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The Amazing Bullgrin

Disclaimer : Do not read this if you are are under 18. The hypnosis and sex in this story could be considered non-consensual. Most importantly, do not try this at home!( Unless you have several acres of good grazing land.)

Synopsis: A cute young coed and her friends strange encounter with a stage hypnotist.

A crowd had formed already outside the main entrance as the group arrived. “Hurry guys, Tricia insisted, let’s try and move up front.” They made their way through the milling crowd and ended up a few feet from the main doors. Jackie looked over at the poster advertising tonight’s feature event. “The Amazing Bullgrin- Astounding Mental Powers and Hypnotic Feats.” She looked at Raeanne and shrugged, " I don’t know why she’s so wound up about this. It’s just entertainment.”

“ I know”, Raeanne replied, “It is about the only thing she’s talked about today.”

The first ads for The Amazing Bullgrin had appeared in the campus newspaper two weeks ago, followed a few days later by an article about shows he had done at other universities. Jackie had read the article, which focused mainly on the popular audience participation part of the show, where people came up from their seats and went on stage to be hypnotized. Supposedly these people would do things, at the suggestion of the hypnotist, that they normally wouldn’t do in a conscious state. She had read about such shows before and found it mildly amusing. There had been some talk about the article at dinner that night and Tricia suggested that they get tickets and go to the show. Most of the other girls agreed. Jackie had not said anything one way or the other, but Tricia had taken the liberty of purchasing a ticket for her as well. She had some studying to do, but there was always studying to do. A night out with her friends would be fun and the books would be there when she got back.

The doors opened a few minutes later and the crowd surged in. The girls found seats in the second row. People streamed in and the theater was filled to capacity in about twenty minutes. Jackie looked around and couldn’t see an empty seat anywhere.

“This must be more popular than I thought,” she said to Kathy, one of their group who was sitting next to her.

“Yeah, there’s been a real buzz about this all day.”

“Are all you guys planning to go onstage?”

“I am! Why not?”

“I’m skeptical about this”. Jackie answered.

“C’mon Jackie, lighten up. It’s just for some fun. You go back to your seat if he can’t hypnotize you.”

Jackie started to reply but the house lights dimmed and the big curtain swept open to sounds of applause. An imposing figure strode onstage from the back and took his place before a microphone. Jackie could see it was a man of average build, about average height, wearing a black formal outfit. His hair was brown and he looked to be in his early thirties, a good ten years older than anyone in the audience. Jackie considered him kind of cute, but nothing that would knock you off your feet.

“Good evening, I am the Amazing Bullgrin.” He said with a smile. “Is that my real name? Well, I always like to say that Amazing is my middle name. And after tonights’ show I think that you will agree. He unclipped the mike from its’ stand and started to stroll around the stage as he talked. “For those of you who wonder what I do, the first part of tonights performance involves a demonstration of powers of the mind. This I do unassisted. The second part deals with the abilities of the mind when it is opened to the power of suggestion. This ability is also known as hypnosis. I will do a few demonstrations with my assistants, and then those of you in the audience who are willing are welcome to come onstage and give it a try. Now, let’s begin.”

Jackie felt the first part of the show, which featured telepathy, card tricks and finding hidden objects, was mildly interesting. Which was more than she could say about the next segment. Instantly putting assistants into a trance by tapping them on the forehead,levitation and running needles through hands were stale routines she had seen on TV magic acts before. You didn’t have to be hypnotized to do the same stuff show after show she thought.

After an intermission Bullgrin came back out onstage. " All right, you’ve seen me demonstrate hypnosis. Perhaps some of you would like to experience it yourselves. Do I have any volunteers?”

People streamed out of the audience and onto the stage. Kathy and two other floormates squeezed past Jackie to go up.

“Aren’t you going up?” Kathy asked.

“No, I’ll stay here and watch you guys.” Jackie smiled.

Several dozen folding chairs had been set up on stage. They were little more than half full when Bullgrin’s assistants started turning back volunteers. Jackie wondered why they set up more chairs than they would use. Bullgrin gave his volunteers a couple of tests for suggestability. Those who failed left the stage. An assistant rolled a pedestal covered with a black cloth onstage. Bullgrin removed the cloth to reveal a large mirrored ball.The ball began to revolve as the hypnotist moved over to one side of the stage, instructing his volunteers to look at the ball. The globe turned faster and faster, the thousands of tiny mirrors on it’s surface catching the illumination from the klieg lights above the stage and reflecting it in all directions. Jackie looked at the students onstage. Some of them looked as if they were frozen in place gazing at the ball, a blank look on their faces. A girl sitting several seats to her left had the same look as well.

Up until now she had not looked directly at the spinning ball. The reaction of the people onstage she could understand. They wanted to go along with this whole routine, she thought. But seeing the same thing happen to some in the audience piqued her curiosity. She looked at the spinning ball. The way it caught the light and shot it off into so many directions did make it interesting to look at, but she didn’t feel any different. She could hear Bullgrin’s instructions to the onstage group, and as she continued looking at the spinning globe she felt she could hear his voice more clearly, as if he was sitting next to her. He was telling her to relax and concentrate on the shiny spinning ball, how the ball would shoot a beam of light directly at her. How pretty the spinning ball was to look at. How she would go even deeper into relaxation each time one of these beams touched her. She was feeling more relaxed, as the ball fired a light beam at her every few seconds. It was a very pleasant feeling, and she found herself wanting to continue looking at the beautiful shiny globe. Listening to the hypnotist’s words made it so easy. It felt so good to just concentrate and relax, concentrate and relax. It was so good. No wonder the others were gazing at the ball the way they were. It felt so wonderful to relax this way. Just like his voice was saying. Concentrate and relax..concentrate and relax. Her entire body was becoming limp, her muscles so relaxed she couldn’t move. Jackie didn’t care. She just enjoyed the wonderful relaxed feeling that was unlike any she had ever experienced before.

When Bullgrin said that their arms would begin to rise into the air Jackie’s arms rose. She felt herself rise out of her seat. Her body felt like a balloon, weightless, drifting..drifting out into the aisle and towards the stage, unable to resist his call. The closer she got to his voice the more the relaxation increased. So good.

“3...2....1.” Jackie looked around. She was sitting up on the stage looking out at the audience,a boy sprawled face down at her feet. Looking down the row there were a couple of other students laying on the floor as well, but most were slumped over in their seats, their eyes closed. Except for the girl in the chair next to her, who stared glassy eyed at the audience. Bullgrin stood just to her right.She looked up at him in disbelief.

“How did I get here?” She heard laughter from the audience.

“I invited you up. You don’t remember me asking you to come up here?”

“No. Was I hypnotized?”

“Well I’d say you are a better subject than some who volunteered.” More laughter as Bullgrin held his mike out to her.

“Did I do anything?”

“ What do you remember doing?”

“I don’t.. I was sitting in my seat watching you.. and now I’m sittng up here.”

“ Well, Jackie it happens at all my shows. Many people in the audience become hypnotized by watching me onstage, so I keep a few seats empty and invite them up just to prove that it can happen. Thank you for your cooperation, you may return to your seat.”

As she stood up to leave Jackie noticed several girls laying on folding chairs just behind the row of volunteers. The chairs supported their heads and feet but their bodies were straight. All were totally motionless and staring up at the ceiling. Jackie recognized three of the girls as her floormates. There was one pair of chairs that were vacant. How could he ever get someone to be like that? Jackie shuddered at the thought and wanted to return to her seat as quickly as she could.

Bullgrin tapped the glassy eyed girl on the shoulder and told her to stand up.

“ I always like to find out as much as I can about my volunteers, any unusual experiences they’ve had. Tell me, have you ever seen a green gorilla?”

Jackie had just reached her seat row. She immediately spun around and began marching back towards the stage amid bursts of laughter. She willed her legs to stop but she could not. The more she tried the faster her legs moved. Bullgrin watched her as she approached.

“Well folks, it looks like someone has seen a green gorilla, and she’s back to tell us about it. Jackie how big was this gorilla?”

Jackie raised her arm into the air as high as she could. " Oh!, he was fucking huge!!", she shouted. The crowd roared with laughter.

“Really? What else can you tell us about him?” Bullgrin held out his microphone.

“ He had a big green hairy ass!! And the biggest peter I have ever seen!!!” Jackie shouted again. She never used these words in public, let alone at the top of her voice,but she had no idea she was going to say what she did and couldn’t stop herself from saying it. The audience was breaking up again. Bullgrin shrugged and smiled.

“ Thank you, Jackie, but that’s more than we care to know about the gorilla. more thing. Freeze. You are completely frozen. Frozen stiff..stiff. You are now frozen solid.”

Jackie was just beginning to feel the embarassment from her outbursts as Bullgrin said this. She felt her back straighten and stiffen, her arms straight and rigid along her sides. The hypnotist came forward, placed his hand on her forehead and shoved gently. The coed fell backwards into the arms of an assistant behind her. Bullgrin took her by the ankles and the two men placed her on the next to last pair of folding chairs.

Jackie now stared up at the ceiling like the other girls laying next to her. She could not even move her eyes. The feeling of being totally incapable of any movement was not upsetting or frightening at all, because the incredibly deep and blissful feeling of relaxation had returned. It was very pleasant to just lay here, gazing up at the ceiling and drifting, weightless and motionless. Now she could hear Bullgrin’s voice, droning softly, telling her that she would think she was a Rockette and join with the other subjects in doing the can-can onstage after Bullgrin released her from this frozen state. Then his voice told her she would have an irresistible urge to come to an offcampus address at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon, that this was an extremely important appointment that she could not break and she would have no memory of this suggestion once she was awake. Jackie focused on the deep wonderful relaxing feeling, unaware of the voice droning on, repeating the second suggestion over and over. Unaware she was listening to a recording playing from speakers attached underneath the chairs. No one in the audience noticed this as their attention was focused on the antics of the other volunteers.

An offstage assistant switched off the tiny speakers and a few moments later Bullgrin came over and freed her and the others by placing his hand on their foreheads. She stretched and looked around, realizing she had no idea how long she’d been frozen. The rest of the girls were getting off the chairs and stretching, an amazed look on their faces.

The girls looked like marionettes as they immediately locked their arms around each others shoulders,walked to the front of the stage and did leg kicks in perfect synchronization. Jackie had no desire to stop and knew that she would not stop until Bullgrin commanded her to. The hypnotist stood in front the dancing line and raised his hand.

“Okay, ladies you are no longer the Rockettes. Stop dancing. You’ve put on a fine performance this evening. Let’s give them a hand shall we?” Bullgrin led the audience in a round of applause. “Now I will count up to three and and when I reach the number three you will all wake up and feel fine. One.. two..three, you are awake now and may return to your seats. Let’s give your fellow students another hand for their cooperation this evening. I would like to thank you all for coming. Good night.”

Jackie felt slightly groggy as she made her way off the stage. Tricia grabbed her arm as their group joined the line heading for the exits.

“Jackie! Wasn’t that amazing? And so nice of you to join us on the stage!”

“ I don’t remember how that happened. That ball with the mirrors started to spin, I was listening to what he was telling you guys and the next thing I know I’m on the stage. I’m not sure that I remember what he had us doing after that either. It’s like it was a dream.”

“ I know! But wasn’t it great? He told me I was going to become stiff like a mannequin and I did. I couldn’t move a muscle.”

“ I know.” Jackie replied. " But I was so out of it that I don’t remember him telling me I was going to do that. I didn’t think I was going to put on a show for the whole audience, either.”

“ We all did, Jackie. But it was fun and now we know what it’s like to be hypnotized.”

“ You’re the one who wanted to be hypnotized, Tricia. I don’t want to be on a stage like that again.”

The rest of the group continued talking about the show as they walked back to the dorm. Jackie was already thinking about her classes tomorrow and the studying she would have to catch up on.

Jackie just couldn’t get the address out of her mind. She had tried to fight this strange compulsion but it was no use. She simply had to be at this address by 2 o’clock but she didn’t know why. The address turned out to be an office building several blocks away from the main business area of downtown. This was confusing to her as she had never been here before and there was no indication on the outside as to who the tenants were. Her confusion increased when she entered the lobby and saw three of her floormates among the group of girls waiting there.

“Tricia,what are you guys doing here?”

“ Hi, Jackie, I don’t know.. we all had to be here for an important appointment at two o’ clock.”

“ Does anyone know why this is so important?”

“No.. I didn’t want to cut class this afternoon but I couldn’t help it. It was the strangest thing.”

The faces of the other girls there looked familiar. When Jackie realized that they were all students who had been hypnotized last night her confusion turned to anger. She strode through the waiting area and opened the first door she came to. Bullgrin sat behind a desk talking to two of his assistants. A smile crossed his face as he noticed her coming into the office.

“ Mr. Bullgrin, what is going on here? We came here for a two o’ clock appointment and none of us knows why. Is this some kind of game you are playing with us? I had an important class to attend this afternoon and I get this urge to come here. I couldn’t resist. Now I want to know what is going on.”

Bullgrin’s assistants looked at her in surprise. He waved them out of his office.

“ Go ahead, you can get started. I’ll answer the young lady’s questions.” As Bullgrin looked her over he remembered how this coed looked last night as she answered his command to come onstage, the way she stared vacantly ahead as she walked slowly and helplessly to sit where he commanded her to sit. He started to get an erection as he thought about her sitting in the folding chair, deeply hypnotized, listening to the post hypnotic suggestions he was giving her. He knew then she would become part of today’s business.

“ Miss Childs.. Jackie isn’t it? You were one of my ‘volunteers’ last evening weren’t you?”

“No. I had no desire to volunteer but I was hypnotized anyway. I don’t use the kind of language you had me using, either.”

“That’s no reflection on what kind of person you are. You were obeying a posthypnotic suggestion that you had no knowledge of. It’s part of my college shows, and you wouldn’t have used those words if you had never heard them before.”

I know that, I know a lot of people would think that’s funny. My friends and I just went for entertainment,too, but your show is over now. We’ve got things to do today, our classes and studies. We aren’t your puppets. I don’t know how you got all of us to come here but we had better be free to go now. The campus entertainment director will never let you set foot here again if he finds out about this game you are playing with us. I will go to the police too if I have to.”

Bullgrin got up from his desk and walked over to one of the windows that faced out on the hallway. The blinds were drawn and he lifted one slat to look out. The two assistants had brought the mirrored ball into the lobby and turned it on. It would be only a matter of seconds before all the subjects would become rehypnotized. The men would then use a tape of his voice, to command them to follow the ball down the hallway and into the studio at the back of the building. He put his right hand into his pocket and closed it around the object he had there then he turned and faced Jackie.

“ You are one spunky young lady aren’t you? I’ve never had someone confront me like this. I gave you and your friends a posthypnotic suggestion to come here this afternoon.That’s how you got here. Why? So I can use you as subjects in a video. I produce videotapes for a select clientele that has some unusual tastes, shall we say. It has become more profitable than my stage shows. It is also much more enjoyable.” He removed the object from his pocket. " Look at what I’m holding in front of you, Miss Childs. It should look familiar.”

Jackie looked up at the miniature replica of the mirrored ball spinning on the end of a gold chain. She tried to look away but her eyes were fixed on the flashing orb.

“ You and the other girls are part of my plans for today and it is impossible to resist,” Bullgrin continued. " You won’t be telling anyone about this. Look at the spinning ball and as each golden shaft of light bounces off the mirrors and touches your face and eyes you will go deeper and deeper into relaxation. Just like you did last night, except you will go even deeper,deeper and deeper. Just watch the spinning ball and let the deep relaxation flow through your body. It is flowing through your entire body, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. It feels soo good. You cannot take your eyes off the ball. You will watch the ball as it spins round and round and you will sink even deeper into relaxation. Watch the globe, Miss Childs, watch and relax. Relax. Listen to my words. As you become more relaxed you will find that you must obey my suggestions. Answer me if that is true.”

“Yes.. I will obey.”

“And as you watch the spinning ball you will strip naked. Listen to me. Listen to my suggestions and obey. Watch the globe and strip naked. You will strip naked, Miss Childs.”

Bullgrin leered at the young coed as she pulled her sweater over her head and let it drop to the floor. He noticed her expression change from panicked to placid, and her eyes never left the mirrored globe. He moved closer to her as she removed her shoes and socks and then the white turtleneck pullover.

Jackie felt even more relaxed than she did the previous night. The desire to obey the hypnotist was all she could think of now. Her hands and fingers moved with a life of their own, unbuttoning and unzipping, her brash words for Bullgrin forgotten.

Jackie unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor. Bullgrin stared at her firm, perky titties and the way they jiggled as she bent over to slip her panties off. He looked at the light brown patch of pubic hair between her thighs and moved behind her. He sighed with delight as he put his hands on her firm, perfectly round ass and began to caress it.

“Relax, relax even deeper, down..down deep...relax even deeper with every breath you take..relax deeper and deeper. Take my hand and follow me.”

Bullgrin led the naked coed out the door and down the hallway. He went through a door at the end of the hall and entered the room which served as their studio. It had been made to look like a pasture, with a carpet of thick green grass on the floor, artificial trees and fencing and a dairy barn painted on a backdrop. The rest of the group stood in the middle of this pasture, nude and staring blankly at the backdrop while Bullgrin’s crew finished setting up video cameras, lights and sound equipment.

One of the assistants signaled to the hypnotist that everything was in place and they were ready to begin.

“You will listen to me, hear every word that I say,” Bullgrin began. " I am your master, you are my slaves. You are helpless slaves to my will. Listen to me and obey. Sleep, close your eyes and sleep, sleep...deeply asleep. You falling deeper and deeper into sleep with every word that I say. You will listen to my voice and ignore everything else. Sleep deeper and deeper...down deep...down, down deeply asleep...down..down deep. Go deep...deeep asleep.. more deeply asleep than you have ever been before. And as you go ever deeper into sleep you will go down, down on all fours, as you go down on all fours you will also go down deeper into sleep... deeper as you go down on all fours. Down, down... you cannot stand on two legs, because you now have four legs. As you go down on all four legs in this lovely green pasture you are also going down even deeper into sleep. Deeper than you have ever been before. Down on all four legs... down deeeeper into sleeep.. down on all four legs...down deeeeper into sleeep. You are cows.. you are standing on all four legs in this want to graze.. you are cows. You are now cows. You cannot can only make the sounds that a cow can make. You are now contented cows...happy to be in this beautiful green pasture that you can graze in and be content. No worries. All you can think about is how content you are and how you want to graze and fill your tits with milk. On the count of five you will open your eyes but remain deeply asleep and you will be cows. You will graze without actually pulling up the grass and you will feel your tits slowly getting full of milk. On the count of, two will become cows.. will graze..four...happy and content ....five..eyes have become cows.”

It was always such a turn-on to take a group of pretty co-eds, naked and helplessly hypnotized, and put them even deeper into a trance. The way they slowly surrendered and got down on their hands and knees. The look of bovine calmness on their faces when they opened their eyes and began shuffling slowly around in the “pasture”, grazing and rubbing up against a tree. This group was no different. Bullgrin especially enjoyed watching Jackie. The power of hypnosis still amazed him, as he thought about her not more than ten minutes ago, angry and defiant, threatening him with the police. Now she was naked, her pert titties swaying gently as she moved, her eyes open wide in thoughtless bovine contentment. The rest of the crew had already started taking their clothes off. Bullgrin undid his belt and unzipped his pants, easing the pressure on his erection. The cameras were on auto-pilot, it was time for the best part of making these tapes, and there was no doubt as to who his “mate” was going to be.

Bullgrin started to plant the next set of suggestions as he undressed.

“ You are all cows, happy and contented cows. You graze, you make milk and you have sex. These are the only things on your minds. Since you are cows, your boyfriends are all bulls. You have sex with the bulls everyday. You love having sex with the bulls, because they all have such huge cocks and they give you so much pleasure. The bulls are coming over from their pasture to yours now for their daily visit. You can see them coming and your pussies are getting very wet because it’s time for your daily screw.” Bullgrin got down on the floor behind Jackie and began to caress her ass again. The rest of the crew had taken position behind the girl of their choice. The hypnotist placed his hands on Jackie’s hips and let the the tip of his hard penis brush against her ass.

“ You love to get fucked by the bulls. In a few seconds the bulls are going to mount you and slide their huge hard cocks into your wet pussies. You are so wet, and the pleasure is incredible. It feels ssooo good to have the bulls fucking you with their enormous cocks. You will express your pleasure like a cow. You are so wet and ready for the bulls. The bulls are going to mount you and fuck you with their huge hard cocks...NOW.”

The hypnotist spread Jackie’s pussylips apart and gazed at her dripping wet inner prize. He mounted her and slowly slid his erection into her. He gasped at the feel of her warm slippery tightness as he began to thrust. It was going to take all his willpower to keep from coming too quickly.

“It feels so good to be fucked by the bulls,” he gasped. “Oh, Jackie, you love it.” The men gasped and groaned as they thrust in and out of their partners. The girls grunted and mooed softly as they expressed their pleasure the way Bullgrin had instructed them to. Jackie’s face still had the same thoughtless gaze but now she was groaning softly. Her hips bucked as Bullgrin thrust in and out of her in a steady rythym.

“Oooh- “, he gasped and began to thrust faster, taking long steady strokes. He groaned in pleasure as he came on an outthrust, shooting his semen all over Jackie’s back. He looked around, spent, as the other crew members shot their loads into the hypnotized coeds. Bullgrin got up and went over to the cameras to put them on pause. The men got ready to swap partners. Bullgrin put Jackie off-limits to the crew and went back to her.

“ You are going to pay for being so bold with me this afternoon, young lady.” He caressed her ass and back as he spoke to her. Jackie mooed softly to indicate her complete acceptance of what he was telling her. After the filming was finished the girls were made to clean themselves up and given suggestions that they had spent the afternoon studying and attending their classes. They would walk back to their dorms and have no memory of where they had gone or done that afternoon.

Jackie studied the plain brown package as she walked back to her room. There was no return address to give any clue as from whom or where it came from. She set the package down on her desk as she put away her coat. It would be a quiet evening on the floor as a lot of the girls were going to see the Amazing Bullgrin’s hypnosis show. Jackie vaguely remembered the same act being on campus about a year ago. She had gone then and remembered something about a girl onstage yelling about a gorilla with a big peter. If she didn’t have a big research paper due next week it might have been fun to go again. She was about to leave for the cafeteria when the phone rang.

“Hello.” No one answered. Instead there was the sound of a jangling cowbell and a chorus of mooing cows. The receiver seemed to freeze to Jackie’s ear.

“How’s my little cow?” Her face went slack at the sound of the hypnotist’s voice.

Jackie leaned up against the fence railing in the “pasture”, eyeing her charges as they mooed and grazed contentedly. She was aware of what she was doing, but she was also Bullgrin’s slave, totally powerless to resist any of his suggestions. It had been that way since the telephone call last night, when he told her she was going to be his new assistant for the video shoot tomorrow. She looked down at the shiny brass cowbell resting between her tits and the feeling of relaxed contentment increased once more, as it had been doing since her master commanded her to open the package and wear the bell.

“ You enjoy watching this year’s herd don’t you, Miss Childs?” Bullgrin was already naked as he walked over to her and reached into her denim coveralls. These and a straw hat were all that Jackie was wearing. He cupped her titties in his hands and kneaded them gently. Her brown nipples grew hard with desire.

“Yes, sir. I must serve you in any way you command. The more I serve you the more contented I become.” Bullgrin ran his hands over the soft skin of her belly and worked his way down to her thighs.

“Remove your overalls and hat.”

“Yes sir.” Jackie tossed the hat onto a nearby fencepost and stepped out of the coveralls as her master fondled her pussy and her ass, making her wet with arousal. Jackie looked up at him with pleading eyes. She hadn’t been able to fight off any other suggestions and her desire for what she was about to ask for had kept growing until now it was overwhelming.

“ Please,sir, will you make me a cow? I must be a part of your herd.” Bullgrin looked down at her and smiled.

“Of course.Sleep now.”

Jackie’s eyes shut and her head dropped to her chest as Bullgrin touched the nape of her neck. He began to take all the coeds deeper into hypnosis to plant the suggestions that would make them think they were cows. Jackie sank to the floor and opened her eyes. She could feel a warm breeze blowing across her body, the lush grass beneath her. It was time for the best part of the day, the mating session with her bull. She felt him mounting her and grunted softly as he slid his huge member into her and began thrusting in and out. Bullgrin smiled as he enjoyed her tight pussy. Not only were these videos so pleasureable to make, his subscribers snapped them up as fast as he could turn them out. He was going to have to ‘recruit’ more assistants like Jackie at his other campus shows.