The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 5

“Free range!” Tiffany blurted out.

Erin stared at Tiffany, a look of disappointment mixed with pity on her face.

“Seriously, Tiffany?” she said with derision. “I had all my code-phrases removed by Josh this morning. You were, like, standing right next to me when it happened, remember?”

Tiffany cursed herself in her mind. That was entirely dumb, and surely did nothing other than put Erin on the defensive. She looked with growing panic at the calm collected Erin and the completely naked, utterly blank Alice. Her heart pounded in her chest, and she felt warm and stuffy, like the air was slowly suffocating her.

“But thank you, thank you for letting me know where you’re at. That’s helpful.” Erin smirked, getting to her feet.

“What do you want, Erin!?” Tiffany demanded, her fists clenched and her teeth gritted. The fact that Erin had done to Alice something very similar to what Tiffany had been planning seemed to tick her off in a very peculiar way. How dare Erin take control of Alice exactly like she, Tiffany, had wanted to! It was wrong, and more than that, it highlighted how wrong Tiffany’s own desires had been. That was just unacceptable! She frantically tried to think of how she could get back control of both the situation, and Alice.

“Like I said, Tiff, I wanna chat. C’mon, let’s take this to the lounge.” Erin clicked her fingers and walked into Alice’s lounge. Alice crawled after her slowly, and Tiffany’s fists clenched even harder when she saw Alice’s perfect perky butt wiggling away from her.

She nervously followed them into the lounge. It was a tiny room, with space enough for a dull grey sofa, a splotchy green armchair, and a TV in the corner. Games of twister were only just possible in the remaining floor space, but flailing limbs would be a hazard for spectators on the seats. Erin now sat on the Sofa, and Alice had resumed her submissive kneeling position in front of her. Tiffany sat uncomfortably in the remaining seat.

“Where’s Marion?” was the first thing Tiffany asked. Alice’s flatmate would surely freak out if she walked in on this scene.

“She’s at lacrosse practice, she won’t be back til 7 or so.” Erin waved her hand dismissively. “We’ll be at Josh’s long before then. Now, before we really get into this, I gotta ask you something.”

Tiffany’s heart still pounded in her chest. She braced herself. “What?”

“How awesome did we look in the corridor just there? I mean, what a way to be discovered, right!”

Tiffany’s mouth dropped in surprise, again. This was really the initial focus of the conversation? Erin kept on excitedly talking, regardless of Tiffany’s annoyed glare.

“I actually considered dragging the armchair out there instead of using a kitchen chair, because that would have looked so much better, but you have to put it on its side to get it through the door frame and it would have blocked half the hallway. The kitchen chair wasn’t as fancy looking, but it did the job. I so wanted to have, like, a collar and leash, you know? Just to drive home the point that Alice here is completely under my control, but today’s been a bit busy so I didn’t have time to get to the pet store. Plus, who knows their neck size, right? Anyway, I just wanted to know if the whole effort had a suitably dramatic impact on you, because I could have had you discovered Alice’s complete obedience to me in other ways but I thought, ‘Hey! Time is short and yes this is a bit on the nose, but it gets the message across!’ and just went with it. So yeah, what did you think?”

Tiffany stared dumbfounded and irate at Erin for a while after Erin stopped speaking. Erin eventually raised her eyebrows in an inquisitive expression, then threw up her hands in a frozen half shrug. Eventually, she frowned and said “C’mon, Tiff! It’s not that hard!”

“Not that—!” Tiffany spat, stopping herself before a string of curse words poured out of her in a torrent. “Erin, are you insane?! You have completely taken over the mind of our mutual friend and have her posing naked in front of you, and you’re hung up on how it looked?!”

“Well, yeah...” Erin said with a cheeky smile. “If you’re going to do something, do it right.”

Tiffany pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. When she surfaced Erin was smiling with a gloating sparkle in her eye.

“How?” Tiffany asked.

“You know how, Tiff.” Erin replied with an amused smirk. “I think you mean, ‘when?’”

“When, then?” Tiffany replied impatiently.

“I gave her a code-phrase for the trance state at the same time I gave her the code-phrase for being a stripper and making you the only one who could bring her out of it. I could have put her back into trance at any time but I didn’t want to tip my hand. She was in a trance when you entered Josh’s bedroom this morning by the way, but I brought her out of it and I don’t think you noticed me doing so...”

Tiffany felt her checks flush bright red. Sparks started to fly in her vision. This morning didn’t matter to her anywhere near as much as Alice’s stripper personality that Tiffany interacted with the previous night. “You mean to say you put me through all awkwardness with her stripping and coming onto me when you could have put her back in trance and undone it at any time?!” She seethed. The urge to jump off her chair and simply attack Erin was alarmingly vivid in her mind.

“Please, spare me your outrage Tiff.” Erin smiled smugly, leaning forward and saying bluntly, “Do not, for a moment, try to pretend that you weren’t completely into making out with Alice. You even did it again this morning when you put her under your control!”

Tiffany wanted to spit out a protest, but she knew the words were ringing hollow in her mind before she decided to utter them. Kissing Alice, feeling that incredibly sexy body against her own, it had been like a moment of heaven on earth for Tiffany. The fact that Erin was potentially standing between Tiffany and more of that experience felt like a lead weight in her stomach. Wait, what was that about this morning?

“How do you know about this morning?” Tiffany asked, trying her best to hide the nervousness she felt. “You were a chicken while I was doing everything...”

“True.” Erin nodded. “Except after everyone left for classes I sat in the chair and went into trance and had Josh unlock my memories from then, as well as from when I was blank and everything. So I know that you’ve been a bad girl, Tiff.” she said this with a devious grin. “I know you’ve planted sleep code-phrases in both Alice here and Trev,”

This was a lot of information for Tiffany to process at once. She shifted anxiously in her seat, and decided that since Erin was being so forthright with information, she should try to find out as much as she could. It was just difficult to concentrate with Alice right there, completely naked, totally mindless, staring in oblivious like there wasn’t a single light on behind those light hazel eyes. Her own plans for Alice hadn’t been so cruel, right? She was just going to make a couple of personality tweaks, have her fall in love with Tiffany in a totally believable and seamless way. That wasn’t nearly as bad as making her this statue like empty shell, right? But then at least Erin wasn’t pretending it was anything other than what it was, complete control and manipulation of Alice’s mind and body.

“I’m sorry, I can’t focus with Alice just kneeling there like that.” Tiffany said, shifting uncomfortably and trying not to stare at Alice’s perfect, silky smooth breasts. “Can you put her back to normal or have her put some clothes on or something?”

“Really?” Erin looked surprised. “I thought this is what you wanted, Tiff. Alice all pliable and ready to be controlled. Isn’t that why you tried so hard to get us all under your power this morning?”

Tiffany flustered. “Well—look—no—I was—” she could only imagine how bright red her cheeks must have been, half due to the embarrassment that Erin had her pegged, and half out of anger that Erin was controlling the sexy beautiful blonde and she wasn’t.

“Tell you what, Tiff.” Erin said with a glint in her dark brown eyes. “You can choose between Alice sitting in wait like this, or with her eating you out for the remainder of our conversation. You’d just have to promise to not get too distracted by it.”

Tiffany gulped and looked again at Alice’s alluring figure. It was far too easy to imagine her dropping to all fours, crawling up to Tiffany and coaxing her legs to part. If Erin instructed her to do it, would Tiffany just let it happen? Her mind was at war with the idea. The desperately aroused part of her that had been fantasizing about Alice all day declared that there was no way it wasn’t happening, while the pragmatic side of her knew she wouldn’t be comfortable with it based on both Erin watching and Erin pulling the strings of the Alice puppet that was helpless to obey. Tiffany knew she wanted Alice, not a robot version of her. And to get Alice back, Tiffany knew she had keep her cool and see where the conversation with Erin led.

“Ok, fine.” she eventually said, still fidgeting restlessly but doing her best to stay composed. “Keep her like that, however fucked up it is. You’re planning to put her back to normal eventually, right?”

“Of course!” Erin protested. “I’m not going to keep her mind wiped for eternity, I’m not a monster, Tiff. But this conversation is between us, I don’t want Alice’s consciousness to interject until our business is concluded.”

“Our business?” Tiffany almost snorted in derision, but held herself back. “Why so formal?”

“Because, Tiff.” Erin said with a dangerous look in her eyes. “You tried to enslave my mind this morning, along with Trev, along with Alice. And I don’t feel like I’m going nuts here by suggesting that had you succeeded, you would have found a way to enslave Josh as well. You’re dangerous, Tiff, and because of that I want to be serious with you.”

Tiffany tried to brush off Erin’s accusations, but it unnerved her at how accurate she sounded. Enslaved seem like such a loaded term, but Tiffany knew it was true. Had she succeed in planting triggers in Erin that morning, she would have looked to finding a way to do so for Josh and then she would have had the ability to affect the free will and decision making of her entire close-knit group of friends. She might not have been so blatant about it as Erin was being with Alice, and she wouldn’t have let them realise she was doing it, but she conceded that Erin calling her dangerous wasn’t entirely unfair.

“And so does Josh know all of this as well?” she asked carefully.

“No.” Erin replied. “Josh knows only what I want him to know. But if I say a certain phrase to him, he will suddenly remember all of it, and I don’t think he’ll be too pleased with you.”

“Ahh.” The realization quickly dawned on Tiffany. Josh wasn’t just helping Erin because she asked politely. “So you have control of Josh as well now.”

“Yes.” Erin said.

“You have control of Josh, Alice, and Trev.” Tiffany said, more to herself than to Erin. Tiffany had thought she had the upper hand within their group, but Erin had clearly outdone her. If Tiffany was dangerous, what did that make Erin?

“I’d like you to know that I haven’t removed those code-phrases you planted at all.” Erin said with a shrug. “Though I have made it so that Alice will ignore all your words or code-phrases until we all leave this flat, just in case you try to do something stupid along the lines of ‘free range’...” she rolled her eyes.

Alice was still just kneeling there, staring into space, breathing calmly though completely nude. Her milky pale flesh looked so inviting and Tiffany tried not to think how she would do literally anything if commanded to by Erin.

“Ok. But why?” Tiffany asked. “If you have got triggers for everyone, why not remove all my suggestions and just leave yours?”

“That seems a bit mean, doesn’t it?” Erin faked a pout. “Besides, Trev, Josh, and I agreed to not remove each other’s code-phrases we left in you.”

Suddenly, the flat seemed to close in around Tiffany. Her chest tightened like a vice and her body seized up. What was Erin talking about?

“Wh—what?” Tiffany rasped, her voice suddenly drying up. She had suddenly become aware of every hair standing up on the back of her neck, and every goose-bump that now swept down her arms.

“You don’t remember? Oh, of course you don’t, we instructed you to forget.” Erin said, not trying to hide her delight at Tiffany’s growing distress.

Tiffany could feel her breathing getting faster now, but there was also a warm pulse spreading through her body. Had she really been under the control of the swirling patterns and pulsating sound the same way she’d seen Erin and Alice be? Had she sat in the chair while her mind ebbed away, and then been instructed to forget afterwards? She had absolutely no memory or even hint at a memory of this, and that was both terrifying and intensely arousing. She simply stared at Erin, willing her to say that it wasn’t true, while also wishing for the opposite.

“So, you’ll remember when I told you that you needed to make out with Alice in order to change her back from her stripper persona, right?”

“Vividly.” Tiffany replied tersely.

“Right, good times...” Erin sighed theatrically. Tiffany felt her fists clench again, even as the warmth between her thighs intensified. Erin continued, “Anyway, you remember how you lost your shit and started freaking out on us?”


“Well, you remember how the guys grabbed you so you wouldn’t hit me, and then I told them to put you in the chair and turn the software on?”

“Right.” Tiffany sighed in frustration. When she thought back about it, a fair bit of yesterday evening had been embarrassing for her. But she clearly remembered what had happened next. “That’s when I told them to let me go because I’d agreed to just do it, to make out with Alice.”

“Sooo....” Erin leaned forward, looking expectantly at Tiffany.

“So, what, Erin?”

“So you don’t find that a little odd that one moment you were dead set against doing something, and then all of a sudden you agree to it?”

“Well, no.” Tiffany replied. “I mean, I knew that if you all did put me in the chair and I went into a trance that you could make me do anything, so I thought why not just do it.”

“Uh-huh.” Erin said with an amused expression. She then gestured with her hands like she was handing Tiffany something. “How are you not connecting the dots here?”

Tiffany thought hard. She remembered distinctly the guys grabbing her arms. She remembered Erin suggesting the chair, and she remembered telling them not to bother, and then they let her go. That’s all that happened. She was sure of it. Her mind knew this, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

But oh god was her arousal spiralling out of control now. The idea that she had been put into such a deep trance and then made to forget... She fidgeted even as she sat, feeling a powerful urge to stroke her arousal, as if that could bring her back to that mindless, empty state.

She had no memory of it, but that’s what the program could do to her. She had stumbled on that thought earlier today during her classes, maybe because it was true and that was her mind’s way of trying to warn her. Erin could say a single word and make her do anything. Excitement danced with terror in her heart. She wanted to have her control swept away from her, to become utterly obedient, fuelled by hot, wet, drooling erotic need. But at the same time the thought of truly losing her free will, her ability to make choices, her very mind, it scared her more than she could process.

“What... what did you make me do?” Tiffany whispered anxiously.

Erin had been waiting expectantly, and now her face broke into a wide, victorious grin. “Oh, nothing much.” she declared airily. “Just made you calm the fuck down and agree to make out with Tiffany. We didn’t fuck with your personality at all, and no chicken code-phrases either. But Josh, Trev, and I can all put you back into a trance with a code-phrase we gave you. Or, what did you call it? A trigger, yeah, one of those.”

Both the excitement and the fear doubled within Tiffany, both still fighting for dominance, and leaving her feeling like a horny nervous bundle of tension. Josh, Trev, and Erin all had the power to put her into the trance... She was completely wrong about her upper hand... She was on the bottom of the deck, ready to fold. But that did raise one question.

“If you can trigger me, Erin, why haven’t you?” she asked with trepidation.

“Because, Tiff, I’m not completely without a sense of honor.” Erin replied frankly. “I wanted to give you a few choices, because we’re friends, at the end of the day.”

“Did Alice get those choices?” Tiffany asked wearily, glancing back at the perfectly still, dazzlingly beautiful and mindless blonde as she continued to kneel by Erin’s feet. Tiffany wondered if it became uncomfortable, kneeling like that for so long. Well, she might just be about to find out, a part of her mind jokingly informed her.

“I’ve spoken to Alice both in and out of trance enough to know that she’s perfectly happy here. But I know she’ll be happier once you’d made your choice.” Erin replied.

“Okay...” Tiffany said slowly, her mind racing with the idea that her last independent thoughts could be the ones she was thinking right now. “So what are my choices?”

“I’m glad you asked.” Erin said, getting to her feet. “Don’t worry, you don’t need to move” she added as she took a step towards Tiffany so that she towered above her.

“Choice number one is that you consent to me using the trigger phrase on you. Your mind will sink into a deep, blank, trance, and then you’re mine, just like Alice here. I promise I will take very good care of you. I’ll take good care of everyone. We’ll all finish the project together and see where it takes us next.”

Tiffany could barely take her arousal any more. Her soaked, throbbing cunt wanted her to drop onto her knees and beg Erin to say her trigger word right there and then. A huge part of Tiffany craved the subjection… To have no worries, no control, no responsibility other than that which was brainwashed into her? Yes, please, yes!

But on the other hand, who knew what she liked better than herself? She also knew she wanted to be the one standing over everyone, their minds molded to her will, their bodies hers to command. She wanted them to be happy as well, but she didn’t see why the two scenarios weren’t compatible. That thought made her horny in a totally different yet equally exhilarating way.

If she were to be perfectly honest with herself, her ideal situation would be a bit of both. She’d like to experience it from both sides. But she knew for that to happen, she couldn’t just let Erin trigger her mind into oblivion just now. That idea, however, raised a question.

“Why don’t you just use the trigger on me and make me agree?” Tiffany asked in confusion. “Why give me the choice at all?”

“Because, Tiff, out of respect for our friendship I want to give you that choice. If it’s something you want, then the program can make it happen. I’m not going to do anything to you against your wishes. Would you do something like that to me against my wishes?”

Yes, thought Tiffany instantly. “No, I guess not.” she said. Damn, was she really a worse person than Erin? Maybe she deserved to have her control taken away...

“Ok, what’s the next option?” she asked instead of dwelling on that thought.

“The next one is my favorite.” Erin smiled, her eyes glinting with devious intent. “It’s where you submit to me of your own free will. No triggers, no trance or program, Just you on your knees for me, wilfully and willingly.”

Had Erin said such a thing to Tiffany even two days ago, Tiffany would have burst out laughing and thought Erin was drunk or high. Now, as she looked up into Erin’s steely gaze, Tiffany found herself far from laughter. Erin’s face was fairly round, with a slightly large nose and relatively thick eyebrows. All of this typically contributed to her usual androgynous appearance, which was cemented by a strong aversion to makeup and a wardrobe that amounted to a variety of hoodies and jeans. However right now Tiffany could see that Erin was wearing subtle mascara and a soft eyeliner, as well as some neutral tone blush and a lipstick that was only slightly pinker than her natural lips. However minimal the makeup was, the effect was never the less striking. Erin didn’t look any less androgynous, per-say, but she looked both beautiful and handsome, delicate and strong. Being more attracted to women, yet having a soft spot for effeminate men, Tiffany found herself in awe. It wasn’t just the sudden boost in attractiveness that made her mind swirly with desire and confusion, though; Erin stood with a confidence that bordered on arrogance, and with seductive poise that Tiffany found hard to resist.

Could she submit to Erin without it involving trance? Without being indoctrinated by the algorithm? Until that very moment in her life, she wouldn’t have thought it possible, but Tiffany had felt less and less in control of herself since entering Alice’s flat, and allowing herself to drop to her knees for Erin would surely send her over the edge of both pleasure and the feeling of complete subservient obedience.

“Hmm, I know what you’re thinking.” Erin mused, “I’m not exactly dressed for the part. Let me see if I can convince you...” She started to remove her clothes and Tiffany’s jaw, for the third time in so few minutes, dropped. Erin had pulled off her hoodie and tee-shirt in one go to reveal her curvy body lovingly hugged by a bright red latex catsuit. Her breasts were much larger than Tiffany had ever imagined they would be, having been hidden under baggy clothes the entire time she had known Erin, but now tightly hugged by the shiny material and straining to burst out of the lowered zip that displayed the now not-so-tomboy’s impressive cleavage. Erin then slowly wriggled out of her jeans to reveal her legs also wrapped tightly in the reflective red latex, her curvy form on full display for Tiffany’s rapidly enamored gaze to drink in.

“Now then”, Erin said, gently stroking the side of Tiffany’s face. “How easy can you picture yourself on your knees like Alice for me?”

Tiffany gasped as Erin’s fingers glided across her skin. Her touch was sending incredible signals of pleasure to Tiffany’s utterly aroused mind. She pictured herself stripping off her clothes and slowly lowering herself onto her knees, naked and submissive for her Mistress. It made sense, too, didn’t it? Erin could drop her into trance at a moment’s notice and then brainwash her into mindless servitude... At least this way, Tiffany would know she chose it, that she wanted it...

“Very easy.” she gasped, a look of pleading need filling up her sky blue eyes. Oh god, was she really willing to do this? To kneel for Erin? Submit to her freely? If she did, what would happen next? Would Erin guide her between her legs and let Tiffany’s tongue perform it’s first of many acts of service and sexual submission? Would she have her kneel next to Alice, and instruct her to become the second mindless and naked obedient doll?

“Good girl.” Erin said softly, and Tiffany felt a surge of heat shoot through her mind and body as Erin’s hands ran through her midnight hair. “Tempted?” she asked, her toothy smile almost seeming like fangs ready to sink into Tiffany’s neck, mind, and soul.

“I am. Oh god I am.” Tiffany said in disbelief, “I never thought I would be but I really am...”

But the idea of there being no going back stayed Tiffany’s hand. As much as she would enjoy the release that would surely follow her submission to Erin, there was still the image in her mind of both Erin and Alice kneeling before her, ready to serve her every sexual fantasy. She realised, almost reluctantly, that she wasn’t ready to let go of that vision just yet.

“I am really tempted,” Tiffany said, before heaving out a deep sigh, “But it’s too big a step for me, Erin. What are the other options?”

Erin stared down at Tiffany, clearly trying to decide whether to push or not. She eventually relented, taking a step back into a less predatory stance. “Alright...” she sighed, “Here’s option three.”

Erin sat back down. “Option three is a truce.” she began, her demeanor softening to more friendly and open than the devious and seductive it had just been. “Essentially, you stop trying to fuck with me, and I stop trying to fuck with you. I don’t remove your code-phrases, I mean your triggers from anyone, and likewise you don’t remove my triggers from Alice or Trev. We’ll go and work together on the project, let Josh program the algorithm to automate it, whatever, and we each have our fun while staying out of each other’s hair. How does that sound?”

Tiffany blinked a few times. “That sounds... really good.” she said, not able to mask her surprise. “Hell, Erin, why didn’t you open with that?”

“What? And miss your squirming over the idea of submitting to me?” Erin chuckled. “No way!” She then put back on her determined gaze and added “You were really tempted there, huh?”

“I was,” Tiffany admitted, letting out another deep sigh. “Your energy, your body, all of it just appealed to that part of me, clearly.” She paused in thought for a moment, before adding “I’ve never seen this side of you before.”

“That’s because until today it was buried under layers of insecurity and neuroses.” Erin admitted freely. “That’s the other thing I had Josh help me with.”

“Seriously? You had him program you out of your insecurities?” Tiffany blinked again. She had to admit, the more she looked at Erin, the more she saw an entirely new person sitting across from her. It was unsettling in a way. Could Tiffany’s own personality be altered in an afternoon just as easily? Knowing now that the answer to that question was Yes, Tiffany knew she’d have to think long and hard about what she would alter, if anything.

“Pretty much.” Erin shrugged. “You should try it when we’re over there. Speaking of which, we should get ready to leave fairly soon, right? To be there by six, at least.”

“Yeah.” Tiffany agreed. There was still so much to process from everything that had just happened, she was finding it hard to keep up with the current conversation. At least her arousal was simmering away to more manageable levels. Still there, especially with Alice still naked right in front of her, but her mind felt a lot clearer when the prospect of kneeling before Erin or having her mind sank into an empty state of trance no longer dominating every moment of her thought patterns.

Erin stood up again and offered a hand towards Tiffany. “What d’ya say, Tiff? Truce? Pals? a temporary reprieve from mutual bitchiness?”

Tiffany allowed herself to reveal a grudging smile as she got to her feet. She clasped Erin’s warm hand and looked into her confident, sparkling dark brown eyes. “Alright, Erin. Deal.” They shook, and Erin beamed at Tiffany.

“Great! I’m really glad, Tiff. I mean, kinda disappointed that you’re not gonna be my slave, but I’m sure we can both have fun with the program, with Alice...” Erin took a deep breath, “And who knows, maybe each other.”

Erin didn’t break eye contact with Tiffany as she said this, which allowed Tiffany to see the desire and longing in her deep brown eyes. There was a hunger there that saw Tiffany as the most delectable and filling meal. It blended in with the confidence and allure that Erin was radiating, and Tiffany found her knees trembling as she gazed back.

“Erin, I... I...” her voice caught in her throat.

Erin looked away, her smile fading. When she turned back her expression did its best to look neutral. “Forget it, Tiff. I know I’ve never been your type.”

Tiffany opened her mouth in protest, but Erin cut her off.

“Oh, and anyway! In the spirit of our newfound truce, I need to tell you...” Erin’s face suddenly because a mixture of amusement and feigned guilt, like she’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Tiffany simply raised an eyebrow.

“I lied.” Erin said. “We never sat you in the chair, you’ve never been under the influence of the program, and none of us have the ability to put you back into a trance with a code phrase or trigger or whatever.”

Tiffany stared, wide eyed at Erin. “What?!”

“Hey! Look at the time!” Erin announced, not even trying to hide the glee spilling out of her face. “Alice needs to get dressed and we need to go! C’mon Alice.” she quickly grabbed the blonde girl’s hand and her discarded clothes and the two of them pranced into Alice’s bedroom and shut the door before Tiffany could think of how to react. She just stood in the lounge, dumbfounded by this latest development.

Eventually, Tiffany scrunched up her face, part annoyance, part amusement, and walked briskly up to Alice’s bedroom door. She thumped on it several times. “Erin! You are evil! Evil!” she shouted through the cracked white paint on the wood. “You are so evil I don’t even know what I’m going to do with you. But you are! You’re evil and I’ll make you pay. I don’t know how, but I will!” She repeated such condemnations with a lightly simmering anger which was tempered by a calming relief of the knowledge that her mind was not as compromised as she thought it had been.

It was funny, though, she had been seriously considering submitting herself to Erin’s control when she had been secure in the knowledge that such control could just be taken from her. Had she known differently at the time, she wouldn’t have given it quite as much consideration. There was an important lesson to be learned there, she thought, but she wasn’t exactly sure she knew what it was.

What she did know now, though, was that she still had a chance to turn the tables on Erin. If she could find a way to bring both Erin and Josh under her control, it would open up certain... possibilities... Possibilities that Tiffany desperately ached to explore.

And then, there was the question of Alice. How could she possibly alter Alice’s personality now? Her plan was to make it so that nobody else in the group noticed the change, or at least didn’t appropriate the change to Tiffany’s meddling and the programs power. Now she surely couldn’t just make it so that Alice fell inexplicably in love with her... Erin would know, and even though by the sounds of things she wouldn’t care, just the fact that she would know, and that she also had power over Alice, it changed the entire thing. Plus, Josh would not only notice, he would figure it out and probably remove all of Alice’s programming, leaving Alice not only free but probably very pissed off at every manipulation by Erin and Tiffany both.

That left her with Erin’s approach. She could drop Alice into trance in private, mold her how she wanted her, and they could be together that way. And then she could make Alice forget it ever happened, so she wouldn’t act differently otherwise. But it meant no going out, no public displays, keeping it private and secret and hidden away like a dirty little lie. The thought of that scenario seemed so empty to Tiffany, so hollow. She knew that wasn’t what she wanted.

To get what she wanted, she calculated with cold emotionless logic, she would need to enslave Erin. She’d probably have some fun with her as well, if she did manage to get her into the chair and stop Josh from interfering, but really, Erin was her gateway slave to having Alice the way she wanted. How selfish was that? Tiffany fought with herself, her sordid desires and selfish urges clashing horns with her sense of morals and the sanctity, not to mention the trust of friendship. Especially with the so called ‘truce’ that she had just arranged with Erin, she felt ashamed of herself that she was still seriously considering making her friend completely obedient to her.

On the other hand, she argued against herself, wasn’t she just saving Alice, Josh, and Trev from all the things Erin had done to them, not to mention what she might still do? Tiffany reckoned she could convince herself that her enslavement of Erin was truly for the greater good, an act of altruism that just was unlucky for Erin. But then again, another internal voice weighed in, if she really truly wanted to be good, she would remove everyone’s programming and destroy the program. She could go even further and make everyone forget the program ever existed, to stop this mind control mess from happening again. That would be the ultimately good thing to do.

But Tiffany knew herself. She was not a good girl... This warring it out in her head would go on for a long while, she realized, so she pushed the entire train of thought aside and brought herself back to the present. They would head over to Josh’s flat any minute now, and work more on the program. Tiffany would contribute what she could and she’d behave herself. If opportunities arose for misdeeds and evil acts of domination, well, then, that was future Tiffany’s struggle to manage.

Erin emerged from the Alice’s room, dressed once more in her baggy hoodie and jeans. Now Tiffany knew what visual delights lurked underneath, it suddenly seemed all the more disarming and endearing. This was on purpose, Tiffany thought, all part of her manipulation attempts. Alice followed Erin out, face still blank and emotionless, but body now fully clothed. She wore tight white jeans and a sleek purple vest top. Casual Alice wear, but it drove Tiffany’s mind wild all the same.

“You’re right! I am evil!” Erin said gleefully, approaching Tiffany and stopping mere inches from her face. “What are you going to do about it Tiff?”

Before Tiffany could think of a response, Erin gently grabbed her shoulders and leaned into her ear.

“Maybe you could spank me? Punish me for being so bad, no?” she whispered hopefully. Tiffany’s chest suddenly tightened again, and she felt helpless as Erin pressed her body closer while still whispering. “Tie me up first? Pretty please, Mistress. Show me that’s its soooo wrong to be soooo Evil. Make me your good girl, make me whine for your touch. Make me beg forgiveness and lick your shoes, be your fucktoy and obey your every... last... command...”

Tiffany felt the blood rush to her cheeks and her cunt, a fresh wave of arousal sweeping through her, taking her completely by surprise. Erin let her lips brush the skin of Tiffany’s ear as she whispered, her warm breath sending excited tingles down Tiffany’s neck and spine.

“You don’t need the program for me to be your slave... Command me... Show me you have the strength and will to control me, and I’m yours. Mistress”

Erin then pulled away to face Tiffany eye to eye.

“Think about it?” she said casually, and then walked towards the front door.

Tiffany exhaled deeply, feeling the tension ease out of her body. What the hell was that? Did Erin want Tiffany to be her slave or vice versa? Or both? Or neither? Confusion and arousal swam around Tiffany’s mind so much she was only vaguely aware of what Erin was saying to Alice just then.

“And when you wake up you’ll be convinced that you were napping, woke up to let us both in, then went back to napping because you were so tired. You will remembered getting dressed and ready just now, but you won’t remember anything that was said while you were in trance, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Alice replied robotically.

“Good girl. And while awake, you will feel a heightened urge to flirt with me and Tiffany, and you will harbor a secret desire to sleep with us both at the same time. You’ll be too embarrassed to voice your desires at first, but your willingness to talk to us and act on it will grow day by day at a natural pace until you need to act on it, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Wait, what?!” Tiffany interjected, following them both to the flat’s entrance. “Erin what are you doing?”

“Having fun Tiff, having fun.” Erin winked. Tiffany could feel the rant of protest boil up within her like magma ready to explode from the earth, but before it could, Erin said. “Alright Alice, Rise and Shine!”

Alice blinked and instantly her eyes, her expression, and her now energetic and fluid movements showed that she was completely and fully back within her own mind.

“Guys!” she exclaimed, raising her arms dramatically above her head. “I am soooo sorry! I can’t believe I napped the entire time you were both here! I mean, I knew I was tired after last night but that was nuts!”

“Don’t worry about it...” Erin waved a hand dismissively, sneaking Tiffany a devious grin.

“You’re too kind, Erin.” Alice said bashfully, “Did you both at least get some tea? Some water? I think I have popcorn in the cupboard.”

“Oh, popcorn might have been nice.” Erin said, only just managing to hold back her laughter. “No, it was fine. We just hung out and talked, right Tiff?”

Tiffany just nodded briskly, barely making a sound as she watched Alice put on her shoes and coat. She was struggling to process all the feelings crashing around inside her now. Her mind was near meltdown with arousal, conflict, anger, relief, desire, and so many other states of being and emotions that she felt utterly overwhelmed. Images of Erin on her knees, looking up at her playfully and begging to be punished now grappled for her attention, all while existing images still fought for her focus. Alice embracing her, slowly rolling up her shirt and trailing kisses over her honey flesh. An image of her own sky blue eyes, completely blank, staring into nothing as words of enslavement and mental bondage wrapped around her subconscious. An image of Trev and Josh fucking her from in front and behind, her choking on her own arousal, her raven hair being yanked as she screamed a muffled cry of intense delight all while Erin watched with calm amusement from nearby.

All the images swept across her mind too thick and too fast to ignore. Her head swam, dizzy and exhilarating. Was she going to be the mistress or the slave? Or both? Or neither? How would she get her badly needed release? She needed to cum, she’d needed to since she entered Alice’s flat and it was driving her insane. She wanted to excuse herself to the bathroom, and take care of herself. No! She wanted to ask Erin to put Alice back into her stripper persona and let things run their inevitable course. No! She wanted to have Erin drop to her knees, and she wanted to wrap her hands into the sexy tomboy’s short brown hair and grip as tightly as she could as she maneuvered her between her legs to lick her unending flow of wet arousal.

Too many thoughts! Too fast! Tiffany just wanted it to calm down, to settle on one image, one idea to deliver her to her release. She found herself craving the program to dull her mind and blank her thoughts, to replace the chaos of her scattered arousal with one singular thought to become bound to. So what if they controlled her thoughts? So what if they made her their slave? She knew they wouldn’t do so maliciously, she knew that she’d love every minute of it.

Wait? Was that Erin’s game? Was she trying to arouse and confuse and throw Tiffany off so much that she’d look to the program to help calm her mind down? Yes! Maybe? No... She didn’t know. If that was the case, shouldn’t she just drop to her knees now and beg for Erin to enslave her? Erin’s mischievous eyes filled her mind, and she felt her entire body sag with the weight of her desire to kneel. She didn’t understand how she could feel so little control having never once been under the influence of the program. Or maybe that was it! Erin could have lied about having lied! Maybe this was all part of the program’s subliminal instructions buried deep in the back of her mind to slowly break her. She felt lost, she felt overwhelmed, she felt...

Suddenly, Alice was standing right in front of her. Her entire mind muted instantly, and there was only Alice. Her shimmering blond hair, her pale hazel eyes, and her silky pale skin became Tiffany’s entire world.

“Tiffany, you haven’t said a word. Are you ok?” The look of soft, caring concern on Alice’s animated face melted Tiffany’s thoughts as much as it did her heart. All the frantic images of sex and submission, dominance and discipline faded away.

“I’m ok.” Tiffany replied, smiling with joy for perhaps the first time that day, as she realised that as of that moment, she really was. “It’s just been a bit of a crazy couple of days is all.”

“I’ll say…” Alice agreed, eyes wide and nodding. “Now how about we head over to Josh’s and find out how much weirder it’s going to get?”

Tiffany glanced at Erin who was waiting by the door behind Alice. Erin winked and kissed the air teasingly. Tiffany, un-phased, turned back to Alice and grinned.

“I’m sure it’s nothing we can’t handle.”

And with that, the three girls departed.