The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Nanoslaver

It was our fifth wedding anniversary, and Jenna had promised me a beautiful night, but she insisted on making it a surprise. I had grudgingly demurred, knowing she had some sort of trickery up her sleeve, but I couldn’t resist her. Her trickery had provided some of the most memorable nights of my life.

It was a bit of a shock when she turned into the parking lot for La Creme. My mouth dropped open as she circled to find a spot. “You’re joking,” I whispered. She just smiled. La Creme had three Michelin stars and their chef was my personal culinary hero, a woman I aspired to be as good as someday, but we could never afford to actually eat here.

“There are some things in this life, baby, that I would never kid about. This pretty much tops that list.” I giggled, as much from excitement as from her words. She found a spot at the far corner of the lot, pulling in and switching off the ignition. She paused, looking at me with love in her eyes, and said, “You know I love you.”

“Of course I do,” I said, my heart racing. “And I love you.”

“Good.” She told me with a grin, then clapped her hand over my eyes. Before I could react, she said, “Surprise.” She took her hand away and I was completely naked!

I slapped my hands to my belly, running them up to my breasts and down over my thighs and felt only soft skin under my hands. I had been wearing a gorgeous red satin dress, but now I honestly couldn’t remember putting anything on. I knew Jenna wouldn’t make me walk around naked in public, but at that moment, it honestly felt like she had made me think I had put on clothing and had just now dropped that illusion.

Yep. Trickery. The master hypnotist that I had fallen in love with was out in full force.

I turned to object, but she was already closing her door and walking around to mine. I took a moment to steel my nerves. She opened my door and extended an arm. I hesitated just a moment. I did have a safe-word. If I really didn’t want to do this, I could just utter it and the illusion would fall apart. I placed my hand on my throat and felt the black silk choker there. It was reassuring. I trusted her, my mistress. I wasn’t really naked. I rose from my seat...

...and got another surprise. The parking lot was completely empty. I blinked, staring. The lot had been packed a moment ago. I shook my head to clear it and she grinned ear to ear. “We have the very best restaurant in town all to ourselves, tonight.”

“Shut the fuck up, we do not,” I said, blushing and grinning myself. I was ready to burst into a fit of excited giggles like a little schoolgirl, but I wasn’t going to give her that satisfaction.

“You spot another single customer in there and I’ll wash all the dishes in your restaurant for a week,” she told me. She extended her arm again, and I took it. She had left my heels on, thankfully, and we walked across the lot, through parking spots that should have been full. There was neither moon nor cloud, that night, and the city lights across the river were glowing like jewels. Jenna’s jet black hair, usually braided, flowed around her shoulders. The sapphire necklace I’d given her earlier that night plunged down into her cleavage on its silver chain. I’d almost begged her to keep me home, that night. Her little black dress and thigh-high stockings made me eager to go exploring. I was glad, now, that I had resisted.

A young man with curly black hair and an impeccable suit stood in front of the door, waiting for us. “Good evening, Ma’amselles,” he said with a slight bow. “Welcome to La Creme, your table is waiting.” He opened the door and showed us in. The restaurant was dimly lit, except for one table for two by the windows that was cast in a soft golden light. All the other tables had their chairs overturned on top of them, but this one table had a tall burning candle and a pair of menus. I smiled as I followed Jenna. This was the best illusion she had ever created for me – a masterpiece!

This wall of the restaurant was glass, offering a stunning view of the riverside. The chairs were wooden with soft red velvet upholstery. The Maitre D’ held out my chair for me. I smiled and sat, and he asked Jenna, “This is acceptable, I hope?”

“Yes, Jean-Paul. It’s lovely, thank you.” she told him, picking up her menu.

Jean-Paul nodded and said, “Tonight’s special is Duck l’Orange served with wild rice summer vegetables, and morrel mushrooms. We also have a lovely lobster bisque, tonight, and we do hope that you will save a bit of room in your hearts for our chocolate lava cake.” I made a delighted cooing sound at the thought of lava cake. “Your waitress this evening shall be Ashley, and I hope you have a pleasant meal.” He gave a sharp bow and just before leaving, glanced down my body at my bare bottom and said, “What a lovely bluejay,” and then he was gone.

I blushed head to toe, staring hard at my menu, refusing to meet Jenna’s amused grin. “You told him about my bluejay.”

She fought hard not to laugh, the battle making her lips contort into funny shapes as she grinned. Finally, she said. “No. I didn’t.”

My eyes came up and met hers but she wasn’t lying. That was one of my special gifts. I could always tell when someone was lying to me. It had been quite an adjustment for Jenna, needing to choose all her words carefully with me so as not to break whatever illusion she had created. It was worth it, though, allowing her to use her talents on me. As dominant a personality as I was, after coming home from a day or even a week of barking orders, teaching and correcting line chefs, issuing discipline and generally being in charge, Jenna’s erotic hypnotic talents were a blessing. Submitting myself to her had been the smartest thing I had ever done.

“Fine,” I conceded, looking back down at my menu. “Someone else told him.”

I considered the menu for a moment before our waitress arrived and I heard a familiar voice say, “Good evening, ladies.” I looked up and got the third big shock of the night.


She smiled wide. “Hello, Chef Corland. I’ll be serving you, tonight.” I blinked at her, still shocked, but did notice the way she said ‘serving.’

Jenna continued to grin as I blinked up in surprise. I looked over at her and asked her point blank, “Is this really my Ash?”

She looked me squarely in the eyes and said, “Yes. It really is.”

“I got a job here after I left Sharing,” Ash said, meaning my own restaurant.

“Okay, well now I’m not so upset about losing you. I’d leave Sharing for a job here.” She smiled at that, and took our drink orders. Jenna ordered a bottle of wine that I’d never heard of for the two of us and I asked for a pitcher of water. Ashley smiled, said she would be right back, and bounced away. I caught myself turning to watch her go, her long blond ponytail swaying left and right across her beautiful bottom before Jenna cleared her throat.

I faced forward, blushing. “She is exquisite, I’ll give you that,” Jenna told me, and then said, “Look again.”

I turned, and now Ash was as naked as I was! I had imagined her perfect bubble-shaped butt naked a hundred times when she worked for me and now, it seemed, I could really see it. As she turned the corner towards the kitchen, exposing her delightful breasts in profile, she looked over at me and winked.

I spun around in my seat, facing forward with another full-body blush and asked Jenna, “How many hours of sleep did I lose staring at that gods-forsaken screen-saver of yours so you could set this all up?”

She shrugged. “Quite a few, but does it matter? You always feel rested afterward.”

We sat in silence, studying our menus, until Ash came back with our wine and water. I sneaked a glance sideways at her lovely flat tummy, her small firm breasts, and her smooth pussy. I knew it could only be an illusion, this beautiful nude body beside mine, but my heart raced when I saw that Ash was just a little wet.

Ash cleared her throat politely, and I looked up into her smiling face. “Know what you want, yet?”

Caught staring, I buried my face in my menu, raising it to hide both their grins. “The duck l’orange, please.”

She nodded. “Very good. And for you, Doctor Miller?”

“The lobster bisque with a summer salad, please.”

“Excellent choice.” She took Jenna’s menu, but had to gently tug mine away as I was still trying to hide my blushing grin. She had a smug look of victory on her face as she bounced away. I stared down into my lap, red-faced, and whispered, “I’d better be wearing clothing because if I’m not, I’m making a very embarrassing stain on this velvet seat.”

Jenna laughed out loud, leaning in close. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I told her, then added, “bitch.”

She gave an easy laugh and I looked up into those sparkling blue eyes, the inspiration for the pendant. She poured the wine and raised a toast to love and a long happy life. We talked, reminiscing about the last five years of our marriage and the four we had been together before that. She had just confessed that she had thought seriously about hypnotizing my ex-boyfriend into thinking he was a six-year-old girl and dressing him up to be our pretty little flower girl for the wedding when Ash came back with our food. I was laughing hard with tears streaming down my cheeks, so I couldn’t say anything to her, but she nodded and left with a smile.

When I could get the image of Dick in white tights, a tutu and that ridiculous comb-over out of my head, I settled into my duck. It was, of course, sublime. I gave Jenna a bite in exchange for a bit of her bisque, and we ate mostly in silence. Jenna had long since learned to shut up and let me savor a good meal.

Ash bounced in twice to be sure we were all right. As we finished our plates, she asked, “And were we planning on dessert?”

I looked to Jenna, who told her, “No. Thank you, but we have dessert waiting for us at the hotel. Just the check, please.”

Ashley made a disappointed sound and pulled the check from her apron. Of course, I couldn’t see her apron, so it looked like she pulled it out of her now glistening sex. Again I stared, excited by the idea that the Ash I remembered could really be wet for me. She turned to go, reaching out to tap me under my jaw which had been hanging open, and bounced away. “I’m doing a lot of blushing, tonight,” I said, looking not at Jenna but out the window at the river as she slid her card into the check wallet. I couldn’t resist a glance at the check, but Jenna had planned ahead. I only saw a blank piece of paper.

“Wait,” I said, finally realizing what she had said. “We have a hotel?”

She smiled, setting the wallet aside. “We have the Honeymoon Suite at Herrington’s.”

“Bullshit.” I told her in an excited whisper, but I couldn’t detect a lie.

“I have been saving for this for a long time,” she told me.

I let out an excited squeal. Herrington’s was the best hotel around, and their Honeymoon Suites had jacuzzies. Ash bought back her credit card receipt. I told Jenna to give her a generous tip, and we stood as Ash returned. “It was nice to see you again, Chef Coreland,” she told me, blushing.

“It was nice to see you too,” I said, glancing over her body. “And you don’t work for me any more, so you can call me Anna.”

She smiled. “Anna,” she said, and leaned in for a quick hug, which I happily returned. I felt our naked bodies press together and just for a moment, I let myself wish it was real. She slipped out of the hug and walked away, not looking back at me.

I watched her go, wondering for a moment if there was something upsetting her, but Jenna cleared her throat, extending her arm. I accepted it with a smile and walked back out to the car with her, my heart fluttering at the thought of what surprises waited for us at the hotel.

The night rolled by in silence, neither of us wanting to break the spell. Jenna chewed her lip all the way to the hotel, so I knew she wanted to say something, but she held her tongue. The parking lot at Herrington’s was full, and the lobby bustling with people. I was still naked as we checked in. The idea that all these people could see me naked made me both nervous and excited, even as I reminded myself that I wasn’t.

Jenna refused the turn-down service and took the key from the clerk, then extended her arm as we walked to the elevator. I turned to see the clerk check us out as we walked away and grinned. In doing that, though, I missed the well-dressed elderly couple that walked from the other direction. As I turned, they were just passing, both looking me over and the old woman said, “What a lovely bluejay.”

I stopped in my tracks, going as red as a lobster all over my body. Part of me fought off the urge to laugh out loud while another fought off the urge to panic. I stood for a moment, wrestling with a grin, and finally said, “Patients of yours?”

Jenna, who was giggling shamelessly, only said, “No comment.”

“Oh, I hate you,” I whispered through my grin.

“No, you don’t.” She said, gently tugging back into motion towards the elevator.

“No. I don’t.” I said. As she pressed the button for the top floor, I had to admit I was very much aroused. Jenna’s gentle dominance over the years had slowly bought out the exhibitionist in me.

The room was perfect. It had another panoramic view of the city. The floors were deep plush, except around the heart-shaped jacuzzi where it was marble. The bed was in the center on a raised dais and had controls to let one turn it. There was a gathering space in one corner with sofas and chairs and an HDTV with a door that led out to a balcony. It was all done up in white and it smelled of jasmine and was warm and inviting. I practically danced in, turning to take it all in, then threw my arms around Jenna for a long, deep kiss. She tossed down her overnight bag, put her arms around me, and kissed me back.

I slid my hands up, entwining my fingers in her hair. She slid hers down, resting them on my bottom. We kissed for a good long while, letting our tongues dance and play before I slipped the straps of her little black dress off her shoulders and down her arms. The silky thing cascaded over her curves to pool at her feet and I kissed my way down.

She let out a warm sigh as I kissed over her cleavage, my hands resting on her hips. I kissed around her navel and spent a moment suckling on her belly-button. She shivered, fingers grasping at my ginger locks, but I held her close and kept at it. She relented, her thighs pressing together as she shifted her weight, and I kissed back up, smiling up at her.

When I got up to her strapless bra, I stood, drawing one fingernail up her spine. She arched her back, thrusting out her breasts, and kissed me. I put my free hand on her hip and undid the snaps on her bra with the other. “Mmmmm... I’ve always loved that you can do that.” she told me as the fabric popped free of her chest. I let it drop and kicked it away, smiling.

I slid my hands up her back, over her shoulders, and down to her breasts, leaning in for a long kiss while I cupped them in my hands before there was a knock at the door. “That’ll be dessert,” Jenna told me with a smile. “Answer that, would you, dear?”

I grinned, knowing she just wanted me to talk to the valet naked, and opened the door.

On the other side, grinning like a Cheshire Cat and still naked, was Ash! “Room service,” she said, and stepped into the room, threw her arms around me, and kissed me! I squealed in surprise and started to back away, but Jenna was there, putting a hand on my back to stop me and whispering, “It’s okay, kiss her.”

I relented, partly recovered from the shock of it, and kissed Ash back while Jenna closed the door. After a long, wonderful moment Ash pulled back, releasing me from her hug, and smiled at me while I blinked in surprise at the two of them. “I think we managed to surprise her,” Ash said.

“I think we did,” Jenna said.

I looked between the two of them grinning at me and said, “What’s going on?”

“Anna,” Jenna told me, “Ashley is your anniversary present.”

“Excuse me?” I looked at Ash who was blushing with her hands behind her back and rocking on the balls of her feet, looking like a naked little girl with her hand caught in the cookie jar.

“I have had feelings for you ever since my first day at your restaurant, but was only eighteen, and you had just gotten married. I worked my ass off trying to impress you, hungry for even the slightest compliment.” The words poured out of her, bottled up for too long. “But two years, ago, I couldn’t take it anymore and left, thinking I’d never be able to even tell you how I felt, let alone … you know... so I went and found somewhere else to go, and found myself in La Creme, and it was good, and I kept thinking about how you’d be really proud of me and so about six months ago, I walked into Sharing to see you and maybe brag a bit but I bumped into Doctor Miller, instead.”

She paused to take a breath and Jenna said, “She and I sat down to a few drinks and I slowly drew her out and she confessed her feelings to me. Luckily, she also admitted to at least being intrigued by me.

Ash shrugged demurely and said, “I may have told her about my fantasies of a threesome with the two of you.”

“And you and I have talked a few times about bringing a third woman into our relationship but never did anything about it, so the two of us hatched this little plan.” Jenna said.

“Once a year at La Creme, I get a complimentary dinner for two, so I pitched that in as my contribution to the night...”

“...which allowed me to afford the hotel.” Jenna finished. “I figured if we were going to surprise you with this, it’d be best to do it on neutral grounds, and it would be a great place to have our first tryst as a threesome.”

I had been looking back and forth between the two of them as they spoke, but now they stopped and watched me, and it took me a moment to realize they were waiting for my answer. “Yes! Yes, I’m all for it. Yes.” I leaned in to take the now bouncing and giggling Ash in an embrace and kissed her again, then pulled Jenna in to join the hug.

We all held each other for a moment, then Jenna put her hand over my eye and whispered, “Surprise.” When she took her hand away, Ash and I were both dressed again, me in my red satin dress, and Ash in her black slacks and white blouse. “Now you can open your present,” Jenna told me.

My heart was about to jump out of my chest. Ash stood there with her hands behind her back, blushing shyly again, waiting for me to touch her, but my mischievous streak took hold. I kissed her, then Jenna, then Ash again, and said, “You know, I think I’d rather she undressed herself – to a bit of music, perhaps.”

“Oh, wonderful idea!” Jenna said, clapping as Ash went an even deeper red, her jaw dropping open.

“After you undress me, of course.” I turned and showed her my back. “Zipper, please?”

“Certainly,” she said, stepping up to me. As she reached for the hasp, I leaned back over my shoulder to kiss her and said, “Remember. You have full access, now. Make use of it.”

She drew down my zipper and slid her hands over my shoulders, pushing the fabric down my arms to hang at my waist, then bought them back up along my sides to my breasts, cupping them through my bra. I leaned my head back and she nuzzled hers into my shoulder, her warm breath on my ear as she freed my breasts from their confinement, taking them in her hands. I purred for her and she kissed me behind my ear.

She slid my dress the rest of the way off and cooed. “I really don’t like to wear underwear,” I said, smiling down at her as she kissed my naked butt. I stepped out of the dress and kicked it away, turning to face her and putting my hands on her head. I glanced over at Jenna to see an approving smile on her face.

I heard Ash give a giggle and looked down. “Oh, I’d forgotten. That was a surprise for Jenna.” I turned my body to show her my ginger hairs, trimmed into the shape of a heart.

“That’s very cute,” Jenna told me.

“It is,” Ash said, lightly tracing her fingertip around the design, I shivered, and she gave my damp sex a single tickling brush with her finger before standing to kiss me. She wrapped one arm around my back and tried to unclasp my bra, but couldn’t do it with one hand. Frustrated, she reached around with the other hand, undid the clasp and slid the bra off my shoulders.

“Don’t worry,” I told her. “I’ll teach you.” Naked now but for my black thigh-high stockings, I kissed her and switched on the Bluetooth speakers in the bed, then pulled up a good rock station on my phone. I pulled her in front of the sofa and Jenna and I sat to watch.

Ash was nervous and clumsy, and I could tell right off she had no idea what to do. I was about to tell her to forget it, but Jenna stood. “Ashlyn?” she said, “Relax.” Instantly, Ash’s eyes closed and all the tension washed out of her.

“You’ve given her programming.” I said in a gasp.

“Of course,” Jenna told me as she stood behind Ash. “But I haven’t touched her before now.” She put her hand to Ash’s cheek and told her gently, “You’re not dancing for a room full of drunken men, here. It doesn’t have to be slutty or cheap. Just let yourself feel sexy and move your body, okay?” Ash’s eyes opened to meet hers, and she started to dance. Swaying her hips in time to the music and running her hands over her body. “There you go,” Jenna told her and came back to sit with me, but my eyes were only on Ash.

She kicked off her shoes first, her stocking feet sliding over the wood to make her look more graceful. She looked me in the eyes and started to undo the buttons of her blouse. There was a knock on the door that I barely noticed. Jenna got up to answer it as Ash reached the bottom button, her hands coming back up to open the blouse, exposing her bra underneath. My breath quickened to see her flat tummy, her navel peeking out as she danced.

Rather than pull the blouse out of her pants, she slid both hands down between her legs, tilting her hips back and moaning. I bit my lip as she unzipped her slacks, turned her back, and slid them down her legs, bending at the waist as she did. Her blouse rode up and there on her perfect round bottom was a gorgeous pair of black lace backless panties. My own jaw dropped as she stood straight, grinning at me over her shoulder and kicking the slacks away. The blouse fell back down as she did, hiding the treasure I had glimpsed and I caught myself tilting my head to get another look. Ash smiled and teased me, flipping the tail of the blouse up and down as she wiggled her hips. I laughed a bit and she pulled the blouse off, twirling it over her head as she turned, then tossed it away.

I gazed openly at the sight of her, a silly grin on my face. For the three years she’d worked for me, she’d been the object of some of my naughtiest fantasies, and here she was. She shrugged off her bra and tossed it aside, one arm over her chest. I bit my lip, anticipation killing me, and she smiled.

I heard the door shut and Jenna sat down beside me. “Who was it?” I asked her, not looking away from Ash.

“Champagne and chocolates,” she said.

“You answered topless?”


I was going to say something, but it went right out of my head as Ash – who had waited until Jenna sat down, turned her back to us in one beat, then dropped her arm and turned around on the next, and I finally saw her glorious young pert breasts. She grinned with pride as Jenna and I both gaped openly at her. She was blushing a bit, but warmed up again, running her hands up and down her tummy and breasts. She slid her fingertips under the panties, but I said, “Stop!” Hopping up from the couch, I told her, “I want to do that.”

She smiled, turning her back to me as I approached. I pressed my body close, moving my hips with hers. I couldn’t resist reaching around to give her breasts a squeeze as I licked the edge of her ear. I put my hands on her tummy and danced with her for a minute or so, savoring the feel of her body against mine, then slipped my hands down the front of her panties. She was very wet, the smooth folds of her sex opening easily under my fingers. Ash reached back over her shoulders to pull me closer as I kissed her neck, our hips swaying slower as I slid one fingertip between her folds and rubbed her button for just a moment before sliding the lace off her hips and down. They fell to the floor and she kicked them away, turning her head to kiss me, our bodies still swaying slow to the music.

Jenna rose from the couch, crossing to stand in front of Ash, put her hands on her hips, and leaned in close to us. “Rainkiss,” she whispered.

I gasped as dozens of kisses fell over my skin all over my body like raindrops in a never-ending storm. Ash shivered. “Ooh, I like that one,” She said.

“It’s my very favorite,” I told her. The sensation of all those lips bought out the submissive in me so easily. I reached around Ash to play with the waistband of Jenna’s panties and whispered, “Jenna’s a little overdressed, don’t you think?”

Ash smiled, dropping down onto her haunches before Jenna and slipping her panties off her hips as I circled around behind Jenna. I kissed my way down Jenna’s spine as Ash dropped the fabric to the floor. Jenna kicked it aside as Ash leaned in close and took a deep whiff of Jenna’s musk, then kissed her lower lips once, twice, three times. I had just reached Jenna’s waist, and leaned around her hips to kiss Ash.

Jenna gave us a gentle tug up and we had a three-way kiss, wrapping our arms around each other. “To bed,” Jenna said, and the three of us, all in nothing but black thigh-highs, walked hand in hand to the bed. Ash and I lay down, stretched out to our full length and looked up at Jenna, who grabbed my phone to change the music to something slower, then reached into her bag.

“First things first,” she said, climbing onto the bed. She opened her hand and unfolded a black silk choker identical to my own. I smiled and Ash let out a surprised little gasp. “Ashlyn Falls, do you accept me as your mistress?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Ash whispered, smiling.

“You can call me Jenna.”

“Yes, Jenna.”

“Do you accept Anna as your sister slave?”

“Yes, Jenna.”

“Good.” She turned to me next and asked, “Anna, do you accept Ashlyn as your sister slave?”

“Yes. Happily,” I said, sliding an arm around Ash’s shoulder and giving her a side hug.

“Your equal in all things?” Jenna pressed.


“Good.” She bent low and slid the choker around Ash’s neck, clasping it shut before kissing her. “Welcome to the family,” I said, then kissed them both in turn.

“All right, then,” Jenna said. “Let’s have some real fun.” She took Ash’s hands in her own and brushed them over her own breasts as she said, “Mirror mirror.” Ash gasped in surprise and looked down at her own breasts. I smiled. This was another of my faves. Any sensation we gave to another person we would feel mirrored on our own body as well. Ash grinned and happily started to explore Jenna’s chest, and I settled in for what would undoubtedly be a long, glorious night.