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Awakening Blood

Synopsis: Beth is concerned about her son Brian. Is he going to turn out alright?

All character in this story are eighteen years of age or older

Brian sat in class, shifting. Somethings had seemed odd these past few days… ever since he’d turned eighteen.

He knew his mom had been agitated too. As a senior now he knew it was time to step up more and be the man of the house. But his mom had seemed more nervous than before. She had mentioned a word.. “Manifestation”.

Brian chewed on a pen as he thought about that… Then he tried to concentrate…

But what was that smell?

Lisa Robinson leant forward. She had the desk immediately in front of Brian. As she leant forward Brian got a hit of that odour… “Fuckkkkk!” he said to himself.

It was…like the most amazing perfume he’d ever known.

Lisa rummaged in her bag and took out a small zip-bag.

She got up, apologising to the teacher.

Brian found himself following, not even dare he was doing so. Ignoring the teacher Mrs. Brown altogether…

Lisa half-jogged down the corridor and then went into the girls bathroom.

Brian found himself following and only realised where he was when he heard the stall door shut.

“What the hell?” he said to himself.

But that delicious perfume…

He climbed onto the toilet of the stall next to where Lisa was and he looked over to see her, knees apart draw out a small applicator…

She positioned it between her legs… Then she felt a drop hit her head.

Brian was salivating.

“What the fuck, Brian!” she spat.

His eyes seared into hers…

“I…?” she gasped.

More animal instinct than anything else Brian climbed into the stall.

“I… I want this…,” he drooled.

“Yessss” she sighed, leaning back onto the toilet, unable to resist his will.

He got down onto the tiles, on his knees, opening her legs wider… the red sauce drooling from her inviting…

His tongue pushed into her and he tasted the most wonderful ambrosia he’d ever known.

He lapped at Lisa.

“Ooooooo,” Lisa cried. His tongue lashed against her slit… It was bliss.

After a few moments he realised what he was doing. “Fuckkkkk,” he gasped as he stood up.

“Pleaaaseeee!”, Lisa moaned “Don’t stopppp!”

He licked his lips. Her blood, the taste still on his tongue… and now he felt a surge of energy pouring through him.

He felt it too… his cock… it grew bigger… Not erect, no, still flaccid it grew longer, thicker. His muscles… they seemed to stretch his clothes..

“What the fuck?” he gasped. He turned, opened the cubicle door and ran… Even as Lisa moaned calling him back to her to continue to drink.

He ran, and as he did he realised too he was running faster than he’d ever run before… He ran out the school, in a single bound he jumped over a car that pulled up in front of him and he began to run when he heard his mom…

Brian turned to see his mom, Beth standing at the open door of her car.

“Brian… come back!” she called.

He turned to her “What’s happened to me?”

“You… you need to come to me,” she said.

“What’s going on?” he asked as he walked back to her

“Let mommy explain…,” she urged, “Come, let me take you home…”

“Please… what..?”

“Please honey, get in the car… It.. It will be alright…”

He got in

She got in.

“Honey, it’s… there’s nothing wrong with you…,” she said.

“Mom.. I… What’s…?”

He realised now his cock was getting hard. He could smell her… He knew it was her sex. It was… different to the odour Lisa had…

“Oh, baby!” she smiled and she reached over and undid his zip.


“Shhhhh” she cooed as she pulled his cock from his fly

“I’ve been waiting for so long for you to manifest…,” she said and she took him into her mouth.

“Mom?” he gasped as she bent over him.

He relaxed as her lips took in his cock.

“Mmmm-mmm-mmmm,” she moaned as she sucked him.

“Oh, mom!” he gasped.

Suddenly he felt his balls tighten and then… he exploded come into his mom’s mouth.

“Mm-mm-mmm-mm,” she purred as she gulped his load down…

“Mom?” he gasped as she slurped up the last of his come…

“Oh, honey!” she laughed, “You’re one of us now…,”

“One of…?”

“A vampire..,” she smiled leaning up and kissing him on the forehead… “I knew you’d be the one…,” she smiled as she tucked his cock away.

“What…?” he gasped “I…?”

“Oh, baby…. You… me… We’re vampires…,”


“Yes, honey” she said as she clicked on her seat belt.

“Buckle up, honey” she smiled brushing back his hair “I’ll explain it all on the way home…,”

And so she explained how she’d had several pregnancies over the last ninety years, always hoping one would manifest vampire qualities… and how she’d been so disappointed.

What happened to…?”

She got rid of them… They were prey… Humans! They were not worthy of a life with her…

How many?

She didn’t want to say.

She felt that with Brian there was signs that he would… but… it had taken so long. She’d almost got to the point of terminating him too

They got home. In the garage as soon as the door closed behind them she embraced him and kissed him passionately.

“We are going to have so many babies…,” she smiled


“I… I needed another vampire… a male..,” she smiled “I… I wanted so much to build up our race again…I… I mated with many guys but… they… they all produced vermin… But… I knew… I knew if I kept going one would manifest… One would be a male… And we can mate…”


“Yes, honey…,” she said as she caressed his cock. “You will impregnate me again and again…,”


“I know… this… this is all so fast…,”


“Come…,” she smiled “I have a surprise…,”

She took him by the hand and playfully lead him into the house.

His cock was still rock hard and his could smell his mom’s pussy perfume… she was wet.

In the living room were his cousins (by his human father) Eliza, and Shell (Michelle), and their mom Gina.

They were naked, but bound and gagged, and their bindings were attached to hooks in the floor.

(Beth had driven these in earlier just with the strength of her hands).

“These are for you…,” Beth smiled when she saw her son’s quizzical look.


“You’re going to own them…,”

“Own them?”

“Yes… I can’t do it… only a male vampire can…,”

“What’s that?”

“I can mesmerise prey for short periods but a male—if you come in them your DNA will change them into minions…,”

“What… the…?”

“They’ll be your slaves… to fuck, to feed from to… well anything you want really…”

He looked at them.. He’d know them all his life. There they were crying, pleading through gagged cries for his mercy…

Ane he could smell their cunts too… Not as delicious as his mom’s but still.. drawing him.

He went to Gina and as he did he drew off his pants. She tried desperately hard to get away and her daughters cried in muffled pleas for their mom.

Brian paused and looked to his mom, who was now naked. It was as if he was looking for.. permission?”

“Go on…,” she urged “Take them! They’re only humans.”

He spread Gina’s legs. She shook hard as one giant effort to get free again. He moved between her and pushed his cock into her. She let out a cry of pain as he opened her up wide…

“Fuck her, Son…,” Beth urged. He heard a sloppy sound and turned to see her fingering her juicy pussy as she watched her son rape for the first time…

Brian pumped his cock in and out of his aunt. She squirmed in pain with each thrust of his massive cock.

“Fuck her harder, Son!” Beth cried.

“Oh, fuckkkk!” he cried as he came…

“That’s it baby!” Beth cried out as she fingered herself to peak…

As he came in Gina a calmness washed over her… Brian could see her eyes… a more sedate look.

“She’s yours now…,” Beth said as she came forward and with just her strength broke the bonds holding Gina.

Gina made no attempt to flee.

Truly she was now submissive…

Beth tore Gina’s gag free.

“Oooooo,” Gina sighed.

Beth pulled Gina’s long hair back and bit into Gina’s neck. Gina gasped as two sharp fangs penetrated her flesh.

Beth sucked and the drew away… “Go ahead, Son…” she urged.

He felt his own canines extend and he leant into Gina and bit into her.

“Ooooooohhhhhh,” she sighed as he fed…

His DNA had poisoned her… making her his slave… and she sighed appreciatively as he fed from her…

He stood up, now realising his mom was on her knees sucking her son’s come as it leaked from Gina’s open pussy…

Seeing her hips swaying he got down behind his mom and began to push into her.. into her ass.

She stopped him, and reaching back took hold of his cock and then she guided it into her pussy…

“I wanna fuck your ass… Mom!”

“You can do that later, baby” she said looking back to him, and slurping up a drooling slither of his sperm… “But I need you to impregnate me first…,”

“Okay, Mom” he relented.

She smiled and then turned back into Gina and resumed eating her out…

After he took his other cousins and made them his slaves too. And… he got to fuck his mom in the ass as well…

With his blood awakened and the manifestation process finished he was now his full vampire self… And now he had three slaves, and a hot mom all willing to fuck him…

What could go wrong?

The End