The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Attempted Takeover

Four hours before the early shift started…

Nathan Stokes thought to himself as he entered the office of Hagler, Dwight & Lewis. They were a firm of lawyers and Nathan was one of their rising stars. An ambitious, egotistical and powerful man, Nathan knew that talent could take you all the way to the top but if you could combine talent with the will to win and the desire to do whatever it took to achieve your goals, you were unstoppable. His early morning arrival which no-one would be aware of was a result of having to do whatever it took. In this case, terminating the threat that one particular colleague placed on his promotion to the Board of Directors in roughly six months time. Lucinda Browning was a high achiever who had impressed many of the firm’s senior lawyers since she started work at the practice three years previously. Nathan too had watched her progress and didn’t like the potential threat she posed. He knew that she too was aiming to be in line for the promotion to the Board and that meant that she had to take a fall because only one person was going to join the board and that person was Nathan Stokes.

Lucinda’s fall was the reason for Nathan’s arrival. Over the past year he’d been looking for weaknesses in Lucinda’s defences and two months ago he’d found them. Whilst she had razor sharp wits, devastating good looks, charm and an excellent memory, her I.T security wasn’t the highest. “And ain’t that a bitch honey?” Nathan chuckled to himself. Two months ago, Nathan had found out Lucinda’s passwords on the IT system as he rummaged through her desk (out of hours, naturally). He didn’t make use of them at the time but waited for the correct opportunity to arise. That moment was now, today, this morning, because at 11.30am, Lucinda was presenting on the Globetech case which was appearing at court in a week’s time. Globetech was a massive $40m lawsuit which Lucinda had spent the past ten months researching and would present to the Board later. Nathan’s plan was to wipe out everything relating to Globetech from the IT network alongwith the network’s backup tapes as he knew that all case notes were kept solely in the office (company policy). Lucinda wouldn’t be able to complete the research that this “disaster” would require within a month, let alone a week. She would stand to lose the case and all kudos within the firm. Then there would only be one other rival left for Nathan’s promotion and Nathan already had the dirties on him.

Nathan sat down at Lucinda’s terminal and waited whilst the PC switched on, making its customary sound effects as it did so. He experienced no elation as the terminal accepted Lucinda’s password and ID as the IT security at the firm was very poor. Well except for the security on his terminal, it was. Nathan had learnt computer security inside out a long time ago. Nobody was accessing his files in a hurry.

Entering Lucinda’s directory, it took a minute or two to accustom himself to her file organisation and to have a quick survey of what documents she had stored, after all he might gain a little knowledge from the excursion. Having found nothing outstanding he clicked onto the Globetech folder that would contain all of her research. Lucinda’s time at the firm was running out.

Suddenly the screen blinked and then, and Nathan found himself surprised and he was a man who wasn’t easily surprised, ever. The cause? On the screen in front of him was a film of Lucinda sat a satin covered bed in a very sumptuous room AND SHE WAS WEARING A NEGLIGEE.

“Shit! What the hell is going on here?” Nathan thought, suddenly she began speaking.

“Hello there my sexy little man. So you’ve made the right decision and paid to enter my very secret, very discreet and very entertaining website have you? All I can say is that the only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t come sooner but we’ll see all about coming shortly.” Nathan was temporarily dumbfounded to hear this but could only assume two things:

1. Lucinda had a discreet pay per view website (and they weren’t selling books on this website)

2. For some reason, she had put it on her server at work

Nathan could only assume it was either a massive mistake or some sort of dare. He knew Lucinda was a very attractive and sexy woman but wow, he didn’t realise she had this much front. Knowing he had arrived at a very early time and curiosity getting the better of him, Nathan just had to watch to see what was going to happen next. Lucinda looked to the camera watching her.

“Now you’ve decided to reward me by becoming a valued customer and its only fair that I should reward you, after all what are friends for and I already think of you as a friend.” Lucinda was mouthwatering to look at and Nathan had an uncomfortable feeling of butterflies in his stomach as he looked at her. She was a medium height brunette with slender, long legs that were currently covered in fine black stockings. In fact she was dressed all in black and as his gaze travelled up her legs and over the expanse of thigh, he saw that she was wearing small black undies. Above that was a black negligee which housed two full breasts which looked as if they would be firm to the touch. The tops of her breasts bulged out of her tight negligee and Nathan found himself hungering for Lucinda to open her top so that he could feast on the sight of them. She was wearing a black silk gown and was looking up at the camera with little innocent girl eyes, her long brown hanging behind her. He’d never seen this side to Lucinda in the office and Nathan could feel himself growing hard as he looked at her.

“Now friends play together and we’re going to have a nice little game now. I’m going to caress a part of my body and ask whether you like it or not and we’ll see if I can guess what your favourite part of me is. Now why don’t we start with my legs.” The camera panned down as Lucinda reached a hand down and started stroking her left leg at the calf, her fingernails were immaculate and painted dark red. Nathan looked forward into the screen. “Hmmm do you like my legs, they’re covered in these sexy, silk stockings, if only you could feel them, my fingers running over them. Feeling the silk and my smooth legs, up and down on my smooth, silk covered legs.”

Suddenly a flash occurred on the screen. It was only momentary, so Nathan didn’t notice it much and concentrated back on Lucinda. However after a few seconds the screen flashed again and the afterglow of the images settled in Nathan’s mind. The screen was white and there were stars and circles and other shapes all over the screen. “Must be some problem with the software.” Nathan thought. “Still better keep watching, this is seriously hot.” Lucinda continued.

“So now I’m just running my hand up to my thighs, do you like them? I think you do. Just imagine how it would feel to rub your hands over my stockinged thighs, up and down. Or maybe you’d like to rub something else on my thighs, you could brush it on my thighs so lightly and create a delicious friction. You could even rub it on my stocking tops and on the skin above my stockings. Would that be naughty? Is the thought of rubbing your cock on my thighs getting you hard?” All the while her hand rubbed up and down the outside of her thigh, keeping the same smooth rhythm.

By now the frequency of the white flashes on the screen were becoming more regular and without considering the matter in detail Nathan felt that whilst they originally flashed every thirty seconds or so, the frequency was now down to fifteen seconds. Still it wasn’t that disconcerting, a little relaxing if he was honest, and he was getting so damned hard for Lucinda, it was so early in the morning, he was considering…

“Now I know we’re both friends here and the more I talk to you, the closer I feel we become. I’m starting to feel a little hot here and I think you are too.” The camera looked back at her gorgeous face, she smiled suggestively before putting her finger at the corner of her mouth. “Why don’t you show me what a friend you are and take your dick out for me? I’m sure you’d like to and I’d really like it if you did.” Nathan gasped as he was just thinking the same thing. Lucinda continued, “Go on, get your big, stiff cock out and take it in your hands. Doesn’t that feel so much better, so much freer, so much more enjoyable. Now let’s keep playing our game.” The camera panned down to Lucinda’s breasts and Nathan hadn’t even considered the fact that his cock was now in his hand and his pants were around his ankles. It had just happened, just as the white flashes with the changing shapes and spirals were happening. Now all he was thinking about was Lucinda and his cock, he wasn’t even conscious of how relaxed he was feeling, nothing else mattered except Lucinda.

“Now look at my breasts, see how big and round they are. I would really love for you to be able to hold these just like this.” She gripped her tits at the side, rubbing her hands around the outside of each breast. “You could caress my breasts and feel how firm they are under this silk negligee. They’re just bursting at the seams, so firm but so soft at the same time. I hope you’re holding your cock right now, thinking about touching my breasts, about stroking them and rubbing them. Why don’t you start stroking your cock? I’d like you to. Just slowly, enjoy it, enjoy feeling your cock being rubbed up and down, up and down. Enjoy it and think about my breasts, clad in silk with you rubbing my tits with one hand and jerking yourself off with the other hand. Now don’t jerk off too fast. I want you to enjoy this. Think of my breasts in your hands, covered in silk and think of my nipples, they’ve gone all hard because I’m thinking about you with your cock in your hand, jerking off over me.” Nathan was lost now, the white flashes were dazzling and disorientating him but yet they didn’t register at all. Lucinda’s breasts were all he could concentrate on, that and the urge not to come yet.

“You keep playing with your cock while I tell you a little story. Look at my breasts and think about my hard nipples, I have to show you something and then I’ll show you my nipples too. I hope you’re not thinking about coming on my breasts and dribbling sticky come all over them. Not until I tell you to anyway.” Lucinda started to pull the top of her negligee down, exposing more breast and suddenly Nathan could see a small black tattoo on her left breast. Her voice continued. “A few years ago I had a boyfriend who treated me real bad. He was always bullying me but I stayed with him because he got me so horny and when I’m horny you can do whatever you like to me. Anyway this mean boyfriend took me to a tattoo parlour and made me have this tattoo on my left breast. Can you see how I’m rubbing my tattoo, its just above my nipple. Now in the parlour I asked the tattooist if the needle would hurt and they said “only a little bit” so I had the tattoo but I still feel it, even now. Its still sore but in a nice way and I love to touch it and rub my hand back and forward, back and forward, just like you are with your cock. The sensation it produces, it hurts but it makes me shudder because I like it and I get all wet. I’d be very grateful if you would rub my tattoo with your finger. You could rub it with one hand and rub your cock with the other. That’s it, just keep stroking your cock and rubbing my tattoo, rub it, rub it backwards and forwards. Oh that feels so much better I think I’d better get my nipples out. Now don’t come yet, keep stroking your big cock but don’t come….”

Nathan looked on spellbound as Lucinda pulled her negligee top down to expose her breasts, they were so full and round. Her skin was pale but her nipples were a beautiful shade of pink. They were round and currently stood out stiff. Lucinda’s finger moved from her tattoo down to her left nipple where her finger played with it, her finger circling her nipple and then squeezing it. The white flashes on the screen no longer existed to Nathan and yet they were now occurring every few seconds. In reality, he was becoming mesmerised.

“Ummm, I hope you feel as hot as I do right now. My pussy is getting really, really wet. Can you see my nipples, look at how stiff they are. That’s because I’m thinking of you with that stiff cock in your hand. I’m thinking of how much spunk there is in your balls and how you’d like to shoot it all over my pink nipples, over my firm, round breasts. Maybe you’re thinking of having my breasts in your hands, feeling how soft they are. Maybe you’d like to come over my belly or my thighs, covered in those silk stockings. Why don’t you stroke your cock a little faster…faster, faster. That’s it, stroke your cock for me. Come on, you’re not really trying are you? Come on and jerk off for me. Harder. Harder or I won’t show you my cunt. Would you like to come over my cunt? Would you? Well keep jerking that cock, jerk for me, harder now. I can see you, sat there with your cock in your hand, shooting your thick sticky come all over my pussy lips and groaning as you do. I can see you tossing yourself off, you must be going really fast now. You must be going really fast for me. That’s it, keep going, harder.” Lucinda looked slowly and deeply into the camera, a small smile playing out on the corners of her gorgeous mouth. The look of power and control in her eyes. She held Nathan in her grip and they both seemed to know it. She inhaled and continued, giving a filthy look to the camera as she did, a look that seemed to say “And now you’re mine”.

“Now you’ve been such a good boy, sat there, jerking off and thinking about me, I think I’ll let you look at my cunt now.” The camera’s view descended to Lucinda’s hips and pussy. Nathan felt that he couldn’t take anymore but then the pressure raised again as Lucinda grabbed hold of the straps of her panties. “My cunt is so wet under these panties, if I think of your bulging, spunk filled cock shooting its load over me any more, I’m going to come myself. My tight pussy is contracting and pulsing and I’m just thinking about your cock. Please keep jerking off, I need you to, badly. Oh these undies are so horny, they remind me of my mean boyfriend because he would force me to have rough sex with him. Whenever he wanted to fuck me, he’d throw me to the floor and rip off my knickers and just fuck me really, really hard. You wouldn’t do that to me would you?” She pulled her undies down and suddenly Nathan could see her pussy. He gasped as she pulled the lips of her pussy aside, lips that glistened with her wetness. Nathan felt his cock was about to erupt. “You wouldn’t push me on the floor and pull my panties to one side and shove your huge cock into my tight pussy would you? Not unless you wanted to and I wouldn’t stop you, not even if it hurt me with your hard cock driving into me. I like rough sex and you could fuck me hard any time you liked. You could be my mean boyfriend and just fuck me. Come on fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck my cunt really, really hard. Empty your balls into my cunt. Force your cock into me!” Lucinda was screaming now, her hips pistoning up and down. “Stroke harder on your cock, harder. Think of my tits, think of holding my tits and squeezing them, crushing them in your hands and fucking me. You can feel my nipples against your palms as you force your cock into my tight wet cunt. Jerk faster now, faster and think of my legs wrapped around your waist, of my stocking tops brushing against you as you fuck me, all that silk rubbing against you. Think of my hands on your ass, digging my nails into your ass whilst you fuck me, pinching your ass and taking all of you deep inside. I’m scratching your back now, its hurting you but it only makes you want to come more. Jerk faster, go faster, think of my firm tits and my cunt and my thighs rubbing against your hard cock, go faster, now let it all go, come, come, come in me, COME!!!”

Nathan screamed as he emptied his load all over himself, the PC and the desk in front of him. On the scale this was a 10 and the rest. It was the most intense sensation he’d ever experienced. He was breathing heavily at the intensity of the experience but as he came down and relaxed he found he had a problem. He couldn’t stop looking at the screen and now there was only the white flashes to look at. He could still hear Lucinda’s voice though.

“So you decided to try and hack into my files did you Nathan? Do you think you are the only one with knowledge of IT? I knew you had been tampering with my desk so I decided to leave a special little counter measure just for you, derived from my very exclusive website. Don’t you know that its women who really rule, men just think they’re in control just like you did, watching my film. But all the time I controlled you, I hypnotised you without you even noticing it and now you are mine to control and believe me, I will.” Panic spread through Nathan as a feeling of intense dread replaced the elation he had enjoyed only moments before. There was nothing he could do. He tried to stand up but couldn’t. He wanted to run away but was powerless to do so. His body was listening only to Lucinda.

“The penalty for anyone who crosses my path is to be my slave and follow my will. For now your immediate punishment is humiliation. You will need to get used to humiliation as I belittle all those in my power and believe me, I have many in my power. I think you are tired now so when I command you will go to sleep with come drenched all over you, ha ha ha.” Lucinda laughed wickedly. “You will only awake after you hear the voices of six different people so there will have been many witnesses to your untimely emission by the time you awaken.” Nathan wanted to scream, but he couldn’t. “When you do awake you won’t worry about tidying yourself up or pulling up your trousers. You will stand up and march as quickly as you can over to the office of our chief lawyer, Mr Hagler and tell him that you are a sex maniac and that you want to fuck him. Believe me with the appearance you’ll have, he won’t doubt you. At that point you will gain full control of yourself and remember nothing of what happened this morning. You will remember instead that you jerked off over the porn that will appear on this PC once it reboots and you’ve entered in your login and password. You then fell asleep because you were tired. You will be unable to deny what’s happened or say anything else in your defence. Right now a hidden program that I installed on the network is calling up porn images, some of them quite disgusting I must say, ready to install on your directory. Don’t worry, I hacked into your files last week so your security is no problem, master hacker. Now when you’ve left the firm you can contact me to receive further instructions and tell me all you know about any of the rivals I have for promotion to the Board of Directors. You will commence your call to me by saying “I am yours to command mistress” and believe me Nathan, I will. Now I think its time for this program to end and your imminent demise to begin. Go to sleep Nathan.”

Lucinda’s laughter echoed around the office as the computer began to restart. Nathan was unaware of this however as he was already fast asleep.

Three and a half hours before the early shift started…