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Alien Abduction

Chapter 2 – Day

Cletus awoke slowly. He wasn’t in his own bedroom. The walls were white, and medical equipment was scattered around. Memories flooded back and for a second he thought he was in the alien spacecraft. He sat bolt upright, ready to make a break for it, and then realised he was in a hospital bed. He relaxed back down with an audible sigh.

“Oh my gosh! You’re awake. And on my shift.”

He turned his head towards the sound. A vision of loveliness in a nurse’s uniform was walking towards him.

She held his hand. He could feel heat racing through him.

“Are you all right?”

He nodded dumbly, gazing at the expanse of breast flesh she was thrusting in his face.

“Police chief Carson bought you in. They found your truck, but they had to bring the dogs in to find you. Your poor thing, you must have been delirious. You were ever so far from the road.”

Cletus said nothing. He had never been permitted to gaze at such wondrous globes for so long before. He wondered how long it would be before she realised she was exposing so much flesh. Her uniform was half undone and her bosoms seemed to be doing the best they could to burst free of the flimsy confines of her bra.

“Did the crash hurt? Does it hurt when I do this?”

She was rubbing his stomach and chest gently. It felt good. It might be worth getting in a few more crashes if he got checked over like this each time.

“Uh no.”

She continued her slow massage of his chest. He was unable to tear his gaze from her cavernous cleavage. As her flesh rose and fell with her breathing he willed her billowing mounds to pop free. Somehow they remained confined by her flimsy bra. Suddenly she shifted her weight and she was on the bed astride him.

“How about this? Does it hurt? Can you take my weight?”

“Yes. I mean no. I mean yes.” he croaked. This was way better than any physical he had ever had before.

She closed her eyes and shuddered.

“Oh thank God, thank God.”

She leaned forward. Her breasts were almost in his face now.

“Do you like them?” she asked hesitantly. “Do you want to touch them?”

Cletus found the power of speech had temporarily deserted him. He could only nod, mesmerised by the vast seas of undulating flesh in front of him.

“Thank you. Thank you.” she whispered. She arched her back. Her bra strained heroically, struggling to contain her titanic tits with the extra pressure. Then with a whisper of satin against skin they were free.

“Suck my nipple!” she instructed. She was already pressing it against his mouth. His lips parted and then he was licking and sucking. Her nipple hardened immediately. It was like having a huge organ stop in his mouth.

She groaned and started to move her hips slowly back and forth.

“Oh yes. Like that. That’s so good.” she moaned.

Her hand found his and she guided him up to her other breast. He closed his finger and thumb around her other nipple.

“Squeeze it!” she ordered. “Harder!”

Her hips were grinding over him with more urgency now, only the thin hospital sheet separating their bodies.

“We don’t need this, do we?” she whispered. She lifted her weight and after a few seconds of tugging and shifting the sheet lay discarded on the floor. It was followed shortly by her blouse and bra. Now she was straddling his stomach, skirt hitched up to her waist, breasts dangling gloriously in front of her.

She started to inch her hips slowly backwards.

“I’m not wearing any panties,” she confided. “so that I would be ready for you.”

Seconds later he found she was telling the truth. They both gasped with pleasure as she wriggled back onto his cock and then he was inside her and she was making small backward and forward motions, taking him deeper every time. He grabbed hold of her ass and started to help.

“Oh that’s so good. It’s how I imagined it would feel.” she whispered.“We checked you over after the crash.” she confided. “All over. All the nurses came to see. We couldn’t believe it.”

Cletus had no idea what she was talking about. He just hoped she would keep grinding slowly on his cock. Already the sex had lasted longer than anything he had previously experienced.

“We drew lots. I won. Do you think I’m pretty? Tell me how to make it good for you.”

She was still babbling, but he was no longer listening. He was mesmerised by the rhythmic shuddering of her mammoth pillows. He reached up once more and caressed her nipples between his fingers and thumbs. Her words were replaced by moans and groans as she started bouncing up and down on his cock like a demented kangaroo. Suddenly she stiffened and started shuddering.

“I’m coming!” she wailed.

Cletus could hold back no longer and let himself go. He felt like a fire hose was going off in her pussy.

“I can feel you. Oh God you’re filling me with cum!”

Then she collapsed on his chest and was still. Cletus worried he had killed her for a few seconds, then she stirred on top of him and started kissing his chest.

“That was awesome.” she murmured. “You’re so good. I’ve never had a man make me feel like that before. I’ve never been so filled.”

She rolled off him.

“I have to leave now. It was one of the conditions. We were allowed one go each.”

She was buttoning her blouse back up. She looked at him shyly.

“I know you must have your pick of women, but if you like me I left my number...just in case.”

She indicated the pedestal beside the bed. It was covered with get well cards. Cletus didn’t think he knew that many people.

“This one’s mine” she said, pointing. As she stretched her arm out she carelessly knocked a couple of cards off the pedestal. They fell into the bin below but she made no move to retrieve them.

She bent down and kissed his forehead.

“I hope you will ring me.” she murmured. Then she swivelled away and was gone.

«Multiple abdominal contractions. Hoot hoot.»

«Humorous upper body shakings. Har har har.»

«Hoot hoot. I hoot with increasing lack of control. Hoot hoot.»

«How long have we been indulging in celebrations of our clever yet vindictive humour?»

«Sixth hundredths of a cycle. He will no doubt be regaining consciousness now.»

«Hoot hoot. I lose control all over again.»

«I guffaw loudly in a manner designed to annoy passers by.»

«What a japester you are. Tell me one more time of the punishment inflicted so that I may revel in his humiliation.»

«Hoot hoot. His genitals are no longer the ruling class size of three earth inches. I have increased the size to that of an animal.»

«How embarassing for him.»

«His member will swing beneath his legs grazing his thigh. He will be reminded of us every time he walks. He will not insult us again in a hurry.»

«And if he is every lucky enough to mate his partner will not be able to hold him in one hand admiring his tiny proportions.»

«No indeed. They will scarcely be able to get two hands round his girth. They will shudder with horror at his huge member and cancel the mating contract immediately.»

«I writhe on the floor with complete loss of bodily functions.»

«What is so funny Star-Burning-Brightly.»

«I did not tell you the best part Vortex-is-Swirling. I also adjusted his scent glands. Now he will secrete copious odours highly attractive to the female of the species. He will be forced to indulge in frequent male to female couplings.»

«Male to female couplings. I shudder with disgust. How barbaric.»

«His misery will be complete. His low status will be revealed daily and he will become a laughing stock.»

«Your ingenuity does not go unrewarded Star-Burning-Brightly. Schedule a mating period with me in two cycles time and we will retire to our quarters to prepare with eager enthusiasm.»

«As you command. I acknowledge your admiration with huge modesty, Vortex-is-Swirling.»

Cletus stared in wonder at the huge cock dangling limply in his hand.

“This is mine?” he said in bewilderment.

“It sure looks like it.”

He turned in shock. He hadn’t realised anyone else had entered the room. A naked woman was standing by the bed shaking her hair out. A trail of discarded nurse’s uniform led from her back to the door.

“That Annie.” she said. “All tits and ass. She doesn’t know how to pleasure her man properly. Let me show you how good an experienced woman can make you feel.”

She bent down and gave his cock a delicate kiss. He felt it stir in his hand.

“You know,” she said, conversationally, “I bet I could get all of that in my mouth.”

A little later, they both found out.