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Anniversay—Starting Over

Chapter Three

Ethel entered the men’s room and saw Randy sitting against the wall next to the urinal. “Hon, are you all right?” she asked with genuine concern. She rushed over to him and dropped to her knees next to him. “Are you okay, baby?”

Randy looked at the grossly fat woman and smiled. In his eyes, she was the most beautiful thing in the world. He reached out to her and pulled her face to his. “I love you, Ethel.” He kissed her pudgy lips and felt her arms encircle him. Her tongue probed his mouth and he returned the favor. “I need you, sweetheart,” he panted into her ear.

Ethel stood up and quickly slipped her shoes off. It took her a minute to shed her blue jeans, but soon she was standing in front of him, naked from the waist down. Her belly hung down and obscured her hairy pussy. Randy unbuckled his belt and slid his own pants down, sliding himself along the floor until he was flat on his back. Ethel got on her knees again and bent forward to suck his already stiff cock, making loud slurping noises.

“Suck my cock, Ethel!” Randy yelled at her as her head bobbed up and down. “Get me ready for your hot pussy!” Ethel felt her pussy getting wet. She rose and stood over him.

“I got to have that cock in me,” she panted as she raised her belly up and slowly sat down. She reached underneath herself and grabbed Randy’s throbbing prick, guiding it to her sloppy cunt. When she felt him against her opening, she dropped down, impaling herself in one stroke. Randy gasped as he felt himself enter Ethel. “Gonna fuck my man good,” she muttered as she began to bounce up and down. Her massive tits swayed in the confines of her blouse until Randy reached up and unbuttoned it. Freed from their restraint, they flopped around wildly.

“Fuck me, Ethel, fuck me!” Randy moaned as he already felt his orgasm approaching. “Fuck me you hot bitch!” He reached up and played with those flabby tits, tweaking her huge nipples until they stood out like big pink marshmallows. Ethel groaned as she felt herself cumming.

“Here I am, hon, cum with your love puppy!” she bent forward and pushed a nipple into his mouth. “Cum with me, lover!” she almost shrieked as she came.

Randy came then too. He felt his cum erupting from his balls and blasting from his cock into his wife’s fat belly. “God!” he exclaimed. “You are so fucking hot!” He pulled her face to him and smothered her with kisses as she continued to ride him, milking every last drop of sperm from him. “I love you, Ethel!” he yelled loudly as she finally collapsed on top of him, almost burying him under her bulk. They lay there, still joined, for several minutes. Finally, Ethel got off of him and used her mouth to clean his now soft cock. When she felt him beginning to grow hard again, she looked into his eyes and smiled.

Next door at the motel, Terry was busy sucking William’s huge cock. She held it in both hands and there was still enough left over for her to suck. Hard, his prick was almost as long as her fore arm, and as big around. Her tongue teased the slit, licking away the tasty drops of pre-cum that welled up there.

“Oh, baby,” William moaned. “You are still the hottest cocksucker I know.” He put his hand behind her head and pulled her down onto his knobby cockhead. “I want you to take my first load on your face, like you always do.” He reached down to help by stroking himself as she sucked. Without a warning, a huge god of sticky white semen erupted from his cock and his Terry in her right eye. As she jerked back, the second spurt hit her nose and the third her chin. She quickly dropped down and caught the rest of his cum in her greedy mouth. When his orgasm subsided, she sat up. William took his finger and scooped the cum on her face into her mouth. Her right eye was full of cum, and it ran slowly down her cheek.

“Go wash your nasty face, bitch,” he growled at her. “Then get that pretty ass back here for some serious fucking.”

Terry ran to the bathroom and washed the cum from her face and eye. When she got back to the bed, William was standing next to it. “On your fuckin’ back, slut!” he ordered, looking deep into her eyes. “And spread them legs wide.”

Terry complied and William climbed between her legs, placing the fat head of his still hard cock against her pussy lips. “Here we go!” He pushed forward and his cock slowly entered her. She was incredibly wet already, and as she felt his massive cock impaling her, Terry got even wetter. She looked into his eyes again. “Relax, you love the feel of my cock inside of you.” he intoned. “You want me buried to the hilt, right to the balls.”

Terry grunted. “Want all of you in me.” She ground her cunt against his invading cock. “Up to your balls.”

William kept pushing and to his amazement, felt his balls come to rest against her ass. “You really are a great fuck,” he complimented her. “Guess that’s why I married you.” he added. Terry looked at him and smiled. “Now let’s do some serious fucking.” William began to hammer Terry, sliding his cock almost all the way out and then pounding back into her. His balls slapped against her ass noisily on each forward stroke. “That and the way you keep cummin’ once you start.” He hammered even harder, making Terry grunt loudly with each thrust. “Cum for me know, bitch!” he hissed.

Terry screamed and her entire body shook as she came. She kept cumming and cumming, over and over, as William’s huge prick slammed home again and again. She was literally on the verge of passing out from the sensation when William grunted loudly and began to spew his seed deep inside of her. She shrieked as she felt his hot load spurting into her womb, filling her until it ran out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass and onto the sheets. When he finally stopped cumming in her, and lay on top of her, motionless but still in her, all Terry could do is quiver and moan.

William slowly pulled his softening cock from her cum filled hole and wiped it on her face. Terry just lay there, still quivering, incapable of speach. “That’s a good little cum slut.” William sneered at her. “We’re gonna be doin’ a lot of that from now on.” He reached over, turned out the light and went to sleep.

Chapter Four

It was three in the afternoon, and William was getting ready to leave with his wife Terry. As he reached for his keys, he remembered he had one more thing to do. “Wait here, baby,” he said to Terry. “I gotta go take care of some unfinished business.” He went out the front door and headed for the bar next door.

As he entered the bar, he saw Randy standing behind the bar with a dreamy look on his face. He was about to say something when Randy grunted and reached down in front of him.

“Here I cum, Ethel!” he yelled and thrust forward at the hips. That’s when William noticed the top of Ethel’s head, now between Randy’s hands. He smiled and cleared his throat. Randy turned to look at him and smiled.

“Be right with you, William. Ethel’s just finishing up her mid afternoon snack.” He grunted and thrust forward one more time. “She’s on a liquid protein diet.” Just then Ethel stood up, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. She smiled at William and blushed.

William shook his head. “After all these years, you kids still have the hots for each other.” The couple smiled at each other and Randy took Ethel into his arms, or at least as far as he could reach around her.

“Leaving?” Randy asked.

“Yeah,” William answered. “But seems like we must have switched car keys yesterday when Terry and me were here.” He pulled out a key chain with the keys to his old beat up Ford Taurus. Looking into Randy’s eyes he continued. “These are your keys, the ones to your car.”

Randy fished into his pocket and pulled out a key ring with a Volvo key on it. “Then this must be yours,” he said. William smiled broadly. “Sure as hell is.” He snatched the key from Randy and tossed the Ford key on the bar. “Before I go, why don’t you fuck Ethel while I watch?” He looked at Ethel. “Go on, darlin’, fuck your hubby here like the horny bitch you are.”

Ethel smiled stupidly and pulled her pants down. She turned around and bent over a bar stool. Randy’s cock was still out from her earlier blow job, and he quickly moved up behind her. He took his rapidly stiffening cock and shoved it into Ethel from behind. She grunted as he entered her, and he began to fuck her. William smiled as he heard the slapping of Randy’s balls against Ethel’s hugs ass.

“And how about you both cum for me right now?” he directed. On cue, Randy blew his load into Ethel’s fat pussy, and she came all over his thrusting cock. Randy collapsed on Ethel’s back, panting. “Well, thanks for the show.” William chuckled. “Maybe the wife and I will stop back next year.”

As William and Terry drove by the bar in their Volvo, Terry shook her head. “How could any man be attracted to a woman like Ethel?” she asked William. He just smiled at her and kept driving.