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Alien Son

Chapter 6: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Three months later, in my Cambridge apartment, I was spending Saturday morning with Jeanne. So far, she was the one girl—woman—I found at MIT that I was attracted to and that I really liked. Although she was the oldest woman I had been with yet, she looked ten years younger than her 31 years.

We were in the sixty-nine position—Jeanne fiercely sucking and rubbing my cock while I licked and sucked her. I reached up, squeezing her round buttocks, pulling her pussy tighter to my mouth. Jeanne moaned as I circled her anus with my index finger, then, as I inserted the tip of my finger into the tight ring of muscle, pushing in, stroking my finger in her anus, she pulled her mouth from my cock, “Oh ... oh ... I’m coming,” she gasped in her cute French accent.

As she shuddered with the spasms running through her vagina, I continued working my mouth over her pussy and clit, my finger stroking inside her ass. Jeanne’s shudders subsiding, I pulled away from her, turning my face to the pillow, wiping some of her drippings from my mouth.

“Oh, Robert darling, that was beautiful,” she said, flexing her legs. My still hard cock close to her lips, she flicked her tongue at the damp tip. “You didn’t finish yet. Let me suck you some more,” pressing her mouth once more over the thick cockhead.

“You on top. I don’t want you like that now. Come on, get on top,” shifting position, arranging the pillows, leaning my back against the headboard. Jeanne crawled on top of me, straddling my waist, reaching behind for my cock, slowly stroking the hard flesh.

Looking up at Jeanne, I remembered how I was first attracted to her. She looked like Brigitte Bardot—the same petite body, with high, round breasts, the bubble butt, the tousled blonde hair, and that baby face with the pouting mouth, smiling at me now. She was French, divorced from her professor husband, and working as an instructor in the French Department. And she was the most sexually uninhibited woman I ever knew.

After I returned home from Santa Barbara to Adrian, I kind of went out of control. I screwed almost every girl I had ever thought about, from the secretary at the architect’s where I worked, to my best friend Danny’s sister. And, with my enhanced body and mental powers, I didn’t have to take any crap from anyone—and I didn’t. At the flimsiest excuse, I would pick a fight with any of the guys who had pushed me around in the past.

The worst thing I did was to tell the secret of the aliens to Danny. I just couldn’t keep something like that to myself. The next day, I realized what a mistake it was and removed his memory of what I told him. Luckily, he didn’t really believe it anyway and hadn’t told my secret to anyone else. After that experience, I was able to get control of my urges.

By the time I was ready to leave for MIT, I was six feet tall, with a slim, athletic build. My hair had lightened until it was a kind of dark, gold blonde instead of its original mousy color. And, my complexion had completely cleared up—not one pimple. Since then, my growth had slowed. I wasn’t sure, but thought I might have grown another half inch since starting at MIT. My cock hadn’t grown any longer since I woke up in that hotel room in Las Vegas, but it seemed like it might be a little thicker now.

Although I enjoyed the girls I had in Adrian, I missed my playmates. When I was ready to leave for MIT, I arranged for Bobbi and Claudia to meet me in Chicago for the weekend as I passed through on my way to Boston. When we parted, I agreed to meet them in LA at the fall break. I intended to see Kim again then too.

Jeanne looked down at me, her eyes laughing. “So, you don’t like my mouth any more? You don’t want to come in my mouth?”

“I love your mouth. I just wanted a change,” I said, squeezing her nipples, causing her to whimper softly.

Bending forward, Jeanne kissed my mouth roughly, forcing her tongue between my lips as I squeezed her breasts. As we broke our kiss, she ran her tongue over my lips, tasting herself on me. Her lips to my ear, she whispered, “Which do you want ... which of my holes?”

“Surprise me. You choose.”

“Close your eyes,” she said.

With my eyes closed, I felt her reaching over me to the bedside table. “I know what you’re doing,” I said, opening my eyes. “That’s no surprise.”

“Oh, you peeked. You spoiled the surprise,” Jeanne said, opening the tube of K-Y she had picked up from the table. She squeezed some cream onto her fingers, then, reaching behind her, she ran her fingers up and down my dick, spreading the oily cream along its full length. As she stroked the now slick surface of my cock, she smiled down at me, “Umm, do you know, Robert, how much I love your cock ... your big cock.” She took my hand, squeezing a glob of the K-Y onto my fingers. “Here, rub it in my ass.”

Rubbing the cream around Jeanne’s anus I watched her eyes lose focus as she concentrated on the sensation. She leaned forward, rubbing her breasts against my chest, spreading her legs wider, opening herself more fully. I pressed a finger into her asshole, forcing the lubricant into her. Moaning, she pressed herself tighter to me, her pussy wet and warm against my abdomen. I inserted another finger, gently stroking inside her anus. “Umm ... yes,” Jeanne moaned in my ear. “Open it so I can take your big cock inside me.”

Jeanne was the first girl I found I didn’t need to use my mental power on for anal sex. She had done everything—and enjoyed everything—already. The first couple of times I did her in the ass, I needed to use the power to help her accommodate herself to my large cock, but since then she often initiated anal intercourse herself.

As I stroked my fingers inside her, I felt the tight muscular ring relaxing, her sphincter readying itself for penetration. “You’re ready,” I told her, “Come on. I want your ass now.”

“So, Robert, you want to fuck my tight little ass with that big cock of yours?” Jeanne said smiling, raising her hips, reaching behind her to take my slick cock in her hand. Then she canted her hips back, slowly pressing the broad head of my cock into her, holding the shaft with her hand. Gradually, she lowered her hips until about half the length of my cock was inserted in her anus.

I reached up, fondling Jeanne’s breasts, pinching the hard nipples. Then running my hands down to her buttocks, squeezing the firm flesh, I lifted my knees a little, pushing myself deeper into her. Jeanne gasped but didn’t pull away as I pushed up, pressing my cock into her. Still holding her butt with my left hand, I began caressing her pussy with my right hand.

Jeanne moaned, then once more began descending, swallowing my cock inside her tight anus. Once she was all the way down, my cock completely engulfed in her, she rolled her hips just a little around the axis of my cock, simultaneously, tightening her sphincter, squeezing the base of my cock. “Umm ... you like?” she gasped. “You like my tight asshole squeezing your cock like this?”

“I like. Do you like it?” I asked, my finger inside her wet pussy, rubbing my cock through the thin membrane separating her vagina and rectum.

“You know I love it, Robert, darling. I love your big cock in my tight ass.”

Slowly, she raised her hips until just my cockhead was inside her sphincter, then, her anus tight around my cock, she plunged down, moaning, squeezing her rectum as she descended on my cock. Then up, gasping as I caressed her pussy, then plunging down again, her eyes closing as she focused all her attention on the lascivious sensations overwhelming her body.

I was close to coming now, thrusting up into her as she plunged down, my hand working on her pussy and clitoris. Somewhere, I heard the phone ring, then the machine taking the message as I gasped to Jeanne, “I’m coming ... I’m going to come in your ass.”

“Yeah ... go ahead. I want it ... give it to me. I want you to come in my ass.”

I was thrusting up harder to meet her, slamming my cock into her tight asshole again and again, harder and harder. My hand working inside her pussy, my thumb teasing her clit, I reached up with my other hand to pinch her nipples. Jeanne, stroking her anus up and down on my cock, cried out, “God ... god ... yes ... Robert, I’m coming. I’m coming in my ass ... I’m coming for you.” Then her body was shuddering as orgasmic contractions overcame her, the spasms moving from her vagina into her rectum as she shuddered through a massive anal orgasm.

Jeanne’s climax went on and on as she ground herself against me, whimpering, her body shuddering through one orgasmic contraction after another, convulsive rectal spasms squeezing my cock. All Jeanne could do was moan as I grabbed her butt, thrusting myself as deeply into her as I could. Then I was coming, waves of thick semen shooting from my cock into Jeanne’s spasming rectum. Feeling the warm, viscous fluid jetting into her ass, Jeanne’s eyes snapped open, “Uhh ... uhh ... yes, come in my ass,” she gasped.

Spent, I lay back as Jeanne collapsed onto my chest, my dick slipping out of her anus as she settled on me. She laid there for a while, her eyes closed, as her breathing slowed. Then, raising herself up, she kissed me gently. “Oh, Robert, darling, that was wonderful. You know, you’re a marvelous lover.”

After resting for a while, I got out of bed, grabbing my shorts from where I threw them on the chair last night. “Do you want coffee?” I asked, heading for the kitchen, hearing her answer yes before she closed the bathroom door behind her. I put the coffee on, then, when Jeanne came out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around her—looking incredibly like Brigitte Bardot—I ducked in for a quick shower.

In the kitchen, Jeanne with a towel wrapped around her torso, me a towel around my waist, we sat quietly, sipping our coffee. Remembering the phone call, I went into my small living room and played back the message. It was my mother. “Rob, you need to call me as soon as possible. It’s important. Don’t forget.”

As I picked up the phone, Jeanne asked, “Who was that? Another of your girlfriends?” She couldn’t be jealous—I had made sure of that—probably just curious.

“It’s my mom,” I said as I punched the numbers into the phone. When mom answered, I asked what the problem was.

“It’s your father. He was in an accident—in Phoenix. He wants you with him. You need to go there.”

“What kind of accident?” I asked. “Was it his plane ... a plane crash?”

“No, it was a car accident. He’s hurt pretty bad, they’re not sure if he’ll make it.”

“Can I call him?” I asked. “Maybe if I could talk to him ...”

“No, you can’t call him. He can’t talk. It’s ... it’s really bad, Rob. You need to go to him.” That’s when I realized how badly injured my dad must be. Mom continued, “There’s a direct flight from Boston tomorrow morning about 11:00. Do you think you can make that?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Are you going too?”

“No. Louise, his wife is with him. She said he asked for you to come. I don’t think I need to be there.”

During the rest of the conversation we finalized plans for my flight to Phoenix. I knew dad had a family there, but I had never learned his current wife’s name. Mom said she would call Louise and arrange to have someone meet my flight in Phoenix.

Everything was pretty rushed after that. Jeanne spent the night, but we didn’t have sex. I was too worried. Besides being worried about my dad, I worried about how his accident might effect me. My whole life would change if I had to take over the duties he was performing for the aliens.

Jeanne gave me a ride to Logan Field in Boston Sunday morning. After a flight of about six hours, I landed in Phoenix.

As I came out of the walkway into the terminal, an attractive Mexican-American woman, about 25 years old, dressed in tailored slacks and a neat white blouse greeted me. “You’re Robert Mannheim, aren’t you?” When I said I was, she said, “I’m Irma Santos. Louise asked me to meet you. I just had your photo to identify you. You know, you’ve changed a lot since summer. It was lucky I was able to recognize you.”