The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Amazing Bullgrin-Epilogue

Jackie shuddered a second time as she closed the attachment. She didn’t think she was a prude when it came to sex but the idea that someone could write a story like this shocked her.

The sound of Jim’s car pulling into the garage didn’t quite register as she sat, still numb, staring at the monitor. The sound of him coming upstairs did though and she quickly exited their e-mail and bought up a page from favorites.

“ Hi sweetheart.” Jim poked his head into the spare bedroom. " Surfing early tonight, huh?”

“ I thought I would before dinner. I’ve got tests to grade tonight”

“ Okay, I brought some work home too.”

After she started the dishwasher Jackie walked into the den. Jim usually watched TV here after dinner but the set was off. He must have started early on his work, she thought. He’s probably up in the- she suddenly realized that she hadn’t deleted that e-mail. If he wasn’t using the PC perhaps she could trash it and he would be none the wiser.

But Jim was already on the computer. She walked softly over to the closet and started to rummage through some old clothes, afraid to see what he was viewing.

“ Have you seen this yet?”

“ What?”

“ This story.”

“ Jim, I don’t know who could have sent it or why. I—”

“ Then you have read it, that’s what you were doing when I got home. ”

“ We can call the service provider, find out who it is, and have their account closed.”

“ Why? It isn’t worth the trouble. You have to admit whoever wrote this has got one hell of an imagination. A pasture, video cameras, cowbells, what a setup!” He chuckled.

“ What?,” Jackie gasped. " Someone emails us a story where I’m hypnotized by a total stranger, made to think I am a cow and have sex with him and you think it’s funny? I’m pretty open about people’s lifestyles and what they do behind closed doors but..but for someone to send us some, some junk like that- I feel like I’ve been violated somehow.”

“ One person’s perversion is another’s erotic fantasy. You’re being way too serious about this, Jackie. It’s just a story. You must have a secret admirer, an old flame that you used to play games with, perhaps?”

“ You’ve been watching too much of those late night nudie movies on cable.”

“ Have you ever fantasized about total submission to another person? Obeying their commands whether you really wanted to or not?”

“ No. we’ve never talked about those kind of fantasies. Is this something that turns you on?”

“ Oh, I’ve thought about it from time to time.” Jim replied. " I’m sorry if I have upset you but many people don’t leave their imaginations at the bedroom door. A little variety and playfulness is a good thing.”

Jim could literally see the frost in her gaze. " Are you saying you’re not satisfied with the way I make love?”

“ No, Jackie that’s not it at all. You know I have no complaints in that area, it’s just that I.. I think maybe we should consider using our imaginations more so it will stay fresh. I don’t mean I want to calf rope you to the bed tonight or have you moo like a cow but let’s not wait for our lovemaking to get stale to be a little different. ”

“ Let’s talk about this another time. I’m not in the mood after reading that and I’ve got tests to finish. Will you delete that when you’re done please?” Jackie walked out of the room and returned downstairs.

Jim sat and wondered about the can of worms he had just opened. It was troubling that someone had gotten their e-mail address and sent this story, especially since the subject matched a physical description of his wife. But what he hadn’t revealed to Jackie was how aroused he had become while reading these graphic descriptions of her submission. There’s no way I could convince her to reenact anything like this, Jim thought to himself as he opened a spreadsheet and looked at the reports he had brought home. Nope, no chance, and as for using some ‘imagination’ in the bedroom, the first time I suggest her getting on all fours and letting me enter her from behind, well.. he dropped that thought.

“ Jim DeBoven, how are you?”

“ I’m fine, Don, just fine”

“Where’s the wife?”

“ She stopped off at the lady’s room. She’ll be along shortly.”

“ Good, glad to see you two make it. Hey, did Bob tell you what I’ve got lined up for entertainment this year? I caught this guy’s act last summer at a convention in Vegas. I almost fell out of my seat laughing he’s so damn funny. A hypnotist. You wouldn’t believe some of the things he can get people to do. It’ll be great!”

Jim found their place in the front row of tables, where the directors and officers of the service club and their wives sat. Several months had gone by since their reception of that hypnosis story and he hadn’t given much thought to it lately. The issues he had raised that night about their sex life, indeed their sex life as well, had fallen victim to the usual assassins that many young married couples faced: work, social activities such as this awards dinner, finances and building a life of their own. The thoughts and desires he’d experienced then came rolling back, just as strong as before.

“ Jim! " Jackie poked him hard on the shoulder. He looked down at the cloth napkin he had been absently twisting. He never heard or saw Jackie take her seat next to him.

“ I was asking you if you had talked to the Simms about the pool party tomorrow. You must have been a thousand miles away.”

“ Oh..sorry honey, I guess I was.”

Dinner was served , the presentations were made and as the MC introduced the hypnotist Jim observed the crowd, wondering who would volunteer. There was a smattering of applause as the hypnotist , who called himself the Amazing Bacardo, strode onstage and started with an explanation of hypnosis. Jim laughed to himself at the cheesy stage name and it’s similarity to the character in that story. He had discovered a couple of hypnofetish sites since that incident and read a few similar stories, but he had little time to pursue these plus he didn’t want Jackie to find out. She was watching Bacardo with mild interest as the volunteers walked onstage.

“ Why don’t you go up there, see what happens?” Jim asked.

“ I don’t think so.” Jackie replied.

About a dozen people volunteered, leaving several empty chairs. Bacardo began the induction and Jim watched , fascinated by his gestures and phrases as one by one, the subjects closed their eyes and slumped in their chairs. He caught himself concentrating too much and pinched his hand. Everyone is full and relaxed after drinks and dinner, he thought to himself. And Jackie has ignored her two pina colada limit tonight, she’ll be out by the time we get home.

I’m sure she hasn’t forgotten that story, but I wonder- he felt her leaning against his arm and as he turned to look her head dropped onto his shoulder. ‘She couldn’t wait’ Jim chuckled to himself. He’d let her sleep it off until it was time to leave but when Bacardo instructed his subjects to raise their right arms Jackie’s arm rose into the air. When the hypnotist finished with the induction Jim got his attention. Two other persons in the audience had gone under as well and Bacardo led them all to the front.

Jim watched with fascination and arousal as Jackie and the other subjects followed Bacardo’s suggestions. His arousal was compounded by the fact that Jackie was so susceptible to hypnosis despite her refusal to volunteer. As Jim watched several subjects barking like dogs and clucking like chickens, he knew that his desire could become reality.. hell, it HAD to become reality. He had to talk to Bacardo when this was over.

The drive home proved uneventful as Jackie fell asleep seconds after they left the hall. As Jim unbuttoned his shirt he thought about what to do next. Bacardo didn’t seem fazed by his request, maybe he had heard this many times before from boyfriends or husbands who were thinking with their dicks and he went along just to humor them.

“ Jim, when I went to sleep like that, why did you let him take me onstage?”

“ Because I thought you were asleep. He noticed you because your arm was raised straight up like his volunteers. He told us a person shouldn’t wake too quickly from a hypnotic trance, that it was better to let them sleep or have them go onstage, if they didn’t want to be hypnotized they would wake up and go back to their seat. Besides, you weren’t the only one.” He watched Jackie as she slipped out of her dress and hung it in her closet.

“ I’m curious, what was it like?”

“ Being hypnotized?”

“Yes, how did it feel when he gave you suggestions?”

“ I don’t know. I was sitting next to you and then suddenly I’m sitting in a chair onstage. I’m glad I didn’t do anything embarassing.”

“ You really don’t remember?”

“ No I don’t, Jim.”

“ What about afterwards, when we met Bacardo at his dressing room?”

“ When was that?” Jim saw the frown on her face in the dresser mirror. Apparently she didn’t remember any of that, either. A good sign, he thought.

“ You don’t remember anything he told you?” He moved closer to her as she pulled down her white halfslip.

“ He didn’t tell me anything. We left a few minutes after I woke up. Why are- you’re still thinking about that story, aren’t you?” Jackie bent over to pick up the halfslip, giving her husband a great view of her firm, very round ass stretching her panties.

“ How now my little cow.”

Jackie stopped, holding the slip just off the floor. She stared at her reflection in the mirror, which stared back at her with identical surprise.

“ Oh shit,” Jim said under his breath. " It worked.”

“ Jackie, I am going to speak to you, and you will do exactly what I say. You must obey me. Do you understand?”

“ Yes.” She replied after half a minute.

Jim dropped his pants on the floor and moved towards her. He unhooked her bra and began to caress her ass.

“ You are going to a very pleasant relaxing place, going down, down. Listen to me Jackie, the farther you go into this pleasant place, the more thoughts you leave behind. You leave all thoughts, all of your willpower behind. Stand up and come with me.”

Jackie’s bra fell to the floor as she stood up, revealing her firm perky breasts. Jim led her by the hand to their bed.

“ Remove your panties.”

“ Now this pleasant place is before you. Lush green pasture, nice shade trees, a creek. You can hear the water gurgling. You are in this special, relaxing place and in this place you are a cow. This is your pasture, you can feel the warm sun on your skin. This is your special place to graze and be content.”

Jackie was on the bed on her hands and knees. Jim could feel his heart pounding as he stripped off his shorts. He gently stroked his hard cock.

“ You are a cow. Moo like a cow.” Jackie mooed.

“ The creek is in front of you. You are thirsty. Take a drink, you will find the water is cool and refreshing.” She bent her head down and lapped at the invisible stream.

“ You are a cow and you are in your special pasture. It’s a beautiful day and you are sunning yourself . Your only thoughts are to enjoy the sun, graze on this fine green grass and expect your boyfriend to drop by for a visit. You know he is coming and you are getting excited and wet with anticipation.” Jim climbed into the bed.

“ Your boyfriend is here now. He is a stud bull and you are getting wetter and wetter with excitement. He is going to mount you and screw you. He is handsome and always gives you the finest calves.” Jim reached between her thighs and stroked her pussy. Her juices dribbled on to his hand. He was amazed, as he had never seen her this aroused before. He found her clitoris and gently fondled around it. Jackie bucked against his hand and grunted.

“ You are a cow and you will express your pleasure like a cow.” Jim mounted his wife and entered her.

“ Oh God.” he gasped. Her slippery tightness was exquisite. Jim thrust eagerly and tried to control his excitement but in a few moments he came harder than he ever had before. He withdrew and watched his wife as she stared at the bedroom wall while his semen ran down her inner thigh.

“ The bull is going to fertilize you. You love it when he mounts you. " Jim grabbed her hips and entered her again. Control was easier now as he found a steady rhythm. In moments both were lost in their motions, Jim moaning and sighing as he slapped against his wife’s ass, Jackie bucking and uttering low animal grunts as the bed creaked and shook beneath them.

He cried out in his second release and collapsed on Jackie, bathing her in his sweat. He took her by the hand and led her in front of the dresser mirror.

“ You are in another special place, a place you share with me. You can speak now, and we will finish the talk we should have finished months ago,” Jim began as he thought about what he wanted to ask her.

Jackie realized something had occurred last night, and trying to remember what distracted her all morning. It seemed to take twice as long at the supermarket and to put the groceries away at home as she continually paused to try and recall. It was like opening a door and as the crack widened experiencing a sated feeling that was warm and sexual. Then the door slammed shut and she would start over again, unsure if there was something to remember or not. Unsure if she was supposed to remember. The feeling persisted as she got ready for their friends pool party that afternoon.

“ Mmm, looking good.” Jim whistled as Jackie stepped out of the bathroom in her new red bikini. He slipped the left strap off her shoulder, kissing her as she grabbed a beach towel.

“ Jim, we don’t have time for that.” She said as she eyed the bulge in his swimming trunks. “The Simms are expecting us.”

“ So, I’ll think of a good excuse. You want your studmaster to service you.”

“ Didn’t you get enough last night?”

“ Last night? Was I really that fortunate?”

“ After that hypnotist last night, I’m having trouble remembering what went on.”

Jim looked down at her, a strange smile spreading across his face.

“ I can jog your memory, and we can play this game some more.”

“ What are you talking about?” Jackie felt a strange sense of anticipation.

“ How now my little cow.”

Her eyes widened. The door swung open, the memories of last nights submission were clear now, and it was surprising how sweet they were. But the desire to be serviced now was all important. Jackie expressed this desire the only way she could as the bikini fell to the floor. There was no pool party at the Simms. There was only this nice green pasture, the gurgling brook and the hot member of her horny bull as he climbed her back once again.