managed to retain her clarity despite her excited quickened breaths.

Trev, sat in the chair facing the screen and wearing the head phones, nodded so passively it was almost unnoticeable. His lips barely parted as he whispered the faintest “Yes m’lady.”

An electrical thrill of excitement spread through Tiffany as she observed his reaction. This was real! She was really giving Trev deep hypnotic commands that would stay with him even out of the chair! A feeling of immense power was rushing through her, and she had to struggle to remain focused in the face of it. Especially since Alice’s ‘m’lady’ instruction was pretty hilarious mixed in with mindless obedience.

“Ok, when I say ‘Wake Trev, wake’ you will immediately return to your full awakeness and alertness, understand?”

“Yes, m’lady.” Trev whispered again. His mind was drinking in each command effortlessly.

“Good, now, staying in the trance, take off the headphones, get up out of the chair, and obey any instruction I give you.”

“Yes, m’lady.” Trev stood up and cleared the way for someone else to sit. He then looked blankly to Tiffany, clearly expecting more instructions. Erin was wandering around Trev, and mildly pecking at his arm. Tiffany squinted at the tomboyish girl, partly amazed she still acted convincingly like a chicken after so much time as one, and trying to decide between her and Alice for the chair next. As Erin wandered away to investigate a sock abandoned on the floor, Tiffany instead turned to the blonde who was herself convinced she was currently a grade-A stripper.

“Ok, Trev, help me guide Alice into the chair.” Tiffany said, moving herself towards the dancing blonde. Alice was still dancing with her eyes closed, enjoying the rhythm and movements of her sleek, athletic body. Tiffany was almost loath to disturb her; she was being so damn sexy and alluring to watch right now. But, Tiffany thought, this is for the greater good.

“Hey, gorgeous,” she stroked Alice’s arm, bringing her out of her dancing headspace. She looked at Tiffany and smiled seductively.

“Hey, lover.” Alice purred. Tiffany felt a sudden warmth flush through her, and fought with her own urges as Alice ran her hands through Tiffany’s hair.

“Say, I’ve got something sexy to show you. Come with me.” Tiffany smiled and grasped Alice’s hand. Her own hand was sweating with her nerves, but Alice let herself be guided by her and Trev until she was sitting at the chair with the headphones on and looking from Trev, to Tiffany, to the screen, and back.

“Pretty pictures, hun, and a funky noise in this thing. Not all that sexy, though…” Alice remarked with an overtone of boredom. “I’d rather keep dancing if it’s all the same to you, I’ve got a show to put on after all…”

“No! Just give it a second, I swear it’ll be worth it!” Tiffany insisted, before turning to Trev. “Of course Alice works on a different frequency than you to go into trance. Quick, Trev, do you remember what the frequencies were from yesterday?”

“Yes, m’lady.” Trev said blankly, again nodding slightly.

“Yes!” Tiffany shouted in delight. “Ok, set it up to those frequencies now. Tell me when you’re done.”

“Yes, m’lady.” Trev replied monotonously again, before bringing up the control panel on the PC and inputting some values. As he did so, Alice began to remove the headphones.

“No! No, not yet, not yet!” Tiffany grabbed her hands over Alice’s and struggled to keep them in place.

“Look, hun.” Alice said in annoyance as she struggled with Tiffany’s grip. “If you’re gonna keep me in this chair, you better make it worth my while.”

Tiffany looked frantically from Trev to Alice. She needed to buy some time here. Then it struck her. She leaned in towards Alice’s luscious lips and whispered “Gladly”.

Immediately her tongue locked with Alice’s and pulses of pleasure shot through Tiffany’s body. She could feel a familiar wetness return to her as Alice’s hands moved from the headphones to run themselves down Tiffany’s hips, and Tiffany let her own hands slide onto Alice’s face, before feeling the silkiness of the blonde’s well-conditioned hair. Tiffany could hardly believe she was making out with Alice again so soon. It was heaven. She wished that they were alone, that they could slide over to the bed and take turns removing pieces of clothing from each other. She longed to feel her naked body pressed against Alice’s warmth, and she felt an intoxicating ecstasy that if things went well this morning, that’s exactly what her future could hold.

Somewhere in the distance of Tiffany’s mind, where the thoughts weren’t focused on Alice’s lips and her tongue, and her potential compliance to Tiffany’s every whim, she heard a faint voice say. “I’m done, m’lady.” It took her a few seconds before she realized that Trev had spoken and what he meant, but it didn’t matter. Alice’s hands felt so good running over her body and she could stay here kissing her all morning.

Except she couldn’t. Josh was due home any minute now. Fuck.

Tiffany broke away from Alice’s playful lips and saw the focus return to her friend’s eyes. Just like last time, Alice was returning to her own character after making out with Tiffany. Since Tiffany was blocking her view of the screen, she hadn’t yet slipped under the spell of the computer’s signals. In their making out, the headphones had slipped from Alice’s ears and were now nestled around her neck. She looked at Tiffany with a quizzical look.

“Tiff? I went all stripper again, didn’t I? But why am I in the chair?”

“Shh…” Tiffany said, placing a finger over Alice’s lips. “It’s ok.” She then stood up, and simultaneously placed the headphones over Alice’s ears and moved out of the way of the pulsing, colorfully patterned screen.

“But wait...” was all Alice managed to say before her pupils visibly dilated and her mind went blank. Tiffany watched with barely contained glee as Alice stared into the screen, not saying another word and breathing deeply and evenly.

“Are you nice and blank, Alice?” Tiffany asked after a few more moments had passed.

“Yes.” Alice faintly murmured, with the slightest nod, similar to Trev’s reaction.

“Good girl.” Tiffany cooed softly into her receptive ear. “Whenever I say, ‘Sleep, Alice, sleep.’ You will immediately and without resistance return to this deep blank state where you will do everything I tell you to, understand?”

“Yes.” Alice murmured once more. Tiffany almost squirmed with excitement upon hearing her acknowledgement. She had done it. She had Alice firmly under her control now. Her imagination couldn’t contain itself and began to run wild with the possibilities that now existed. Later, when she had more time, she would sit down with Alice, all alone together. She would return her to her current state of complete mindlessness and start to fill her up with new thoughts and ideas…

Instead of chasing after asshole guys that were no good for her, Tiffany would become the new target of Alice’s affection, attention, and seduction. She would soon start waking up at night, charged from erotic dreams that stared Tiffany. She would see her friend in a whole new light, and find every nuance of Tiffany’s being perfectly irresistible. She would flirt and tease, and let Tiffany know that she wanted her. She would buy her gifts, take her out, show her the time of her life. Then they would get home, and pause awkwardly by the door, the tension between them so intense that to be caught between them would be lethal. And then the embrace. Slow at first, and tender, like a small pile of kindling crackling in a fresh flame. But then the flame would grow, and the tenderness would soon be enveloped by a growing passion and erotic supernova that would consume them both in endless, inexhaustible passion. Alice’s hands would run down Tiffany’s naked body, reaching her thighs and easing them apart. Her tongue would trail down, peppering her lover with kisses, before finding Tiffany’s flowing juices and drinking deep from her arousal. Tiffany’s screams would echo through the electric night and in the morning she would awaken with heaven’s most divine angel in her arms. Hers, forever.

Tiffany shook her head rapidly. She only just realized she had been staring longingly at the blank face of Alice for what must have been minutes. Trev was still standing there, patiently and thoughtlessly waiting for more instructions, and Erin was starting to make a nest in the corner of the bedroom out of discarded laundry and old magazines.

Shit! Tiffany cursed herself in her own mind. Now was not the time to get lost in her fantasies. Every second counted. She had to give Alice one more command, and then it was time for Erin…

Just then, she heard the familiar sound of Josh’s front door opening. Josh was home.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck!” Tiffany hissed in panic. She hadn’t finished what she needed to do, she still needed to bring Erin into trance and then make it so no one remembered what she had done this morning. She had to stall Josh; she had to think of something quick.

“Hey guys! You all in my bedroom?” she heard Josh calling from the kitchen, followed by the semi audible mutter of “Damn, that makes me sound like a hoe…”

“Uhhh, yeah!” Tiffany called through. “We’ll come to you, oh bringer of coffee!” she added in the most light-hearted tone she could manage.

“Fuck, ok, fuck, what the fuck do I do?!” she then hissed under her breath. “Trev!” she said suddenly, and he looked at her expectantly. “I need you to act awake, and when I wake you up for real, you won’t remember anything about being in trance or being given commands or anything, but you will remember things from now, like when you’re acting awake. Fuck, did I word that right, do you understand?

“Yes, m’lady. I won’t remember being in trance or being given commands, but I will remember from now, and for the rest of the time I’m acting awake once you wake me for real.” Trev said in his normal voice, his mannerisms changing as if by magic to his typical shrugging demeanor.

“Great! Go keep Josh distracted, try to stop him coming through here. And forget the last twenty seconds as well once you wake up” Tiffany commanded, wiping her hands through her sweating brow.

“No problem, m’lady.” Trev grinned and sauntered through to the kitchen. Tiffany could hear him jokingly say to Josh “Hey man, you missed the full on orgy we just had in there. It’s, like, over now, but thanks for going and getting coffee though.”

As the guys started talking away in the kitchen, Tiffany let her focus leave them and return to Alice, still sitting perfectly motionless and mindless in the chair. She exhaled a deep sigh. She should have at least a couple more minutes now, and that would hopefully be enough.

“Ok, Alice, when I say to you ‘wake Alice, wake’ you will immediately return to full awakeness and alertness. Understand?”

“Yes.” Another feeble affirmation escaped from Alice’s drowsy lips.

“Good.” Tiffany sighed another deep sigh. “Now help me get Erin into the chair.”

The two of them guided the gently clucking Erin until she was sat, wide eyed and head bobbing.

“Do you remember the frequencies that put Erin in trance yesterday?” Tiffany asked Alice as the mindlessly obedient blonde put headphones over Erin’s ears.

“Yes.” Came another satisfying murmur from her lips.

“Awesome. Good girl. Set it up and tell me when you’re done.” Tiffany commanded firmly. She was almost there. Almost there! As long as Josh didn’t crash her hypno-party she would have Erin, Alice, and Trev all conditioned to go back into trance at her whim. Then all she would have to do is get Josh into the chair and she would have a level of power over her friends that she just knew she would endlessly abuse for her own sexual satisfaction and realization of those deep primal fantasies that she dared to think she might soon indulge. She couldn’t bare the tension that Josh was in the next room, and could come through any moment. She was frantically checking every few seconds and breathing erratically.

“I’m done.” Alice murmured dutifully as she stopped typing into the computer.

“Erin’s trance inducing frequencies? It’s ready?” Tiffany asked, her hands trembling slightly.

“Yes.” Alice replied blankly.

“Great! Good, ok, good, right.” Tiffany vibrated with nervous excitement. “Remove Curse.”

Erin’s eyes immediately snapped back into focus, but before a coherent thought could form her gaze was already being drawn into the colorful swirls on the screen. The headphones pulsed relaxing beats rhythmically and repeatedly into her ears and the effect was immediate. Tiffany could see that Erin tried to stand, to spin away, even just close her eyes, but all that happened was that she shuffled slightly in her chair and her eyes fluttered for a moment before become utterly fixed on the screen.

“No. Tiff, wait. Please…” Erin gasped as if fighting through impossible waves of exhaustion.

“Relax, Erin. Give in.” Tiffany said with barely contained smirk. Seeing Erin falling and Alice already blank and ready was throwing her arousal into overdrive. She felt the need for release more than ever. And yet, a part of her was so deeply jealous of the two girls before her. They got to be mindless and free from all thought and responsibility. They got to be molded into their perfect selves by Tiffany’s words, and she remained burdened with doubt, uncertainty, and responsibility.

Maybe when the algorithm was more sophisticated, more automated, she could induce trance in herself and remove her doubts and fears, and enjoy being in control more. But she still thought she’d rather be the one controlled, mindlessly obedient, totally at the mercy of and under the power of a magnetic and illustrious controller who would take care of her.

Well, don’t knock having the power until you’ve at least tried it, thought Tiffany. She watched the resistance ebb away from Erin as her jaw went slack and her pupils dilated. Tiffany sighed deeply. She’d have her turn in there one day… And if she controlled all of her friends, and therefore the project, it would be one day soon.

“Erin, you’re nice and blank, aren’t you?” Tiffany asked with trepidation.

Erin was silent for a moment, in which Tiffany’s heart decided not at all to beat. After a split second, but what felt like a minute, she nodded her head ever so slightly and whispered. “Yes.”

And then Josh entered the room loudly.

“Good morning, my lovely ladies!” he announced jovially, and Tiffany jumped out of her skin, ending up on her feet with a panicked fake smile stamped haphazardly across her face.

“Josh! Hi!” she squeaked, utterly failing to act normal. She was at least able to mutter “Alice, act awake!” urgently to the blank faced blonde before Josh got too close.

“Oh my god!” Alice suddenly returned to her usual bubbly self and beamed widely at Josh. “You brought us coffee you caffeine GOD!”

“You fucking around with Erin’s mind again?” Josh asked, frowning at Tiffany.

“What! No…!” Tiffany blurted back, a deer in spotlight look coming over her caramel face. “Alice,” she stuttered. “T- tell Josh we’re just removing that mean chicken trigger for her.”

“We’re just removing the chicken trigger Josh, that’s it.” Alice continued her beautiful and convincing smile.

Josh stroked his stubble and looked from the calm and friendly looking Alice to the nervous and wide eyed Tiffany. “Ok…” he said wearily. “So you won’t mind if I be the one to do it all?”

“Of- of course not!” Tiffany tried so hard to hide her nervous stammer, but she knew Josh was probably looking right through her.

“Good, because no offence, Tiff, but I just don’t trust either you or Erin being in a position to give the other any suggestions when the algorithm has you in trance. After last night, I think it’s best we intervene before things get out of hand between you both.”

“Ok… Ok, but Alice, tell Josh I wasn’t gonna do anything bad!” Tiffany pleaded to the blonde still under her control. And please make it look natural, she thought. The last thing she needed was to have Josh put Alice through the same cleansing process. It would leave most of her work undone, and now that she had Alice under her control, she felt physically sick at the idea of losing it, and more specifically, Alice remembering what Tiffany had done to her.

“Oh, yeah, no!” Alice remarked with the sweetest smile. “I wasn’t gonna let Tiff do anything bad… I had some ideas for some bad things myself, mind, but I feel that’s only fair after being stripper-tized by Erin last night…”

“Actually, you’re the one who made her have that chicken trigger in the first place, so I don’t think you’re allowed to mess with her either.” Josh said with an air of finality. Tiffany opened her mouth to protest, but no words came out. She didn’t have any argument that could counter Josh’s points. Both Alice and herself had been the ones using Erin’s triggers the most, and Tiffany’s refusal to release Erin from her chicken state for so long last night meant that Josh wasn’t going to give her the slightest chance to do any more harm to Erin now.

“Ok, fine!” Alice said, overtly rolling her eyes. “Ruin my fun don’t you, you fascist! Thanks for the coffee though.” She added jokingly, taking her soy cappuccino from the cup-holder Josh held. Josh handed a vanilla latte to Tiffany and placed the final cup on the desk for Erin. Tiffany stared furiously into the foam of her coffee. She had been so close. Was there really no way to turn this around? Come on! Josh hadn’t done anything with Erin’s ultra-receptive mind yet. There was surely something she could think of…

“Right.” Josh said. “Let’s get this done so we can all get to at least some morning classes…” He leaned in close to Erin and asked “Erin, are you deep in trance now?”

“Yes.” Came the whispered response from Erin’s sleepy lips. Tiffany’s mind was racing now. She could see her plans for eliminating Erin’s interference going down in flames before her. It was like watching a fire consume something precious and having nothing capable of putting it out.

“Ok.” Josh said decisively. “All of the suggestions or triggers you have been given so far in any of your trances will no longer have any effect on you, understand?”

“Yes.” Erin murmured mindlessly.

That was it, thought Tiffany. There goes her plan for taking control of the group. So long as both Erin and Josh were free of her control, there was no way to hypnotize and control them with the algorithm without the other one noticing and intervening. And without having them under her control, they could trance Alice and Trev and remove the programming that Tiffany had put there at any time Alice or Trev agreed to go into the chair.

Tiffany gripped her takeaway coffee cup so tightly its contents were on the verge of spilling everywhere. She wanted to throw the scalding drink into Josh’s face and then pour her commands into Erin’s still vulnerable mind while she still could. Maybe she could have Erin, Alice, and Trev all tackle and overpower Josh at once. Maybe they could force him into the chair, and cycle the frequencies until they found the video and audio signal at which he stopped fighting and fell into trance. Then she could control him too, and go ahead with her plan once more.

If she was going to do it, now was the only time. Erin wasn’t yet awake, and it would only take a few words to make her obey Tiffany and attack Josh. Then Alice and Trev would join in at the simple command of Tiffany, and Josh would have to fend off all four of them.

But Tiffany knew it was a stupid plan. Leaving aside that she didn’t want anyone getting hurt at all, Josh was by far the strongest of them all, being the most sporty. Alice was probably the next most in shape, but Tiffany, Erin, and Trevor were almost allergic to exercise and would be next to useless in a struggle. Josh being an excellent basketball player as well as a pretty decent boxer nipped that plan in the bud. Yeah, there was no way this was going to become a physical altercation; that would be incredibly dumb.

Tiffany gritted her teeth and watched Josh bring a now trigger free Erin out of trance. Erin gave him an overstated thanks, hugging him and declaring she never planned to eat poultry again. The only interaction she shared with Tiffany for the ten minutes it took for Tiffany to pull herself together enough to get out to her classes was a calculating stare the moment she had finished thanking Josh. That stare seemed to bore into the depths of Tiffany’s mind. She couldn’t help but feel that Erin was seeing all of her fantasies and betrayal like she had tattooed them on her face. Wordlessly, Erin had went to grab a shower, and by the time she had emerged from the bathroom, Tiffany had left for class. The only things she did before she left was instruct Alice to forget her time in mindless trance and bring both Alice and Trev out of their trances when she could get them alone.

“Say, Josh.” Erin mentioned idly over a bowl of cereal after Trev and Alice had also departed. “We both have frees now, yeah?”

“Yeah. Sweet Thursday lie in day, right?” Josh smiled fondly.

“I have some ideas for the algorithm.” Erin said with an innocent smile. “Want to take a quick look at it with me…?”

Tiffany couldn’t think straight through all of her classes that day. Her mind was in a nerve destroying war with itself, half of it elated with the triggers implanted within both Trev and Alice, and half devastated and terrified at Erin escaping her clutches, and most likely being able to figure out what Tiffany was trying to do. What would she do about it? Does she even know what Tiffany was up to? It was one big mass of scary questions there. On the other side, more exciting questions full of potential lit up her imagination. What could she do with Alice and Trev when she had time to really put them into trance and give them some suggestions? Should she make it so that they always voted with her on the direction of the project? That would give her effective control anytime a democratic decision came up between the five of them... Or would she stop pretending that she wasn’t already planning out when to indoctrinate Alice into being helplessly in love with her?

Alice, Alice, all her thoughts eventually came back to Alice. Would Erin tell Alice? Warn her? Try to get her back in the chair to use the algorithm on her to free her from Tiffany’s control?

Tiffany racked her brain over every conceivable scenario all day, as well as plenty of inconceivable scenarios. She considered that it was entirely possible that she had already been deep in trance, completely hypnotized by the algorithm and simply instructed to forget. If this was true, then every thought, every decision she was attempting to make right now might just be the instructed programming in her mind running its course. Her entire sense of free will might just be an illusion that she was programmed to have after being so completely and thoroughly brainwashed by the algorithm. Her friends might now just be waiting for her to encounter whatever trigger she needed to complete her transformation into a mindless, obedient fuckdoll for them all to endlessly use and abuse. This thought came back as often as the thoughts about what she wanted to do with Alice when she got the chance, and between these two potential realities, Tiffany had been riding a wave of frustrated un-released arousal all day long.

Josh had sent a group message to everyone on Facebook around lunchtime. They were all to meet back at his flat around 6pm to get to work on the various pieces of the algorithm. Trev had replied saying that he was bringing his girlfriend Lucy over. Of course, Tiffany thought… Alice’s other command to Trev while he was in trance had also stuck. She knew why Alice had done that, of course. She was planning on using the algorithm to loosen Lucy up a bit, or at least as much as Trev would allow. But, of course, Tiffany could now control Trev and that was one step removed from controlling Lucy…

So obviously, there was no way Tiffany wasn’t going to turn up at Josh’s in the evening, even if it meant facing Erin. However, she really wanted to get at least some time alone with Alice, even if only to see if her trigger phrase would really take the gorgeous blonde back down into a mindless trance.

It was like the universe answered her desire, because just as that thought struck, her phone chimed with a message from Alice. She wanted Tiffany to come to her flat at 5! To talk about the Algorithm apparently… What about? Maybe her plans for Trev and Lucy? Did it matter? Here Alice was handing herself to Tiffany on a silver platter. Tiffany couldn’t control her excitement, and skipped out of her last class ten minutes early. She rushed back to her flat and frantically cleaned herself up. A quick shower, some fresh, more playful clothes, and a dab of makeup, and she was ready to leave in no time. She left a brief note for her flatmate, Hannah, that she would be out late again tonight, and sped out the door towards Alice’s flat. She only lived a couple blocks away, and as the sun grew a bit more tired in the sky, Tiffany found herself power walking to her friend’s front door.

She was buzzed in and only realized when she was at the door to the flat just how incredibly horny she had become in the buildup to this moment. She didn’t feel like she’d be able to resist putting Alice into trance and immediately having her eat her out again and again until they had to leave for Josh’s. Her heart was pounding just as fast as it had been when she was giving Alice her triggers earlier that day, and she wasn’t sure if was she imaging it or not, but she thought she could smell her fresh panties she put on less than twenty minutes ago, already soaked with her arousal.

She knocked on the door, her fist shaking with nerves. Alice’s voice rang loud and clear through the door, telling her to come in. She opened the door with a wide, beaming smile lighting up her face.

She walked into Alice’s hallway, and her jaw dropped.

Alice was on the floor, on her knees facing Tiffany, and completely naked. Her long blond hair fell elegantly down her milky pale skin to cover her perky, firm breasts, and her face looked up at Tiffany with an expression of complete, spaced out blankness. Her hands rested neatly on her sleek, athletic legs, and she stayed completely and utterly still, not moving or greeting Tiffany in any way.

Sitting in a deliberately placed chair directly behind Alice sat Erin. She was wearing her usual baggy jeans and an oversized checkered shirt on top of a loose fitting t-shirt. Her messy short brown hair fell awkwardly to one side as she stared at Tiffany, her dark brown eyes sparkling with calm confidence. A knowing smirk sat upon her plain lips, as she was clearly finding Tiffany’s complete bewilderment somewhat amusing.

Tiffany’s mind simply melted. She couldn’t process what she was seeing in front of her. It was like she was trying to make sense of a novel that she had skipped a dozen chapters of. She opened her mouth to say something, anything, but only a hoarse croaking sound would emerge. The silence lasted a short eternity until Erin broke it like a mallet obliterating a fragile vase.

“Glad you could make it, Tiff.” She said with a coolness she didn’t normally project. “It’s time you and I had a little chat…”