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And… Freeze

Chapter 2

Three hours later, Cassie’s cell buzzed.

“Jesus Christ!” Gus Rubin’s voice exploded over the tinny speaker. “My two girls landed Entranced?!? Are you fucking kidding me???” The fat agent sounded so proud.

The twins had bid Angie good-bye, and were now splitting a burger and fries at Jimmy Pat’s, their favorite diner back home. Poor Angie hadn’t landed a single audition.

“We… we got it?” Sara echoed, surprised.

“You got it,” Rubin confirmed, his voice practically singing. “Oh my God, I can’t motherfucking believe it, I have clients at Entranced…!”

Relief touched Cassie. “Whew…!” she exclaimed, releasing the breath she hadn’t realized she was holding.

“Hey Gus,” Sara said, leaning close to the phone, “you heard of these Entranced people before?”

On the other end of the line, Rubin made an ugly choking noise. “Heard of them?” the agent blurted out. “Jesus Christ, kid. We gotta start getting you to read some industry mags. The buzz is they’re gonna put Victoria’s Secret out of the business.”

“Yes, yes,” Cassie said coolly, dabbing fries in the ketchup. “So their thing is this weird… freeze… posing. What’s up with that?”

“I’ve heard of it,” admitted Rubin. “Not sure I get it personally, but it’s probably some weirdo European thing that will be all the rage here in the States by this time next year.”

Cassie shrugged and popped two fries into her mouth.

Sara asked, “So when do we start?”

Immediately Rubin’s voice became all-business. “You guys go in on Monday. Yeah, yeah, I know, you have another shoot on Monday,” he said quickly, cutting off Sara before she could speak. “I’ll cancel that. You guys just landed Entranced. This trumps everything.”

“Monday,” Sara acknowledged. “Alright.”

“I’ll text you the address. You’ll be in their Beverly Hills boutique, at least initially. Their people didn’t want to describe what you’ll be doing, but I’m sure its all fine. Be there eight AM, no later. Got that Sara?”

“Yes, boss,” replied Sara, rolling her eyes.

“Listen,” said Rubin. “You guys are on a provisional contract, got me? That means they think you have potential… but you’re not gonna be photographed for anything yet. They probably want to teach you this freeze thing they got going, I guess. But they can drop you at any time.”

Cassie frowned. “Wait… so we’re not officially Entranced models?”

“No, no, you are,” Rubin assured her. “This is a standard industry thing for all the big shops. I see it all the time.”

The agent’s voice darkened. “But it also means you gotta make them happy, you get me, girls? They’re gonna show you their super hush-hush trade secrets, and you gotta grab that knowledge with both hands. Learn everything they show you. Then the world’s your oyster. You get me?”

Cassie and Sara exchanged glances. “Got it, boss.”

“Oh… my girls,” the agent exclaimed, his voice becoming misty again. “Modeling at Entranced! I knew they’d be at LATME, but I didn’t dare hope…! You done me proud, kids.” A pause. “What’re you doing now?”

“Dinner,” Sara replied, reaching for her Diet Coke. “Burger and fries. You want one?” she added playfully.

“Burger and fries?” repeated Rubin. “Oh, no, no, ladies. You guys are underwear models now. Only salads and bottled water from now on. Get me?”

Cassie froze, her eyes bulging. The hamburger was suspended, halfway to her mouth.

* * *

“Oh wow…!” Sara enthused.

It was early Monday morning, not far from the corner of Wilshire and Bedford Dr., in the heart of Beverly Hills’ posh shopping district. The twins were standing before Entranced’s boutique, marveling at the store’s opulent appearance.

And magnificent it was. The storefront was built from a kind of black stone that had the appearance of crushed velvet. One almost felt they could touch the wall and feel soft fabric under their fingertips. Light oak framed the double-door entrance and enormous display windows, providing an eye-catching contrast. And just inside the glass, dark red silk was draped about the window interiors. Even before the shop opened for the day, it was obvious that the doors hid something special.

Beverly Hills shops are visually designed to promise exclusivity and privilege. And yet, Entranced somehow went further. There was something naughty and forbidden about the store. Beholding it, one felt teased with the promise of… sex. Filthy, unashamed, wild, out-of-control, passionate sex. Oh-my-God-you-rock-my-world sex. Sex not meant for mere mortals. The allure of the place was irresistible.

“Wow,” Sara said again.

As if the blonde twin had been overheard, the store’s glass doors opened. A refined young woman extended her head outside. She was absolutely beautiful, perhaps enough to have been a model herself. Dressed in a trim-fitting beige pantsuit, with her black hair pulled back in a tight professional bun, and large but stylish glasses framing her eyes, this woman was an expression of professionalism and cool. A small electronic tablet was in her small hands.

“Cassie and Sara?” she asked, all business.

* * *

The twins were led through Entranced’s lavish showroom, although it was difficult to see much with the lights out. Their guide moved through the store with familiarity, navigating through a door marked EMPLOYEES ONLY, and then up a flight of stairs. At the top, Cassie and Sara were deposited into a large chamber, curiously bare. Here, there were many folding chairs, a makeshift platform, and undecorated, off-white walls. A polished hardwood floor gleamed in the florescent lighting.

“Please wait here,” the young woman said, a light Italian accent dancing within her pronunciation. “The others will be here shortly.” Then she was gone.

“Man,” Sara remarked once the twins were alone, “this is so not what I was expecting.”

“Hmmgh,” groused Cassie. Eight AM was extremely early for her.

* * *

Within a few minutes, the beautiful woman was back, this time with three other young models in tow. “Benedetta will be with you all shortly,” she said coolly, before vanishing again.

Cassie studied the new girls. All were thin, with elegant skin and high cheekbones. Each had flawless complexions, large eyes, full, red lips, and narrow noses. Two were blonde, the third a brunette. Dressed in plain slacks, blouses, and short heels, it was hard to say which of the three had the sexiest body. The competition was stiff.

“Hey,” said the first blonde, noticing Cassie and Sara. “Jesus, twins!”

Awkward introductions were quickly made. The newcomers were Piper, Violet, and Alexis.

“You guys know any of the girls who model here?” Piper asked.

No-one did.

“I’ve heard weird things about Entranced,” confessed Piper, looking nervous. “Like, once a girl models here, she never works anywhere else. You guys hear that?”

“What do you mean, she never works anywhere else?” Cassie cut in. “Like… they leave the industry or—“

“No, no,” interrupted Piper. “No, girls who sign here just stay here forever. Like, they never want to work anywhere else. For anyone.”

That was weird. Models, by occupation, are the flightiest of creatures. They flit from contract to contract, shoot to shoot, job to job, with little consideration as to where they have worked previously. Only what their next job may be. There was no such thing as a model who was loyal to her employer.

“That’s bullshit,” Violet asserted. “I’ve heard that Benedetta is an industry genius. The people over at Vogue think she’ll be controlling the lingerie market in three years.”

“I’ve heard that, too,” nodded Alexis, inspecting her nails.

The doors opened again, and the businesswoman escorted two more models into the room: Lila and Kaylee. Hurried introductions were made again.

“Twins, eh?” Kaylee smirked, regarding Cassie and Sara. “So which of you is the evil one?”

Cassie made a face.

“What do you guys know about this… freeze posing thing… that they do here?” Sara asked.

“Oh,” Violet said, tilting her head to one side. “Um, I think that this store never uses mannequins. They have live models pose in the merchandise. The models just freeze in place. Some customers know this when they come in, some customers figure it out, and other customers never clue in at all.”

“Wait, what?” Lila exclaimed. “Why… why would any store do that?”

Violet shrugged. “It’s a rich people store. Rich people can be weird and expect to be pampered in extreme ways.”

Sara shook her head in disbelief. “You’re telling me… all we have to do in this job is play statue? So why is it so hard to get hired here?”

“I dunno,” Violet admitted.

Lila suddenly broke out into a huge, blushing smile. “Omigod, you guys,” she gushed. “This moment… it could be fashion history, right here. You realize that? If half the things my agent told me about this place or about Benedetta are true, then in a years’ time, we could be billboards in Time Square!”

“Or a Vogue spread,” agreed Alexis.

“You guys, omigod,” repeated Lila. She was positively giddy now. “We have to get a group selfie, right?”

The moment seemed right. Sara volunteered her phone, and the girls all crammed together. Seven young, gorgeous faces all beamed into the camera. The excitement captured was quite real.

“Nice, you guys,” Sara complimented.

“Entranced models, the next generation,” Lila said proudly, as all the girls examined the picture over Sara’s shoulder.

“Ahem,” a soft voice coughed from across the room.

The girls looked up, startled. The beautiful woman in the business suit was standing next to the makeshift platform, watching them with an expression of bemusement. No-one had heard her enter.

“Ladies,” the woman said coolly, her Italian accent rippling like a cat’s purr. “Welcome to Entranced. Shall we begin today’s orientation?”

* * *

Feeling sheepish, the models all hurried to claim a seat.

“My name,” the Italian woman said, “is Calliope DiLuca, senior manager of this store, and executive assistant to Benedetta. You will be meeting with Benedetta herself shortly, but I’ve been instructed to orient you to a few basics.”

Cassie took a moment to appraise Miss Calliope DiLuca a little closer. The store manager was the apex of style. She was in her late twenties, lean and beautiful, elegant yet sexy. Her jet-black hair was elaborately pinned up atop her head, showing off her graceful neck and small shoulders.

The woman had an undeniably Mediterranean appearance. Tanned olive skin captured the soft lighting just so. Her nose and cheeks were narrow, giving her an almost elf-like appearance, and her eyes sparkled with a lively green color. Cassie liked her eyes. The woman wore a beige Mahani double-breasted skirt suit, and there wasn’t a crease or speck of dust on her anywhere. Despite herself, Cassie was instantly jealous of Calliope’s refinement and sense of style.

In her thin fingers, Calliope held a small electronic tablet. Entranced’s elegant logo was etched on the back.

“Modeling here is unlike any other job,” Calliope warned the girls. “We expect a high professionalism, both in your attitude and in mind. One thing I always tell new girls—“

The double doors opened again, and two more women strode into the little hall. The first, ravishingly beautiful, was thin but muscular, with a tightly-sculpted waist but a generous bosom. Her slinky figure easily rivaled the twins’. Cassie briefly wondered what the woman’s real age must be, as her gorgeous physique surrendered no clue.

This shapely woman was a looker, no doubt about it. Her dark brown hair was arranged in a low twisted chignon with neat side sweep, save for one rebel tendril which cascaded over her left shoulder. Her lips were round and perfectly-formed, perhaps stealing too much attention away from her little nose or those rich, bewitching blue eyes that flashed with allure and intelligence. She wore a trend-setting gray business suit, elegant in the latest French cut.

This woman could only be Benedetta Alfonsi. Cassie recognized the charisma and self-assuredness of a fashion industry titan, someone who knew they were destined for greatness.

The woman in Benedetta’s wake was a curvy, brown-haired model, perhaps Cassie’s age. With a start, Cassie recognized her; this was one of the Entranced model at LAMTE, the very one who Cassie had studied in the seconds she had before her audition. She now wore a simple robe of white silk, which billowed and swayed about her shapely legs.

Beautiful beyond description, this girl cast a reassuring smile over the seated models.

“Ah, Benedetta,” Calliope said reverently. “These are the new hires this season.” The store manager stepped aside, allowing Benedetta to assume command of the room.

Entranced’s owner stepped forward, her high heels clicking softly on the hardwood. She smiled warmly at the new hires.

“Darlings, welcome,” she said. Her voice was bright and rich and smoky, and her Italian accent even more playful than Calliope’s. “We’re so happy to have you, yes? Shall we begin?”

* * *

Benedetta immediately projected motherly warmth and an impish sense of humor. She spoke of Entranced’s modest beginnings back in Milan, and then how the company had dazzled investors in the Paris shows, a mere two seasons ago. Now with the Beverly Hills store cementing a footprint in America, the company was set to conquer the globe.

“But, darlings, all of that is because we give our wealthy clients something no other provider can,” Benedetta finished. “The secret to our success is partly the craftmanship of our merchandise, true. But more important is how we show the products to our exclusive clientele. Giselle, darling, can you demonstrate?”

The other model slipped the robe from her shoulders, revealing the svelte body Cassie remembered from LAMTE. Giselle was wearing a bra and panty set which was little more than black laces and ribbons. More delicate than a spider’s web, this tiny garment traced over the girl’s hips and breasts, barely concealing the minimum which had to remain hidden away.

Without a word, Giselle climbed onto the simple platform, then struck a simple pose: weight on the left leg, right foot off to the side, one hand on the left hip, back straight. Her right arm was raised, fingers extended, as if she were holding up an invisible tray.

“Ah, very good, darling,” Benedetta purred. “And… freeze.”

It was as in an enchantment fell over Giselle. The girl’s eyes unfocused and her every muscle became immobile. Her mouth was slightly open, and one could see the slightest movement in her torso as her lungs breathed. Beyond the slow, occasional blink, she was absolutely still.

“You see, darlings?” Benedetta said proudly. “Giselle is now the customer’s most desired fantasy. A living statue, inviting them to stare and appreciate the art that adorns her figure. Our wealthy clients will spend hours, darlings, hours staring at our models. It is imperative our girls are still in both body and mind for this purpose.”

Kaylee shook her head in disbelief.

“You are impressed, yes?” Benedetta asked.

Cassie certainly felt impressed. Now that she could study Giselle closely, the blonde twin could see how the girl on the platform was completely frozen in place. Had she walked into the room at this very moment, Cassie probably would have assumed Giselle was a highly-detailed mannequin.

Benedetta laughed, a gentle, lilting sound. “Yes, darlings, Giselle is one of our best. Observe her closely, and you will see how to achieve what she can do. Would you surprise you to know that she is in ecstasy now?”

Cassie was immediately skeptical. What could possibly be so wonderful about standing still? she thought.

“Everyone stand, please,” Benedetta instructed, extending her hands, palms to the ceiling.

The young models obeyed, automatically making room between one another for posing.

“Good, darlings,” the Italian businesswoman commented. “Now… stare at Giselle. Never look away from her. What do you see?”

What, we’re not posing? thought Cassie. So far, life at Entranced seemed more weird than glamorous.

Well, Giselle did seem to be… tranquil. The girl’s blank face was turned slightly upwards, as if she could see past the room and to the horizon. Her high cheeks and glazed-over eyes practically shone with a refreshed light, almost as if… Hmm…

…almost as if there’s a glow inside her, Cassie thought. Huh.

“She makes looking sexy so easy, eh?” Benedetta observed. The Italian woman began walking along the new models, very slowly, taking care to inspect each of them with her expert gaze. “But how? Can any of you tell me how?”

None of the girls spoke.

“Such control is achieved by trust, my darlings,” the Italian businesswoman said, her voice rich and alluring. “Trust in me. Trust in what I tell you. Trust in what I teach. Let yourself forget what you have learned and I will show you the path.”

That makes no sense whatsoever, Cassie thought, annoyed.

Benedetta continued, talking about how she would be the guide, if only her new charges were willing to follow. Cassie forced herself to be patient. The Italian woman’s brilliance was coming, she reminded herself.

“Entranced auditioned over one thousand girls this year,” Benedetta remarked. “We look for physical beauty, of course, but our models must have something more. They must be fine of body and a focused mind. Here, when posing for our customers, your thoughts must sharp and controlled, darlings. When you are focused, your body will pose like never before.”

A flash of doubt rippled through Cassie’s mind. Why was Benedetta talking about this? What if Cassie couldn’t do this… this Zen / New-Age / focus-the-mind stuff?

The blonde teen imagined calling Gus Rubin, telling him that she’d already been fired at Entranced. The entire industry would know: she’d be Cassie Madewell, the girl who had a chance of greatness at Entranced… and blew in one day. Her shame would probably ripple throughout the whole modeling industry.

Oh God, Cassie thought, her stomach tightening.

“Do you know what causes the mind to clutter?” continued Benedetta, her rich voice floated through the air like a fine musical instrument. “Anxiety, darlings. Stress, worry, angst. We collect these things in our minds as we go through life. The key to a focused mind in letting it all go.

“Now look at Giselle. Would it surprise you to know that Giselle is completely at peace, my darlings? Her mind is clear, and she knows absolutely no stresses. No worries. Isn’t that beautiful?”

No stresses, huh? Cassie thought worriedly. Does sound nice.

But… Benedetta was just saying this, right? How could standing perfectly still make one stress-free? It made no sense.

“Yes, darlings,” the Italian woman’s voice purred. “Look at Giselle closely. She is content, yes? See for yourself.”

Giselle’s face certainly did look peaceful. If her eyes weren’t open, she might have been dreaming.

“Yes…” murmured Benedetta, as if reading Cassie’s thoughts. “She is utterly at peace. In fact, she is enjoying her tranquility so much, darlings. If you were to ask her right now, she could not name a single problem that vexes her. How many of you would like to say the same?”

I would, Cassie admitted glumly.

“So will yourself to be like Giselle, darlings!” Benedetta encouraged. “Gaze at her, and give yourself permission to let it all go. Just for a moment. Just for the now. Relax the mind and your stresses will fall away. Let them fall away. Your body and mind will reward you for this respite.”

Benedetta passed directly behind Cassie, yet her high heels were now silent on the hardwood floors. It almost sounded like the Italian woman’s voice was directly in Cassie’s head.

“You doubt me?” the businesswoman purred, amused. “I will prove it, darlings. How long has Giselle’s right arm been in the air?”

Cassie paused to consider the question. Geez, maybe ten minutes? The blonde twin was mildly surprised. How could Giselle keep her arms up for so long? That… was impressive.

Benedetta’s voice beamed. “Yes, a long time. Giselle allows her thoughts to clear, her emotions to settle. And once her problems melt away, her limbs become lighter than air, darlings. Lighter than air. As she relaxes away her woes, if just for a little while, all that is weighing her down simply… dissolves… into nothing.”

That sounds so nice, Cassie admitted to herself.

For the first time, the twin looked up at Giselle with envy. The posed model was displaying an effortless peace, that was easy to see. She didn’t have to worry about her career. She needn’t concern herself with landing a position with a prestigious firm. She was carefree when it came to anything but the present. Of remaining perfectly still, drifting within her own relaxing thoughts.

“There is nothing magical about the power Giselle has over her own body, my darlings,” Benedetta’s voice rippled. “She has let all worries go. She is in bliss. She feels such delight, such freedom. Wouldn’t that feel lovely?”

It would, Cassie thought automatically.

“Wouldn’t you like to feel that, my darlings?”

I would, Cassie’s mind replied.

The Italian woman’s voice became soothing. “What would you give to feel that pleasure like her, my darlings?”

Anything, Cassie heard her thoughts reply.

“Then let go, my darlings,” the Italian voice urged. “Let go, and you will find your own bodies respond gratefully to this gift. You will feel pleasure, darlings.”

I want that, the blonde twin thought wistfully.

Giselle hovered before Cassie, a motionless goddess, gesturing up toward the heavens. The model’s expression hadn’t changed, but now Cassie thought the other girl looked positively blissful.

“The amazing thing is, my darlings,” Benedetta’s charmed voice exclaimed, “the more you focus on Giselle, the more you become like her. Calm. Relaxed. Carefree. Don’t you want that, my darlings?”

The Italian’s voice became lower, softer… and yet more forceful. “Giselle is feeling pleasure, darlings. Such pleasure. Deep within her. Relax even more, and you will feel it too. Relax more, and you will. Relax…”

Benedetta’s words weren’t making much sense, and yet… Cassie didn’t care. She was feeling relaxed. She was feeling carefree. It felt as the businesswoman’s voice was flowing over Cassie’s body, taking control of her muscles. Cassie’s feet were melting into the floor. Her head wanted to rise up, like a balloon. Her shoulders, arms, back, hips, and legs all began to feel almost rubbery.

“Relaxing even more,” Benedetta’s voice purred on, now creeping further into Cassie’s mind. “Allowing yourself to feel the pleasure, darlings. Allow it to happen. Just like Giselle.”

Up on the platform, Giselle seemed to loom even larger in Cassie’s vision and thoughts. The blonde twin found herself particularly focusing on the brown-haired girl’s lips, which were just slightly open.

As if a lover were pleasuring her, Cassie thought absently, underneath Benedetta’s rolling commentary.

And then… Cassie felt it. Giselle filled her vision and perhaps because of that, the blonde twin suddenly felt as if she could experience the tranquility within Giselle’s own body. Somehow, Cassie felt her own consciousness blur, and now she could feel Giselle’s relaxation in her arms, her legs, her stomach. The more Giselle floated before her, the more Cassie was able to… let go. It was exactly as Benedetta had said.

But more than that…

It was as if the relaxation was also somehow a person, a lover with hands and skin and a mouth. Cassie sighed a little as these imaginary appendages went to work on her own body. Her imagination felt invisible, magical hands slid down over her shoulders, her back, her buttocks, down between her legs. At first, the blonde girl instinctively wanted to resist this sensation, but the soothing touch was too much. She sunk deeper into the relaxation’s influence.

Cassie felt the sensuous feeling encircle her body, turning its attention to the sensitive area just below her stomach. Imagined kisses appeared on the smooth skin before her hips… then descended.

And then, as the blonde model was helpless to move in any way, the erotic sensation pressed into her vagina and began to kiss her. Gently. Oh, so gently.

Throughout it all, Benedetta’s voice flowed on, reassuring and instructing. Cassie was so far gone, so relaxed, she could no longer consciously track what the Italian woman was saying. Now Benedetta was speaking directly to Cassie’s body and her feelings, and the girl’s mind was losing control.

Giselle floated before Cassie’s eyes, ever still and yet alive with passion and life.

Despite herself, Cassie was becoming aroused. Her vagina was starting to sparkle. She longed for more.

Benedetta’s words were now indistinguishable from her own thoughts. “Relax deeper, my darlings,” they said. “Let go, and you will feel such pleasure as you have never known before.”

Cassie automatically sank further into the relaxation. She couldn’t resist.

“Very good, darlings,” purred the voice within her mind. “You follow and obey. And now, without any thought of your own, your arms and legs and body will pose as Giselle does, yes? Relax deeper, enjoy the sensation of pleasure, and it will happen.”

Cassie was dimly aware of her own muscles in the physical world repositioning themselves. They moved slowly, as if under a sleeping spell. But as she relaxed even more, her body gradually moved into the same pose as Giselle. Cassie had no control whatsoever.

Her feelings were caressing her even more, now with a hundred imagined hands that swarmed adoringly over every inch of Cassie’s shapely body. The trance probed her deeper, lightly… oh, so lightly… touching her spot. The girl moaned in silent surrender.

“Wonderful, my darlings,” the heavenly voice in her head complimented. “You have done so very, very well. And now, you will relax deeply one last time. The deeper you go, the more delight you feel. Isn’t this wonderful, my darlings?”

The trance’s magical tongue brushed Cassie a little harder. A quiet, persistent orgasm was forming.

By now, all of Cassie’s fears and stresses were swept away, turned to ash and scattered. Mindless, all the teenager wanted to do was bask in this pose, to feel those caressing hands make love to every inch of her skin, and to surrender deeper into her own orgasm. Cassie had never know such tranquility and delight.

“You will feel this wonderful feeling again, my darlings,” the voice told her. “Any time I tell you the words, ‘And… freeze,’ you will discover that you will instantly return to this delightful state. Every time I use that phrase, you will relax and everything you are feeling now will return, as if I have turned on a faucet of pleasure within your minds. You will not be able to resist, my darlings.”

Cassie was unable to resist.

“And now, bask, my darlings, bask. In a moment, I will tell you to return to the present. You will regain control of your bodies, but you will remember none of my instructions. You will only recall how wonderful it was to pose like Giselle. You will want to pose again.”

All Cassie wanted was to pose again.

“All you want… is to pose again…”