The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Anxious Homemakers, Part 3: Gina

by Chained Knee

Gina Bracco was waiting for her latte when she saw Rachel McGill and Claire Willis from across the Starbucks. They were sitting at a table, across from one another, each woman leaning forward in rapt attention to what the other was saying. Gina didn’t know Rachel or Claire more than casually. Even though they lived on the same street, their paths never seemed to cross. Gina chalked this up to being different ages and having different interests. Rachel and Claire were both in their late 20s and were into “artsy-fartsy” stuff. Gina had just made 20 and liked nothing better than a night of clubbing.

Gina sighed. She didn’t go clubbing much these days. After getting married two years ago, her husband, Dan was less and less into going out. Nowadays, all he did in his spare time was watch sports and drink beer. When he did go out, it was with his buddies to a sports bar. When he came home from that he was too drunk to do anything but pass out.

The barista called Gina’s name and handed her the latte. Gina took a reflective sip. Dan had his friends to party with while she had hardly made any since they moved here. Gina decided she should get her own friends to party with. Girlfriends. Why not make friends with Rachel and Claire, she asked herself. Sure they were older but they seemed kind of fun.

Gina walked over to the table where the two women were sitting.

“Hey, Rachel. Hey, Claire.” Gina interrupted them with sprightly cheerfulness. “I haven’t seen you two around in a while. What have you been up to?”

“Hey, Gina.” Rachel replied. “You know, I’ve become a professional slave and Claire here now spends her nights as a high class exotic dancer.”

“Rachel!” Claire protested. “I’m a stripper. Exotic dancers don’t take off all their clothes. I do!”

Gina gave a nervous laugh. “Come on, the way you two girls talk.” There was a pause in the conversation as Gina waited for Rachel and Claire to give serious answers. They didn’t.

“God, girls.” Gina said finally. “If you don’t want to talk, just say so!”

After Gina stormed off, Rachel asked Claire, “So what do you think her secret fantasy is?”

Claire gave the departing Gina a good stare. “Bondage. Getting tied up. Ball and gag, S&M, the whole deal.”

Rachel laughed. “Did you put the Sir’s chip on her?”

“Yeah.” Claire answered. “Slipped it into her handbag while you dropped those bombshells about our new lives. Was that a smart thing to do? I don’t want to advertise being a stripper to the world just yet.”

“Sometimes the best place to hide a secret is in plain sight” Rachel observed. “It makes it more unbelievable. She certainly thought so.”

Claire stood up. “You’ll have to answer to Dr. Don if you’re wrong. Speaking of whom, we have an appointment with the Doc and Miss Prymm. She wants to show me off to him.”

“Lucky you.” Rachel teased as she got up as well. “We better hurry. Unlike you, I can’t be late. Or early. The last time I served Sir, I was a minute early and he made me act like a human paper towel holder. I was standing still as a statue all afternoon with a roll of paper towels between my hands.”

“I bet you were early on purpose.” Claire laughed. Rachel stuck out her tongue in reply.

Meanwhile, Gina went home; mad at herself for letting Rachel and Claire treat her like such an idiot. There was nothing to do at home, though, but update her Facebook page with lies to impress her old high school friends.

“High school.” Gina mused. “Those were the days!”

She wondered if her high school days going to be the best years of her life. Back then she had lots of boys chasing her around. Dan was just the most persistent of the bunch, keeping after her every day after graduation. She was saving herself for the right guy as he mother had told her to do, which was so hard because she desperately wanted to experiment in “that” way. She thought about sex a lot and what it would be like, conjuring fantasies from what she had seen in movies and romance novels. She dreamt of vamping herself up in lots of makeup and skimpy clothes to go out and claim some guy or girl for her pleasure. Some nights she couldn’t get to sleep as she embraced her bed sheets like a lover and imagine her locked in phantom caresses and kisses. She felt bad the day after. She felt slutty and she had always been told being slutty was wrong.

Reality did not measure up to fantasy. A few too many bottles of beer had impaired her inhibition and judgment enough for Dan to be her “first.” A false positive from a pregnancy test made her say “yes” when he proposed. She didn’t even have a baby to show for fooling around. It turned out that Dan was pretty lousy when it came to sex. His technique was getting what he wanted and then flopping over on his back to sleep. Gina had never had an orgasm with him. The only ones she had in this marriage had been all self-induced as she fell back into dreaming what it must feel like to cum with a man. It had a way of dominating her thoughts. Sometimes it was so hard to concentrate on anything else, especially before her period. She tried to cleanse her thoughts. They were wrong, she told herself, they were slutty. But it was so hard to keep them from coming back.

After getting home from the coffee shop, Gina detoured from her computer to the kitchen for a glass of wine. She sipped cheap Merlot, staring absently through the kitchen screen door, past the patio and into the back yard where Jake, their gardener—and a hot young stud—was laying down some spring mulch. Gina’s eyes focused on the working man, watching the liquid flexing of his strong tanned arms as he labored. She bet he was all muscle, with a chest like iron, not fat and flabby like beer was making Dan. She found herself wondering what he would like if she got up close to him. Then she found herself fantasizing about unbuttoning his shirt and sliding her hands around his waist, pulling herself tightly against him....

The ringing phone snapped Gina out of her daydream. She answered. It was Dan. He was going to be out late with friends again and he told Gina not to wait up for him.

“I should bone Jake right now! That would teach Dan for taking me for granted!” Gina growled as she slammed down the phone. It was an empty threat and she knew it. She still believed marriage was a sacred vow and she had pledged to stand by Dan in good times and bad, yada, yada, yada. Still, she wondered what it would be like to be with someone else, in that way, just once to see if she was missing anything. She wondered what it would be like to do something wild and racy like the heroines did in those romance novels she liked to read.

“Ow!” Gina cried as she felt a pinch on the back of her neck. “What the hell was that? A bee?”

Gina felt a sense of overwhelming drowsiness. Her eyelids started to droop. She figured this was the wine’s depressing effect overwhelming the stimulant of her earlier coffee. She staggered over to the couch for a nap. Before Gina could lie down, the room disappeared, leaving her in a void of blankness, an endless world of white as a pitch-man might inhabit in a laundry commercial. She spun around in her new surroundings, but not words came out, only two numbers, one and zero. She tried to seal her lips but her mouth spoke of its own accord.

“One, zero, zero, one, one, one, zero, one...”

She seemed to go on forever doing this but she tempered her anxiety by telling herself she was dreaming.

Finally, Gina spoke something else besides ones and zeros. “Test subject 3, Gina Bracco. Age 20. Fantasy: polymorous relationships.”

Gina blinked and she found herself standing in her living room again. Her mind was cloudy but not from alcohol. She still felt as if she were dreaming, existing in a world both familiar and yet unreal. Her motions were sluggish as if she were moving through water. The colors of the objects around her were hazy as if her visions had become slightly blurred.

Gina laughed. “This is the most realistic dream I’ve ever had. Maybe I can do something fun.”

She flung open the front door and concentrated on taking flight but nothing happened. Then a strange thought entered her head. “I must go see Dr. Don.” Even if the name was unfamiliar, she knew she was referring to the older guy who had moved into the neighborhood.

Gina decided this sudden urge to see the man was some dream plot concocted by her sub consciousness. Maybe she had seen the doctor around or had heard of him and this thought had migrated out of her latent memory into her dream. She saw no reason to resist the sudden urge to see him. Maybe he was some manifestation of a desire for a father figure or some psychological shit like that.

Gina came to the doctor’s door and rang the bell. When it opened, she saw something that made her wonder if her subconscious mind had a strange sense of humor. Rachel answered the door, painted heavily in makeup and completely naked except for a slinky pink thong, with a tiny pink bow in the middle, and matching pink high heels.

“Hello Gina.” She said in a dreamy voice. “Come join the fun.”

Before Gina could answer, Rachel turned and went into the house, her hips swaying slowly and seductively.

“What the hell is this?” Gina wondered aloud. “This is some crazy fantasy. I mean, Rachel is good looking but I’d never do her. Why couldn’t Jake be in this dream?” She entered the house to find more strangeness within. Claire was there, also wearing little more than a g-string and acting strangely. She was in the middle of an overtly suggestive dance, wagging her ass and slapping her butt cheeks. An older man was sitting in a chair and his eyes locked on Claire’s butt. Gina figured this was the Doctor. Also watching was a good figured, middle aged woman that Gina did not know but who was also barely dressed in just stockings and high heels.

Gina laughed. “This is definitely the craziest dream I’ve ever had. I am only seeing Rachel and Claire acting so crazy because of what they said at the coffee shop.” She told herself and then shouted, “Work it, Claire, work it!”

The man frowned slightly and lifted his hand as if to say “hush”. At that gesture, Gina found she lost the ability to speak.

“Uh oh. This can’t be good.” She thought. She tried to back out of the room but she couldn’t move. She was frozen in place where she stood—an unwilling audience to what was going on.

When Claire’s performance ended, the Doctor dismissed Rachel and Claire. “Go, girls. You have work to do.”

The middle-aged woman beamed in a sumptuous smile. “Excellent work, Doctor. They’ve adapted to their fantasy lives so well.”

The Doctor nodded. “Yes, Esther. The data from my tests has enabled me to improve my neural programming techniques. I need only a couple more subjects to perfect them.”

The woman twisted her nose in annoyance. “Please call me, Miss Prymm. Esther was your adoring lab assistant. I am no longer that shrinking violet. Besides, I see no reason why you have to improve your techniques after I turned out so well.”

“You were my neural programming breakthrough, Esther...I mean Miss Prymm.” The Doctor laughed. “But since you worked on the project, I could never be certain your reaction to the programming was authentic. Hence the need for field tests with subjects who knew nothing of my work. I had to be sure that what happened to you would work outside of the lab. Rest assured,you will always be my greatest and fondest success.”

Miss Prymm was slightly mollified. “So what do you need her for?” She asked.

The frozen, speechless Gina knew Miss Prymm was referring to her and being spoken of in the third person gave her unmoving body a tingling, fearful chill. They were going to do something to her!

“My interest with her was primarily the delivery method.” The Doctor replied clinically. “It is very taxing to get subjects to come to me to be inducted. This was the first time I deployed a mobile chip to induct a subject remotely at long range.”

Miss Prymm chuckled slyly. “Are you sure you are not looking for an excuse to enjoy the fruits of your research?”

The Doctor huffed. “I assure you, Miss Prymm,that everything I do is purely for the advancement of my research.”

“And?” Miss Prymm asked with a doubting cocked eyebrow.

“And can I help it if my research has such excellent fringe benefits?” The Doctor conceded with a laugh.

Miss Prymm rose and the Doctor led her to his door. He pulled a cloak from the coat closet and draped it around her shoulders so it would conceal her nudity.

“Don’t wear her out.” Miss Prymm told him. “We have her in mind for someone special.”

Gina was well aware that she was the anonymous “her” Miss Prymm was referring to. She tried desperately to move or protest but her body would not yield in its resistance to her commands.

After Miss Prymm left, the Doctor walked past Gina and gestured for her to follow him. Suddenly, Gina lurched forward and followed him, unable to take any direction but the one he led—toward his bedroom!

“Dear Gina.” The Doctor said when they arrived beside a large opulent bed frame of oak. “I’ve come to know you so well.”

“Really?” Gina replied, finding she could talk again. “I don’t know you at all. Certainly not enough to dream about you!”

“I know enough to know what you secretly desire.” The Doctor’s voice was deep and gravelly. It reverberated over and around her like a lover’s touch.

Gina sighed as she drank in its delightful sensation. If it made her feel this good, she could come to like this dream, weird as it was.

The Doctor took her shoulders. “I know what you have hungered for.” He told her, his voice becoming softer.

A brilliant warmth blossomed throughout Gina, especially at her cunt and chest. It intoxicated her, dulling any anxiety. Somehow what he was doing, what he was saying, and how he was saying it, was making her trust him, like someone she had known forever. She now had the urge to know what he said he knew, believing it held some deep importance for her. “What?” She whispered.

“You hunger to sleep with another.” He told her, each syllable like a drumbeat. “Another man. Other men. Women.”

The revelation coming from him, in this way, was shocking to Gina. She felt a sudden rush that seemed ready to jolt her awake. She was sure she was just about to wake up from this and not a minute too soon.

Before she could rouse herself, the Doctor’s lips were planting soft kisses around her cheek and jaw, with the tenderness of rose petals. These were the kind of kisses she had yearned so desperately for through her teen and adult years. The heat she was feeling in her body spread through her veins like a streams of gasoline catching fire. She found herself craning back her neck to offer it to his mouth.

“It’s only a dream...” She told herself as she began to unbutton her blouse, as justification for what she was doing.

The Doctor paused his kiss shower to whisper as he nuzzled the long cleft of the deep cleavage, “You want to let yourself go, to me, to others.”

He was not only speaking to Gina but to something within her, something that was stirring. It was a force that had long been imprisoned in the darkest parts of her soul and now sensed the opportunity for release. It was an amalgam of all the slutty urges that had secretly captivated her but that she buried deep within her because she believed them to be wrong, to be deviant, to be the manifestations of a sick mind. She suspected this internal force was escaping her control and if she did not act, it would rise from within her and consume her. But she was lost in the rhythm of the Doctor’s voice, the soothing gentleness of his touch. Any mental defense she might have marshaled was duped by her belief that his was all part of a dream. This gave her a liberty from consequences that freed her to do anything she would never do when awake and she chose to surrender to the oncoming storm of urges. She gasped and swooned. Hurriedly, she threw off her blouse while he tugged open his shirt.

“You want to give yourself over and over and over.” He hummed sending a cascade of electric pleasure rippling through her.

As if in obedience to a command, she undid her bra and let it fall from her. “Over and over and over.” She mused in response. She thought not at all what she was doing but simply enjoyed the sense of how she felt. The Doctor’s mouth locked around her freed breast and his hot, wet tongue danced over a hardened nipple. His hands played over her wet pussy. She responded in kind, unbuckling his belt and pulling down his pants, using her palm to stroke his thick and full manhood.

“Over and over and over...” She moaned like a broken record.

The Doctor pushed her onto the bed and was on top of her. Gina was used to the missionary position. It was the only one she knew because it was the only one Dan used. With Dan, it was like being crushed under a beached whale as he gratified himself without any thought of her pleasure. The Doctor was different. He was more…comforting, more courteous. His hands were cupped around the back of her head, gently holding it as a rest as his fingers flexed in her silky hair. Kisses rained from his mouth over her lips and cheeks. His light bites fell about her neck and jaw. He leaned on his forearms to keep only enough weight to establish his dominance but not to oppress. Though older his chest was still iron hard and he rubbed it over the nipples of her bobbing breasts. She was slick so he entered her easily, thrusting in such a way that his long shaft slid across her clit.

Wrapped in the cocoon of the Doctor’s lovemaking, Gina felt as if the solidity of her body was dissolving and she was becoming pure energy. This man she had never known had shown more passion and greater skill in demonstrating it in these few moments all the time she had spent with her husband. It was sex the way she always imagined it would be...even better.

The Doctor’s thrusting became faster and his voice reduced to the grunts of a beast. Gina’s own breath became labored with deeper and deeper sighs. Gina arched her back, instinctively raising her waist to his so that their pubic hair ground together like sand paper. She wasn’t long beneath the Doctor when she could see as well as feel her being elevated to climax by each push. As she moved upward, show gave voice to her pleasure in increasingly dirty language. “Oh my god, do me! Oh my god, fuck me, fuck me harder! Make me your slut! Make me your whore!” These were not meaningless exclamations of ecstasy. She meant every word with her heart and soul. Nor did she feel any real affection for the man fucking her. She loved what he was doing to her. She loved the sex.

Gina had always thought that good sex would be transformational experience. Now that she was finally enjoying it, she found it transformational part but not in the way she had always anticipated. It was not the conduit toward deeper understanding and love of her partner. Far from it. She loved the way her veins seemed to pump with powerful energy, how her heart found a deeper voice with which to beat. She loved how heat radiated from her erogenous zones, ricocheting throughout her flesh. She loved how she all these feelings coalesced like a ticking time bomb on shortly to explode and send her to a new, higher plane of being. Sex was a tangible being to her now, a supernatural being, a god that she yearned to worship with her body. She gave away all rationality, restraint and shame to feel its embrace. There was nothing she wouldn’t do, nothing to serve it and feel this way, over and over and over.

When she came Gina screamed at the top of her lungs and her consciousness exploded into fragments of bliss.

Gina woke up on her living room couch, one hand up her shirt and the other down her underwear where it had become drenched in her wetness. She jerked up, looked around. She was alone. The only sounds she could hear were her own breaths and the distant clacking sound of Jake’s shears cutting the shrubbery.

“Wow, that dream was incredible!” Gina told herself, relieved because it had seemed too real. She went upstairs to take a shower. When she got out she took a long look at herself. She had packed on a few pounds from her suburban life style, giving her bigger boobs and a curvier figure. Her long silky, ebony hair and olive skin gave her a busty wench look, an appearance she thought highly attractive even if a little slutty. “Slutty.” The word made her giggle. She had been taught that it was a bad word, for a person that did bad things and had a bad look, but somehow it didn’t seem have those connotations for her anymore. Why shouldn’t she show off her body? It was damn hot and if she could turn some heads and drive the boys wild, so what? Maybe she should get some hot clothes that would show it off. Something so tight and low cut it didn’t leave anything to the imagination….

Gina shook her head. Why was she thinking this way? Anyway, Dan didn’t like her wearing anything remotely racy, and she called him Taliban Dan behind his back because of it.

Gina put on a short bathrobe and went downstairs to return to her delayed plan of updating her Facebook page.

“I’ll post, ‘Just had the sluttiest dream ever!’” There was that word again. She went into the kitchen, got a glass of water, then froze. There was Jake, working in the yard, powerful, handsome Jake!

That power that had been released in her dream now reemerged and coiled around her mind and squeezed, strangling her common sense, suffocating her restraint, crippling her logic. Without hardly realizing it, she moved to the patio screen door in a trance like state and slid it open. As an outdoor breeze enveloped her, she realized that she was playing out a fantasy she had often had when Jake was working in the garden. Her hands undid the tie to her robe, letting it fall open to reveal the seductive flesh underneath. Her weighty tits bobbed in freedom, the robe outlined her luscious curves. Her neatly trimmed triangle of black pubic hair was open to view. Her olive-skinned body glowed in the sun with the sweetness of honey. She basked in the aura of her seductiveness

Almost as an afterthought, Gina suddenly realized what she was doing. Jake still had his back to her. She could just retreat back into the kitchen and he would never know what she had just done. Somehow so simple an act did not occur to her. It was drowned out by the desire to feel Jake against her, in her. As she waited and watched Jake, she hoped against hope he wouldn’t see her. She wished this bizarre moment would pass without anything happening.

Jake turned and discovered her stare. Gina found herself throwing him the steamiest of looks and Jake was nearly bowled over by its power. His eyes roved over what she was so freely offering him and then locked onto hers. He began step toward her as if he were being drawn by some irresistible force of gravity. She awaited him passively, like she might an oncoming storm she could not escape. With each step, that part of her that was devoted, dear, sweet and good got smaller and smaller so that when he was right in front of her it was hardly even able to muster a squeak of protest.

Gina hurriedly struggled to get his pants undone as he pressed against her, lifting her up on the kitchen counter. Her eyes went wide as she reached into his underwear, unleashing his plump prick, stroking the thickness of the shaft. Gina wanted it in her. She wanted to feel full. She tied herself to Jake, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, twisting her legs around his waist, grinding her swelling breasts against his chest. She drank in his cologne of earth and plant sap and tasted the saltiness of his sweat. Somehow both moved as one, clutching screams in their throats from escaping during their deepening gasps, pulling more tightly against each other as if to fight from collapsing into nothingness.

“Deeper, Jake! Deeper! Harder! Fuck me, harder!” Gina hissed in Jake’s ear and then she squealed as he filled her depths.

“Faster! Faster, you fuck!” Gina found herself crying and Jake increased his tempo.

Each push made her cry louder and louder. But it wasn’t just Jake that was feeding her frenzy, it was her control of him. Gina realized that she had power over Jake, power over him to take her to greater ecstatic heights. The knowledge of this newfound control over him and potentially others like him, laced her pleasure and made it burn even more brightly. She could use him and other like him to feel this way. He would be the means by which she could offer herself in her new religion of sensuality.

Gina and Jake reached the point of no return. She pressed her softness against the firm wall of his frame, digging her nails into his back and tasting the bitter taste of earth on his flesh. Then they jerked crazily as Gina felt as though every nerve was firing pleasure like of Fourth of July firework display.

Jake started to move his lips but Gina quickly lay her fingers on them so he could not speak. There was nothing he could say that wouldn’t spoil the moment. She left him to return upstairs for another shower. As she leaned shower stall with the water beating down upon her, her reason staggered back into existence.

“What’s wrong with me?” Gina asked herself. After being so good and devoted for years, she had become an adulteress, maybe even twice as she began to think her experience with the Doctor had not been a dream. She toweled herself off and went into the bedroom to get dressed.

“Somebody has done something to me!” Gina decided. When she saw Claire and Rachel getting into a car, she had a good idea who.

Gina tore downstairs and ran out to the two women. “You bitches, what have you done to me!” She yelled angrily.

“We didn’t do a thing. It was the Doctor’s programming that removed your inhibition and allowed you to live out your hidden sexual fantasies.” Rachel told her matter-of-factly.

Claire laughed. “And what a fantasy life you must have. Two men since lunch. The nice and proper girls on the surface are always the closet sluts.”

The very mention of the word s made Gina’s stomach do a tumble. It turned her on.

“Whatever you and that bastard Doctor have done to me, make it stop!” Gina screamed desperately.

“Why should anyone make it stop? You can’t deny that you’re enjoying yourself.” Claire teased.

“I’m not!” Protested Gina, almost halfheartedly. That part of her that lusted, that hungered for more sex, wanted more even if her rational self objected.

“I bet if I asked you to screw me, you’d do it right now.” Claire said slyly.

“No!” Gina cried breathily.

“Come on, Gina.” Claire pressed. “You’re telling me you’ve never once thought what it would be like to go hot and heavy with a woman. You’ve never thought about the caress of that soft and sweet feminine flesh?”

“No...” Gina gasped as her breasts responded to Claire’s words, tingling with anticipation. She had wondered what is was like and now she felt the desire to know, right now.

“So if I asked you to come upstairs, get into a 69 and press our faces into each other’s thighs and eat out each other’s pussies, you’d do that without so much as a second thought?” Claire said smoothly.

The reaction caused by the vision Claire presented overwhelmed Gina. She fell to her knees before Claire. “Please!” She found herself saying urgently. “Please let me eat you, I want so much to eat you. Please let me fuck you!” She begged with increasing desperation, rubbing her cheek against Claire’s thigh.

Both Claire and Rachel were amazed by Gina’s speedy transformation from a barking pit bull to a timid, needy kitten. Claire was beginning to like the affection but Rachel rolled her eyes and shouted, “Girls, will you quit it! If I am late to Miss Prymm’s, she’ll have me locked in a cage above the stage all night, watching everybody else having fun!”

Claire nodded. “And she’ll take me out of the rotation and who knows who I’ll have to service to get back in. See you, Gina.”

“What?” Gina said, slowly returning to her senses.

Rachel grabbed Gina’s hand and pulled her up. “Look, Gina.” She told her. “Don’t fight the programming. If you do, you’ll go out of control. Do what it wants you to do and you’ll be fine.” She handed Gina a card. “Come to this address. It is a place where the new you can safely run wild.”

Gina read the card. It was for Miss Prymm’s.

“Only dress appropriately.” Claire laughed. “You go all prim and proper like you usually do and they won’t let you in.”

Gina was left standing in the street, her mind lost in confusion, a frame of mind that left her vulnerable to the programming’s desire to get what it wanted. It opened the dark doors of her secrets and let out those playful secret thoughts that she had kept hidden away. Without hardly realizing what she was doing or why, she got into a car and drove to the mall.

Gina went into her salon.

“How do you want it today , Gina?” Her stylist ask. Gina always got her hair styled the same way. Dan didn’t like change. She had always dreamt of coloring it blonde when she was fantasizing in THAT way. While her natural color was beautiful, she knew men preferred blondes and she was always tempted to go that way to drive the guys wild. Proper girls never did that sort of thing so she had never given into the temptation. Now she had no ability to resist it.

“Blonde…” She said dreamily, unable to stop the thought from slipping from her lips. “Bright blonde.”

Gina left the salon with blonde hair as bright as rays of sunlight. She certainly got the effect she was looking for. She turned heads and she found she adored the reaction. Now for some different clothes. She wanted to see what the reactions would be to something more revealing.

Gina stopped into Chucks of Rodeo Drive, a store that carried evening wear that might best be described as lingerie. When she left she was wearing a skin-tight red dress, that barely contained her pleasantly plump breasts and barely fell to her thigh. As if its size didn’t make it revealing enough, the neckline plunged in a deep “v” nearly down to her belly and slits ran up the sides of the skirt to her waist, showing off the straps of her matching red thong. She wore long boots of matching red with incredibly high heels and black gloves that ran up her arms past her elbows.

The reaction to Gina’s hair was now amplified ten-fold. Male jaws dropped nearly to the floor as she walked by. They made her feel like she was 16 again. Again, she savored that sense of power she had experienced with Jake. All these men looking at her, they all had potential to be used. They were all helpless before her. She could take any that she wanted and use them as she wanted. Now she had to test what she could do with this new power.

In the parking garage, she saw a handsome man getting out of a Ferrari. She slipped up to him, put her arms around him and whispered in his ear, “Take me for a ride?”

In moments, Gina was crammed in the stranger’s car, pressed against his chest, holding his head against her breasts as she took him deeply, savoring the fullness of his length. Intoxicated she bucked and writhed upon him, rocking back and forth. Her mouth went dirty again. “Come on, give it to me, you fuck! Give it to your slut!” She rode him so fiercely she could hear her slickness painting him with each hungry move. Everything she did was for her own pleasure. She could care less if he came. Maybe he already had.

Gina could hear voices outside the car over her own pants and moans. Maybe someone could see her taking this guy. Maybe they were watching. Maybe they were someone she knew, someone that would reveal to her neighbors that she was a slut, adulteress, a whore. Somehow, the idea didn’t repulse her as it should, it only added to the sensations, made them stronger. She wanted them watching! She was now as brazen as she was hungry. Let them know who she was and what she could do! She worshipped sex now and all should know it!

When the act lost its novelty, Gina relaxed and let herself go. She was paralyzed for a moment and then felt her cunt expand and explode, its power ripping through her. For a moment, reality was lost even if consciousness was not. When she came to, she rolled off the stranger, handed him the card Rachel had given her and ordered, “Take me there.” She licked her lips as he started the car. She bet she could make this guy do anything. She only had to flash her chest at him and he would probably give her his car. The power she now had was intoxicating. Smiling, she caught sight of herself in the window’s reflection.

“What am I becoming?” Gina asked herself as the electricity of her passion faded from intoxication back to compulsion. It was rhetorical question. She knew what she was becoming. A slut. The old fantasies were back with her now. The ones that had led to those isolated nights of pleasure back in high school. They were scenarios she thought she had thrown away as improper the next day. She hadn’t gotten rid of them though. They were still there, in her mind, waiting for the chance, like now, where they could come out and play themselves out in reality.

Gina knew now that she couldn’t stop herself. She couldn’t stop what she was going to become. Rachel was right. But was that so bad? She could use other men, and even women, like she was using Ferrari guy. With her body and looks could pick them up at whim, have them pleasure her until she got bored and then discard them. Gina laughed out loud. Those fools—the Doctor, Claire, Rachel, the mysterious Miss Prymm. They all thought that through this change that Gina would be a slave, but instead she was a mistress. She would show them. She would go to this Miss Prymm’s and show them all what she had truly become!

The stranger dropped Gina off at Miss Prymm’s manor house. She didn’t even say good bye or thank him for the ride. He had been as much a tool as Jake had been.

Gina confidently entered the house to revel in the elite strip cub that lay within but was still surprised by what she discovered there. She gasped when she saw Claire, proud and elegant Claire, strutting and shaking her naked body on stage before a lustful crowd. And there was Rachel, smart and confident Rachel, also nude, in the lap of some crude guy, laughing as he pawed her. Gina walked into the hall, making only the tiny steps that her dress would allow.

The woman that had been at the Doctor’s met her. “Well, well, well.” Miss Prymm said in greeting to the vamped up Gina. “You came suitably addressed for my establishment.”

Gina glared back at Miss Prymm. “The real question is whether your establishment suitable enough for me?” She said haughtily.

Miss Prymm smiled at the display. “Come then.” She said. “I have someone very special for you to meet.”

Gina followed Miss Prymm deeper into the manor, transfixed by the scenes of licentiousness and sensuality that were being played out around her. Even though she would not be taking to the stage as a brazen stripper like Claire, even though she would not giggle her way through a crowd of groping customers like Rachel, this place felt somehow comfortable to her, fitting her as tightly as her dress.

Miss Prymm accosted a man in a lightly tied white robe. He was bald but in the way that makes some man exquisitely handsome. His skin was tight against his broad musculature. There did not appear to be an ounce of fat on him. Unlike the other customers who were going wild with their lusts, this man retained a powerful sense of dignity.

Tapping the man on the shoulder, Miss Prymm made a brief introduction. “Alan, Gina, Gina, Alan.” Gina threw an alluring glance that had worked so well in bringing Jake and the stranger under her control. She would show Miss Prymm that no man could resist her. This one smirked to show he was not impressed.

“You’re new.” His voice rumbled.

“Yes.” Gina replied in a wavering voice, unnerved by the failure of her wiles. She started to collapse into her old self.

“You have yet to realize your true self.” He observed.

Gina pulled back as she realized a sudden truth. This man…there was something about him. He was the last step. She knew it. If she went with him, she could never turn back. Her old life would be gone forever. Her husband, her family, her friends, they would be part of a different reality and she of another. In her fear, he summoned her last reserve of strength to fight her reprogramming. Alan saw her resistance and smiled.

“I will teach you.” He said and took her hand and pulled it into her robe. She felt his manhood. It’s velvety warmth hard against the palm of her hand. She had always had a fascination with the penis and how it was the ultimate masculine reaction to her presence. When it grew and firmed, it was an open and honest confirmation of her allure, unsullied by false words and posturing. It was a scepter of her power, she knew that, but she rarely had a chance to wield it. Dan had never wanted him to touch his, probably because it wasn’t that big. Without realizing it, she was squeezing and tugging it, making its veiny presence almost hum. He leaned back his head slowly and his lashes fluttered. She did control him! Gina laughed. She did control this man! Her tugging became deeper.

Allan put his hands on Gina’s shoulders. “Yes, you are shedding all that has held you back. This night, you will become what you were always meant to be, a slut—the Slut!”

The old Gina recoiled at the word, astounded by how illusory her control of this man appeared, but she did not release his prick. Somehow, that made him more attractive to her. “No…I can’t” She protested but she was drunk on his possession of her and would not pull away.

“You can. You must.” Allan told her firmly, and she shrank beneath his rising dominant tone. “You will!”

The man pulled Gina on to a small stage and shrugged his robe off to reveal his full nudity. He spun Gina around. Firmly but gently he undraped her breasts from her dress. After bending her over slightly, he hiked her skirt over her ample ass and quickly filled her with himself. Gina was so lost in the moment she barely realized what was happening until it happened. She was slick so he went in easily and despite the animalism of his action, he was surprisingly gentle. She was so full, she was almost overflowing. She was so tight she could feel him pulsing within her. She was trapped in the bonds of his powerful arms and the web of ecstasy his was pulling tight around her body. One hand thumbed her clit into throbbing hardness, the sensation breaking down the already fragile frame work of her self control. His other hand kneaded a breast and tugged and squeeze a thick hard nipple, driving her into a frenzy. As incredible as these feelings were, the utmost sensation was just the thought of his waist bucking up against her ass’ smooth softness. It was the sign of how vulnerable she was not just in body but in mind. He was the consummate lover. The Doctor, Jake, Ferarri guy, they all had been good in their own way, but Alan was an artist, and he was using his powers to flail away all the last remaining traces of inhibition so that her hunger could run free.

“Surrender your past.” Allan commanded her. “Surrender all you know. Surrender yourself.”

His mastery of Gina was complete and she accepted each order without hesitation. Her past, her knowledge, her sense of self became irrelevant to her, allowing all the sensations she endured to become magnified and replace everything she had given away. She gasped and smiled, her countenance becoming wild.

“You are only this feeling.” Allan told her. “You are only this ecstasy. It is all you are and will be. You want it and nothing else. No intimacy, no connections, not attachments, no thought, only the feeling.”

Gina awareness of the sensations Alan was stoking, swelled over her. Her pounding heart, her hungry breaths, her contracting cunt, the wonderful tingling emerging from her tits and burning through her body, even the sweat oozing from her pores, these made the ingredients for the new language in which she thought and lived.

A crowd had gathered to watch Alan screw Gina in a hungry silence. At first, Gina had felt one last trace of shame in her being used as a source of an exhibition. But as she fell into her chasm of her lusts, she ceased to care. These onlookers took on new roles for her. She reveled in her ability to stoke their desires. Through them seeing her body in the throes of sex, her arousal spiraled higher. And again she ceased to see them as people and individuals; she saw them as the means to enjoy her own body. That man, the long tongue in his dropping jaw, how would that feel on her cunt. That woman with the breasts the size of small apples, how would they taste as she sucked them. They were all avenues to different experiences of sensuality and she wanted to take each one.

“You are the Slut.” Allan told her.

“I am the Slut.” Gina repeated breathily.

“The Slut is not a mere word or a description. It is not even a state of mind. It is a state of being.” He said, carving his words into her consciousness.

“I am the Slut.” She replied, accepting the mold that he had made for her with her whole heart.

Alan sensed she was reaching climax but he wasn’t ready to let her reach her without obtaining complete, abject surrender.

“Tell them who you are!” He growled, referring to the crowd watching them.

“I can’t!” Gina sobbed, because that one last part of her old self remaining knew that, when she did, it would be all over. She would be the being the Doctor’s programming had created for now and forever.

“Tell them!” Alan hissed and bit her ear.

“A slut…” Gina said softly.

“Louder!” Alan commanded.

“A slut! A slut!!! A SLUT!!! THE SLUT!!!!” Gina shouted over and over. With these words, her insides felt as if consumed in fire, which ran fully from her toes to her brain. She felt herself clench herself and his cock and then convulse spasmodically. Her consciousness seemed to leave herself and spiral into the sky. She pressed her ass against him and jerked spasmodically as screams slipped from her lips.

The Slut shortly returned to reality. Though exhausted she was hungry to feel more. She turned to Alan and recognized him as he was: her mentor and a kindred spirit. He existed as she now existed to seek out and savor sensual pleasure. “Please…again!” She gasped.

Alan held her close but shook his head. “No, Slut, sex is like good food, one must experience different dishes to appreciate the glories of it.”

The Slut nodded her head. After her released her, she stepped in the crowd, disheveled and stained with sex but determined to have more. She grabbed a man by the collar and pulled him close. “You’ll do.” She told him fiercely. “And so will your friend!”

Gina had many more partners that evening. When she woke up the next morning it was in the arms of someone she didn’t even know but she felt at home.