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Alien Son

Chapter 10: Las Vegas, Nevada—Part 4

“Rob ... Rob,” it was Kim whispering in my ear. As I woke up, she put her arms around me, kissing my cheek.

“What time is it,” I said, turning on the light, then nearly recoiling from Kim as I saw her face. She was still wearing her showgirl makeup, her eyelids covered in gold, her cheeks so heavily rouged she almost looked like a clown.

Laughing at my reaction, “I know I look pretty frightening close up like this, with my makeup on. Don’t worry, it won’t take long to clean this off. I’ll take a quick shower. Then I’ll be squeaky clean for you,” kissing me on the lips, heading into the hall and entering the bathroom.

I looked at my watch—Kim had hurried home as she promised—it was ten minutes before twelve. I went into the kitchen and got a drink from the fridge, then sat on the sofa, watching CNN again for some news of the ranch. I heard the shower go off, then Kim came out, a towel around her (for a moment, I flashed to the memory of Jeanne wrapped in a towel, just days before), clean, her hair a little damp, smelling of soap and lotion and baby powder.

Kim sat next to me on the sofa, hugging me, “Is this better?” kissing me lightly on the lips, then tightening her arms around me.

I pulled back. “My father’s dead,” I said, looking into Kim’s eyes. “It was murder, but they made it look like an accident.”

“Oh, that’s terrible,” hugging me close. “Are you sure? How do you know?”

It was important to me that Kim understand what was happening. Using the power, I made her accept what I said. “At the ranch, my father’s place in Santa Barbara, they—my father’s enemies—killed Candace, my dad’s girlfriend, and the three guards. It was a massacre.” Kim hugged me, kissing my brow. “I don’t think the enemy knows about me, but the police know I’m driving my dad’s Expedition, and they’re looking for it.”

Kim looked into my eyes. “What are you going to do?” she asked, her arms still around me. “Can’t you go to the police and tell them what really happened ... that it was your enemies.”

“If I go to the police, the enemy might find me.” Then, looking into her eyes, “I need to stay here for a few days while I plan what my next move will be. When I’m ready, I’ll get them. I’ll make them pay.”

Kim shivered slightly. Looking into my eyes she tightened her arms around me, “Oh Rob, of course you can stay ... you can stay as long as you want.”

I pulled her to me, pressing my mouth to hers, kissing her deeply. I felt Kim’s mouth opening, her tongue caressing mine as I tightened my arms around her, pressing myself close against her soft bosom. As we broke our kiss, catching our breath, pressing her head to my chest, she whispered, “Oh, Rob, I’ve missed you so much. It’s been so long since we’ve been together.”

I looked into Kim’s mind, seeing how she loved me, and how much she desired me. Pulling back a little, I reached for where the towel was wrapped around her bosom, undoing where she had it tucked in, pulling it down, exposing her breasts. I cradled one of the tan, fleshy globes in each of my hands, my thumbs teasing the dark pink nipples into erection. Then, bending forward, I let my mouth and tongue wander over the soft flesh, from one firm breast—from one taut nipple—to the other, kissing, licking, sucking. “Oh ... oh, Rob,” Kim gasped. “It’s so good ... it feels so good.”

I pulled back, staring into Kim’s dark eyes, my hands caressing her breasts, the dark skin flushed now with her arousal. Somehow, I knew that being with this beautiful young woman who loved me so much would comfort me and help me with the emotional trauma I had experienced. “You’re so wonderful, so beautiful,” I said, kissing her mouth as I fondled the full, firm breasts. Then, once again pressed my mouth to her erect nipples, sucking, gently biting, teasing with my tongue.

Whimpering and moaning as I worked my mouth over her nipples, her hands on my head, Kim held me tight to her bosom as I moved from one breast to the other. Her nipples were slick with my spit, erect and pulsing with blood as I pulled away to kiss her mouth deeply, my tongue penetrating her mouth as my cock would soon penetrate her body.

As we pulled apart, Kim’s hands moved over my chest. Looking into my eyes, “Let’s go to bed, darling,” she whispered, her eyes bright with desire.

I stood, pulling Kim up from the sofa into my arms. She wrapped the towel around her waist, looking, with her bare bosom, like a South Sea princess. Taking my hand, “Let’s go, darling,” she whispered. “We’ve been apart too long.”

Our arms around each other, we walked together into Kim’s bedroom. Closing the door, I turned to Kim, pulling her into my arms kissing her deeply. My hands moved to her hips, pulling the towel away, tossing it to the floor. As we broke our kiss, Kim pressed her head to my chest. I allowed my hands to slide over her hips, cupping the firm, round buttocks, squeezing gently, eliciting a soft moan from her. From behind, I slid my hand between her thighs, Kim opening her legs a little to ease access for me. As I caressed her thighs, I found them already damp, her labia wet with lubrication. I caressed her slick labia, insinuating a finger between the swollen lips, Kim gasping, “Oh, Rob ... see how much I’ve missed you. How much I want you.”

Moving both hands to her hips, I pulled her tight to me, pressing my hardening cock against her. “And I’ve missed you,” I said, kissing her deeply, rubbing myself against her as our tongues danced together.

As we parted, Kim pulled back a little, then, running her hand down the front of my pants to the hardness of my cock, “I’ve missed this, too,” she said, giggling a little, rubbing my cock through the fabric of my pants. “And, I’ve missed doing this,” dropping to her knees in front of me, reaching up to unfasten my pants.

I helped Kim undo my pants, then as she slid my pants and shorts together down my legs, my cock popped up, almost hitting her in the face. “Oh,” she gasped, gently touching the erect organ with her fingers, “It seems even bigger than I remembered.” Of course, it was bigger, a little longer and much thicker, but I didn’t tell her that.

“Suck it,” I whispered, my hands in her hair, pulling her closer to me.

“Yes, I want to ... I want to suck it,” Kim whispered, looking up at me, stroking my cock with the fingers of both hands. Slowly she moved her head closer, lowering her eyes, staring at the hard cock she adored, then extending her tongue to gently lick the broad head. She looked up at me again, her eyes staring into mine as she moved her tongue over the head. Then, gently squeezing the shaft with the fingers of both hands, as precum bubbled out of the slit she lowered her eyes. Moaning softly she extended her tongue once more, lapping up the thick fluid.

I pressed forward, at the same time drawing her toward me. Kim opened her mouth wide, covering the cockhead with her lips, her tongue caressing the slit, her cheeks sinking in as she sucked. She breathed in deeply through her nose, her hands stroking the thick shaft, wandering occasionally to caress my heavy balls, rubbing the sensitive area between my anus and scrotum.

Kim moaned with pleasure, the vibrations causing fantastic sensations in my sensitive dick. I moaned too, pulling her head to me, seeking to increase my penetration into her warm mouth. I looked into Kim’s mind, seeing how excited she was, how much she loved sucking me like this. But, Kim hadn’t learned—yet—to deep throat me like Candace, and I wanted fuller penetration than I could get from her mouth, as sweet as it was.

“I want to fuck your pussy now. And then, I’m going to fuck you in the ass,” I said, pulling her mouth from my cock.

Kim whimpered in disappointment as my cockhead passed from her lips. Then, rising, looking into my eyes, “Yes fuck me. Fuck my pussy and my ass. Come on, darling,” she said turning to the bed.

As Kim knelt on the edge of the bed, I stepped out of my pants and shorts, removing my shirt and tossing it to the floor. Kim, kneeling on the bed, wriggling her ass in anticipation, moaned softly as I caressed her round butt. “Rob, please, I want you in me ... please.”

With my left hand on her buttocks, I held my cock in my right hand. Pressing forward, I rubbed the tip against Kim’s swollen labia, lubricating it with her juices. As I pushed forward, slowly penetrating her, Kim gasped then grunted as I pushed the thick head inside her. I paused, waiting for her to accommodate herself to my enlarged cock. Looking back at me, she moaned, “Rob, don’t stop ... please, I want it all. I want all of you in me ... deep,” lowering her shoulders to the bed, opening herself for me.

I wanted nothing more than to ram the full length of my organ into Kim’s warm pussy, just like she wanted, but I was afraid of damaging her. My cock was a little longer than the last time we were together, but more important, it was a lot thicker since yesterday’s visit to the butte. So, I continued my slow progress, haltingly pushing my cock into Kim’s pussy, feeling the walls of her vagina yielding before me.

Concerned about Kim, I scanned her, finding she was deriving more pleasure than pain from the experience. I increased the ability of the nerve endings in her vagina and clitoris to feel pleasure. “God, it’s so big ... so good,” Kim moaned, spreading her legs wider, opening herself more. She looked back at me, her eyes shaded, her mouth half open, “Go ahead, give me all of it. Give me all of your big cock, Rob darling. I want it. I ... I need it,” pressing her face and bosom hard onto the bed, raising her hips.

I pulled back a little, then pushed forward, forcing a low moan from Kim, pressing myself ever deeper into her. Looking into her again, I saw the pleasure she was taking from being filled by my broad cock, and the pain too, mixed with the pleasure. “Alright, you’re getting it all, if that’s what you want,” I gasped, holding her buttcheeks in both my hands.

“God ... yes, give it to me ... please.”

Squeezing her firm, round butt, I forced my cock deeper and deeper into her, pausing occasionally to stroke back, then pumping in again, each stroke deeper than the last. Kim was crying and moaning constantly now, her hands gripping the blankets her breathing heavy, catching occasionally in her throat. Finally, almost there, I pumped back, then forward in one long stroke, seating my cockhead on Kim’s cervix, my thighs pressing against her butt. “Oh ... oh, Rob,” Kim cried. “Rob, I’m coming ... I’m gonna come, Rob.” She was grinding her butt against me, moaning louder and louder as she was overcome, her pussy spasming around my cock in seismic contractions as she climaxed for me.

As she came down from her peak, Kim turned to look back at me. Breathing deeply she gasped, “Rob, I came so hard. Do more. Please fuck me more, Rob darling.”

I bent forward, kissing her mouth, running my hands over her ribs to cup her full breasts. “If that’s what you want I’ll fuck you all night,” I said. Then, with my hands holding her hips again, I stroked my cock back until the tip was seated just inside Kim’s slick labia, then took a few quick, short strokes before again ramming the full length into her. Kim grunted and moaned as I forced apart the slick walls of her vagina with the thickness of my organ, whimpering as once more the cocktip butted against her cervix. Then I pulled back again, before ramming in with all my strength, pulling her hips to me.

Behind me, I heard the bedroom door opening. Pausing, I turned to see Kristen standing in the open doorway, watching. She was wearing a half tee-shirt and pink, cotton panties, her midriff bare, a small gold pin in her navel, the shirt barely covering her high round tits. As she looked at me, her eyes out of focus her mouth slack, I drew my cock out of Kim. “Do you want this ... my cock? Do you want it?” I asked holding it in my hand, the shaft shiny with Kim’s juices.

I scanned Kristen seeing how she had been affected by my aura and what Kim told her about me, and how she was aroused by the sounds coming from her sister’s bedroom. I entered her psyche, altering her so she would willingly join her sister and me. “Oh ... it’s so big. Yes, I ... I want it,” Kristen said, touching my cock, running her hand up the shaft, then pressing herself against me.

Kim, turning her head toward me, “Rob, don’t stop. Fuck me hard, please.” Then, seeing Kristen with me, “Oh, Rob, what’s happening?”

“Don’t worry. Kristen’s going to join us. You don’t mind do you?” I said, influencing Kim to accept her sister as a participant in our lovemaking.

“No, I don’t mind,” Kim said. “Just fuck me—I’m almost ready to come again.”

“Put it in,” I told Kristen. “Put my cock in your sister’s pussy.” With both hands on my organ, Kristen inserted the head between Kim’s slick labia, then watched as I slowly pushed into her sister. My left hand on Kim’s butt, I pulled Kristen to me with my right, kissing her deeply, our tongues writhing together as she responded fiercely, almost desperately.

As we broke our kiss, Kristen looked into my eyes. “Rob, I want you. I want you to fuck me, too ... please,” she moaned.

“It’s Kim’s turn now,” I told Kristen, stroking my cock inside her sister. “Wait, she’s almost ready to come. Then it’ll be your turn. Isn’t that right?” I asked Kim.

“Yes ... oh yes, do me now ... please, then Kristen. Then you can fuck my ass, like you promised,” Kim replied, thrusting back at me as I stroked into her. With my right hand, I reached under Kristen’s shirt, squeezing the firm tits, pinching her pointy nipples. Kristen pressed herself against me, kissing me deeply again, her hand fondling my balls, stroking my cockshaft as I slowly slid it in and out of Kim’s pussy.

Pulling away from Kristen, I grabbed Kim’s buttocks with both hands, pumping hard into her yielding pussy, Kristen pressed herself tight against me, swaying with my movements. I was stroking hard in Kim’s tight pussy, pulling back till my cocktip almost exited her labia, then pistoning in to the full depths of her vagina. “Yes ... yes,” Kim cried, jamming herself back against me. “Oh, Rob darling, I’m coming again. Fuck me ... fuck me hard, Rob, I’m coming.” And I did, pulling back, then jamming the full length of my cock into Kim’s beautiful pussy again and again as she cried out in orgasm. Finally, pressing my cock hard against her cervix, I released the semen collected in my balls, coating her insides with thick waves of cum.

As Kim descended from her peak, I kept my cock hard, slowly withdrawing from her pussy. Running my hands down Kristen’s slim body I put both my arms around her hugging her close, kissing her deeply, pressing my rigid organ, slick with Kim’s juices, against the smooth skin of her tiny belly. Kristen moaned into my mouth, as I ran my hands down her back, cupping her buttocks, pulling her cotton panties down to her thighs.

“Kneel, kneel next to Kim,” I commanded. “I’m going to fuck you now.”

Kristen looked at me, her eyes glowing, then, stepping out of her damp panties, she turned and knelt on the bed next to her sister. Kim, breathing deeply, put a hand out to Kristen, caressing her head and shoulder. I positioned myself behind Kristen, holding her butt with one hand while lining up my cock on her pussy with the other. My cock was already lubricated from Kim, but still I rubbed the tip against Kristen’s labia helping accustom her to what she would be receiving. With my cocktip lodged inside Kristen’s pussy lips, I caressed her ass, kissing her back, rolling my cock inside her labia, “Is this what you want?” I whispered. “Do you want me to fuck your sweet pussy with my big cock?”

“I ... I want it,” Kristen gasped, looking back at me. “Please, Rob, don’t tease me. Please fuck me,” opening her legs, rotating her butt around my cocktip lodged inside her labia.

Kim reached under Kristen’s shirt, squeezing her breasts. Turning, looking at me, “Rob she wants it bad. Go ahead, fuck her ... fuck her hard. That’s what she wants. Isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Kristen said, turning to look at me. “That’s what I want. I want you to fuck me hard, please Rob.”

Holding her round buttocks with both hands, I began stroking inside Kristen’s tight pussy, each stroke deeper than the one before. Kristen was grunting and moaning as I penetrated her. Using my power, I made the same changes to her that I had to Kim, increasing the ability of the nerve endings in her vagina and clitoris to transmit pleasurable sensations. As I did, Kristen turned her head to me, “Rob, go ahead ... do it, fuck me ... fuck me hard,” she panted.

I was really turned on now, from screwing the two sisters, especially Kristen, with her tight—almost girlish—vagina. I grabbed Kristen’s buttocks with both hands, and slowly, steadily pressing forward, pushing my hard cock into her, feeling her vaginal walls spreading around my hardness. Kristen lowered her torso until her face and bosom were pressed flat against the bed, raising her ass higher for me, whimpering at the relentless progress of my dick into her body. Finally, I was all the way in, my cocktip pressing against her cervix, her vagina tight against the shaft, rippling over my hardness, my thighs rubbing against her buttocks.

With all of my cock inside Kristen, I bent forward reaching under, inside her shirt, to squeeze the tight, round tits kissing her neck, her ear, then her mouth as she turned her face to me, our tongues meeting. “It’s so good. Your pussy’s so tight,” I whispered, “I love it ... I love your tight pussy.”

Kim, one hand caressing Kristen, turned to me, kissing me deeply, her tongue penetrating my mouth, caressing mine. As we drew apart, panting, Kim said, “She loves it too, don’t you Kristen?”

“Oh, Rob, I love it ... I love your cock in me. Come on, do it, fuck me hard,” Kristen panted, rolling her butt against me. Giving her what she wanted, I pulled back, then pumped hard into Kristen, again and again, relishing the sensation as my cock drove through the smooth tissues of her vagina, pressing aside the walls of her pussy with relentless force, stopping only when the head butted against her cervix. Suddenly crying out in orgasm, Kristen thrust back at me, moaning, rolling her ass against my thighs as her vagina spasmed around my cock.

We paused, Kristen, head down, panting. I pulled Kim up, to me, so she was on her knees beside her sister, kissing her deeply, our tongues tangling. My right hand on Kristen’s butt, I moved my left hand to Kim’s waist, then over her ass, squeezing, fondling. She pressed close to me, moaning softly, spreading her legs as I ran my hand between her legs from the back, then inserted a finger into her anus. Breathing deeply, pressing herself tight against my chest, she whimpered as I moved my finger inside her.

Kristen’s breathing was slowing now. “Mmmm ... it’s so good, Rob. You make me feel so good.” she said, wriggling her butt against me, then slowly pumping herself back and forth on my still rigid cock.

“I told you he was great,” Kim said to her sister.

“He’s ... Rob’s wonderful,” Kristen said, turning her head to look back at Kim pressed against my chest. “Rob, I want more. Please fuck me more ... please.” Then began pumping herself on my cock.

I pulled my finger from Kim’s anus, eliciting a small groan of disappointment from her. Once again, I grabbed Kristen’s buttocks with both hands, stroking my cock harder and harder inside her tight pussy. Kim pressed herself close to me, her right arm around my waist, moving with me as I pumped my hard dick inside her sister’s tight pussy. “Go ahead, Rob,” she whispered, “give it to her. That’s what she wants.” Then, she reached down under Kristen with her left hand, caressing our genitals as I pumped my dick inside Kristen’s tight pussy.

I pulled Kristen’s butt to me, my cockhead tight against her cervix. Kim was caressing my balls and cock, rubbing Kristen’s pussy, teasing her clit. The sensation was incredible, Kim’s hand fondling my balls, stroking my cock, then moving to caress Kristen’s labia and clit, Kristen’s tight vagina rippling over my cock. Then, her whole body went rigid, her vagina clamping on my cock, Kristen moaning, cried out as her body shook in orgasm.

I pulled my cock back through Kristen’s spasming vagina, then pistoned in again. Pushing into the spasms, I lengthened and expanded the convulsive contractions of her pussy. The hot walls of her vagina massaging my dick, squeezing it with greater and greater pressure, until released with a huge rolling convulsion, moving from my cockhead tight against her cervix to the base of my cock, shoved against her labia. As her cunt contracted on me, my cock exploded, jetting waves of thick semen into her spasming pussy, bringing on another rolling orgasm for the beautiful teen.

Whimpering softly, Kristen collapsed onto the bed. Carefully, I allowed my dick to slide out of her as she came down from the tremendous series of orgasms she had just experienced. Kim laid next to her sister, hugging her, kissing her forehead, her temple. I laid next to Kristen on the other side, holding her, kissing her neck, her shoulder.

“Are you okay, Kristen?” I asked.

“She’s alright, aren’t you honey?” Kim said. “She just had a pretty intense experience.”

Kristen turned to me, “I’m good, Rob. Thank you, thank you, Rob darling, that was wonderful.”

“It was wonderful for me too,” I said, bending toward Kristen, softly kissing her lips. She opened her mouth to me, her tongue seeking mine as she responded, turning her body, her arms coming up to hold me close to her.

As Kristen turned, her thigh pressed against my organ, half hard now, “Oh Rob, I guess I wore you out,” she said. “What will you do about Kim?”

“Don’t worry,” Kim said, reaching over her sister to stroke my dick. “He’ll be hard again soon.” Then, looking at me, “He can do it all night if he wants.”

I didn’t need to read Kristen’s mind to see that she was feeling a little smug about wearing me down. I used the power to block any feelings of jealousy or competition over me in Kim and Kristen. From now on, they would be dedicated to my needs and wants, with no jealousy over me toward each other, or anyone else.

Kristen reached over to my dick and began stroking it too. Now I had the hands of both beautiful sisters on me, stroking me into hardness again. I shifted back a little, leaning my back on the pillows piled against the headboard. “Kim, come over her and suck me,” I said, indicating Kim should kneel on my left. “Kristen, you can suck me too, if you want.”

“I want,” she said, smiling up at me, waiting till Kim crawled over us. Kim, kneeling on the bed beside me, smiled at me, then bent down, licking the tip of my cock, holding it upright with both her hands.

Kristen watched her sister for a moment, then she too bent towards my hardening cock, her hands stroking my balls and shaft, then she lowered her head, pressing her mouth to my groin, licking my balls, stroking me with her fingertips. As she bent forward, working her mouth and tongue on me, Kristen’s half-shirt fell away from her bosom, baring the firm, round tits, the dark nipples erect. I reached down, with my right hand, caressing ... squeezing the tan orbs.

I grabbed hold of the bottom of Kristen’s shirt, pulling it over her head. “Come on, let’s take this off,” I said. “I want to see your beautiful tits.”

Kristen sat up, helping remove the shirt, then cupping her breasts, “Do you like them?” she asked, smiling.

“I love them,” I said, pinching the dark nipples.

Kristen’s breasts were smaller and firmer than her sister’s—round, with small, dark, perfectly circular aureoles surrounding the pink-brown nipples. I pulled her to me, pressing my mouth to her nipples, sucking, licking, nibbling. Kristen murmured, moaned softly as I caressed and sucked her breasts. Drawing back, I looked down at Kim, holding the shaft of my now hard cock in both her small hands as she stroked and sucked and licked my organ.

As Kristen pressed herself to me, rubbing her breasts against my shoulder and chest, I reached to Kim, pulling her up to me. Kim gave a slight moan of disappointment as she was forced to release my cock, then turned to me, her left hand still stroking my cock. “Are you going to do it now ... my ass? Are you going to do my ass now?” she asked, her eyes looking into mine.

“Wait,” I whispered. Then I turned to Kristen, putting my hands on her shoulders, I gently pushed her back, away from me. “Let me look at you, at both of you,” I told the two beautiful sisters.

I had Kim position herself on her knees, her back erect, on my left side, Kristen on my right. They stared back at me, their eyes bright with desire. I let my eyes roam over Kristen, younger, thinner than her sister, her breasts firm, round, the tiny nipples hard. I reached out, squeezing, caressing Kristen’s taut breasts as she gasped and moaned.

Then I turned to Kim, her figure lush, her breasts firm fleshy globes, the dark nipples erect, the large aureoles puffy. I bent my head to Kim, cradling her large breasts in my hands, licking, sucking the erect nipples, forcing my teeth over the broad aureoles, gently nipping at the swollen tissue.

“Oh, Rob, you ... you don’t know what you’re doing to me,” Kim gasped as I worked my mouth over her full breasts. Moaning softly, she wrapped her arms around me, holding my head close to her. On my right, Kristen continued rubbing herself against me, kissing my head, my ear, my neck.

I pulled my mouth from Kim, reached for her arms, releasing her hold on me, drawing back from her, kissing her lips, forcing my tongue into her mouth, luxuriating in the sensation as she pressed her full breasts against me. As Kim and I broke our kiss, Kristen, on my right, pressed herself to me, her mouth seeking mine. We kissed deeply, Kristen’s tongue massaging mine, as had her sister’s.

Pulling away from Kristen, I looked into her eyes, “Suck me,” I commanded, watching as she slid down my body, caressing, kissing, licking until, reaching my erect cock, she paused. Kristen took the hard shaft in her hands, bent forward, licking, sucking the broad cockhead. Watching Kristen open her mouth wide, taking in my purple cockhead, I ran my hands down the smooth skin of Kim’s back, enjoying the feel of her firm muscles, then over her hips, stroking, squeezing the firm buttocks. Kim was pressing herself close to me, rolling her breasts against my chest, kissing, licking my ear and neck, stroking my back as I caressed her.

I slid my hand between Kim’s buttocks, she spreading her legs, then she relaxed her sphincter as I insinuated my finger into her tight anus. Kim, gasped, pressing her face against my shoulder, moaned as I stroked my finger inside her tightest hole.

Looking up, her tongue on my cock, “God ... that’s so erotic,” Kristen said. “Are you really going to do it? Are you really going to take him there—in your ass?”

Kim moaned assent, opening herself even further as I inserted another finger into her. I kissed Kim’s temple, still stroking my fingers inside her, at the same time using the power to increase the pleasurable sensations she was feeling from my fingers. “She’s going to do it. She wants it.” Then to Kim, “Don’t you? Don’t you want it in your ass?”

“Ummm ... yes, I want it,” Kim said, looking into my eyes. “I’m ready. Rob, I’m ready for you now. I want it, please.”

“Kristen, get us some lotion,” I ordered. After Kristen retrieved the oily lotion from Kim’s dressing table, I had her rub it on my dick, while I took a dollop and rubbed it around and inside Kim’s tight anus, she moaning softly as I stroked and lubricated her.

“Ummm ... I’m ready,” Kim said, moving herself back a little. “Do you want me on top, like this?”

“Yeah, come on. I want in you now,” I said, helping Kim position herself over me, holding on to her hips, pulling apart her buttcheeks.

Over my waist, Kim bent forward a little, spreading her legs, then reached behind for my dick. As she touched my erect organ, her fingers encountered Kristen’s holding my cock in both her hands. “Let her put it in,” I told Kim. Then, to Kristen, “You put it in for Kim.” Kristen didn’t say anything, just held my cock with both her hands as Kim, bracing herself with her hands on both sides of my head, slowly backed herself until my cockhead was touching her anus.

“Kim, you can’t do it,” Kristen said. “It’s too big. It won’t go in.” Then, watched in amazement as her sister slowly lowered herself, the broad cockhead penetrating her, spreading her, until the whole head was inside her sphincter. “God, I don’t believe it,” Kristen said. “How did you do it? How does it feel?”

“It’s ... it’s good ... it feels good,” Kim said, looking into my eyes.

Luxuriating in the sensation of my cockhead inside Kim, “It’s wonderful. Kim you’re wonderful,” I said, reaching for her breasts, raising my hips, pushing more of my erect organ into her.

Kim moaning, slowly began lowering herself, taking more of me into her. Using the power to increase her arousal, I lowered my hips, then pushed up, stroking my cock inside her tight rectum. “Oh, Rob,” Kim gasped. “Yes ... God, yes, fuck me ... fuck my ass.”

I raised my hips again, pushing deeper into Kim, at the same time, grabbing her butt in both hands, I pulled her down until the full length of my cock was buried in her anus. I lowered my hips to the bed, Kim following, my cock still buried inside her. She collapsed onto me, panting. “How are you? Are you okay? Is it okay?” I asked.

Sitting up, Kim didn’t answer, just looked down at me, her eyes out of focus as she concentrated on what she was experiencing. Breathing in deeply, she raised herself up until only the tip of my cock was inside her sphincter. Then she plunged down, spearing herself on my rigid organ. Gasping, shuddering, she bent forward, rolling her butt around my cock. I reached for her breasts, squeezing the hard nipples, grabbing, squeezing Kim’s full breasts. Then, pulling her face to mine, kissed her deeply.

We broke our kiss, Kim pressing her face against my shoulder, moaning softly as she slowly rolled her butt over me. I entered her mind, increasing her arousal, helping her reach the orgasm she desired so much.

As Kim moaned into my shoulder, Kristen knelt at our side. “How can you do it?” Kristen asked her sister. “It’s so big.”

Her voice quivering, “I’m ... I’m gonna come,” Kim moaned into my ear. Then, raising herself over my thighs, she began slowly lifting herself up again, sliding the tight walls of her rectum over my hard cock. I pulled Kristen to me, kissing her deeply, feeling her taut breasts rubbing against my chest.

Then, as Kim pistoned down again, I gasped at the sensation of my broad cock spreading the muscular walls of her rectum. She lifted herself again, then began pumping up and down, spearing herself on my hard organ.

Kristen was pressing herself against me, kissing, licking, moaning with desire as I ran my hands over her body. My hand on her back, I pulled her to me roughly, kissing her, our tongues entwining. My left hand was on Kim’s butt, squeezing, kneading as she pistoned on me. As I broke from my kiss with Kristen, I moved my right hand, sliding it over the taught globes of Kristen’s butt. Then, slowly I pressed my finger to her anus.

Kristen trembled slightly, then gasped as I penetrated her anal ring with my finger. “Rob, I can’t ...” she said, her voice quivering.

I used the power to alter Kristen as I had her sister, to increase her ability to accept and take pleasure in anal sex. Stroking my finger inside her, “You like this?” I whispered. She didn’t answer, just moaned against my shoulder.

Kim was gasping, moaning, grinding herself against me as she approached her orgasm. Pulling my finger from Kristen’s ass, I reached for Kim, holding her butt even tighter to me. Grasping her with both hands, I was bucking up, driving my cock into her anus. Kristen pressing against me, kissing, licking my face and neck, rubbing her taut breasts against my shoulder.

“Oh, yes, fuck it ... fuck me,” Kim moaned into my ear. “I’m ... I’m so close.” I was struggling to force even more of myself into her, holding more tightly to her buttocks, now slick with sweat. Then Kim cried out “GOD ... GOD ... Oh, Rob, I’m coming ... I’m coming so hard, Rob,” her pussy spasming, the contractions moving through her vagina into her anus, squeezing my cock as I rammed into her. I held her close, enjoying the sensation of her rectum pulsing on my cock. Kim whimpering into my ear as she was overcome by orgasmic contractions rolling through her vagina and anus.

I was ready too. As Kim moaned into my ear, grinding her butt against my crotch, Kristen kissing, rubbing against me, I pulled Kim to me, holding her buttocks tight to me. Then my cock was pumping into her, streams of viscous semen gushing into Kim, her anus contracting around my dick, as she was filled with the thick fluid spewing out of my urethra. “Ummm ... ummm,” Kim moaned, her orgasm continuing as my cock pumped wave after wave of semen into her ass. Then, as the tremors subsided, she collapsed onto my chest, panting. I leaned back, catching my breath, letting my cock soften a little as it slid out of Kim.

Kim exhaled softly, then moved against me, pressing her lips to my chest. Kristen was stroking her sister’s back at the same time she cuddled against me, kissing my neck. I looked down at Kim, as she looked up with those big, dark eyes. “Ummm, that was intense,” she said, sliding up me, then softly kissing my lips.

We laid there for a while, their arms around me, Kristen on my right, Kim on my left. The two girls so close I could feel their breath on my skin, occasionally kissing me, softly stroking my skin.

Kim kissing my chest again, “Are you going to do it all night? Fuck us all night?” she asked looking up, the corners of her mouth turning up in a small smile.

“I think I ... we need to rest now. I’ll fuck you both again tomorrow,” I said, stroking Kim’s soft hair.

Kristen, half kneeling, half lying on my right side, pressing herself even closer to me, whispered in my ear, “Please, Rob, I want to do it now. I ... I need you to do it to me. Please Rob ... please.”

My right hand moved down Kristen’s body, caressing ... stroking. At her hip, I moved my hand behind her, over her round buttocks, then I slowly insinuated a finger between the fleshy mounds, touching her dimpled anus. “Is this what you want?” I whispered, “In the ass? You want it in your ass?”

Her head on my shoulder, “Yes, I want it ... please,” Kristen whispered into my ear.

I scanned Kristen, noting how she had been affected at seeing her sister enjoying anal sex, and how much my caresses had aroused her. Pressing the tip of my finger inside her tight anal ring, “Do you like this?” I whispered, moving just my fingertip inside her, circling ... stroking.

Kristen moaned in response, pressing closer to me, at the same time spreading her legs, opening herself more to my penetrating finger. Kim, with her head still on my chest, was looking up at us, her dark eyes staring back at me as I looked down at her. “Give me the lotion,” I ordered Kim.

Pulling my fingertip from Kristen’s ass, I squirted a glob of the oily lotion onto my fingers, then spread it over and around her anus. Inserting my finger into Kristen again, I slowly stroked inside her anus until her sphincter had relaxed enough to insert a second finger. Now, with two fingers inside Kristen’s anus, I began rubbing ... stroking more vigorously, Kristen gasping and moaning against me.

Soon, Kristen’s anus had expanded enough that I was able to slide a third finger into her, spreading her sphincter even more, but still less than it would need to open for my cock.

Still stroking inside Kristen’s anus with the fingers of my right hand, I moved my left hand over her slim body, stroking, caressing, pinching a hard nipple, finally reaching her pubis. Her labia were slick with arousal, her tiny clit peeking out of its hood. As I caressed her labia, circling her clit with my fingertips, still fingering her asshole with my right hand, suddenly, Kristen raised her head, “Oh ... oh, Rob I’m gonna come,” she cried. “You’re making me come.”

“Go ahead. Go with it,” I said, increasing the motion of my fingers in her ass and pussy.

Kristen was moaning and whimpering constantly now, her breath catching in her throat occasionally as she came closer and closer to her peak. Then, her back arching, her arms coming around me, hugging me tightly, “OH ... OH ... Rob, I’m ... I’m coming,” she gasped as panting, shuddering Kristen was overcome by her first anal orgasm. Through my fingertips, I felt the spasms, like tiny earthquakes, moving through Kristen’s vagina and anus.

Exhausted, panting, Kristen collapsed onto me. Carefully, pulling my fingers from her anus, I petted ... caressed her, kissing her temple, her hair, damp with sweat, stroking her back and shoulder. Kim, too, comforted her sister, caressing her shoulder, gently touching her body.

After a few moments, her eyes opening, Kristen looked up at me. “Wow, that was really something,” she said. “Is that what it’ll be like when you do it to me with your cock? When you fuck my ass with your cock?”

“It’s like that, but more,” Kim answered for me. “His cock is a lot bigger.”

“Are you gonna do it to me now?” Kristen asked, looking up at me with those dark eyes, so much like her sister’s.

“Not now. Maybe tomorrow, after we rest.” I said. Then, crawling off the bed over the girls, I went into the bathroom, peed and washed my dick.

When I got back to Kim’s bedroom, the girls were sitting up on the bed, talking softly together. They looked up at me, then Kim said, “We need to use the bathroom too.” Smiling at me, they left the room, closing the door behind them. I grabbed my shorts off the floor, turned off the light, then climbed into Kim’s bed, covering myself with the sheet. In just moments I was dozing off.

It must have been some time later, because I was fully asleep, when I became aware of the girls crawling into bed with me, one on either side. “Can we sleep here with you?” Kim asked.

“Both of us?” Kristen echoed.

I was aware of how close together we three were sleeping in Kim’s bed, but was too sleepy to argue. “Sure,” I mumbled, turning onto my side, vaguely aware of Kim on my left, Kristen on my right before falling asleep again.