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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC women. Two women going to the bank have their lives changed forever.

Introductory Comments: This story is inspired by Tabico, 321, Trillby Else, Iago and others I have read on this site for over 10 years. Also inspired by 50s 60s and 70s Sci-Fi movies

The Bank



Melanie found herself naked in a holding cell. Experiments had been done on her and she was seemingly free. Ashley was there but she was sleeping hard.

‘What happened to me? Who am I? The last thing I remember was The Club? Jessica? That woman?’ as she shuddered ‘Was any of it real?’

There were two other naked women were in the cell besides Ashley. “You’re okay? Good. When they brought you in you were some kind of Slave or Robot. They have been working on you every day”

“Robot? There’s no such thing as a Robot? Every day? How long?”

“You were here when we got here two days ago”

“Why? What are they going to do to us?”

Didn’t you see the women who took us? They are going to make us like them I think? I’m Alissa and this is Fawn”

“I’m…………I’m………..I don’t know who I am? My memory is blank? And why does my sex feel like I have been having sex for months?”

“Where are we?”

“Don’t know. They injected us with something when they brought us here”


“Who is that other girl? She is pretty?”

“W-we don’t know. She has been taken out like you but she doesn’t wake up. They gave her more drugs, or the drugs affect her more or something. (They affected Ashley more because unlike Melanie who was still half robotized, Ashley was free)

“Aren’t you afraid?”

“No……..I feel weird…….. These boobs are fake I think or enhanced……….they are like cantaloupes………..Ughhhhh………….And I-if I was a robot or whatever why did they free me?”

“Maybe they want to make you one of theirs? They were studying and testing you”

“I remember I had a husband……….he was……….oh god no!”


“Oh no! No! No! I was under control or something………..I-I killed him! I’m a murderer!”

“What you said they controlled you what happened?”

“I-I only remember some of it………I was told to kill him and I didn’t the first time so they sent me back………..he kept saying he loved me………..he even stood with his arms crossed refusing to run, refusing to try to stop me…………and I-I moved quickly and knocked his feet from under him and he fell over and hit his head on the counter and with a SNAP broke his neck. I just stood there staring at him as he died and she then went out feeling nothing. I even wrote a breakup note…………….I am a monster!..........and I can’t even cry!”

Melanie realized she had no tears, no real emotions about anything.

Melanie didn’t see the hidden camera and microphones in the ceiling.

Watching and listening to them in another room upstairs,

Two Robots, both blondes sat in chairs in their shiny black minidresses with long sleeves, thong bottoms with camel toes and pantyhose under the bottoms over their free with ankle high stiletto heeled boots, wrist length gloves, and their hair was pulled back into pony tails. Their breasts were big and firm 36D and their minidresses showed cleavage. Their skin was tanned like they had been in tanning booths or to Hawaii. They had butt plugs in their anuses and catheter’s in their urethras. They had IV devices in their left wrists. They wore black framed glasses 60s style, like the old military style glasses—BCGs—“Birth Control Glasses” Their eyes were fixed and unmoving.

Sitting at another console was the robotized Jessica clad in her outfit as a report was being printed out…………

Behind them stood Abella, who watched the captives and said coldly, “Report”


“Yes her brain was altered by whatever process she went through. But with what I learned from Jessica I have used drugs to try to recover her memories.

She is still a Robot her strength and stamina, her healing is still enhanced. I need to find out how they controlled her, directed her. These two are getting her to talk and remember…….keep recording and we will keep letting this go for a time”


Jessica stood up and brought the report to her Master, bowing as she handed it to her.

“Ah yes……….” As she looked at the obedient Jessica staring blankly ahead in her shiny minidress outfit with her tanned skin like she had been in a tanning booth or Hawaii for two weeks. “Such a beautiful Robot………..yes it seems your former master is furious I have her as well hahahaha.

“I’m a monster! I remember worse stuff then that!”

“Worse?” Fawn said meekly.

“Yes…………I-I remember killing other people………snapping their necks during sex……….shooting them in the face………….how could I do all this?”

“We told you, when we were thrown in here you were some kind of Slave or Robot. They have been working on you every day”

“Robot? You are serious? Two days ago? Why would they leave you in here with me for two days?”

“We don’t know……..we are just glad they didn’t turn us into one of those tanned women yet”

“Sorry………I’m in the same boat………I must have been a robot for someone else? I vaguely remember…………a Bank……………..women in shiny outfits with dildos……………then nothing until I remember killing people………wait the police………a police raid…………..Project Chameleon……….”

“What is that?”

“I don’t know…………….someone said it to me………..everything is jumbled………like a DVD movie with the chapters all mixed up………..

Nothing is in order…………”

“The brain remembers stuff in different areas like a hard drive You know how it needs to be defragmented?”

“Oh right…………I guess so……….why can’t I remember my name………the closest I come is……L…..iz Liz or Elisabeth?”

“Maybe that’s your name?”

“No something tells me it isn’t really……….and the number #25 keeps popping in my head?”

“Why 25?”

“My age maybe? I feel like my IQ maybe?”

“No you are doing fine considering how you were. You just stared at the ceiling for days…………..whoever did this to you really messed you up. Do you feel anything?”

“No………(they ask a lot of questions?) Why would they leave you two in here with me? Don’t they take whoever is in here and take them out to turn them into those tanned women? That’s what you said?”

“We don’t know why? We are just grateful? What are you trying to say?”



“Yes fill the cell with Sleeping Gas. We will give her more drugs”


The three Robotized women and Abella watched as the three collapsed asleep.

They opened the cell and all three women were injected with the drug used to capture women. Melanie also was injected with a drug to stimulate memory. The capture injections were also a component in the gas in the robotizing chamber. Abella awaked the two captives Fawn and Alissa. Abella watched their eyes glaze over from the injections then she told them, “Both of you listen to my words. You must continue to prompt this girl to remember and make her believe you are her friend and care about her. I must know her secrets”

“Yes Master”

“You must obey me. You must get her to remember. And you must act normally and not reveal you are my Slaves do you understand?”

“Yes Master”

“You may even try to seduce her and use sex to open her mind. I don’t know that it will help………..but try it. You will both be rewarded for your obedience”

“Yes Master we will obey”

A short time later, Melanie awoke but Fawn and Alissa were awake.

“Shit what was that?”

“I don’t know you got dizzy and fell, we tried to catch you. At least you didn’t hit your head” as Alissa held Melanie’s hand. She stroked her and said, “It’s okay we will stick together and get out of here”

“Yes we need to help each other” Fawn said hugging Alissa.

“Yes I agree……….” As Melanie hugged them. It felt good to have physical contact. All three hugged together to stay warm.

“Excellent they are building comradery……… her brain was altered by whatever process she went through. But she is still human and wants touch”

”I think I am remembering more……………. I remember why I did what I did……..I felt nothing but mindless obedience………….I remember the bank more now;

I was in the bank when I saw six women come into the bank. I noticed they were all strikingly beautiful, large chested for their size and clad in shiny black latex or PVC outfits from head to toe. The most striking thing about these women was their expressions—blank, emotionless, their eyes fixed and glazed, they walked smoothly but mechanically. Their lips and eyelids were coated with light silver. There were two blondes, one a brunette, one Asian, one redhead, one African-American. All strikingly perfect and beautiful. I turned to watch them as I stood waiting in line. I thought how odd and out of place they looked? Their latex outfits squeaked as they walked, the clicking of the stiletto 8″ heels of the platform boots they wore. They wore low cut front bustier thong bottom leotards pulled tightly giving them camel toes. I thought maybe a fashion show was near the bank and these were the models………….but their expressions? So mindless……………..

As one of them walked by me I noticed there was a soft buzzing sound and as one of the women brushed against me I felt a strange sensation. My pussy tingled as she felt the buzzing sensation and a shock like sensation went through me. They had a smell of latex rubber and sex…………………My guess they had been having a LOT OF IT. I thought ‘If I was hot like them I bet I would get a lot of sex too’ I even thought ‘I wish I was like them’

I guess I should not have thought that. I remember pulling out my cell phone to call Tiffany………..Tiffany? Who is Tiffany…….I seem to remember she was my best friend………my girlfriend…… girlfriend?

Anyway in the bank I thought ‘This is weird?’ as I started to dial her number on my cell phone. I thought of a couple of news story I had read with Tiffany. One was entitled, ’Missing woman seen involved in kidnapping? Woman saw her missing sister with four other women kidnapping two women from a boutique. The women were known models and porn stars and the woman said her sister didn’t seem to recognize her and that the women were all dressed in shiny PVC outfits’. The news story had a picture of the missing sister and the two kidnapped women.

I thought the brunette looked like one of the missing models/porn stars. What was her name? I should have called but it seems like a hesitated to call…………..Tiffany………….because of the weird sensation I just felt………..

Once in the bank, one of the women stayed near the door, the brunette while the blondes aimed bent their latex gloved arms at ninety degrees, and white smoke or gas sprayed from their gloves quickly filling the bank. The smoke or gas effects were almost instantaneous and the gas had different effects on the men and women in the bank;

The gas or smoke acted very quickly and I tried to call her when I and the other women in the bank were paralyzed. I had managed only to hit the first three numbers and was paralyzed looking at her cell phone. I could feel the expression drain from my face as I felt sooo mindless… aroused as I felt like a doll. I could feel myself cumming a little bit, my panties were wet and I felt cum drizzling out of her pussy as I became really aroused by the paralysis and the mindlessness feeling.

I couldn’t move but I saw the other women were paralyzed, but men in the bank seemed to fall down hard, their heads bouncing on the floor like a bowling ball.

I tried to think but it was hard……….I tried to think what was happening to me………

I heard a weird sound and I saw the two blondes sweeping their gloved arms side to side and I saw the males disintegrate into a cloud of molecules and the gloves then seemed to vacuum them up leaving no trace of them.

I should have been scared but I was paralyzed and too aroused to think of anything else.

The brunette came from behind me stopped at me, examining me I heard her say in a monotone voice, “THIS IS THE ONE” She then selected three others and I heard her say again in a monotone voice, “THESE FOUR ARE SUITABLE”

The brunette took my cell phone and crushed it with her gloved hand into pieces then said to me in a soft monotone voice, “YOU WILL ATTEND ME. YOU MUST OBEY”

I heard myself say “I-I must obey……….” And I walked behind her and as I walked I felt more cum drizzle down my leg.

My eyes never moved I stared blankly ahead. We went into a

side room of the bank with the other shiny clad women.

I heard the brunette tell the blondes, “LEAVE NO WITNESSES. USE THOSE UNSUITABLES AS RAW MATERIALS” I-I don’t know what happened in the main bank lobby but when I did walk back in there the other women were all gone.

Anyway in the side room of the bank, the four shiny clad women including the brunette stood in front of each of us. The brunette stood in front of me, the Asian in front of the Security Guard, the redhead and the black woman in front of the other two women—a very lovely pregnant woman and a college student. I heard the brunette say, “PROCEED WITH CONVERSION TO LEVEL ONE” and the others said “WE WILL OBEY” I watched as the shiny clad women rubbed their camel toed crotches and 12″ dildos telescoped out of a slit which was in the thong bottom over the pussy area with a BOINK. I could see this and instead of fear I felt arousal……… The women bent their gloved arms our clothes glowed and disintegrated and in a cloud was vacuumed up like I had seen the men earlier.

The brunette walked her dildo into my vagina from the front, her smooth shiny latex PVC arms brushed against my sides as I felt the dildo bottom in my vagina………..I remember moaning loudly as I felt my eyes go wide open and there was a flash of light in my mind and everything went blank. I remember orgasming hard………the biggest I remember ever feeling…….

Then I remember my boobs were tingling as was my pussy as she fucked me in and out over and over I felt something spurting inside me………….I had no thoughts……..only mindless……..obedience……………mindlessness.

The brunette was in my face and she was SOOO beautiful………..her eyes vacant, she never blinked, she never moved her eyes. She WAS the missing porn star I did manage to think as all memories at the time seemed to fade away..………… she finished the brunette removed her dildo from me and wiped it off with her right gloved hand then stroked it and it spurted on me. She aimed high and it spurted on my stomach and chest. Then the dildo—and the others I guess retracted with a “POP”

Outfits began to form on us as I felt my mind being filled with new knowledge. I saw wild images, thoughts, ideas, women in shiny outfits, dildos, lesbian sex, strap-on sex, S&M, things I didn’t understand……….

I felt boots form under my feet raising me up……….my heels were pushed up as platform boots with 8″ stiletto heels formed on my legs raising me up 6 or so inches. My leotard started forming…………….I felt two dildos one in my anus one in my vagina………..then I blanked out again as more things filled my head………..I began to hear in my head OBEDIENCE IS PLEASURE. OBEDIENCE IS TRUTH…..OBEDIENCE IS PURPOSE…..YOU MUST OBEY WITHOUT QUESTION……… a strong voice I had to obey…..

I then found I had the leotard on pulled tight and shiny black latex rubbery

PVC Arm length gloves to match my boots. I then felt myself able to move.

My ONLY thought was to obey what I was told by the other Robots…………

Robots? I was a robot……………….I heard the brunette Robot say, “THEY ARE ONLINE LEVEL ONE. READY TO SERVE. YOU WILL NOW OBEY AND ASSIST US” “I WILL OBEY” I heard myself automatically say as I started walking with the others in my new boots, I saw the others were like me. We were robotized, I saw the others, our faces were emotionless and blank, but our eyelids and lips were not silverized and our boobs were not large like the others. I saw the girl who was pregnant and she was no longer pregnant. I didn’t really think about what that meant as I was obeying what the brunette told me, she was out Controller, the leader of that mission. And like the others I was highly controlled and my eyes were unmoving. My mind was quiet now. There was only the bliss of obedience and purpose and the bliss of pleasure of the two dildos fucking me. The pleasure from obeying was something I realize now………….I know why I did what I did. I would do ANYTHING to keep feeling like that………….

Melanie—the old Melanie would have never worn an outfit like this so shiny and tight but the new Melanie wore it proudly as a symbol of her obedience. Her vacant and unmoving eyes lacked the spark and energy Melanie had before. There was something absent that had been there before. She did not miss it.

I walked into the vault with the other women and carried out heavy bags of gold from the bank vault, each weighing over 50lbs each, and we carried them like they were nothing, one in each gloved hand. Each Robot carried out two bags of gold and they left the bank, climbing into q waiting van”.

“Holy shit…………do you remember more?”

“Yes Alissa……..there is more…………I’m not sure how I remember it so clearly now………..I have no idea who I was before the bank though……………………..

As we climbed into the van we sat in a row of chairs silent, staring blankly ahead, the only sound was the sound of the van’s engine and a buzzing sound coming our dildos in our anuses and vaginas.

All four of us were fitted with hoods with visors over our eyes as I heard the Controller brunette Robot say “PROCESS THEM IN THE ROBOTIZER TO LEVEL 2”


As the hooded visors/helmets covered our eyes we were shown a series of images while sounds played in our ears over small ear buds which were slid into our ears. These were affixed to us and would not be removed.

Again I felt so aroused as I—as we were being instructed on our new lives and we were undergoing more changes.

As we watched and listened, our lips and eyelids began turning silver.

In the visors were images of women in latex and PVC, women having lesbian sex, women using strap on dildos, women being dominated and enslaved, women being made like them; women being turned into human robots. The images were made more significant as the buzzing matched women shown with dildos as each woman wore latex panties with dildos in our openings which buzzed and fucked us constantly. We were already robotized so we sat there and learned…………unable to resist the onslaught”.

Melanie Johnson herself was not a lesbian. She turned down advances of women because she had a long term boyfriend who was really jealous all the time and because she had no interest in women. That was free Melanie. MelanieBot very much liked women as that is what she was programmed to do. Her new Mistress had no use for males as they had scorned her and abused her. As far as the Mistress was concerned they would all have to die and be used as “raw materials.” Ironic they would all be used as clothing, and whatever else was needed.

“We watched and learned. I knew I was highly controlled, the images were triggering changes in the way we thought. We understood we were to serve one purpose—obey. To do whatever they were commanded to do, whether kidnap, kill, enslave, robotize, serve, etc. We would obey without question or hesitation.

The intense images were also interlaced with images of several women but two women in particular, two latex rubber clad brunettes who I knew only by one name—Mistress (One of two women).

We would obey these “Mistresses” without question, without hesitation and the robots over us would also be obeyed.

Then I think……..we were re-programmed with false memories, even as our real memories were erased. I think that’s why my memories are so scrambled?”

All traces of their former lives were erased from their brains. The only portion which remained of their memories were women deemed suitable for use as Robots by the “Robotizer” machine’s computers. Their minds were scanned and mostly erased except for information such as bank accounts, assets, secrets and “suitable” friends, relatives.

“We existed only to serve as human robots. There was nothing else. There was only obedience and purpose. Our emotions and free wills were fully erased.

Our brains were filled with new knowledge—how to pleasure women, how to drive any vehicle, how to fly a helicopter and a plane, how to fire a gun, how to kill barehanded, and many other tasks as well as how to process women into new human robots like we were now.

My boobs—well all four of us, had our breasts “inflated” to the size the Mistress preferred—38DD. I was only an A cup so now I was a 38DD. My outfit stretched tightly as my eyelids and lips were now fully silverized.

In the van the hoods raised up and we were all fully robotized. All with 38DD chests and clad in shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to each woman’s height, low cut front bustier leotards with thong bottoms pulled tightly giving them each a camel toe. Their faces emotionless and blank, but their eyelids and lips silverized, their hair down they each stared blankly ahead.

I heard myself say in a monotone voice, “ROBOT #25 ONLINE READY TO SERVE”

Robot #25…………………that’s me, that’s the 25?

I heard the others say





I heard all of us say “WE WILL OBEY”

“Wow……… there more?” Fawn said.

“Yes a bit more;




Melanie?! I’m Melanie Melanie Johnson………………”

“Melanie Johnson nice to meet you”

“Oh no……..there’s more………:

One of the robotized women pulled out a gun and prepared to open the back door to shoot Tiffany as she drove. The Robotized women were marksman and they would not miss. Many of them had killed before.

Melanie only had limited memory of her prior life—only females who were suitable to be collected and robotized. The robotized Melanie replied “NO CONTROLLER. SHE WAS TO BE COLLECTED AT A LATER DATE ANYWAY. THE MISTRESS SELECTED HER FOR SERVICE. SHE IS PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE AND HIGHLY INTELLIGENT” Melanie said this NOT to save her friend, but to secure another Robot servant for the Mistresses.


The van stopped and I walked out to my best friend in my shiny rubber PVC

Outfit and Tiffany said, “Melanie what are you doing? Why are you with those women? Why are you dressed like that?! Jesus your boobs? And that outfit?! You would never dress like that?” Tiffany looked at the outfit as they closed distance. Jesus Mel those boots. Mel please…..Mel please?! What is this?” I bent my gloved arms and one command entered my head “SUBDUE” and white gas/smoke sprayed from my gloves into her face. Tiffany coughed and managed “Mel?.......” then she was my Slave like I was in the bank. I ordered her to get into the van and she obeyed. “Yes Melanie”

“Melanie at least we learned your name and all that” Alissa said.

“It’s okay Melanie” Fawn said hugging the named Melanie.

Upstairs Abella had heard and recorded everything. She and the three robots watched the monitors and listened.

“Yes Melanie Johnson……… of the women from the bank robbery and the Crime Madams case……….She just told us about when she was taken…………I must have that process. The same process used on you my Robot” referring to Jessica/Robot #1, “And that other women with the long hair”.


End Part Eighteen

(To be Continued……….)