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Among Thieves

General disclaimers: This is a hypnofetish fantasy. It contains adult language and situations, along with examples of adult fictional characters doing illegal, immoral and/or impossible things to other adult fictional characters.. If you 1) are under the age of consent in your community, 2) are disturbed by such concepts, 3) attempt to do most of these things in real life or 4) want graphic blow-by-blow sex in your online pornography, then please stop reading now.

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Copyright Voyer, © 2014

Specific disclaimers: I have previously written MC-themed stories set in this universe and posted them on my personal website, but this the first one which features anything resembling explicit adult material. It started life as one of my entries for the “In 55 words” challenge on The Garden of MC forum.

Dedicated of course to Drew Lipsky.

* * *

There was a series of beeps. The electronic lock mounted next to the door fizzled and shorted out, and the portal clunked open a crack. It was then pushed, and swung wider. A tall, amazonian shape filled the hole once occupied by the door. It, she, a woman wearing a form-fitting black jumpsuit, stepped forward, her long and vibrant mane of hair glowing and crackling in her wake. She eyed the institutional gloom around her, her equally-black gaze sharp and alert. Nothing she saw caused her any immediate concern, and she stepped aside.

“OK, Doc. All clear.”

The second figure through the door was male, rather thin and stooped. While not exactly old, his remaining hair was already running from brown towards gray. He wore an ancient (but laundered and mended) labcoat over a rather more bulky and battered gray jumpsuit, one festooned with pockets and bisected with a heavy belt. Neatly stitched on one breast of the labcoat was a single word: KRAKEN. A large pair of glasses-cum-goggles were wrapped tightly around his face. From behind these, he scanned the room himself, the various shrouded workbenches, the bank of computers lining one wall. The woman spoke again, her tone not betraying any great enthusiasm.

“This the place?”

“Yes, Termagant. I believe so.” He shot a glance back through the door. “You didn’t kill that guard?”

“He’ll live.”

“I make no claim towards being above the taking of life, but I prefer it to be.. purposeful.”

“Yeah, yeah. What exactly again is this dohickey we, which is to say, you, are looking for?”

“The Illudium Q-42 Fulminating Oscillation Modulator will allow me to correct certain interface problems I have been experiencing with—”

“Yeah, yeah again. Will this whole process eventually result in making us, which is to say, me, some fucking money? Cuz if I have to go to the Somnambulist again and listen to that bitch Pym go on about another successful heist—”

“That is the general idea, yes.”

“Well, OK, then! Proceed!”

“Thank you.” His voice may have been slightly sour. From one of his pockets he produced a flashlight. He cranked it to life and then ventured further into the room, his oversized boots loud against the floortiles. He glanced down into a glassed-over display case, sprayed the light over it for a dismissive moment before moving on. Termagant drifted over, her movements silent and graceful, and looked in as well. Inside were a ranked collection of spiky gem-like objects set into slots, various colors glowing dimly.

“Ooh! Pretty!” Termagant’s gloved hand came up, claw-like fingers deployed.

“Please leave those alone.” He spoke without looking back.

“Why? Snufkin the Snitch’ll pay top dollar for crap like this.”

“They’re not gems. They’re not safe to sell to a fence.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes, then tapped the edge of the case in a meaningful way before allowing her hand to drop back to her side.

Kraken began a tour around the various benches, flipping up covers and peering with interest at the objects underneath. At first, Termagant tapped an idle boot-heel against the floor with studied indifference but then abruptly stiffened, sniffed the air, looked up into the overhead darkness, reading something there. She made a sort of hissing noise and spoke, her tone low and urgent, all traces of levity dropped.

“Hsst. Doc! Hurry it up!”

He glanced back at her in annoyance, saw her expression, and hurried it up, flipping up covers and moving on at a glance. Finally..

“Ah. Here. Found it.” He jammed the flashlight back into its pocket, and scooped up the targeted device, a wire-festooned thing, roughly globe sized and shaped, quickly pulling its connections free from the surrounding equipment.

“Good. Great. We’re outta here. Now.”

They slipped from the room, out into the corridor, both moving with impressive speed. They went down the corridor, stepping over the sprawled (and rather scrawny and pimply) body of the security guard without breaking stride.

“What is the problem?”

“I dunno. It’s just one of my feelings. It’s..” She darted a look behind them. “Ah, fuck it. It’s him. I just know it. He’s so fucking shiny the fucking air changes when he shows up.”

“Blast it. I was calculating the Serpent Lord’s latest tantrum down on the waterfront would, ah, command his attention for at least another hour.”

“Yeah, well, Doc, wish in one hand and crap in the other.”

“Poetic as ever, Termagant.”

“Up yours, Doc.”

They pushed through a double set of glass doors, emerged into a interior shrubbery-lined courtyard just as the building’s lights all simultaneously flared on and alarms began blaring, sending the darkness and silence scattering towards the various horizons.

A two-seated circular craft was crouched there beside a fountain. Even in the urgency of the moment, Termagant found time to give off another eye-roll at the name stenciled on the side: KRAKENMOBILE. In a well-rehearsed routine, they piled on board the open-topped vehicle, strapped down their prize and themselves and were airborne, the engine-turbines buzzing them up and away from the complex at a sharp angle.

Kraken was hunched over the controls, jamming his flight-helmet on with one hand and while using the other to summon up every last bit of power and speed. Termagant finished adjusting her own flight-goggles and looked back over her shoulder at the sprawl of the research complex below. More specifically, where the duo had just been, the doors swung open once again, and a shrinking (but nevertheless tall and broad-shouldered) figure emerged, clad in golden armor and seeming to glow with interior light, standing out even among the security lights. It, he, came to a halt , his cape swirling almost as much as Termagant’s hair.. A masked and helmeted head tipped skyward, found them, marked them, only to disappear from view as they blasted through a low flying cloud. Kraken immediately yanked on the controls and sent the Krakenmobile off in a sharply different direction.

Termagant slumped in her seat and puffed out a breath, arranged her hair so it was billowing out behind her. They skimmed across the sky, all of the city now spread out below them, ribbons of light winding down towards the harbor, where spotlights were still swirling. She found some headphones, slipped them on, spoke into the attached microphone.

“I think we’re clear.”


“So. You’re going to take the whatsit back to your lab, I assume, spend all night fiddling with it?”

“Yes. That was in fact the plan.”

“Well. You’ll forgive me if I decide not to join you.”

“I imagine I will get by, Termagant.”

“Good to hear. I know what I’m going to go fucking do..”

* * *

Termagant floated up to the door, claws at the ready, and was pleased to note that the lock was still jimmied from before. She slipped into the room beyond.

She stood for a moment and rubbed her fingers together, letting her eyes adjust.

She came forward the span of a pace and paused. Her danger-sense, honed to a razor-edge, pinged at her.

Things were.. slightly off somehow.

She looked around more carefully. The laboratory was pretty much how she remembered it from her previous visit, but.. no. Something..

She snapped her fingers, making a bit of spark. She had figured it out. The eggheads had just moved everything around after the break-in. Made sense. Unfortunately, that probably meant..

She drifted forward, and sure enough, the case with the gem-things had been moved off somewhere, replaced with some sort of gadget topped with a stalk on which was mounted a disk, on which was printed a spiral.

“Rrr. Fine.” She gave the disk a disgusted spin and turned away, spun herself in a slow careful circle. “Where are you, my little pretties..”

Ah.. There was a promising glint of color at the far end of the room, and she started towards it.

The room was much bigger than she had realized, but she was getting closer.. closer..


She gave a jerk of surprise and rotated in the direction of the noise.

It was a duck. A.. mallard, was it? Kraken was the fucking ornithology expert. It had a green head, anyway, with a white band around its neck.

She was also no expert at reading bird-expressions, but if she had had to hazard a guess, she would have said it was glaring at her.

“Right. This is ridiculous. This is the kind of crap that Doc would have wandering around his laboratory. I thought you Huladyne people were professionals.”

The duck came at her. Calling it a charge would be too much, but it was a very determined waddle.

“Beat it!” She kicked at it. The creature dodged her boot and jabbed at her, scoring a direct hit with its beak. It was surprisingly painful.

“Argh! Oh, you little fucker!” This time she clawed at it, her motions blurred with speed.

The duck dodged again, jabbed again, this time getting the back of her hand. She clutched at the stricken appendage’s wrist and unleashed a truly volcanic torrent of profanity. Shaking away the pain, she bared her teeth, which glittered. Sparks shot from the ends of all her fingers, down the length of her hair.

The duck launched itself at her face in a flurry of flapping wings. This time, she was the one who dodged, and the animal went zooming past. Termagant was up and erect in an instant, claws extended, fully expecting the duck to circle around and come back at her, but.. no. It kept going, disappearing into the gloom at the far end of the room.

“Come fucking back here!” She stormed after it, pushing chairs and workbenches out of her way.

* * *

Termagant yanked open the door, passed through..

And slid to a stop. The room was even darker than before, only one or two overhead lights still active. She maintained her attitude of defense, claw-gloves extended, fully expecting an attack to come zooming at her from some direction.

Nothing. Silence.

She moved forward a careful span, eyeing the darkened shapes around her. Nothing looked familiar. No sign of the sparkling gems, or whatever they were. She studied the stuff that was on display, not expecting any enlightenment without Kraken. She wasn’t sure how much help he would have been; everything here looked ancient, or switched off and half-disassembled at best. .

-Maybe the Huladyne people are shutting down the whole complex? Wouldn’t I have read about that in the Times?—

She frowned, and sniffed.


She rotated towards the sound.

It was a dog. At least, it was dog-shaped, jet black and gigantic with a spiked collar from which dangled a spiral-shaped tag. Stalking towards her on enormous padded feet. Even in the flash of the moment, Termagant had to admire the beast’s lines and obvious agility; in the highly unlikely event that she would have ever gotten a dog herself, this one would have been a serious contender for the position.

“Fuck it. Well, at least this makes some fucking sense.”

The dog sprang at her. She just barely dodged, raked a claw neatly along its side as it went by.

It was like scraping along a slab of bristled concrete.

“Double fuck!”

The dog-thing landed, spun, came back at her. She mounted the nearest pile of equipment, flew across to the next, made her way across the room, island to island, further into the darkness. The dog was silent behind her.

* * *

Termagant shoved her way through the door. The light was almost gone here, a single source flickering erratically somewhere high overhead. All the equipment was vague and misshapen, even half-melted as if it was the remnants left in the wake of a bad fire. Reinforcing this impression, a vaguely wet smell hung in the air.

-Has there been a fire? Didn’t I hear at the.. somewhere.. the Pyromancer’s back in town?—

She ghosted forward, and waited, her claws twitching.

-What am I waiting for?—

“Hi there.”

She rotated towards the voice.

The man coming towards her, between the flickers of light, was tall and broad-shouldered, though he was not wearing armor or a mask; his head was topped with first a flourishing mass of curly brown hair, and then a billed cap set at a jaunty angle. He had on a guard’s uniform, sort of, well-starched and tailored, allowing a clear look his ample set of muscles, showing just how well he fit into his tight pants...

His badge was a endless golden spiral.

He grinned at her, showing a set of white teeth which were a good match for her own.

And his face..

A strange fluttery weakness crept up the back of Termagant’s legs, starting from somewhere in the general vicinity of her knees. Her boot-toes scraped idly against the floor.

“Hi.” Her voice was mostly under control.

He wagged a large muscular finger at her.

“I’m afraid you’ve been a bad girl, Ms. Termagant, and now I’m gonna have to take you in.”

“Right. Look.. fella.. you’re very cute..” -You’re fucking gorgeous.— “So unlike your friend from..” She rubbed at her forehead.. “..before.. I’m willing to cut you some slack. How about you.. we just walk away from this, and we call it good.”

His smile just grew wider, and he came ever closer, moving with arrogant and easy grace.

“All right. Fine. I am sorry about this, but—”

She swiped at him.

He blocked the blow with a burly arm, casually. It was like slapping up against a chunk of reinforced concrete. She stared at him, their arms still clashed together.

“Crap. Are.. are you him?”

He arched an eyebrow.

“Now now, Termagant, everybody knows that the redoubtable Commander never ever takes off that shining armor of his. You know who I am. You’ve always known” He towered over her, his eyes strange and spinning, his intoxicating scent in her nostrils. “Say my name, Termagant. Say it again and again.”

She made a noise in the back of her throat, pushed away from him, turned and flew away into the darkness.

* * *

There was only the darkness, and the head-spinning aroma, and someone rhythmically moaning, a woman, a very familiar voice, a thick, drugged sound. She floated limply forward, through the broken remains of the door, her toes dragging uselessly. A tiny corner of her mind registered a fleeting thought..

-I’ve been floating all along. Even the first time, back with the.. the...—

She couldn’t remember what had happened the first time.

It had been so long ago.

She had come through the goddamned fucking door so many times.

Again and again and again.

She would be coming through the door the rest of her fucking life.


The moaning grew louder in her ears.

She drifted deeper, ever deeper, into the darkness, her body boneless and limp.

There was a noise, and somehow she twitched her body, rotated towards it.

He was coming.

Of course he was coming.

Impossibly tall, impossibly wide and powerful, his cape streaming deeper and deeper darkness, his armor not just golden, but forged from chunks of light.

Forged from endless spinning spirals.

It wasn’t Commander fucking Amazing. Oh no.

It was someone even more impressive and powerful.

And yes, she knew his name, knew it all too well.

In an instant he was there, taking her into his gigantic muscular inescapable grasp, pulling her in.

And she saw what was waiting for her, at the center of it all.

And she surrendered.

Surrendered completely.

Now and forever.

It pushed into her body, violated her body and her mind, and the light became her, swallowed her whole.

With a trembling hand, with her last bit of strength

before the orgasms overwhelmed her completely

she reached up

removed his mask

revealed his true face

* * *

The door was stoutly made, but it resisted only a moment, bulging, before bursting open, slamming thunderously against the wall. Dust swirled and settled, revealing the word stenciled on it in black letters: KRAKEN. For a moment an alarm squalled, and then shorted out. As it wound down, silence fully came back, diffidently, from around the edges of things, back from the various horizons.

A tall, amazonian shape filled the hole once occupied by the door. It, she, stomped forward, her long mane of hair glowing and crackling in her wake. The door started to swing back, and she kicked it once again out of her way with a booted foot.

The room beyond was illuminated by a series of lights which hung from long black cords which in turn emerged from the shadowy gloom of the ceiling. Arriving at a suitably dramatic spot, directly under one of them, she came to a halt, placed her clawed hands on her ample hips, surveyed the scene around her through narrowed black eyes.

A laboratory. Glass-fronted storage cabinets arranged along the metal walls, all fitted with locks, all filled with a wild assortment of objects, exotic animal skulls cluttered together with leering idols, jars filled with botanical specimens and stacked bits of ancient machinery. Workbenches were arranged across the room’s center, many of them cluttered with a tangle of devices, antique brass keyboards and monitors all more-or-less webbed together with bunches of wires, tubes and polished metal pipes. Jacob’s ladders and Tesla coils swapped multi-colored sparks back and forth. In one corner a towering complex of glassware circulated colored fluids. In another was a human-sized slab with numerous straps and restraints at the ready, currently unoccupied. A stuffed alligator hung from wires in front of a dramatic painting which had been splashed extravagantly across one of the walls, depicting a menacing squid-like creature twining its multitude of barbed tentacles around the spires of a burning city under a star-crammed sky. The opposite wall, by contrast, had a large collection of cork boards on which were pinned piles of over-lapping notes and diagrams, and chalkboards covered with scribbled equations and diagrams. At the center of them all was a well-used dartboard, and pinned to its center was a rather blurry picture of a tall and stern figure clad in golden armor.

The intruder spoke.

“I know you’re here, Doc.” Her gaze flicked for a moment to a curtained alcove in which lurked a drab-looking cot, its bedding half-heartedly arranged, a shower and a combined toilet/sink. “If we’re not out somewhere stealing something, you’re always fucking here.”

From behind one of the nearer workbenches, a head rose, once again diffidently. A man, thin, prematurely balding and graying, a black thick-framed pair of glasses clamped around his head. He held a wand-like device one heavily-gloved hand.

“Ah. Hello, Termagant.”

She swiveled slightly so she was directly facing him, clunked into the new position like a (shapely) granite block slotting into place in a pyramid. He lifted a careful finger of his free hand.

“Now.. Termagant, I can explain—”

She pointed a claw herself, far more emphatically, a bit of power flickering off its tip.

“No, Doc.. Doctor Kraken.. let me explain something. Before we go one step further here, We need to be absolutely fucking crystal clear about something. You are still a creepy.. twisted.. strange.. perverted.. little.. goofball-weirdo. And your mother dresses you funny. Nothing will ever change that!”

He hesitated, his own finger crooked slightly.


“As it happens, however, yes, along with all of that, you are also pretty smart.” An expression twitched across her face. “OK, fine, you’re sorta a fucking genius. I guess at one level I always sorta knew that, though I sure as fucking hell never admitted it to you. Or, hell, even admitted it to myself. But it was why I kept teaming up with you all those times, even though things so often..” A glance at the dartboard.. “..went tits-up in the end. Well, and because you paid me, of course.”

He edged his way out from behind the workbench.

“Your use of ‘still’ would.. imply that something has changed.”

“Oooh yes. I’m happy to report it worked perfectly.”

“What.. worked?”

She grinned, showing her glittering teeth.

“You know damn well what worked, Doctor Kraken sir. After our little adventure at Huladyne, I went home. I took a fucking bath and I went to bed. I went to sleep.” Never taking her eyes off him, she grabbed at the front of her jumpsuit with both hands, dug in and tore, ripping the garment away, along with anything that might have been underneath, spilling her somewhat pale but nevertheless quite impressive breasts into view, their nipples standing erect. She tore further, revealing her muscled but still shapely belly and thighs, and then her neatly-trimmed sex, which glistened with arousal. A few more swipes along the healthy curves of her arms and legs, and she was left wearing only her gleaming black boots and deadly gloves, plus or minus a few dangling scraps. She dropped her hands, discarding the last fluttering remnants. She took a couple of steps closer to him, her movements now slinking, and dropped to her knees. She agilely stretched her naked form across the cold stone floor, stretched her arms out in front of her, raised her firm round butt into air.

Assumed a posture of absolute supplication and surrender.

She spoke.

“And while I was doing all that, you came back here to the lab, and you installed the.. the Ermoodum Q-23, or whatever the fuck it’s called, the thing we stole from Huladyne, into your.. subliminal? Is that the word? Yeah, your subliminal-broadcasting dohickey. And you pointed it towards my goddamn bedroom, and switched it on, and you took control of my dreams. Shaped them and molded them. And in the end, I was dreaming about you. Only about you.” A long pause, then.. “Master.

She peeked up at him from amidst the incredible flowing mass of her hair, her eyes still black, still with a spark of sharp intelligence, but behind that spark a wide and bottomless hole..

“It.. you.. fucked over my brain. Completely and permanently. And in my last dream, in that last room, I took off your mask, and saw your face, and I woke up, coming and coming, screaming. And I knew the truth. I was beaten. I was defeated. I had surrendered. I was enslaved. I was now your obedient slavegirl. I now existed only please you, protect you and to—obey—your—orders! And.. oh, god, I needed... fucking needed to go to you, to strip, to kneel, to submit and to obey your orders. Again and again and again. Now. Forever!”

She bowed her head again.

“Please, Master! I am reporting as ordered! Please lock in your control! Give your slavegirl an order to obey!”

He fiddled with the thing in his hand.

“Um. Yes. Good. Excellent...” He shot a glance at the sprawling device which filled the bench he had been crouched behind. The stolen globe was there, wired directly into a display on which an illuminated golden spiral chugged slowly around and around.. “Orders. You.. All right. Termagant. I.. yes. I order you to fully and truthfully answer all my questions.”

“Uhhh!” She arched her back, her eyes fluttering inside her head, as she rubbed her nipples and sopping sex against the stones... “Oh, god, Master! Yes, Master! I love obeying your orders, Master!”

“My first question. You.. um.. you are aware that the Nocturnal Feminine Cerebral Calibrator exists? Because.. that was not in any way intentional on my part..”

“Yeah.” Termagant squirmed, more thoughtfully now, swaying her body to and fro, her voice suddenly calm and abstracted. “Suppose that is sorta weird, isn’t it, Master? But apparently that’s just how the thingy works. I was your first.. lab rat.. test-subject, right?”


“I didn’t know its name or anything, but when I woke up just now.. when I finally was able to stop coming and.. and.. calm down a little. I lay there in bed, and I just knew somehow. I knew the process was complete, that you had done this to me with some thingamajig that you had.. pointed into my damn brain while I was asleep! And that fact was so hot! And so cool! And still is.”

“I see.”

“Also..” Her squirming slowed even more, but never quite stopped. “This is sorta off the point, Master, but my curiosity is still.. all intact, along with most of my personality..”

“That was intentional.”

“...And I’m also aware that I’m still allowed to ask you questions.. probably cuz you’ve always got that whole ‘scientist’ thing goin’ on, and, Master, you do like showing off how big of a fucking genius you are...”

“You have a question?”

“Yes, Master! How did you find out where I was living? Cuz I sure as hell made a point of never telling you. Or anyone, really.”

“Hmm? Oh, I just deployed one of my...” He hesitated. “..One of my devices. In simplistic terms it.. followed you home.”

“I see, Master. And yeah. It only works on gals, doesn’t it? The slave-dream-making thing, not the sneaky tracker thing. We can’t use it on..” She hipped in the general direction of the dartboard. “You-Know-Who.”

“No. It appears that the pleasure centers of the male and female brain are more different than I originally expected. Though Grimblewald in his latest paper had suggested that this might.. ” He cut himself off, then continued more sourly. “This is of course even assuming I could somehow find out where.. the individual in question sleeps at night. Every device I have dispatched after him has.. rrr.” He fastidiously slotted the wand-device into a nearby rack and interlaced his gloves’ fingers. “It is intriguing to note how your personality.. interacted with the Calibrator’s programming. I instructed you to report to me when said programming was finished.” He eyed the remains of the door. “I made no mention of your chosen method of entrance.. or.. display.”

“No Master. I had to fill in some gaps.”

“Indeed. And you always have had a taste for being.. overtly theatrical.”

She grinned.

“Do I displease you, Master?”

“Um, no. Well, about the door perhaps. But then doors can be replaced. Your chosen.. method of display is actually quite.. stimulating. So.. from now on, when we are alone together, I order you to make this your.. default mode.”

She grinned wider.

“I obey, Master!.”

“All right. I just.. further clarification. Termagant.. you are completely aware that this drastic change in your.. attitude is entirely artificial?”

“Yes, Master. You made me feel this way with your.. Calibwhatever. Again and again and again. Now. Forever. And I love that you made me feel this way! And you made me love it!”

“And you would never have felt this way of your own free will.”

“Absolutely not, Master. As I already said you are a creepy weirdo.”

“Yes. Right. Thank you, Termagant. And.. if you were ever to somehow get free of the Cerebral Calibrator’s influence..?”

She shuddered for a long moment.

“I would rip you to bloody shreds, Master! Please never set me free from my slavery! I must serve my Master again and again and again, now and forever!”

“Ahem. Yes. Indeed.” He tugged at his collar. “Still.. while the fact that you are, again, displaying yourself in this fashion is highly convincing.. you are a cunning and devious woman..”

“Thank you, Master!”

“..And as, yes, a scientist I simply must confirm.. Termagant. I order you to tell me your real.. no.. let’s be precise here. Termagant is your real name. Tell me your birth name.”

“Annebelle Rosamund Spillworthy, Master.”

“Ah. I can see why you always refused to tell me.” He grimaced. “Mine is just about as bad. And no, I am not going to tell you it.”

“Of course not, Master. Your birth name is irrelevant. Your name is Master. Now and forever. Again and again and again.”

He studied the darkness overhead.

“..I order you to tell me the truth about that business with the Eye of Sh’Gora. You did end up with that wretched thing, despite your claims to the contrary?”

“Yes Master. I stole it and sold it to that collector-guy over in Nordic Bay, Hollingsworth, for a lot of money.”

He nodded, his expression very definitely sour.

“Um hm. And now it sits unused in one of the man’s puerile private museums, when it could be deployed as.. bah. I assume you spent it collecting your own.. trinkets.”

“Yes Master. Most of it. But of course, they’re your trinkets now. Everything I owned, my trinkets, my money, my body, my mind, all belong to you. Now and forever.”

“Um. Hm.. Yes. All right. Further testing. Termagant. I order you to bark like a dog.”

“Arf, Master!”

“I order you to.. become a dog. My loyal, utterly obedient, highly-trained dog.”

Termagant spasmed, and her body snapped into a new position, on its hands and knees, butt quivering. Her tongue slowly flopped out of her mouth, and something even further drained out of her eyes, as she stared up at him, worshipful and pantingly eager. Kraken slowly, thoughtfully, pulled off one his gloves, revealing a rather thin but elegant hand, long-stained with various chemicals. He tossed the glove across the room, back towards the remains of the door.


His new dog bounded eagerly after the object, chomped on it with her strong teeth, brought it back to him. With a certain degree of caution, he reached out and patted her head, ran his fingers through her hair. The dog’s eyes rolled up in their sockets, showing slivers of white. He reclaimed the glove, held it in his hand.


“rowf!” (An actual bark this time, not the word ‘arf’.)

“Roll over.” He twirled a finger.

She rolled over, rolled back.

“Play dead.”

She crumpled into a boneless heap.

“Sit up.”

She was back up again in an instant, panting, unblinking.


She rose up higher, her arms curling, dangling limply, her eyes, if possible, even more empty and worshipful and pleading..

“..Turn to stone.”

She froze in position, her tongue still out. Kraken waved his still-gloved hand back and forth in front of her slightly crossed eyes, without reaction. He considered, than spoke

“..In fact.. until I touch your forehead.. at which point you will once again become my obedient but fully human slavegirl.. you are no longer a dog. You are a dog-shaped piece of stone. You see nothing. You hear nothing. You experience nothing.” He poked at her ‘dangling’ hand, and it did not move. Pushed harder, with a similar lack of reaction . He nodded, and turned away, leaving his lump of stone on the floor. He pulled off the other glove, set them both aside. From amidst the workings of the spiral-adorned device, he extracted an object: a black metallic half-band to which was attached a small sleek pair of pointed ears, possibly either a cat or a dog. He took this back to where the stone was, and slid it down over her head, pushing down into the mass of hair. It clamped down, tighter and tighter, and beeped, once, loudly. The stone possibly gave the tiniest of shudders.

“There. Testing. One. Two. Three.” The ears twitched in time to his words, and he nodded. “I originally was going to use a collar, but.. that might provoke unwanted comment and speculation. You did not in the past deploy a specific animal motif, but..” He shrugged. “And if absolutely necessary you can wear a hat.”

He touched the stone’s forehead. It gasped, she gasped, and collapsed again into a shuddering heap on the floor.

But only for a moment. She spasmed back to life, resumed her previous posture of submission.

“Oh.. oh god, Master.. that was incredible! The pleasure was so fucking.. Please, turn me back into your brainlessly obedient bitch again! Leave me that way forever!”

“Mm. On the one hand, for now I still have need of your human intellect. And, yes, despite comments I may have made in the past, you are also a clever and resourceful woman.”

She stared at him.

“Thank you, Master! Master.. your voice.. it’s..”

“Yes. That is the other hand. Termagant. Show me where your ears are.”

She crinkled her wide forehead, and tapped the top of her head.

“Master? Where they always have been. Now and forever.”

“Indeed. And thanks to your ears, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you be able to hear my voice. Be able to shut out all other voices. And obey.”

“Yes, Master! Of course, Master!”

“And... start counting down from ten.”

“Ten. Nine. Eight. Se—”

He touched in a certain way at a spot on his belt. Her voice broke off with a ‘guk’ and her body began to spasm, no air going into her lungs, her eyes rolled up in her head.

“A failsafe, just in case your programming should ever fail.” He touched the spot again. She sucked breath, unrolled her eyes.

“—ven. Six. Five—”

“Thank you, Termagant. That will do.”

“Yes, Master! I obey, Master!” Something occurred to her. “Master!”

“Yes?” He stroked her hair again.

“Since you’ve proven that your thing works, you can use to enslave other women!”

“Yes. I do believe I can.”

“Oh god! That’s so hot!” She trembled in eagerness, and a flush spread across her face, across her breasts.. “Just the thought of seeing other gals broken and mind-fucked like me, groveling naked and totally obedient at your feet, listening only to your voice though their ears!”


“Pym! Oh, god! Can we mind-fuck Pym first? I even know where that skank lives!”

“Hm. Yes, from what I have seen and heard, she would be a useful first addition. And beyond that.. if we can collect the proper materials.. which will require time, discretion, technical assistance and yes, a great deal of money..”


“It just might.. in theory.. be possible to perform the procedure on a larger scale.” He glanced at the painting on the wall. “Much larger. But that is a project for tomorrow and tomorrow. For now..” He beckoned with a finger, and she fell in obediently at his heel. “We have a more immediate and urgent task.”


He touched again at his belt. A metal sheet slid down, filled the hole through which she had entered the room. He walked in the opposite, towards the back of the laboratory, and his naked slavegirl crawled, eager and obedient, at his heel. At an unremarkable stretch of wall, he touched a spot in a certain fashion, and another panel slid aside. Beyond it, subdued lights came on, revealing a bed, an actual bed, wide and inviting.

“Oooh, Master.” She raised an eyebrow of her own. “I didn’t know you had that!”

“Obviously. I didn’t tell you about many of the things I have, because, credit where it is due, you are a quite exceptional thief.”

“Thank you, Master!”

“Beyond that, yes, I do normally just sleep in the cot. But on certain special occasions.. Even a perverted weirdo like myself feels the need to satisfy certain base biological urges...”

His slavegirl grinned her widest smile yet, and wiggled her butt.

“I was wondering about this, Master. Before, I was always sorta impressed that you kept things.. professional... between us, never even brought up the subject, even when I knew, like most guys I meet..” She began.. slowly.. licking and kissing at the leather his boot... “You wanted me.”

“Yes. I wanted you. And now I have you. In addition to being my obedient lab assistant, resident expert thief and bodyguard.. Oh, you are now my bodyguard, and if necessary you will die to protect me. You and Miss Pym will share that duty, I believe.”

Something more hollowed out around her eyes.

“Of course, Master. I live and die for you, Master.”

“..In addition to all that, you are also my submissive and obedient sex slave.”

Yes Master. You have my body. (lick) You have my mind. (lick) Now. (lick) And forever. Again. And again” They passed through the opening. He shed the labcoat, while she undid the laces on his boots with her teeth, began working her way up his body. Feeling his body.

“Why Master..” She purred. “..again, I had no idea. If you had been a little taller, and had a little more hair.. I might have actually gone for you.”

“Ah well. We shall just have to make do..”

She found the zipper in the jumpsuit, pulled it down, again using her teeth, saw what it had been concealing.

“Ooh.. Master. That’s not too shabby, either!”

He grinned, and buried his hands in her hair as she went to work.

The panel slid shut behind them.