The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“The Analyst and Mrs White”

I sat slightly behind Mrs White as she sat talking in my consulting room. The light from the windows was catching the small blonde hairs that didn’t quite make it into her tied hair. She was by far the most attractive of my patients, in her late twenties, obviously well kept and always smartly dressed in conservative clothes which never the less allowed her beautiful body to be elegantly displayed even though covered. She had been coming to me each week for months now. All her problems had apparently disappeared and yet she still turned up week in week out. The money was useful though it defeated me as to her reasons. I watched the movement of her neck, the slight throbbing of a pulse below the skin, the lace bra that only just showed as the light caused some transparency in her blouse.

Eventually my curiosity overcame me.

“Mrs White, why do you come here still each week?” I had interrupted her and she looked around at me before settling back.

“To ensure that I am a fully balanced person.” Even her voice had that sexy elegant quality to it. She was rather cool and patronising at times but still a very sexy woman.

“I think there must be more to it than that.”

“If there is I am unaware of it.”

“Maybe we should explore that question.”

“Perhaps. If you think it would help.”

“Your response suggests that simply talking about it wont be useful.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to suggest that.”

“Can you remember when you first came here I used hypnosis to open up the problems initially and then we discussed them?” I stood and walked in front of her, leaning back on my desk. Looking at her face I saw a slight flush and her eyes shone far more than normal.

“Yes. Yes I remember. Do you want to try that now?”

“I think so. Though you must be in complete agreement.”

“Yes. Yes.” A little too quickly. She continued, “I am happy for you to do that.”

I placed her under quickly. It was far easier this time as most of the suggestions were in place from before. I looked at her sitting still yet lithe before me. A woman like her would make any man happy I thought to myself before restraining my thoughts and bringing them back to the job in hand.

“Mrs. White, is there a reason for you wishing to continue these sessions that I do not know about?”


“Will you tell me?”

“It’s the hypnosis.” I looked at her for a moment totally puzzled.

“Please expand on that as much as you can.”

“It arouses me.” My face dropped in astonishment. If she had been aware of me I am sure she would have laughed. “It’s the idea that you could control me when I am hypnotised, make me do things, wicked things.”

“Sexual things?”

“Oh yes. I fantasise how you could make me do all kind of things, humiliate me, have sex with me, dominate me.”

“Do you ever act out these submissive fantasies of yours with your husband for example?”

“Oh no. At first he was very dominant, and that was OK but he never really pushed it as far as I would have wanted sexually. Now he seems to get all the dominance and such like he needs from his job. I rarely see much of him and when I do he just wants to be passive now. Unfortunately sexually I am more dominant than him.”

“And you would prefer it the other way around?”

“Oh yes.”

“And you’ve not done anything with anyone else?”

“Oh no. It just wouldn’t be socially acceptable would it?”

“So you keep it all under wraps so as not to cause any problems?”

“Yes of course. Doesn’t everyone?” ”

“How long have you felt as though you wanted to be submissive?”

“Oh for a long time. At school everyone saw me as a ‘good’ girl, non sexual, beyond those sordid kind of things.”

“But you wished otherwise.”

“Yes. Boys scared me a bit ad my only defence was to be aloof. I couldn’t get out of that trap. I was never allowed to drop that ‘face’ and be even a partial slut like the other girls.”

“But you fantasise about being made to do things under hypnosis?”

“It hadn’t occurred to me prior to you putting me under. After it I thought about all the things you could do. I’ve been hoping that you’d do it again.”

“You know that I haven’t done anything of the kind?”

“Yes I do, but I don’t when I’m not under hypnosis. When I am normal I still think it might happen, might already have happened.”

“And is that what you would actually want to happen?”

“Oh yes. It would be marvellous. I wouldn’t have any control over it. You could do as you wished and make me be a total slut for you.”

I looked at her in shocked silence. I could never have imagined Mrs White even saying the word ‘slut’ before let alone acting like one. From outside came the faint sound of traffic, other than that there was total silence within the room. Mrs White sat as she normally would, one stocking covered leg over the other, her hands in her lap, looking serene. I had an erection I realised suddenly. It was beginning to hurt in its intensity. I moved around the desk and sat behind it covering my arousal. I sat and thought a long while. Eventually after telling her to forget all she had heard or said and to feel pleasantly relaxed, I woke her.

I had considered the situation considerably during the following week. First I veered one way then the other. It wasn’t until Mrs White’s next visit that I had fully made up my mind. By chance Jill, my secretary, and receptionist had taken the day off ill so the session took place with only me and Mrs White, no one would interrupt. Fate was playing her hand. She looked as prettily pristine as ever, her make-up and her dress sense as immaculate as usual. She sat down and immediately I told her that I wished to hypnotise her again. The flush and the sparkle of eyes again showing as I waited for her consent.

I began by checking her latent submissive desires. They were still there, still strong, still hidden away from the world though not from her own knowledge. It was easy to strengthen them, it was something she really wanted, there was no difficulty in this. Strengthening her desire to be subservient to me was also surprisingly easy, it didn’t appear to matter who it was, even the gender seemed irrelevant. I simply gave her the focus. That focus was me. We sat there for about 30 minutes as I gradually had her build a structure of a relationship where she could be the submissive to my dominant. For the most part I was using her own suggestions though leading these and building what I wished for from each new brick she provided. Eventually I was satisfied sufficiently for me to pause and assess my work and her beauty as she sat before me still under. My cock was rigid.

“Mrs White I would like you to undress for me.” Physically now, as well as professionally, I was taking a big step. I wanted to check out what she was going to offer me.

“Yes.” Whispered huskily.

She began, with a dancers grace, to remove her clothing. Undoing buttons and slipping off her blouse, reaching behind her to unclip her bra thrusting her lace covered breasts forward. I watched fascinated by the firmness of her breasts as she stood and unbuttoned her skirt, her breasts moving delightfully before my eyes. She slid the silk skirt down her legs and stood out of it. The hardness of her pink nipples obvious. Her fingers hooked over the waist of her panties and gradually eased them off her long legs. She wore no stockings and simply stood in her shoes and jewellery. It was certainly a sight for sore eyes as the sunlight reflected off the desk and lit her pale skin. Her pubic hair was sparse and there was evidence of moisture around the base of her blonde silken triangle. She was a dream. Her face now glowed and her tongue damped her lips often. She turned this way and that for me so I could observe all her beauty, even bending at the hips so I could view the bulging of her lips from behind. Finally I had her stand with her arms folded behind her back and her legs slightly apart. Her body was exquisite.

“Now Mrs White, tell me the rules that you have set just yourself.”

“Foremost I must be obedient to you in all matters sexual or that could be considered associated with sexuality. Secondly I am to aim to give you pleasure in all the things I do or say. I am not to do anything which would harm or upset you in any way. Thirdly that any of my sexual activity or fulfilment will be at your command or with your agreement.”

“And are you sure that is what you yourself really want deep down?”


“You will know these fully by your next orgasm Mrs. White. Your mind will gradually take in and accept fully these self imposed rules. Do you understand?”


“When did you last have sex with your husband?”

“Two weeks ago.”

“Is that normal?”

“Yes. I often go through a period without having had sex with him.”

“Your arousal will increase as the week goes on and you will feel the need to ask my permission if you wish to do anything about it. You will feel that you need to seek my permission before you can release those feelings of arousal and need.”

It was all too much, my cock hurt. I got up and sat against the front of the desk, unzipping myself and taking out my aching member. It would have been so nice and so easy to have her suck my cock. I could imagine it inside her hot wet mouth, but it wasn’t what I wanted just yet. I wanted her to be fully aware, I wanted her to know exactly what she was doing and I wanted her to be desperate. I rubbed my length in front of her a while as I added a few other requirements into her mind before putting myself away again, with some difficulty.

I had her dress and watched again as her body moved and slowly hid itself from me. I took her panties, retaining them, and telling her that she would not notice until on her way home. I held the expensive, damp piece of material hidden in my hand as I brought her around.

“Well I am sorry but your appointment has come to an end Mrs White. I will give you another appointment at ten on Saturday morning if that is alright with you.”

“Oh. I wasn’t aware you held a surgery on Saturdays.”

“I don’t usually but I will make an exception and open up just for you. Is Saturday morning a problem?”

“No. No, that will be quite convenient actually.”

I noticed her eyes drawn to what probably was an obvious bulge in my trousers as she rose to go and stood making small talk at the door.

On Thursday at noon my telephone on the outside line rang as I expected.

“Hello Mrs. White. Nice to hear from you. Is there a problem regarding your appointment?”

“No. No its not that.” She sounded flustered, very flustered.

“Well, what can I help you with then?”

“This is really silly. I don’t know why I’m doing this really. It’s really embarrassing.”

“Does that matter?”

“No. Yes. No. I need to ask you something that’s all.”

“Fine. Go ahead.”

“It’s just that... Oh God. I’m sorry. I’m really aroused. It sounds really silly. I’m sorry to disturb you. I wanted to tell you. I... I wanted to ask... I wanted to ask... if I could do something about it.”

“Yes Mrs. White, what do you mean? What do you normally do when your in that state, can’t your husband help?”

“No he cant. He’s not here. He couldn’t anyway... I need... you to help...”

“Me? Well what do you normally do?”

“I would normally masturbate.” So softly I could hardly hear.

“Please repeat that.”

“Look it doesn’t matter. Oh God it does. I would masturbate. I haven’t done it for days! I haven’t done it since my appointment!”

“Do you normally call it that? Use the language that you use in your own mind Mrs. White.”

“I normally frig myself when I get this horny.”

“Well why didn’t you?”

“It seemed appropriate to tell you... to ask if it was alright if I did.” Choked.

“You want me to give you permission to frig your pretty little pussy? Is that correct Mrs. White?”

“Yes. Please. I don’t know why, but yes, please! Please!” Almost sobbing.

“What are you wearing Mrs. White?”

“What am I wearing now? Jeans. T-shirt. Underwear.”

“Well at the moment I am busy.” I lied, whilst a soft moan came from the other end of the line. “Where are you?”

“At the house, in the lounge.”

“I will phone you back in a few minutes. I will consider giving you permission. It might be appropriate, if you want to finger that pussy of yours for me, for you to remove all your clothes and wait for my call standing naked by the phone, don’t you think Mrs. White?”

“Naked? Stand naked? Yes. Yes. OK. I’ll do that. Please don’t be long.” Plaintive.

I left her waiting for 15 minutes, then called.

“Hello Mrs. White.”

“Oh God, please.”

“Please what?”

“Please let me. Please let me orgasm!”

“That’s not the word you would normally use is it?”

“No. Please let me cum! Oh God it’s getting worse by the second!”

“Are you naked Mrs White?”

“Yes. I’m standing naked for you. God I’m so wicked! Please.”

“Well I suppose so Mrs. White. You may finger yourself. But you are not to cum until I give you permission is that clear?”

“Yes. Yes.”

“Stand with your legs slightly apart. Bend your knees outward. You may begin but keep the phone by your face.”

“Now? With you listening? Oh. Yes.” I heard a deep sigh. “I’m so near. Oh God I’m so near! I could cum immediately!”

“No Mrs. White. I will control that wont I? That’s what you want isn’t it?”

“Yes. Uhhhh. Yes.”

I made her describe her actions to me, how wet she was, how humiliated she felt. I made her stop at my direction. I made her start again. Eventually I countered to 10 as I played with my desperate cock. I would allow her to cum on the count of 10. I teased her by dragging it out. Her cries were desperate, almost echoing my own desperate need.

On 10 she came loudly. A few seconds later I came also pumping into my tissues. My own climax sweet and so necessary. My balls ached after I had finished, semen still oozing from me. The noises that came over the phone were bestial, grunts and whimpers and moans of ecstasy. I heard the wet squishy noises of her fingers still desperately pumping her cunt. Eventually she could speak.

“Sir, may I say something?” She sounded as though she was sobbing, her breathing still laboured, soft moans still escaping her. Her use of the title ‘Sir’ apparently being used suddenly without her conscious thought.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes. Oh yes. Thank you Sir. Thank you so much.”

“Is that what you wanted to say Mrs. White?”

“No. I just wanted you to know, Sir, that I will be really obedient for you in future. I’ll do anything for you Sir. I’ll only do it when you let me Sir. I’ll be really pleasing Sir. I will. I will. I’ll be good Sir.” It all came out in a rush, frantic to tell me, desperate to offer herself.

“That is a pleasing offer Mrs. White. We will see about whether or not I accept you at our next meeting. Mrs. White?”

“Yes Sir?”

“You mustn’t cum until our meeting. You can touch yourself but not cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir. If that’s what you want Sir.”

“Yes. I will see you on Saturday.”

“Yes. Thank you Sir.”

On Saturday morning I opened up the office. There was no Jill, there was nobody there but me as we normally did not have a surgery at weekends. It was pleasantly cool inside and very warm out. I felt excited by the thought of her visit. I couldn’t settle and my erection was uncomfortable within my trousers. I sat in the reception area until her arrival.

There was a knock and the door opened to reveal her in a blouse and skirt. She looked embarrassed but glowing. She looked around where Jill would normally be and seemed relieved before I waved her through into my room. When I walked in she was sitting nervously on the edge of the seat.

“I really am sorry Sir about disturbing you on the phone. I really am. I don’t know what came over me Sir.” She was blushing profusely and I sat down opposite her turning on the tape recorder as normal.

“Its alright Mrs White. Don’t worry. I want to explain one or two things.” She looked a little more relieved though still sat right on the edge of the chair. “Now, you know that I hypnotised you last time?”

“Yes Sir, you said.”

“Yes. You gave me rather a lot of information that you’ve kept hidden before Mrs White.” Her eyes went wide and her mouth made a silent ‘O’. “Mrs White I have decided to give you a very new secret therapy. You must however promise not to divulge this to anyone. Never tell anyone whatever passes between us in these sessions. It would make me most unhappy if you ever did Mrs. White. You will be good and do exactly as I say wont you.”

“Of course Sir. I will never say anything.”

“Good. You have certain desires and lusts that normally would not be fully acceptable in polite society and we are going to act these out to ensure you are fully aware of them Mrs White. So you see its in your best interests to keep silent Mrs White. We need to confront them so that you can accept them.”

“Yes. Thank you Sir.” Her eyes betrayed both anxiety and excitement as I looked at her for a few moments.

“Now I want to hypnotise you again is that acceptable?

“Oh yes, of course.”

I put her under. She had almost a look of relief as she sat there before me.

“Mrs White did you enjoy the orgasm you had when you came on the phone for me?”

“Oh God yes. It was the best that I can ever remember having. It left me so amazed.”

“Describe how you felt from the beginning please.”

“My arousal had been unusually high last week. I wanted my husband to have me but neither of us made a move. By the time I phoned I felt so horny. I needed to let you know and hoped you’d say it was OK and tell me to finger myself.”

“Hadn’t you previously?”

“No. It hadn’t seemed right somehow.”


“It was so embarrassing phoning you. It made me hotter though and having to stand naked for you at home was so humiliating and I loved it. Then when you let me play with myself it was as though you were playing with me as well, as though I was your puppet, your toy. You were in control. Making me bring myself near and then wait was so frustrating yet so wonderful. It really forced me to understand that you were in control. You had taken away my responsibility and I could simply do as I was told and act as you wished.”

“How did you feel about me controlling your release?”

“It was really arousing. More arousing than I thought possible.”

“Did you want me to continue controlling what you do sexually at future times?”

“Yes. More than anything.”

“Did you imagine anything as you waited or when you were playing with yourself?”

“Yes. I thought of people seeing me standing naked. I thought of you walking in and seeing me standing naked and so obviously needing to be fucked. Of you making me do things and fucking me.”

“Now Mrs White you are to undress for me after I bring you out. You will undress when I ask you to. You will be very aroused by doing that. . When you are naked you will not attempt to cover yourself no matter how embarrassed you are. You are to ensure that you are fully exposed to me. You will understand that I am your Master in all things sexual and that you must obey me. Obeying me and being aware of your place will make you aroused. This will not stop you being embarrassed by what you have to do but you will also be aware of your excitement and why it is so. When I bring you out you will not remember any of our conversation. Do you understand?”


I brought her out of the trance and she looked happy enough sitting there normally again as though she hadn’t even been aware that she had been under.

“Mrs White there is something I want you to listen to. Please do not interrupt until you have heard it.” I had her attention. I rewound the tape and began playing it. As she listened her face became for and more red, her eyes were wide at first and then her closed and her head dropped. She was squirming around more and more in the chair. When it had reached the point before I had instructed her to undress I stopped it. Her eyes remained shut and she was trembling. Every now and then a quiet “Oh my God” would escape her mouth.

“Mrs White look at me.” Her head lifted and her eyes opened onto mine. “You see I know don’t I? I know everything you think. I know what you fantasise about and what you want. We have to confront these feelings and see if they are real Mrs. White, don’t we?”

“Yes Sir.” Quiet words. The sir had returned I noticed.

“Mrs White I want you to undress again for me. Do you want to do that for me?”

“Yes.” Husky voice. She continued to look at me wide eyed. Another silent nod was slow but without hesitation. “Again? You mean I’ve undressed for you before? Oh you mean on the phone?”

“No Mrs White. You did it last time we were here.” I took out her knickers from my pocket.

“Oh! Oh my God! I thought...”

“Yes Mrs White. You took all your clothes off for me to look at. You realised that I needed to inspect what you were offering me.”

“Oh God! Oh God.” Quiet, whispered, her face blazing. “Did you... ? Did you...?”

“No Mrs White I didn’t. I could have though without any difficulty. I will when I want to, you understand that don’t you? Now you are to undress for me, again. Will it be because you want to or because I have made you? That’s an interesting question isn’t it?”

She stood and did what she was told. I watched her slowly peeling off her clothing. The skirt then the blouse, her black lace underwear even slower. Her body was divine as she moved. Her pert breasts were tight and capped by nipples which were obviously very hard. Her entire chest was flushed. There were faint pink lines where her underwear had been. When she was totally naked for me she stood trembling before me, her hands clasped beneath her neck for a moment, her arms hiding her breasts, before dropping them, allowing her full nakedness to be revealed.

“Now I think we will drop the Mrs. White, it is hardly appropriate in this new situation is it? I will call you by your first name Stephanie, or I may call you other names at times. What do you want me to do with you Stephanie?”

“I want... I want you to use me... sexually Sir.” Her voice so husky now it was as if she had a bad throat.

“Well I think if you make it obvious that you are worth being used sexually, if you make sure that you are going to be good for me then it wont be a problem Stephanie. Do you think you can suggest to me that you can be satisfying?"”

“I will try Sir. Thank you Sir.”

“You want me to take charge of your sexual life, don’t you Stephanie?”

“Yes Sir.”

“That means all your sexual activity. It means that any activity that you could be sexual in the least way is under my control..” I waited a moment to let it sink in. “It means that you will perform for me as and when I make demands on you. It means that your orgasms will be regulated by me. At times your clothing or lack of it. There may be all sorts of things.” She continued to stand trembling slightly. Come here and kiss me. Kiss me and show me that you are worth it, then you can undress me.”

She did. Her hands tentatively reached around my neck, her soft lips reached up for and found mine, her soft body pressed then rubbed up against me. I could not have helped but be aroused by her as her mouth opened for me, as I felt her breasts and thighs and mound against me. She was moaning softly into my mouth long before I pulled her away. Her fingers shook slightly as she undid the buttons of my shirt. As she bent to unfasten my trousers her eyes fixed on the very obvious bulge throbbing there. I had to stop her touching my cock as it sprung clear of my underwear. I had to stop her kissing my sensitive throbbing length. I was frightened of losing control over myself let alone her. I had her sit on the edge of my desk, then lay back. She pulled up her legs and opened them as if an offering at my altar.

Standing between those beautifully parted legs I looked down at her cunt. Her lips were parted and the inner surfaces glowed pink and wet.

“Stephanie keep your eyes on mine all the time. Do you realise what I can see?”

“Yes Sir.” That totally arousing mixture of wild lust and humiliation obvious in her eyes.

“What can I see Stephanie?”

“My pussy Sir.”

“No Stephanie it is not your pussy, it is your cunt. That is what it is. A sluts cunt. Because you must be such a slut offering this wet dripping cunt to me to fuck in my office, mustn’t you?”

“Yes Sir. Its my cunt. And I’m such a slut Sir. I’m your slut Sir.” Her body trembled again as another wave of arousal hit her.

“Why is your cunt so wet and open for me slut?”

“I’m excited about you wanting me Sir. That you are going to use me like the slut I am Sir.”

I allowed my cock to touch her open cunt lips. A sigh escaped her and I could see that she was attempting not to press against me not wanting to annoy me. I rubbed the length of my cock over the slick juices coating her, over her parted inner lips. It must have touched her clit as she suddenly arched off the table. Her eyes still on mine as they opened again.

“Do you want me to fuck you Stephanie slut?”

“Oh please Sir. Please. Please fuck me.”

I held my juice covered cock and placed it at her opening, watching her face all the time. I thrust deep. Again she arched off the desk as she moaned and I slid into her up to the hilt. Her body pulsed against me, hot and wet and needy inside. I began slow but powerful thrusts into her receptive body, my hands holding her hips. My hands touching her for the first time. She was tight but wet. Her vagina sucking me. As I fucked her I reached over and felt her breasts, felt the hard nipples. I fucked her, this sweet cunt that was now mine to have as I pleased. It was too good, I couldn’t help but explode inside her.