The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 7

Tiffany looked down at the bottle in utter disbelief. After coming to a gradual halt over a painfully long period of time, it was pointing squarely at her.

“Ha!” Lucy declared with glee. “Sorry, Tiffany, but when It comes to games, I’m usually the winner.”

Tiffany looked up at Lucy’s smug expression, and then glanced over to Erin. Erin was staring at the bottle, her expression pretty neutral, but there was a glint of excitement in her eyes. She then noticed Tiffany watching her and feigned distress.

Tiffany’s heart had already been pumping pretty heavily but this sent it into overdrive. Erin had been happy, not upset... Wasn’t the entire point of the spin the bottle game façade to trick Lucy into the chair?

“Hard lines, Tiff.” Alice commiserated as she approached the table, the solemnity of the words somewhat offset by her holding both hands across her face like a sneezing mime artist.

“Congrats, Lucy.” Erin said, nodding her head respectfully. “What are you gonna do to poor Tiff’s blank pliable mind?”

“Hmmm…” Lucy mused with barely contained delight. “Well, we’re going to watch Mama Mia after this, right? I’m tempted to turn you into the world’s biggest Abba fan...”

“Oh lord, please anything but that!” Tiffany pleaded. In her mind however, a few hours of singing Waterloo didn’t seem so bad compared to what the program could do to her. Especially if Erin got a word in edge-ways.

“Oh it’s fine…” Lucy grinned, “I’m sure I’ll come up with something better once you’re all nice and in trance or whatever it is those swirls do to you. Now come on, lets go.”

“Okay, fine.” Tiffany sighed reluctantly, getting to her feet and walking towards Josh’s bedroom. She didn’t want to do it, and she knew it. She would be at the mercy of Lucy, and as long as Erin was standing nearby, at the mercy of her too. And she could be made to forget everything that happened to her while in the chair.

That was it! Forgetting!

Erin had a plan, that much was obvious. All Tiffany had to do was interfere with it in a way that didn’t tip Lucy off quite so much. She couldn’t simply say ‘Erin, forget about how you want to enslave me to your will.’, but surely there was something that would do it.

A very rushed and only partially sensible plan formed in Tiffany’s mind. Her brain was racing, trying to figure out if she could pull it off, and she reckoned it was at least worth a shot.

She entered Josh’s room and saw that everyone was following her in. Josh was still exploring the different overwhelming sensations that touch and taste gave him. He picked up a sock from on his bed and Tiffany turned away before she would have the image of him licking it scarred into her memory. Trev was looking anxiously around Josh’s room, no doubt seeing if it was still clean from the thorough polish he had already given it. He went up to the computer to operate the program, constantly on the alert for dust the entire time.

Alice and Erin entered together, Erin holding one of Alice’s arms down by her side and Alice drunkenly slurring at her to cut it out and wriggling it to try and break free.

“Ok, before I go under and you do whatever you want to do, can I have one last bit of fun with everyone first?” Tiffany asked with a hopeful smile and a mischievous gaze.

“I guess.” Lucy shrugged.

“Great.” Tiffany replied gratefully. “Oh, but before I even do that... Josh?”

“Hmm?” Josh turned around with a sheepish expression on his face and his phone sticking out his mouth.

Tiffany squinted in bemusement, but did her best to push through and focus on her plan. “I can’t believe you’re still here when there’s all that breakfast cereals in your kitchen to be experiencing in all new ways.”

Josh took the phone gingerly out of his mouth. “I was kinda curious to see what was gonna happen to you under the program, Tiff.” he replied wryly, eyeing Tiffany with suspicion.

“Ok, sure.” Tiffany shrugged. “It’s not like your time is ticking away before everything returns to normal and an iPhone tastes like an iPhone again...”

Josh’s eyes darted towards the kitchen, but then fixed back on Tiffany. “Curses...”. He went to leave the room muttering that he’d be back any minute, but Tiffany knew he would be half an hour at the very least, as he had been incredible absorbed by his condition ever since he stepped out of the chair.

“Oh, but stay out of the fridge!” Tiffany called after him. “There’s a funky smell in there, it really needs a deep clean.”

Josh just grunted as he left the room, but Trev looked up fretfully and snapped “What?!” He was physically twitching, and seemed to already be shuffling towards the door.

“Oh relax, Trev” Tiffany smiled. “After all, it’s no where near as bad as the bathroom, There are so many nooks and corners in there that the cleaners never seem to get to...”

“I gotta go.” Trev gulped, rushing out of the bedroom in distress.

Tiffany giggled slightly, and then turned to Alice.

“What are you up to, Tiff?” Alice squinted at her, half smiling and half frowning. She had wrested her arm back from Erin now and all her fingers were firmly on her nose again.

“Like I said, having my fun while I can.” Tiffany sweetly said. She went over to one of Josh’s drawers as she knew he kept duct tape in there to constantly patch his ever splitting punching bag. She pulled out a roll and turned to Alice, devilish mischief in her eyes.

“No! Tiff, No!” Alice protested with a shriek as instant understanding dawned on her. “Erin, help me! Stop her!” she appealed, though half laughing as though being tickled every time she ducked and dodged.

“Sorry, Alice,” Erin grinned, “Gotta let Tiffany have her fun after all...”

Alice awkwardly tried to avoid Tiffany while still keeping her fingers on her nose. She managed to evade and hold on for a good few moments, but once Tiffany pulled one arm away the other followed easily, facilitated by Alice’s phantom state of inebriation. Once her fingers from both hands were away from her face she slumped into a malleable stupor, both drunk and stoned. It didn’t take much tape then to secure her hands behind her back and Tiffany soon had her on the side of the bed, pleasantly murmuring away like she was on a different planet.

“Wow, Tiff, into bondage much?” Erin remarked with a bemused smile.

“She looks like she’s enjoying it though” Lucy shrugged. “I’m almost jealous.”

“Exactly!” Tiffany smiled sweetly back at the girls. “I’m just making sure she won’t influence Lucy’s choices while I’m under, y’know? Speaking of which…” she now stared at Erin like a predator, and Erin’s eye’s widened in fear. “Erin, forget that the phrase that makes you act like a chicken was removed. It’s still completely there, remember?”

Erin forcefully blinked as the memories melted out of her mind, replaced by the firm knowledge of her existing trigger. Her eyes snapped back open and she immediately gave Tiffany a death stare. “Seriously, Tiff. Don’t! I mean it!”

“Free range.” Tiffany almost sang.

Erin’s eyes went wide, and a surge of concentration flowed into her face. It looked like she was fighting the command with all her might, and she started shaking with the effort. Tiffany watched with intense interest, wondering if Erin could truly break free of the old command. However, moments later, Erin’s entire demeanor dissolved away, her face lost all signs of intelligence, her eyes dulled, and she let out a long, awkward squawk.

“Well that’s different…” Lucy said with a concerned squint.

“Alright!” she said brightly. “Where were we?”

Erin started clucking away around the room like she had done the night before. Lucy was giving her an evaluating look as Eventually she said “You realize you’re going to have to show me how to work this thing now, right?”

“Oh! Right!” Tiffany chuckled nervously as she walked up to the program control screen. “It’s ok, Trev and Alice showed me yesterday. There are a tone of things you can change but most of it is set as it needs to be, it just seems to be the frequency of the video and audio that seems to need changing for each user. Presumably some people would be on the same frequency as there are only so many, but we’ve not encountered that yet.”

She spent the next few minutes going over the controls with Lucy. She seemed to get the hang of gradually altering the frequency of both the video and audio outputs, and Tiffany finally sat in the chair. The swirling light from the massive screen before her looked like a constantly morphing Jackson Pollock painting, but at least in that moment she wasn’t feeling particularly drawn to it.

This was her moment of truth. Her plan simply relied on Lucy giving her some silly command that would wear off at midnight. Keeping Erin occupied and away from the chair was the important thing, because it would only take a single sentence from Erin for Tiffany to lose. It was the same reason she eliminated Trev, Alice, and Josh as well, because for all she knew they had been implanted with a command to take Tiffany’s will away the moment she went into trance. Tiffany had the feeling that this spin the bottle trap had been placed to catch her, not Lucy. Maybe it was both of them, but Tiffany was going to do her best to find out once Lucy had finished with her. That was, assuming she didn’t come out as some mindless bimbo or something...

Gingerly, Tiffany placed the headphones over her ears, and immediately felt the dull thrum and sharp whines of a multitude of mixed audio waves. All the signals were rising and falling at different rates, but it all seemed to be in one repetitive loop. Tiffany could feel soft vibrations in her skull while the higher pitch noised seem to cascade down her ears and tickle her mind. Somehow it was both jarring and comforting at the same time, and Tiffany shifted nervously where she sat, her eyes unable to avoid looking at the swirling lights in front of her.

“Ok...” she heard Lucy mutter. “Let’s... hmmm, reduce the visual frequency... Like.... this.”

Tiffany noticed the change in the visual patterns, the lines seemed to blur together more slowly, and it seemed to transform the image into something new despite all the same swirls and pulses of multi colored light being present. Then the noise coming through the headphones became slightly faster, the dull throb beating more pressingly into Tiffany’s head.

This was actually okay, she thought. She didn’t feel like her mind was sinking away, she didn’t feel trapped. She could take off the head phones at any moment, or close and cover her eyes. If she could resist the flashes of light and the oscillating noise now, why couldn’t she just continue doing so? She guessed that’s what Erin had probably thought before her mind had been drawn in and rendered completely blank, and the rest of her friends too. Her heart beat like a jungle drum as she waited to feel that pull towards oblivion.

She slowly breathed in a deep lungful of air, and released it in a heavy sigh. It would be over soon. With any luck Lucy would go easy on her. With any luck she wouldn’t coax all of Tiffany’s dark secrets out of her defenseless mind. It would be so nice if Tiffany could just retain her ability to lie, even when in trance...

But hold on... She had seen the look on her friends’ faces when each of them had sat where she sat now, and she had heard their respective droning voices. While they definitely looked and sounded out of it, they were still themselves. Couldn’t she simply fake it? Couldn’t she just pretend to go completely blank at the wrong frequency and lie to Lucy? She wasn’t exactly a professional actor, but she knew how to control her expressions. Yes... This could work. She resisted the temptation to smile and instead concentrated on keep her face devoid of all emotion.

The screen continued to change, though now it was increasing in speed, the pulsing swirls and spikes of color bombarding Tiffany with what felt like higher intensity. She knew she needed to act fast, lest Lucy find the right frequency soon. The pulsating noise in her head was changing again as well, and Tiffany felt like she was having to think harder now to keep her thoughts calm and focused. With no time to lose, she started to slouch down in the chair, fixing her stare on the screen and keeping her eyes wide and unblinking. She concentrated on letting the muscles in her face relax, and felt certain it looked like she had fallen deep into trance.

The lights danced in front of her eyes still, so beautiful, so ethereal. Tiffany idle wondered how close the frequency was to the one that would ensnare her. Trying to look so relaxed was itself quite relaxing, Tiffany worried. She didn’t want to fall into actual trance just by pretending to be in one. But the lights, as dazzlingly alluring as they were, were not taking over her mind. She didn’t dare to look away, but that was still her choice. She was in control. She could do this.

The screen stopped changing its rate, clearly Lucy thought it was in the right place. Tiffany kept her face slack, daring to think that her plan was working.

The noise in her ears changed again, more rapid than before. Tiffany thought... She thought something... The thought was gone. What was it? What had she been trying to think? The thump thump thump of the low base sound seemed to be so pleasant now. Thump thump thump, at the speed of her thoughts, which for some reason just weren’t really coming now. She stared at the screen. She was meant to be staring at the screen, that much was obvious. The lights were so pretty, so nice to look at. There had been another thought there, though. What was it? It was... thump thump thump. Gone. Something about... thump thump nothing.

“Ok, you look pretty relaxed there...” she heard a voice. A voice that belonged to... she didn’t know. Didn’t matter. “But Alice said something about making the frequencies resonate or something... What did she mean...?”

“It means take the value of the audio frequency and make the visual frequency a multiple of that, or vice versa.” Tiffany said, not thinking, just answering the question with the knowledge in her head. “It means they overlap neatly, and are therefore more effective.” She didn’t need to think to answer the question, she just could. That was interest... no. She would have thought about it, but the thought wouldn’t form.

Escape. The word flashed up in her head, and she swiftly forgot it. Danger. What danger? The soft thrum continued, so soothing, and the high pitched resonating beep mixed in so well, so perfectly. It was all Tiffany heard right now.

Resist. Try. Please. What did that mean? It didn’t matter. It was already forgotten.

The screen changed its speed again. It was barely perceivable but it was slightly faster than before. Yet it seemed to alter everything. Tiffany’s eyes felt like they gazed upon a tapestry of light that soothed her completely. She wouldn’t look away even if she could think it. The light in her eyes and the pulsing beats in her ears were everything. There existed nothing but the light and the sound, and it was blissful. Blank.

“Are you nice and blank now, Tiffany?” a voice from somewhere asked.

“Yes.” An automatic response. The truth. Simple. Tiffany wasn’t aware that she had answered the question. She wasn’t aware that she had been asked. Awareness, after all, required thoughts, and Tiffany currently had none.

“Good… Well before I forget, you will forget everything about tonight from the moment you entered Josh’s apartment up to midnight when the clock strikes midnight, okay?”

“Yes.” The word came out as easily as breathing, and it was the truth. Tiffany’s subconscious mind now knew that at midnight, her memory of the entire evening since arriving would vanish.

“Good. Good…” the voice said absently.

Tiffany stared at the screen, her pupils dilated wide, the images pulsating through her mind. She blinked when she needed to, but otherwise stared. Her breathing was deep and even, and completely automatic. The sounds in her ears droned and buzzed and thumped away. She had no sense of time, but she could have stayed like this forever.

“Ok, there. Alright, Tiffany…” the voice spoke again. She was being spoken to, and the voice entering her mind became the sole focus of her existence. “Why did you try so hard to get rid of everyone else just now?”

“I was afraid they would implant suggestions into my mind while I was in trance, so I made sure they couldn’t.” The words flowed from Tiffany’s mouth through no conscious effort. She was asked and she answered, there was no filter.

“What suggestions were you afraid of?”

“To fall into a deep trance like this for Erin when she tells me to. To obey her words and commands.”

“Why would it matter? It wears off in a few hours, right?”

“It doesn’t wear off as far as we know.”

Tiffany kept staring at the screen. The sound kept pouring into her ears. Whenever the voice spoke, it was like her entire mind focused on it all at once, so it seemed like there was nothing else in existence except the voice.

“You lied to me? Why?” The voice sounded angry, but Tiffany didn’t have any thoughts about that.

“To make it more likely that you would agree to play the game. To make it more likely you would agree to go into trance.”

“Why did you want to put me into trance?”

“To control you, and to make you behave nicer to all of us.”

“So you wanted to fuck around with my mind because you don’t like me?”


“Well what if I want to fuck around with your mind, Tiffany?”

“You can if you want to.” Again, simple fact. It was, after all, the truth, as best as Tiffany’s deeply entrance mind could determine.

“So how does it work? How do I fuck with you?”

“Any way you want it to. You can add or remove memories, or put suggestions in my head that will affect my behavior out of trance.”

“Okay… So if I tell you to do everything I tell you to while you’re out of trance, you will?”


“Okay, do that. Do everything I tell you to do out of trance. What else can I do?”


“Okay. Damn, this is so weird. I can’t think of anything else right now. What was something you were going to do to me?”

“Implant a trigger in your mind so I could return you to trance any time I wanted.”

“How does that work?”

“You choose a phrase or word, and tell me that when you say that to me, I will return to this trance state I am in now.”

“Okay… When I say… Um… Tiffany trance, you will return to this state you’re in now, okay?”



Tiffany continued to sit perfectly still in the chair. The pattern on the screen absorbed her every notice, so when part of it was obscured it didn’t matter as the parts that were still visible drew her gaze even more. She felt touch on her face. A hand, caressing her cheek. Then the back of some fingers, stroking under her chin then up to her forehead. She felt each touch vividly, the nerve signals reaching her mind with a clarity she had never felt before. But once they reached her mind they faded away, and her body had no reaction to the touch. Fingers stroked her hair, her neck, her cheek. Her mouth was gently guided so it hung open, and there it stayed.

She felt nothing, knew nothing, and was aware of nothing except the swirling lights and ceaseless noise. It wasn’t possible to understand or perceive time like this, every moment was now, there was no past or future.

After countless and unknowable nows, she felt something happening around her waist. Jeans loosening. Then small delicate fingers slipped down under the elastic of her panties. They felt around the warm moist opening to her pussy, rubbed around the entrance briefly, and then slid effortlessly inside. In and out they went, pushing deeper each time. Tiffany’s breathing remained deep and even, her mind empty and thoughtless as she continued her vapid stare into the screen.

The sensations caused by the firm thrusting of the small fingers were the most pleasurable Tiffany had ever felt in her entire life. It was as if her entire focus and every last shred of her brain drank in the signals from each stimulated nerve, yet immediately after they reached her mind they faded into nothing. The most intense pleasure stolen away before her body in full could react to it. She sat still, lifelessly staring into the screen with the headphones drowning her thoughts into repeated oblivion before they could even start to form.

Within seconds her body gave the slightest involuntary jerk as an orgasm exploded through her, her pussy contracting around the fingers as their thrusting slowed. Her mind for a split second was filled by more pleasure and bliss than she would ever normally be able to feel or process. And then it was gone. Her face didn’t so much as twitch, and aside from the initial tiny shudder she remained like a statue. Warm fluid flowed from her like a dam had burst and the fingers slipped out soon after.

The fingers were in her mouth next, the taste of her pleasure filling up her mind before also dissolving to nothing.

“Suck.” said a voice, and she did. Her mouth welcomed the fingers as her tongue massaged them, gently sucking every trace of the juice she could.

Then the fingers were gone, though she still sucked the air.

“Stop sucking.”

Tiffany stopped, her mouth now frozen open in its last position before the instruction. She felt another sensation by her waist. Her jean buttons were being refastened.

“How do I wake you up?”

“Turn off the screen and take the headphones off me.” her own automatically voice spoke.

“Okay. Before I do, you will remember every word spoken by you and I while you were in trance, apart from the sucking instructions, and you won’t remember any of the touching, understand?


“Okay, hold on.”

Tiffany stared at the screen, the dancing lights relaxing every muscle in her body. She had no cares, no worries. Nothing could bother her. The constant hums and whines in her ear reinforced that a thousand fold.

Then the screen switched off, and Tiffany was staring at blackness. It certainly wasn’t as alluring anymore. Tiffany felt fuzzy as the sounds still thummed into her head. But she was becoming more and more aware of how fuzzy she felt, and the start of thoughts started to pop into her head.

Lucy knows. Know’s what? The thought was gone as soon as it came. Try to escape. That made no sense… And then it was forgotten. Try as she might, Tiffany couldn’t hold onto a thought with the sound still pulsating through her mind. But then Lucy approached and removed the headphones from Tiffany, and the short brunette proceeded to fix Tiffany with a stare of cold disgust.

Tiffany’s thoughts seeped back into her mind like a water gently filling a basin. The trance in the chair had been so peaceful, so mindlessly blissful, that suddenly feeling and thinking so much was surprisingly uncomfortable. On top of this was incredible arousal that seemed to have filled Tiffany’s every nerve. It made the returning thoughts hazy, like they were coated with dripping red arousal that obscured their clarity.

Much to Tiffany’s distress, she found she remembered everything that was said between her and Lucy while she had been in trance, and a full understanding of Lucy’s scornful expression became clear.

“Lucy, I’m sorry!” Tiffany blurted out., getting to her feet. “I didn’t mean to”

“Mean to what, Tiffany?” Lucy angrily interrupted her. “Tell the truth now. You need to do everything I say, right?” she snapped.

Tiffany nodded grimly. “I… I…” she tried to choke the words in her throat. Come on, she couldn’t possibly be about to say it… She had to resist, she simply had to! It felt like a snake was slowly coiling around her mind as she tried to hold her tongue, threatening to squeeze the thoughts out of her brain. Tiffany felt light headed and simply knew that she would not be able to withhold her honest answer. She knew this as easily as she knew she needed air and water to live.

In spite of this inescapable knowledge, she wanted to resist as long as she could. Within seconds her will was exhausted.

“I didn’t mean for you to find out what I had planned.” She uttered through a dry throat, and then immediately bowed her head. It was evident that no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t stop herself from admitting that to Lucy. She couldn’t resist. She would do everything Lucy told her too, it felt unthinkable not too. Tiffany breathed deeply, trying to offset her growing panic. At the same time, she was trying to ignore the ever present warmth she felt between her legs and the burning she felt in her cheeks.

“Look at me, Tiffany.” Lucy said plainly. Tiffany looked up from the floor, though being taller than Lucy she was looking down slightly at her now.

“Tell me what you would be telling me to do right now if our positions were reversed.” Lucy asked, her expression a mixture of curiosity and distrust now.

Oh god. Tiffany knew exactly what she was going to say, and she wanted to scream and cover her mouth and run away. Instead, she said “I would have you strip naked and kneel on the floor for me.”

“I see.” Lucy said coolly. “Well, you do that now for me, then.”

“O... Okay.” Tiffany heard herself acknowledge as she pulled at her top. It was already abandoned on the floor as she came to grips with what she was doing. No! She couldn’t possibly be about to do this. A fresh wave of arousal was rushing through her as she tried in vain to stop her hands from unbuttoning her jeans. It felt incredibly erotic while at the same time utterly terrifying and humiliating. She couldn’t, surely she couldn’t.

“Lucy, please…” Tiffany whined with equal parts dropping lust and anxious resistance, her jeans now abandoned next to her top and her slender honey coloured legs now on full display. Lucy watched her progress with an intense fascination, disbelief still evident in her blue grey eyes.

“Please what, Tiffany?” she asked calmly.

“Please, please don’t make me…” Tiffany felt a growing desperation wrap itself around her throat. Her tee-shirt was gone now, and she made to unclip her bra. She looked frantically around the room. Erin was still in the bedroom, in full chicken persona, clucking occasionally but keeping her distance from the humans. And there was Alice, lying on her side on the bed. She was watching everything unfold, although her eyes were glossy and unfocused. She probably wouldn’t remember this, but Tiffany felt a burning shame at being so helpless before her, and so exposed.

Her ample breasts bounced gently before her as her bra slid free, and she winced as she dropped it on top of her other discarded clothes. There was no resisting Lucy, her exposed flesh and feeling of total helplessness was proof enough for her. She had been a fool to think that getting rid of everyone else would keep her safe. She had been so paranoid that Erin would somehow get to her that her obsessive efforts to prevent it had led to her trading one controller for another.

Her thumbs hooked around the waistband of the silk lace panties she had put on with the intention of an obedient and horny Alice discovering them. She looked again at Alice, then at Erin, and wondered if she might yet be saved by Trev or Josh bursting into the bedroom just in time. She then looked back to Lucy, who was watching her hands expectantly.

A brief thought entered her mind. Lucy hadn’t given her any particular order that would mean she couldn’t say ‘Remove Curse’ to Erin. Then Erin would be witness to what Lucy was doing and surely stop it. The ray of hope was quickly quashed when she realized that Lucy could simple tell Erin to forget that she had any problem with the situation, and that would be that. Erin would be just as helpless as she was now, and as much as she still didn’t trust her, she hardly wanted to deliver her into Lucy’s clutches so easily either.

Tiffany managed to stop herself from removing the panties for a full four seconds before her shaking hands pulled them down her smooth legs. They were drenched through now and she silently prayed that Lucy hadn’t noticed this. Once thrown aside, all that was left was to kneel. Tiffany threw all the effort her mind could muster into resisting the urge that was so firmly lodged in her being. If she knelt for Lucy, it pretty much confirmed beyond a doubt that she was utterly helpless to her words. There would be no hope for her. Her mind was flooding with images of what the future might be for her now. The petite, delicate, so innocent looking Lucy could turn her into a mindlessly horny fuckdoll on a whim, and the mere thought of that existence made her whine softly with need.

Her legs began to shake. She looked once more to the door. Please, she thought, Josh, Trev... One of them could stop this, one of them could burst in and call Lucy out on making her... making her obey. She looked back to Lucy, pleading desperation in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Lucy. Please, I’m begging you, I’ll do anything, just stop. Stop making me do things.” Tiffany’s voice was croaking with her shame and fear.

Lucy just looked at her with cold, disgusted eyes. “Yes, Tiffany, you will do anything. But first, you will kneel.”

Tiffany sank to her knees and let out a pathetic whimper. “Please, please, please...” she rasped under her breath. “I’m sorry, please, let me go. Please Lucy, I’m begging you.”

“What would you do if you were me right now and I were you, Tiffany?” Lucy uttered coolly as she looked down, not even trying to hide her contempt.

Tiffany felt the words coming and let out a sob when she knew she couldn’t stop them. “I would make you stuff your panties in your mouth to stop your pathetic whining.”

“Right...” Lucy nodded slowly. “Know what I’m going to tell you to do next?”

Tiffany nodded, tears running down her cheeks. Part of the distress was how helpless and weak and pathetic she felt. An entirely different kind of distress was how unimaginably turned on she was just then. Even as she sobbed she wanted Lucy to order her to calm down and then pleasure her sexually. It was taking a considerable amount of her willpower to stop herself from calling Lucy ‘Mistress’ and begging to be used by her. It felt so right, because she was so powerless and utterly obedient. She wanted to embrace her new role, surrender herself too it, but some desperate part of her held on, clinging insanely to the idea that she could still somehow get out of this irresistible mental bondage.

“If you do it now, before I tell you to do so, I’ll let you take them out in a few minutes.” Lucy smirked. “If I have to tell you to do it, they’ll be staying in for the rest of the night.” she looked to the floor where Tiffany’s panties lay crumpled and moist, a glint of amused malice in her cold eyes.

Tiffany didn’t stop to even consider the position she was in. She reached for the panties and quickly moved to place them in her mouth with speed that could easily be mistaken for eagerness. She just knew this way would be better, but she also shuddered with arousal at the thought of being so easily manipulated.

“Wait.” Lucy said sharply. Tiffany froze. “Before you do it, I want you to tell me that you deserve this, but only if you feel that it’s true.”

The underwear hovering inches from Tiffany’s face meant the scent of her soaking arousal powerfully filled her nose. She only had to consider Lucy’s wording for a moment before she uttered “I deserve this.” and then proceeded to stuff her soaked panties into her mouth. As the taste of them overwhelmed her, she let out a deep muffled moan of erotic pleasure. She felt like she was sitting right on the edge of cumming right now. Lucy could plant the lightest touch on Tiffany’s skin and it would blow her mind. She wanted to beg for just that, but managed to only just control herself.

Naked, horny beyond belief, and kneeling before Lucy, Tiffany let out soft whimpers, part of her wanting to break down and cry, while part of her wanted to pledge her body as Lucy’s toy to use in any way she wanted. She need to be fucked, she needed to cum so badly she felt her mind unravelling. She would do anything, say anything, become anything in that moment if it would bring her release. Why was trying to resist this at all? Lucy had figured out Tiffany’s deceit and made her pay a just price for it. She was ready to embrace her enslavement and give her mind and body to her Mistress. Mistress Lucy. Yes, oh yes that felt so good...So Right!

No! Wrong! Horrible! What was happening to her? She would never want to be controlled by Lucy! She didn’t like her, she wanted better for Trev, and before she sat in that chair she would have happily never laid her eyes on Lucy again. Yet here she was, obligated to do everything she said, and she actually liked it. Tiffany wanted to scream for help, because she felt like she was losing herself. Crippling dread clawed at her insides, mixed in with everything else. The distress battled with her tantalized body and lust filled mind for dominance, and she honestly felt it could go either way.

Lucy watched Tiffany’s obvious struggle with detached amusement. “I had no idea how good this would feel...” she muttered, more to herself than to Tiffany. She then looked deeply into Tiffany’s glossed eyes, then leaned down and rubbed a tear from her cheek. “A part of me wants to feel guilty, you know? Some part of me feels like this is going too far and you don’t deserve it... But you would have done this to me, and you just said yourself that you do deserve it. Now, nod or shake your head. Do Alice and Erin deserve it too?”

Tiffany’s found that the persistent taste of her own juices was incredibly distracting, but she quickly focused on and considered the question. Erin deserved this, definitely. Tiffany still thought Erin would be worse than herself were she to manage to come out of this controlling everyone, which admittedly was seeming less likely by the second. Alice, though... Well, Alice had also been vocal about not liking Lucy in the past, but having been under the effects of the algorithm a lot more than controlling others through it, Tiffany didn’t really know if Alice had the same desire to assert her will over everyone else and use them for her own selfish desires. Although it was Alice’s idea to get Trev to invite Lucy tonight, Tiffany didn’t feel that was enough to convict her. And since the question asked if they both deserved it, instead of one or the other, the answer, in a strict logical sense, was no.

However, the thought of Alice and Erin similarly kneeing obediently and shaking with untamed arousal as she was, it felt like the only thing Tiffany wanted right now or ever. To kneel, to serve the irresistible Lucy with sister slaves, her mind couldn’t hardly cope. She so badly wanted to nod her head, but she couldn’t lie to Lucy. The answer was technically no by her judgement, so she therefore shook her head slowly, not breaking her devoted yet fearful eye contact with Lucy.

“Hmm, alright.” Lucy mused. “You know, I still don’t fully believe this is real. Even with you completely naked and with a mouthful of your slutty underwear I still can’t shake the feeling that this is a very elaborate joke you’re all playing on me… Isn’t that funny?”

Tiffany looked up at Lucy with pleading eye, and moaned through her stuffed mouth again. All the humor had been stripped from her along with her clothes, there was only arousal, obedience, and doubt left now.

I kinda want to test it myself...” Lucy decided faintly. “Reset the program for me.”

Tiffany obeyed as Lucy grabbed a sheet of paper from Josh’s printer that was tucked behind the massive screen. She quickly wrote down something on it, a few lines in her curvy handwriting.

“You will set the program to put me into a trance.” Lucy said authoritatively. “When I am completely blank, you will make me forget writing this piece of paper.” she handed Tiffany the paper, folded up. “You will also tell me that I will experience a blissful euphoria of happiness and well-being every time I touch my left ear. You will not say anything else to me while I’m in trance. Once you’ve said what you need to say, wake me up, and then you’re going to help me put Alice and Erin in the chair, one after the other.”

“Nomph!” Tiffany tried to protest, but her mouth being occupied by her drenched underwear muffled her. She knew she wanted just that but she also knew Alice and Erin didn’t want to be enslaved by Lucy. Just like she really knew that she didn’t either. She had to fight this! She had to try!

“Hush now, Tiffany.” Lucy gently scolded. She walked up to Tiffany and placed a hand softly on Tiffany’s cheek. Tiffany groaned heavily and her eyes closed as a sensually charged shudder vibrated through her body, so close to making her cum right there. When she opened her eyes, Lucy’s perfectly porcelain face was right in front of her. She wore a kind smile, but her gaze was as cold and calculating as ever.

“I know this is distressing for you, Tiffany.” Lucy spoke in her sweet melodic voice, though it dripped with venom. “I never meant it to be, honestly, I just wanted to see what this program you all made could do. You’re only like this because it’s what you would have done to me, so I hope you can understand my point of view when I say you brought this on yourself.”

Tiffany nodded meekly, and whimpered with distress. She had, she really had...

“But don’t worry…” Lucy added with a growing expression of smugness. “After we’re done here, you’re going to forget all about your enlightening demonstration. We’re going to keep this little arrangement of ours a secret for now. So much so you won’t even know about it yourself…”

A jolt of shock slammed through Tiffany’s heart. She truly would be trapped, and completely unaware of being Lucy’s puppet. Yes, it was so fucking hot, but she couldn’t fathom not being able to live her own life anymore.

“And lastly…” she said, scrutinising Tiffany from top to bottom. “I can see how you’re getting a real kick out of this despite yourself, you’re practically dripping on the floor… I want to punish you, Tiffany, so I just need you to know that you will never get to touch me, or anyone for that matter. You’ll barely get to look at me. You’re so pathetically worthless I think you’ll end up running errands for me and scrubbing my toilet so I barely have to look at you.”

Tiffany couldn’t stop herself from letting out another low moan. The thought of being so used and so disregarded by her Mistress- No! Not Mistress! Lucy… by Lucy… And having all of her submissive arousal denied of any possible release… It overloaded Tiffany’s imagination and she wanted so desperately to let her hand slide down her naked torso towards her moist and ready opening… But she knew Lucy wouldn’t let her. She could only obey. Naked, helpless, and kneeling.

“It’s weird, Tiffany.” Lucy said, furrowing her brow in thought. “I always saw something special in Trevor, ever since we went to grade school together. We were meant to be, we always have. When he moved across the country when he was twelve, I was heartbroken. I was inconsolable for months, and I vowed we would still be together one day. We kept in touch over the years, and managed to meet up a total of four times. “Four fucking times in a six year period! It was torturous and wonderful at the same time, I knew each time we met that we were still soul mates, and always would be.” Lucy’s voice was wavering now, like she was fighting back tears. “I came to college in this godawful town to be with him.” She spat bitterly. “I thought I’d just fit right into his life, and we’d be everything to each other. But he has you, and the rest of your friends. I can’t express how much I despise you, Tiffany. All of you. He hangs out more with you all than he does me. He likes you all more than he likes me. He’s so different to who he was and thinks you’re all more important to him than I am.” Tears filled Lucy’s eyes now, and she looked down at Tiffany no longer hiding the raw hatred that radiated from her like an inferno. “It’s been exhausting, playing nice with you all. Especially the blonde bitch, I can see the way she looks at him. Well now I can fix her, just like I’ll fix you. And I can fix Trevor, too…” Tiffany felt a sobering chill spread through her body. The arousal was still there, but it was somewhat muted, and Tiffany found herself thinking more clearly. She knew more than ever that she did not want to be under Lucy’s control, but what could she do? She knew now that Lucy was going to do horrible things to her and all her friends, and she felt powerless to stop her. But she had to, she simply had to… “You can take those panties out of your mouth now.” Lucy instructed. “You’ll need your words for what you’ll say to me while I’m in the chair. Are you clear on what you are to do?”

“Blurgh. Yes.” Tiffany replied as she pulled out her panties, going over it in her head. Make Lucy forget the paper note she wrote, and make touching her left ear a euphoric experience. Blissful, happiness, well-being… Everything that Tiffany might never feel again. And she couldn’t say anything else. She couldn’t tell Lucy to release her, or to forget everything, or even just to punch herself in the face so Tiffany could have one final laugh before her life of secret slavery began. No, she was going to have to obey, there was no other choice. Then she was to wake Lucy up and subsequently help her enslave the equally helpless Alice and Erin.

An overwhelming sorrow swept over Tiffany. She had really truly lost, hadn’t she? This was it. If Lucy could control the girls so swiftly, it didn’t take any stretching of Tiffany’s imagination to think that she would easily do the same to the guys by the end of the night. The screen was back on now, pulsating and swirling with its kaleidoscope of glittering colour, ready to be adjusted to take Lucy into trance. Tiffany now knew what being truly ensnared by the program felt like. And now she was bound to the whims and commands of the petite girl who had just put on the headphones.

But there was one thing Tiffany could try that could maybe end up saving her yet.

As Lucy sat in the chair and stared into the dancing lights on the screen, Tiffany started forming a last-ditch plan…