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Banana Slut II: The Banana Doesn’t Fall From the Tree

Part two of How I Became a Banana Slut and Lost My Two Cherries . This chapter involves an interesting twist and I hope you enjoy.

I want to thank Julianna Langston for helping me proofreading and editing this chapter/story. It made the process much quicker and easier and I couldn’t have done it without her help.

Last time, Jenny was taken to new heights by her previously perceived geeky next door neighbor. Due to the use of his computer programming and hypnosis skills, she is now solidly under his control and seemingly happier for it. As our second chapter begins, we find her still at the computer with the hypnotic screensaver putting some of the finishing touches on her ‘new life’.

* * *

“Very nicely done, son. I am sorry, but you had to do it on your own and I’m proud of you. Now we can share in our conquests and exploits,” Arthur Weaselford said to his son, Eric, grinning and looking over at the newest addition to the family. Jenny’s eyes glassily stared at the screen, her mind being made more malleable with each session before the same computer. With Eric’s own addition of the ‘Mindbolt’ beverage, the programming was flowing much smoother and faster than his father’s longer sessions. Arthur was quite impressed with how his son improved upon the process, so he left him to do it by himself.

“Thanks Dad. I have to admit—it was frustrating, but the wait was well worth it.” Eric smirked at his dad and then back at Jenny. “Between the ‘Mindbolt’, the screensaver, and cunt lapping, she’ll be completely ours in no time.” Eric chuckled to himself, with Arthur following in turn.

“That’s right son, I’m sure Mrs. ___ would agree that Jenny won’t last much longer, ain’t that right Debbie?” Arthur Weaselford asked the woman between Jenny’s legs and suddenly the smacking and slurping of the past five or ten minutes stopped and a beautiful head of hair popped up and smiled up at the two men. Her masters.

“Yes, my daughter tastes wonderful, and I am glad she will be joining us soon. I look forward to what you have in store for us.” Debbie ___ said more bubbly than she normally was, but then again she had become a new woman ever since she had needed her neighbor Arthur’s help fixing her computer. Her daughter had been at class, and she wanted to get it working as quickly as possible. Ever since then, her world had started changing: slowly at first, from friendly chats with Arthur that lead to massages, all the way to being one of Arthur’s girl toys.

That was three months ago and, though her mind fought it kicking and screaming, the massages were so nice and Arthur was so helpful adding those programs to help make her computer go faster and those cool screensavers. Before she knew it, she had begun enjoying Arthur’s company and had started inviting him over for lunch and such. Only when Jenny wasn’t around, though she wasn’t sure why she couldn’t let Jenny know about Arthur. At least, not until now.

There was still a tiny part of her that fought the changes, that realized that this was all wrong, but the waves of relaxed pleasure were so much more desirable than her life before. Arthur took away all the stress of normal every day life and replaced it with bliss. With those thoughts, she went back to the job at hand, lowering her head back between the silky smooth legs of her daughter. She spread Jenny’s lips with her two index fingers and began to lap at the ‘pussy’ with hunger and desire, dragging her tongue back and forth, up and down.

“What am I doing? This is wrong …” she thought as that tiny part began to rebel again. “This is my own daughter that I am … I am lapping at her ‘cunt’ with wild abandon and loving it … I’ve never thought these thoughts before. This was what Arthur had been preparing her for and it was wrong but it feels so right.” Her mind fought with itself over the situation her mouth was in. It did not stop her tongue and it’s actions as it delved deep within that young pussy. Jenny’s juices tasted so wonderful that she could not help but lick them up as they dripped down her daughter’s legs and her own cheeks and chin. Above her, she could hear Jenny’s moans increase, and with those sounds for encouragement, Debbie dove back into the wetness, leaving her rebellious mind to figure things out later. Her daughter’s cunt needed more attention, and she was only happy to provide those glorious folds the licking they so begged for.

* * *

The screen before Jenny suddenly stopped flashing its subliminal lights, and she shook her head to clear it of the cobwebs that had developed shrouding her in her own confusion. She looked at the screen in wonder, blinking away the blurriness and dry eyes of what seemed like days of staring wide eyed.

“Where am I? What’s going on?” she asked aloud as she slowly came to her senses, she reached up to rub her eyes and brushed something odd in her lap. As her balled fists pushed gently up against her eyelids, she felt a slight breeze over her entire body … She wasn’t wearing any clothes at all. She quickly tried to cover herself after realizing her nakedness, still not sure where she was. One arm went to cover her che- … ‘tits’, while the other arm to cover her cro- … ‘cunt.’

As both arms reached their destination, one came into contact with a head that leaned against her inner thigh. At the same time, her other arm reached her ‘boobs’ and acted on its own volition and pinched her left nipple, causing her to let out a soft moan. She looked down to find her other hand intertwining itself in the full head of hair at her ‘pussy’ and pulling the face closer and deeper into her sex.

All the sensations of her body, her surroundings, and the past two hours came rushing back to her mind, turning from a light trickle to a flood of sexual feelings that flooded her head with the pleasure of the tongue between her legs. The mouth sucking her clit only added to the tumultuous river of orgasmic energy now coursing through her entire body. Her brain was awash and adrift left to fend for itself as her body told her to enjoy the moment. Flashes of images and scenes of lude sexual acts zipped through that drifting consciousness, all of them involving her. They appeared to her not from her own perspective but as if she was watching herself from a movie screen … sitting in a sticky chair of a theatre.

Her head was spinning and reeling with the images, they wiped out her previous questions, as she realized that she was in a porno theatre … inside her own head. The movie on the screen before her seemed vaguely familiar, the premise was the typical girl next door movie with a interesting twist. She watched with both arousal and revulsion as the plot brushed the edges of her memory … Had she seen this disgustingly erotic piece of work before? She could hardly imagine having in interest in sitting through this entire movie but as she began to think about it, it became more and more entrancing. Her thoughts, once that of a modest young woman, were slowly devolving into that of the wanton slut on the screen before her.

“This is an awesome flick,” said the woman in the chair beside her. “It’s got me so horny just sitting here watching as Eric has his way with her.” The woman’s voice was strikingly recognizable to her as she realized the character ‘fucking’ his neighbor was named Eric.

She had a neighbor named Eric too … “What an odd coincidence.” She thought and her mind tried to latch onto that thought but it slipped away as if it was covered in the juices dripping out of the woman on the screen.

“Wow, she looks like she’s having so much fun,” said the voice beside her again but she could not turn to look at the woman … she could not pry her eyes from the screen before her as the plot unfolded as quickly as the woman on the screen’s legs. Before she knew it her own hands were trying to simulate the pleasure she watched above her. Her right hand reaching for her ‘cunt’, and her left reaching for her che- … ‘titties’; she was not surprised or alarmed to find herself naked, she had somehow already known she was.

“Here, let me help you with that,” came the voice again but this time she could feel her move beside her as she got from the chair, lowering herself to the floor to squat between Jenny’s legs. Still she could not look down to see this voice that she swore she knew, her eyes stayed fixed upon Eric as he brought out a banana sundae with long … hard bananas and juicy cherries and cream just oozing all over the place. She licked her lips, much like the lips below her, before diving into desert before her.

“Ya know, this tastes like bananas and ice cream.” Said the voice stopping between long loving licks, but Jenny dismissed it as she couldn’t believe her eyes. On the screen the woman was taking the banana and …

“Oh my god, that’s disgus- … hot as ‘fuck’” her mind changed direction in mid sentence as she watched the woman before her shove a banana in and out of her ‘twat’. She was watching as this woman got fucked with a banana … she focused on the banana and her mind got fuzzy again. The images began colliding within her as the words of the woman at her ‘cunt’ came back to her. Her own pussy tasted like bananas and ice cream…

Suddenly, she came back to the computer chair and the monitor before her, she looked down and it was the same head of hair, the same tongue going to town on her clit, bringing her to new pleasurable heights she could have never imagined before. Looking closely at the head she now had both hands forcibly cramming into her ‘canal’, she saw the long flowing blonde hair she so tightly gripped within her fingers. So soft and smooth, just like her mother’s hair. As one of Jenny’s hands stroked the hair, the head stopped and looked up into Jenny’s eyes. It was her mother.

“What the hell? Mom?!” she screamed questioningly again as reality came flooding back to her senses washing away the grogginess. What was she doing naked, thinking of such lude sexual acts and enjoying them, and letting a woman, much less her very own MOTHER, lap away at the juices of her … her … ‘fuckhole!!!’

“What’s going on… why are you doing this mother? Why … are you stopping!!!” she said grabbing her own mother by the ears and slamming her face back down tongue the juices that had flowed so freely down her thighs. “Don’t stop! Oh, God please, don’t stop! Ever again…it feels so good mommy! OH, right THERE! Oh, Oh. OH!!!” Jenny heard her lips say. She was losing control again. She had it there for a minute but it was all gone again. Lost to the pleasure that overwhelmed the logic centers of her brain. “Fuck logic,” she thought…”FUCK ME!!!” she screamed.

“Alright ladies, you’ve had your fun, and we’ve had some fun watching, but it’s our turn to participate. Let’s move over to the bench that Jenny so lovingly broke in for us.” Arthur said grinning over at his son.

“Let’s,” Eric said back to his father and then turned back to the mother and daughter pair. “Alright Debbie, on your back, legs spread on the bench. Jenny on top of her, sixty-nine style. You’ll get to return the favor your mother has been giving you all this time while Dad and I get to have our fun. You get to watch as Father fucks daughter and son fucks mother... ‘cause that’s what we are now…family.” Eric’s grin grew more with each word, the idea having just popped in his head.

“Good idea son,” Arthur said as he watched the two women jump to do as they were told. The men looked carefully into the women’s eyes, and they could see the internal struggle against their commands. Debbie’s eyes screamed that she couldn’t do this, not with her own daughter, she had raised her to be so good and yet she longed for more of her daughter in ways that she had never thought of before. She began reveling the idea of watching as Arthur’s cock, the cock that had given her so much pleasure this past month, would now be entering her daughter. Not only did she get to have a front row seat she got to lick both the cock and her daughter’s clit as it fucked in and out of her.

Jenny licked her lips in anticipation of the first pussy she would ever taste: her mothers. Her innerself beat at the walls of this velvety prison. She couldn’t do this, she wasn’t a lesbian, this was incest … “and incest is best!” the slutty self, present all this time, spoke up within her. “No, I can’t, this is wrong.” She fought, trying to reason with herself. “How can something this wrong feel so right?” said the slut as she realized she was already in position squatting and leaning into her mother’s ‘twat’. There was that dirty word again, “twat, cunt, pussy, fuckhole…”, the list droned on and on in her head the sexy words beating down her defenses as they worked their way more and more into her vocabulary.

Saliva dripped from her mouth onto the pussy below her, her mother’s, a moan came from below her own cunt as the spit landed. She stared down as her mother stared up into the pussies before their eyes. They waited, anticipating the forbidden sweetness their minds craved and rebelled against so fiercely. Slowly they looked as the dicks they had experienced so recently began the journey towards their counterparts. Each entering unexplored territory with a watchful observer along for the ride of their lives.

Arthur was positioned at Jenny’s cunt, his balls hanging over Debbie’s eyes causing her some difficulty in deciding which she wanted to put her mouth on more. Eric’s cock was getting ready to slam its way through Debbie’s slit. This gave Jenny the view of a cock pistoning into the hole she had come out nineteen years before. The sight for all four was so captivating, so powerful, that it almost caused an orgasm for all. Somehow, the guys managed to hold their jizz in as their lovers waited for the action and the orders. Glancing back and forth between the ladies and each other the men synchronized their entrances slowly easing into the velvet ‘holes’ before their shafts, both ladies mewled contented, their eyes temporarily losing sight of what was before them as they glazed in pleasure.

Arthur winked at Eric and suddenly both men slammed their dicks home, balls slapping ass, and in Debbie’s case rebounding to smack her nose giving her the scent of man sex briefly overtaking the smell of their incestual pussy juices before her. Jenny’s face was splattered with a glob of juice from her mother’s cunt as Eric slammed his manly cock into her mother’s hole and she grinned as she licked it up looking into Eric’s eyes briefly.

“Dig in ladies!” Eric and Arthur said together as they began to fuck the pussies before them each grabbing a handful of breasts and pinching and squeezing the nipples as they fucked with quick hard strokes. Everyone knew that neither of the men would last very long, but it didn’t matter because the conditioning the ladies had gone through had them cumming at the start of fucking... cumming and licking the clits and the dicks that thrust out of the other’s pussy. Mother and daughter were almost screaming around each other’s clits, increasing the pleasure. Father and son’s eyes were almost rolled back inside their heads as they could hardly dam the flood of cock juice growing since the mother daughter duo began their show.

It wasn’t long before the guys couldn’t hold back anymore, though the pleasure seemed to go on forever. Eric caved first, quickly pulling out of Debbie’s pussy and slamming his cock deep within Jenny’s throat. She gagged for a second before she could take his entire length down her throat and swallow his seed whole. She wished she could taste it, but it didn’t matter, because she could taste her mother on his shaft—that was almost as good to taste as his seed. Arthur smirked, watching his son lose it early, but could not blame him in the slightest because he was not too far behind, especially with Debbie tonguing his balls and asshole while he fucked her daughter. She plunged her tongue deep within his sphincter and that was all he could take. He almost didn’t pull out in time, but she knew what was coming and was ready and thus did not gag—the month of practice helped out there. Everyone nearly fell over, content and barely standing, cocks in mouths and pussies dripping cum when a camera flash lit the room. Each girl regretfully withdrew most of the cocks in their mouths to turn and look at who had taken the picture.

“Maggie!?” Debbie had said barely comprehensible as part of Arthur’s cock was still in her cheek, her question was echoed by Jenny’s.

“Aunt Margerett?!” she said trying to catch her breath and hold the cock before her, out of the corner of her eye she saw it glisten with her spittle and a hint of cum leaked out the tip. She quickly licked it, not caring that her aunt saw..

“Now that was a Kodak moment.” She said, chuckling huskily, looking on at her in-laws caught in a very compromising position with much more than their slip showing. “Now what would your brother, The Reverend Pastor Bill, say to this little picture I have here, eh, Debbie? Do you think your Uncle Willie has a place on his fridge for this picture, Jenny? I bet he does. I know I look forward to seeing it every single day.” She laughed, returning to the two stunned silent girls, as the men joined in.

“The fun is just beginning ladies.” All three said two the confused mother daughter pair.

“What next?” they each thought…

…To Be Continued