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The Baby Sitter and The Unethical (?) Therapist

This all started about six years ago. My ex-wife (the bitch) and I have two girls who at the time were eight and six. She made sure I got them every other weekend so her and her new husband (her ex-lover) who lived in our old house had the freedom to fuck in every room in the place. I know because she made sure she told me. Don’t get me wrong I still believe I was a good husband and good in bed, I guess I was just not as good looking or in as good a shape as her personal trainer (yes, that’s what he did).

After three years of self imposed celibacy I was dating again. That was when the bitch showed her truly evil side, she knew I arranged my dates for the weekends when my girls were with her so she came up with emergencies and last minute trips to ruin my social life. So I had to either give up my social life or ignore my children. The last thing I wanted was fro them to grow up like their mother. So I had to find a baby sitter. Believe me it was not any easy proposition. It had to be someone who was affordable (child support) someone who my girls liked someone who would be a good role model (i.e. minimal piercing etc) and whose parents would allow sitting for a divorced male. There were only three, two of which were flops leaving me with Annie. A real tomboy and she looked it never combed her hair no makeup and best of all no piercing. I understand she wanted to be called Andy for a brief time. She was almost 14 and looked younger, perfect not to old and not boy crazy (yet). The girls loved her, I loved her and things settled back down. That is until my dating dry spell.

About two years later I had a summer where I could not get a date to save my life. On the positive side the girls and I really enjoyed our summer. I had them almost every weekend and we really loved it so much so that we never needed or wanted a sitter. When the bitch realized that the girls and I were truly enjoying our time together she cut us back to every other week and even planned a few trips on my weekends. Come fall I met this new lady and was spending a lot of time with her. My youngest let it slip (not her fault) and poof as if by magic they were spending more time with me. Suddenly I needed a sitter and was praying that Annie was still available.

Only Annie wasn’t Andy any more she was hot Annie. While before she was attractive she did her best to hide it and her d-cup chest. The little girl was now looking like a young and very hot woman. She wore her hair in a very fashionable style, makeup, soft pastels, and the whole changeover. At least she only wore two earrings in one ear and three in the other, no other places were pierced and she was showing a whole lot of skin so I knew. Next thing I know she was talking makeup with my girls. If anything they loved her more than ever.

Once more things settled into a comfortable rut. Everyone except the bitch was happy. Than disaster struck, I came home one night and Annie said she needed to talk to me. Her father said her grades were just not making it and she would have to either give up her social life or her sitting jobs.

“How many sitting jobs do you have Annie?”

“Just yours I already let the others go, I just love the girls and you have always been nice remember last year you helped me with those math problems.”

“How about if I help you study, after I get back?”

“That would be wonderful but I might as well face it I’m just not getting it, I don’t know what’s wrong with me I just cannot concentrate, maybe I have ADD. Before long I will have no job or social life.”

“Have you tried relaxation exercises to focus your concentration?”

“What are those?”

“’s kind of like self hypnosis. It helps you focus on what your doing and blocks out the distractions.

“Do you know how to hypnotize people?”

“...Yes.” I could see where this was going and I did not like it.

She made up her mind. “I want you to hypnotize me. I want you to help me focus my concentration and do better in school.”

“This is not a good idea Annie. In fact it is a very bad idea, lets get you home.”

“No.” She actually stamped her foot and had a very stubborn look on her face. “I want you to help me and you can I know you can so help me...please! Look I have my books right here you can do whatever you do and than I will study, if it doesn’t work at least we tried and if we don’t try...well than I can’t sit for you any more.”

She really had me over a barrel. Not only was she the only sitter the girls liked she also charged a lot less than one or two others I had used in emergency situations. I got out the pendulum and lowered the lights. I was in such trouble; I could get my license suspended for treating someone underage without consent. “You can never tell anyone about this Annie, I could lose my license for treating you without parental consent.”

“I will never tell and the last person I would tell would be my dad don’t worry Dr. Dicker I will not tell a soul.”

“This will only work if you trust me completely Annie. Look at the Pendulum Annie. Do you trust me?”

“Yes...of course I trust you, you are always...nice to me.” She was already fading; she must be an excellent subject.

“Just concentrate on the Pendulum and my voice, see it moving back and forth hear only my voice. Already your eyelids are growing heavy. They are getting heavier and heavier. You are having trouble keeping them open, it feels like your lids are being dragged down over your eyes, you try to keep them open but you can’t. Hear only my voice, listen only to my voice, follow my words, and hear only my words.”

Her eyelids were slits she was ready for the next step. “Annie your eyes are closing, closing they are closed. You can’t open them they are glued shut. Nothing can force them open nothing can release them except my voice. Only I can allow your eyes to open. You will try but you will fail they will never open unless I tell you to open them. Annie can you open your eyes?”

“No they won’t open, they can’t open.”

“Will you try to open them?”

“I can’t, I can’t what’s wrong why wont they open?” Panic was in her voice now as she struggled to open her eyes she lifted her fingers to try and force her eyes open.

“Stop! Relax!” She did. “Annie you are safe your eyes will open all I need to do is order you to open them. Do you want me to order you to open your eyes.?”

“Yes, please order me to open my eyes.”

“Annie in a little while I will order you to open your eyes, when I do you will open your eyes, you will be able to do this with almost no effort since I ordered you to do so. You will not awaken your eyes will be open but you will still be in a trance. Do you understand and do you want to obey?”

“Yes, please order me I want to obey you.”

I turned her to face me. “Annie I order you to open your eyes and look at me, you will see only me.” She opened her eyes with a look of relief. “How does it feel to obey me and be able to do anything I say Annie?”

“Wonderful, thank you for ordering me to open my eyes. I want to obey you.”

“Very good now we are going to do some exercises to help relax you and allow you to focus and concentrate.”

“First when I tell you to you will close your eyes and count from 100 down to zero. Every time you reach a number divisible by ten you will open your eyes and look at me. When you do that you will say the following: I will focus only on your orders, I will listen only to your orders, I will follow all of your orders, I will obey all of your orders. You will repeat that three times and than resume counting down.”

“As you count you will go deeper and deeper into your trance each time you make your statement you will say it with more conviction and belief than before. By the time you reach zero those statements will have become absolutes for you. Do you understand Annie?”

“Yes, I will count backwards and will say and believe the words as directed.”

“Than you can begin.”

“100, 99, 98...”

It took a while before she completed her instructions. Finally she was done. “Annie, will you obey me without question or hesitation?”

“I must obey all of your orders.”

“Will you do anything I say, if I told you to go home get your father’s gun and rob a bank would you do that?”

“I...I...” Her body was tense and she looked ready to hurl.

“Its ok Annie relax, I didn’t tell you to do it, relax.” She did. “Ok Annie let’s do another exercise but before we do I have some questions for you. Do you trust me?”


“Will you obey me?”


“Do you want to obey me?”


“Its ok Annie, relax and we will begin your next exercise. When I tell you to you will close your eyes and count from 100 down to zero. Every time you reach a number divisible by five you will open your eyes and look at me. When you do that you will say the following: I want to obey only your orders, I will obey only your orders, I need to obey only your orders, I will obey you without question or hesitation. You will repeat that three times and than resume counting down. As you count you will go deeper and deeper into your trance each time you make your statement you will say it with more conviction and belief than before. By the time you reach zero those statements will have become absolutes for you. Do you understand Annie?”

“I understand and obey.”

This time when I asked her she said she would rob a bank with out any sign of hesitation. It looked like I was in complete control. “Annie whenever I say, “Annie look into my eyes’ you will be compelled to do so and you will return to the deepest trance I have ever placed you in, do you understand?”

“Yes I understand.”

“Good now lets focus on your homework.” What you were thinking I planned to fuck her now that she was under my control. Well you are wrong. It worked great her grades went up and eventually she was able to focus without being under. We still continued her sessions for another 18 months than the bitch struck again. She was moving out of state and taking my girls with her. So of course there was no reason for Annie to come over my place. We had one last session where I told her that only I could hypnotize her and I sent her on her way.

Well my social life went into a spiral after that, if I wanted to see my girls I had to fly them into see me. I was almost at the point where I had to sell my house. Finally things were going my way again. The bitch had started screwing around again and her now second ex had tossed her out. She came back with her tail between her legs and actually had the nerve to suggest she live with me for a while. I told her where to get off. She tried to get the child support raised so she would not have to work but for once the judge saw the truth of the situation and told her to get a job. She asked what about the girls his reply was that if that was her concern they could live with their father. Life was good but they no longer needed a sitter and in fact I had not seen Annie in several years. I knew she was in college somewhere.

Than over spring break, the bitch took the girls with her latest looser to Disney World. Once again I was alone and she knew I had taken off from work that week to be with my girls. Some things never change. Little did the bitch know but it was the best thing she could have done. I was in the store looking for a few items when this drop dead stunning young lady rushed over to me and crushed her ample tits into me giving me a big hug and a kiss.

“Dr. Dicker it is so good to see you, I really missed you.”


“Of course its Annie, how have you been, how are the girls, do you still live in the same house I would love to come over for a visit.” There was more along those lines I was finding it difficult to concentrate. How often does a forty something divorced male have a playboy centerfold type gushing all over them? She insisted that she follow me home in her car.

When we got to my house she told me all about school and how well she was doing and how she owed it all to me and my help. Than she began to talk about her boy friend and how wonderful he was.

“Annie, look into my eyes.”

She stopped like she had run into a truck. “I hear and obey master.” I had added that response after a few months it used to get me so hard, many times after she would leave I would go to my room and jack off thinking about her.

“Annie, who do you obey?”

“I obey only you master.”

“Annie, who do you serve?”

“I serve only you master.”

My con trolls were still in place. Now for something I had never done before. “Annie, stand up and remove all of your clothing and show your master your naked body.”

“Yes master.” She removed her clothing doing a kind of strip tease allowing me full view of her body. I noticed she still stayed away from piercing and had no tattoos. I guess some post hypnotic suggestions still worked. She was not shaved but her pussy was trimmed short and neat. I examined her in detail than ordered her to redress. I gave her several post hypnotic suggestions and we resumed our conversation.

“Enough about me Dr. Dicker, by the way what is your first name, I think I am old enough to call you y your first name.”

“Its Richard or Rick.”

She giggled. “You mean your parents named you Dick Dicker? I’m sorry but that is mean, did you get teased a lot when you were in school?” She now looked concerned for my feelings and how she must have been thinking how it must have been for me.

“Don’t worry Annie, as soon as I reached the high school with those communal showers the kidding stopped and when the girls found out the number of dates I had made up for the teasing I got when I was younger.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Lets just say that I am rather well endowed.”

She smiled looking interested and the lack of inhibitions around me suggestion was certainly working. “Just how well endowed are you Dick?” She moved her hand onto my thigh.

“Well if you must know between nine and ten inches”

“Can you prove it?” She said in a sultry voice.

“Well its not always that way.”

Her eyes were focused on my bulging pants. “I think it is now, why don’t you show me put your money where your mouth is, or better yet put my mouth where your package is.”

“What about your boyfriend that you were telling me about?”

She was busy unzipping my pants but took time to answer before she pulled me out of my underwear. “He is nice but is only about five inches long. I always wanted to see what a big one was like and besides I owe you for all the help you gave you’re enormous...ummm and yummy.” Only slurping sounds came out from her after that.

She really was quite expert it looks like waiting until she was just shy of 20 had been worth it, not that she seemed shy about anything at this point. I began to feel up her tits as she sucked and licked. She stopped just long enough to pull her top off leaving her in a short skirt and a lacy red bra. I shifted to her crack rubbing her ass and her pussy through her damp panties. I pulled up her skirt yep they matched the bra. I began to press harder as she increased the tempo on my cock her mouth moving up and down like a piston wet slurppy sounds originating from the area of my dick. I was getting desperate for a taste of her. I shifted on the couch to a prone position and dragged her legs over me so that her panty-covered crotch was directly over my face. I pulled the fabric aside and buried my face in her young lust drenched pussy.

She moaned and pressed urgently into my mouth somehow increasing the tempo on her sucking. She came moaning and pressing down on top of me I came seconds later we both bucked in pleasure. I think she drank in every drop. I’m not sure I think I almost blacked out from a lack of oxygen. Anyway I never saw any trace of it later.

“I’ve got to have you,” I said hoarsely as I got out from under and pulled her over the arm of the couch her legs dangling down her ass at the highest point. I pulled her soaked panties off and pressed my still rocked hard cock to her wet pussy lips. She said nothing but shifted and reached back to help guide me in. Once in I slid carefully deeper into her I knew from experience that the first time someone of my size was in a woman it could be uncomfortable.

“More,” she moaned, “put it all in me all the way.” I slid in the remainder of the way until I could feel my balls touching her body. She grunted but began to move trying to get me to fuck her harder. I was more than willing to oblige. Soon I was pounding into her for all I was worth. I did my best but only held out for three orgasms before she could reach her fourth I once again spewed deep inside of her, this time in her pussy.

“Oh I should have pulled out, you might get pregnant.”

“Nothing to worry about Dick...Rick I’m on the pill but I think I better go use the bathroom to clean up, otherwise I will be dripping your cum for the next few hours. I did not know it was possible for one man to deliver so much.”

She left me sitting there while she went to clean up. I had no desire the remove the scent of her from my body, especially my cock. In fact I made no move to even put my pants back on. When she came back in the room she took one look at me and picked up my underwear and pants.

“Please get dressed so you can see me to the door.”

I did and followed her to the door when I went to kiss her she did not allow my tongue to enter her mouth but I could taste mint she must have used my toothbrush. She stepped back. “When will I see you again Annie?”

“Believe me Rick I love your cock and your mouth and what they can do to me but I have a boyfriend and besides you’re what 45 to my 20.”

“That’s 39 and I never said I wanted you to move in with me, just do more of the same.”

“Well I can’t I’m afraid if I do I will become addicted to you and besides a few more times of you fucking me like that and your cock would be the only cock my pussy would be able to want or enjoy.” She went to kiss me again and turned to open the door.

“Annie, look into my eyes.”

“I hear and obey master.”

“It’s to late for you now Annie you’re already addicted to my cock. You can’t help yourself you will dream of me tonight and finger yourself to orgasm but it will not be enough, you will be back tomorrow looking for more, no matter how hard you try no matter what you tell yourself you will keep coming back for more. Your addiction will grow stronger and stronger your need for my cock ruling your every action. You will find yourself needing to please me wanting to serve me. Do you understand?”

“I hear and obey master.”

“Wake up Annie.”

“Like I said it was great fantastic even, I’ve wanted to do something with you for years and now I have.” She gave me a quick kiss with just a hint of tongue moaned and dashed out the door.

The next morning there was a knock at the door. It was before eight and I was just dressed and out of the shower. I looked out and it was Annie. She wore a pair of faded jeans and a tank top.

“Good morning Annie, how are you doing you look a little tired did you have trouble sleeping last night.”

She seemed dazed at the barrage of questions. “I...I wanted to see you to um talk to you, you know.”

“Not really that has got to be the worst sentence I have ever heard you put together perhaps your sick.”

“I’m not sick I’m horny, I was up half the night fingering myself thinking of what you...we did! I want more, no I need more...please.” She was sounding desperate and almost pressing her young breast into me.

I don’t think she bathed either last night or this morning. “Tell you what Annie why don’t you go home, take a shower put on some fresh clothes and brush your teeth. Come back in an hour or so when you are more presentable.”

She looked dejected but turned to go. “Annie.” She turned back eagerly her eyes lighting up.

“What do you sleep in?”

“A pair of panties and a tee shirt, why.”

“Are you wearing the panties you wore when fingered yourself last night?”

She blushed and nodded an affirmative.

“Come in take them off give them to me put your pants back on then go get cleaned up.”

She did as she was told, looking expectantly when she was nude hoping I would change my mind and fuck her right there in the front hall. I shook my head and she reluctantly pulled her jeans on. She slumped out looking defeated even to her very walk.

I called out to her; she turned to see me sniffing her panties. “You would do well to hurry before I decide to find someone else to occupy my day.” She practically ran to her car and sped off down the street.

Less than an hour later she was at the door looking like she was ready for a night on the town not a morning screw. I let her in.

“What about your boyfriend?”

“What about him, I’m just here for the sex you told me yesterday you had the week off. Well at 5:00 am this morning I decided I was going to screw you until your cock fell off, my pussy died, or I had to back to school, whichever comes first.”

I could tell she was serious, she had told her dad she was going to stay with a friend for a few days. Her bags were in the car. I made her put her car in the garage before I would screw her again. She reluctantly agreed.

So that is pretty much how the week went, we sucked and fucked day and night. I had her in and out of trances the whole time. By the time she needed to get back home for a day before she left for school whatever part of her wasn’t my eager willing obedient slut no longer existed. She wanted to drop out of school and move in with me, she was barely capable of even calling me Rick; most of the time it was some term of endearment or it was just master. I owned her. She was crying when I sent her home. She begged me to let her stay. As it was I agreed to let her visit me every weekend she could.

I am looking forward to summer. My slave Annie will be with me full time. Her boyfriend is history. I have given her a summer job interning with me. I am not sure how long it will take to get her therapist license but she wants to be with me full time. I may just end up marrying her I may have to I’m not entirely sure the pill is doing its job.

On an even brighter note, I accidentally hypnotized the bitch last week.