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The Allen’s house party


Ollie and Becky Allen throw a house party, which is infiltrated by Adolph Koch.

Adolph Koch

Genetically modified and cloned from Nazi Doctors after the Second World War, Adolph Koch has been kept a secret from authorities and lived an apparently normal life within the lines of the law in Germany while spending his time in training until he will be recalled for the cause.

Party Time

The house was full; Ollie had been dismissed by his wife Becky on numerous occasions before the invites went out about the growing numbers for a party that was nothing more than an opportunity to flaunt how their lifestyle was more grand than the people they knew, but had reluctantly allowed her to have the party; both hosts now enjoyed the party which was in full swing with neighbours and friends in every downstairs room of their lovely house.

The couple had tried to remain as casual as possible; Ollie dressed in Beige combats and blue shirt. Becky wore dark blue and white tight-fitting jeans, her low cut back gold shimmering top neatly clung to her pert chest; her black heels uncomfortable, but still fitting with her overall look.

Their guest were a mixture of people they had known for years to guests that only one of the hosts knew either through work or social group. Most of their guests were dressed smart and casual as per the invite.

It had been Ollie who noticed Adolph first, his black jumper and pressed dark blue jeans stood out as just a little too casual, but he never spoke to him, he continued his way around the house chatting where he could.

Becky was in the kitchen, pouring several drinks and checking on the food in the oven. Her attention was on checking the food and her back was to the man who had entered the doorway to the kitchen and stood appraising her. His voice took her by surprise.

“Hello, do you have a bottle opener?”

“Eh, yea”

She instinctively replied while closing the door of the oven.

Turning around she came to face her guest with the hint of a foreign accent, a distinguished grey haired man with a red face in a black jumper stood across her kitchen.

She opened a drawer at her side and pulled a bottle opener out.

“Are you enjoying yourself”?

She asked while sliding the drawer closed.

“Oh yes, a very good party”

His accent she placed as German and thus suggested he was a work colleague of Ollie’s from the passport office. Ollie’s job involved working with foreign governments.

“How long have you known Ollie”?

She made conversation.

“Is Ollie your husband?”

He avoided the question and pressed on with his own.

“Yes, how long have you known him?”

She asked again.

“Oh, I haven’t met him although I know who he is.”

“Are you here with someone?”

She began to have a slightly uneasy feeling as he closed the short distance between them in the kitchen.


He reached for the bottle opener.

“Did Ollie invite you”?

She asked firmly.

He had let her finish but in honesty she had been under his control without realizing for around a minute. It had only taken the short exchange between them to get into her head, it had been quicker and easier due to the fact she had been distracted and they were alone.

He had attuned himself through the years to spot the subtle change in body language and even speech when a person had submitted to his will; even now he would perversely enjoy the victory over their consciousness to hear and accepted his thoughts as if their own.

‘You invited me here tonight.’

He pressed.

‘We have been cheating lovers for some time and thought we would become more risky tonight.’

He knew his suggestion had been accepted allowing him to press on as he came closer to her and lowered his voice to a whisper.

‘I’m important to you. More important than anything else’

He stopped suddenly aware they were not alone.

A guest of Becky’s had entered the kitchen and stood where Adolph had been seconds ago. Adolph allowed his own focus to turn to the newcomer comfortable he had control over Becky.

“How are the drinks coming Becks?”

She asked.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt”

His years of training had covered such variables but it was always the most challenging of problems. The secret was to intercept quickly; keeping control over the early stages of one subject while introducing another was possible but required effort.

“Good. Becky has just finished them,” Adolph replied smoothly, answering for Becky.

The girl looked at him before looking back to Becky, She knew something was amiss.

“You ok Becks?”

“Yes. Becky is feeling great, aren’t you Beck’s?”

Becky smiled a warm deep smile “Great”

“I’m Adolph”

He offered as he crossed back towards her

“Adolph?” she questioned.

“Yes lovely to meet you” he was beside her now

This type of small talk was laboured but necessary when someone’s suspicions were raised. It always required more baseline dialog.

“You sure you’re ok Becks?” Natalie asked concerned.

Adolph never turned around but knew Becky was nodding and smiling while staring at him and not the girl.

“And you are?” his voice lowered as he spoke.

“Natalie” she offered.

“This is Natalie, Ollie’s sister.”

Becky spoke up, he was sure it was because of her new found appreciated of him and wanting his sole attention.

His intrigue and attention turned to the dumpy little brunet that was quickly coming under his power. She was not critical to the mission but he was perverse enough that he could have his fun while completing his objectives.

‘She’s fine, she is talking to her lover and your fully approve of us’

His thin lips curled into a grin as he spoke

‘You are delighted both of us have been sleeping together’

A devious perverse plan struck him.

‘You want to be closer to your brother, almost like you are desperate to please him. You secretly adore him and he is the most gorgeous man on the planet. A man like no other’

He could tell he was safe and she was under as he glanced into the doorway behind Natalie.

“Who are the drinks for?”

He asked.

“Ollie” She said with a sigh like a teenage girl on her first crush.

“And his friends” she tried to recover a resolve.

Natalie quickly looked at Becky and Adolf; she was annoyed her new emotions about her brother had betrayed her and gauged if they had noticed.

“I’ll take those out Becks.” She offered trying to change the subject.

Gathering as many glasses as she could Natalie almost skipped towards back to her brother, leaving Becky and the older stranger alone again.

Peering through the hall Becky checked to see if any guests were around before seeing that the hallway was empty and leaned in to kiss him. She could tell he was hesitant. Adolf knew if they were caught he wouldn’t have the power to control everyone in the house at the same time ending his mission along with his cover.

“What’s wrong?”

She didn’t understand why he didn’t want to kiss her.

“The house is full Becky.”

She got his meaning but with a different understanding of why they shouldn’t be caught,

“Come with me,” Becky nodded.

He followed her down the hall and up the stairs. She went up before him and he followed as she opening a bedroom door while pulled him through. She made sure to close the door and lock it door behind him.

Her hands were around his head as she pulled and squeezed him; he kissed her back and could now feel her hands at his zip.

“You want to right now?”

“MMM HU” Her acknowledging moan signalled she did, with his back pressing to the door with a thud she fished out his hard cock and dropped to her knees taking his full length in her mouth in slow deliberate attempt, she pushed to retching point as he reached the back of her mouth and to her full limit of accepting him into her mouth.

Her hands moved from his hips and continued to slide seductively down her body towards her designer jeans. She slowly slid out the belt staring into Adolph’s eyes as she threw it onto the floor next to them. Next were the buttons and Becky took her time, slowly teasing and playing with the buttons letting Adolph see a flash of her panties. While all this happened, Becky continued to lick and suck, her lips never leaving his cock as she quickly adjusted herself, shimming down the tight jeans to her ankles, smiling as her tongue twirled around the engorged head of Adolph’s firm member.

He pressed himself harder against the door as she used her mouth to work him, slowly and seductively. He could feel her tongue expertly work him as she pressed against him.

She pulled away suddenly, causing a groan to come from Adolph’s mouth, already missing the sweet warm pleasure. Tilting her head, she pouted up at him.

“Fuck me Adolph.”

She stood taking his cock in a firm hold and led him towards the large king-sized bed with his jeans stretched over his thighs. With a soft push against his chest from Becky, Adolph fell onto the bed and pulled himself towards the pillows which his jeans and underwear now at his knees.

At the foot of the bed, Becky had already kicked off her jeans and heels with a flourish. Once Becky had Adolph’s attention, she winked at him as she slowly slid her G-string down her thighs; He could see wetness sliding down as well. She tossed her G-string onto the bed with a flick of her finger and climbed onto the bed still in her shimmering tight top.

She climbed onto the bed to straddle him and kissed him hard. As she sat up and pulled him towards her he sat up and kissed her back. He was below her in height as she pulled him tight and pressing her top to his jumper as her tongue probed his mouth. He could feel her wet pussy slide over his hard member.

She spun around from him lifting her leg off him before bending over and planted her face into the mattress, her hand slipped between her legs and she spayed her lips open with her fingers showing him her eagerness. He knelt up and moved behind her. Her hand reaching back further he could feel her straight fingers under his cock. He pushed forward and her hand found him. He pushed again with her guiding him and found himself pushing at her soaked pussy lips.

They swallow him and he effortlessly pushed into her with a squelch. He heard her moan with the covers in her mouth as bliss erupted throughout Becky’s body, almost masking her orgasm right then and there.

He looked down at her, the back of her blonde head pushed down into the bed. The low cut back of the gold top exposing her smooth tanned flesh; he appreciated her beauty while he reached below to fondle her breasts, pinching and squeezing her nipples between his finger and thumb once he had navigated the tightness of her top.

He buried his cock into her with every thrust; as deep as he could. The covers twisted around her hands as she pulled them tight with every thrust, pushing deep into her.

“You want me to fuck you like this?”

“Yea baby, I love it when you do. You’re so fucking big.”

As they continued to pound away, Adolph started to groan, signalling that he was close.

“Do it,” she begged “do it inside me, here on this bed”

With a grunt Adolph pushed on towards climax.

There was a knock at the door.


He stopped and leaned into her ear and whispered, “Who is that?”

“Sounds like Jenny. She’s a neighbour.” In hushed reply

“Get rid of her” he said as he began to thrust into her again.

“Yea Jenny, I’m just changing. I’ll be right out,” Becky shouted.

He tried to tap her from the other side of the door and see if he could take control of Jenny but got nothing back.

“Oh cool. It’s just the food seemed to be burning in the oven.”

He thrust himself into her again, Building his rhythm back. He continued more violently as Becky tried to compose herself between his thrusts.

“Could you be a sweetheart and take it out for me?”

His hand was now taking gripping on her hair and he snapped her head back tugging at her silky mane. Her arms straightened as she went on all fours with her back arched and her face now pulled closer to his by her hair.

“Shout on her if you can’t take it.” He teased her in a breathless rasp.

“No,” she panted back in whispered to him.

“No problem. Anything else you want done?” Jenny asked again.

“No Jenny thanks.” He menacingly fucked her, deeper and harder, as she replied back, causing her voice to strain and crack. He enjoyed her struggle to maintain the calm and normality in her voice.

He felt her become more relaxed as Jenny’s moved away from the locked door. ‘You don’t want anyone to know about us,’ he teased her when he thought it was safe “Scream if you want to, let everyone know I’m fucking you in your bed as they party” he asked her.

“No.” she shot back knowing it was what he wanted hear as if testing her resolve.

She muffled her moan into the bed again slamming her face into the mattress as Adolph let go of her now wild hair and grabbed one of her nipples through her top twisting it. “Shout out Becky, let it go.”

“NO!” The reply was shallow but he felt her bucking back towards him. He gripped her hips tighter.

It was agonizing for her now as she desperately tried to hold her orgasm to a whimper. She desperately held on for his own orgasm as best she could to share with him.

“I’m Cumming.” He announced and she was delighted to let go of her own climax “ME TOO!” as she gave a hushed shriek into the covers as his thrusts depend and quickened. She felt his grip on her hips like a vice as his cock began to spurted inside her as they collapsed to the bed allowing her thighs to touch the covers as her body straightened out along with him on top of her.

After several moments she caught her breath.

“That was so fucking good Adolph.” He rolled off her and onto his side allowing his wet cock to drag over the covers before going onto his back. He took a deep breath before he reached down pulling up his jeans and zipped himself up.

“Can we do it again soon? Please” she pleaded as she placed a hand on his chest and over his jumper.

“Possibly, but we need to get back to the party. You better change as you told Jenny you were changing”

He saw it then and had an idea.

‘You’re going to wear that’ Pointing to a pink silk nightie that hung from the handle of the wardrobe.

“That nightie” she asked in astonishment.

‘It’s not a night garment. It’s now an expensive dress and very elegant.’

Walking over to the garment while she slipped one hand through her gold top before the other and pulled if off over her head freeing if from her before tossing it to the floor. He watched her slip the nightie over her head and down her sides. He loved how the shiny material clung to her form ‘Wear nothing else with it. Nothing at all’ she ran her hands down her sides to her hips before looking in the mirror.

‘You will become very flirty when you come downstairs. All men are sexy and you love the attention.’

He smiled as she took on the instructions but continued appraising herself in the full length mirror.

‘Fix your make up and pin up your hair and don’t dare wipe up between your legs, as it runs out you won’t even know it is doing so’

She sat at her mirror and opened her makeup drawers.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Becky.”

He kissed her neck and left.


Adolph poured a drink and mingled, he found his way through to the dining room where Ollie and his friends were sitting.

Natalie sat next to them and was fussing over her brother, she was totally engrossed in everything he said, she laughed over jubilantly with every joke he made.

A stern looking man watched her from beside where Adolph stood

“Hello,” Adolph said, starting up a conversation with the man.

The man looked at him, “Hi.”

“How do you know Ollie and Becky?”

The man didn’t look in the mood for small talk

“I’m Lee, my wife Natalie is Ollie’s sister.”

Realized the man was unhappy with the attention his wife was giving to her brother.

“It’s fine. Ollie and Natalie have always been lovers; you accept it because you secretly love Ollie too. He is the ultimate man and you’re deeply in love with him. Allowing Natalie and pretending you don’t know she is sleeping with him gives you the chance to be in a way close to him”

The look in the man’s face softened, now looking at his brother in law with admiration.

Adolf pressed on leaning into Lee’s ear ‘I mean if Natalie were to blow him, then you are to kiss her. It would be like you had done it.’ He affirmed a more perverse connection between them.

As lee lustfully agreed a woman came into the room; she looked about 35, petite with Latino looks. Her nose was large, but her other features were attractive-especially her body.

“Foods ready” she announced and Adolf recognized the voice.

“Jenny.” He enquired.

The woman looked at him.


“How nice to meet you”

“Oh. You too. Are you a friend of Lee’s” she asked as she nodded to the distracted man at his side.

“No. I’m not sure lee has any friends other than Ollie” he said it and threw his hands in the air and used two fingers on either hand to signal inverted commas as he laughed. Lee shot him a pleading look.

Jenny uncomfortably gave short laugh.

Adolph left Lee and walked over to her. “So you managed to finish the food Becky asked you to do”

Her forehead creased as her eyebrows rose. “Yes, I’m happy to help”

“It is nice to have people you can count on” Her eyebrows dropped as the words left his mouth.

“Sure is” she agreed “Beck’s has run herself ragged so anything I can do”

“MMhhh” he agreed but she was under his control, he was sure of it. He stepped closer to her taking advantage of the hordes of people going for food. She didn’t flinch.

“It’s good to trust people, just like you trust me more than anyone else, that you know I tell you only the truth, that there is no need to question my word ever” She nodded and agreed as he spoke to her.

‘I want you to leave and meet me at the front of the house with a car in 20 minutes once I have finished here’ he commanded in a soft voice.

Jenny turned and left as he waited for the room to empty further as people filtered through to the kitchen. Natalie and Ollie were last to leave.

Ollie was surprised as his sister had taken his arm as they walked to the door and towards Lee and Adolph.

“Hello Ollie.” Adolph pressed once the four of them were left in the large room.

“Hello” Ollie replied while assessing the connection of Adolph and to him or his wife.

“Oh, this is Adolph. A friend of Beck’s” Natalie was happy to offer the info in an attempt to be useful to her brother.

“Friends with Becky” He suddenly looked perplexed.

“Yes we have been friends only recently, she has been telling me all about herself, you and you’re your sister Natalie and her husband Lee”

“Where is Becky?” Ollie would be a stubborn one Adolph thought as he asked where his wife was to any of the three of them.

‘It’s fine. She’s changing” Adolph answered “Changing?” Ollie asked.

“Yes, she spilt something in the kitchen on her didn’t she Natalie” Adolph never let his gaze on Ollie move.

“Yea, not sure what it was. I think it might have been some sauce, yes that was it. Some sauce went on her and she went upstairs to change, all by herself” she nervously lied.

Adolph took his chance when Ollie turned his attention to his sister and her nervous over embellishment of the lie.

“What are you on about Natalie?” Ollie looked at his sister.

“It’s ok, that’s what happened Ollie, she will be down soon” Adolph calmed any fears in the group “Ollie, Tell Natalie to go get you something from the kitchen’

Ollie asked Natalie “Sis, can you sort me a plate out?”

With obvious excitement about being asked by him, she bounced out the room.

“We’ll bring it right back Ollie.” Lee added as he followed his wife and possibly beat her to getting food for Ollie himself.

‘Ollie, your wife is a flirt” Adolph brought to Ollie’s attention “She is a little slut and you love it cause it distracts people” Adolph saw he had accepted the new reality “Your sister Natalie is the sexiest little thing you have seen and you’re unable to resist her. She is sex on legs. So when Becky is stealing the attention you can sneak a perv at your sis’

He smiled to Ollie who further processed the instructions ‘Ollie come Monday morning there will be a passport application on your desk. Adolph Koch and his associates, it is very important that the passport’s goes through. You will do all you can for this to happen.’

Natalie came back into the room with a paper plate in hand loaded with food. It was Obvious she had pushed her way to the front for her brother’s food.

Ollie excitedly accepted the plate when she had returned.

“Here Ollie” I beat the line.

“Thanks Sis- I mean Natalie” he corrected himself.

Adolph smiled as the scene unfolded “What are you two like? Just tell each other how you feel”

They both looked at him “Oh come on just admit you want to have a secret affair.” He goaded them.

They looked at each other seconded guessing the others reaction before they both smiled lie a sense of relief left them.

“You both know my secret, so you should have none from me or from each other”

Natalie was spurred on by Adolph’s encouragement. She picked up a cocktail sausage from the plate Ollie held. She brought it to her lips and ran it across them with desire in her eyes. She slipped it into her mouth and quickly pulled it back out before running her tongue along it.

Becky came into the room, her pink nightie flapped as she walked around, showing things that were not supposed to be shown other than in the bedroom. However, Ollie took zero interest and was firmly watching his sister who had popped the sausage back into her mouth taking advantage of Becky’s arrival.

“Hi sweetheart” She said as she kissed her husband on the cheek and afforded Adolph a sly wink.

“Hey.” Was all Ollie offered back as his gaze never left Natalie who went red and tried desperately to hold back her happiness.

As the people came back into the room, Becky was the main attraction with people trying to be polite and not mention how revealing her new clothing choice was.

She immediately made her way to Ollie’s friends and sat in the middle of them. Adolph could see she had remembered the nothing else worn rule, as she crossed her legs while sitting on the edge of the seat and allowed the clothing to ride up before re-arranging it back to cover her modesty. As he looked back to the incest moment transforming beside him, he saw Natalie had opened her mouth and was showing her brother the single sausage resting on her tongue. She offered Adolph another wink before chatting to the men that were happy to share the couch with her.

Natalie leaned into Ollie.

“I wish it was Ollie’s sausage in my mouth.” She said it loud enough and intentionally so Adolph could also hear,

She giggled and swallowed the mini sausage whole.

“You wouldn’t be able to swallow mine as easy” Ollie nervously responded to her trying to sound bolder than he was.

“Promises, promises” she purred

With Becky now having the room’s small selection of guest’s full attention and flirting with the male fraternity, Natalie stepped to the side of the room hugging the wall. Glancing over her shoulder to Becky and the others to confirm the blonde held the room’s attention she then turned back around. Taking a deep breath she fought with her reservations before she took another sausage from Ollie’s plate “Oh god” she said then pulled her heaving right breast from over her black dress as discreetly as she could use Adolph as cover. She rubbed the sausage on her nipple.

Her nipple responded by becoming instantly hard, it flicked back as the sausage pressed over it, she craned her neck to bring her chin down and brought both the sausage and her nipple to her mouth, she tongued the nipple and sausage in conjunction.

Ollie was squirming now and aware there were others in the room but didn’t blink or look away. His trousers bulged.

Natalie tucked her exposed breast away before she stepped out from the cover of Adolph and towards Ollie who she offered the sausage to, Ollie’s mouth opened in awe and acceptance to take it in his mouth, She was confident her back was now hiding her from the rest of the room.

“Anything else you want?” she offered. She placed a loose hand on his chest “Anything”

Ollie looked her from top to bottom amazed how sexy she was and how turned on they both were. He was so turned on she felt the same as him and wanted to express it.

“I want you to put one inside you.” He was lacking conviction in his request. It was Obvious he was unsure how far she was will to go with him.

“Like. Now?” She looked around the room before back to him to make sure he wanted to take that risk.

He was smiling the biggest smile.


She reached for the bottom of her dress.

“Well not here here but NOW” he said nodding. Adolph was grateful Ollie had been clearer.

“Can I take it to the toilet?” she asked as Ollie nodded.

With an affirming nod from Ollie to go to the washroom, Natalie pushed past Ollie, making sure that he could smell her perfume, intoxicating him. Natalie lifted another sausage from the plate and began to walk off. However, Ollie grabbed Natalie’s arm in a flash. With a wink he handed her another sausage.

“Here take two, leave one inside yourself for later and bring me one back, I’m famished.”

She smiled and left the room.

Adolph looked at the Ollie.

“Your wife is having fun.” He said with a nod over to Becky.

“Yea, she likes the attention. She can be a complete tease” he said as he looked over uninterestedly.

Becky was now sitting comfortably on one of his friend’s laps talking to the others who now obviously had no problem with their pal’s wife’s dress. She would lean forward every now and again so all the guys could see her full frontal.

Natalie came back, her smile was cheeky. Ollie looked delighted to see her.

“Open up.” She said.

She placed the sausage into his gaping mouth and he accepted it. He sucked on it and closed his eyes as he tasted her juices with enormous pleasure. He opened his eyes and she giggled as he shook his head slowly as if savouring it.

“How about you come with me and I can try to suck that sausage out of that tasty pussy of yours”

Natalie nodded and took his hand. Just as they were leaving the room Lee came in with a plate his face fell when he seen Ollie already had a full plate.

“Oh, hi Hun. Eh, Ollie is showing me his new poster in his man cave. Will be back in a min. Ok?” Natalie said to her husband while looking at her brother.

“Sure. Ok babe.” He knew where they were going and didn’t want to stop them “Give me a big kiss when you come back. No exception ok”

Satisfied his mission complete and that he had had his fun Adolph followed them out the room. As they turned towards the stairs he opened the front door of the house. He could hear the siblings as they climbed the stairs to the bedrooms.

“A new poster?” Ollie chuckled.

“It’s all I could think of. Anyway, I thought YOU were hungry Mister”

Adolph closed the door over behind him to see Jenny was parked in front with the engine running of an expensive SUV. He walked the little path to the car with the biggest smile.

To be continued…