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The Babysitter

CHAPTER 3 : Coming to Terms


Mark revealed Kristen’s old boyfriend had hypnotic triggers that she didn’t know about. Kristen shared a “truth trigger” with Mark to reveal more details, but accidentally activated a slave trigger in the process. Panicked, Mark quickly returned Kristen to normal, but first erased her memory of the evening. He reasoned it could help her get some sleep (or something like that).

Kristen handed Mark a paper towel. She felt an odd sensation when he looked up at her.

“Have you ever experienced deja vu before?” she asked.

“Maybe once. Why?” Mark responded.

“I think I just experienced it,” Kristen replied.

“In the kitchen?” Mark inquired.

“No, just now when I handed you the paper towel,” Kristen responded.

“Weird. I wonder what causes that anyway,” Mark said placing the paper towel on the popcorn crumbs.

Kristen stood there waiting to see if the feeling would return, but it didn’t. Mark finished up what he was doing and sat down. She noticed him staring at her.

Kristen had caught Mark stealing glances earlier, but this was different. He made no effort to hide what he was looking at, and it wasn’t her face. It felt like he was undressing her with his eyes. It probably wasn’t too far from the truth. He had seen her naked after all.

Mark’s behavior sent a shiver up Kristen’s spine. She sat down, crossed her legs and folded her arms to help conceal the most intimate regions from his inspection. When he didn’t stop, she decided to say something. “Could you look somewhere else please? You’re making me a bit uncomfortable.” It was blunt, but so was his leering.

Mark looked down and spoke up, “Do you ever think about it?” he asked.

“Think about what?” Kristen replied.

“The night you caught me outside the shower,” Mark responded.

Kristen didn’t answer, but just stared at him. Was he really asking her this?

“I do,” Mark volunteered. “I never told you, but I had the biggest crush on you.” He looked up at her and smiled, “And I still think you’re beautiful.”

Kristen was at a loss for words. What happened to the shy, introverted young man from a few minutes ago? When did Mark become so brash? Normally she found confidence attractive, but under the circumstances, the advances were just awkward. Still, she didn’t panic. Despite Mark’s behavior, there was a gentleness in his eyes.

“I. . . . I’m sorry Mark. I don’t think of you in that way,” she responded.

It was the best thing she could think of on the spot. She could tell the words stung by the look in Mark’s eyes. She considered softening the blow by telling him it was just the wrong place and the wrong time, but she worried his advances would continue if she left the door open.

“I see,” Mark replied. He turned away and looked at the floor. “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. And if I don’t see you again, I want you to know I’m sorry about the shower that night. I’m sorry about everything.”

Kristen didn’t know what to make of Mark’s behavior. Was it just a poorly executed apology or had he intentionally mixed his advance in to test the waters.

“Well, I appreciate the apology,” Kristen replied with an emphasis on the word apology.

She glanced at her watch and was a bit surprised. “Wow, it is getting late. I should probably head up. Not sure when Nathan will wake.”

Mark looked at Kristen. She could tell he wanted to say something, but apparently he was having trouble finding the words. Finally, Mark sighed, “Cool. It was nice seeing you again.”

Kristen climbed the stairs and entered the guest bedroom. She thought about how odd Mark’s behavior had been. Maybe it was just the age and hormones. Was she that melodramatic when she was 18?

She pulled out her cellphone. She had noticed it on the chair when she stood up. She hadn’t thought much about it, but when she looked down she saw the play icon hovering over a video. In the background, she was sitting on the couch in Mark’s living room.

That was odd. She didn’t remember using her phone.

* * *

Mark made the rounds, turning off the lights.

It was official: Mark was a coward. He recalled how empowered he felt when he realized Kristen had forgotten everything. It was a surreal moment. He felt free to speak and act without consequence, knowing he could erase her memory if things went poorly.

But it wasn’t as easy as Mark thought it would be. Kristen quickly returned to normal. In her case, a woman who projected strength and confidence, a woman in full control of her destiny who didn’t rely on others to define herself. Mark had expected something different. A chink in Kristen’s armor that only those who had seen her submissive side might notice. But there was none to be found. Kristen once again took charge. She showed no hint that anything had ever happened.

Mark became increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of attempting the trigger as the conversation proceeded. Doubts began to form. Had Kristen really stripped in front of him just minutes earlier? If he spoke the trigger would it work since it wasn’t her own voice saying the words? And what if it did work? What were the legal implications if he forced her under hypnosis without her consent?

His confidence waned in those final moments and now he was alone, turning off lights. The only thing he had gained was a confirmation that she wasn’t interested. He trudged from room to room, trying to convince himself that the outcome was for the best. There was no need to test the trigger, no need to restore her memory of the video. He could just go to bed, get on with his life and pretend the whole thing never happened.

Hitting the last switch, Mark made his way up the stairs. He was surprised to see the door to the guest bedroom still open. The light hadn’t even been turned off. Walking by, he glanced inside and froze in his tracks.

Kristen knelt in the center of the room facing the door. She was wearing nothing but her bra and panties. Her jeans and shirt had been discarded on the floor right next to her cell phone.

Mark stepped into the room, recent doubts and regrets still fresh in his mind. He didn’t feel fear or panic this time, only arousal and a renewed opportunity at the sight of Kristen’s vulnerable, kneeling body. He noticed a play icon floating above the trigger video. He had forgotten to delete it. He knew instantly what had happened.

He looked at Kristen’s relaxed face. Her eyes were vacant, devoid of thought or emotion. He waved his hand in front to confirm there was no reaction. Looking down at her body, he was drawn to the visible gap between her thighs. He could see the shadows of her sex pressing against the fabric of her panties. He could see her bosom rising and falling with each breath. He found himself wanting to caress and explore the intimate secrets of Kristen’s body.

He struggled to fight the impulse. Up until this point, pretty much everything that had happened was a result of Kristen’s own plans backfiring. Despite the current situation, he could still consider himself a bystander. Even the memory wipe had been driven by noble justification. But this was different. Initiating contact meant crossing a line from which there was no return.

Questions filled his head. If he touched her in this state, would it be sexual assault? At what point would his actions be considered rape? What if he gave her a post-hypnotic suggestion and she was the one that initiated contact after waking up? Everything Mark had read implied people had to approve of what they accepted at some level under hypnosis. Did that mean any command or suggestion she followed once awake implicitly carried consent?

Mark had an idea. It was a bit crazy and required some bold moves, but it seemed the safest way forward. Worst case scenario... he could always erase her memory again.

* * *

Kristen opened her eyes and saw a ceiling illuminated by the faint glow of a night light. The echo of a finger snap lingered in her mind, presumably from a dream.

She felt a soft mattress against her back and cool sheets against her skin. She was lying in bed. She didn’t think much of it. Waking up in a strange bed wasn’t unusual during Christmas Break. She considered just shutting her eyes and going back to sleep but noticed her hand resting between her legs. Her fingers had created the most delicious frustration beneath her panties. She decided sleep could wait another ten minutes.

She allowed her right hand to play. Her left hand came up and unfastened her front clasp bra. It began teasing her left nipple like it had a mind of its own. Her breathing became heavy. Normally these things took a while, but she could already feel that moment approaching. It was a pleasant surprise, waking up only a minute away from climax.

Out of nowhere, she heard the words, “DON’T FIGHT IT.” Her head snapped towards the sound and found Mark sitting in a chair watching her. The unexpected revelation cause her to freeze, just as she had done so many years ago outside that shower. The tension between her legs continued to grow while her mind tried to figure out what was happening. Her body had been on edge, and the shock of Mark’s presence was the spark it needed. Without thought, without permission, she felt her pent up frustration ignite. Her body began shaking while she looked at Mark. Her eyes slowly closed as she gave in to the first of many surges of pleasure.

Every time the orgasm began to settle, she thought about the image of Mark watching her and felt another wave arrive. After several minutes, she finally relaxed and settled into the moment.

The room was silent. She was tempted to let sleep take her, but she needed to know if Mark had really been there. She slowly opened her eyes half-expecting to see an empty chair. Mark sat calmly, wearing a robe, watching her as if nothing was unusual.

“Am I awake?” Kristen asked trying to get a handle on the situation. “Where am I? And what are you doing here?”

“This is my room. And you’re lying in my bed,” Mark replied.

Kristen was still confused. She brought her left hand up and looked at it. Surely she was dreaming, but it was so realistic. She tried to think. Why would she be in Mark’s house or his room? What was the last thing she remembered?

Kristen recalled the phone call. Mrs. Stone needed a sitter. Her eyes grew wide as memories came rushing back: Mark’s secret video, Mark using the truth trigger, being frozen while watching her session on the phone, Mark admitting his crush and then seeing the video yet again in the guest bedroom.

“You! . . . You erased my memory!?” Kristen said.

Mark clarified, “I thought it would help you sleep if you didn’t know about the triggers or that I knew them. I intended to restore your memory in the morning.”

Kristen looked down at the sheets, “So what am I doing in your room? What have you done to me?!” she said accusingly.

“I haven’t done anything to you. I haven’t used your triggers without your consent. I haven’t lied to you. I haven’t even touched you.” Mark paused and then continued, “But twice tonight you managed to put yourself into some weird trance that involves removing your clothes. So I rescued you. The last time I threw in a few suggestions to see if you would accept them and apparently you did.”

“You had no right to give me any ‘suggestions’,” Kristen responded, still rather distraught.

“What was I supposed to do? Let you strip off your clothes and kneel in the living room until my grandparents showed up?” Mark argued.

“I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about THIS; what just happened. Why am I half naked, lying in your bed!?” Kristen demanded to know.

Mark sighed, “You were already half naked when I arrived in the guest bedroom. As for the rest, well I guess you could call it a test.”

“A test?” Kristen responded.

“When I found you in the guest bedroom, it just seemed ironic that this kept happening. I mean, what is the probability of someone accidentally activating a slave trigger twice in one night. And then it dawned on me that maybe you wanted this to happen.”

“Excuse me?! I use my cell phone twice, and you think it means I want to be controlled?” Kristen asked.

“Hear me out,” Mark began. “I studied hypnosis after discovering your video. One of the things I learned is that triggers lose potency over time. It makes no sense that a trigger made when you were 16 would still work when you are 21. Not unless it was something you really wanted. Some deep rooted fantasy.”

“If I had a fantasy about being controlled, I think I would know,” Kristen pointed out.

“I don’t have all the answers. Maybe you were ashamed of it and had Brad suppress it. But that isn’t everything. I also learned about the golden rule of hypnosis: I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do at some level. And that is why we are here. When I found you in the guest bedroom, I decided to restored all your memories. Then I gave you some additional suggestions as a test. You don’t remember the new suggestions, but you should remember everything else. I wanted to be sure you knew what was happening and you had every opportunity to resist.”

“Fine. I don’t want to be controlled by you or anyone else. There. Your test is over,” Kristen replied. Then she said hesitantly, “What kind of suggestions?”

“I needed some things that you wouldn’t normally do. So, for example, I told you to masturbate when you woke up. To orgasm when I said that phrase. So far you’ve done everything I asked.”

“So far? There is more?” Kristen asked.

“A few more,” Mark replied.

“The only thing you have proven is that you need help. Fortunately it sounds like you haven’t done anything serious. So I am willing to move on and pretend this never happened, but it needs to stop now.” Kristen replied.

Mark motioned towards the door, “You’re not my prisoner. You’re welcome to leave at any time.”

“What about the other suggestions?” Kristen asked.

“If you don’t want to obey them, then don’t. Besides, to remove them, I would have to put you back under again. Is that what you want?” Mark asked.

“No,” Kristen replied. She refastened her bra beneath the covers and stood up. She didn’t feel embarrassed. Not after the orgasm she just had. “I’m going to my room, I have some phone calls to make. No offense, but I’d like you to stay away from me.”

She took a step towards the door and froze. A feeling of urgency began to rise up within her. It reminded her of that uneasy feeling she got after drinking too much alcohol, right before she hurled. The way her mouth would water uncontrollably and her stomach swelled with anticipation. Her mind sent a signal that an undeniable event was approaching and she needed to prepare herself. But it wasn’t her mouth that was watering. It wasn’t her stomach that was swelling with anticipation.

She leaned forward and fell to her knees. Her breathing became ragged. It was going to happen, and it was going to happen now whether she wanted it to or not. Suddenly the world around her ceased to matter. Instincts took over. Her knees spread out and and she began pushing her groin down towards the floor and an imaginary lover. The first wave hit her and the world went dark.

* * *

Mark noticed Kristen beginning to lean forward and walked around to observe. She was looking off into the distance, struggling to resist. Her hips began to thrust down towards the floor. The look in her eyes became more intense. Her mouth jerked open and a groan escaped. The thrusts became faster a faster until her eyes rolled up into the top of her head and she melted into a writhing heap.

Kristen was doing everything Mark had instructed. Suggestions he figured she would resist. He never dreamed it would get this far. His fantasy was unfolding before him. The real question was just how far it would go.

He waited for Kristen to settle down. Then broke the silence, “I think it is time I told you about the other suggestions.”

Kristen didn’t respond at first. She unraveled from her ball and then slowly rolled over onto her back. Mark waited for her eyes to open.

“I told you with each step towards the door, you would have an orgasm. I told you with each orgasm, your arousal and desire to be controlled by me would double. I told you that you would eventually feel compelled to take my robe off and force yourself upon me once your arousal could no longer be . . . .“

Kristen interrupted him, “You gave me a command that changes how I think and what I feel? How do you know if this is what I want if you’re forcing me to think and feel things? How is that fair?”

“I’m not forcing you. I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to. If deep down you really want to leave this room, you’ll stand up and walk out the door. With enough determination you should be able to resist any suggestion, especially ones you are aware of,” Mark replied.

Kristen turned and looked at the door, she only had six, maybe seven feet to go. She began to crawl in order to avoid taking any more steps. “I’m leaving,” she declared. It wasn’t clear if the words were for Mark or for herself.

Mark continued to talk as she crawled, “The only way any of this makes sense is if you harbored fantasies about something like this happening. Brad buried the knowledge of those triggers, what other aspects of your old self did he bury? And crawling is cheating. DON’T FIGHT IT.”

The doorway was within arm’s reach, but Kristen froze. She took in a deep breath and prepared herself.

There it was again. The signal from her brain telling her the inevitable was approaching. She tried to fight it, tried to convince herself not to let it happen. Like trying to convince yourself not to hurl when feeling sick inside someone’s car. But she couldn’t stop the feeling, only delay it. Her body didn’t care what she wanted or where she was. Her legs began to spread. Kristen felt her control slipping, then all at once it hit her. Her mind and body were on fire with lust and pleasure. “Oh, Oh . . . Oh God!” slipped out of her mouth.

* * *

Mark watched Kristen climax for several seconds before she rolled over on her back and pushed off her panties. She arched her back, continuing with her hand between her legs.

Mark would have never imagined he would be standing there, doing what he was doing an hour ago. But rejection, frustration and raw teenage lust had driven him and influenced him in ways he didn’t expect.

Mark ached to reach down and touch Kristen, to become part of that moment. But the first move had to be hers.

A minute or so passed before Kristen collapsed onto the floor. Her eyes were half-open, though her legs closed to conceal her dignity. She didn’t make any effort to crawl or stand. She just stared at the ceiling and began to talk.

“I swear I don’t remember any control fantasies, but holy shit that was insane.” she began. She tilted her head slightly so she could look at Mark. “I would be lying if I said I didn’t find you attractive. I felt it when I first saw you at the top of the stairs.”

Kristen held his gaze for a few moments before turning away, “Or maybe I don’t. Brad manipulated me, now you’re manipulating me. I have no idea what feelings or thoughts are real anymore. Hell, I’m still not certain if THIS is real or just some fucked up dream. All I know is I’m so fucking horny, I’m getting to the point where I just don’t care.”

Mark took a step towards Kristen and spoke. “It doesn’t actually matter if this is real or not. What matters right now is coming to terms with what YOU want. DONT FIGHT IT Kristen,” Mark said.

Mark watched as Kristen’s eyes grew wide and then gradually melted into semi-conscious bliss. The orgasm was immediate and intense as if he had just stabbed her in the back with an electric prod. Even Mark was surprised by the intensity of her reaction. There wasn’t a muscle in her body that wasn’t shaking. And like the light that burns twice as bright, the orgasm lasted only half as long.

A sudden wave of calm spread across Kristen’s body and all was still. Kristen opened her eyes and sat up without warning. She looked at Mark, but with a different expression. Her chin lowered and her pupils focused on him like an animal ready to pounce on it’s pray. Eyes locked on his, she began to crawl towards him.

“So do you know what you want?” Mark asked feeling just a little nervous about what he had done.

“I must obey,” Kristen replied playfully with a smirk.

Mark backed up and Kristen began to crawl faster. The look in her eye became less playful and more serious.

He felt the back of his leg hit something. Looking around, he saw that he had backed into his bed. When his gaze returned to Kristen, she was standing in front of him. Her hands came up and unclasped her bra. She held it out to the side and let it drop to the floor. She stood before him completely naked. Her arms reached forward, inviting him to hold her hands. But as Mark reach out, she grabbed his wrists.

Kristen pushed him back onto the bed, falling forward with him. He felt his robe open as their bodies collapsed. For the first time he felt the warmth of Kristen’s flesh against his own. She was forceful and surprisingly strong. Her muscle tone meant she had weight and she used it to keep Mark’s hands pinned above his head. Her gaze never left his, but her expression became more savage as she began repeating the phrase over and over again. “I must obey. . . . I must obey.”

Kristen moved her body around until the tip of Mark’s cock was positioned between her legs. She paused. Her eyes widened and her smile faded. Apparently some inner struggle was taking place.

“I must. . . .” she hesitated. She broke eye contact and looked down for the first time. She looked uncertain, as if some inner voice was saying no. “O . . . Obey.” Mark felt her weight come down as the word left her mouth, his manhood diving into the silky smooth folds of her body.

Kristen gasped, her eyes remaining wide with shock. A accepting calm slowly seeped into her features and the fire dwindle. She began a rhythmic motion with her hips. Lifting and falling, up and down, over and over. She began speaking the phrase in rhythm with her motions. The words were soft and calm like some part of Kristen’s mind couldn’t deal with what was happening and had shut down.

“must . . . obey . . . must . . . obey . . . .”

Mark struggled to speak. “I didn’t finish earlier. The final suggestion. If you come . . . while I’m inside you . . . you become my loyal slave . . . my permanent property. . . . awake or entranced . . . you’ll obeying without question . . . until I release you.”

Kristen’s rhythm and mantra slowed. Mark could see the inner struggle rekindle, but this time something unexpected happened: she stopped. Kristen shook her head as if trying to wake up.

Mark was surprised by this. Then he recalled what he had said. She had to force herself on him, but technically there was no suggestion keeping her bound to him between that moment and the final orgasm. He had unintentionally left a window open where she was free to leave.

Kristen began to speak, “I’m . . . I’m sorry. Forgive me, but this needs to stop,” she said sitting up. The weight shift caused Mark to sink even deeper into her body and she let out a gasp.

“Are you sure?” Mark asked. His hands came up and rested on her hips. It was the first time he had initiated contact with her.

“It’s too much, too fast,” Kristen replied.

She leaned forward, supporting herself with her arms. Mark could feel her trying to lift up, to slowly ease his manhood out of her body.

Under normal circumstances, Mark would have accepted Kristen’s decision. But Mark was not himself. He was a teenage boy mere seconds away from becoming a man and found his mind swimming in hormones. Aroused and frustrated, Mark put his arms around Kristen’s tiny waste and locked himself in, then looked up into her confused expression and said “DON’T FIGHT IT.”

Kristen’s eyes grew wide, “That’s not fair! Not while I’m . . . I’m . . . Ah . . . .” The objections became saturated with desire, “Aha . . . oh god! Not now . . . !”

Mark felt her trying to pull away, to get him out of her body before the orgasm hit her. He held on to her waist refusing to let go.

“N, No. No . . . I’m . . . " Kristen muttered, her eyes beginning to flutter.

The first convulsion arrived. Mark felt the contraction around his cock. The trigger hit Kristen like a baseball bat. All at once her struggles stopped. A mix of shock and confusion filled her facial expression. Another convulsion hit and then another. Kristen’s eyes rolled up into the top of her head as she collapsed onto Mark. He felt her wreathing around his cock. Her confusion melted into mindless acceptance. The protests became moans and her mantra returned with renewed fervor.

“I . . . must . . . obey . . . Must, Obey. I Must Obey.”

As the orgasm subsided, it was clear whatever part of Kristen had objected was gone. The beautiful body adorning Mark’s cock was now his to command and play with as he saw fit.