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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC women. Two women going to the bank have their lives changed forever.

Introductory Comments: This story is inspired by Tabico, 321, Trillby Else, Iago and others I have read on this site for over 10 years. Also inspired by 50s 60s and 70s Sci-Fi movies

The Bank

Wrong Place, Wrong Time?

Part I

Tiffany Alexander and Melanie Johnson went to the bank to take out some money to go to dinner and go to a party they had been invited to. The two were friends—close friends and had been so since High School. The two were close—close enough Tiffany had a secret crush on Melanie but both women were “not that way” so she never even seriously considered it. Although Tiffany had dreamt and out and part of her wanted it to be true. Melanie was straight as straight could be and never even considered anything but sleeping with men. She had been having weird dreams though—Dreams about sex with women. And Melanie being a prude and a catholic she was worried her bad relationship was driving her in a new direction. She had been reading some self-help books she thought it was a little PTSD from being in a bad relationship.

Both women had just started working for a Pharmaceutical company after some college and working odd jobs like Baristas and Hair Salons.

“I’m just going to get some money for tonight, wanna come in?” Melanie said.

“No Mel I’ll just listen to music and wait for you” Tiffany said, “You know I have money you don’t need to take any out?”

“No. I needed to come to the bank right now………for dinner and the party” Melanie said with a weird look briefly on her face.

Tiffany looked puzzled and said, “Er……no I’ll just wait here then Mel”.

“Okay suit yourself, be right back” Melanie said.

Tiffany thought that was kind of weird but she stayed in the car, and Melanie walked quickly into the bank. She was eager to go to dinner and the party. Very eager. She had felt a burden lifted off of her and she felt compelled to go to the bank.

She had just broken up with her boyfriend and wanted just to “Have fun” for once with no drama. They had been serious but they fought all the time the last six months as he was jealous and afraid that he was going to lose her—so he made it happen. He always accused her of acting funny like she had a girlfriend—and Melanie didn’t even like girls! He accused her of once saying a woman’s name in her sleep—Stella. He even accused her of getting gifts from a girlfriend. He found a dildo and some perfume and that was the final fight. She even accused her of having someone in their bed as she was constantly washing the sheets. She broke up with him a four weeks ago and Melanie was ready to have fun and her thoughts of partying, drinking and who knows what else with her best friend in the world filled her mind.

Tiffany was sitting in the passenger seat of Melanie’s car and listening to her I-Pod, she didn’t notice the black van which drove up in front of the bank a few moments after Melanie went into the bank. It wasn’t unusual, it looked like a regular van except if had no windows except in the front and rear windows. The driver’s side and passenger side windows were dark tinted as well as the front and rear windows. Also it had antennas on the top including a small dish.

The right side door facing the bank slid open and six women got out and went into the bank. Two stayed in the driver and passenger seats. Had Tiffany been watching them she would have noticed they were all strikingly beautiful, large chested for their size and clad in shiny black latex or PVC outfits from head to toe. The most striking thing about these women was their expressions—blank, emotionless, their eyes fixed and glazed, they walked smoothly but mechanically. Their lips and eyelids were coated with light silver. Two were blondes, one a brunette, one Asian, one redhead, one African-American. All strikingly perfect and beautiful.

Once in the bank, Melanie turned to see them while she stood waiting in line. Melanie looked puzzled as she thought how odd and out of place they looked, the squeaking of their latex outfits as they walked, the clicking of the stiletto 8″ heels of the platform boots they wore. They wore low cut front bustier thong bottom leotards pulled tightly giving them camel toes. As one of them walked by Melanie, she noticed a soft buzzing sound as each woman had two dildos—one in their anus and one in their vagina’s buzzing and fucking them constantly. And one of the women brushed against her she felt a strange sensation. Her pussy tingled as she felt the buzzing sensation and a shock like sensation went through her.

‘This is weird?’ Melanie thought as she went for her cell phone. Melanie thought of a couple of news story she had read with Tiffany. One was entitled, ’Missing woman seen involved in kidnapping? Woman saw her missing sister with four other women kidnapping two women from a boutique. The women were known models and porn stars and the woman said her sister didn’t seem to recognize her and that the women were all dressed in shiny PVC outfits’. The news story had a picture of the missing sister and the two kidnapped women.

Melanie thought the brunette looked like one of the missing models/porn stars. What was her name? Melanie hesitated to call on her cell phone as she thought about this and that weird sensation she just felt………..

Once in the bank, one of the women stayed near the door, the brunette while the blondes aimed bent their latex gloved arms at ninety degrees, and white smoke or gas sprayed from their gloves quickly filling the bank. The smoke or gas effects were almost instantaneous and the gas had different effects on the men and women in the bank;

The gas or smoke acted very quickly as no alarms were triggered and any men in the bank collapsed within seconds unconscious or dead and every woman in the bank became paralyzed and their faces began to change as they became blank faced and stared blankly ahead. One of the Security Guards was a woman and she started to draw her weapon but she too was paralyzed. She stopped after drawing her gun and just stood there like the other women in the bank, her face taking on a blank look.

Melanie’s like the other women in the bank was paralyzed, she was holding her cell phone as she was going to try to call Tiffany to warn her something was weird when she was paralyzed. She had managed only to hit the first three numbers and was paralyzed looking at her cell phone. Her face too underwent a change from curious to blank looking. And her panties were wet, as cum drizzled out of her pussy, as she and the other paralyzed women were highly aroused from the gas and being paralyzed.

Two of the shiny clad women disabled the alarms and security cameras. They even destroyed the machines recording the images.

The two blondes were then told, “USE THE MALES AS RAW MATERIALS” “WE WILL OBEY” the two blondes said as they again bent their arms and there was a strange energy sound as the males seemed to disintegrate into a cloud of molecules and the gloves then seemed to vacuum them up leaving no trace of them.

The brunette locked the bank door and they walked among the women in the bank, and stopped at Melanie. She saw the look on her face and examined her briefly and said in a monotone voice, “THIS IS THE ONE” She then selected three others to go with Melanie including the Security Guard and a pregnant woman which the brunette simply said in a monotone voice, “THESE FOUR ARE SUITABLE”

Only four women were selected from the fifteen women in the bank. The four included Melanie, the Security Guard, one teller and one other customer, a pregnant redhead. The brunette took Melanie’s cell phone and crushed it with her gloved hand into pieces then said to Melanie in a soft monotone voice, “YOU WILL ATTEND ME. YOU MUST OBEY” “I-I must obey……….” Melanie said her eyes never moving. As she walked cum drizzled down her leg.

The brunette told each of the four women selected the same thing and in turn each of the women walked silently into a side room of the bank with the other shiny clad women.

The brunette signaled the blondes, “LEAVE NO WITNESSES. USE THOSE UNSUITABLES AS RAW MATERIALS” “WE WILL OBEY” the two blondes said as they again bent their arms and there was a strange energy sound as the eleven remaining women began to glow then seemed to disintegrate into a cloud of molecules and the gloves then seemed to vacuum them up leaving no trace of them. The blondes felt nothing as they had just killed eleven women—mostly older women, heavy women and two children.

In the side room of the bank after a few minutes—exactly three minutes later—the four women including Melanie each walked out of the side room dressed identically to the other women in shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to each woman’s height, low cut front bustier leotards with thong bottoms pulled tightly giving them each a camel toe. Their faces were emotionless and blank, but unlike the others, their eyelids and lips were not silverized and their breasts were not large like the others. The pregnant woman was no longer pregnant.

Melanie like the others acted highly controlled and her eyes were unmoving. All of Melanie’s happy thoughts of dinner and the party, her memories of her ex, the fact her rent was going to be late, her last thoughts in the bank as she started to call Tiffany were gone. Her mind was quiet now. There was only obedience and the bliss of pleasure of the two dildos fucking her. There was also pleasure from obeying, not that she could do otherwise. Melanie—the old Melanie would have never worn an outfit like this so shiny and tight but the new Melanie wore it proudly as a symbol of her obedience. Her vacant and unmoving eyes lacked the spark and energy Melanie had before. There was something absent that had been there before. She did not miss it.

Melanie walked into the vault with the other women and carried out heavy bags of gold from the bank vault, each weighing over 50lbs each, and they carried them like they were nothing, one in each gloved hand. Each woman carried out two bags of gold and they left the bank, climbing into the waiting van.

Tiffany looked up just in time to see Melanie walking out of the bank with the other women clad in shiny black skin tight latex rubber and climbing into the van.

Tiffany was stuck by Melanie’s outfit and her expression;

Melanie even looked in the direction of Tiffany with no sign of recognition and the van door closed and the van drove off.

“What the Fu………..?” As Tiffany slid into the driver’s seat and started the car and followed the van.

In the van the women sat in chairs silent, staring blankly ahead, the only sound was the sound of the van’s engine and a buzzing sound coming from each woman’s anus and vagina.

Each woman in their thong had dildos in their anus and their vaginas buzzing and fucking them constantly, bringing each woman to near constant orgasm.

The four new women; Melanie and the other three were fitted with hoods with visors over their eyes as the brunette said, “PROCESS THEM IN THE ROBOTIZER TO LEVEL 2”


As the hooded visors/helmets covered their eyes the four women were shown a series of images while sounds played in their ears over small ear buds which were slid into their ears. These were affixed to them and would not be removed.

As they watched and listened, their lips and eyelids began turning silver.

In the visors were images of women in latex and PVC, women having lesbian sex, women using strap on dildos, women being dominated and enslaved, women being made like them; women being turned into human robots. The images were made more significant as the buzzing matched women shown with dildos as each woman wore latex panties with dildos in each of their openings which buzzed and fucked them constantly. Melanie and the others already robotized were unable to resist the onslaught.

Melanie Johnson herself was not a lesbian. She turned down advances of women because she had a long term boyfriend who was really jealous all the time and because she had no interest in women. That was free Melanie. MelanieBot very much liked women as that is what she was programmed to do. Her new Mistress had no use for males as they had scorned her and abused her. As far as the Mistress was concerned they would all have to die and be used as “raw materials.” Ironic they would all be used as clothing, and whatever else was needed.

Melanie and the others watched and learned. The images became more and more intense as a small display said 55% LEVEL 2.

Though highly controlled, the images were triggering changes in the women, changing the way they thought. They understood they were to serve one purpose—obey. To do whatever they were commanded to do, whether kidnap, kill, enslave, robotize, serve, etc. They would obey without question or hesitation.

The intense images were also interlaced with images of several women but two women in particular, two latex rubber clad brunettes who Melanie and the others knew only by what they were told in their ear buds/ear pieces—Mistress (One of two women).

These “Mistresses” would be obeyed without question, without hesitation and the robots over them would also be obeyed. Mistress

The robotized women were re-programmed with false memories, even as their real memories were erased. All traces of their former lives were erased from their brains. The only portion which remained of their memories were women deemed suitable for use as Robots by the “Robotizer” machine’s computers. Their minds were scanned and mostly erased except for information such as bank accounts, assets, secrets and “suitable” friends, relatives/

For each woman they existed only to serve as human robots. There was nothing else. There was only obedience and purpose. And Melanie would obey as would the others. Their emotions and free wills were fully erased.

Their brains were filled with new knowledge—how to pleasure women, how to drive any vehicle, how to fly a helicopter and a plane, how to fire a gun, how to kill barehanded, and many other tasks as well as how to process women into new human robots like they were now.

The four women were all fairly small chested except the formerly pregnant woman. Their breasts “inflated” to the size the Mistress preferred—38DD. Melanie was only an A cup so now she was a 38DDD. Their outfits stretched tightly as their eyelids and lips were now fully silverized.

There were two ways to be robotized—by what happened in the bank and finished by the Robotizer or by placing a free woman in the Robotizer.

Then the Robot Controller of this group called on a cell phone in her boot top, “MISTRESSES MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. FOUR NEW ROBOTS CREATED. ALL EVIDENCE ELIMINATED”

“Excellent Controller #1 you have done well. Return to base so we may inspect the new Robots and offload the Gold”

“YES MISTRESS I WILL OBEY” The robot shuddered as she briefly thought of what the Mistress had said but then focused on her duties.


Driving behind the van, trying to stay back was Tiffany Alexander. Her mind racing, as she followed the black van with no rear windows. She noticed the weird antennas on the top including a small dish like a Television broadcast truck. Her mind raced; ‘Why was Melanie with those women? Why was she dressed like that? Why did she not seem to recognize me? Why!? And those outfits? Melanie would never dress in fetish looking clothes like that? Her expression?!’

Tiffany was blaming herself now for this. ‘If only I went in the bank instead of Melanie? Or if I would have went with her?’ But then she knew the answer—She would be just like Melanie is now. This was just a case of being in the “Wrong Place at the Wrong Time”

As she drove, Tiffany remembered a news story she and Melanie had shared a few days earlier, “Tiffany look at this story, ‘Jewelry Heist committed by strange black PVC or rubber clad women. No witnesses. Twenty workers missing’ what do you make of that?”

“Probably some insurance scam. That story sounds too hokey like a cheesy sci-fi movie”

“No really! There are other stories like this, women missing and robberies, assassinations and kidnappings committed by strange black PVC or rubber clad women”

“Yeah right Melanie” Tiffany said laughing at her best friend.

Tiffany wished she had taken her best friend more serious now.

In the van the hoods raised up and the four robot women including Melanie were now fully robotized like the other eight women. All with 38DD chests and clad in shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to each woman’s height, low cut front bustier leotards with thong bottoms pulled tightly giving them each a camel toe. Their faces emotionless and blank, but their eyelids and lips silverized, their hair down they each stared blankly ahead.

The four said in monotone voices one at a time starting with Melanie,








The driver said, “WE ARE BEING FOLLOWED…..SINCE THE BANK. A SILVER HONDA DRIVEN BY A BLONDE.” The brunette saw her in the mirror and turned to face her new Robot sisters.

The robotized Melanie saw the car on a monitor and wasted no time betraying her best friend to her new Robot sisters, “SHE IS TIFFANY ALEXANDER FRIEND OF MELANIE JOHNSON. SHE WAS OUTSIDE THE BANK. SHE MUST HAVE SEEN US LEAVE THE BANK”


One of the robotized women pulled out a gun and prepared to open the back door to shoot Tiffany as she drove. The Robotized women were marksman and they would not miss. Many of them had killed before.

Melanie only had limited memory of her prior life—only females who were suitable to be collected and robotized. The robotized Melanie replied “NO CONTROLLER. SHE WAS TO BE COLLECTED AT A LATER DATE ANYWAY. THE MISTRESS SELECTED HER FOR SERVICE. SHE IS PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE AND HIGHLY INTELLIGENT” Melanie said this NOT to save her friend, but to secure another Robot servant for the Mistresses.


Behind them Tiffany slowed as she saw the black van pull over in an isolated area of the city. She then saw her friend Melanie now with bigger boobs and silverized lips and eyelids get out of the van and move toward her in her shiny rubber PVC outfit……………

Tiffany saw Melanie and thought, ‘Oh no…..Melanie! She is like the others now? Her boobs? They must be 36 or 38DD?!!! And her eyelids and lips are silverized like them…………She is coming toward me? Why? Her expression is so cold?’ Tiffany let her emotions take over and rather than driving off she got out of the car and walked toward her best friend.

Tiffany said, “Melanie what are you doing? Why are you with those women? Why are you dressed like that?! Jesus your boobs? And that outfit?! You would never dress like that?” Tiffany looked at the outfit as they closed distance. ‘Fuck Melanie?’ she thought as she looked at her new boobs in the in shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to her height. Melanie was now a full 10″ taller than her best friend. The low cut front bustier leotard with thong bottoms pulled tightly giving them each a camel toe. “Jesus Mel those boots?” and as they got near each other the biggest thing that bothered Tiffany was her best friend’s expression. She knew Melanie for over ten years, she had seen Melanie cry, angry, sad, happy, smiling, frowning, funny but she had NEVER seen her friend emotionless and blank. “Funny? Her eyelids and lips are silver but her eyes………so vacant and they don’t blink very much? They don’t really move at all? She is not looking at me……….she is looking through me? And what is that buzzing?’ “Mel please…” as she touched her friend and like Melanie in the bank, as Tiffany touched her she felt a strange sensation. Her pussy tingled as she felt the buzzing sensation and a shock like sensation went through her like her whole outfit was electric.

Puzzled Tiffany looked at Melanie, “Mel please?! What is this?”

Melanie seemed to ignore her please her eyes staring blankly ahead as she aimed her gloved hand at Tiffany and white gas/smoke sprayed into her face. Tiffany coughed and managed “Mel?.......” then she felt her mind turn off.

End Part One

(To be Continued……….)