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Alien Son

Chapter Eight: Santa Barbara, California—Part 3

Candace met me at the Santa Barbara terminal. Taking both my hands, “Rob, I’m so glad you’re here,” she said, her voice husky.

“How are you doing, Candace?” I asked, looking into her eyes, smiling a little.

“I’ll be all right. You’re suffering too, I know. You two—your father and you—got so close this summer. We had a good time, didn’t we?”

Her eyes filling with tears, she dropped my hands, pulling a tissue from her pocket. As we walked toward the Expedition, I looked into her psyche. The colors were all wrong. Candace was overwhelmed with grief and despair. Carefully, I began manipulating the colors, calming her, reducing the feelings of despair, helping her reconcile herself to the loss of my father.

When we got to the Expedition, Candace turned to me, the hint of a smile on her face, her long auburn hair floating around her face in the morning breeze. “Rob, I’m really glad you’re here. I ... I think I just need someone to talk to.”

Peering into her mind, I realized that she was alone in her sorrow. Louise, Irma and Carol had each other, but—except for the three servant-guards, who she wasn’t close to, Candace had to suffer through her grief by herself. I thought of my mother—she was alone too.

We were quiet as Candace drove to the ranch. I continued probing her mind to discover what more I could do to help. I found that in addition to the grief she felt at my father’s death, she had loved him deeply, and she feared she would never be able to love like that again. Candace was still young, only 29. I used the power to help her realize that most of her life was still ahead of her, that her future would hold more opportunities for love and companionship.

When Candace stopped the vehicle outside the ranch, waiting for the gate to swing open, she said, “This is all yours now.” Then, turning to me, “Irma told me about the will, that you’ll be inheriting the ranch.”

“Yes, but don’t worry about it,” I reassured her. “I don’t want to change things for you. You can stay on here as long as you want.”

Inside, I told Candace I would take my old room—she could stay in the master bedroom she had shared with my father. I dropped my bag in my room, knowing the servants would unpack for me. In my father’s study, I had Candace show me the files, making sure I had all the files and records for the projects my father had been working on, then told her I would be using the Expedition all day tomorrow. I needed to contact the aliens.

After Candace left me in the study, recalling my concern about my mother during the drive from the airport, I picked up the phone and dialed her number. “Mom, how are you doing? Are you all right?” I asked.

“I’m fine. It was a shock, but I’m coping. Grandma’s here, don’t worry about me.”

Relieved that my mom had my grandmother with her to help with her grief, I started going through my father’s files, working straight through until dinner. Most of the records were on the computer, but a lot were paper files. Around noon, Candace brought my lunch. I ate while working. I found that the aliens’ changes increased enormously my ability to focus on whatever I was working on, something I had already begun to notice at MIT.

At seven, Candace and I had dinner together in the dining room. She had changed from the striped tee-shirt and jeans she was wearing in the morning to tailored black slacks and a silk blouse with a dark green pattern that complemented her green eyes. She was in a better mood now, talking freely about her plans for the future. Looking into her psyche again, I saw that her earlier despair was almost totally eliminated.

“I appreciate you letting me stay,” she said, smiling. “It shouldn’t be too long before I’m ready to move on.” When I told her I was thinking about inviting Bobbi and Claudia after I returned from my trip tomorrow, “Oh, that’s great,” she said. “It’ll be good to see them again. We had such a wonderful time together this summer,” her eyes filling with tears.

Back at work in my dad’s study, I was just completing my review of the files when Louise called. She told me the autopsy on my dad would be carried out tomorrow. Everyone who needed to be informed of my father’s death had been notified, and she thought we should plan on scheduling his funeral for Tuesday next week. “Wait until we get the autopsy results,” I told her. “We can’t decide on the funeral until we know what they find.”

“Do you really think they’ll find anything?”

“That’s why we need the autopsy, to see what they might find,” I said. She told me Stanley had filed my father’s will with the court in Phoenix and didn’t expect any problems. I told Louise to have Dr. Meisner call me when he had the autopsy results, then ended the call.

It was a little before 10:00. The review of my dad’s files was finished, and because I would have to get up early tomorrow morning to drive to the butte in Nevada, I decided to go to bed early. I put all my dad’s papers away and walked upstairs. Candace’s bedroom door was open a crack. As I passed by in the hall, she called me in.

Candace was sitting cross-legged on the bed a magazine in her lap, wearing a man’s sleeveless white undershirt and pink panties, soft music playing in the background. “Rob, I wanted to thank you again for letting me stay here like this,” she said, looking up at me, brushing her auburn hair off her forehead.

“That’s alright,” I said. “I’m glad to be able to help.”

As I moved toward the door, Candace said, “I had Luis check the Expedition—fill the gas tank, make sure everything’s all right. I know you’ve got a long trip ahead of you tomorrow.”

“It’s not that far. Just something I’ve got to do for dad. It’ll probably only take seven or eight hours. I’ll just go, take care of what I need to do, then turn around and come back. I should be back in time for dinner.” As I was talking, Candace set the magazine aside, her heavy breasts moving under the cotton fabric of her shirt. Looking into her mind, I saw that she was beginning to focus her attention on me, that she was beginning to view me as the man who would meet her emotional and sexual needs.

Candace looked up at me. It had been several days since I had been with a woman—a long time for me, at least since I was altered by the aliens. I guess my self-imposed abstinence was a way of mourning for my dad. But Candace was beautiful, and sexy. There was no question that if the circumstances were different, I would take her in a second. But she was my dad’s woman.

Candace half opened her mouth, about to speak, her tongue touching her lower lip. She shifted her body slightly, the fleshy breasts moving under her shirt, her nipples making small tents in the fabric, a faint hint of pink showing through the white cotton. Smiling, “That’s good to know. I’ll make sure to have something special for your dinner.”

I walked over to the bed, sitting on the edge—not too close. I could smell her clean scent—bath soap and baby powder. I sat there quietly, looking at Candace, thinking. She looked up, her eyes bright, “I enjoyed having dinner with you tonight, Rob. You were good company.” Then, her green eyes looking directly into mine, “It’s not good for me to be alone too much.”

It was her eyes that did it ... and her hair, and her breasts, and her legs, and all that Candace was. I reached out, putting my hand on hers, “You don’t need to be alone,” I said, at the same time using my power to excite her sexually, focusing her desire on me.

Candace took my hand in both of hers, “Rob, thank you. That’s so wonderful of you. I ... I don’t know what to say.” Her eyes looking into mine, then down at my hand as it rested between hers, then up into my eyes again.

“You don’t need to say anything,” I said, moving closer, staring into her eyes. Gently, I freed my hand from hers. Then slowly, I ran my hands up her arms, over her shoulders, relishing the feel of the soft skin ... the firm flesh beneath. Her eyes closed as I pulled her toward me, pressing my mouth to hers.

Candace responded passionately, her lips opening under mine, her arms holding me to her. As we broke our kiss, she rested her head on my shoulder, touching my neck with her lips. I ran my hands over her shoulders, her back, stroking the firm flesh through the cotton of her shirt. Pulling away a little, sitting up, she caste her eyes down for a second, then up, looking at me. “Rob, the ranch belongs to you now,” she said, then taking the hem of her undershirt in her hands, pulling it off over her head. “And everything in it.”

As Candace moved, tossing the undershirt to the floor, I stared at her large breasts swaying in front of me. They were beautiful, full, heavy, slightly pendulous, tipped with large circular aureoles, the protruding nipples pointing up from the center of each pale-pink circle. I had seen pictures of Candace naked in my Playboy collection, but in real life her breasts were spectacular.

Looking up from her breasts, smiling, “So you belong to me now?” I asked.

“If you want me,” she said, her green eyes staring into mine.

“I want,” I said, my eyes locked on hers. Reaching forward, I cradled the heavy flesh in my palms, caressing, squeezing the full breasts, rolling my palms over the hardening nipples, pinching, stroking.

Candace, closing her eyes, took my hands in hers, forcing them tighter on her heavy breasts. “Oh, Rob ... oh,” she gasped. “What you’re doing to me ... it’s so ... so wonderful.” I bent forward, pressing my mouth to first one erect nipple, then the other, licking, sucking. As I worked my mouth over her nipples, my hands squeezing, Candace began gasping and moaning, her breathing ragged. “Oh ... oh ... oh,” she cried, pulling me tight to her.

Looking into her psyche, I saw that Candace was almost ready to orgasm. I couldn’t believe it was happening again, that another girl was responding like this from just having her breasts stimulated. This was too much like what happened with Bobbi to be a coincidence. Probing deeper into Candace’s psyche, I saw how my father had altered her, how he had increased the sensitivity of her breasts and nipples, how he had increased her ability to be sexually excited from having her breasts stimulated.

He must have done this to Bobbi too. After the aliens gave me the power, I never thought about examining Bobbi or Claudia to see how dad had altered them. Guess I should have, but I was too busy enjoying myself to think about it. Now, probing deeply into Candace, into her libido, I saw how he had modified her sexuality, increasing her sexual responsiveness to make her the perfect lover for him—and now for me.

Lifting my face from her bosom, I kissed Candace on the lips, my hands still caressing her breasts, my thumbs stroking the erect nipples. Her arms came around my neck, her mouth opening under mine as we kissed passionately. As we disengaged, her eyes opened, looking into mine, “That feels so good,” she said. “Oh ... oh, Rob ... your hands ... you’re driving me wild.”

Cradling her full breasts in my palms, I moved my fingers to the puffy aureoles. Taking an erect nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each of my hands, I began pinching and pulling in a kind of milking motion. Candace brought her hands up to mine, holding them tight against her breasts. Then, her eyes closing, her back arching, breathing in deeply through her nose, her body shuddered as she peaked.

She collapsed into my arms, her breathing slowing as I held her, stroking the smooth skin of her back. After a moment Candace looked up at me, taking my hands in hers. “You have wonderful hands,” she said, softly kissing the palms of my hands. Then, her fingers unbuttoning my shirt, “I think you’re going to like my hands too.”

“I think I like all of you,” I said smiling, helping her with the buttons, then pulling my shirt off and tossing it to the floor.

Candace pressed her face to my chest, nuzzling the hair in the center, licking ... sucking my nipples, her hands stroking. I held her breasts in my hands, gently squeezing ... teasing the hard nipples. My hand moved to her thigh, stroking the soft inner skin, my fingers sliding inside the vee of her panties, stroking her labia damp with lubrication.

Candace moaned, sliding down my body to the floor, her mouth running down my chest, over my belly. Then she was kneeling before me, her tongue inside my navel, as I sat on the edge of the bed, my feet on the floor. Her fingers ran over the khaki fabric of my pants, stopping to squeeze ... knead when they discovered my swollen cock straining against the material.

Squeezing my erection through the material of my pants, Candace looked up at me, a small smile turning up the corners of her mouth. “Suck it,” I commanded. “I want you to suck my cock.”

“Mmmm ... I want that too, darling,” she said, her fingers working at the button at the top of my pants.

I helped Candace unfasten my pants, then half stood so she could slide the pants and shorts together down my legs. As she slid the clothing down my thighs, my erect organ popped up. “Ummm, it’s beautiful ... so big and beautiful,” she said bending forward, licking the broad head, still sliding the clothing down my legs. I kicked off my shoes. Candace slipped my pants and boxers off, then pulled off my socks.

Her hands reaching my cock, Candace held it gently, stroking its hard length with both hands. She looked up at me, her eyes staring into mine, her hands working on my erection. As precum began bubbling out of my urethra, covering the broad cockhead, she smiled, apparently pleased at what her efforts had produced.

“Suck it,” I commanded.

“Wait,” she said. “I need ... " Then, raising her torso up a little, Candace bent over me bringing her pendant breasts close to my erect cock. Holding my cock upright with her left hand, and holding first one, then the other breast with her right hand, she rubbed the shiny cockhead over her nipples, covering them with precum. “Ummm,” she moaned. “Ummm ... that feels so good. Then, her hands on the shaft, she was pressing her mouth down over my organ, her lips stretching as she forced her mouth lower and lower, her tongue working over the hard flesh. Using short stroking movements of her mouth, each one deeper than the previous, she was able to take the full length into her.

The feeling was incredible. I hadn’t experienced this since the aliens enlarged my penis. Her lips were at the base of my cock, her tongue massaging the shaft, her throat trembling around the cockhead, her soft hair brushing my thighs. Her hands moved over my balls, softly rubbing them, her fingers caressing the sensitive spot between my anus and the back of my scrotum.

Candace pulled her mouth off my cock for a moment, gasping for breath. “Is it good? Am I doing good?” she asked. “I want to make it good for you, darling.”

“It’s wonderful,” I said. “How do you do it? No one has ever been able to take it all before?”

“I love it ... I love sucking you like this. I just concentrate on how wonderful it is, then I do it,” Candace replied. Then, she again pressed her mouth over my cock, slowly moving lower and lower until her mouth was at the base, her lips touching my pubic hair. Watching her cheeks concave as she sucked me, I moaned with pleasure at the sensations—the wet vacuum as her throat caressed my cock, her tongue stroking the shaft, her hands caressing my balls and perineum.

Candace stroked up with her mouth, holding my cock at the base, gasping, looking up into my eyes. Kneeling between my legs, she shifted her body a little, moving closer to me, straddling my right leg. I reached out to her heavy tits swaying before me, cradling them in my palms, rubbing ... pinching the hard nipples. I looked into her mind, seeing how aroused she was, almost to the point of orgasm again.

I slid my hands to her armpits, pulling her up, toward me. Holding my cock in her hand, “Please, let me ... " she said. “Let me finish ... like this.”

“Come on. I want to fuck you now,” I said, pulling her up on top of me as I laid back on the bed. I shifted my body back so I was lying lengthwise on the bed, my back supported by pillows piled against the headboard.

Candace crawled over my body, straddling my waist, staring into my eyes as I ran my hands over her body, stroking the soft skin, caressing her hips—her waist, fondling the heavy breasts. My left hand at her breasts, I ran my right hand over her belly, down to her satin panties, the vee slick with her juices. As I rubbed her pubis through the material, she moaned deeply, then gasped, “Take them off. I need you in me now.”

“And I want in you,” I said, sliding the panties over her hips. She lowered her body, her breasts against my chest, making it easier to slide the satin panties lower on her legs. As I struggled to slide the panties all the way off, she pulled up, stretching back to sweep the panties down her legs onto the floor, revealing the swollen labia ... the fine vertical line of trimmed pubic hair.

Her eyes glazed, Candace held my cock in her hands. Raising herself a little, she rubbed the head over the slick labia lubricating it, then, slowly lowered herself until about half its length was inside her. The muscles of her vagina contracted around me squeezing my cock with warm, rippling pressure. “Ohh ... it feels so good,” she panted. Then, with a low moan, she lowered herself fully, her vaginal muscles still clenched around me, my hard cock spreading apart the warm walls of her vagina, the head pressing against her cervix.

With all of my organ in her now, Candace was grinding herself against me, massaging her clitoris against my hardness, all the while squeezing my cock with rippling vaginal muscles. I reached again to the pendant breasts, swaying in front of me, squeezing the full flesh, pinching the hard nipples. “Umm ... you feel so good inside me,” she gasped. “Do you like it?”

“You’re wonderful,” I said. “I’ve never felt anything like this before.”

“Wait, there’s more” she gasped. Then, bending forward, she kissed me deeply on the mouth, her tongue dancing against mine, simultaneously kneading my cock with the tight muscles rippling through her vagina. Suddenly, I felt my cock tightly constricted, her vagina squeezing me like a vice. Pulling her mouth from mine, giving a soft, high-pitched cry, Candace collapsed onto my chest, as the muscles of her vagina spasmed around my hard cock.

“Thank you, darling,” she said, kissing me briefly on the lips, then lightly kissing my face ... my neck ... my chest.

As the muscles of her vagina relaxed, I was able to move inside her again. My hands gripping her butt, raising my hips, I thrust my cock into Candace, the head rubbing against her cervix. “Yes, more ... I know you want more. I want more too, Rob darling,” she said, sitting up, lifting up until only my cocktip was inside her, then plunging down, again grinding herself against me, massaging ... squeezing my cock with the sinuous muscles of her vagina.

I reached for her tits, holding them in my hands, squeezing so the nipples became even more engorged, throbbing with the blood passing through them. I pressed my mouth to first one, then the other swollen nipple, sucking ... gently nibbling. “Ohhh, yes, bite them ... bite them hard,” Candace gasped. Slowly, I increased the pressure of my teeth on the nipple of her left breast, Candace moaning, her vagina massaging my cock. Then I moved my mouth to the other swollen nipple, sucking first, then biting, slowly building pressure as I had done with the first, pinching her left nipple hard with the fingers of my right hand.

Gasping ... moaning, Candace began orgasming again, the muscles of her vagina spasming—pulsing on my cock, squeezing so tight it seemed I couldn’t move, then letting up slightly before clamping tight again. During one of the brief moments when her pulsing muscles relaxed, I pulled my cock back, then rammed it again into her spasming pussy, forcing the beautiful playmate to moan as my hard cock forced itself between the tight muscles of her vagina.

I grabbed her butt, forcing my cock as deep into her as possible. Candace wrapped her arms around me, her breasts tight against my chest, her face in the crook of my shoulder, crying ... moaning with pleasure, kissing ... licking ... biting me as her orgasm continued, her vagina massaging my cock with increasing pressure. Her vagina pulsing on my cock, I rubbed the head against her cervix, pressing as tightly into her as possible. “I’m gonna come,” I gasped.

“Yes, do it, do it to me,” Candace cried. “Come inside me. Please, I want you to come in me ... please.”

Her pussy gripping me tightly, I pulled back until about half the length of my cock remained in her, than rammed it into her with all my strength, then back out ... then in, then out ... then in. I pressed my cockhead as hard against her cervix as possible, feeling myself about to come. Then the semen was rushing from my balls, streaming out of my urethra coating her cervix, flowing into her womb. Candace arched her back, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, her vagina spasming on my cock as she felt her being penetrated by wave after wave of my viscous seed.

Candace, her back arched, her pussy pulsing on my cock, threw her hands up, every muscle of her body tight, her pussy squeezing my cock almost unbearably. Then, suddenly, she relaxed, simultaneously a stream of fluid gushed from inside her, flowing over me as she collapsed onto my chest.

I stroked her back with my fingertips as Candace lay on top of me breathing deeply. Kissing her temple, massaging her back with my palms, “Candace, are you alright?” I asked.

Raising up a little, smiling, “I’m alright,” she said. “I’m really all right. That was wonderful. Thank you ... thank you Rob, darling.” Then, kissing me lightly on the lips, “That only happens to me once in a while—ejaculating like that ... only when I come really hard. So, you know how wonderful it was for me.”

“It was wonderful for me too,” I said. “You’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever been with.” I meant it. Never before, even with all the women I had been with in the last few months, had I experienced female ejaculation. Sex with Candace was incredible—it was like she was made to give sexual pleasure.

“Really,” Candace said, again kissing me lightly on the lips. Then, pressing her mouth hard onto mine, her tongue penetrating me, sparring with mine as we kissed deeply. My cock—half-hard—was still in her warm vagina. As we kissed deeply, I felt the muscles of her vagina massaging me again, rippling over my cock, exciting it. I let her efforts work, allowing my cock to fill with blood, growing hard once more.

Breaking the kiss, catching my breath, “What do you think you’re doing?” I asked, smiling at her. “Do you want more?”

Candace looked into my eyes. “I want you to do my anus ... to take me in the ass, if you want.”

“I want,” I said, smiling up at her.

“Good,” Candace said, kissing me briefly again, then raising up, carefully moving off me, my erect penis pulling out of her pussy with a wet plopping sound. She reached over to the bedside table, opened the drawer, pulled out a tube of K-Y Jelly. When I saw the tube, obviously already used before—by my father with Candace, I began feeling kind of uneasy about being with her like this. She was my father’s mistress—his woman. All those months ago, I had promised to stay away from my father’s women.

Candace kneeled beside me, stroking my erect cock, still wet with her juices. “So beautiful,” she whispered, smiling at me. “So big and beautiful,” bending forward, licking the tip, her mouth closing over the top.

“My dad had a bigger cock,” I thought to myself. “Who’s she trying to fool?” I looked into her mind. Surprisingly, she was telling the truth. It wasn’t clear whether her memory was imperfect or I really was bigger, but Candace perceived my erect organ as huge—much bigger than how she remembered my dad’s.

She was spreading K-Y over my cock with both hands, caressing me, running her hands up and down over the erect flesh, pausing every once in a while to tease the sensitive head. “It’s so big. I’m going to really feel it when you do it to me there ... in my ass,” she said, stroking my cock as she spread the lubricant over its surface.

“If you don’t want to, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I want to,” Candace said. “You won’t hurt me. I can take it ... I want it ... I want you to do me in the ass.”

My cock was throbbing from what her hands were doing. “I want in your ass ... now,” I said, sitting up. I grabbed her arms, pulling her up to me, pressing my mouth on hers, kissing her roughly. “Kneel,” I commanded, moving behind her.

I took the K-Y, rimming her puckered anus with lubricant, using my fingers to force some inside her sphincter. As my fingers penetrated her, Candace gave a quick gasp, then turned her head looking back at me. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m alright,” she said. “Come on ... do it. I want it.”

I pulled back from her a little. With my left hand steadying her butt, I held my cock in my right hand, lining it up with her anal hole, shiny now with the lubricant. “Here goes,” I said, slowly pressing my cockhead into the ring of muscle. It was obvious Candace had practiced anal intercourse before—I could feel her relax her sphincter, easing the penetration of her tightest hole, evidence of her experience.

Still holding my cock in my hand, I was slowly stroking just the tip inside her tight anal ring, allowing Candace to become accustomed to the feeling before penetrating her more deeply. As I rubbed the head inside her sphincter, Candace gasped, her breath catching in her throat. “How is it? Is it okay?” I asked.

Turning her head, Candace looked back at me. “It’s okay,” she gasped, a small catch in her voice. “Go ahead, do it. Give me all of it.” Then, turning back to the front, she lowered her head and shoulders flat on the bed, raising her butt, spreading her legs to ease entry into her anus.

Slowly, I began sliding my cock inside her, each stroke going deeper, pausing every few seconds to stroke back before pressing in again. Candace was moaning and whimpering softly as I penetrated her. With about half my cock inside her anus, she raised herself up on her elbows, turning to look back at me, “Fuck me hard, Rob. Fuck me hard in the ass. Go ahead, I want you to ... I’m ready for it ... I want it hard.”

I wanted it too ... to fuck that beautiful ass, that tight anus, as hard as I could—controlling myself up to now had been difficult. “Are you sure?” I gasped. Candace didn’t answer, just stared back at me with those beautiful green eyes, out of focus now, then, with a soft moan, pressed her head into the pillow again, spreading her legs wider.

I grabbed her buttocks with both hands, stroked my cock back until only the tip was lodged in her sphincter, then pushed forward, ramming the full length of my organ into her. Candace giving a low, guttural moan, pushed back with her butt, seeking to increase my penetration of her. As I pressed my thighs against her butt, incredibly, I felt her rectum closing around me, squeezing my cock even tighter than she had with her pussy.

I moaned at the sensation as the beautiful playmate’s rectum clamped on my organ, her sphincter pulsing over the base of my cock. Pressing ... holding her butt, I pulled back, then rammed myself again into her spasming anus. Candace grunted as I drove into her, then breathed in deeply as I pulled back before ramming my hard cock once more into her tight rectum.

Gasping for breath, I rested, my dick deep inside her. Candace began whimpering in sync with the rectal spasms pulsing on my cock. Suddenly, I felt her rectum contracting around me so tight I feared the blood supply would be cut off. Throwing up her head, looking back at me, Candace cried out, “Ohh ... ohh, I’m coming ... I’m coming, Rob. Fuck me hard ... please ... fuck my ass hard.”

Her ass was so tight around my cock I thought pulling back might actually injure me. Carefully, pushing on her butt while moving back I was able me to ease my cock out of her tight rectum until just the head remained lodged in her anal ring. Candace was panting raggedly as I rested for a moment. Then, as I rammed my cock into her again, “Ohh ... ohhh ... ohh,” she moaned deeply. “Fuck it ... fuck me ... fuck me hard, Rob.”

I pulled my dick back again, then rammed it into her as hard as possible, that was what she wanted, and what I wanted too. Out ... IN ... out ... IN, then IN ... IN ... IN as I felt myself ready to come, striving to force my cock as deep into her spasming rectum as possible. Candace was moaning and panting now in constant orgasm. Then my cock was shooting ... exploding into her as fireworks went off behind my eyes. When she felt my cock discharging into her rectum, she threw her head up, gave an inarticulate cry, then collapsed onto the bed. I was still coming, my cock shooting streams of thick semen into her ass. The sensation fantastic, the viscous liquid passing through my cock as it was squeezed by her rectal contractions.

Done, I collapsed onto her back. Candace moved under me, turning her head, “Thank you ... thank you, darling,” she gasped.

Rolling off her, lying on my back, I looked over at Candace as she turned her head to face me. “Thank you,” I said, reaching out to her, touching her shoulder. “That was really something.” She didn’t respond, just smiled back at me, still breathing deeply, I guessed waiting to catch her breath before speaking again.

I waited a while, just looking at her, touching her, then got out of bed heading for the bathroom. I peed and washed my dick off. I was pretty sweaty, but really too tired to shower. I wasn’t going to get to sleep early like I had planned.

When I got back to the bedroom, Candace had stripped the sheets from the bed and was starting to put on clean sheets. I put on my boxers, then stood there waiting as she finished, aroused watching the movements of her body. Kissing me briefly on the lips, “All ready for you, darling. I’m going to take a quick shower,” smiling. “I feel a little sticky.”

While Candace showered, I laid on the bed, thinking about what I had done. Strangely, the aversion to screwing my dad’s women that I felt earlier was gone. That Candace had been my dad’s mistress didn’t affect me any more than if she had been someone else’s girlfriend. She was mine now. Sex with her was marvelous. I decided I would keep her. Whether I would take any of my dad’s other women, those in Phoenix or any others, would depend on circumstances. That they had belonged to my father would no longer be important.

When Candace came out of the bathroom, “Rob, I thought you’d be sleeping,” she said.

“Just thinking ... thinking about you, and me.”

Candace had a large towel wrapped around her torso, covering most of the interesting parts of her body. Turning her back to me, in front of the dresser, she threw the towel onto a chair, then put on a clean tee-shirt, like the one she was wearing earlier, and thong panties. Her back still turned, “So, what did you decide?” Then she turned around to look at me, brushing her hair off her shoulders.

“Come on, get into bed,” I said, patting the bed beside me.

Candace got into bed, hugging me, “Well are you going to keep me?”

“I don’t see how I can help keeping you,” I said, smiling at her. “You know, you’re fantastic—sex with you is incredible.”

“Oh, thank you. Thank you, Rob darling. You won’t regret it. I’ll be the best,” quickly kissing me lightly on the lips. She pressed herself tighter onto my chest, like she wanted more, but I pulled away—I had done enough that night.

“How do you do it?” I asked. “How did you learn to squeeze yourself like that?”

Candace smiled at me, “There’s a kind of exercise you can do—kegel exercises—that strengthen the muscles you use for sex. It works for the ass too. And it helps make sex really good, for me and,” hugging my arm, “for you too. It was something Eri ... I mean, I wanted to learn it.”

“It’s okay. You were my dad’s girl, but you’re mine now.”

Hugging my arm again, “That sounds wonderful. I’m yours ... I belong to you. I’m so happy, Rob, darling.”

“I guess he wanted you to learn how to deep throat like that, too?”

“That’s why I taught myself to do it. But I love it. It really excites me.”

I was starting to doze off now. Candace reached over, turned off the light and cuddled up to me.

I hadn’t set the alarm, but I awoke before 8:00 in the morning. While Candace slept, I carefully crawled out of bed, went to my room, showered, shaved and got dressed. Downstairs, the servants asked me if I wanted breakfast, but I only wanted some coffee and toast, which they brought me in the dining room.

I was finishing my second cup of coffee when Candace came down, still wearing the sleeveless undershirt and thong panties she had put on last night. She quickly hugged me before sitting next to me at the large table. Sipping her coffee, “Rob, what time do you think you’ll be home?”

“Probably eight at the latest. Well, I’d better get going now or else I won’t make it by then.”

As I rose to leave, Candace came to me, embracing me, pressing her mouth onto mine, kissing me deeply. When we broke our kiss, she slid down my body kneeling at my feet. “What are you doing, Candace?” I asked. “I’ve got to get going.”

Undoing my pants, “Don’t worry it won’t take long, and I want this before you go.”

Candace pulled my pants and shorts down, then, holding my cock in her two hands, began gently kissing and licking it. I let myself get hard, then grabbed her head, forcing my length into her. “Go ahead. You want it, you’re going to take it all,” I gasped. “Now suck it ... suck it hard. I want to cum in your mouth.”

Pulling back for a moment, her tongue on the tip of my cock, “Yes, darling, that’s what I want. I want you to come in my mouth,” she gasped, then, with a whimper, took my cock into her throat once more.

Candace was sliding her throat up and down over the hard surface of my cock, her tongue caressing the head and shaft as it moved inside her, her lips tight as it slid in her mouth. Her hands were on my balls, her fingers rubbing the spot between my scrotum and anus.

I felt her right hand sliding between by buttocks, pausing to circle my anus with her soft fingertips. One long finger pressed into my anus, moving deep into my interior until it found my prostate, then rubbing gently ... caressing. I could hold back no longer, surrendering to the need to come I began ejaculating into her. Candace choked for a second as the semen jetted down her throat, then began swallowing fiercely as wave after wave of my seed poured into her.

“Now you’ve got something else to remember me for. Another reason to hurry back,” Candace said, licking the drops of semen bubbling out of my urethra.

“I didn’t need that to remember. I couldn’t forget you, and don’t worry—I’ll be back as quick as I can,” I said, pulling her up into my arms, kissing her lightly on the lips.

We walked to the door together, my arm resting on the bare skin of her waist. I noticed how aroused she was, her erect nipples tenting the material of her cotton shirt. Looking into her mind, I saw she planned on going back to bed, masturbating, then sleeping for a few more hours. Perhaps a little sadistically, I used the power to block her ability to orgasm. I would remove the block when I returned, but I made sure she would be very horny by then.

“Call and let me know when you’ll be back,” Candace said as I climbed into the Expedition.

“I will,” I responded, closing the car door and driving out of the compound.

As I drove south on 101 toward LA, I thought about Candace. I wondered if I was beginning to fall in love with her. She wasn’t the only girl—or woman—I thought I might be in love with. I was pretty sure I was in love with Kim, and Bobbi too. I really liked Claudia and Jeanne, maybe loved them, but not as much as Kim, or Bobbi, or—now—Candace. Luckily, because of the aliens, I could have all the girls I thought I was in love with, or even liked ... or wanted. Then I thought about having Bobbi and Claudia come to the ranch—my ranch now. I imagined all the possible combinations that would be possible with Candace and Claudia and Bobbi and me together. That I could make those kind of plans was evidence I was probably getting over the grief at my father’s death.

I drove fast but safely, breaking the speed limit (I wasn’t worried about getting a ticket), but keeping my vehicle under control. Just before reaching the Nevada border, I stopped for a quick lunch at a fast food restaurant and to gas up the Expedition. It was a good vehicle, but used a lot of gas.

Another hour of fast driving took me to the exit my father’s directions indicated I should take. Referring to his directions more often now that I was off the main roads, I found the abandoned airstrip where we landed those months ago. I drove past the old corrugated metal buildings, wondering if that ancient jeep was still there, then followed the road out to the butte where the aliens could be contacted.

Parking the Expedition by the side of the road, I walked to the butte. It didn’t look unusual in any way, and only I knew what made it special. I stood there, the setting sun in my eyes waiting for something to happen. Then it happened: the same bright light, fainting, then awakening on the sand. I checked my watch and found I had been there for about 20 minutes, though I knew only seconds had been with the aliens. Most of the 20 minutes was spent regaining consciousness as I laid on the sand.

I stumbled back to the Expedition—not as shaken or weak as I had been the first time. Luckily, I had some Coca-Cola with ice in the vehicle. Turning on the Expedition, cranking up the air conditioner and gulping down the Coke helped me recover within less than half an hour.

As happened the first time I contacted the aliens, somehow I knew—without knowing how I knew it—that the aliens were sure my father had been killed by their enemies, the other aliens against whom they were waging war. Just as my aliens had recruited my father and me, their enemies must have their own team working against us. This could mean the earth would become more important in the inter-galactic war that was being fought between the stars. Although I was worried and a little frightened by this, I was able to maintain full control of my emotions—due to the influence of the aliens.

I also learned more about the changes happening to me. As my father guessed, because I had not yet reached my full growth when the aliens altered me, the effect on me would be different than what happened with him. Because of the danger from their enemies, the aliens speeded up those changes, so they were all completed in those few seconds I spent with them today.

My mental powers were strengthened as much as possible and their range was expanded to about two and a half to three miles. Physically, I was as strong as my genes made possible. I didn’t look like a body-builder, but just holding the steering wheel I could feel how strong I had become. My intelligence had been increased the equivalent of about 30 IQ points—again to the limit of what was genetically possible. My eyesight and hearing had been improved, and the aliens increased even more the sensitivity of my dick, enlarged it by about another half inch, and doubled its thickness—I guess to reward me and encourage me to follow their commands. I wasn’t a superman, but I was about as perfect a man as it would be possible for the aliens to make.

My sole assignment was to find and neutralize the enemy agents. How that was to be done was up to me. Once that task was accomplished, I was to continue with my father’s projects working to create a peaceful, united, prosperous earth.

I tried to call Candace on the cell phone, but wasn’t able to get a signal—not surprising given that I was in the middle of the desert. Having recovered enough to drive safely, I turned the Expedition around and headed back to I-15. I stopped for gas at about the half-way point. I called Candace again on the cell phone and was able to get a signal, but no one answered the phone—just the answering machine. I thought that was strange because there were the three servants at the ranch in addition to Candace. Someone should have been available to answer the phone.

I called Louise, too. She told me the autopsy was completed and Dr. Meisner would call me at the ranch tonight with the results.

I got into Santa Barbara before 8:00, due, no doubt, to significantly exceeding the speed limit all the way. I tried the ranch on the cell phone again, but still only got the answering machine. When I got close enough, I tried scanning the ranch with my power, but got no mental indication of anyone being there—not Candace and nothing from any of the servants.

The electronic gate at the ranch was closed, but not on the security lock so I could open it with the controller in the Expedition. As I drove up the driveway toward the house, I saw the first body. I stopped the vehicle and got out to see who it was. Somehow, I was completely calm, just taking in information and being as careful as possible. The body was Joe, one of our servant-guards. He was dead—shot twice through the chest. The small size bullet holes made me think it was probably a small caliber gun that killed him.

Leaving the Expedition in the drive, I quietly walked up to the house. I walked around the back, through a hedge and onto the veranda. All was quiet here. I was frantically sending out mental probes, but sensed nothing. As far as I could tell from all six senses, the house was empty.

I opened the sliding door, entering the lounge from the veranda. On the floor, next to the door was Luis’ body—shot once through the temple.

Candace was in the kitchen, tied to a chair. Her head was down, I couldn’t see everything they had done to her until I lifted her head. That’s when I lost it, retching, quickly bending my head over the sink wracked with dry heaves. After a few moments, I got a glass of water and regained control of myself.

Looking again at Candace, I concluded that from the level of mutilation that had been done to her, either the enemy were sadists, or she hadn’t given them the information they wanted. I hoped it was the latter—that at least she had undergone this torture for some sane reason.

I found the body of the third servant-guard on the stairs, shot with a small caliber weapon as the other two had been.

My father’s office had been torn apart. It looked like all the paper files had been taken, along with his pc and laptop. The cabinet where he kept his gun had been broken into, but the Glock pistol was still there. I stared at the gun for a moment, then took it and a box of shells. The thieves were only interested in his records. I was positive now it was the aliens—the enemy aliens—who were responsible.

Candace hadn’t told them what they wanted. If she had, they would have been waiting for me. Perhaps they didn’t even know I existed, that I was my father’s heir. But it was too great a risk to assume that. I was safe for now, I thought, but I had to get away and find a refuge where I could plan my strategy. These weren’t only my aliens’ enemies now, they were my enemies too. I would neutralize them—destroy them—as I had been ordered, but more for myself—for revenge, than in obedience to my masters.

Quickly looking through the rest of the house, I couldn’t find anything else they had taken, though all the rooms had been ransacked. Then, taking nothing but my memories and my weapon, I walked through the twilight to the Expedition, and drove away from the ranch.