The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: theobedientboy


Email Status: Valid as of June 2011

Story Codes Added Updated
Homosexual Indoctrination mc mm bd ds 19 Jun 2011 26 Feb 2012
Homosexual Indoctrination: Liberty Man Versus Lady MindTaker mc mm mf md fd cb 17 Aug 2013
Homosexual Indoctrination: Spring Semester mc mm ma ds 30 Mar 2013 21 Jun 2014
Homosexual Indoctrination: The Possessor Possesses Liberty Boy mc mm cb bd ds 15 Feb 2014
Homosexual Indoctrination: Winter Break mc mm ma in ds 04 Aug 2012
The Tames mc mm ds 31 Aug 2013 21 Sep 2013
The Tames II mc mm ds 05 Jul 2014