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Anniversay—Starting Over

Chapter Five

William sat up in the passenger seat of the Volvo, stretched, yawned and farted. “Whew, that was bad,” he muttered as he hit the button to lower the window. He looked at Terry, who had been driving all night. “Hey, babe, how are you doing?” She looked at him with bleary eyes and smiled.

“I’m doing just fine, William. Just getting a little tired and hungry.” she turned her head back to focus on the road in front of her.

“Well, we can take care of that,” William said smoothly. He squinted as he looked ahead. Let’s stop at that diner and we’ll get some breakfast.” He looked at the car radio and noted the time. “Hell, it’s only five A.M.!” He stretched again. “Yeah, we’ll get some breakfast, get some coffee into you, and you’ll be good for a couple of more hours.”

Terry smiled at him. “Thanks, honey. That’s why I love you so much. You always think about taking care of me.”

William had to look closely at her to reassure himself she wasn’t being sarcastic. As pretty as she was, surely a damned site better than that fat old bitch Ethel, he wasn’t going to put up with any BS from her. “Yeah, that’s me all right,” he answered finally. “Hey, here it comes.” He pointed off on the right hand side of the road where the diner sat, and Terry pulled into the parking lot.

As diners went, it was pretty much non-descript. An old single wide with faded green paint on cinder blocks with a flickering neon sign. There were a couple of pickup trucks in the gravel parking lot, and an ancient looking Lincoln Towncar. Terry pulled into a spot away from the other vehicles so the Volvo wouldn’t pick up and dings from doors being opened into it. As she unbuckled her seat belt, William reached down and unzipped his fly.

“How about a little jump start before we go inside?” he asked, looking straight at her as he fished his cock out of his pants. “You know you can’t resist this monster.”

Terry looked at him a smile spread slowly across her face. “William!” she scolded. “You are so bad!” With a quick look toward the diner, she bent forward and took his cock in her hand. Her mouth opened wide, and she engulfed the head of his cock.

“Yeah, babe,” William agreed with her. “I’m as bad as they come.” He put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her down onto his stiffening prick. “And you love it!”

Terry could say anything with her mouth full of cock. She did love sucking him off, she thought to herself. In fact, she loved doing whatever William told her to do. That’s why we’ve been married for so long, I guess, she reasoned to herself. Then she focused on giving him a great blow job. She knew the sooner he came, the sooner they’d get to breakfast. Besides, his cum would be a nice appetizer. Terry worked his now hard cock with a frenzy, and soon she was rewarded with a gob of hot gooey cum shooting into her mouth. She gobbled in down as well as the following spurts. She held him in her mouth until he finished cumming, then sat up and wiped her lips, grinning at him.

“You taste so good!” she told him. “Now how about some solid food?”

The two of them got out of the car and headed for the entrance to the diner.

Inside, the two men who had been watching Terry suck William off through the window looked at each other. As the couple entered, the men pretended to study the menu. William and Terry walked by them and sat down a couple of booths away.

“That was some show Bob,” said the grossly fat guy with the beard just a little louder than was necessary.

“Sure was, Harry,” Bob answered equally loud. Bob was as skinny as Harry was fat, and as dark as Harry was white.

Terry blushed silently as she sat by William.

“That looked like one fine suck job from here,” Harry continued his conversation with Bob. “Didn’t take long for her to make him bust a nut, did it?”

Terry grew redder, and William looked at her. She turned to say something but stopped short as their eyes met. “You should be proud of what they’re saying” William told her. “You are a great cock sucker.”

Terry stopped blushing. “I am a great cock sucker!” she stated with authority.

“You really get off sucking cock.” William reinforced. “Any cock.” He put his arm around her shoulders. “Why don’t you show our friends over there just how good you are.”

Terry looked at him and smiled slightly. “I think I’ll show these guys how good I really am.” She got up and walked over to the booth where Bob and Harry were sitting. “Hey, boys, couldn’t help but hear your comments,” she said as she slid into the seat next to Bob. The two men looked at each other uncertainly. Terry reached for Bob’s crotch. “I’m the best damned cock sucker you’ll ever meet!” she stated matter of factly and unzipped Bob’s jeans. She reached in and pulled out his flaccid black cock, stroking it slowly. “Just watch this.” She dove down on the cock and took it in her mouth before Bob could say a word. He groaned and sat back in the booth while Harry looked on in amazement.

Behind the counter, the woman shook her head in disgust. “Hey, you stupid bitch! You can’t do that here!” She threw the towel she was holding down and came out from behind the counter. As she was going past William, he reached out and grabbed her arm. She turned on him and drew back to punch him. Just before she hit him, her eyes made contact with his.

“You don’t mind her sucking off your customers.” he said to her calmly. “In fact, it turns you on seeing her do that.”

“Yeah, Marge,” Harry chimed in. “You don’t mind, ‘cuz we sure don’t.” He turned back to watch Terry’s head bobbing up and down in his friend’s lap.

“We definitely don’t mind,” Bob gasped.

Marge looked at William, unable to break contact with those grey eyes. “I don’t mind if she blows the customers,” she finally repeated.

“Go lock the door and come on back here, and you can blow me,” William said to Marge. The woman walked over to the door and locked it, flipping the closed sign into place, and came back to where William was sitting. He slid to the end of the seat and turned so he was facing out. She dropped between his legs and unzipped his pants. As she pulled his cock out, Harry complained. “Hey, you already got one this morning. I ain’t had a blowjob in fuckin’ weeks.”

“More like months,” Marge giggled at him as she stroked the cock in her hands.

William relented. “The man’s right, Marge. Go on over and blow him first, then come back to me.” Marge moved over to the other booth. Harry hurriedly pulled his cock out and was waiting for her.

“Suck it, baby, suck Harry’s fat cock!” he was panting as her lips slid down the shaft. “Oh fuck!” he exclaimed as she began to suck him off. “Oh fuck me to tears!” He grabbed her head and began to fuck Marge’s face, chanting, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” In something just over thirty seconds he came, spewing his sticky load into Marge’s mouth. She swallowed it all and then stood up.

“Is that all you got, big man?” she teased him as she walked back toward William. She dropped to her knees and began sucking his cock. When she had him hard, she put both hands around it and looked back at Harry. “Now this is a cock!” she stated.

Bob was on the verge of cumming when he stopped Terry. “Wanna fuck yoour pretty white ass,” he panted. “Get on the table.” She looked at William who nodded. “Go ahead, love to see that black cock sliding into your pussy.” Terry stood up and pulled her skirt up and leaned forward. Bob stood up and got behind her. Pulling her panties to one side, he placed the head of his swollen cock against her pussy lips and pushed forward. William watched happily as Bob’s black cock slowly slid into Terry, disappearing an inch at a time. He looked from there to down at Marge’s head bobbing on his own cock.

“This is so sweet” he said to no one in particular.

“Ah fuck!” Bob yelled as he came inside of Terry. He fell forward, burying himself to the hilt as his cum spurted into her belly. Terry came within seconds, and William followed suit by pumping another load of cum into Marge’s hot mouth.

After Harry and Bob left, William decided to make a few changes. Marge was in the ladies room when he talked with Terry. Looking her in the eyes, he began.

“Terry, you’re going to stay here. You have discovered that you are in love with Bob, and you want to be his woman.”

“I love you, William,” she interrupted.

“NO!” he commanded. “You love Bob and want to have his children. You will stay here and work for Marge at the diner.” he paused. “You were just hitching a ride with me, and never saw me before today.”

“Before today.” she repeated.

“And as soon as I walk out the door, you will forget everything about me and your past. You will only know you are madly in love with Bob.”

“In love with Bob.” she stated with conviction.

“Good girl.” William said to her. “Now give me the car keys.” He kissed her on the forehead. “It’s been fun, babe, but there’s too many other women out there. You’ll do fine as a little town slut.”

As Marge came out of the bathroom, she saw Terry looking out the window, watching the Volvo pull out of the parking lot. “Ain’t going with him, huh?” she said.

Terry turned to face Marge. “Do you know where Bob lives?”