The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Anniversay—Starting Over

Chapter One

Randy stood at the urinal and sighed as he pissed. He and his wife Terry were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary by themselves, and he had put away a fair amount of beer over the course of the evening. They had decided that for this anniversary, they wanted to keep things low key, so they had traveled to a small town in upstate New York. The motel they were staying at was small and not one of the major chains, but it was clean and had a decent restaurant. The bar that they were currently in was right next door. It was almost a stereotypical small town bar, dim lights, ratty bar stools and a couple of booths that had seen better days. The bartender was a large woman with greasy straw colored hair that hung down past her shoulders and a seriously pock marked face. But she had a pleasant personality and kept the beer flowing, even providing a free round when she heard it was their anniversary. It was all the beer that had put Randy in the men’s room, his bladder screaming for relief.

He was looking up at the ceiling, enjoying the sensation of emptying his too full bladder when he heard the door open and close. Randy didn’t pay any particular attention when the stranger moved to the urinal next to his. He was still looking up when he heard the man speak.

“C’mon, baby,” the man muttered. “Let’s get you out here and take care of business.”

Randy’s curiosity kicked in, and he lowered his head, stealing a glance at the stranger. The man was tall, and he was reaching into his jeans, trying to fish his cock out. As he watched, the man began to pull it free from his pants.

“C’mon, dammit!” the man cursed under his breath. “Before I piss myself.”

As he continued to watch, the man struggled to pull his cock from his pants. He finally succeeded and Randy was amazed to see the size of it. Randy stared at it, guessing that it must be ten inches long and incredibly fat. “And that’s soft!” he thought to himself. He kept staring as the man began to piss.

“Oh, man,” the stranger sighed. “That feels so fuckin’ good!” He turned to look at Randy, who could not take his eyes off the huge cock. “It’s a keeper, ain’t it?” The man asked him.

Randy looked up into the man’s face, embarrassed that he had been caught staring at his manhood. “Uh, yeah.” Randy mumbled. “Guess you could say so.”

The stranger looked directly at Randy, making eye contact. “It’s fuckin’ gorgeous, ain’t it?” He asserted in a louder voice.

Randy looked into his eyes. They were grey and deep, and almost seemed to glow. As he kept staring into them, Randy heard himself answer. “It is gorgeous.”

The stranger smiled broadly. “And you’d like to suck it, wouldn’t you.” It was a statement, not a question. Randy stood there, staring into the man’s eyes silently. “I said you want to suck my big fuckin’ prick.”

Randy nodded. “Yes,” he said in a low voice. “I want to suck your gorgeous prick.”

The stranger smiled again and turned toward Randy. “Well, then, get down on your knees and suck away, fag boy.” He held his massive flaccid cock in his hand and waved it at Randy, teasing him. “You ever suck a cock before?” Randy shook his head. “Well that’s about to change.”

Randy dropped to his knees and took the man’s cock in his left hand, stroking it carefully. The stranger looked down at his hand.

“Married huh?” Randy only nodded. “Me too,” the stranger continued. “That’s my wife tending bar.” Randy kept stroking the cock and it began to swell. “Yep, she use to be quite a looker.” Randy kept stroking. “So what’s your name, boy?” the stranger asked. When Randy answered, he asked his wife’s name. “Terry, huh? What’s she look like? Got nice tits?”

Randy hesitated before answering. “She’s beautiful. Terry was a model before we got married, and she’s worked hard to keep her figure. She has fantastic tits, 36C’s.”

“Nice,” the stranger said. “My wife’s Ethel, and she just let herself go to shit once we got married. That gal must be up to near 300 pounds now.” He snorted. “I think it’s about time you put that thing in your mouth and did some suckin’ Randy!” Randy carefully took the head into his mouth and sucked on it. He swirled his tongue around it. “Randy, you old dog!” the stranger exclaimed. “You are good at this!” He took Randy’s head in his hands and began to pump his stiffening cock in and out of his mouth. “Open wide, fag boy, poppa’s got a load for you!” He began to fuck Randy’s face with gusto, forcing more and more of his now hard cock down his throat. Randy gagged and sputtered, but the fucking continued. “Here I cum, boy, her I cum!” The stranger pulled Randy onto his cock as it erupted, spewing gobs of hot sticky cum down his throat. When his orgasm subsided, the man let his softening cock slide from Randy’s lips. Randy collapsed against the wall, gasping.

“You loved that.” the man stated.

“I loved that,” Randy repeated.

“You love sucking cock.”

“I love sucking cock.”

The stranger took Randy’s head in his hands and looked deep into his eyes again. “You love sucking cock, and you love fat, ugly women.” He paused. “You love fat ugly women, and can’t stand skinny broads.”

“Love cocks and fat women,” Randy mumbled. “Hate skinny broads.”

The stranger chuckled. “You love fat women so much, you married one.” Randy’s forehead wrinkled as he tried to think.

“I’m married to Terry,” he stated flatly.

“No!” the stranger said forcefully. “You are married to Ethel.”

“Married to Ethel?” Randy repeated as a question.

“Yes, you are married to Ethel, and are deeply in love with her. In your eyes, she is the most beautiful thing in the world.”

“Ethel, beautiful, wife.” Randy droned.

“You know my wife Terry,” the man continued. “When you see her, you will find her scrawny, skinny body repulsive. Just looking at her will make you feel sick to your stomach.”

“Your wife, Terry?” Randy sounded confused. He looked at his left hand and the wedding band. The stranger reached over and took it off, and slid it onto his own finger.

“Yep. Terry and I been married goin’ on 20 years now.” Randy sat silently. The stranger spoke again. “You will stay in here until your wife Ethel comes in looking for you.”

“Stay here until Ethel comes,” Randy repeated.

“Good boy,” the stranger patted him on the cheek as he stuffed his cock back into his jeans. “See you later. Time I got back to my wife Terry.”

“See you later,” Randy sat back against the wall to wait for his own wife Ethel.

Chapter Two

Terry was getting worried. Randy had gone into the men’s room almost 20 minutes ago. She was about to go check on him when the stranger came out.

“Pardon me, sir.” she approached him. “But did you see my husband in there.” The man was tall, and Terry had to look up to see his face. The man had the most incredible grey eyes.

“You must be Terry,” he said in a soothing voice.

“Well, yes,” she almost stuttered. “How did you know my name? Who are you?” Panic began to enter her voice.

“Easy now, Terry. I’m William, and shouldn’t a husband know his wife’s name?”

Terry looked confused. “Of course a husband should know his wife’s name.”

William smiled down at her and she felt herself relaxing. “And that’s how I know your name.” his voice was so soothing, and his eyes seemed to swallow her up. He took her hand and raised it to his lips. “What kind of husband would I be if I didn’t know my own wife’s fuckin’ name?”

Terry felt dizzy. “What kind of husband?” She hesitated. “Who’s Randy?” she asked nervously.

“Oh honey babe,” William laughed. “You have had way too much beer tonight!” He sat her down in one of the booths. “Randy is the bartender’s husband. We met them earlier tonight.”

Terry looked up at him. “Randy’s married to the bartender?”

William laughed again. “Yeah, babe. Randy and fat old Ethel there are husband and wife, just like you and me are.” He held up her left hand with his. “See the nice matching wedding rings?” With that he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek.

“Oh, William,” she groaned. “I think I’ve had too much to drink.”

William sat down next to her and took her face in his hands. “Babe, I love you no matter how much you drank. And I know you love me too.” He kissed her again, this time on the lips.

Terry responded, her lips parting and her tongue meeting his. Her arms slid around him, pulling him closer. “I love you, William.”

Smiling, William sat back. “Now you just wait here for me to come back, sweetheart. I’m gonna take care of some business and get us a couple of more beers. You just stay put.” He got up and walked over to the bar. Terry stayed seated, waiting for her husband to return.

Ethel watched William approach from behind the bar.

“Well, now what are you up to, you no good skirt chaser.” Ethel asked him as she wiped the bar. “Find yourself another skinny broad to stick that fat cock of yours into?”

William laughed softly. “Ethel, you always do me wrong.”

At his laughter, she looked at him, making eye contact, her faded blue eyes locking onto his. Her face lost all expression. “Time for some changes, hon.” William began. “You need a man who can appreciate that fat ass, big belly and saggy tits.” Ethel continued to stare into his eyes. “You’re not married to me.”

“Not married to you.” she repeated slowly.

“You were never married to me.” he continued. “You’ve been married to the man that’s sitting on the floor of the men’s room.”

“Never married to you....”

“Randy is your lovin’ husband, has been for almost 20 years now.” He paused. “And you love him so much, you can’t think of anything else.”

“Love Randy.” Ethel intoned. “Love him so much.”

“Go check on him in the bathroom, Ethel. Your husband needs you.”

Wordlessly, Ethel came out from behind the bar and headed for the men’s bathroom. As she disappeared through the door, William returned to Terry at the booth.

“Come on, babe,” he took her hand. “Let’s go back to the room and fuck like a couple of teenagers. You know how much you love to ride my fat cock.”

Terry smiled at him as she stood up. “I love your fat cock.”

William looked at the bathroom door and grinned as they headed for the exit.