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Alien Son

Chapter Five: Las Vegas, Nevada—Part 2

Somehow, I knew I was in a hotel room. I sat up, turning on the bedside lamp, seeing a brochure indicating I was at Caesar’s Palace and from the clock that the time was a little after eleven. I remembered the butte and the white light. The aliens had accepted me, I knew that.

I felt a strange tingling, a kind of throbbing in my dick. Pushing aside the blanket, I pulled down my shorts and examined my erect penis. My cock was enormous. My small penis had grown while I slept—it looked like it was now about nine inches long, and its girth appeared to have tripled. At the head, around the glans, it was incredibly sensitive—the sensitivity gradually decreasing down the length of the shaft. And, the changes didn’t stop with my cock, my balls were swollen—filled with sperm ready to erupt at the first opportunity.

I couldn’t keep from touching myself. With my mind creating erotic fantasies, remembering Bobbi and Claudia, I stroked my enlarged cock into a tremendous orgasm ... the semen arcing out in what looked like a cup of thick fluid falling on the sheets and blankets.

“Wow,” I thought, leaning against the headboard. “That was even better than when I had both of them together. I wonder what it’s going to feel like to really do a girl.”

As my breathing slowed, I became aware of other changes the aliens had made to my body. Running my hands over my chest, I estimated it had expanded about two inches. My biceps seemed bigger, too, and I might be a little taller than the 5 foot 10 inches I started out the morning with, but it was hard to tell lying down.

There was a knock on the bedroom door, then my dad’s voice, “Rob ... Rob, are you awake?” Then, the door opened a crack.

“Yeah, come on in.” Quickly, I threw the blankets and sheets across the bed to cover the cum spot.

Dad flipped on the lights. Sitting on the edge of the bed, “How are you feeling?”

“Okay,” I said. Then, “Pretty good, actually,” realizing how well I felt—maybe the sleep had helped me recover from the transformation.

“I got you some new clothes—one size larger than before. I think they’ll fit,” dad said. “I can see the changes already beginning to your body, but what about your mind. Do you see any evidence of the aliens’ mind control powers?”

“I don’t know. What am I supposed to do? Can I read your mind, or something?”

“No, you can’t read my mind, it’s blocked. Reach out, think of everyone who’s around you—guests, workers, visitors, gamblers—look with your mind, search them out. Go ahead, try it.”

Not knowing what else to do, I leaned back against the headboard and closed my eyes. Nothing happened. Concentrating, squeezing my eyes shut, I willed my mind out, seeking ... probing. Then, something happened. It was like colors, a cloud of changing colors. No, it was two clouds.

They were on the next floor down, waiting for the elevator—a husband and wife. I don’t know how, but I entered the clouds. The colors were emotions and desires, changing constantly. Probing more deeply inside the clouds, I could see shifting thoughts and memories. All the elements of each of their psyches perpetually fluctuating as one affected the other in a complex dance.

The man wanted to gamble some more, and he liked looking at the hostesses in the casino. His wife thought gambling was boring and knew he looked at the girls, and she didn’t like it.

“Let’s help them out.”

My eyes snapped open. “What do you mean?” I asked.

“Just follow my lead, and try doing it with your eyes open this time.”

With my eyes open, concentrating, I again examined the man and woman’s psyches. As dad’s probe joined mine, I saw the colors changing, some fading, others brightening, as dad worked on the husband, increasing his libido, bringing forward memories of lovemaking with his wife. I looked through the husband’s eyes as he turned to her, seeing within her middle-aged body the young woman he married.

“Now, you take care of the wife. I’ll help if you need it. Just remember what I did.”

I could see the colors that manifested the woman’s emotions, but I didn’t have the slightest idea how to change them. Then, I don’t know how, but I seized the color that represented lust and exerted my will to expand and intensify it. Unexpectedly, the woman’s lust shot up, quickly overriding all her other emotions. A slight gasp came from her mouth, as overcome with passion, her vagina began lubricating. Realizing it was too much, I quickly moderated the lust, simultaneously bringing forward her fond memories of love and lovemaking with her husband.

Within seconds, the man and woman were embracing, then leaving the elevators, walking together down the hall to their room. Seeing what we had done I got a lot hornier. Even after masturbating, I was still horny from the transformation the aliens made to my genitals.

“Umm ... I remember what it was like after the aliens changed me, how I felt,” dad said. “You know, the best way to hone your talent is to practice on girls. You’re really highly motivated when your trying to ... to get some girl in the sack. You go ahead and get dressed, then we can find you some companionship for tonight.”

I realized how hungry I was. The changes the aliens made must have burned up a lot of energy. “Yeah, and I’m pretty hungry, too.”

Dad stepped into the sitting room of our suite, returning in a second with the room service menu. “Decide what you want. You can get ready while we’re waiting for the food.”

I told him I’d have a double cheeseburger and a milkshake, then ducked into the bathroom taking a quick shower and shave. When I came out of the bathroom wearing one of those thick bathrobes the hotel supplied, the food was already there, set up on a table in the sitting room.

I was starving, probably from all the energy I used going through the aliens’ changes. I began scarfing down the food right away. My dad just had some pie and a cup of coffee. I guess he ate dinner while I was passed out.

After about ten minutes, with half the double cheeseburger in my belly, I was able to slow down a little. “Remember I said you couldn’t read my mind because it was blocked?” dad asked. “Go ahead, try to probe me.”

Concentrating, I sent a mental probe toward my father, but there was no sense at all that he was there. I was looking at a blank slate.

“You can do that too, to protect yourself from anyone else with telepathy. Look into yourself, look where the changes were made—you’ll find it there, and a lot more.”

I closed my eyes, trying to look into myself. Though it sounded impossible, like a camera taking a picture of itself, I was somehow able to look into that part of me where the changes had been made, and I discovered more about my powers and what they could do. I erected the wall, protecting my mind from others—though I didn’t know who besides my father might have that power. I opened my eyes, smiling at my father. I felt his probe reach out to me, then draw back as my block was encountered. “Good,” he said. “But there’s a lot more for you to learn. First, ....”

“Dad, if I don’t finish this cheeseburger, I’m going to pass out from hunger.”

“All right,” he said, smiling. “Finish eating, then I’ll teach you a few more tricks.”

I went back to my food while dad leaned back, sipping his coffee. When I had polished off the double cheeseburger, eaten every french fry, and pickle and scrap of lettuce, dad asked me if I wanted more to eat.

“That should hold me for a while,” I said. “Now, what else did you want to show me.”

“Have you noticed how everyone respects me? How they seem to want to agree with me? I’ve established a kind of mental aura that influences those around me to give me a little extra respect, to be a little subservient, to feel honored to be with me. If you want, I can help you establish one too.”

“Sure, that sounds great. What do I do?”

“You could figure it out for yourself, but it’ll be quicker if I help,” he said. “Lower your block just a little, and I can help you set it up.”

It was a little strange feeling my mind penetrated, even a little, by my father. I knew he must have used his power on me before, but now I was aware of it. Slowly, he entered my mind helping me establish the aura. When he withdrew, though there wasn’t anyone with us to test it on, I knew the aura was going to work.

Changing into the new clothes my dad got for me, “Can we get going? I’m kind of interested in meeting some girls.”

“I know. I remember what it was like. I’ve got a contact with the showgirls at one of the other hotels. If you don’t like any of the girls there, we can go somewhere else.”

In a few minutes, dad and I headed into the hall and entered the elevator. I was surprised at how crowded the elevators were this late at night, I guess I had a lot to learn about Las Vegas. While we were descending, for practice, I probed the other passengers’ minds.

A honeymoon couple was going to take a walk on the strip before returning to their room to make love ... again. I saw the wife (young, cute, blonde, a little thin) looking over at my dad and me—guess it was the aura. I probed her more deeply, learning her husband was trying to get her to perform a sexual act she felt uncomfortable about. I focused her attention on me, increasing her arousal. Soon, she was staring at my face, breathing deeply. When the elevator slowed at the ground floor, I caught her thought, “I’d do anything for that cute guy, even anal sex if he wanted it.”

As we stepped out of the elevator, my dad pulled me aside. “You shouldn’t have done that. Better fix it.”

“Alright,” I said. Then, manipulated the young wife’s psyche again so that instead of me she would once more focus her desire on her husband. We saw them stop at the doorway. She whispered to her new husband, “If you want that, what we talked about, I’m willing to try it ... for you.” He smiled at her, then they turned and hand in hand walked back toward the elevators.

As we walked to the taxi stand, my dad said, “I understand how you want to use your power for a little fun—and that’s okay, it’s good practice, but try not to cause any permanent damage to anyone. That isn’t really necessary.”

“Okay dad, I’ll try to remember that,” I said, a little ashamed of my prank.

When we got to the hotel where my dad’s contact worked, I was disappointed to find the show had just ended. “Don’t worry,” dad said. “We’re here for the showgirls, not the show.”

Dad tipped the head waiter, passing him a note to take backstage. The waiter came back in a minute, then silently led us backstage. I noted how my father calmed the backstage workers who saw us, making them see our presence there as acceptable.

We stopped at the girls’ dressing room. At the door, “You better wait here,” dad said, before stepping inside. I heard feminine shrieks, then laughter. I was just starting to scan the girls in the dressing room when my dad came out with an attractive, slim woman with short white-blonde hair.

“Ann, this is my son, Rob,” dad said, introducing us. Her name was Ann Morrison. She was dressed in white shorts and a red tee-shirt. She was thin, but with large breasts, a cute pixie face, and long, shapely legs.

“We were hoping you could find a someone to keep Rob company for his first visit to Vegas,” dad said. I guessed he was using his power to make her comply with his request.

“I’ll be happy to. There are some nice girls in the show, but a lot of them are married or have boyfriends,” Ann said. “But what about me, Eric? I’ve really missed you. It’s been months since I’ve seen you. My mother is taking care of Sarah. Can’t we all go out together?” grabbing hold of my dad’s arm, pressing herself against him.

“I’ve missed you, too,” he said, hugging her close to him. “Of course, we can all go together. Now, you go on inside and find someone nice for Rob.” As Ann walked inside the dressing room, he said to me, “Scan her. Go ahead, I want you to.”

I did as he ordered. She was 32 years old, divorced with one child, and she was crazy about my dad. I took a momentary peek into her memories of sexual experiences with my dad, then quickly withdrew, embarrassed at what I was seeing.

“Well, what did you see?” my father asked.

I told dad what I observed—how much Ann loved and desired him. That he must have manipulated her emotions so she would accept him as her lover. Looking directly into my eyes, he said, “One thing you didn’t notice is that there are no other men in her life—no other boyfriends.

“I’m kind of old fashioned. When I choose to enter into a relationship with one of my women, that’s exactly what I want her to be—my woman. And I arrange it so they’re satisfied with that. You know your mother’s happy. Just remember that they’re my women. You’ll have yours, and I’ll have mine, and we won’t interfere with each other.”

“Sure, dad, I never even thought about that.” In fact, I found the idea of screwing someone who was having sex with my dad kind of distasteful.

Through Ann’s eyes, I looked at the three girls she was thinking about for me. I was a little disappointed that all the showgirls in the dressing room had already put on their clothes and were just combing their hair or fixing their makeup before leaving. The three girls Ann was considering were all unmarried and currently unattached, and they were all good looking, with fantastic, trim figures and shapely dancer’s legs.

Sue, divorced, was a tall, thin oriental girl. It looked like her tits were little more than glorified pimples, but she had fantastic legs and a cute little butt. I was afraid what might happen if I tried to screw someone that thin with my huge cock. The second girl, Rhonda, was a Mexican-American with a voluptuous figure. In the future, she might tend to fat, but now she was glorious. Kim, was of mixed race—half African-American and half white. Although not as voluptuous as Rhonda, she still had a marvelous figure.

I already decided that if I was going to choose one of these girls it would probably be Rhonda or Kim, or maybe both. When, through Ann’s ears, I heard Rhonda speak in an annoying, high-pitched, little-girl voice, I used my power to direct Ann to introduce Kim to me, deciding if she wasn’t someone I wanted to spend time with, we could always look elsewhere, like my dad said.

Bending forward as Kim brushed her hair in front of a mirror, Ann said, “I’ve got someone to introduce to you. He’s Eric’s, my boyfriend’s, son. He’s really cute, and I think you’ll have a good time with him if he’s anything like his father.”

I influenced Kim to accept. “Okay,” she said. “Sounds good. I know how great you think your boyfriend is, but I don’t want to get too involved.”

When the two showgirls stepped out of the dressing room and we were introduced to Kim, I was able to get a better look at her. I saw how shapely she was in her white tee-shirt and tan shorts. Her body was clearly very toned, with firm, full breasts and a thin waist. She was wearing high-heel sandals, stretching her calves and projecting out even further her high, round butt. “Yeah,” I thought, “She’s the one.”

Ann gave my dad an affectionate hug. “Why didn’t you call earlier? I was expecting your call all day.”

“Rob, wasn’t feeling too well. I wasn’t sure when we’d be able to get together.”

“Was it your tummy?” Ann asked. “You might just have got a little upset tummy from traveling.”

“Do you feel all right, now?” Kim asked, concern in her voice.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I don’t know what it was, but I’m over it now.”

I looked more closely at Kim. She was really pretty, with fine, soft feminine features. Her complexion was very light—I guess what they call cafe au lait, but heavy on the au lait, more tan than brown. Her wavy hair, falling over her shoulders, was dark, but not quite black, and with a kind of reddish-brown tint to it.

Tentatively, I entered Kim’s mind. I found she had only had sex with three men. The last was her boyfriend—they split up a little over a month ago. Locating the hooks I needed, carefully, slowly I began manipulating her emotions, her libido, so she would be attracted to me.

This was something I had never done before, although I had seen the result when I scanned Ann. I looked over at my dad. Ann was hugging him with both her arms while rubbing her thigh against his crotch. I caught dad’s eye as he looked up for a moment, next I sensed his probe joining mine in Kim’s mind, then withdrawing, as he smiled reassuringly to me.

Kim looked down for a moment, then, brushing the hair from her forehead, she looked up at me, her dark eyes looking into mine. “So, Rob, are you ready to take in some of Las Vegas now?” she asked, her smile bright.

“Well ... yeah, but isn’t it kind of late.”

Everyone chuckled at this. “Rob, it’s never too late in Las Vegas ... for anything,” Kim said, smiling, her eyes on mine.

“Let’s go to our suite,” my dad said. “We can have a drink there and decide what we want to do.”

As she walked with me out to the street, Kim seemed comfortable with me, my hand on the small of her back, gently guiding her as we followed Ann and my dad. We all piled into a taxi for the short ride to our hotel, crunched close together, the scent of Kim’s hair making me feel even hornier.

In the elevator at Caesar’s Palace, I touched Kim’s libido, turning up her arousal level a notch. As the elevator started up, she moved forward a little, positioning herself at my side. Turning, her breast brushing against my arm, she asked, “Do you have any idea of what you’d like to see tonight?”

“I don’t know much about Las Vegas. Do you think you could help me?” I asked, smiling down at her.

“I’ll do whatever I can,” Kim replied, brushing her hair off her forehead.

Two of the hotel’s housekeeping women were just leaving the suite as we arrived. As we walked in, my father lingered by the door. “We took care of everything like you asked, Mr. Mannheim,” one of them said, my dad then tipping them.

“I think we have some champagne in the fridge,” dad said, heading for the bar. “I assume that’s alright with everyone?”

We all had a glass of champagne. We stood around the bar sipping our champagne, somehow feeling a little ill at ease. Ann turned on the stereo, then her arm around my dad, she asked, “Which room is yours?” When he pointed to his bedroom door, she took his hands pulling him with her into his bedroom. “See you in the morning, Rob, ... ‘night Kim,” she said, closing the door behind her.

Kim giggled, then said, “Aren’t we going to do anything, go anywhere?”

“I don’t know where to go,” I said. “Come on, show me what we can see from the balcony?”

My arm around Kim’s waist, I led her onto the balcony, at the same time using my power to make her feel sexually excited by me. My hand still on her hip, Kim led me to the rail, pointing, “There’s the Luxor. See, you can see the laser.”

“Beautiful,” I said. Then, I pulled her toward me, turning her to face me. I held her in my arms, using the power to increase her arousal. She looked down, then she raised her head, gazing into my eyes. Hugging her tightly, I pressed my mouth on hers. She didn’t try to pull away, but she seemed hesitant ... then, she responded, her mouth opening under mine, her tongue on mine, her body pressing itself even tighter against mine. She moaned into my mouth, then pulled away.

Looking down, “No, Rob, I can’t. I’m not like that.”

“I probably shouldn’t be doing this,” I thought to myself. But, I didn’t think it was possible for me to deny the demands of my enhanced cock. And why wasn’t Kim responding like Bobbi and Claudia did? I sent a probe toward Ann, in my father’s bedroom. She was kneeling on the bed beside my dad, sucking his cock. I couldn’t help noticing the pleasure she was taking in the act, how it aroused her, and how happy she was to do this for the man she loved. Looking into Ann’s psyche, I saw the sexual desire she felt for my dad, but beyond the desire there was deep affection ... love. Probing more deeply, I discovered how my dad had caused Ann to love him—what changes he had made so she would view him as her ideal lover, the only man who could satisfy her emotional needs. Then, I quickly withdrew before dad noticed my probe.

Looking into Kim’s psyche, I saw how she desired me, but feared giving in to that desire. Sex on such a short acquaintance was not consistent with her self image. Probing more deeply, I found what alterations needed to be made so that in addition to desire she would feel affection for me ... know that I was the one who could meet her emotional as well as her sexual needs. Still a little troubled at what I was doing, at what my penis was making me do, I altered her.

Kim was still looking down, breathing deeply. It had taken only a second for me to probe Ann and make the changes in Kim. Loosening my hold on her a little, I touched her chin. As she looked up, “Don’t worry,” I said. “I care for you ... you care for me. Something like this doesn’t happen that often. Let’s not lose our chance.”

“No ... yes,” she breathed, then pressed her mouth on mine, her soft bosom tight against my chest. We stood there together, our mouths and lips and tongues moving over each other, my hands roaming her body.

“Stay tonight ... will you?” I asked as we paused to catch our breath. Kim looked into my eyes, then nodded her assent before placing her mouth on mine once again.

The next time we parted from each other, I said, “Let’s go inside.” Together we walked into the sitting room.

Coming into my arms, quickly kissing my lips, “Let’s go to bed, darling,” Kim said, taking my hand, leading me into the bedroom.

My bed had been changed—clean sheets, blankets, everything—guess dad knew I couldn’t keep my hands off my dick after the change. I sat at the foot of the bed, pulling Kim to me as she stood before me. Remembering how Bobbi and Claudia derived pleasure for themselves in pleasing me, I scanned Kim discovering the changes that needed to be made for her to feel the same. Kissing her deeply, I lifted up her shirt, exposing her full, firm breasts, barely covered by a low-cut, lacy bra.

She lifted her arms, removing the garment, tossing it to the floor. Smiling, she reached behind her, undoing the bra, then allowed it to slide down her smooth arms. “Do you like?” Kim asked, as she bared her breasts to me.

“Beautiful,” I said, touching those full, fleshy globes. Across Kim’s breasts was a line from her bikini—dark tan on top, light tan beneath. Her nipples and large aureoles were dark, more pink than brown, the nipples erect, taut with arousal. Cradling her breasts in my hands, stroking the erect nipples with my thumbs, I looked directly into her eyes. “Beautiful ... you’re so beautiful,” I whispered.

Her eyes looked down to my hands caressing her breasts. She breathed in deeply through her nose, her nostrils flaring. I bent forward, taking first one, then the other erect nipple into my mouth, sucking, licking, biting gently around the aureole. “Rob,... oh Rob,” she gasped, pressing herself onto me, her lips moving over my ear, the line of my jaw, finally pressing her mouth onto mine as we kissed deeply.

“Let me,” Kim said fumbling with my shirt buttons. As my shirt opened, she peppered my chest with kisses, touching, licking. I was surprised to see, for the first time, hair on my chest. Kim seemed to like it, pressing her mouth and nose to the patch of curly dark hair in the center of my chest.

I let the shirt slide off my arms, tossing it on the floor with her tee-shirt and bra. Kim’s hands and mouth were moving lower down my body, her tongue inside my navel, her fingers on my abdomen. She slid down, kissing my abdomen just above my pants. She moved her fingers to the top of my pants, opening the button, sliding the zipper open.

I pulled her up, holding her hands in mine. “Don’t you want me to ...?” she asked.

“You first,” I said, running my fingers down Kim’s ribs, over her shorts, down her tanned legs, then up to the shorts again. With a quick movement of my fingers, I unbuttoned the shorts, then slid the zipper open. I slipped my fingers inside, touching the vee of her panties, damp with her arousal, then inside the vee, stroking her slick labia.

Kim gasped, then kissed me deeply, then she began covering my face with kisses. I moved my hands to her waist, slipping down her shorts and panties together. Pulling back a moment, leaning on my shoulders, she stepped out of them, standing, displaying her naked body to me.

Kim’s waist was very thin, flaring out to sumptuous hips. Her vagina was veiled by a vertical line of dark, curly pubic hair, trimmed for a bikini. Right now, she seemed the most beautiful, the most desirable girl in the world.

“Now it’s your turn,” Kim said, her hands moving again to my pants, grasping the waistband, sliding them down my legs to my ankles. She looked up and saw my nine-inch cock straining against the fabric of my boxer shorts, the broad head poking out the leg-hole. “Oh ...,” she said, “I never ... I didn’t know.”

A quick peek into Kim’s consciousness revealed that though she desired me, and was even beginning to love me a little, she was afraid of my giant organ. I felt kind of good about causing that kind of reaction. I had gone from having a tiny dick to one so large women were frightened of it.

Altering Kim’s psyche, I lowered the level of her fear, but didn’t eliminate it, linking it to lust for my organ. She would adore it. For Kim, my cock would be a god ... a pagan god, to be worshipped and feared. Raising my hips, “Pull them down. Go ahead,” I commanded.

Kim looked up at my face, then down to my crotch where my dick was stretching the fabric of the shorts. Her hands went to the waistband, slowly drawing the shorts down my legs. As they passed over my cock, it popped up, almost hitting her on the chin. “Oh ...,” she cried, staring at the broad, purple head.

“Pull them all the way down,” I said softly. When she reached my ankles, I said, “Take off my pants first.” She maneuvered my trousers over my shoes, then my boxers, throwing both on the floor with the other discarded clothes. “Now the shoes and socks.” She slipped off my left shoe and sock, then the right.

Kneeling at my feet, she looked into my eyes. Then she looked down to my erect cock, bouncing slightly as it pulsed with the blood running through it. “Do you want to touch it?” I asked. “Go ahead ... touch it.”

“It’s just I never .... Yes, I do ... I want to ... I want to touch it,” she whispered, her hands moving over my knees, to my thighs, all the time her eyes on my pulsing cock. I peered into her mind, sensing her desire for my organ mixed with her fear at its size. I was loving this.

“Go ahead. I want you to,” I said.

She moved her hands higher, resting them on my thighs on either side of my organ. I spread my legs a little, giving a little more room to my swollen balls. Looking into my eyes, she moved her hands inward just touching my cock with her fingertips. As she touched my dick, it jumped at the contact. Kim giggled, nervously, then grasped the pulsing flesh with both her soft hands. “Oh ...,” she said, caressing the hot surface.

Kim began rubbing her hands up and down the hard flesh, squeezing gently with the fingers of both hands—she couldn’t circle its thickness with one hand. As she squeezed, precum started issuing from the tip, bubbling over the purple cap. “Oh ... oh,” she gasped, staring at the tiny eruption, then bending forward, lapping up the viscous liquid. Me gasping as her tongue moved over the swollen cockhead.

“I want to suck you,” she whispered, looking up at my face.

“Yes ... go ahead. I want that too,” I said, placing my hands on her head, gently pulling her toward my cock. Kim opened her mouth, forcing it over the swollen, purple head. Her mouth as wide as possible, she could just barely encompass the helmet, her lips stretching around the ridge of the foreskin.

She moaned, her tongue swirling over the hot surface. Raising her head a little, she began sucking and tonguing the tip. Momentarily pulling her mouth up, her tongue touching the tip, she looked up, smiling. “Do you like this?” she asked, then moved her head down once again.

“God, yes,” I gasped. “Do you?”

Lifting her head, “I love it,” she said. “I love your cock.” With that she began stroking and licking up and down the shaft. Then, her lips and tongue began moving to the base. Her fingers were slipping between my thighs, seeking my balls. I raised myself up, spreading my legs, easing access for her. Holding my dick in one hand, she licked and sucked my swollen testicles.

Then, sitting again, taking her head in my hands, I once more forced her mouth over my pulsing cock. “Suck ... suck it good. Then I’ll fuck you,” I said. Her eyes looked at mine for a moment, then with a lustful moan, she pressed her mouth over the turgid flesh. Finally, pulling my cock from her mouth with a lewd sucking sound, I ordered, “Kneel on the bed. I’m going to fuck you dog style.”

I stood, as Kim, her hand still touching my cock, as though reluctant to part from it even for a second, knelt before me on the edge of the bed. I saw the wetness of her arousal shiny on her pussy lips. I rubbed my cockhead against her slick labia, then slowly began inserting it into her warm pussy.

Holding my cock with one hand, the other on her butt, I slowly pushed forward ... first just a little, then pausing, ... then forward a little more, ... then back a little, ... then forward a little more. It was hard to restrain myself, but slowly, inch by inch, I inserted myself into Kim’s interior until almost my whole cock was inside her. “How is it?” I whispered.

“OHH ... OHH ... YES,” she gasped. “IT’S GOOD ... DON’T STOP.”

Holding Kim’s round butt with both hands, I slowly forced my organ deep into her. “Umph ...” she groaned as I seated myself inside her, my abdomen tight against her ass. Holding her buttocks, I drew back till about half my cock remained inside, then rolled the hard shaft in her pussy ... up and down, left and right, Kim whimpering softly in sync with the movements of my dick. Becoming more impatient now, I thrust all of my organ deep inside her, my cockhead butting against her cervix.

“Yes ... yes,” Kim cried, “FUCK ME, ROB ... FUCK ME HARD.” My hands on her hips, I stroked back, then forward, slowly stroking my hard cock in her tight vagina. Moaning, Kim jammed her butt back, forcing the full length of my cock into her. Holding her full buttocks, I pulled back, then stroked forward again.

Kim moaned and gasped as I stroked my cock in her pussy. Then, more quickly than I thought possible, she cried out “I’m coming ... oh, Rob, I’m coming so quick.” Holding her butt, I felt her vaginal contractions squeezing my cock. Kneeling before me, her shoulders flat on the bed, her ass in the air, she rolled her butt as the contractions in her vagina overcame her. Whimpering ... gasping ... moaning, “Oh ... oh ... mmmph ... mmmph ... oh god ... oh god ... thank you, darling ... thank you, Rob darling,” she descended from the peak of her orgasm.

We paused like that, Kim on her knees, gasping. Me, my hard cock still lodged in her warm vagina, waiting for her to be ready again. I still needed to come.

When Kim’s breathing had calmed a little, I leaned forward, still with my cock in her, kissing the back of her neck, her ear, her throat. Finally, lifting up a little, she turned her face to kiss me full on the lips. I pressed forward, feeling the head of my cock rubbing against her cervix, deepening the kiss, thrusting my tongue into her mouth until her response was as ardent as mine.

As our mouths came apart, Kim rolled her butt around the axis of my cock, rubbing her ass against my thighs. “More ...? You still need to come, don’t you, darling. Go ahead ... do it. Go ahead, come inside of me, Rob darling,” she gasped out, looking back at me.

I kissed the back of Kim’s neck. Then grabbing her buttocks once again, I began slowly stroking my rigid organ inside her warm vagina, first back, ... then forward, ... then back, ... then forward. With a low moan, raising her head, Kim looked back at me her dark eyes hooded. Then she was pushing her butt back against me as I thrust my cock into the smooth glove of her vagina, the head grinding against her cervix.

I was ready now, increasing my pace, pistoning in and out of her, my hands on her butt using it to push and pull her body, increasing my sensation. “Oh ... oh ... oh,” she was murmuring constantly now. Then, throwing up her head, she looked back at me, her face almost a grimace, “Oh, Rob ... I’m coming ... I’m coming again.”

Her vagina squeezed my cock like a fist. Throwing her head and shoulders flat on the mattress, Kim shoved her ass back rolling it against me, increasing the sensation of my cock inside her vagina as, gasping and moaning, she reached an even higher peak than before.

I was ready too, my hands squeezing her buttocks, pulling her close as the semen rushed from my balls to my cock, then erupting from my urethra into her spasming pussy. It kept coming and coming and coming. The sensation was incredible. I could actually feel the semen passing through my urethra, jetting into Kim. And her pussy spasming around my organ increased the sensations incredibly as my cock pulsed again and again inside her body.

I collapsed on top of Kim, panting from the exertion. Though my cock was softening, it remained inside her. Cautiously, I raised my hips, allowing my now flaccid organ to gently slip out of Kim’s vagina.

Lying beside Kim, I watched her breathing deeply, her eyes closed. I kissed her temple, her earlobe, then stroked her forehead, brushing the hair away. Her eyes opened. Looking at me, she took a deep breath, “That’s some piece of equipment you’ve got there,” she said.

“So, are you an expert on that type of equipment?” “No,” she said, smiling, “But I’ve done a lot of reading, and I know what just happened is really unusual. And from my experiences in the past, that was more than I ever thought would be possible for me.”

With unexpected energy, Kim jumped up, kneeling over me, looking into my eyes, “Thank you, Rob darling” she said, kissing me, “thank you” ... kiss ... “thank you” ... kiss, then was showering my face with kisses. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her to me, kissing her deeply. I ran my hands over her body, caressing her round buttocks, her slim waist, stroking the smooth skin over her ribs, enjoying the feel of her skin, the taut flesh beneath.

I could feel my cock beginning to get hard again, and Kim, her thigh on my crotch, could feel it too. “Oh, Rob,” she said. “Again ... you want to do it again?”

A quick glimpse into Kim’s mind revealed how great the pleasure was I had just given her. She wanted that again. With her previous lovers, she had never experienced orgasms even close in intensity to those she had with me. But my sexual power and large cock were outside her experience. She wasn’t sure how to react to all these strange new experiences ... these new sensations.

Using the power, I helped her feel more at ease with what was happening, thankful even for the experience. She still had plenty of energy, to continue lovemaking—Kim was, after all, a very fit professional dancer. I kissed her deeply, our tongues dancing together. She moved herself over my cock, moaning into my mouth at the sensation of the hardening flesh on her thigh. I began caressing her breasts, pinching her erect nipples. As we broke our kiss, I whispered, “Yes, I want you again. I want to make love to you again.”

“Oh, Rob,” Kim said, her dark eyes looking into mine, “I want that too.” Then, she was kissing my chin, my neck, my chest, burying her face in the hair on my chest. She moved off me a little, so her body was at right angles to mine. Her hands and mouth were now free to roam over my body. She caressed ... kissed ... licked my chest, my belly, my groin.

Positioned on the bed as she was, I could reach out to fondle her pussy and ass. As she stroked my hard cock, her tongue licking up the shaft, I rubbed my finger over her damp labia, then around and over her clitoris. “Umm,” Kim said, looking up at me, stroking my organ, “Have I told you how much I love this?” Then, she once more forced her mouth over the purple cockhead.

While she sucked my cock, I slid my hand from Kim’s damp pussy up to her firm, round butt. Running my fingers in her cleft, I found the dimple of Kim’s anus. I circled it with my index finger, then slowly, pressed the tip of my finger into her tight anal ring. Kim paused in sucking my cock, then, as I didn’t push any deeper, resumed her sucking.

Using the power, I increased Kim’s awareness of the pleasurable sensations coming from the nerve endings of her anus ... made her more accepting of the idea of anal sex. Running my fingers down to her pussy again, I rubbed some lubrication onto my fingertips, then up to her anus again—this time pressing my finger in more deeply. She moaned around my cock, then lifting up her head, “What are you doing?” she asked.

“I want this ... your ass,” I whispered, “I want to make love to your ass.”

“I never did that before,” she said. “I want to make it good for you ... for both of us. But you’re so big, I don’t think I can do it.”

“You can do it, and you’re going to love it,” I said. Then, entering her mind I increased her arousal, increasing the sensitivity of her anus, making her desire anal intercourse, at the same time pressing my finger deeper into her tight butthole, gently rubbing it inside her.

“Oh,” she gasped, “that feels so strange, and so ... so sexy. Al ... alright, I’ll try it. What do I do?”

“Just wait here a second,” I told her, rising and stepping into the bathroom, returning with a bottle of lotion. Kim was lying on her side across the bed, stroking her pussy. I bent over her, gently kissing her lips. Then, setting the lotion on the bedside table, “Kneel on the side of the bed,” I told her, pulling her up by the waist until she was in the position I wanted.

Looking back at me, “You’ll be gentle, won’t you, Rob?” Kim asked. “You’ll go slow?”

“Don’t worry. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to,” I reassured her. I squirted some lotion on her anus, rubbing it around the outside. Then, squirting more, I slid one finger inside her, lubricating the interior of her asshole.

“Oh ... oh ... oh,” Kim gasped.

“Is that alright,” I asked.

Looking back at me, “Yeah, it’s alright ... it feels okay.”

Kim moaned slightly as I pulled my finger out. I squeezed more lotion on her ass, then slowly inserted two fingers into her anus. With two fingers of my right hand in her ass, I slid my left hand between her thighs, running my fingertips over her swollen labia, then inside the lips, caressing her vagina, teasing the erect clitoris.

“Oh god ... that’s so ... such a lovely feeling,” Kim moaned.

Continuing to caress her vagina, my fingers moving more deeply into her anus now, I bent forward, “Are you ready now?” I asked.

“Yes ... yes, I’m ready. Do it ... go ahead, put it in me,” she gasped.

I squirted some lotion onto my cock, spreading it up and down its full length, paying special attention to the head. Then, holding my cock in my hand, I slowly pressed the fat head into Kim’s sphincter until I felt it pop through the tight anal ring. “Oh ... it’s big,” she gasped. “Wait ... please wait a second.”

I paused with just the head of my cock lodged inside her, while Kim knelt before me panting. I slid my hand between her thighs, caressing her pussy. “How is it? Are you alright?” I asked.

As her breathing calmed, she looked back at me. “It’s ... it’s getting better. I just needed to get used to it. Go ahead, I’m ready now,” she said.

Slowly, I again began forcing my cock into her tight anus. Pushing in a little ... then pause ... in a little more ... then pause ... in a little more, until about half my cock was imbedded in Kim’s ass. “Are you alright?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s okay,” Kim said. “Now, go ahead ... give it to me. I can take it ... give me all of it.”

Slowly, without pausing, I began pushing the rest of my cock into her. Kim letting out a long, drawn-out moan as my dick slowly slid into her anus. Since she didn’t ask me to stop, I continued pushing. Finally, as the full length of my cock was imbedded in her ass, she gasped, her whole body shuddering. “Are you okay, Kim?” I asked.

She looked back at me, panting, her eyes veiled, “I’m good ... it’s good. I just had a small orgasm.” Then, looking into my eyes, “Do it to me now, Rob. Go ahead, I want it ... fuck me ... fuck my ass.”

So I did. I drew back, my hands on Kim’s hips, until the cockhead was just inside her anal ring, then drove forward, then back again, then forward, stroking my huge cock deep into Kim’s rectum. The sensation of Kim’s tight anus squeezing me was exquisite. Grabbing her buttocks, I stroked my cock deep into her ass. Plunging as deep as possible, my cock spreading her tight anal sphincter, squeezing her butt cheeks, pulling back, then plunging in again, then out ... then in ... out ... in ... out ... in .... I developed a rhythm, stroking in and out of Kim’s butt, the strokes becoming easier as her anus expanded to accommodate me.

“Oh ... oh ... oh,” Kim was moaning constantly now, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck it.”

As I felt my orgasm approaching, I tried to increase the depth of my strokes in Kim’s hot rectal passage, holding her butt tight against me as I forced my cock deep into her. “I’m coming,” Kim moaned. “Oh Rob, I’m coming again.”

As I felt the orgasmic contractions move from Kim’s vagina into her anus, squeezing my cock inside her spasming rectum, I began coming too, shooting my seed deep into Kim’s dark hole. Feeling the flow of hot semen jetting into her rectum, Kim threw her head up, giving an inarticulate cry, her body shuddering in total orgasm.

Exhausted, I collapsed on top of her. She appeared to have fainted—“swooned” might be a better term. Carefully, I withdrew my cock from her anus, then headed for the bathroom where I washed myself off. I knew I was protected from disease, but still wanted to keep clean.

I found my boxers on the bedroom floor, slipped them on and got in bed next to Kim, holding her gently in my arms. Her breathing was calmer now. She seemed to be sleeping peacefully. I pulled the sheet over us, soon falling asleep myself.

I woke to Kim kissing my cheek, her hand stroking my shoulder. Kissing me once more, she said, “I need to go to the bathroom, darling,” getting out of bed. In a few minutes she was back, lying beside me once more. She kissed me softly, saying “Thank you.” Then, we both fell asleep once more.

We woke again a little after ten in the morning. We talked. Kim was 22 years old. She graduated from the local community college, and had been working as a professional dancer for two years. Although she was of mixed race (her father was black and her mother white), she had not experienced much prejudice growing up in Las Vegas. Her father was a dealer in a casino. Her mother had been a dancer, but hadn’t worked outside the home since Kim was born. She had a 19 year old sister and a 16 year old brother. And, she seemed to have led a happy, stable family life.

I told her a little about myself—about being illegitimate and my father inviting me to spend two weeks with him during the summer so we could get to know each other better.

“I think your father’s a nice guy—just like you,” Kim said, kissing me briefly on the lips. I put my arms around her, pulling her tight to my chest, kissing her deeply. When we broke the kiss, she moved in my arms, sliding down my body, touching, kissing. Her hand slid under my shorts, touching my hardening cock. “This is very nice, too,” she said stroking it.

“I washed it after what I ... what we did last night.”

Smiling up at me, her eyes bright, “Umm ... that makes me feel better,” Kim said. “You don’t know how crazy I am about you, and about this.” She was kissing my belly, her tongue inside my navel while her hands continued stroking my cock. Then, her lips and tongue were moving over my abdomen—tickling a little—while her hands slid my shorts down. My cock popped out, pointing towards my head, but since Kim’s head was on my belly, it was pointing at her. She stared at my cock. Then, turning her head smiled at me. Then, turning again to my cock, her hands on the base, she pressed her mouth over the head, moaning softly.

As Kim’s lips and tongue and hands worked over my organ, I couldn’t help lifting my hips, trying to pump my cock deeper into her mouth. She pulled away for a moment, licking over the tip, then was running her tongue up and down the thick shaft. I grabbed her head, pulling her mouth down over my cockhead once again, “Suck it, suck it hard,” I commanded.

Her mouth was sliding up and down over the top of my cock, her hands stroking the shaft. Kim raised her head, catching her breath, her eyes on mine. “Do you like this? .... Am I doing good?” Then pressing her mouth once more over the broad head, her hands stroking the shaft.

“Yes, don’t stop,” I gasped.

“Umm ... umm,” Kim moaned as, her lips stretching, she forced her mouth lower on the hard shaft. About a third of my cock was in her mouth, her hands sliding up and down the shaft, slick with precum and spit. I was ready to come, and I wanted to do it in Kim’s mouth. I scanned her, discovering that up till now she had found the idea of fellatio and swallowing repugnant, but that had already been dispelled by the passion she felt for my cock.

“I’m coming,” I gasped. “I want to come in your mouth.”

Kim breathed in deeply through her nose, her dark eyes flashing up at me for a second. Then, her hands and mouth and tongue were working faster and faster on my cock, spurring me towards orgasm. I was ready, the thick semen boiling out of my balls into the shaft of my cock. My abdomen tensing, holding Kim’s head tight against me. Her fingers stroking my shaft and balls, her tongue caressing my cockhead. My muscles were tightening, my legs growing rigid.

Then my cock was pulsing, jetting thick streams of semen into Kim’s warm mouth. She gasped, then coughed slightly as she worked to swallow the viscous emission. I was coming, and coming, and coming the waves of thick fluid creating incredible sensations as they moved through my urethra. My cock pulsing again and again as wave after wave of semen poured into Kim’s mouth. In my ecstasy, I entered Kim’s psyche, feeding the pleasure I was experiencing into her, giving her another mind-blowing orgasm. She moaning, sucking more fiercely as the orgasmic contractions in her vagina overcame her.

As the spasms slowly subsided, the semen coming slower, my cock softening, I lay back, closing my eyes. I felt Kim’s mouth open a little as panting, she laid her head on my thigh, her tongue licking the drops of fluid as they oozed from my urethra.

“Wow,” I said, opening my eyes, lifting up a little to look down at Kim.

“So, you liked it,” she said. “Did I do good?”

“It was wonderful. Did you like it?”

Kim smiled up at me, “I never liked it before. I only tried it once, but this time, with you, it was wonderful. You know, I had an orgasm too ... that’s how crazy you’re making me.”

I reached down, pulling Kim up to me, kissing her lips, tasting again my own semen. We lay there, cuddling together in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

I heard movement out in the sitting room, then my dad knocking on the door, “Rob, Kim are you awake? The girls need to be at work by 2:00.”

Kim looked at me, “That’s right. We have rehearsal, and costumes to get ready. We better get going.”

I looked at the clock, it was about 11:30. “Let’s have lunch together. I want to spend more time with you. Then we can take you to work.”

We had room service bring our lunch, my dad and Ann and Kim and I all eating together at a table they set up in the sitting room. Lunching together like this, gave us more time to get to know each other. My dad and Ann pretty much kept to themselves while Kim and I talked and flirted together. I realized how fond I was becoming of her. I think I was more fond of Kim than I was of Bobbi and Claudia. I wondered if I might be falling in love.

After lunch, we took them to the hotel where they worked. It was a little after 2:00, so dad and I used our powers to smooth the way for them with their bosses, and we ensured they would be treated well in the future.

As Kim and I parted, I used my power to reinforce her affection for me, ensuring she would remain faithful and available. Kissing me goodbye, Kim gave me her address and phone number. “Please,” she said, pressing herself to me. “I want to ... I need to see you again. Please call me ... any time.”

Before leaving for Santa Barbara, we spent a couple of hours shopping for my new clothes. I had already grown one size larger, so we bought some clothes in my new size and some in the next larger size. During the flight to Santa Barbara, with me again sitting in the copilot’s seat, my dad and I discussed the changes the aliens made to me.

Looking at me, dad said, “I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen in terms of the physical changes. When the aliens transformed me, I had already reached my full growth. Except for the transformation of my sex organs, the changes happened gradually over several months, then stopped. Since you’re still growing, we don’t know how extensive the changes to your body might eventually be. “You probably won’t need to be concerned about explaining most of the changes—they’ll happen gradually enough that no one is likely to notice. And if they do, you can just say it’s due to a growth spurt or working out more. Unless, of course, you continue transforming, and you end up some kind of giant, but I don’t see the aliens letting that happen.

“But the changes to your sex organs are more obvious. I guess you don’t have any girlfriends back home who might notice the difference, and your mother hasn’t seen you naked for years. If there’s anyone else who might notice the change, you can use your mental power to either make them believe that you’ve always been like that, or to believe the transformation should just be accepted without question. You can do that with your girls in Santa Barbara, Claudia and Bobbi. I’ll be available if you need help, but if you can handle it yourself it would be good practice in using the power.”

“Thanks dad,” I said. “I wanted to talk to you about Bobbi and Claudia. I’ve pretty much decided to let them be my girlfriends, like they want—for a while at least. And I wanted to talk to you about Kim, too. I’m really fond of her.”

“Well, if you like Kim that much there’s no reason you couldn’t have her in your harem too.”

Harem. I hadn’t thought about it, but I realized now that was what I was doing, collecting girls, Bobbi, Claudia—and now Kim—into a harem. That was what my dad had done—getting married seven times, having dozens of girls and almost a hundred children. “Dad, is this right? I mean, is it right to use our power on the girls like we’re doing?”

“It’s up to you. I’m not going to try to argue you out of it if you think it’s wrong. But there are a lot of reasons girls can be attracted to you—good looks, money, personality, sense of humor. You wouldn’t think it was wrong if girls liked you because of your looks or your personality. I don’t think there’s much difference if girls like you because of the power. And, it is one of the benefits the aliens gave us for helping them.”

I let my dad convince me. I had more sex in the last few days than in my whole life. It was hard to turn my back on that. After discussing where my girlfriends should live, dad agreed to help pay for an apartment in LA for the two playmates. I decided to maintain my relationship with Kim. She, too, would be a member of my harem, but in Las Vegas.

The rest of my Santa Barbara vacation passed without anything more significant happening. I used my mental powers to convince Bobbi and Claudia to accept the changes to my sex organs without question, and after becoming accustomed to it, they were delighted with my new cock. And, they were elated when I told them I would let them be my girlfriends like they wanted. Dad let me borrow the Expedition, and the girls and I drove up the coast so I could try surfing. It was impossible to find anywhere decent to stay without reservations, so I convinced a middle-aged couple they would enjoy camping for a couple of days while we house-sat their vacation bungalow.

Bobbi was from California, and had done a little surfing, but was far from an expert. I found a Japanese-American California surfer girl who could teach me the basics. My new body and faster reflexes helped with the surfing lessons, but it was clear it would take more than just a couple of days before I would be any good. Miko was a little surprised when she saw our sleeping arrangements in the borrowed bungalow, but at my invitation enthusiastically joined us.

The last few days before I returned home, my dad briefed me on what he was working on for the aliens. “I’ve got all the information on my projects here, at the ranch,” he told me. “If anything happens ... happens to me, contact Candace. I’ll make sure she always knows where everything is located.”