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Ashly’s Birthday Bimbo Blowout

Dedicated to Ashly, a special birthday girl. Take good care of Michael and he’ll take good care of you.

Ashly was an attractive girl. Everyone knew it, and Michael felt lucky just to have her. It’s not like he was a slouch or anything, having a nice build, slicked back long hair, being decently tall. But Ashly was an angel. Thin, but not stick-like, pale creamy skin, beautiful brown hair she kept short and simple to manage; the girl had it all. For that reason, Michael had been determined to make her 21st birthday the best one ever.

He thought hard and planned the perfect day. He didn’t want it to be overly romantic. Sappy stuff like that didn’t work for Ashly. She was a down to earth girl and needed something special but traditional. Michael almost panicked when the big day was fast approaching and all he’d thought of was a decent breakfast and taking her out afterwards. He needed more than that, even considering the gift he had for her. It was nothing that special, just a custom written story by an author they both appreciated. Still, there needed to be more.

Then, just the day before Ashly’s birthday, he saw it. Michael had been stuck in traffic on the main drag for nearly twenty minutes. His frustration level was already high and he was nearing the point of damaging the paint of the car just to get out of this jam. Then he looked over to the surrounding parking lots.

He was immediately only looking for a place he could pull over, get out and stretch his legs. Maybe, he thought, something would come to him, something meaningful to do for his girlfriend. And there it was.

He’d never seen the small corner building. In fact, in the line of strip shopping it almost appeared to have been recently added, but he never recalled having seen any construction signs or coming soon advertisements. It was a bakery and party supply store.

The Kremery, Michael read, for the enhanced blowout you need. He wasn’t exactly convinced by only reading the sign, but considering his car was inching along at less than half a mile an hour he certainly had nothing to lose by stopping in.

Ten incredibly tedious minutes later, Michael had finally parked and walked into The Kremery.

The place was amazing looking. Streamers of every color draped across the store, balloons larger than he’d ever seen before filled the aisles, and to his left were some display cases holding the most fantastic looking cakes he’d seen outside of magazines. He smiled, knowing exactly what would make the day complete for Ashly.

Since she was a little girl, Ashly had a thing for balloons and the fun of a birthday party. Michael knew the last thing she’d be expecting on her 21st birthday was for him to have a nice private birthday party at home, complete with cake and candles, and of course balloons. She’d likely expect wine or a fancy restaurant, but stuff like that wasn’t special enough. It wasn’t custom enough for his sweet angel of a girlfriend.

“Can I help you, sir?”

Michael spun around to see a tall man dressed all in white. The most unusual thing about this man had to be the chef’s hat he wore. It was exactly like one would expect the stereotypical chef to wear, but not with an expensive all white suit. He looked like the man from Fantasy Island but somewhat more sinister looking.

“Um... yes, I saw your store and thought maybe I could look around.”

“Oh, the traffic outside.” The man said. “Yes, that is a shame. But it has helped our business flourish.”

Michael looked around and realized the one thing he hadn’t seen in here were other people. He smiled nervously as the man’s piercing stare remained fixed on him.

“I guess it would. So, you have some pretty neat stuff here. I was just looking over the cakes.”

The man in the suit relaxed and grinned, showing the white of his teeth as he turned and walked away. “Ah yes, our cakes are made from the most unique ingredients on Earth. Others use flour and eggs. We use something else, something much rarer.”

Michael followed the man to a counter, looking down into the glass enclosure. Not made with flour or eggs, he wondered. Then he heard the man say the word ‘rare’. He swallowed deeply, realizing he hadn’t seen prices on anything.

“Err... how rare? I don’t exactly have a ton to spend. But I want this to be special. It’s for my girlfriend.”

The man spun around, placing hands on the counter and grinning as he leaned toward Michael. “Oh don’t worry. Our prices are no different from the bakery at your grocery store. We simply offer rare and rather particular enhancements that keep customers coming back here instead of getting fat off the garbage those bakeries serve.”

Michael looked at the cakes, then thought of something. “Ooh, oh that’s a good point. I don’t think Ashly would appreciate me giving her some highly fattening cake. Are there low fat alternatives? What are my options?”

“I’m glad you asked, young man. Let me show you our cake selections. I’ll have one of my ladies come out and we can get you set in no time.”

The man took a small laminated sheet from below the counter top and laid it down in front of Michael. He started studying the options as the man walked away.

“Gretta, step out here for a moment. We have a customer.”

Michael stared at the first two selections. The cakes were shown without icing so he could choose what type of cake. The strange part was that instead of saying chocolate and yellow cake, which the two pictures clearly were, it said brunette and blonde. There was also a small warning written below each selection. It was these warnings which really confused him.

Warning, cakes may cause swelling.

Suddenly two large breasts seemed to just land right on the counter in front of Michael. He nearly jumped when he looked up from the sheet he’d been studying. The woman was like something out of an old pinup photo. Her curves defied logic, long curly red hair sweeping down to the swell of her ass. She wore all white, like the man, but her clothing looked like icing layered on a cake. Her eyes seemed oddly vacant as she smiled up into Michael’s stunned face.

“Gretta here will take your order. That way you and I can discuss party favors.”

“Favors...” Michael mumbled, hardly able to pull his eyes back in the sockets. He shook his head, realizing he was gawking. “Um... yes of course.”

“So have you decided what to start with?” The man asked.

“I... I... think blonde? That’s yellow cake, right?”

“Finest quality you’ll ever find.”

“But what is this about cake causing swelling?”

The man grinned more than before, really appearing more like some cartoon villain, considering his hat and suit. “Ah, yes, you mentioned not wanting anything fattening. Let’s just say these cakes only plump up the parts a girl wants plumped up. Trust me, your girlfriend will thank you.”

Michael had to admit, the man made an interesting case. In his head he was imagining Ashly half as plumped up as Gretta here looked. Even that image was enough to make him smile.

“Okay, I guess that’s fine. So yeah, I’ll have that, and I guess white icing.”

Gretta licked her lips at that. “White icing is my favorite.” She said. Her voice was soft yet seductive and Michael almost forgot the man was still standing there until he spoke.

“Excellent choice. I can promise you, not only will your girlfriend be fully satisfied with that selection, I believe you will be too.” The man then winked, catching Michael by surprise.

“Um... yeah. That sounds great.” He tore his eyes away from Gretta as she wrote a couple of things down and went off towards the back to begin making the cake. “So I was also thinking I’d like some of these balloons. Ashly has a real thing for balloons. I bet she’ll get a kick out of them.”

The man seemed to show concern at Michael’s words. He put a finger to his chin and thought. Then he wrapped one arm around Michael’s shoulder and began walking him over to the larger of the balloons. They were drifting up to the ceiling but mostly corralled by some wooden beams.

“Now, sir, I have to ask you this, as we’ve had some slight problems in the past at our old location. Your girlfriend doesn’t intend to use these balloons in any way other than decoration, right?”

Michael frowned. What other way was there to use balloons? What, did the man think she was going to rob a bank with them or something? As the man released his shoulders and walked over, grasping the ribbon holding a big red balloon, he turned sharply. The look in his eyes was deadly serious.

“I understand it’s an odd question, but you see a lot of people tend to enjoy inhaling the gas and talking funny.”

Michael knew exactly what the man meant. Ashly loved doing that.

“But these balloons are inflated not with helium.”

Michael looked up at the giant red floating balloon. “It’s not?”

“No, we use the finest products in all our offerings here at The Kremery. That, naturally, includes these as well. They are inflated with a very special compound that keeps the balloons afloat for more than twenty times as long as traditional helium balloons.”

“Wow,” Michael said, simply looking up at all the colors and sizes.

“Yes, it’s a very special process and we’re the only place in town that offers them. But they must not be inhaled.”

“Are they dangerous?”

The man smiled, an odd expression considering the severity of his warning. “Let’s just say that they wouldn’t make your girlfriend speak higher pitched. The gas would have a rather immediate and very different effect.”

Michael had no idea what the man was talking about, but decided not to persist. “Okay, got it, only decorations. So can I get three of these really big ones? I’ve never actually seen balloons that large before.”

“Of course you can. And I’m sure they’ll add an unmistakable charm to your celebration.”

After the man had gathered three colorful balloons and tied their ribbons together, he walked back towards where the cake was being prepared. “So what else will you be needing for the occasion?”

“Oh, well it’s her 21st birthday, so I’d really hoped to get some candles.” Michael then thought of a sneaky idea. “Do you have any trick candles?”

The man secured the balloons to the counter and turned, wide grin on his face. “Do we have trick candles? What a question. Well, sir, let me show you our most devilishly clever candles in stock. And trust me, these will go excellently with your blonde cake.”

He walked down a nearby aisle and quickly returned with a box of candles. “Here you are, take a look at these.”

Michael took the box and noticed the rather cartoonish graphic on the outside. It showed a buxom blonde all in pink puckering her lips and trying to blow the candles out.

“Concentration Candles?”

The man zipped in behind Michael. “Yes, concentration candles. Picture this. Your girlfriend tries to blow out the candles, but she’s distracted, thinking about the cake, or the balloons, or any number of other distractions. They won’t go out.”

“So they relight?”

The man shook his head. “No, they simply won’t go out. These are concentration candles. It will take pure focus to blow them out. She must empty her mind of every other thing before these candles will be blown out.”

Michael wasn’t sure he got it. “Um... so how does that work?”

The man stepped away, speaking with his hands animatedly. “Is your girlfriend a smart girl?”

“Yes, of course. Smarter than I am I guess.”

The man turned quickly. “Not if she wants to blow these candles out. No, she’ll have to concentrate all her brain cells on this one task. With every unfocused attempt she’ll only succeed in blowing out her own intelligence. These are the best trick candles ever and they are guaranteed to leave any girl blowing them out a brainless little bimbo.”

Michael had to admit, the thought of Ashly as a bimbo was not a new one. He’d had fantasies about that for some time. What guy didn’t on occasion? But still, it sounded rather severe, if not impossible.

“Wait, okay, so you’re saying these candles will make her stupid?”

The man shook his head. “Oh no, it’s all temporary. It will all wear off in no time, an hour maybe two. She’ll be back to her old self. Just make sure she doesn’t inhale those balloons. It’s one of the complaints we received in the past.”

“What’s that?”

“That a woman once blew out her mind and became rather brainless as was expected. But her husband let her inhale from one of our party balloons. He claimed he wanted to hear her speak all high and bimbo-like. Unfortunately he wasn’t aware the gas we use doesn’t do that.”

Michael swallowed. “What happened?”

The man turned away. “Well, last we heard she’s still only fifty percent recovered from the candles. Her intelligence is maybe half what it was before, and that has taken five months just to get to that level. As for the other effects, I’d best not tell you. Just make sure you don’t inhale the gas from those balloons. Look, simply don’t play with them, okay?”

Michael couldn’t believe the conflict of emotions. What had happened to the woman sounded rather horrible. But there was the image that popped into his head, Ashly as a ditzy little bimbo, giggling with vapid eyes. He just couldn’t shake the fact there was some arousal at that prospect.

“Okay?” The man repeated. He had walked back behind the counter.

“Oh yes, yes of course. That sounds horrible.”

A moment later, Gretta wobbled out, chest preceding her by almost a foot. She carried the cake Michael had ordered and it looked fantastic. It was covered in thick creamy white icing. In fact as she sat it down, Michael realized the icing looked like nothing he’d ever seen on a cake. But for some reason it seemed familiar. He had to restrain from rubbing a finger through and messing it up.

“Everything you expected?” The man asked.

“Everything and more. I can’t thank you guys enough. This is going to make Ashly’s birthday the most special ever. This is so awesome.”

The man went to the register, rang up the total and amazingly it was well within Michael’s budget. He happily paid and gathered up the candles and cake, pinching the balloon ribbons in his arm. As he got to the door, he heard the man call out.

“Remember what I told you. She should greatly enjoy the cake. I think you will too, if you know what I mean. But the balloons are not for anything but decoration.”

Michael nodded and waved, making his way to his car. Thankfully during his time in The Kremery, traffic had finally cleared and the drive home was relatively painless. He had thoughts of Ashly when she saw the cake, the balloons, and then he pictured her blowing out the candles, wondering if it was at all possible what the man tried to sell those as being able to do. Would Ashly really blow all her intelligence away? The very thought both scared him and excited him. He only hated now that he had a whole day to wait and see.

* * *

It was around noon the following day when Michael finally arrived back at his home, Ashly in tow. He’d given her a wonderful morning. Breakfast with roses, a trip down to the Botanical Gardens, walking hand in hand along the shore of a lake. But now was the time to spring the surprise party for just the two of them. He knew she wasn’t expecting anything like this and almost skipped ahead of her from the car.

“Come on, you’re going to love this.” He said.

“Michael, you’re surprisingly energetic for a guy who just spent over an hour looking at flowers.”

“Ashly, you know the most beautiful flower there was on my arm the whole time.”

She smiled, sweet innocence and genuine love showing. It was a look she could give that melted anyone. And Michael was no exception. He opened the door, and softly took her hand. “Come, you’re going to love this.”

He escorted her into the dining room, where he already had the big balloons set up on the back of one chair. Her big brown eyes widened and she grinned.

“Have a seat, Ashly. There’s more. You’re going to love this so much!”

Ashly sat and played with the ribbons holding the large balloons. She looked up into her reflection in the stretched rubber and smiled as suddenly candles reflected into it. Turning to the kitchen door she saw Michael holding a wide tray with a small birthday cake on it, 21 candles brightly sparkling. He had a grin wider than she’d seen in years.

“Happy Birthday, sweetie. You’re the most special gift I could ask for every day, so I wanted to make this a special day for you.”

Ashly smiled, emotions flooding her as her boyfriend sat the cake down in front of her. She looked at the incredibly creamy topping, the bright candles, and then up at the balloons. It was things like this that made Michael such an amazing guy.

“I hope you like this. I thought it might make your day a little more fun.”

“It’s wonderful, Michael. It’s really sweet of you.”

Michael beamed proudly. “Yeah, you’d never believe the place I found all these. I can’t wait to see if you like the cake.”

“It looks delicious.” Ashly said. She leaned over it, sniffing, inhaling of the scent the cake gave off as the candles still sparkled.

She tilted her nose up, then took another sniff. “Hmm... smells incredible. But where have I smelled that before?”

Michael shrugged. He was too busy wondering what really might happen when she blew out the candles. His mind had been playing tricks on him all night in anticipation of this moment. He kept seeing Ashly, smart intelligent girl of now 21, and then he saw her as a brainless bimbo, a girl devoted so fully to him that she thought of nothing else. It was every guy’s fantasy and he really wondered whether something like that was possible.

“Go ahead, blow out the candles!” Michael said, realizing he sounded unusually eager.

As Ashly smiled and crinkled her nose at him playfully, Michael studied how gorgeous Ashly really was. She was dressed appropriately if slightly fancy for him, having put on a floral print dress that had thin straps on the shoulders. Until they’d entered the house, she’d been wearing an old jacket to fight off the chill in the air. Now though, he could see exactly what made her an angel.

She took a deep breath and puckered her lips. Michael couldn’t help but notice the way her breasts swelled slightly with her inhale. He grinned, watching her blow hard, hitting all 21 candles with a powerful burst of air. Nothing happened. The flames hardly even flickered. And Ashly seemed momentarily dizzy.

Glaring up at him, she smiled. “Cute, trick candles.”

“What, me? Oh come on, you just need to really concentrate.” Michael said.

Ashly huffed and puffed, drawing in even more air than before. Michael’s eyes were glued to just how much her breasts swelled with this impressive inhale. She lowered her mouth closer to the sparkling candles, getting just the right angle.

This time she blew much harder, forcing out every single bit of air, aiming perfectly. Only one or two candles went out, and Ashly nearly swayed sideways out of her chair.

“Wooh... lightheaded I guess.” She said.

Ashly tried to focus, to shake away the confusion that suddenly overcame her. She looked around, wondering if the room had always been that color.

Michael didn’t even need to speak up before his girlfriend was again taking a big gulp of air and blowing hard across the cake. Her eyes closed tightly and her breasts nearly rubbed into the white creamy icing as she blew. This time three more candles went out and Ashly sat back up more dazed looking than ever.

She let loose a slight giggle, the sound something Michael hardly ever remembered hearing before from her. Then she turned and looked at him. “I feel funny. Do you feel funny?”

Michael shook his head, smiling. “You’re probably hungry. Hurry up and blow the candles out.”

Ashly really breathed in this time, her breasts actually swelling over the cups of her dress nearly making Michael lose his own breath. Then she lowered her face and blasted the remaining candles. This time all but three of the ones left extinguished and Ashly slumped back hard into the chair.

“This is like really hard and stuff,” She said suddenly breaking out in a fit of giggles. “Oopsy, I said hard.”

She giggled some more and smiled blankly up at Michael. He’d never seen this side of her, and her mentioning of hard only reminded him that he had something rather impressively hard in his pants at the moment. In fact as he saw her eyes, her wonderfully intelligent eyes, and saw how vapid and simple they suddenly looked, he nearly added his own icing to the inside of his pants. Instead he grinned and pointed to the cake.

“Just a few more, babe. Then you can eat up.”

Ashly smiled and turned to the pretty cake. She wasn’t sure what kind it was but wanted to slide some of it down her throat. The smell was becoming intoxicating. She breathed in and out slowly, then suddenly opened her mouth wide, breathing in until she thought she might pop. As it was, one of the buttons on the front of her dress did pop open, revealing even more cleavage than she normally chose to show. She just gave Michael a wink and bent forward over the three remaining candles.

This time, Michael clearly saw just how hard she was blowing. If she had blown any harder or more directed, the entire cake may have slid back across the table. But she succeeded this time. The final three candles snuffed out and Ashly did all she could do to avoid crashing face first into the cake.

As she sat back in the chair, Ashly closed her eyes and giggled. She just felt like giggling. She looked around, hardly recognizing where she was. But then she saw Michael. She remembered him and how sweet and smart he was. He was always so much smarter than her.

Michael hardly could keep his pants from looking obscene at this point. His girlfriend had actually just blown her mind out. She’d really done it. Her face looked like a simple ditz, a girl who was meant for show, not intelligent conversation. It was amazing how just the slight emptiness to her eyes made all the difference in the world. And there was of course the dress she wore, now having a button popped open and her rather decent sized breasts just pulsing with her exertion of finally blowing out the candles.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Mmm... I’m incredible. Like this looks like the most totally neat cake ever!”

Michael nearly popped his own button on his jeans at that slightly pitchy girly tone she now had in her voice. He calmed himself by saying the fun wasn’t over. The man at The Kremery had assured him he’d enjoy this cake as well. He wanted to watch her first.

“Ashly, cutie, why don’t you dig right into your cake. I’m going to go get myself a plate and we can celebrate in style.”

She licked her lips, a provocative action that again had Michael thinking of anything but eating cake. “Oh goody!” She said. And with that, Ashly simply began grabbing handfuls of the cake and shoveling them down her throat. She ignored the fork laid out for her and ate like a starved animal.

She noticed Michael staring and stopped. “Sorry, like the smell is so incredible!”

Michael laughed and went off to get his plate.

Ashly sat there leaned over the cake, cramming it down her throat, licking her lips as she ate messily. The creamy icing was so amazing. It seemed so familiar though. She just couldn’t place it. She giggled, realizing she just wasn’t much for facts. All she knew was being arm candy for Michael. Suddenly her stomach grumbled, making strange noises as she continued swallowing down bite after bite. She gasped and reached down grabbing her hips tightly.

Michael walked back in the dining room and promptly dropped his plate to the floor. He stared open-mouthed at his girlfriend. She was writhing around, wiggling in the chair, her hands on her hips and cake dribbling from her mouth. She’d nearly managed to eat the whole thing herself.

It wasn’t the wiggling, or even the rubbing of her hands on her sides that made Michael stop. It was her hair. Ashly’s normally short brunette hair was growing rapidly in length. And more than that, it was fading, growing paler and yellower. Soon it was a golden blonde and settled down around the seat of the chair. It spilled over her shoulders, looking light and bouncy.

Blonde cake, Michael thought. He couldn’t believe what was happening but the words blonde cake stuck in his mind. Then he heard Ashly moan, letting loose a rather pleasured squeal.

“Ooohh... ohhhhh fuckkkk!” Ashly said.

Michael hardly ever heard such language from his girlfriend. And especially never with such a clear longing behind it. She sounded both brainless and horny, a combination that quickly rid Michael of any appetite for food he may have had. Then he looked down and saw where her hands were rubbing.

Ashly was pushed back in her chair, hands on her hips, and what hips they were now. She looked curvier than Gretta had at The Kremery. Her flat tummy flared out, widening into perfect hourglass hips, then closing in on thick supple thighs. She gasped as she stretched her legs out, leaning her head back and looking right at Michael.

Her eyes were closed, apparently intensely strained by what was happening. Michael noticed her lips were dripping with icing from the cake. It looked exactly like something else, and that’s when he realized what had seemed so familiar to him. It’s likely what she smelled. The icing looked like semen, and right now Ashly looked like a blonde bimbo with cum pouring from her mouth.

He grinned and walked up next to her. Her lips were not just dripping; they were thick and swollen. Perfectly plumped up, in just the right places. The man hadn’t been kidding when he said Michael would enjoy this cake too. It had quickly made Ashly into every man’s fantasy slut. She looked curvier every second, clearly the effects taking time to finalize.

Her breasts swelled up easily twice as big as normal, popping their way free of the dress, and almost toppling over top of her far insufficient bra cups. Her ass lifted her off the chair slightly as it bubbled out perfectly with her hips. And all the time, Ashly seemed on the verge of constant orgasm just from sitting in the chair.

She opened her eyes, the vapid stare now replaced with a frantic hunger. She looked at the messy remains of the cake, licked her lips, then looked over at Michael.

“I wanna suck your cock!” She said as plainly as possible.

Michael practically exploded from his pants, having barely to lower the zipper before an erection like he’d never even seen himself sprang into view. Ashly launched herself out of her chair, long blonde hair swishing forward over bulging tits. She dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock in hand, jacking it up and down, before grinning from ear to ear.

“Like gimme your icing!”

Michael gasped as Ashly opened wide and swallowed his entire cock in one motion. She went on and off his cock, making slight gagging sounds, closing her throat muscles in tightly and squeezing the shaft, hoping to milk it of every last drop he had inside him.

“Oh fuckkk... Oh Ashly!” Michael groaned. He grabbed the back of her head, running hands through thick blonde strands, pulling her tighter and tighter towards him.

Soon Michael was face fucking his sweet girlfriend rougher than he’d ever imagined. He held a gentle but firm grip as he sent his cock soaring deep into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged and her eyes widened as Michael closed his eyes and came.

He came hard, harder than ever before, harder and more than he ever imagined. He held her head tight to him, injecting his new bimbo with blast after blast of cum. Finally, he relaxed, letting go of her head. She pulled back, his cock falling limply from her swollen lips. She giggled and opened her mouth wide, showing him she still had quite a bit of cum stored in her cheeks. She then grinned and tilted her head back, swallowing the whole load.

Michael breathed slowly, trying to recover from such an animal-like experience. He couldn’t believe how hot Ashly looked kneeling there on the floor of his dining room, tiny dribble of sperm dropping from her lips. Her eyes were rather sedated and simple looking. Her dress looked horribly stretched to fit her buxom form. And one of her tits had popped free during her blowjob. The nipple looked bright and pink, full and hard.

“Hurry up and fuck me!” Ashly said. “Like fuck my silly brains out!”

She giggled and Michael felt one of the quickest recoveries of an erection he ever remembered. Then he thought of something else. He assumed that like the loss of intelligence, the other effects were temporary. He needed to capture this on digital tape. He needed a camcorder.

“Hold on, my eager little slut. Let me go get a camcorder. I’m gonna make you a star!”

Ashly frowned and stood up. She looked down, seeing her exposed tit and simply laughed. “Hey look, my titty is hangin out!” She then shook her chest as if to make sure Michael noticed. All the movement really did was make her other tit pop free. Both were fairly large, not enormous, but more than enough to almost make Michael abandon going and getting the camera.

“Oh fuck... hold on. Don’t move. I’m gonna grab the camera.”

As Michael rushed off down the hall, Ashly giggled, then traced her finger through some leftover icing. As she licked her fingertip clean, her eyes widened and she looked up at the three balloons. She grinned wickedly, grabbing one of the inflated decorations.

Michael scrambled to throw open his closet and find the camcorder. He tossed things aside in piles, grabbing the case, opening it and pulling out the camera. He then took a blank tape, waited the unusually long time for the tape to load, then flew back down the hall.

Almost as he rounded the corner, Michael heard an orgasmic sounding moan like he’d never imagined Ashly making in her life. This was a noise of pure sexual lust, and when he entered the dining room, he nearly let the camera drop to the floor.

Ashly was standing there, bright red balloon nearly deflated completely, her lips wrapped around the small untwisted opening. She moaned as the gas inside it rushed down her throat, her eyes tightly closed.

“Ashly, No! Stop!” Michael said. But he realized it was far too late. And now he saw the other effects the man had not told him about.

Ashly let the red remains of the balloon drop to the floor and giggled. The mere chuckling set off her tremendous and suddenly very rounded tits into a jiggling fit. They bounced like balloons attached to her chest, her nipples tight looking and rather stretched. They were each much bigger than before, and to Michael they looked very fake. These were like implants but from simply breathing in a balloon.

Suddenly Michael grinned. He looked at his girlfriend. She now looked even dumber than before, hardly speaking and mostly just smiling like a horny idiot. The damage was already done. She might be a bimbo forever at this point, or for at least a lot longer than he’d planned. Either way, what harm could come from making things a bit more impressive?

“Here Ashly, suck on this one too.” Michael said, grabbing the green balloon.

“Okie.” She said as he practically shoved the untied knot at the end into her plump lips.

This time, Michael watched as his sweet and formerly innocent girlfriend was inflated like a balloon, both breasts expanding tightly, making very round and shiny tits. Her nipples took on a rubbery quality and he grew harder than ever just watching.

“And this one!” He said as soon as the green balloon fell to the floor.

Ashly took in all the gas from the last one, her eyes rolling back, her body looking hotter than ever. She looked like a true bimbo, and one with the fakest tits ever. As soon as the last remnant of a balloon fell from her lips, Michael tackled her.

He groped at her tits, squeezed into her thick hips, ran fingers through her hair. And then he brought her down to the floor, rolling her over and pulling her up on her hands and knees. He grunted madly as he lifted up her dress and ripped her panties off. He dropped his own pants to the carpet and forgot all about the camera. He had plenty of time for that later.

“Oooh... hurry, like fuck me!” Ashly whimpered.

Michael grabbed his cock, wasted no time in foreplay, and simply slammed it into Ashly’s tight cunt. He began battering her harder than ever, listening to the rubbery slaps of her huge tits, each of which nearly reached the floor.

“Ohhh fuck.... ohhhh!” He moaned, having never felt this out of control before. She was intoxicating now, as much so to him as his cock was to her simple mind.

“Oooh!” She squealed, nearly crushing his cock inside her as she climaxed.

Michael hardly could take anymore. He lowered over her back, reached around and pinched her nipples, then exploded deep inside. He shook as he felt rope after thick rope of seed spray inside Ashly. It kept shooting deep into her belly, until eventually he fell back, rolling off her.

Ashly remained on all fours, her eyes closed, her tits horribly stretched and looking like some dirty porn model. Michael grinned, seeing his cum practically gushing from her well-fucked cunt. He knew he’d be getting lots of use from that in the months ahead.

Fifteen minutes later, Michael found himself leaning up against the dining room wall, sitting on the floor. Ashly was hunched over in front of him, licking and sucking at his cock, desperate to make it hard again, desperate to get more of him inside her. He smiled a blissful smile as he reached out and rubbed at her body.

Sure, he thought, he might have to explain things to her family, and her social life might take a hit. But there was little doubt in his mind, he’d given Ashly one hell of a birthday blowout.

The End ;)