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The Babysitter

CHAPTER 6 : The Final Choice


Mark rescued Kristen from Tory’s clutches and then used Kristen’s trigger to reveal Brad’s secret technique. Mark attempted to remove Kristen’s triggers so she could confront Tory, but found Tory was still able to control Kristen. It seemed the triggers were permanent. Fortunately Mark had been able to extract Tory’s own trigger from Kristen’s memory. He managed to surprise Tory and take control of her at the last moment.

Kristen sat on Mark’s bed holding a small bottle. A hand written label read “Love Pills”. Mark had fished them from Tory’s purse after forcing her to reveal her plans. Seemed Tory had brought the Flunitrazepam pills planning to use them on Kristen.

Mark walked into the room, interrupting Kristen’s thoughts. It had been nearly 45 minutes.

“It’s done,” he said.

“You made the changes?” Kristen asked.

“I did as you asked. Gave her some pills, waited 20 minutes and then made the alterations. Tory should no longer be obsessed with you. She won’t remember what happened with Brad nor will she remember her special trigger. Within the week she will decide to move out and part ways”

“What did you do with her?” Kristen asked.

“I haven’t figured that part out yet. At the moment, she is still kneeling in her lingerie. Some more interrogation revealed she contacted both of your parents and even some mutual friends. Said you two were hanging out for New Year’s and then heading back to school together. I can change her memories, but not theirs. So we should probably stick with the original lie. Thought I would ask you which you preferred: wake her up in a few hours believing you invited her over or just put her to sleep and have her wake tomorrow thinking she drank too much” Mark replied.

“I’ll think about it,” Kristen replied. “There is one more thing I wanted to run by you.”

“What?” Mark asked.

“I’ve had some time to calm down. I’m feeling a bit guilty about what I asked you to do to Tory. The request was made in anger,” Kristen admitted.

“Why? You didn’t do anything to her that she hasn’t done to you five times over,” Mark said.

“True, but I was the victim before. Using the pills to change someone against their will isn’t right. It makes me no better than her or Brad,” Kristen responded.

She let the words sink in and then continued, “But that is not what I wanted to talk about. Truth is, I’m feeling a bit of an identity crisis. When you learn someone has been controlling your life, you begin to question everything you thought you knew. Did I choose my own college, major or even my career path? Or has Tory simply kept me on a short leash. My whole life has been turned upside down and I can’t help but think how nice it would be to wake up tomorrow in the bliss of ignorance. Life before I knew I had been enslaved. Life before I learned my best friend was my worst enemy. Life before I was capable of manipulating people with drugs.”

“So you want me to erase your memory as well?” Mark asked.

“I don’t know. It would also mean forgetting about my hero. The boy I once watched over becoming the man who saved me. That is why I’m torn. I don’t want to forget how I feel about you,” Kristen said.

She looked at Mark and smiled. “Maybe the solution is somewhere in the middle. Erase my memory starting at Tory’s visit. I wake up believing you had me invite Tory over. You could make up whatever story you want.”

“A decent compromise, but if you’ll recall, I turned you into my obedient slave prior to Tory’s arrival,” Mark said.

“I know. A compromise may require some backtracking. Something I’m willing to accept if that is the decision,” Kristen said.

“So what do you want to do?” Mark asked.

“As I said, I’m torn. But this impacts both of us. So I think you should have a say,” Kristen offered.

* * *

Section 1 (The Hero)

“Lets not make any changes,” Mark suggested.

“Really?” Kristen said. “I mean, I guess in time I will figure things out. It is just I’m going to feel guilty every time I’m around Tory.”

“I think you forget that Tory was a victim as well. All these things you wonder about yourself, the same questions could apply to her. Who is to say Tory wasn’t simply a curious friend who made a mistake. Brad might have turned her into an obsessed lesbian. Hell, she may not even be a Lesbian.”

Kristen didn’t respond but simply looked at Mark.

“As far as I am concerned, you just set your friend free. Real or synthetic, the obsession was holding her back from finding someone else who might have felt the same way about her. This is one of those times when the ends justifies the means.”

Kristen smiled. Mark could tell she appreciated the fresh perspective.

“Aside from that, I want you to remember everything because I want you to know you can trust me. Maybe this is just a New Year’s fling or maybe it will turn into more, but trust is a good starting place,” Mark said.

“I’m glad to hear you say that,” Kristen replied. “I guess you could consider the whole choice thing a bit of a test, and you just passed”

“A test? I don’t understand,” Mark replied.

“Not really a test. A true test you can fail. Since you know the triggers, no one can stop you from doing anything. Whatever choice you make, you will succeed. But this is the choice I had hoped you would make. Knowing you care enough to let me keep my memory means a great deal to me. Enough that I would like to offer you something in return.”

“Offer me what exactly?” Mark asked.

“Permission,” Kristen replied. “Real Permission. Not the kind of synthetic opinion you conjure up with triggers. The kind of permission that comes from the heart. I remember how aroused you were when you were in control of me. You are a good guy, so maybe you feel guilty, but it doesn’t change the fact that you really enjoy it. So I am officially consenting and giving you permission to put me under whenever you want. Permission to do whatever you wish. I have only one request.”

“And that is?” Mark asked.

“All I ask is that your influence ends when I wake up. No permanent changes, at least not without talking about it with me first.”

“Are you doing this for me or are you doing it because the idea of being controlled arouses you?” Mark asked.

“Right now I am doing it for you. I’m still figuring out what I like and desire. Normally I am uncomfortable jumping right into a physical relationship. I would like to get to know you better. Maybe go out on a real date. But we have unusual circumstances. So giving you permission to use the trigger seems like a nice way of addressing our special circumstance. I get to pursue some semblance of a normal relationship while you don’t have to wait for my comfort level to catch up before getting physical.”

“In that case, would you like to go to a convention with me this week?” Mark asked.

“I’d love to,” Kristen said smiling. “Maybe we should ask Tory if she wants to go.”

“That gives me an idea,” Mark said.

“What?” Kristen asked.

“I just thought of the perfect present for Ben.”


* * *

Section 2 (Typical Guy)

“I wouldn’t mind being your master again.”

Those were the words Mark thought. However what came out of his mouth was, “I want to help you, but I also don’t want to erase all your memories. So my vote would be for the compromise. Lets just remove your memory of Tory’s visit.”

“ . . . and turn me back into your obedient slave,” Kristen said completing his sentence. She continued with a playful smile, “How come I’m not surprised.”

“That’s not what I said,” Mark interjected.

“No, it’s cool. If that’s the decision, so be it,” Kristen replied. She opened the bottle she was holding, tapped out 3 pills and swallowed them.

“You know, I could probably erase your memory without the pills,” Mark noted.

“True, but there is no telling if it would be permanent. This ensures no future issues,” Kristen responded.

They both sat in silence until Kristen piped up, “Okay, it’s been about 20 minutes. Oh, and don’t forget to do something with Tory before you wake me up.”

“I’ve got some ideas,” Mark said smiling. Before Kristen could comment he continued, “I dream of fuck toy always bringing suck joy.”

A few minutes later, Kristen was once again in her lingerie, kneeling on the floor next to Tory. Mark leaned back on the couch. Who would have guessed things would end up like this. He pulled out his cell phone and held down the number three. A few rings later Ben picked up.

“Whats up? Are you descent?” Ben asked.

“Not so much. Look, I hate to do this to you, but I’m going to have to bail on the convention. Things went a lot better than I had hoped,” Mark said.

“The convention goes the whole week. You sure you don’t want to just leave tomorrow or something,” Ben asked.

Mark stood and lifted Tory’s chin to meet his gaze. “Nope. I’m going to need the whole week.”

“Fine. But you still owe me details. I expect one hell of a story when I see you again,” Ben said.

“Don’t worry. I’m going to publish this on on the Internet. I mean, who would fucking believe it anyway?” Mark replied.

He put the cell phone down and looked at Tory. He had made up his mind. Kristen would wake up believing she and Mark had an argument about hypnosis and its power. She let Mark hypnotize her on a bet and that is why she was okay with the embarrassing things he could make her do. Kristen’s new memory would include inviting Tory over to share her lost bet and Mark making her orgasm multiple times in front of Tory. An amazed and jealous Tory insisting on being hypnotized herself. That would be the last thing Kristen would remember. When she awoke, she would see a hypnotized Tory kneeling on the floor and believe all had been consensual.

Before Mark began, he walked up to Tory and looked into her eyes. “Kristen may not remember what you did to her, but I do. And I will feel no guilt in dispersing my own brand of justice. You know what they say, the punishment should fit the crime.”

2 DAYS LATER . . .

Kristen’s head bobbed up and down on her master’s cock. As she felt Mark’s thrusts intensify she pulled away. She sat up and looked at a Tory. Tory was kneeling and had her usual blank expression.

“Finish it slave,” Kristen ordered.

Tory leaned forward and began to suck down their masters cum. Tory’s eyes rolled up into her head as Mark began to unload. He pulled her head away and she began convulsing on the floor. Yet another orgasm.

Kristen’s eyes were locked on Tory. Kristen began as convulsing the second she saw Tory convulsing. Mark had linked them together. Whenever one had an orgasm, the other had an orgasm.

A minute or so later, Kristen settled and looked up at Mark, “That was amazing master”

“I’m glad you liked it,” Mark replied.

“I never thought controlling someone would be so arousing. But you were right, I like controlling others almost as much as I like being controlled,” Kristen said.

“Well, now you have Tory as a toy to keep you entertained when I’m not around,” Mark said.

“Are you sure?” Kristen asked. “When she asked to be hypnotized, I doubt she had all this in mind. Certainly not giving some semi-permanent reigns over to me.”

“Nonsense. She saw how much pleasure the trigger was able to give you and wanted in. That simple. She doesn’t care who is holding the reigns. Besides, remember the golden rule. If she didn’t want this, she would be resisting,” Mark responded.

“I guess your right,” Kristen replied.

“I’m always right,” Mark replied.


* * *

Section 3 (Selfish)

Mark looked at Kristen while she waited for his response. He was supposed to be weighing her feelings against their future. Instead, his thoughts strayed to an imaginary scene where Kristen and Tory were kneeling in front of him, eyes wide as he filled their vulnerable minds with purpose, shaping them into his pleasure puppets. In the blink of an eye, he returned to reality but was left pondering a simple question. Why couldn’t he do that? What was holding him back?

True, he wasn’t exactly impulsive. He preferred to be rational, think through his actions in case he got caught. But what was he afraid of? Tory and Kristen were living proof that people could be enslaved with the right tools and no one would be the wiser.

“Well?” Kristen pressed.

“A Memory wipe sounds good, but why stop there?” Mark replied.

“What do you mean?” Kristen said looking puzzled.

“I mean you’ve presented a few options, but those aren’t the only ones. Thanks to Tory, I have two hot women in my house that no one is expecting anywhere for almost an entire week. So how about the option where I enslave both of you and the three of us fuck like bunnies until my balls hurt?”

Kristen spoke up, “Why are you talking like that? I don’t think this is . . . .”

“Don’t worry,” Mark interrupted, “You won’t be scared for long. I dream of a fuck toy always bringing suck joy.”

Kristen eyes went white before she could complete her thought. She began to have a mini orgasm where she stood. The now familiar convulsions continued for about ten seconds until she stopped and robotically removed her clothing. She knelt before Mark wearing nothing but lingerie, her dilemma a distant memory. Mark smiled. It was a transition he knew he would thoroughly enjoy in the years to come.

He pulled out the bottle labeled “Love Me pills” and tapped out 3 pills. “Kristen, swallow these.”


Tory was stirring the brownie batter when she felt Kristen come up from behind and nuzzled her neck.

“Don’t forget these lover,” Kristen said emptying a cup of mini kisses into the bowl. Tory’s churning slowed as her head turned. Her mouth opened and her eyes beckoned.

Kristen leaned in and began a slow, deliberate kiss. She sucked on Tory’s bottom lip as she pulled away. “Master likes these in his brownies.”

“Did he say what time he would arrive?” Tory asked, returning to her duties.

“No, just texted and said he would be stopping by today,” Kristen replied. Her arms wrapped around Tory’s waste and her hands landed above her bosom. Each index finger began making a slow and frustrating trek down the length of Tory’s torso.

Tory let out a gasp as she struggled to churn. “Hey, no fair. What has got into you anyway?” she asked.

“The last time master came over I became crazy with lust. I just can’t stop thinking about surrendering to him,” Kristen replied.

Tory stopped churning and allowed her eyes to shut. “Oh . . . " escaped her lips. She pressed into Kristen’s hand which was now making tiny circles around her clit. “I think he did it to me as well.”

Tory let go of the spoon and turned. Kristen looked like a woman in heat. Her gaze was unsteady, drunk on arousal. Tory felt the same. She ran her fingers through Kristen’s hair, allowing her hand to come to a rest on the backside of Kristen’s head. She began to pull Kristen in when there was a knock at the door.

Both of their eyes grew wide. They stepped back and inspected themselves. Needed to look perfect for master. They both half ran half walked to the door. Kristen looked out the peep hole. Tory could hear the excitement in her breath as she saw him. It had been two weeks since his last visit.

The door opened and Mark stepped into the house. They both fell to their knees as the door shut behind him. Which one would he choose this time? Or would he use both of their bodies like he did the last time.

Mark took in the scene of the apartment. Kristen and Tory were wearing nothing but lingerie as instructed. They both had a smile on their face and looked at him expectantly.

“I dream of a fuck toy always bringing suck joy,” Mark spoke.

Kristen’s eyes went white as the phrase took hold.

Mark walked over to Tory. “I trust all is well with my favorite couple?”

“Yes Master. We are happy, healthy and our . . . " Tory paused as Mark took her left breast firmly into his hand " . . . family and friends are supportive. No one knows of your involvement in the relationship,” Tory answered.

Mark’s hand went down to her knee and began sliding up towards her thigh.

“Good. Make sure it stays that way. Have you decided on a wedding date?” Mark asked.

“Yes, but we . . . " Tory gasped as she felt Mark’s finger enter her body. She tried to continue despite the occasional panting " . . . we are not officially telling anyone until after Graduation,” Tory answered.

“Plan your honeymoon for one of the college breaks. Call me and we will make arrangements to meet up,” Mark said as he removed Tory’s panties. A moment later he released her front clasp bra, leaving her naked and exposed. “I will give you another week of sinful delights as a wedding present.”

“Thank you master,” Tory said.

“Mean girls make mad muff,” Mark said.

At the sound of her trigger, Tory relaxed. All awareness fading from her features.

Mark stood and looked at his two blank faced beauties.

Life was good.


* * *

Section 4 (Evil Bastard)

“You forgot my last option,” Mark responded.

“What is that?” Kristen asked puzzled.

Mark approached Kristen and began to kiss her. Despite not answering the question, Kristen didn’t push him away. Mark’s tongue was a bit more aggressive. His hands barely lingered on her back before diving down below Kristen’s waist. Kristen pulled away to show Mark where her boundaries were. Mark withdrew his tongue and then directed a whisper into her ear as if he had something romantic to say.

“Freezer pop pals always play pretty.”

Kristen suddenly couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. She couldn’t even redirect her gaze.

She could feel Mark’s hands dive down below her waste and squeeze her ass like she was a piece of meat. She then felt his fingers trying to find the inner waistband of her sweat pants.

“I know you can hear me,” he said as he found the edge. He began to pull the sweat pants down.

“To be clear, there are two types of guys in this world. Those who pursue sex directly. You know, wear their intentions on their sleeve.”

Mark’s train of thought was broken as he began to lean Kristen backward towards his bed. She tipped over and he lowered her onto his mattress. Her feet now off the floor, he tugged at her pants to remove them completely.

“And those who pursue sex by pretending they aren’t pursing sex. I fall into the later category,” Mark admitted.

Kristen felt his hands again at her waste, but this time he was trying to slip his fingers beneath the waistband of her panties.

“I know you see me as some knight in shining armor, but truth is I’m just another horny guy. And while yes, we have some history, I think we have different perspectives on that.” Kristen felt Mark pulling the lingerie panties down towards her feet. Her last line of defense slipping away.

“You mentioned watching over me like some sort of guardian. But from my perspective, you were more like a prison warden. Yet another authority figure in my life who got to tell me what to do. An attractive woman, roughly my own age to boot. So you can imagine how good it feels to swap the roles. I’m in control now and I get to decide what happens.”

The panties were off. She felt Mark spreading her legs. She tried to resist, but her legs were simply unresponsive. They opened like they were on a well lubricated hinge. Mark positioned her body as if she was nothing more than a mannequin.

“I don’t care about your boundaries or your problems. I’m not afraid of getting caught anymore.” Mark lifted Kristen’s arms up above her head.

“Hell, I don’t even feel any guilt. It is not like either of you is an innocent virgin. Tory manipulated you for years and now you are paying it forward,” Mark said.

The words stung. In that brief moment Kristen wondered if this was karma delivering its own twisted form of justice. She could see Mark leaning over and then felt him lifting her shirt up. Only he didn’t take it off. He left it half way up around her head as if the only thing about Kristen or her life that mattered any more was her body from the shoulders down.

Kristen felt helpless and vulnerable. All she could do was listen.

“So pardon me for interrupting your deep thoughts. I really don’t give a shit.”

Kristen felt Mark’s hands begin playing with her breasts. They quickly moved to the center of her chest. She felt the front clasp bra snap and in a moment the bra was gone. She felt Mark’s mouth come down around her right nipple. His tongue began making tiny circles. She felt her nipples harden in response. Mark pulled away.

“As far as I am concerned, you are nothing more than a beautiful woman with a collection of holes that I can pleasure myself with. Holes like this one.”

Kristen felt something between her legs. At first she thought it was Mark’s finger, but then she heard a click and a vibrator came to life.

“Got this from Tory’s purse. Seems she brought some toys along,” Mark explained.

Kristen felt the vibrator enter her body. She couldn’t express her feelings. But if she could it would have been a crazy mix of arousal, fear, panic and lust.

“I lied to you. It is true I made significant changes to Tory while I was downstairs, but it had little to do with you or Brad. I gave her a freeze trigger like this one. Woke her up and froze her so she too would know what I was doing. Spent the last 30 minutes having fun with her body like I am doing with your body now. You want to know how it ended? Fuck toy, come in.”

Kristen heard the door open and someone come inside. She could only assume it was Tory.

“Assume your place,” Mark said.

Kristen felt Mark repositioning her body once again. This time it was an upright sitting position, even though the vibrator still hummed between her legs.

Mark lifted Kristen’s shirt off. Then adjusted her head so she was staring at Tory. Tory was naked and kneeling, one hand between her legs and the other caressing her breast. But the most disturbing thing was the look in Tory’s eyes. She stared at Mark with an almost divine reverence.

“She worships the ground I walk on. I’m nothing short of a god to her now.”

Mark walked over to Tory’s body. Kristen could see her breathing quicken as if Mark emanated waves of pleasure. “Tory is gone, but her memory is still in there. I need it so my new toy can still act like her. And I’m sure Tory had a lot of cute friends and relatives. After I’ve had my fun, my little minion here will use her beauty to help me enslave others,” Mark said.

He placed a hand on Tory’s shoulder. Kristen saw Tory shiver and spasm as if his touch alone could bring her to the brink of orgasm.

“As will you. I wonder if you have any friends or relatives that I might find desirable,” Mark said looking at Kristen. He walked off to the side out of her view.

Kristen was left staring at Tory. She began thinking about all the women in her life that trusted and looked up to her. People who might allow her to hypnotize them under false pretenses. One face stood out from the rest. Sara, the young 19 year old sophomore beauty in her acting troop. She was sweet, innocent and protected. The thought of Mark doing this to her . . .

Kristen felt the vibrator pulled from her body. There was suddenly a void that needed to be filled. Mark stepped in front of her and raised her gaze so that she looked into his eyes. He was naked and she could only assume erect. He stepped forward and she felt him enter her body. She saw the emotions on his face as he began to thrust into her: determination, frustration, pleasure. While the emotions in his eyes changed, the sly grin on his face remained. She was looking into the eyes of the devil.

It was wrong, she was the victim, but she wanted to cum some badly. Her body screamed. As Mark began to loose control he shouted. “Freezer pop pals play pretty!”

Kristen knew what would happen. She didn’t want to forget what she had witnessed, but her body betrayed her. Her mind shattered in an explosion of endorphins. Her clit erupted in a way she had never experienced. They came together and came hard.

As Kristen regained her bearings, she smiled at Mark. “Holy shit. That was amazing. I think that is the best orgasm I’ve ever had,” she said, oblivious to what had just transpired. She was on a bed, surrounded by pillows looking up at Mark.

“I’m glad you approve. Mind if I continue. Have a bit more fun,” he said playfully.

“If it means another orgasm like that, then sure. Do whatever you want,” Kristen said smiling.

“I’ll remember you said that,” Mark said with a grin.

“I dream of a fuck toy always bringing suck joy.”

It was the last phrase Kristen heard.

“Are you sure about this?” Sara asked.

“Positively,” Kristen replied. “One of my old boyfriends helped me with this trick. He used hypnosis to create a trigger I could use on myself to help get into character. It is a life saver. Especially when life gets hectic and you have a thousand things on your mind. Helps me forget about everything around me and focus solely on the part.”

“You are pretty brave letting a guy hypnotize you. My understanding is about the only time men want to hypnotize you is when they are trying to get into your pants,” Sara replied.

“Your right. And that is why you are lucky you have a friend like me. It’s important you find someone you trust. Someone you can totally let go with,” Kristen said with a smile.

“Lets get started then,” Sara said.

Sara was so excited when Kristen pulled her aside and told her she had some tricks she could show her.

Kristen told her she was going to use an instant induction, though she wasn’t sure how those worked. Kristen had Sara sit on a couch, then held her hand with her right hand and placed her left hand on Sara’s shoulder.

“Look into my eyes,” Kristen said.

Sara looked up. The angle was just a bit uncomfortable, straining her ever so slightly to maintain eye contact. They stood in awkward silence. What was suppose to happen? How did this work. Just as she was about to say something Kristen pulled on her arm and firmly said “SLEEP.”

Mark arrived at Kristen’s apartment several hours later. He opened the door and saw Kristen and Tory kneeling in their lingerie. Sara was kneeling between them, naked and ready for his instructions. Her expression vacant and empty. “Did you give her the drugs?” Mark asked Kristen.

“Yes Master. She is ready to start her new life,” Kristen’s body replied.

Mark reach down and allowed his finger to slide into Sara’s pussy. She had no reaction at all. Another collection of holes for his pleasure.

“You did well. Now we will see what candidates this one can bring to the table,” Mark said as he removed his pants.