The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Babysitter

CHAPTER 2 : Good Intentions


Mark was pleasantly surprised to learn his old sitter Kristen was returning to watch his baby brother for New Year’s. He made arrangements to stay home an extra night so he could reveal a secret to her: The last time she was at his house, he planted a hidden camera in the living room that captured more than either of them could have anticipated.

Mark stood behind Kristen as familiar scenes unfolded on the cell phone’s tiny screen. He watched Brad’s arrival and some brief kissing before they sat down in front of the television. The movie started and they began kissing again. Then Brad groped Kristen’s chest.

Mark knew the scene well. Kristen pushed Brad away and moved to the love seat. Brad stood up. Kristen told him to stay on the couch. He smiled and mumbled something about hypnosis. Kristen began to protest but Brad stepped forward and muttered something into her ear. She froze mid-sentence. Her mouth hung open while her hand floated in the air. Brad walked around with a smug look on his face. He resumed fondling Kristen’s body. She stared off into space like her brain had been turned off. The last thing the video showed was Brad placing Kristen’s hands above her head and pulling her shirt up.

The screen went black.

Kristen remained quiet for a while, staring at the phone’s empty screen. “Is there more?” she asked.

“No. The phone ran out of juice,” Mark replied. He noticed she still seemed a little distant. “Are you okay?”

“Just thinking,” Kristen acknowledged.

“I had imagined a stronger reaction,” Mark admitted.

Kristen sighed, “Brad and I dated for years and got pretty close. I don’t plan on calling the cops if that is what you mean.”

“So it’s all cool then?” Mark asked.

“I’m actually more upset about the fact that I don’t remember any of this. I mean, if I don’t remember that night, then how many other nights do I not remember? If he could freeze me, could he have also manipulated my thoughts, my opinions?” Kristen paused and looked away from the phone, “I normally think of Brad as the one that got away, but now I’m not sure what we had.”

Her gaze returned to Mark with renewed anger, “You knew about this for almost six years and didn’t say anything?!”

“Whoa, it is not like that! The phone was dead and I didn’t know where the charger was. So I gave up and threw it back into the bin. A few years ago I ran into the charger while cleaning up the basement. By the time I watched the video, it had been years since I had seen you,” Mark explained.

“What did you do when you realized what was on it?” Kristen inquired.

Mark glanced at his bed. The second thing he did would have to suffice. “I showed it to my friend Ben. Don’t worry, he’s trustworthy.”

“That’s it?!” Kristen asked accusingly.

“Look, I took it upon myself to learn everything I could about hypnosis after seeing this. Based on what I learned, it was unlikely you were a victim. It was far more likely that I just happened to catch you guys doing some kinky role playing. But I wasn’t sure, so I kept it just in case. Now here we are.”

“Did you make any copies?” Kristen asked.

“No. There is no easy way to get media off these old phones without service,” Mark replied.

“Mind if I keep it?” Kristen asked clutching the phone.

Mark looked at her hand. It didn’t really matter what he wanted. “Consider it yours,” he replied, “What now?”

“I need more time to think. Let’s head back downstairs,” Kristen suggested.

* * *

“You have reached Tory. Leave a message and I . . . .” Kristen hit end on her cellphone. Three attempts and all had gone straight to voice mail. The irony was that her roommate was also home from school and lived just a few miles down the road.

Kristen was full of questions. Was the video an isolated incident? Did Brad have other triggers she didn’t know about? Had he been controlling her with hypnosis all along? And was it possible that she had once known about it? She wanted answers but didn’t have any.

Or did she?

Kristen stood up and went to the kitchen. She returned with a candle and a lighter. “Here, I want to try something and I need your help,” she said as she handed the candle to Mark.

Mark appeared surprised. “What are we doing?”

“You asked earlier if Brad had previously hypnotized me. The short answer is yes. He went through a phase where he became curious about hypnosis. To humor him, I let him try it on me one night,” Kristen explained.

“What happened?” Mark asked.

“I don’t remember. He put me under and a few hours later I woke up with a truth trigger,” Kristen revealed.

“A truth trigger?” Mark asked.

“It’s a special way Brad could ask me a question that forced me to answer and tell the truth,” Kristen replied.

“Why would he create such a trigger?” Mark asked.

“Because I told him he could. You see Brad was paranoid about me cheating on him. He also wanted to setup a post hypnotic trigger. So I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. Told him if he succeeded in putting me under, he could create a truth trigger to keep tabs on me. Now I want to see if it can be used by someone other than Brad.”

“You’re serious?” Mark replied. “What on earth for?”

“I’m hoping it can be used to answer questions about memories that have been suppressed. It is a long shot, but it’s the only thing I can think of right now.”

Kristen leaned forward and lit Mark’s candle. “Now, I need you to make eye contact with me through the flame and ask me how many triggers Brad created.”

Mark looked at the candle and then looked at Kristen. “So this is the special trigger?” he asked.

Kristen nodded.

Mark seemed a bit unsure, but finally held the candle up and looked into Kristen’s eyes. “How many triggers did Brad create?”

They held each others gaze for about ten seconds. Nothing happened.

Kristen piped up, “Oh yeah, you have to start the question with my name. Sorry, it’s been a while.”

Mark seemed skeptical. “Alright.” He held the candle up and looked into Kristen’s eyes again, “Kristen, how many triggers did Brad create?”

Kristen felt the tension rise as she waited for an answer, but no new memories surfaced. No words came from her mouth. Finally she relaxed. Either Brad was the only one who could use the trigger or she simply couldn’t answer the question. It seemed unfair; certainly, her own opinion and desires had to count for something.

Then “something” happened. She thought she was just settling down, but the calm was unnatural. She felt her eyelids falling. She tried to lift her arms in protest but they felt like rubber. A dull weight formed in her mind, swallowing up her thoughts. The room didn’t so much fade away as much as it simply ceased to matter.

* * *

Mark watched Kristen’s body sink into the chair. Her eyelids began to close but stopped halfway, leaving only the lower half of her pupils visible. She began to speak in a soft, calm voice. “Brad created three triggers.”

She remained motionless for about ten seconds and then stirred. She opened her eyes fully with an added look of confusion. “What happened?” she asked sitting up, recomposing herself.

Mark didn’t respond. Despite all he had read about hypnosis, he still thought of it like some fictional, almost magical phenomenon that only worked in stories. He had never witnessed anything firsthand. It was like reading a spell out of a fantasy novel only to have real sparks appear out of nowhere. Kristen’s reaction was a rush like nothing he had experienced. It also suddenly felt like he was in over his head.

Kristen’s brow furrowed, apparently curious as to why Mark wasn’t responding. He finally spoke up, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t expecting that to work. Maybe you should wait and do this with a professional that knows what they’re doing.”

“What do you mean?” Kristen asked puzzled. “Wait, did I . . . ? Did I answer the question?”

“Yeah, you said you had three triggers,” Mark replied, “Don’t you remember?”

“No. Did I say anything else? Did I explain what they did?” Kristen asked.

Mark shrugged his shoulders, “It was a specific question and you gave a specific answer.”

“Well I didn’t expect —that— to happen,” Kristen said. She shifted, looking around the room apparently gathering her thoughts.

After about a minute, Kristen’s gaze returned to Mark. “Look, I’m sorry for my lack of patience. It is going to be hard getting any sleep until I know more about this.” She sighed, “But I understand if you’re not comfortable. Hell, I’m not comfortable. I’ll try calling Tory again. If I can get her over here, I’m sure she will help me out. At least we know the trigger works!”

Mark took a moment to consider the situation. Was he really going to chicken out? A truth trigger that forced Kristen to answer questions; what was the worst that could happen? How many times had he fantasized about wielding some sort of power over Kristen. Was this not why he stayed home?

Mark felt a flicker of arousal as he recalled Kristen’s limp and vulnerable body answering the question. His courage began to return, even if it was for the wrong reasons.

“I’ll ask you one or two more questions if you think it will help you get some sleep,” Mark offered. “It is up to you. I figure it is the least I can do since I am the one that planted the camera.”

“Thanks,” Kristen said perking up. She looked around the room and rested her gaze on the coffee table. “I think I know how I want to do this.” She pulled out her smart phone. “We’ll make the question more general this time and I’ll record it.”

Kristen pressed a button on her phone and placed it on the coffee table facing herself. “Okay, ask me to reveal anything I know about Brad’s triggers, both consciously and unconsciously,” Kristen instructed.

Mark held up the candle. He felt excitement at the thought of Kristen relaxing again. “Kristen, what do you know about Brad’s triggers, either consciously or unconsciously?”

Mark could see the tension in Kristen’s eyes. Within seconds a familiar calm began to seep into her features. Her lips slowly parted and her face became slack. She once again began talking in a passive, detached voice.

* * *

Kristen blinked her eyes, they felt dry as if she hadn’t blinked in a while. She glanced at Mark. His expression was somewhere between astonished and concerned. “Did it work?” she asked.

“Yeah, but I don’t think you are going to like your answers. I doubt watching the video is going to help you sleep,” Mark warned.

“Is it really that bad?” Kristen asked.

“Yeap, pretty bad,” Mark replied.

Kristen was unfazed. She grabbed the phone and looked down at the screen. “Thanks for the warning.” She reached down and tapped the floating play button. “Oh, and thanks for helping me with this,” she said with a smile.

It didn’t take long before Kristen heard Mark’s voice from her phone. She looked down and watched her features go slack. Seeing herself in such a state was disturbing. Words were not easy for the entranced girl on the screen to say. They were minimal, cold and devoid of emotion or inflection.

“First trigger is the phrase ‘Freezer pop pals always play pretty’. Can’t move or speak when I hear it. Return to normal when I hear it again, but I forget everything that happens.”

Mark spoke up, “That must have been the trigger that Brad used on you in the video.”

It occurred to Kristen that it may not be safe to continue. What if the triggers could work through the phone? The idea was silly but interesting. What if she was already frozen? She imagined what it would be like if she couldn’t move. There was definitely emotion, but she couldn’t tell if it was arousal or panic.

“Second trigger is truth trigger that forces me to answer question. To activate, ask question looking through candle, starting with my name.”

And then it happened. Kristen tried to turn her head for the first time and found she genuinely couldn’t move. The more she tried, the more her body seemed to harden. She tried to speak, to let Mark know what was happening, but nothing worked.

She blinked regularly. She breathed normally, but she had no control over any of it. It was like someone else had taken the steering wheel.

Kristen felt her heart racing as panic set in. How was she going to get out of this? Certainly Mark would figure it out once the video was over. That gave her some comfort.

The entranced girl on the screen continued, “Third trigger is slave trigger. Become mindless. Obedient. Pretend to be awake, but remain deeply hypnotized. Kneel for master in favorite position.”

Kristen wanted to close her eyes and look away, but her gaze was locked on the tiny screen. Maybe the trigger was physical. Maybe it wouldn’t work since she was under the affect of another trigger. But what if it did work? She would be at Mark’s mercy. A hormone saturated teenager. The prospect was terrifying and ever so slightly exciting.

Her voice continued, “The phrase is ‘I dream of fuck toy always bringing suck joy’.”

Kristen held on to the moment, trying not to let it slip away. She imagined the pendulum of a grandfather clock coming to a stop. She was determined to hold the image in her mind, to stop time itself if that was what it took to hold on to her sense of self.

The room began to blur and she found her concentration waning. It felt like she was being towed underwater. Sounds became muffled, images became fuzzy and her body felt like it was floating.

The imaginary pendulum began to swing again, but now it was whittling away at her thoughts, each relentless stroke ripping away a piece of Kristen. She tried to resist by repeating a phrase in her mind. “I am Kristen and I am in control. I am . . . Kristen and I . . . I am . . . I’m . . . .”

She tried to think but the words were lost. All she could see now was the pendulum. Over and over it swung back forth until she forgot why she was fighting. She relaxed and gave in to the moment. She could no longer remember who she was or where she was. Only one thing was clear; she existed to serve and obey.

* * *

Mark was a bit confused. The video was over, but Kristen was still staring at the tiny screen with an intense concentration. Was she upset?

She finally relaxed a little, slowly lowering the cell phone into her lap. She lifted her head up and leaned back into the chair apparently staring at Mark. He waited for her to say something, but she remained silent. She began looking up as though following an imaginary object rising into the air. Her head soon stopped but her pupils did not. They rose up into the top of her head.

Mark backed away feeling a rush of panic at the sight.

Kristen had a mild convulsion. A slow surge starting from her groin and flowing into her hips. A second wave reached her chest. Her mouth opened as if she was having a slow and quiet orgasm. Kristen’s eyelids lowered with each wave, hiding what was left of her pupils.

The idea that Kristen might react to the phrases had crossed Mark’s mind. He had even considered warning her, but he just didn’t believe it would work. A truth trigger that gave someone an excuse to be honest and speak their mind was one thing. A trigger that turned someone into a mindless slave from a video recording; that was the kind of stuff that only happened in fantasies.

What was happening to Kristen couldn’t possibly be real. Mark began to doubt that it was even related to the trigger. Maybe Kristen was having a real seizure. Should he call the hospital?

The convulsions got further and further apart until they eventually stopped.

“Kristen. Kristen, you okay?” Mark asked nervously.

The room was silent.

“Kristen?” Mark probed.

He felt paralyzed. All he could do was stare at Kristen’s body and hope something would happen. Maybe she would wake up. Maybe he needed to shake her to help her snap out of it. If that didn’t work, he needed to call 911. But first, he needed to check her pulse.

Mark took one step forward and immediately stopped. Kristen’s eyes began to open. Her pupils had returned but her face was still slack. Mark took a deep breath. He was relieved to see her responsive. “Wow you really scared me there. I’m so . . . .”

Kristen began to sit up. Her mouth and face remained relaxed. Her eyes were open, but stared straight ahead at nothing.

“Kristen?” he said with a more concerned voice.

Kristen didn’t respond. She made her way to her feet. As she stood, her lips closed and the slack was replaced by determination. Her eyes continued looking straight ahead at nothing.

Mark knew it was the trigger, but he couldn’t wrap his mind around the idea that Kristen didn’t know what she was doing at some level. Denial was the only way he could cope with his emotions.

She was probably playing some sort of prank on him to teach him a lesson. She was an actress after all. Maybe she was trying to scare him as payback for planting the video. If that was her game, the last thing he was going to do was break down and let her know he fell for it.

“Kristen this isn’t funny,” Mark said with the most authoritative voice he could muster.

Kristen paused a moment at the comment as if processing it. Then closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Okay, you win. You scared the crap out of me,” Mark said, hoping the admission would get her to start acting normal again.

Kristen opened her eyes, still looking at nothing. Her hands reached around to her waist and began unbuttoning her pants. Mark was going to say something, but no sooner than the button was undone, the zipper was down and she was pushing her pants down towards her ankles.

Mark wasn’t sure what to do. Pranks normally didn’t involve a strip tease.

“Look, I get it. I shouldn’t have planted the video camera. Please, just stop!” he said on the verge of panic.

“Yes Master,” Kristen replied. She stopped what she was doing and stood up strait. Her arms rested against her sides while she looked straight ahead with no emotion. Her pants remained half way down her legs, just below her knees.

“Is there something I can do to make you normal again?” Mark asked nervously.

Kristen spoke in a soft calm tone, “If you command the slave to wake up, then it will obey.”

Mark sighed in relief. He was anxious to get Kristen back to normal, but he needed to have her pull her pants up first. Didn’t want her getting the wrong idea when she woke up.

“Pull your pants up and button them,” Mark ordered.

Kristen slowly complied.

Mark noticed Kristen’s shirt didn’t quite make it down to her panties, leaving her midriff exposed. He watched her bend forward to obey his orders. The reality of the power he held began to sink in. Something deep and primal within him was waking up. Scenes of touching her, exploring her and having his way with her flashed before his eyes. But it was an impulse he couldn’t act on. He was certain he would get caught. Besides, even if the trigger was real, she might remember everything when she woke up.

“Will you remember what has happened when you wake up?” Mark asked curiously.

“The slave will not remember unless you command it to,” Kristen replied.

It was odd hearing Kristen refer to herself as an object in third person. “Can I erase or change your memories?” Mark asked.

“You may change your slave in any way you desire master,” Kristen replied.

The idea of erasing Kristen’s memories of the evening felt wrong, but some less ethical part of Mark began to see the merits. She had complained about how it would be hard to sleep knowing about the triggers. And if he simply brought her out of trance, how comfortable would she be around him knowing he knew the triggers? Would he not be doing her a favor? He wasn’t even certain such a suggestion would work. If it did, he reasoned he could always restore the memories in the morning after she had a good night’s sleep. In its own twisted way, erasing her memories seemed like the nicest thing he could do for her.

“When you wake up, the last thing you will remember is offering to get me a towel for the popcorn mess I made. You will not remember anything that happened after that. Do you understand?” Mark asked.

“Yes master,” Kristen replied.

Mark turned on the TV, sat down and sprinkled some popcorn on himself. He then told Kristen to sit down and gave her a countdown before snapping his fingers.

Ten seconds later, Mark heard Kristen pipe up, “So, do you want a towel or not?”

“That would be great. Thanks!” he replied.