The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


“OH FUCK!” Carmen yelled as female ejaculate sprayed her computer chair. She went into convulsions and fell onto the floor, a puddle of cum forming near her pussy.

Carmen heard footsteps in the hallway. “Honey, are you alright in there?” she heard her mother ask.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Carmen responded, “Just stubbed my toe!”

She quickly pulled her skirt up and pulled her shirt down to cover herself.

Her mother opened the door and poked her head in. Carmen’s mother, Nancy, was very attractive. Although she was 39, she looked like she was in her late twenties. Her features were very similar to Carmen’s except that Nancy had much larger breasts. “Alright, well I’m going to the store to pick up a few things. I’ll be back in a while.”

“K,” and with that, Carmen grabbed a towel and started cleaning up the puddle on the floor, hoping her mom didn’t notice it.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Carmen was a slender, brown-haired, 18-year-old girl with an overactive sex drive. Her orgasms were very intense and she masturbated frequently. She pulled her shirt off and examined her chest. She liked her breasts, but ever since having a dream where they spontaneously grew to the size of Volkswagens in a public park, she wished they’d grow a few more cup sizes. She envied her mother and knew that her breasts probably wouldn’t grow much more than their current size.

Suddenly she heard something hit the floor. She looked over to see that a picture frame had fallen off her bed stand. She walked over and picked it. It was the picture of her family at Super Awesome Fun World Theme Park. Tears started dripping down her face.

“What’s wrong?” came a voice from the bed stand.

Carmen looked over and saw a small woman, no bigger than six inches tall, standing nude on the bed stand.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Carmen yelled and threw the picture frame at the woman.

The woman jumped out of the way just in time, “Hey! Fucking bitch!”

“Sorry,” Carmen said, “Uh… what are you?”

“I’m a fairy. My name is Areola.”

“Waitaminute. Fairies aren’t real. I must be hallucinating. Did someone slip me some acid? Where did you come from?”

“I’m from another dimension. Why were you crying?”

Carmen picked up the picture and showed Areola, pointing to a man in the picture. “This is my dad. A year ago he found out he had cancer and was slowly dying. There was nothing we could do for him.” Carmen started crying again.

Areola tried to her best to cheer her up, “I’m sorry for your loss. Cancer is a terrible disease. No one should die that way.”

“Oh he didn’t die of cancer. He was hit by a bus.”

“Oh… Hey, who’s the stud?” Areola pointed to someone standing next to Carmen in the picture.

“Who? My brother? That’s Ben.”

“Hmm… So what’s your name?”

“It’s Carmen. Hey, how long have you been here?”

“If you’re wondering if I saw you masturbating, then yeah, I did. And it was really hot.”

“Oh. Well thanks, I guess. How did you get in here?”

“I was in the box of junk you bought at a yard sale, but that’s not important. What’s important, Carmen, is that I need you to do me a favor.”

“Like what?” Carmen asked.

“I need to borrow your body for a little while.”

Carmen raised an eyebrow. “No.”

“You don’t understand! I need a human body so I can save my dimension from a terrible tyrant who’s enslaving all my people!”

“Well why do you need my body?”

“I can only open the portal back to my dimension if I’m in human form. We’ll just switch bodies for like two minutes, I’ll open up the portal, then we’ll switch back.”

“I dunno…”

“You have my word. Also, while you’re in my body, you can do cool fairy tricks like shapeshifting.”

A look of realization came over Carmen’s face. “Ok, I’ll do it.”

“Great! Let me just get the body swapping device thingy.”

Areola walked over to the box from the yard sale and pulled out a shiny device with a button on it. “I brought this with me from my dimension. When I press the button, it switches my mind with the closest person,” She pressed the button and everything went black.

A few minutes later Carmen awoke. “What the hell?” She got up and looked around her. She was now sitting naked on her giant bed. She looked up at her original body. “Oh yeah,” she said, remembering what had happened.

“Thanks Carmen,” Areola said.

Carmen looked down at her new, tiny body, “So how do I shapeshift?” she asked.

“Just imagine it in your mind and your body will alter however you want.”

Carmen thought about long, golden hair and her hair started to lengthen. “Wow!”

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool,” Areola said. She picked up the mind-switching device thingy. “Now I’ll tell you the truth.”

“Eh?” Carmen said.

“Yeah, I’m not really a fairy. Well, obviously, now I’m a human. But I never was a fairy and you aren’t in a fairy’s body. I was in a sorceress cult deep in the forest and I broke the rules by casting an irreversible, black magic spell on myself to make me have the ability to shapeshift. The head sorceress locked me up and cursed me by making me six inches tall and unable to cast spells in that body.” She pointed to Carmen. “Luckily, I had a friend in the cult who I practiced black magic with. She snuck into the head sorceress’s tent and set me free. Then she summoned that device thingy so I could find a human to switch bodies with.”

Carmen realized her only chance at getting her body back was the device. She leapt for it, but was too late. Areola snatched it just in time.

“Yeah, I don’t think so,” Areola said, “Now before I return to the sorceress cult to have my revenge, I’m going to have some fun here. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to fuck anyone.”

“Give me my body back you giant cunt!”

“I don’t want you to make any trouble for me, so…” Areola grabbed Carmen. Carmen tried her best to break free of the giant’s grip, but was unsuccessful. Areola picked up a shoe string from the ground. “This’ll work.” She tied one end of the string to Carmen’s leg and the other end to her bed post and dropped her on her bed. Carmen tried hard to undo the knot in the string, but she was too small.

“You fucking bitch!” she yelled. Areola looked at her new body in the mirror. She squeezed her new breasts and smirked.

“Well they’re not great, but they’ll do.” Suddenly, the door opened.

“Hey Carmen, I’m gonna borrow your car toni- HOLY TIT-SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK?!” Ben yelled when he saw what was going on.

“Wait! I can explain!” Areola said.

“Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?!” Ben said.

“Shit!” Carmen said to herself. “He thinks she’s me!”

“Oh… uh, I was just masturbating and I like to play with my nipples when I’m flickin’ the ol’ bean,” Areola responded.

“Right… Well I’ll remember to knock next time. Anyways, can I borrow your car?”

“HEY YOU BIG FUCKING FAG! DOWN HERE!” Carmen tried her best to get her brother’s attention.

“What’s that sound?” Ben asked.

“Oh just the noisy neighbors,” Areola said as she turned on the radio to drown out the noise.

“BEN YOU DOUCHEBAG! LOOK OVER HERE!” Carmen yelled as she jumped up and down on her bed, waving her arms around.

“Yeah, so can I borrow your car?”

“On one condition,” Areola said, “you have to fuck my brains out.”

“WHAT?!” Carmen and Ben said simultaneously.

“Come on, Brad, don’t you think I’m hot?” Areola said.

“Are you high? My name’s Ben, and yeah, you’re hot as hell, but you’re my sister, I’m not going to fuck you!” Areola slipped her skirt off, revealing her nicely shaved pussy.

“The fuck has gotten in to you?!” Ben asked. Areola pulled Ben’s face against hers as she French kissed him. At first he resisted, but then he kissed her back.

“YOU LITTLE SHIT!” Carmen yelled. Areola kneeled down and unzipped Ben’s pants.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this,” she said.

“I had no idea you liked me in that kind of way,” Ben replied.

Areola freed Ben’s erect 9-inch cock from his jeans. Without hesitation she engulfed it in her mouth.

“Wow,” Carmen said to herself, staring at the act going on in front of her. “Ben’s got a huge fucking dick.”

Areola massaged her new cunt as she sucked on Ben’s dick. Her pussy dripped all over her hand until it was soaked. She looked over at Carmen, winking, and she pushed Ben onto the bed. She tried yelling as loud as she could, but still couldn’t get through to Ben over the Dio song playing on the radio. She ran towards Ben’s foot, hoping she could kick it or something to get his attention. The shoe string wasn’t long enough and she did a face plant only inches away from his toes.

Areola pulled Ben’s jeans off and jumped on top of him. She positioned his dick into her pussy and started fucking him like a nymphomaniac wombat in heat.

Carmen watched, stunned by seeing her own body having sex with her brother. She watched as his dick went in and out of her pussy. She couldn’t stop staring at it. She had never seen such a huge cock. A familiar feeling washed over her tiny body. She was horny. She started to subconsciously rub her clit, mesmerized by the scene in front of her.

Ben flipped Areola over onto her back and started fucking her. He bent down to lick her hard nipples.

Carmen started moaning and realized that she was masturbating to her brother fucking her body. She didn’t care anymore. She was more turned on than she had ever been. She heard herself moaning loudly, but it wasn’t coming from her mouth. It was Areola. Remembering what had happened not ten minutes ago, she looked at her surroundings, hoping to find something to break herself free so she could get her body back. Nothing around her was sharp enough to cut the shoe string. She looked back at her body. Areola looked at her from behind Ben and smiled a devilish grin. Carmen was filled with rage and looked down to see that she was rubbing her pussy again. Fuck it, she thought, I’ll figure out how to fix this later, and she thrust two fingers in her dripping wet cunt.

“OOOH GOD!” Areola started screaming as she climaxed. She pulled Ben’s dick out of her and started rubbing furiously at her clit. “GAAAAAAAAH!” she yelled as a jet of cum squirted out of her pussy, drenching Carmen. The fact that she was now soaked from head to toe in her own cum made her even more turned on and she finger-fucked herself faster.

Areola pulled Ben forward and started sucking his cock. Carmen was getting close to climaxing as Ben made a grunting noise. “MMMMM!” Carmen moaned as she collapsed onto the bed in orgasmic pleasure.

Areola milked Ben’s dick and swallowed every drop of his cum. “Thanks. I needed that,” she said.

“Holy crap that was awesome!” Ben said as he fastened his belt.

“Yep,” Areola responded. “I’m going to go get some Taco Bell,” and she left the room.

Carmen, recovering from her bone-shaking orgasm, slowly got up and looked around her. She noticed something shiny on the bed sheet. She ran over to get a closer look and upon doing so, she realized it was a dime. She reached for it, but the shoe string wasn’t quite long enough. She stretched her arm out as far as she could. “Fuck! I wish my arm was longer!” and with that, her arm grew just enough for her to reach the dime. Oh yeah, she thought, shapeshifting. She grabbed the coin and tossed it as hard as she could like a Frisbee towards her brother. It hit him in the leg and landed on the ground next to him. He looked down at it and then bent over to pick it up.

“Oh snap! A dime!” he said as he looked at it and dropped it into his pocket. He then walked out of the room.

“FUCK!” Carmen exclaimed. “What the fuck am I going to do now?!” She looked down at her leg. “Hmmm…” She thought about how she shapeshifted her arm to reach the dime. Maybe she could make her leg a little thinner so she could slide the shoe lace off. Suddenly, the shoe lace grew loose around her ankle and she pulled her leg out.

“Let’s see what else I can do.” She visualized her breasts slowly growing. She looked down and saw that they were doing exactly what she wanted. She grabbed them in her hands and squeezed hard. They were slowly growing bigger than handfuls. She pinched and rubbed the nipples. “Oooh. These are much more sensitive than my nipples. Well, my old nipples.” She sat down and started rubbing her pussy with one hand and massaged her tits with the other. The bottoms of her boobs were now level with her navel. She felt a very noticeable shift in weight. She lifted one breast to her face and suckled on the nipple while moaning. Her free-hanging breast was now touching her leg and the breast she was sucking on was getting too heavy to hold with one hand so she let it drop with a resounding slap against her thigh. She was in heaven. She never thought she’d be able to play out this fantasy outside her dreams. Her moaning grew louder and faster as her breasts grew out to her knees. She could barely reach her nipple now. Carmen threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy as she came. Her body convulsed spasmodically.

When she snapped out of it, her breasts were the only visible thing in her eyesight. She shrunk her breasts down to D cups so she could move. “Alright, that was fun. Now I need to get someone to help me, but even if I can get someone’s attention, they won’t recognize me.” So she imagined herself looking like her old self, give or take a few adjustments. She decided to keep her breasts at D cups and she kept her hair long.

She climbed down the side of her bed, using the shoe lace as rope, and she walked until she reached her door. There was no way she could have reached the door knob. Luckily, she could (barely) fit under the door. She made her way across the hall to her mom’s room, hoping she was back from the store. She was relieved to see her mom’s legs hanging off the bed. Carmen climbed up the bed to see her mother’s naked, sleeping figure. She started walking towards her head, but stopped when she walked next to her breasts.

Those things are fucking huge! she thought. A sudden rush came over her and she climbed up her mother’s torso to get a better look. She stared at the large, perky nipples and suddenly became aware of her pussy moistening. She brought her face close to her mom’s left nipple and started licking it. Before her eyes the nipple became erect. “I wonder if…” Carmen put her mouth around the nipple and started sucking. It was huge in her mouth, bigger than any cock she’s ever sucked. She licked and sucked at the nipple as her hand found its way to her pussy.

She lifted her face from the nipple. “Wait. What the fuck am I doing?” Carmen had never really thought about incest before, but for some reason she was extremely turned on by it now. She shrugged and positioned herself over the giant nipple. She slowly dropped down and began gyrating her hips so that the nipple was rubbing the opening of her dripping pussy. She lowered more until the nipple was inside her pussy and she started fucking it. She heard a quiet moan coming from her sleeping mother. Carmen fucked harder, hoping her mom didn’t wake up. “OHGODOHGODOHGODOHGOD!” Carmen yelled as she came.

Nancy rolled over and Carmen fell off her and onto the floor. Nancy got up and looked down at her moist nipple with a confused look. She lifted her breast and licked the moist spot, and then she shrugged, put on a robe and left the room as Carmen was coming down from her orgasm.

When it finally subsided Carmen walked out to the hall until she reached the bathroom. She heard water running and figured her mom was taking a shower so she slid under the door. Looking around, she realized the clothes on the floor were her brother’s. She climbed a hairdryer cord to the top of the counter. Ben turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. Carmen couldn’t help but stare at his cock. Even though it was flaccid, it was still fairly large. Carmen snapped out of it and remembered why she was there.

“BEN!!! BEN YOU DICK FIDDLER! LOOK OVER HERE!” Carmen yelled. Ben looked up at the ceiling.

“God? Is that you?”

“DOWN HERE SHIT JUGGLER!” she screamed. Ben looked down at his tiny, naked sister. A look of confusion came over his face.

“What the fuck happened to you?”

“I was tricked into switching bodies with a tiny shapeshifting sorceress who was banned from her cult for practicing black magic. Now she has my body and I need to get it back before it’s too late.”

“Oh. So earlier… Was that you or her?”

“That was her.”

“Hmmm… Well that makes things awkward…”

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t care,” Carmen said. “And if it makes you feel any better, I fucked mom’s nipple.”

“Wow,” Ben said as his penis started hardening. Carmen looked down at it and had the sudden urge to masturbate, but she tried to stay focused.

“Ben, I need you to help me,” she said. “Areola used a device to switch our bodies. I need you to help me find it.”

“Alright,” Ben said as he put on clothes. “Where do you think it is?”

“She probably still has it. We’ll need to figure out how to get it from her.”

“I have an idea,” Ben said as he grabbed Carmen and put her on his shoulder. They made their way to Ben’s room. He opened his closet and started moving things around.

“So what’s the plan?” Carmen asked.

“I’m going to seduce you- er… her, and when she’s naked, you look through her clothes for the device while I tie her up with these,” Ben said as he pulled a pair of handcuffs out of his closet.

“That’s a great idea!” Carmen said. “But don’t fuck her. I think once is enough for today.”

“Deal. Now we just need to wait for her to show up.” Suddenly, the door opened. Carmen quickly jumped off Ben’s shoulder and dropped down his shirt.

“Hey Ben,” Areola said. “I got you a burrito. Who were you talking to?”

“Oh, no one. I was just talking to a friend on my cellular telephone,” he said, trying to act natural.

Carmen found herself hanging on to the elastic hem of Ben’s boxers. She hoped that Areola didn’t see her when she came in.

“What’s the handcuffs for?” Areola asked.

“Oh, I was going to ask you if you’re cool with me fucking you while you’re handcuffed to the bed,” Ben explained.

“Oooh! Kinky!” Areola said as she undressed. “You made me cum so hard earlier!”

Carmen was starting to slip. She couldn’t get a good hold on the boxers. Right when she was about to lose her grip she felt something lifting her up between her legs. She looked down to see Ben’s massive erection holding her up. Carmen let go of the boxers and grabbed onto his dick.

“Your turn,” the nude Areola said, motioning for him to take his clothes off.

“Uh yeah,” Ben said as he removed his shirt. “Here, take these and handcuff yourself.”

“Kay.” Areola crawled onto the bed and fastened the handcuff around her wrist and the bed post.

“Now, Carmen!” Ben yelled.

Carmen wasn’t listening. She was getting horny and moist sitting on her brother’s dick. She started grinding against the rigid shaft.

“Uh… Carmen?” Ben said.

“I thought there was something suspicious going on,” Areola said. She closed her eyes and held one hand over the handcuffs. “Klaatu Barada Nikto!”

The handcuffs suddenly turned to dust. Areola stood up and walked towards Ben. Ben grabbed a baseball bat and swung it, but Areola grabbed it and tossed it behind her. She grabbed onto Ben’s arm and said, “Ah böwakawa poussé poussé!” Her eyes started glowing.

“What the fuck did you do?!” Ben asked.

“Now you have to do everything I order you to,” Areola said.

“Bullshit! Fuck off, you crazy psycho bitch!” Ben said as he pushed Areola onto the bed.

Meanwhile, Carmen was sliding her pussy up and down Ben’s cock.

“OH GOD!” Carmen said as she started cumming and collapsed on the giant member.

“Fuck me,” Areola said.

“No!” Ben retorted as he involuntarily jumped on top of Areola. He quickly removed the rest of his clothes and then inserted himself into her.

Carmen opened her eyes to total darkness. She rolled off Ben’s dick and landed on a squishy, wet floor. “Oh shit,” Carmen said. Ben’s dick started thrusting in and out of Areola’s vagina.

I’m inside my own vagina, Carmen thought, Awesome! She lifted her pelvis slightly so that Ben’s dick rubbed against her clit every time he thrust.

“So what do you know about me, Ben?” Areola asked.

“I know you tricked my sister into switching bodies with you using some kind of device and that you were a tiny shapeshifting sorceress and you were banned from your cult for practicing black magic,” Ben explained.

“Mmmmmm yup,” Areola cooed. “Now fuck me harder!” Ben thrust harder in and out of the glistening vagina. Carmen started screaming in ecstasy as she came for the second time in five minutes.

“Oh yeah! That’s it!” Areola yelled. “Fuck your sister’s vagina!”


Carmen could feel Ben’s dick throbbing as it spurted semen all over her. She was covered in it and the giant dick just kept spurting. Carmen held her breath as the warm, gooey spunk surrounded her.

This isn’t how I want to die, Carmen thought, Drowning in a pool of my brother’s jizz in my own vagina. I hope they don’t mention that on my obituary.

“OOOOOOH GAWD!” Areola screamed. She closed her eyes and furiously started rubbing her clit as she came. A tsunami of girl-cum shot Carmen out of her vagina and across the room onto a conveniently-placed recliner. Areola kept squirting and screaming. When she finally stopped and caught her breath, she looked at Ben.

“Do you know where Carmen is?” she asked him.

“Uh,” Ben looked down at his flaccid dick, “Nope. She was here, but she must have escaped. Also, you’re a bitch.”

Areola glared at him and said, “Put on some clothes, then go find Carmen and bring her back to me.”

“Fuck you, cuntbag!” Ben said as he put on his boxers.

Carmen jumped off the chair and ran into the hall. She hid behind a potted plant as her brother walked by.

Fuck! She thought, Now what am I going to do?

Carmen used all her weight to turn the bathroom faucet knob. She walked under the stream of water and washed the bodily fluids off her. She turned the knob and sat down to think. Suddenly, she heard her brother’s voice from the hallway.

“Hey Carmen! Areola is making me look for you against my will, but she didn’t say anything about being stealthy, so I’m warning you to hide because I’m coming into the bathroom!”

“Oh shitfuck!” Carmen said as she slid down the hair dryer cord. She couldn’t find any good hiding places. The door knob started to turn.

“Damn it, Ben!” Areola said from outside the bathroom. The knob stopped turning. “Stop warning her that you’re looking for her!”

“Whatever you say, bitch-tress,” Ben replied. “See what I did there? I mixed the word ‘bitch’ and ‘mistress’.”

“Very clever. Now go find her.” The conversation gave Carmen enough time to slide under the door and sneak past Areola and Ben.

Alright, I guess I should find Mom and explain to her what happened, she thought.

After looking in several rooms, Carmen found Nancy in the kitchen cooking dinner. Once she was near her feet, Carmen started yelling, hoping that her mom would hear her. Carmen then saw that she was listening to an MP3 player. Carmen walked underneath her mom’s robe and was about to punch her feet to get her attention, but then Nancy took a step backwards. Carmen jumped to dodge the giant foot and found herself on her back. She looked up and was astonished by the magnificent view of her mom’s beautifully trimmed pussy, ass, and even a bit of the underside of her tits.

“Holy god damn!” Carmen said to herself, wishing she had a camera. Focusing on her current situation, Carmen started climbing up the inside of Nancy’s robe. She didn’t want to risk getting stepped on, so she decided the best plan of action would be to climb up and poke her shoulder or something. Plus she really wanted to get another good look at those tits.

After a few minutes, she passed by her mother’s vagina. Looking at it was making her crotch moist. She could feel her juices running down her thighs as she climbed further up the robe. She tried to focus on climbing, but her mind kept wandering. She couldn’t stop thinking of sex. She had never been this horny before. After another minute or two she was between her mom’s magnificently giant breasts. She wanted so much to reach out and touch them. Trying her best to ignore the mounds of tit-flesh around her and the overwhelming urge to finger herself, Carmen closed her eyes and kept climbing. She realized that keeping her eyes shut was a bad idea as, after climbing above her mother’s tits, she reached for the next thread in the robe and missed. She started falling backwards as she tried furiously to grab onto the robe, but it was no use. She softly landed on Nancy’s right breast and started sliding down it. Thinking quickly, she turned her body to face the breast and, using her outstretched arms and legs, hugged it hoping to slow her descent. She felt the hill of breast-flesh getting steeper. She closed her eyes and accepted her inevitable fate as a pile of bloody guts and fluids strewn about the linoleum tiling. (Author’s note: You know, that’s not a very good mental image, especially for an erotic story. You probably had your dick and/or vagina out and everything just fappin’ away when all of a sudden BAM! Bad mental image! I sincerely apologize for any discomfort you may have felt from reading that morbid description—unless of course you’re into that sort of stuff. In which case, you should be ashamed of yourself. >:| ) She was definitely slowing down, but not enough to stop. She knew all hope was lost and there was nothing she could do. Suddenly she found herself stopped. Opening one eye and then the other, she looked around and deducted that her efforts slowed her down enough so that she could safely stop on her mother’s erect nipple which was right under Carmen’s pussy, making her even hornier.

Nancy, suddenly feeling something moving on her breast, took off her headphones and opened her robe.

“Hi mom,” Carmen said looking up at her mother.

“Carmen?! What the hell is going on?” Nancy asked with a concerned look on her face.

“Well it all started this morning…” Carmen explained as everything became wavy.

7 minutes later

“…and that’s the whole story,” Carmen finished.

“We need to call the police!”

“I doubt they’ll believe us,” Carmen said as she slowly thrust on her mother’s nipple. “It’ll be best if we can sneak in and get the device without her noticing.”

“Uh… Honey,” Nancy said, raising an eyebrow. “Why are you humping my nipple?”

Carmen looked down and realized that that’s exactly what she was doing. “Sorry mom. For some reason I’m really, really horny and I can’t help myself. I think Areola must have cast a spell on me when I wasn’t looking.”

“It’s OK, honey. I understand,” Nancy said smiling. Carmen smiled back and continued moving her hips back and forth as they formulated a plan.

“I can’t find her anywhere, you stupid cunt-bitch,” Ben said.

“Well go check in the yard,” Areola responded.

“Eat shit!” Ben said as he left the room.

He saw his mom in the hall and, since stopping would be disobeying Areola’s order, he said as quickly as he could, “Mom! AnevilsorceressnamedAreolaswitchedbodieswithCarmenandsheputaspellonmesoIhavetodoeverythingshesaysandsheorderedmetogofindCarmenwhoisnowonlysixinchestallsoIcan’tstoptotalktoyoubye!”

“I know,” she said as he rounded a corner.

“K!” he yelled.

Nancy went into Carmen’s room and found Areola stark naked. “Oh, sorry, honey! I should have knocked first.”

“It’s alright, Mom,” Areola said as she rubbed one of her nipples, “What’s up?” Nancy couldn’t help but glance at what looked like her daughter toying with her nipple. “Mom?” Areola said.

“Oh, right,” Nancy snapped back into reality. “I was wondering if you could get dinner started while I take a bath.”

Areola smirked. “Sure, Mom, no problem,” she said as she left the room, closing the door behind her. As soon as it was closed Nancy opened her robe and picked Carmen up off her cum-soaked nipple and set her down on the bed before closing her robe.

“Alright, now what?” she asked, looking down at her tiny daughter.

“I’ll check the clothes she was wearing, you check the nightstand.” They searched for several minutes, but came up empty.

“Nothing in the pants either,” Carmen said, “Did you find it in the nightstand?”

“No,” Nancy said, “but I did find this.” She held up a bright green vibrator and laughed. Carmen blushed a deep red and started laughing awkwardly.

Suddenly, Areola burst through the door, holding the device. “Looking for this?” Carmen and Nancy looked at her, then at each other.

“I have a gift for being able to tell when people are lying to me. I knew you just wanted me out of the room so you could loo—” Her sentence was cut short when a bright green dildo struck her in the face, “Ow! You cunt!” Areola lunged at Nancy and they both fell to the floor. Areola slapped Nancy and Nancy karate chopped Areola, causing the device to fly out of her hand and onto the floor. In the scuffle, Nancy’s robe became wide open. Carmen just stood on the bed, gazing down at the large breasts flopping this way and that. She knew she should have tried to get the device, but her pussy was telling her otherwise. She wanted to stay right there. Fluid dripped off her pussy lips and ran down her legs. She immediately stuck three fingers in her cunt and finger-fucked herself while her thumb rubber her clit.

Areola looked over at Carmen and then back down at Nancy. She quickly pinned her to the ground and recited the same incantation that she used on Ben to make him follow her orders. “Grab your daughter and bring her to me!” she commanded.

“What?” Nancy said as she got up and walked toward the bed involuntarily. Carmen knew that she was boned, but she couldn’t stop masturbating. Her mother picked her up and looked in her eyes, mouthing the word “sorry”. Carmen nodded understandingly and continued.

“Now then,” Areola said smiling, “let’s have some fun.” Nancy looked down at her daughter with concerned eyes. “First, give me Carmen,” Areola said menacingly. Nancy handed her daughter over to Areola. “Great,” Areola continued, “now go down on me.”

Nancy looked at Areola/her daughter’s pussy. She licked her lips and crouched down. It was mere inches from her face. She was about to lick her daughter’s pussy and there was nothing she could do about it. She admired how beautiful it was, glistening in the sunlight shining through the window. She stuck out her tongue and licked from the bottom of the vagina up to the clit, tasting her daughter’s warm juices. She slowly caressed the clit with the tip of her tongue. Then she shot her tongue deep into the beautiful vagina.

“Mmmm…” Areola cooed. She opened her eyes and looked at the small, naked woman in her hand. Carmen was still masturbating while watching her mother lick Areola’s pussy. Areola lowered Carmen into her mouth until only her upper half was sticking out. She probed Carmen’s tiny vagina with her giant tongue. Carmen started thrusting her hips on the big, slippery tongue. Nancy stopped tonguing Areola’s vagina and stuck two fingers in her mouth, making sure to get as much saliva on them as she could. She went back to licking her clit and slowly pushed her moist fingers in and out of Areola’s pussy. Areola moaned quietly.

Carmen was getting closer and closer to climaxing with every passing second. She spread her legs wide and set her feet on Areola’s bottom row of teeth. Her ass was sticking out towards the enormous tongue. She started grinding her thighs against it faster and faster as her climax built higher until she felt like she was going to explode.

“OOOOOOOOH SNAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!” she yelled as she came all over Areola’s tongue. Areola could taste her juices running down her tongue.

Nancy was furiously working on Areola’s soaking cunt. She was rubbing Areola’s G-spot while lapping her tongue against her clit. Areola started bucking wildly and came, spraying cum all over Nancy’s face.

“GAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” Areola yelled, opening her mouth wide enough for Carmen to escape. Nancy put her whole mouth around Areola’s pussy, trying to swallow as much of her cum as she could while Areola continued screaming.

The door opened and Ben walked in. “Whoa,” he said once he saw the girls on the floor. His pants started tenting. Areola finished her orgasm while Nancy lightly licked the remaining moisture from her pussy lips. Carmen was trying to making a run for it before Areola snapped out of her climax. She ran past Areola’s neck and down her chest. She looked over at the protruding nipple to her right and stopped.

“Mom?” Ben said, trying to comprehend the situation. “What’s going on?”

“She put me under the same spell that she cast on you,” Nancy answered.

“And now that I’ve got you all here,” Areola started, “none of you can stop me.” She grabbed the device and Carmen, who was now licking furiously at Areola’s areola, and stood up. Ben tried to tackle her, but she sidestepped at the last second and he smashed into the wall and fell to the floor. Nancy grabbed the bright green vibrator and prepared the throw it again.

“Stop!” Areola yelled. “Neither of you can do anything to try to stop me. That’s an order.” Nancy lowered her weapon.

“You’re a total cunt!” Carmen yelled, feeling that she should add something to the conversation. Areola looked around the room and grabbed an empty birdcage from inside the closet and put it on the computer desk. She placed Carmen inside the cage and duct taped the door closed.

“Now then,” Areola continued, “Ben, take off your clothes. Nancy, take off your robe.” Ben and Nancy took off their clothing and dropped it on the floor. Everyone in the room was naked. Nancy’s eyes kept wandering towards Ben’s erect penis. Ben shot glances at his mother’s naked figure.

“Fuck each other,” Areola said with a grin. Ben and Nancy looked at each other with shock in their eyes, but they couldn’t fight the urge that Areola inserted into their minds. They walked towards each other until their faces were inches away. Ben’s erection was just barely touching Nancy’s moist pussy lips. Nancy started slowly grinding on his erection, coating it in a layer of her vaginal juices. They were both terrified and excited. Arousal overwhelmed them both. She looked seductively into his eyes and bit her lower lip. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face towards his. Their lips met and they gently kissed each other. Nancy parted her lips and slipped her tongue into her son’s mouth. He met her tongue with his as they explored the depths of each other’s mouths. Areola sat down in the computer chair facing them and started running her hands over her pussy. Ben brought his fingers up to Nancy’s mouth and she ran her tongue along the index and middle fingers. He brought his hand back down and gently rubbed his saliva-coated fingers around her clit while his dick probed the outer regions of her pussy. Nancy grabbed Ben’s cock and pushed it inside her.

“Mmmm…” she softly moaned. Ben grabbed his mother’s ass with one hand and explored her beautiful, luscious breasts with the other as he slowly started moving his hips back and forth. She leaned back onto the bed behind her with her legs hanging off the edge. Ben started out fucking her slowly, but gradually increased the speed of his thrusts. He pulled back until his dick was all the way out of her pussy and then pushed it back in. He leaned forward and kissed her, their tongues intertwining and flailing from side-to-side spasmodically.

Carmen stood in the birdcage watching her mom and brother fucking. She kept her hands on the bars, trying to ignore her ever-moistening pussy. Her hips started bucking back and forth slightly. She crossed her legs a little, hoping that would hinder her thrusting, but it just made her upper thighs rub against each other, teasing her wet cunt. She was in gut-wrenching agony and immense arousal simultaneously. She clenched her fists tight around the vertical bars in front of her. She was determined to focus on finding a way out. She saw that Areola had placed the device behind her on the computer desk. With a renewed feeling of control Carmen released the bars and started to study her surroundings, confident that she had finally overcome her constant need to pleasure herself.

“FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKME!” Nancy yelled as Ben’s thrusts sped rapidly, her breasts swaying back and forth with each movement. She was in pure sexual ecstasy. Areola had three fingers deep inside her pussy while she toyed with her clit. She focused her vision on Nancy. The combination of her amazing breasts and the look of pleasure on her face astounded Areola. Nancy was the most beautiful being she had ever witnessed.

Meanwhile, Carmen was furiously masturbating while letting out soft moans. She hated herself for collapsing to the pressure of overwhelming arousal, but she really couldn’t help herself. Her soaked hand worked busily on her slippery cunt. She squeezed one of her breasts with her free hand, then pinched and rolled the nipple around in her fingers. Remembering that she could shapeshift, she made her nipples twice their current size which resulted in increased sensitivity. She rubbed the end of one of her long nipples gently. She lifted one breast to her mouth and ran her tongue over every part of the elongated nipple. Then she sucked it as far into her mouth as she could while swirling her tongue around it. Her hips started bucking against her hand as her climax built up. She yelled into her breast as she collapsed on the floor of the birdcage from her amazingly intense orgasm. She was shaking from the ecstasy as she released her breast from her mouth. She looked down at her nipples and it hit her like a ton of bricks. She knew how she could escape the birdcage and stop Areola. She got up and walked over to the bars of the cage. Altering her body shape, she squeezed through the bars and then made a run for the device on the edge of the desk.

Nancy moaned loudly as she grinded on Ben’s dick. “Slow down, I’m gonna spurt!” Ben told his mom.

“OOOOOH GOD! Cum inside me, you motherfucker!” Nancy said as she increased the speed of her thrusts, making her breasts slap against her chin. Ben pushed himself one last time deep inside his mother’s pussy as he came, filling her with his warm seed. That last thrust was all she needed. She screamed as loud as she could and bucked her hips. Her orgasm shot through her entire body as Ben’s dick continued shooting semen inside her. Areola was rubbing her pussy as fast as she could. Her hand became a blur. “OH SHIIIIIIT! AAAAAAAAAUUUUGHHHHH!!!” She yelled as fluids erupted from her vagina and sprayed all over the mother and son in front of her. By the time she finished, Nancy and Ben were covered in a thick sheen of pussy juice. Nancy pulled herself off Ben’s still-erect dick and got off the bed. She kneeled in front of him and licked their juices off his cock.

Carmen jumped over a pencil and kept running towards the device. She witnessed what had just happened and started to feel a familiar feeling coming from deep inside her vagina, but she kept going, knowing that this was her last chance to get her body back.

“That was fucking awesome!” Areola exclaimed, clapping. “Nancy, come here.” Nancy stood up and walked over to Areola.

“What do you want?” Nancy said as she pushed her disheveled hair to the sides of her face.

“I think you’re really beautiful.” Areola responded.

“Uh thanks…” Nancy replied.

“So I’m going to switch bodies with you.”


Carmen was mere inches from the device. She dove for the big red button, but Areola, not looking as she did it, grabbed the device before Carmen could reach it.

“It’ll be fun,” Areola explained, holding the device up. “You’ll be like 18 years old again! Plus you’ll be able to squirt like a fire hose.”

Carmen landed on the hard wood surface and rolled toward the edge. She held onto the top of the desk as her body dropped off the side.

“What about my daughter? She can’t stay like that forever!” Nancy said.

“From what I’ve seen she seems to be enjoying her new form. I’m sure you will too.”

Carmen strained to pull herself up over the edge of the desk. She looked up at the two giant women in front of her and caught her mother’s eyes. Carmen nodded at her mother and backed up a few inches so she could get a running start.

“Okay, fine,” Nancy said, “I’m ready.”

“Fantastic!” Areola said. “I figured you’d be much more argumentative.” Areola looked down at the device as her thumb hovered above the button. Carmen started running towards the edge of the desk, her breasts swaying from side to side with each step. She was going to miss having large breasts, but she needed her body back. She stared forward, intent on her goal. Areola’s thumb made contact with the button and was starting to push it down. Carmen quickly reached the edge of the desk and leaped, pushing herself as hard as she could toward Areola. The tension in the air was thicker than the semen leaking out of Nancy’s pussy. There was a beep as the button was pressed. Then darkness.

Light suddenly filled Carmen’s vision. She looked down at the device in her hand and then down at the tiny, naked girl lying on the floor. “Here!” she told her mom as she handed her the device. She quickly knelt down and grabbed Areola, who was now coming to. Carmen looked over at her brother. “Ben, go get me a jar.”

“K,” Ben said as he left the room.

“That didn’t work out exactly like we planned,” Carmen said to her mom, “but oh well.” Areola opened her eyes and looked up.

“You cunt!” she yelled. “This is bullshit! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!” Ben returned with a glass jar and Carmen dropped Areola inside it. She sat down and looked at Carmen scornfully.

“Well I hope you learned your lesson,” Carmen said. “You should have just told me the truth in the first place and I might have helped you. Probably not, though, since you’re a total bitch.”

“What are you going to do with me?” Areola asked as she shapeshifted into her original form.

“Uh… good question. I guess we’ll have to return you to the sorceress cult you escaped from if we can figure out where it is. I doubt you’ll tell us.”

Carmen handed the device to her brother and said, “Here, break this.”

“No, this might be worth money or something,” he said and then threw it against the wall, shattering it. “What the hell?”

“The spell I put on you must still be working,” Areola explained, “but since we switched bodies again, it must only work when Carmen orders you to do something.”

Carmen, after ordering Ben to slap himself in the face, looked at Ben and Nancy and said, “I order both of you to stop having to do what I order you to do.”

Nancy bent over to pick up her clothes. Carmen’s eyes lingered on her ass and she could tell that Ben was staring too. Carmen started feeling aroused again. She turned to Areola. “Why am I so horny?” Areola shrugged.

“It wasn’t anything I did,” she explained. “If you ask me, I think you all have some serious built-up sexual tension.” Carmen looked back sheepishly at her mother and Ben. She set the jar on the windowsill.

“Well, I guess that’s that,” Carmen said.

“I’m glad it’s over,” Ben said.

“Yeah,” Nancy said, looking at the ground.

“Welp, I’m going to make some coffee,” Ben said, “You guys want any?” They both nodded. Ben grabbed his clothes and left the room. Carmen turned to her mom.

“Thank you for helping me,” she said.

“You’re welcome, honey,” Nancy responded, “I love you.”

They embraced tightly in a naked hug. Nancy pulled back a little and gave her daughter a quick peck on the lips. Carmen looked into Nancy’s eyes and kissed her lips, lingering for a few extra seconds. Nancy looked at her daughter mischievously. She pushed her onto the bed, climbed on top of her, and started kissing her passionately. Carmen grabbed her mother’s ass and pulled it closer to her face. She pushed her tongue into Nancy’s pussy and started licking, lapping up the remaining semen that her brother had deposited minutes earlier. They rolled over and changed to a sixty-nining position and Nancy started fingering her daughter’s wet cunt.

Ben popped his head through the door. “Who wants cream?” he asked, holding up a container of coffee creamer. Carmen looked up from her mother’s pussy at Ben’s semi-shocked face.

“Wanna join us?” she asked and then licked the traces of cum off her lips. Ben dropped the creamer and jumped onto the bed.

None of them noticed that the jar on the windowsill next to the slightly ajar window was now empty...