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Alien Son

Chapter Two: Santa Barbara, California—Part 1

The weeks until I was to visit my father in Santa Barbara seemed to last for months. Then, finally, I boarded the commuter plane for Chicago. At O’Hare, I took a flight to Los Angeles—first class, dad paid for the ticket.

Dad met me at Los Angeles airport. With him was Candace Stephens, the redhead playmate in my laptop photo collection. “Candace, this is my son, Rob Mannheim,” dad said.

Shaking her hand, trying hard not to look at Candace’s large breasts covered by a blue tee-shirt, I said “Glad to meet you.”

“Glad to meet you, Rob,” she responded. “I hope you enjoy your stay with us.”

It was clear from her statement and the way she kept close to my dad, casually touching him, that they were a couple. “He might even have married her,” I thought to myself.

We got my bags and transferred them to dad’s twin-engine plane in the general aviation section of the airport. I knew dad had his private pilot license, but it had been a long time since I had flown with him. Years ago, he had flown mom and me to St. Louis for a short trip during one of his visits.

Once we received clearance to take off, the flight to Santa Barbara didn’t take long. Dad let me sit in the copilot’s seat, even letting me steer the plane a little. Candace sat in back, leafing through magazines during most of the flight. When I was sure she wasn’t paying attention to us, I asked dad about her.

“She’s just one of my girlfriends. I told you I could give you some information about how to succeed with women,” he said. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to marry her.”

At the Santa Barbara airport we put my luggage into dad’s Ford Expedition, then took off for the “ranch,” about a half-hour drive north of the city. When I saw the house, I thought it looked more like a Mediterranean villa than an American ranch; whitewashed walls, perched on the edge of the Pacific, gated, servants. It indicated my father was a lot wealthier than I guessed.

“Let me show you to your room,” dad said. “Then we can go down to the pool. There’s someone there I want you to meet.”

My room was at the end of the second floor hallway. It was large, facing the ocean, with a tiled floor, its own bathroom, and a large Mexican-style bed and matching furniture. After depositing my bags, I walked downstairs with dad to the veranda overlooking the ocean.

“There are stairs leading down to a small beach at the foot of the cliff,” dad explained. “But we usually just use the pool. If you want to try surfing, there are some pretty good spots north of here you can try. I’m no good myself, but I can find someone to teach you, if you’re interested.”

At the moment, I was more interested in two figures on the veranda. Standing by the pool waiting for us were the playmates, Bobbi and Claudia, my dad and I had discussed in my room weeks ago. After introducing us, dad said, “Rob, I thought you might like some younger company, so I invited Bobbi and Claudia to visit for a while.”

“We’re really glad you invited us,” Claudia said. With Bobbi echoing, “We’re happy to be here. Were gonna have a good time.”

Dad said, “Rob, your eighteen, Claudia’s nineteen, and Bobbi’s eighteen, too. So, you’re all pretty close in age.”

“I’m nineteen now,” Bobbi said. “But that doesn’t matter. We’ll keep each other company.”

It was hard to avoid staring at the two playmates. Claudia was dressed in a tiny green bikini, showing off her slim figure. Bobbi had on a pink bikini bottom, but was wearing only a white tee-shirt covering her breasts. I fought to keep my eyes away, then thought, “They posed nude for Playboy, they’re not going to be shocked if I look at their bodies.”

Seeing me looking at her, smiling, Bobbi brushed her blonde hair off her forehead. “When I dive in the water, my top keeps falling off. I guess my boobs are just too big for that bikini.”

“Well, I don’t have any complaints. You look good in that shirt,” I said.

“Thank you kind sir,” Bobbi laughed, taking my arm. “A compliment is always welcome.”

“And how about me,” Claudia asked, striking a pose, her hand on her hip, sticking her butt out.

“You look good too,” I said.

“Thank you for my compliment,” Claudia said, holding on to my other arm.

Candace came out wearing a brown bikini. I found myself surrounded by beautiful bikini-clad women. Usually, I would get tongue-tied in a situation like this, but somehow I felt calmer than normal—more at ease.

“Eric, would you like a beer?” Candace asked. “We’ve got shandies for Rob and the girls, or wine, or wine coolers.”

I found the shandy—beer and lemonade mixed served with crushed ice—tasted pretty good. I had tried beer before and didn’t really like the bitter taste. Sitting in the shade of the high wall shielding the pool from Pacific winds, I found myself relaxing ... enjoying the company of Bobbi and Claudia, able to avoid most of my usual geekiness.

And the girls seemed to be enjoying my company; laughing at my wisecracks, touching my hand or arm from time to time as we sat on the lounges, one on either side of me. At seven, the servants served a light meal on the veranda. I had a little wine with the meal, making me feel even sleepier than I already was.

“Rob,” dad said. “You must be tired. You spent most of the day traveling and your body is still on central time, it’s two hours later for you than for us. You better go up to bed. We’ll see you in the morning.”

“Thanks, I am pretty tired. I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

As I headed into the house, Bobbi and Claudia each took one of my hands, walking me inside. At the foot of the stairs, we said goodnight, each of them affectionately squeezing my hand as we parted.

When I got to my room, I found the servants had unpacked my bags and put away my clothes. I took a quick shower, put on a pair of pajama shorts, brushed my teeth, opened the window to the ocean breeze, and got into bed.

The shower had revived me a little, dispelling some of my sleepiness. I thought about Bobbi and Claudia, remembering their laughter, their faces, their bodies. I was amazed that they seemed to like me so much. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. How my dad got three playmates to visit was a mystery. Visualizing Bobbi’s lush breasts, the nipples pressing against the material of her tee-shirt, I felt my dick beginning to stiffen. I touched my hardening cock, considered masturbating, then, too tired, I rolled over and fell asleep.

I was awakened by a sound at the door. For a moment, I couldn’t remember where I was. Coming to my senses, I sat up and turned on the bedside lamp. The small clock on the table showed the time was a little before midnight.

“Rob ... Rob, it’s me. Can I come in?” I heard through the door. “It’s me, Bobbi.”

“What is it? What’s wrong ...? Okay, come on in.”

The door opened the absolute minimum necessary for Bobbi to slide through. She was dressed in white panties and a white, baby doll nightgown. Seeing Bobbi’s large breasts outlined in her nightgown reminded me of how aroused I was at her memory only a few hours earlier.

Closing the door, she sat down on the side of my bed. Her blue eyes looked into mine, then looked down for a second as she touched my chest, before looking up again, “Rob, can I stay here tonight with you ... please?”

I looked at Bobbi’s heart-shaped face framed by flaxen hair, her full lips, the bright blue eyes. This couldn’t be happening—it was unbelievable, this beautiful girl couldn’t be asking to stay with me.

“What are you saying? You want to stay with me? You want to have sex with me? Are you sure?”

“Please,” she said stroking my chest again. “I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve just got to be with you. I’ll make it good for you. I’ll do my best ... please, Rob ... please.”

I couldn’t help being aroused by her ... wanting her. It seemed unbelievable this beautiful girl wanted to sleep with me. Looking into Bobbi’s eyes, “Sure ... yes ... I mean I want you too,” I said.

“Oh ... thank you, Rob, darling. I’ll be good.” She said, caressing ... kissing my chest, my neck, my chin. Then her mouth was on mine, her lips opening under mine, our tongues meeting. After a moment, we pulled away, gasping for breath, looking into each others eyes.

I slid my hand under her baby doll. Still a little shy about what I was doing, I started running my fingers over the smooth skin covering her ribs, then slowly moved my hand up. Reaching Bobbi’s breast, I cradled the heavy flesh in my palm, squeezing gently. Bobbi stared into my eyes, her lips slightly parted, her breath coming in short gasps.

Bobbi was panting deeply as I rubbed her nipple with my thumb ... rolling my palm over the hardening flesh. “Oh that feels so ... so good. You’re so good,” she moaned. Pulling away for a moment, lifting her gown over her head and tossing it to the floor, holding her heavy breasts in her hands, “Suck them ... suck my nipples,” she begged.

This was the first time I had seen her breasts in real life—or any girl’s, and I was awed at the size of Bobbi’s. Looking at them, now, rising and falling with her breathing, I believed they really were the 34 double-D size claimed by Playboy, and on her small frame they were huge. Her breasts were flushed now with arousal, the broad aureoles puffy, the nipples erect.

Reaching out, I cradled one of the fleshy globes in each of my palms, squeezing, then bending forward, pressing my mouth over the puffy aureole, sucking ... licking ... caressing the taut flesh with my tongue. Bobbi’s gasps and moans came quicker as I worked my mouth over first one taut nipple, then the other.

When I pulled away to catch my breath, I saw the color of her aureoles and nipples had darkened to deep scarlet, the aureoles expanding to fully cover the peaks of her breasts, the nipples fully erect, pulsing with blood, almost purple at their tips. They looked like overripe cherries that would burst if squeezed.

The temptation was too great. I reached up, gently pinching both her nipples. Bobbi was breathing deeply now, leaning over me, her hands on either side of my chest. “Rob ... what are you doing to me,” she gasped. “It’s too much.”

I raised up, once again pressing my mouth to her nipples. My hands cradling her heavy breasts, I moved my mouth from one scarlet nub to the other, sucking ... licking ... nibbling.

“OH ... OH ... OH ... GOD,” Bobbi gasped. Suddenly, with a deep moan, she arched her back, pulling her tits out of my hands. Moaning, panting raggedly, her arms trembling, she collapsed onto my chest.

I was amazed. I had heard of women climaxing from just having their nipples stimulated, but was skeptical about it ever really happening. And, I never thought I could ever make anything like that happen. My arms around Bobbi’s back, I could feel her breathing slowing as she came down from her peak. She looked up at me, smiling. “Wow, that never happened to me before. Look how much you excite me.” Sliding down my body, “Now it’s my turn.”

Bobbi’s fingers stroked my chest, my belly, followed by her mouth, sucking my nipples, peppering my skin with kisses, her tongue exploring my navel. Her hands moved down, brushing aside the corner of the sheet still covering my lower body. Slowly, she slid the pajama shorts down my legs, my erect cock popping up, the head glistening with pre-cum.

“It’s ... it’s kind of small,” I said (I had measured it—five inches when hard).

“It’s beautiful,” Bobby said, her fingers sliding over the slick cocktip. “Just the right size,” she whispered, taking it into her mouth.

“Don’t ... I’m gonna come,” I gasped. Moaning in anticipation of what she was about to receive, Bobbi moved her mouth down my erect shaft, easily taking nearly all my cock into her mouth.

Somehow, I managed to control myself. Reaching forward, my fingers sought Bobbi’s pussy, covered my her thin panties as she stood next to the bed, her mouth and hands working over my erect cock. I touched the vee of her panties, finding it soaked with lubrication. I slid my finger inside, stroking the slick labia.

Releasing my cock, “Please,” she gasped. “I don’t need that.”

“I want to fuck you,” I panted.

“I want that too, darling,” Bobbi said, standing upright to slide her panties down her slim legs. Her hand covering her pubis, she crawled onto the bed, straddling my waist.

Bobbi’s bright blue eyes looking into mine, she reached down, taking my cock in her fingers. Slowly, she lowered herself, until the head just touched her labia, then slipped the tip between the slick lips. Moaning softly, she rolled her hips, sliding her labia over the cockhead till it was wedged against her clitoris. She moaned so deeply I thought she was going to have another orgasm. Then, adjusting her hips so my cock was positioned to enter her, she slowly lowered her body, enveloping my erect organ in her warm pussy.

As my cock slid slowly into Bobbi’s interior, I gritted my teeth, trying to keep myself from coming. Luckily, once my cock had fully penetrated her, she paused, breathing deeply, her eyes out of focus. Calming myself a little, I reached my hands up to her breasts, squeezing the hard nipples.

Bobbi looked into my eyes, a small smile turning up the corners of her mouth. Then she slowly raised her hips, causing excruciating sensations in my cock as it slid along the slick walls of her pussy, until my cockhead was just inside her entrance.

I looked up at Bobbi, seeing that same enigmatic smile on her face. Then, she pistoned down, forcing my cock into her depths, voicing a low—almost coarse—grunt as she reached bottom. I gasped as electric shocks arced through my being at the sensation of my cock being driven inside the tight glove of Bobbi’s vagina.

Again, Bobbi paused, resting on me, her breathing ragged. I reached for her, my hands on her surprisingly slim waist. Concerned about her, I said “Let me ...”

“No,” Bobbi said. “It’s just that it’s so good. I want to ... I’m almost ready.”

Again, Bobbi raised her hips, halting with the tip of my cock just touching her entrance. Looking at me her eyes out of focus, she drove her body down, forcing me into her, spreading the tight walls of her vagina with the hard flesh of my cock. Up again, then down, Bobbi continued stroking me inside the tight confines of her pussy. Her strokes becoming quicker now, up ... down ... up ... down.

My hands on her hips, I was thrusting up into Bobbi on each of her downward strokes. She was breathing erratically, gasping, her body shaking spasmodically, causing fantastic tremors in her fleshy breasts. “OH ... OH ... OH,” Bobbi gasped, her vagina contracting around my cock like a warm fist, as incredibly, she peaked again.

“I’m gonna come,” I gasped out.

“Yeah,” Bobbi gasped. “Go on. I want ... I want you to come in me.”

Sitting on my hips, she rested for a moment. Then, she was again stroking her tight vagina up and down my cock, increasing the pace as she responded more and more ardently, moaning deeply. I lifted my hips, meeting each of her downward drives, seeking to push my cock deep into her being.

“OH YES ... OH YES ... OH YES,” Bobbi cried, grinding her hips into me, her vagina tight, squeezing my cock.

Close to coming, I could feel my balls tightening, the semen forcing itself out of the inflamed testicles into the back of my cock, ready to explode into her pussy. I pulled Bobbi tight to me, wanting the sensation of the fullest penetration, squeezing her tits, ramming my cock into her. Then, my cock was exploding in her vagina, hot jets of semen boiling into her. This brought on another convulsive orgasm for Bobbi, milking my cock with tight vaginal contractions as I flooded her pussy. “Mmmmph ... Mmmmph ... God ... God,” was all she could moan as she ground down with her butt while I rammed up into her.

Bobbi collapsed onto my chest, breathing deeply. I held her in my arms, rubbing my hands over her back. It was unbelievable this had happened to me—a geeky virgin having sex with a playmate. I didn’t understand how it happened, but I planned on enjoying it as much as possible.

Bobbi laid in my arms, breathing softly. She was so quiet, I was worried she might have fainted. I kissed her forehead, then her temple. “Are you all right?” I asked.

Bobbi moved against me, sighing. “Bobbi, are you okay?” I asked again.

Finally, she moved in my arms, cuddling closer. Then, looking into my eyes, “That was so good. Rob, you’re so good,” kissing my cheek, her arms tightening around me. “Thank you ... thank you, Rob, darling. I never knew it could be so wonderful.”

I shifted position, moving Bobbi off my chest so she was lying on her side beside me, still cuddling. Looking into her lovely face, I couldn’t help asking, “Bobbi, why did you come into my room like this? What made you attracted to me?”

Bobbi’s eyes began to fill with tears. “Oh, Rob, I thought you wanted me to stay with you.”

Quickly hugging her close, “Bobbi, I did ... I do. You’re the most wonderful girl I’ve ever met. But nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I’m trying to understand why someone as wonderful as you would be attracted to me ... would want to have sex with me.”

Bobbi looked thoughtful for a moment. “Well, I just couldn’t stop thinking about you. I got ready for bed—showered, changed into my nightie—but when I laid down, I just couldn’t get to sleep. All I could do was think about you, and ...,” looking down shyly, “... and I just got so horny. I knew I had to come to your room. I know I’m attractive to men, that men like my body. I just took a chance hoping you’d want me.”

“But why do you think you were so attracted to me?” I asked, brushing her hair off her forehead. “I’ve never been very attractive to girls.”

“I don’t know. Who knows why you’re attracted to someone,” Bobbi smiled, running her hand over my shoulder. “I just know that as soon as I met you, you just seemed like the cutest, sexiest guy I ever met. I know Claudia feels the same.” With a giggle, “We talked about it. But I don’t know why—must be genes, or something.”

I could tell Bobbi was sleepy—she had done most of the work during our lovemaking. As I stroked her forehead, her eyes closed halfway, then closed completely as she drifted off to sleep. I pulled the sheet over her naked body, marveling again at how voluptuous she was, went to the bathroom, crawled back into bed, turning off the light, and fell asleep beside my beautiful new girlfriend.