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The Babysitter

mc mf md

Summary: Mark’s childhood crush and former babysitter is hired to watch his baby brother for New Year’s Eve. What could possibly happen?

CHAPTER 1 : Confessions

The doorbell rang.

Mark emerged from his bedroom wondering if it was his ride. Reaching the top of the staircase, he paused to look down at the front door. He could make out a thin white figure through the doorway’s decorative glass window. It definitely wasn’t Ben.

The click-clack of high heels approached from the dining room. Mark’s mother appeared a moment later holding her purse. She briefly glanced outside before pulling the door open. A young woman wearing jeans and a white puffy ski jacket stood in the doorway.

“Kristen, it’s good to see you! Come in before you catch a cold,” Mark’s mother insisted.

“Thanks Mrs. Stone,” the girl responded with a smile. She stepped into the house and pulled her hood back. Light brown hair flowed free, falling just below her shoulders.

Feelings of confusion and excitement washed over Mark. What was Kristen doing there?

Mark’s mother continued, “I’m glad you were able to take the job on such short notice.”

“Not a problem. It will be just like old times,” Kristen replied. She took off her jacket revealing a thin tank top that hugged her body. She had an unusually slim waistline that pronounced a well-kept figure.

“Wow, look at you,” Mark’s mother commented. “It feels like just yesterday your mother was dropping you off to watch Mark. Now here you are, all grown up. Your mother mentioned you’re on break from college. How is that going for you?”

“It’s fine. Just one more semester until graduation,” Kristen replied.

“How is the job market for an aspiring actress?” Mark’s mother inquired.

“Horrible. A degree only gets you an audition these days. You still have to look like a model if you want any good parts. I spend as much time in the gym as I do on stage or in the classroom,” Kristen replied.

“When do you have to go back?” Mark’s mother asked.

“Classes resume after Martin Luther King day, but I’m actually heading back from here,” Kristen replied. “My car is packed up and ready to go. Speaking of which, I wasn’t sure if you needed me to stay one or two nights.”

“It should only be one night,” Mark’s mother began. “The grandparents are coming, but their flight home was canceled. We expect them to arrive tomorrow morning.”

“How old is the baby again?” Kristen asked.

“Nathen? He is 15 months.”

Mark’s mother turned and noticed Mark standing at the top of the stairs. Pointing towards him she spoke, “Hopefully you still recognize this one. Mark is heading out of town tonight with his friend Ben for some sort of New Year’s gaming convention. Maybe you guys can catch up before he takes off.”

Mark cringed at the introduction. Might as well have had “Nerd Virgin” stamped on his forehead. Still, he was proud of the fact that he had plans beyond staying home and playing video games.

Kristen looked up at him and gave him a slight nod. Mark had hoped for more, but her lack of enthusiasm wasn’t surprising given their last encounter.

Mark’s mother continued, “Nathan’s room is at the top of the stairs, first door on the right. He usually sleeps through the night. Follow me and I will show you where the food and other necessities are.”

The women disappeared into the kitchen.

* * *

Kristen propped her feet up on the living room sofa. Mr. and Mrs. Stone had taken off as soon as the tour was over. It was surprising to hear how much the baby slept, but she wasn’t complaining. A nice, low stress evening was exactly what she needed after her recent breakup. For better or worse, it looked like she would be single for New Years.

She hadn’t had much luck with guys. Finding dates wasn’t a problem. The issue was finding someone that could actually keep her interested. She had been in only one long-term relationship and suspected that one only lasted because he was her “first”. Every guy since lacked that something that kept the fire going.

Kristen stopped herself. Thinking about being single and possibly alone on New Years wasn’t improving her mood.

Looking for the remote, she noticed an old photo of Mark sitting on the end table. She couldn’t help but think about how much he had changed. Kristen hardly recognized him when Mrs. Stone pointed him out. Yet she knew the young man at the top of the staircase was the boy she once watched over. A fact that made the faint etchings of attraction feel wrong and out of place. And then of coarse there was the awkwardness of their last encounter.

Back when Kristen was Mark’s sitter, she had an interesting arrangement with Mrs. Stone. Kristen was allowed to have dates over after Mark went to bed. She was even allowed to use the shower to freshen up. A deal Mrs. Stone offered when Kristen turned 16, so she wouldn’t give up sitting for dating.

It was a good deal until the night it backfired. Kristen was halfway through a shower when she realized there was no wash cloth or towel in the bathroom. She knew there were linens just outside the door in the hallway closet, so she took a chance. She opened the door only to find Mark kneeling on the floor, watching her through the key hole.

Kristen could still recalled that moment. The rush of panic that swept over her. The world slowed down. She was wet, naked, and unable to move while her mind tried to figure out what was happening. Mark just sat there staring, as if nothing was wrong. The moment lasted mere seconds, but felt like an eternity. When she finally snapped out of it, she shouted “What the hell?!” and Mark scurried off to his room.

Kristen had a firm talk with him afterwards and shared some choice words. In the end, she said she wouldn’t tell his parents but that she was unlikely to return. His actions had proven he was getting too old for a sitter. It was the last time she saw Mark.

It was odd being back after so many years. The house and furniture had barely changed. In some ways it was like going back in time. She felt like a Junior in high school all over again. One thing was certain though: Mark wasn’t a child anymore.

* * *

Mark opened his closet and looked up at a row of souvenir boxes. He pulled out his cellphone and held down the number three. A few rings later, Ben picked up.

“I’ll be there in an hour,” Ben blurted out.

“We need to talk,” Mark said with a degree of urgency. “Remember the video I showed you of my old babysitter? The one I said was my first crush?”

“The young Barbara Palvin doppelganger? Who could forget?” Ben responded.

“Well, my parents just hired her to watch my brother this weekend. She is here,” Mark paused for effect, “And she is spending the night.”

Ben remained silent, acknowledging the gravity of Mark’s words. “I guess this means we’re leaving tomorrow?” he surmised.

“Is that cool with you?” Mark asked.

“Of coarse, but I expect all the juicy details on the way down. I’m guessing you plan on showing her the video?” Ben asked.

“That’s the plan. Assuming she will talk to me.” Mark replied.

“Why wouldn’t she talk to you?” Ben asked curiously.

“Something happened the last time I saw her that offended her.”

“What kind of something?” Ben probed.

“I got caught trying to watch her take a shower,” Mark admitted.

“You were a peeping-tom?!” Ben asked suppressing laughter, “How old where you?”

“I was 12. She was 16,” Mark replied.

“Well, you have to admit, that is pretty old to have a sitter. I mean, wasn’t she like 13 when she started watching you?” Ben remarked.

“Our moms are old friends. I’m pretty sure the whole arrangement was just an excuse for my mom to give their family money. That aside, I hope this video doesn’t put me in the creep category.”

“Peeping-tom or creep, I don’t think you have that far to fall buddy,” Ben noted. “Besides, it is not how you got the video but what is on it that matters.”

Mark spotted the shoe box. He glanced inside and pulled out an old flip cellphone. “Fine. Wish me luck. Oh, and I’m going to blame you for not leaving tonight. Hope you don’t mind.”

“What are friends for?” Ben replied.

* * *

Kristen was surfing T.V. channels when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. She hit mute and stood to see Mark off.

“I’ve got some news,” Mark said, rounding the corner.

Kristen looked at Mark and suddenly realized he was taller than she was. “What’s up?” she asked, suppressing a grin.

“I just got off the phone with my friend Ben. Something has come up and he can’t leave until tomorrow. Ben is my ride, so it looks like I’m stuck here as well,” Mark replied.

“I see,” Kristen responded. She felt her stomach sink. So much for a non-awkward, low stress evening. “Have you called your parents and told them?” she asked.

“Already done,” Mark responded, “I also asked them if they wanted you to stay. The answer was a resounding ‘Yes!’ No one knows when my grandparents will arrive and they don’t want to take any chances. Besides, I don’t think they trust me to watch Nathan by myself.”

“Have you called your grandparents to see where they are?” Kristen asked.

“I can’t. They don’t own a cell phone. So we have to wait for them to call us. Assuming they can find a pay phone.”

Mark motioned towards the love seat, “Do you mind if I watch T.V. for a while?”

“Go ahead. It’s your house,” Kristen offered.

Mark walked over to the seat and picked up a can of popcorn that was sitting on the floor nearby. Sitting down he piped up, “I’m just glad you’re here. Nathan owes you his life, whether he knows it or not.”

Kristen smiled at the comment. She couldn’t help but think what an odd weekend it was turning out to be. Stuck with Mark, the boy she caught outside her shower years ago. It sounded like the premise of a bad story. At least Mark seemed like he had matured into a nice guy. She could certainly think of worse people to be stuck with.

* * *

Mark pretended to watch the television while stealing glances at Kristen. He recalled a time when his daydreams would have contained nothing more than innocent flirting. A time when the most exciting thing he would have imagined was Kristen admitting some hidden, pent-up feelings for him or maybe holding his hand.

Now his thoughts lingered around Kristen’s tiny waist, her pronounced curves, and her gracious lips. Even her eyes had changed, possessing that self-assured independence that came with college life. The scenes playing out in Mark’s mind were anything but innocent.

His thoughts were interrupted by Kristen’s voice, “I’m going to get some water from the kitchen. Do you want me to get you a towel or something?”

Confused, Mark looked down and noticed bits of popcorn all around him. So much for impressing Kristen with his suave demeanor. “That would be great, thanks,” he replied.

He admired Kristen’s figure as she stood and walked away. She wasn’t kidding when she said the body of a model. He still couldn’t believe someone of her caliber was staying in his house. As soon as she was out of sight, he brushed the crumbs onto the floor and adjusted his pants so that any inappropriate thoughts wouldn’t stand out. At least the mess had provided a reason to break the silence.

Kristen returned a minute later and handed Mark a wet paper towel. She spoke as he began to clean up. “So how does it feel having a baby brother? Does Nathan steal all the attention?” she asked.

Mark looked up from the floor. “Yeah, but I don’t mind. If anyone is stressed out, it’s my Mom. I don’t think she intended to have a second child, but things happen, even when you are forty.”

“Speaking of your parents, where did they go? At Nathan’s age, I’m surprised they didn’t just take him along,” Kristen asked.

“They booked a seven day cruise to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary,” Mark replied. A moment later he added, “I admit, I was surprised to see you. I didn’t know my grandparents flight had been canceled. It must have been a last minute thing. Not sure what my parents would have done had you not taken the job.”

“Well I’m glad things worked out,” Kristen said sitting down.

Mark had dozens of questions he wanted to ask, but he knew he needed to address the video. He was searching for the right time to bring it up but concluded there would never be a right time. He just needed to make time.

Mark threw the kernel encrusted paper towel into the trash and grabbed the remote. Sitting down, he lowering the volume and turned to face Kristen.

“There is something I have been meaning to tell you,” he began.

* * *

“You did what?!” Kristen said with an air of disbelief.

“I hid a video recorder in the living room the last time you were here,” Mark clarified.

Kristen’s eyes narrowed, “Where did you get a video recorder? You were 12.”

“I found one of my dad’s old cellphones in the garage, sitting in a used electronics bin. It had built in video. I planted it in the living room after I heard you get into the shower,” Mark replied.

“And why would you do that?” Kristen asked.

“I knew when you took a shower, it meant your boyfriend was coming over. What can I say? I was young and curios and wanted to see what you guys did. I planted the phone and then stopped by the shower on the way back. You know the rest,” Mark replied.

Kristen couldn’t believe it. Just when she was beginning to think Mark was a nice guy.

Mark continued, “The reason I’m bringing this up now is because I captured something . . . unusual. I wanted to confirm that you were aware of what happened that night.”

“What are you talking about?” Kristen said, feeling her anger diluted by confusion.

“The boy you invited over did something to you. I think he hypnotized you. Whatever it was, it zonked you out while he touched you. Maybe that is your thing, but I wanted to make sure you weren’t some sort of victim,” Mark explained.

“Wait, wait, wait. You’re saying you have video footage that proves Brad did something to me that night?” Kristen asked.

“Who is Brad?” Mark inquired.

“Brad was my first boyfriend. But we never did anything here other than watch movies,” Kristen explained.

“So you don’t remember being hypnotized? Did he hypnotize you before that night?” Mark asked.

“Before we take this conversation any further, where is this video? Can I see it?” Kristen asked.

“Follow me. The phone is on a charger in my room,” Mark replied.