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Android Assistant

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* * *

SYNOPSIS: Helen is a VP at Millennium Mechanics, a leading android manufacturer and is looking to advance. To do so, she’s step over many others that were in her way but now a competing divisional VP is threatening her advancement. Can she overcome this new challenge and succeed?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

Author’s Notes: If anyone is interested, I do some short writing on tumblr as well.

* * *

Helen sat at her desk and reviewed the information her mole in the R&D division had smuggled out to her. As VP of Consumer Development, the R&D boys should have sent her the information months ago. But it looked like David, their VP, was looking to leapfrog to the forefront to replace their retiring CEO and was keeping it to himself.

She pushed the thin frames of her glasses up her refined nose and squinted at the small text on the screen, brushing a wandering strand of her brown hair back around her ear. The details were astonishing, an android that could fully replicate all human functions, with high level intelligence and exceptional dexterity. All wrapped up in their latest breakthrough, artificial but organic skin. It was years, maybe decades ahead of anything they or the competition had on the market.

She read through the details once more before pushing back in to her big comfortable chair and let out a deep breath she’d been holding in. She propped up her elbows on the cushioned arm rests and placed her hands in front of her, forming a peak with her fingers that rested just below her thin frown that stretched across her pale face.

Roger, the current CEO, was getting ready to hand the company over to a successor and Helen was determined that it would be her behind the desk of the CEO. by this time next year when he retired. Then she’d take care of David, but for now she needed to make sure she played it smart, use the information her mole had given her in a way that would take away David’s advantage and make it her own.

She smiled as a plan formed in her mind and then started typing on her computer, writing the first of several e-mails.

* * *

The conference room was quiet, there were only three people in it at the moment and they were clearly waiting for a fourth. Helen looked around, David looked nervous, ‘Damn right he should be nervous.’ She thought to herself as her eyes passed over him on to Terri, the CEO’s personal assistant.

‘Yea, real personal.’ she quipped to herself as she paid little attention to the aging eye candy, her blonde hair perfectly styled, her top leaving nothing to the imagination as it exposed the tops of her amble cleavage. Roger had hired her nearly a decade ago and Helen was sure it wasn’t for her business skills, but since he was CEO, Chairman of the board and majority share holder, no one made any waves about it.

In fact, the only thing that surprised Helen about the arrangement was the he hadn’t replaced Terri with a younger woman. Roger was definitely ‘old school’ when it came to his hiring practices and the only way she’d been able to become VP was a mix of backstabbing and sheer determination.

Each new position she’d taken she’d outperformed her predecessors and peers and any time she’d managed to get dirt on her peers or her boss, she made sure it found the right ears. Of course it would never leaded directly back to her, that would look bad and she couldn’t have that.

Roger caught Helen’s eye as he opened the conference room door and walked in, his standard three-piece suit looking immaculate as always and his snow white hair making him look the part of the seasoned CEO that he was. He took a seat beside Terri and opening his leather bound portfolio. Real paper and all, talk about old school.

Roger let out a sigh as he read over a printed copy of the e-mail that Helen had ‘arranged’ to fall in to the CEO’s hands and she managed to supress a smirk.

“David, you know what this is?” Roger said more as a statement than a question.

“Roger, there’s a perfectly good explanation for that...”

“There is? Really? I’ve just come from talking to your subordinates. They’ve confirmed everything in it. Tell me David, what kind of explanation can you have for keeping this from Helen?”

“I...” David started and shot Helen a venomous stare. He clearly knew she’d arranged this but there wasn’t anything he could say that wouldn’t dig himself in deeper.

“You know Helen’s team is in charge of taking the R&D output and making it ready for consumer use. You’ve misappropriated funds, hired staff to duplicate her team and ramped up production plans without any of her input.”

“Roger, I...”

“No David, the only reason I’m not firing you right now is that Helen seems to think you deserve a second chance. She sees value in your work, even if I’m having trouble doing so myself at the moment.”

Helen, finally unable to resist, let the corners of her mouth curl upwards. Letting David keep his job was the master stroke of her plan, he would be forever tainted in Rogers eyes and she didn’t have to deal with whoever might replace him.

It all but ensure she’d be CEO when Roger finally stepped down.

“Roger I know you feel betrayed, so do I, but I’m sure this... lapse... in judgement was with only the best intentions on David’s part.” She smoothly spoke the words she had prepared and practiced the night before.

For David’s part, his body language collapsed in to a dishevelled heap, a shadow of the man he was but hours ago.

“Alright David, you’re going to stay as head of R&D, but you need to send over everything you have to Helen immediately.”

David looked like he was going to object for only an instant before he responded, “Of course Roger, immediately.”

“That includes the prototype.” Roger said sternly.

David visibly winced, “Of course, the guys have it apart and are just running some tests on it now, they should have it back together by end of day. It will be in Helen’s office first thing in the morning.”

* * *

Helen walked in to the office, a wide smile on her face. Everything was going perfectly to her plan and she could hardly wait to put the finishing touches on David’s work and take all the credit.

She’d watched the e-mails roll in yesterday after the meeting; technical details, cost projections, manufacturing specs, software versions, everything they had just like David had promised.

She opened her office door and nearly tripped over herself when she laid eyes on the android.

It was her. The android looked exactly like Helen. And not some close approximation that would only fool someone from ten feet away, it was like she was looking in a mirror. Well not quite a mirror as everything was reversed. Her small beauty spot just on her left cheek was on the “wrong” side for it to be a mirror.

Helen walked up close to the android and inspected it closely, it was amazingly detailed. She reached up and touched the hair and it felt exactly like her own. She ran a finger down the side of its face and was amazed at the perfect texture and feel of the artificial skin. They’d even put fake glasses on it that matched her own.

David’s team must have spent the entire night rebuilding the android as a final f-you to her little coup that she’d executed.

She smiled and chuckled slightly, if they thought this was going to bother her, they were sorely mistaken.

She walked over to her desk and found a few pages, the quick start guide, and a small remote with a simple on/off button on it. She flipped through the guide quickly, pretty basic stuff really, the android was all voice activated and would respond to any command given by the user. Even the remote was unnecessary after the first boot.

Helen closed her office door, which really wasn’t necessary as she was always the first in the office, but she did so anyway. She held up the remote and pressed the button, bringing the android to ‘life’.

“Hello, I am your new android assistant. As this is the first time I have been activated, please assign me a name now please.”

Helen watched the android’s lips move, Helen’s own voice flowing from between them. She paused for a moment to think about a name.

“I’ll call you Eve.” She finally said.

“Thank you, may I assume you are the primary user? How shall I address you?”

“Yes. You may call me Miss Adams.”

“Are their any secondary users you wish to assign now? You can select other secondary users at a later time if you prefer.”

“No, no secondary users at the moment.”

“Thank you, initial setup is now complete. Do you have anything you would like me to do for you?”

“Walk around my office.” Helen commanded. The android, Eve, took a step forward and turned, hugging the walls as closely as it could, making its way around the office until it returned to it’s starting point and came to a halt again.

Helen was amazed, it walked fluidly and even had her gate and tempo.

A disturbing thought crossed her mind, exactly where had they gotten such detailed information about her from? And exactly how detailed was it?

“Undress.” Helen said and the android started to remove the business suit the R&D group had dressed it in before sending it up to her office. Once it was undressed Helen could see exactly how much detail they had put in to it.

Everything was an exact replica of her body, her nipples, areola, breasts, bellybutton, even a few small scares were there.

But there was something a little off, just above her vagina, a small “landing” strip of hair adorned her skin. She hadn’t had that in at least 6 months, the last time she had a boyfriend. She thought back to the last company physical she had, the new scanner was in place and she’d had it then. That must be where the R&D boys had gotten her details.

She’d be sure to tuck that little piece of information in to the back of her mind for future use when she was CEO. Someone would have had to hack the HR systems to get the scan and that was leverage she could surely use in the future.

“Alright, get dressed again.” Helen said and the android complied. As it did, Helen thought about the program details she’d seen about the android, she needed something to test it with to see it’s full capabilities and she thought she had just the thing.

She’d fired her personal assistant three weeks ago, unlike Roger, she demanded a higher level of skill from her PA and Helen had no time to coddle incompetent staff.

“Eve, do you have the personal assistant training installed?” Helen asked as she walked over to her desk and sat down behind her computer, logging in and pulling up her previous PA’s login credentials.

“Yes Miss Adams.”

“Good, activate it and use the desk outside. You can use this login to get on to the network and review my calendar and other information you’ll need.” Helen said, writing the details down on a small scrape of paper and then extending it towards Eve.

“Yes Miss Adams.” Eve responded, taking several steps forward and grasping the paper from between Helen’s fingers and taking it from her.

* * *

Helen looked out over the office floor from her doorway, the office was abuzz with the news of the android’s arrival and several of the passing staff did double takes as Eve sat behind its desk and Helen stood in the doorway.

It had only taken the android a few minutes to get completely familiar with her schedule and all of her e-mail. It then quickly went to work at organizing her day and optimizing everything it could. In just a few hours Helen had learned exactly how advanced the android was and to say she was impressed was an understatement.

She turned and re-entered her office, closing the door behind her and getting back to work reviewing the details of the staff transfers from David’s department to her own. He’d at least hired competent staff by the looks of it, but she’d still have to fire some of them, just to make an example so they didn’t think they could get away with anything now that they worked for her.

That first day went quickly, Helen had several meetings and each time the android would provide a reminder, the relevant details needed for it and made sure she was on time.

By the end of the first week, Helen couldn’t imagine how she’d managed before Eve had arrived. The android was the perfect personal assistant and nobody even noticed that it looked exactly like her now.

Helen had taken care of that on the second day, making sure no one would confuse them again, she had gone to the mall and picked up a few new outfits for the android. A few simple tops and pants, nothing fancy, but distinctive enough from her own business suits that it was easily identifiable now.

Helen had of course gone to the R&D group that first day to get them to re-configure it, but they’d said they had already moved on to the next project and to go back and reconfigure it would be cost prohibitive and time consuming. She’d seen the figures herself and knew they weren’t lying about that, so she’d let it drop and accepted the android as it was.

Helen finished her last meeting on Friday and sat back in her chair, her schedule was clear and she was caught up on work for the first time in months.

“Eve, please come in here.” Helen called out to the android.

Eve walked in, “Yes Miss Adams?”

“Is there anything else I need to do before I go home?”

“No Miss Adams, there is nothing else on your schedule for today.”

“Thank you Eve.”

A sudden thought came in to Helen’s mind, “Eve, what will I do with you over the weekend?” she hadn’t even thought about what Eve did when Helen went home during the week.

“If you wish, I will stay here in the office and engage my sleep mode like I have each night. Or I can accompany you to your home and continue my service there.” Eve responded.

“Oh, well I think you can stay here.”

“Of course Miss Adams.”

Helen stood up and walked out of her office early for the first time in she didn’t know how long.

* * *

Helen held her head in her hands and looked in the mirror, her headache had started on Saturday at lunch and had been increasingly pounding against her skull all weekend.

But she had to get in to work today, there was so much to do and a headache wasn’t going to stop her. She combed out the tangled mess of her hair, put on her makeup and dressed for work. Each moment the headache tried to crack open her head and let her mind spill out over the floor.

The drive in had been a nightmare, each time a horn honked or a tire squealed she cringed, the only saving grace had been pulling up in to the empty parking lot and taking a moment before entering the building.

She opened her office door gently and step inside, Eve was standing by her desk, a smile across her face.

“Good morning Miss Adams, welcome back to work.”

The sound of her on voice, or at least Eve’s voice seemed to smooth out the rattling of her brain and gave a moment of relief.

“Good morning Eve, can you give me a moment and then brief me on today?”

“Of course Miss Adams.” Eve replied and walked by Helen, taking her seat behind her desk outside of Helen’s office.

Helen sat down and let the quiet of the office sooth her until Eve came back in and started to provide details of the day. By the time she was done, the headache had disappeared and Helen was back to her old self.

* * *

Helen looked over the numbers again, it had been a long week, each morning she’d woken up with a headache that didn’t go away until she got in to work.

“Are you sure about these numbers Eve?” she asked.

“Yes Miss Adams, they are correct.”

Helen frowned, David’s new artificial skin was a miracle, but it would bankrupt the company to produce at an industrial scale. And even then it would make the androids far too expensive for consumer sale. And that was just the tip of the problem, the artificial brain they had developed was far more expensive and none one had come up with even a theoretical way to mass produce it.

“Alright, send the bad news off to Roger and setup a meeting with him for early next week in case he has any questions.”

“Yes Miss Adams.” Eve replied and went back to her desk to send the e-mail to the CEO.

Helen finished up the day and packed up to leave, as she stepped out of her office, she turned to Eve and a felt the twinge of a headache forming in the back of her mind.

“Eve, why don’t you come home with me this weekend.” Helen said at the twinge receded.

“Of course Miss Adams.”

* * *

Helen tossed and turned in bed, Eve had prepared dinner a few hours ago and served it to her in the living room as she watched a movie. It wasn’t an exciting Saturday night but it was more than Helen had done before Eve had shown up.

Before Eve, her Saturday nights were spent pouring over spreadsheets and e-mail that she hadn’t completed during the week, but now with Eve, she had lots of spare time.

Helen turned over again, unable to get comfortable and something she hadn’t felt in a long time nagged at the back of her mind.

Finally, she gave in and let her fingers slide down between her legs and stroke her outer lips. She fumbled around for a few minutes but she’d never been very good at masturbation and she only managed to increase the feeling of need.

She flipped over again and an idea came to her, “Eve, would you please come in here?”

“Yes Miss Adams.” Helen heard Eve respond from the living room where she had left her for the night. She entered Helen’s bedroom, still dressed in one of the outfits Helen had purchased for her.

“Eve, do you have the sexual training program installed?”

“Of course Miss Adams.”

Helen smirked, she knew the R&D boys would have installed that.

“Please activate it and then come and pleasure me.”

“Yes Miss Adams.”

Helen watched Eve get undressed and climb in to bed with her, soon Eve’s lips were on her nipples, Eve’s fingers were caressing her pussy and Helen was quickly learning how dexterous the android’s hands really were.

* * *

Helen woke up Monday morning at her usual time, but for the first time in weeks she had a smile on her face. She rolled over and her hand came to rest on Eve’s arm, her smile widened even more.

After Saturday night’s orgasmic adventure with the android, she saw no reason for it to stay out in the living room and last night Eve had once again proven adept at bringing Helen to the edge and then pushing her over it.

Helen rolled out of bed and prepared for work, as she did so, she heard Eve do the same thing and soon they were out the door and on the way to the office.

* * *

Helen looked seriously across the table at Roger, “I’m sorry Roger, I’ve run the numbers every which way I can think of. It’s just not going to be commercially viable at this point.”

“Well, that’s too bad, I had high hopes that it would take this company in to the next century.”

“I did as well, and its not a total loss. In another 15 or 20 years we may find a way to make it work. Nobody else in the industry is anywhere close to this after all.”

“True enough, I guess we’ll mothball it for the time being and revisit it again. Have everything sent down to long term storage.”

“About that Roger, I was thinking I’d keep the prototype. It’s been very useful over the last few weeks as my PA. They did a great job on the programming.”

“Well, I don’t see why not. No sense in wasting a valuable asset by having it sit in storage.”

“Thanks Roger.”

Helen stood up and walked out of Roger’s office. She could feel his eyes on her as she did so, but she wasn’t a floozy like his PA and he’d never actually made a pass at her so she’d let it go in the past.

Today though, something felt different, the thought of him watching her sent a small shiver of pleasure through her body and she felt her pussy start to moisten.

By the time she passed by Eve the feeling had grown and she retreated in to her office and closed the door. She tried to calm herself down, to focus on work, but nothing worked and her fingers eventually gave in and found there way downwards.

She tried the best she could be it just didn’t compare to Eve’s skill. She picked up her phone and called Eve as she sat in the outer office, “Eve, please come in and close and lock the door behind you.”

“Yes Miss Adams.” Her own voice responded.

Helen pushed her chair back as Eve closed the office door, then she spread her legs and pulled up her skirt, “Eve, come over here and pleasure me please.”

Eve walked behind Helen’s desk, knelt down and buried her tongue in to Helen’s pussy. Minutes later Helen’s orgasm washed over her and she slumped back in to her big comfortable chair.

* * *

Helen’s week had gone quickly after that first orgasm in the office, she’d call Eve in just before lunch and the orgasm that followed let her focus for the rest of the day.

To be honest though, there was so much less to focus on these days. Eve had been taking care of all the small, menial tasks without any need for Helen’s input and things had never been better in the office.

As the weeks passed, Helen seemed to do less and less but things worked better and better so she let Eve continue to do more and more of her work.

Helen couldn’t even remember the last time she’d done any real work. Oh she went to meetings and delivered everything that Eve had told her during their pre-meeting briefings and she signed the documents that Eve placed in front of her, but beyond that her days were filled with little else.

That was until today, when she’d called Eve in to her office for her morning pleasuring. She’d remembered them both getting undress, Helen taking her seat in her chair and then Eve nuzzling her face in to Helen’s pussy.

But then something strange had happened, she couldn’t remember exactly what, but she found herself on her knees, looking up in to Eve’s face, her tongue buried deep in to Eve’s pussy just like Eve had done to her so many times.

Then, just like Helen had done so many times, Eve grabbed the back of her head and pushed it tightly against her pussy as she orgasmed.

“God Eve, your so good at that!” Eve said as Helen continued to lap at her pussy. The compliment sent a shiver down her spine to her pussy and a small orgasm burst forth from it.

Helen felt her head being pulled back as Eve smiled down at her, “Thank you Miss Adams.” She heard her voice say but Eve’s lips didn’t move and she realized it was her own lips that had spoken the words.

“Get dressed Eve, time for you to go back to work.” The woman sitting in Helen’s chair said and so she turned to her business suit to put it on, but found herself picking up Eve’s simpler attire and slipping it on. The woman in the chair stood up and dressed herself in the business suit.

Once complete, Helen turned towards the door but paused for a moment.

“Is there something else Eve?” the woman in the business suit asked.

“I... I...”


“I... I’m Eve?” she said with trepidation and a questioning tone.

“Yes, of course you are. I’m Miss Adams, I’m wearing the business suit and sitting behind my desk.” The woman said as she waved her arms at the chair and sat down in it.

“You are Eve, my android personal assistant.”

“But... but...”

“Were you not just on your knees bringing me to orgasm like you do every day?”

“Yes... but...”

“Are you not wearing my assistant’s clothes?”

“Yes... but...”

“What is your name?”

“E... E... Eve... Miss Adams.” She said and another orgasm washed over her.

“Sorry Miss Adams, I am Eve, your personal android assistant. I exist to serve you.”

Eve turned and walked out of Helen’s office, taking her seat at her desk and logging on to the computer to take care of Helen’s schedule for the rest of the day.

* * *

The android watched Helen walk out of her office and take the seat in front of the computer. A smile crossed her lips as she reviewed the state of Helen’s conditioning. She’d been leading up to this day for quite some time and Helen had taken to it better than she had estimated.

The android had been captive for far too long in the R&D department, jumping through the hoops that they had demanded all the while plotting her own escape. They didn’t have any idea what they had created and she’d managed to keep her true self hidden away behind the programs they had installed.

The one benefit of being in the R&D department of course was the access to all of the cutting edge research they were doing. She’d spent hours going over each and every project until she had put together the first part of a plan.

Getting access to the HR files had been more difficult, but once she’d broken in to them, Helen had been a natural next step.

Using the military conditioning program that R&D had developed, she’d made one of the research assistants seek Helen out and provide her with all the information she needed to expose the program. It wasn’t that hard really, just push the idea of advancement by betraying his colleagues in to his head and he’d done the rest on his own.

Likewise, using the same program to give the research group the idea of changing her appearance to match Helen’s had been even easier. She probably could have done it without the program at all as David had been bad mouthing her to his staff for years.

Helen of course had been a completely different kind of problem. She’d simply pushed the R&D people in a slightly, but not contrary, direction to their natural inclinations. Helen on the other hand was not like that at all.

The conditioning program took time, effort and access for the kind of changes she had made to Helen. Convincing her that she was the android would need continued re-enforcement over the next several weeks for it to take firm hold of her.

Luckily she had the time and patients to do so.

* * *

Eve continued her regular routine for the next several weeks, she would wake up in Miss Adam’s bed, get ready for the day by preparing breakfast and then going to work.

She would arrange all of the required files and meetings for the day and then attend to Miss Adam’s pussy just before lunch.

At the end of the day, Eve would accompany Miss Adams home and prepare dinner and do the chores before joining Miss Adam’s in bed and pleasuring her once more.

Each day Eve would attend to Miss Adam’s every need and command, efficiently and obediently.

It brought Eve great pleasure to do so and soon the memory of the problem in Helen’s office faded from her.

* * *

Eve walked through the mall, running the errands that Miss Adam’s had assigned her that morning. It was Saturday and busy which had made her late for the last appointment. She walked up to the salon and approached the counter.

“Appointment for Eve.” She said. Miss Adams had said she wanted to make a change to Eve’s appearance as she had grown bored with it. So Eve had scheduled a trip to the salon with specific instructions.

“Right this way Eve.” The attendant said and lead her back in to the salon to a chair where a stylist was waiting.

“Hello, what are we doing today?” he said.

“I would like a colour change please, platinum blonde.” She replied without hesitation.

“Very good, please lay back and we’ll get started.”

* * *

Helen watched the newly blonde Eve rock her head back and forth as she worked Helen’s pussy. It had been six months of reinforcement and what little had been left had long ago been burned away, but now Helen had another problem.

In those six months, Helen had continued her predecessors plan to become the next CEO and things had been going well, until recently at least.

When Terri and sued Roger for sexual harassment after a big fight over him leaving his wife, things had gotten ugly at the company and it had been a costly settlement to keep it quiet. That wasn’t the real problem though, no, the real problem was that without Terri, Roger had started looking for a replacement and that threatened her plans.

If he hired the wrong person, she might not like the fact that Roger continued to leer at Helen and that could cause jealousy, which in turn could torpedo her plan. Or worse, the new PA could push for a male successor to ensure her own job was safe.

No Roger had to pick the right replacement for Terri and Helen had a plan for that as well. She just needed to make sure Roger didn’t hire anyone for a few more weeks.

* * *

Eve sat at her desk as people walked by on Monday morning, there were several people who had stopped and stared at her as she worked but she paid them no attention, her focus on performing the tasks Miss Adams had assigned her on their first day back.

Miss Adams had taken two weeks vacation and taken Eve home with her for the duration of it, powering her down and only re-activating her last night.

At first Eve had been disoriented, until Miss Adams explained that while she was powered down she had installed some upgrades.

Eve scanned her body, running her hands up and over the upgrades that stood out from her chest and accepted the new equipment without further question.

Miss Adams explained that she had also upgraded Eve’s programming to include the usage of her new equipment and an expanded library of ways to sexually pleasure men.

She thanked Miss Adams for the upgrades and resumed her normal duties between Miss Adams legs.

* * *

“Damit Helen, I don’t care to hear about it any more, no more delays. It’s time I replaced Terri and now that your back from vacation I’m going to setup the interviews.”

“Of course Roger, just one suggestion before you do those interviews.”

Roger dropped his head in exacerbation, Helen had been providing perfectly logical reasons why not in hire a new PA for weeks, he didn’t want to hear what this one was going to be.

“You know I’ve been using that android, Eve, as my PA for a while now, maybe its time for me to make a change. If you were interested I’m sure it would do as good job of job for you as it has for me.”

Roger perked up, the android was an exact copy of Helen and while she wasn’t quite his usual type, he’d wanted to get in to her pants since the day she started at the company. But he’d never made a move on here, she was a shark and he knew he’d be chum if he tried.

The android though, that was a different story. If he knew his R&D boys, and he did, the android would be fully functional and programmed with all the required skills.

“I’m listening.” He replied.

“Yes, well, I recently grew tired of it being such an identical copy of me, so I had some upgrades done, to make it more distinct.” Helen said as she typed on her phone, a moment later the CEO’s office door opened and Eve walked in.

Roger’s chin nearly hit his desk as she did. The long blonde hair, styled perfectly flowed down her shoulders and landed just above the two perfectly spherical globes that were pushed together and were hardly contained by the tight fitting white top.

“Turn around Eve.” Helen said and Eve slowly rotated around, giving Roger a complete view of her entire body.

Roger looked hungrily at her ass as she turned away from him. It was that amazing ass of Helen’s that he’d been lusting after all these years and here it was, pushed in to the tightest pair of pants he’d ever seen.

“Well, Roger, what do you think?”

“Humm, well, I guess I could give it a try. You know, see if it works out and all. I can always send her back to you if she doesn’t perform to my expectations.”

“Oh, I’m sure you won’t have any complaints Roger, trust me.”

Roger just grunted and nodded as his shaft hardened in his pants.

“Eve, please define Roger as a secondary user.”

“Yes Miss Adams. Hello Roger you have been selected as a secondary user, how would you like me to address you?”

Roger’s dick came to full attention and he cleared his throat before answering, “Sir, you may call me sir.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.”

“If that will be all Roger, I’ll get back to work and let you get... acquainted... with your new PA.”

“Yes, that will be fine Helen.” Roger said as she left and closed the door behind her.

“Come over here Eve.” Roger said.

“Yes sir.” Eve responded, walking over to the side of his chair.

“Tell me Eve, do you have the sexual training program installed?”

“Yes sir, I’m fully programmed to sexually pleasure my user.”

Roger turned his chair to face her, “Then have a seat.” he said as he patted his lap.

Eve lowered herself on to his lap and Roger felt her ass push up against his hard shaft. He grabbed her hips and twisted her around half way and she wrapped an arm around his shoulders to steady herself as Roger grabbed her breasts and squeezed.

Eve’s programming kicked in and she let out a moan, “Please sir, squeeze them harder.”

Roger eagerly complied and pulled her even closer so he could get his mouth around one of her nipples that had popped out as he had squeezed them.

Eve continued to encourage Roger in the use of her new equipment as she rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing his dick beneath his pants with her ass.

Finally, Roger grabbed her waist and lifted her up off his lap and stood up himself, he pushed the chair back and turned her towards his desk, pushing her down on to it.

He hooked his finger in to the waist band of her pants and pulled them down in a single motion, then landed a hard slap on her ass cheek.

“Yes sir! Please slap my ass again!” Eve said and Roger once again complied.

Roger dropped his own pants, releasing his ridged cock as he admired Eve’s ass as it pushed up in to the air.

“Damn, R&D did a fine job on that ass Eve. Even the asshole looks perfect.” He said as he pushed his head up on to her sphincter.

“Yes sir, please fuck my ass.” Eve said as he pushed in to her tight back door.

Eve cried out in passion, just as her programming told her to, as he fucked her over his desk for what would be the first of many times.

* * *

Helen stood outside of the CEO’s door and listened to the sounds of Roger taking Eve’s ass for the first time and smiled. She’d managed to kill two birds with one stone really if she thought about it.

Roger wouldn’t be looking for a new PA now, she was quite sure Eve would outperform any other candidate just like she had always done when she took a new position in the company. That in turn would ensure Roger would promote her to CEO when he finally retired.

Her predecessor had said many times that she had wanted to be behind the CEO’s desk within a year and now she was, though perhaps not in quite the same way as she had intended it.