The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Babysitter

CHAPTER 4 : New Year’s Resolution


Mark made advances on Kristen after discovering her control triggers. When she rejected him, he chickened out and let her slip away. He got a second chance later when he found her kneeling in the guest bedroom. She had accidentally activated the trigger on herself. Suspecting she wanted to be controlled, Mark devised a sequence of increasingly bold suggestions to see if she would resist. Despite protests, Kristen eventually gave in and became his loyal and obedient plaything.

It was a brisk morning. The sun had just peeked it’s head over the horizon when Mark’s grandparents approached the front door. The door opened as they reached out to ring the doorbell. Kristen stood in the doorway wearing an over-sized tee shirt and baggy flannel pajamas. Her hair was disheveled as though she hadn’t been awake long. Nathan sat tucked away in a portable car seat fast asleep at the foot of the stairs.

“Glad to see you made it okay. Do you need a hand with anything?” Kristen offered.

Mark’s grandfather stepped into the house and picked up the seat, “No, it’s too cold. Stay here.” He turned and walked Nathan out to the car. Mark’s grandmother remained in the doorway and spoke up, “Its been a long time. Good to see you dear.”

Kristen was embarrassed by the fact that she didn’t remember either of their names. She tried to play it off. “Good to see you too. I would ask how the trip was, but I think I already know the answer.”

Mark’s grandmother shook her head, “It was terrible. We took a taxi, a train, a shuttle and then flew in this tiny airplane that felt like it was going to fall out of the sky. But we made it in one piece.” She stopped and peered inside the house. “Is Mark still here? I heard he was delayed.”

“He hasn’t come out of his room, probably still asleep. Do you want me to go check?” Kristen offered.

“No, don’t wake the boy on our account. I’m sure he has a long day in front of him. Did you two get a chance to catch up?” Mark’s Grandmother asked.

“Yeah. Actually I kept him up pretty late,” Kristen replied with a grin.

Mark’s grandfather returned. “Is this everything?” he asked pointing at a large black suitcase sitting next to the door.

“Milk, food, clothes, diapers and toys. It should all be in there,” Kristen replied.

Mark’s grandfather picked up the bag and walked off. His grandmother waved before following, “Thanks for watching Nathan. Drive safe on your way home and if you are still around when Mark gets up, give him our regards.”

Kristen shut the door and watched the pair depart. She felt Mark’s hands slide around her waist as the car backed out of the driveway. He pulled her pajamas down to her feet. She kicked them away and then turned to face him. She felt herself growing anxious for what might happen next.

It had been a strange morning. She awoke first and found herself lying there next to Mark, thinking about all the things he might do when he woke up. But when he finally stirred, he just told her to take care of Nathan and drifted back to sleep. An hour later she saw him in the kitchen. He said good morning, gave her a quick peck on the lips and then made himself breakfast. She stood next to him with her head down, waiting for another command, but it never came. He looked up at her and said, “Aren’t you hungry? Get something to eat.” He treated her like a normal person, like they were just another couple. Her nervousness subsided as the morning progressed.

Kristen was still herself. She still had opinions, a sense of humor and the freedom to speak her mind. The only thing that was different was that she knew she would do anything Mark told her to. Maybe she was in denial, but it certainly didn’t feel like she was property or a slave. It felt more like they were two young consenting adults role-playing. And for that same reason she was beginning to wonder if her feelings for Mark went beyond the exploratory sex and control.

The word loyalty stuck out in her mind. She wasn’t sure why, but it was there and all the feelings that came with it. It meant protecting Mark. Protecting their secret relationship, whatever that was.

One thing was certain. Mark was right. Seeing the video must have awoken suppressed fantasies and desires; it just made sense. It also explained why she was so aroused by what was happening to her. She was happy Mark helped her rediscover this part of herself and she was anxious to show her gratitude.

She felt his hands lowering and smiled. He pulled her in and kissed her deeply. She found herself wanting Mark to use his power. Command her to do something, anything. He pulled away and tried to lead her up the stairs, but she resisted. She wanted to feel his control over her. If showing a little resistance is what it took to make him take control, so be it.

* * *

The moment was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Throw your pajamas back on and answer that. My grandparents must have forgot something,” Mark reacted quickly, “I’ll run up the stairs and hide in the hallway like before.”

Not the command Kristen had hoped for. She quickly slid the PJ’s back on and approached the door. The figure on the other side of the glass did not look like Mark’s grandparents.

“Tory?” Kristen said pulling the door open.

“Hey, are you okay?!” Tory asked. “You called like three times last night and left multiple messages.”

“What?” Kristen replied. Mentally she was cursing herself for failing to remember the calls.

“Don’t you remember?” Tory continued. “You sounded upset. Said you had discovered something about Brad. You left this address in the event I couldn’t get hold of you,” Tory reminded her.

Kristen played dumb while she figured out what she was going to say. She had to explain Brad, but if she revealed what happened with Mark, Tory might over-react and call the cops. It was probably best to wait and tell her . . . well, never.

“You won’t believe what happened,” Kristen bega. “Remember I told you about that truth trigger that Brad made? Well, it seems he made other triggers as well.”

Kristen stopped and walked over to her jacket. She pulled Mark’s old cellphone out. “The boy I used to babysit gave this to me before he left. It has a video of Brad using some sort of freeze trigger on me and then . . . well, touching me.”

“Oh my god!” Tory responded.

“I know. I think I am going to go see a hypnotherapist next week and make sure Brad didn’t leave any other surprises,” Kristen lied.

“Have you told anyone else? What did you tell the boy that gave you the phone?” Tory asked.

“I haven’t told anyone else yet. As for the boy, I told him it was consensual and that we were just role playing. I didn’t want him thinking I owed him a favor or anything.”

“That was smart,” Tory said. “I always thought Brad was a jerk. Of coarse I think all men are pricks. That is why I’m sticking with women,” Tory said stepping into the house. She looked around. “Where is this baby? Can I see it?” she asked.

“Grandparents just picked him up about ten minutes ago,” Kristen replied.

“So you have this house all to yourself then? When do the owners get back?” Tory said with a mischievous grin.

“Next week and before you ask, NO, we are NOT going to have a party here. I’m heading back to our apartment as soon as I get dressed” Kristen said.

“Who said anything about a party? I was thinking something more private. You know, just you and me. Two friends hanging out. I heard you broke up with Ted. Want to talk about it?” Tory suggested.

“Friends huh?” Kristen sighed. “You just never give up, do you? Look, I’m flattered that you find me attractive. And we both know you are beautiful. You could give Candice Swanpull a run for her money. But I’m not into women. We’ve had this conversation before.”

“I know, I know. Just thought with the number of idiots you’ve dated recently that you might have changed your mind. Can’t fault me for checking,” Tory replied with a smile.

“If I’m not married in ten years, check back then,” Kristen replied. “Now if you will excuse me.”

Kristen stepped towards Tory hoping she would take the hint to leave, but instead Tory changed the subject. “Speaking of Brad, did I ever tell you what that prick proposed to me the day we graduated from High School?” Tory asked.

“No, you didn’t,” Kristen replied with an impatient tone.

“He approached me about having a three-some involving me, you and him at his house. I guess he knew even back then that I had a thing for you,” Tory revealed.

“What the hell?! You never told me about that!” Kristen replied.

Tory took a step forward, entering Kristen’s personable space, “That isn’t the best part. When I showed up at his house, you answered the door, dressed in lingerie. But you were all spaced out like a zombie.”

Kristen stepped back. She looked horrified. “What are you talking about? We never had a threesome!”

Tory continued, “Brad explained that he had hypnotized you and turned you into his little pet. But after two years he was getting bored, so he offered a trade: your hypnotic leash for one of my own. All I had to do was let him put me under . . . well, that and obviously fuck him from time to time.”

Kristen was at a loss for words. She stepped back one more time and ran into a wall.

“It was the best deal I ever made,” Tory said. “I love it when you get all emotional like this. You know what I like even more? Wiping that expression off your face.”

Tory reached up and pushed her index finger into the center of Kristen’s head. “Goodnight my sweet cunt.”

Kristen gasped in shock, her eyes were drawn to the point where Tory’s index finger rested. Her pupils look up and up until they were white. She let out her breath slowly.

Defeated, Kristen fell to her knees and remained in an upright kneeling position. Her pupils returned but Kristen did not.

“I exist to obey,” Kristen’s body said.

* * *

Mark watched the scene unfold through the glass reflection of a picture in the stairwell. He had heard about Tory, but this was the first time he had actually seen her. She was attractive, possibly even more-so than Kristen. She also had a presence about her that gave off that “I’m in charge” vibe.

Mark was confused by what was happening. This was not the way hypnosis worked, at least not the kind he had read about. He was prepared to interrupt if Tory attempted to leave with Kristen, but it didn’t seem necessary. He decided to remain quiet, observed, and learn what he could.

Tory knelt down and began caressing Kristen’s face. “I had once hoped that given time you would come to love me on your own. Repeatedly I’ve used these triggers to help you understand the guys you dated were uninteresting jerks. But not once did you come to me for comfort. Now here we are four years later and nothing has changed.”

Tory paused to run her hand through Kristen’s hair. “I tried. I really did. I didn’t want to force this on you. I wanted you to find your way to me on your own. But graduation is just around the corner and I must act. Besides, I can’t have you going to a hypnotherapist. That could ruin everything.”

Tory stood and gently lifted Kristen’s chin until Kristen was gazing up into Tory’s eyes. “Its’ New Year’s Eve and we have nowhere to be for a week. So let’s kick off the New Year with a big change. No more delaying our inevitable happiness. At midnight I’ll turn you into the love-struck lesbian you were always meant to be.”

Tory kissed her finger and touched it to Kristen’s lips. “Now I have to go home and prepare.”

Tory pulled two small garments out of her purse and set them on the ground next to Kristen. “As soon as I leave, you will put on this lingerie and spend the rest of the day pleasuring and teasing yourself on that couch in the living room. You may take care of basic needs like sleeping, eating and drinking, but at all other times you will be obsessed with touching yourself. No matter how good it feels, you will not be able to orgasm,” Tory instructed.

She waited a moment for the instructions to sink in. “What is the code to the door?” Tory asked.

“1234,” Kristen replied.

“Excellent. I will return in a few hours and we can begin. Now smile,” Tory commanded.

An unnatural smile formed on Kristen’s face.

“I will be back.” Tory turned and walked out the door.