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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC women. Two women going to the bank have their lives changed forever.

Introductory Comments: This story is inspired by Tabico, 321, Trillby Else, Iago and others I have read on this site for over 10 years. Also inspired by 50s 60s and 70s Sci-Fi movies

The Bank



Goddess Ashley was not really aware of the operations in France, England and Germany and spreading into other countries. There Stella had other rivals which would take advantage of the chaos of change.

A black Learjet 85 landed on a private airstrip. The two Robotized pilots Robots #36 and #44 were former military fighter pilots, their skills flying F-18s now benefited their Mistresses, Robotized their skills and reflexes were enhanced.

The door opened and six women exited, partially robotized dressed identically in the shiny black latex rubbery PVC outfits of Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto 8″ heeled platform boots which added 6″ to each woman’s height, low cut front bustier leotards with thong bottoms pulled tightly giving them each a camel toe. Their faces were emotionless and blank, but their eyelids and lips were not silverized and their breasts were yet enlarged. But they did obey like the other Robots. They needed to be processed further.

Also Slave/Agent Vienne Catrin of French Interpol exited and called on her cell phone, “Mistress we have arrived in France. There was a communication breakdown we have been out of communication since departure almost 12 hours? Controllers report? This is Agent Vienne?”

“THERE IS A NEW GODDESS YOU WILL……” Vienne hung up and said, “Quickly isolate all communications from the US. The Mistresses have fallen. I repeat the Mistresses have fallen. Protocol Zero is in effect. Protocol Zero is in effect”

Agent Vienne signaled the other European and British bases so now all bases outside the US were under Protocol Zero. A suitable female was to be chosen to become the new leader.

Agent Vienne knew the perfect choice. A woman she had wanted to robotize for the Mistress as a gift. She would become the new Mistress over all outside US outposts. Ashley was unaware of all of this, not because of anything but inexperience.

Vienne went to the target, a beautiful French fashion model, named

Mélanie Dedigama, a 26-years-old model from Genève, Switzerland. She likes dance and theatre. She considers herself funny and smart and she prefers to be around beautiful girls. This would be used when she was brainwashed. She would be the perfect new Mistress.

Stella had gone so far as to have the Protocol Zero protocol program an image of her mind. Mel would think like Stella.

During this time Goddess Ashley sent another jet with heavily armed Robots to investigate why her other bases were failing to respond.

In the A black Learjet 85 there were ten heavily armed Robots led by Robot #3/Jessica.

The door opened and eleven Robots exited, all clad in their shiny black latex rubbery PVC outfits of Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto 8″ heeled platform boots which added 6″ to each woman’s height, low cut front bustier leotards with thong bottoms pulled tightly giving them each a camel toe. Their faces were emotionless and blank, but their eyelids and lips were silverized and their breasts

were 38DD. They wore Goddess Ashley Control Collars.

There was an immediate fire fight as Vienne was ready for them.

The Robots were captured and their control collars removed and destroyed. “Take them for re-robotization and reprogramming. Free this one Robot #3”

Thanks to the take-over of Abella this was possible. Jessica was freed—again. But of course she was just a woman with a fabricated persona. The original Jessica was gone when robotized.

As Jessica was freed and the others re-robotized, Vienne remembered;

Vienne knelt before Stella and as Stella reached out her gloved hand Vienne kissed it saying, “Mistress! I live to serve you”

“Yes Vienne you have done very well. You have converted your fellow Agents?”

“Just my partner Mistress. I am moving slowly as instructed. She now obeys your will as do I. Do you wish her to come on the next flight?”

“Yes so she can taste of my nectar and receive re-enforcement training”

“Yes Mistress as you command”

“These six are exceptional? Who are they?”

“Two are models Mistress, one is a wealthy socialite believed to have committed suicide so she will not be missed, one is a nosy policewoman and two are college students Mistress”

“Excellent! They are lovely………..the assets of the socialite?”

“Already converted to cash and are in those cases Mistress”

“Hahaha excellent well done Vienne, I am very pleased with you”

Vienne shuddered at these words as she orgasmed. This was quite a difference from the way she reacted to Stella the first time they met some two months earlier,

One woman was dragged off the plane kicking and screaming. “Let me go!!!”

“Is this the one my pets?”


“Let’s see who you” Stella said as they checked her purse and she said, “Ah Agent Vienne Catrin of the French Interpol…………did you tell anyone you were stopping my Robots?”

“Va te faire foutre!” (Fuck you!)

“Yes you will, but I will ask you again more nicely……….did you tell anyone you were trying to detain my Robots?”

Vienne felt strange it was like Stella was looking through her. She smelled a strange smell of latex and sex……….

“I asked you a question………Vienne?”

As Vienne continued to stay knelt kissing Stella’s gloved hand she said, “Yes this is a vast improvement over when we first met my pet”

“I was a fool Mistress………..I believed my pathetic useless life was important…..I was nothing until you gave me purpose and obedience”

“Yes Vienne, you may rise Slave” Stella said as Vienne obeyed.

“I am sending another Robotizer and more robots to assist you via cargo plane tomorrow, you can return on that plane and stay the night with me. Alexandra will be sleeping through the night haha”

“Mistress? Yes Mistress! Thank you” Vienne said as her face lit up.

“Robots prep the jet for flight tomorrow as well, and secure the area for the night. Take the six for final processing”

“YES MISTRESS” all robots said bowing fully to their Mistress as she walked away.

As Alexandra slept deeply next to her, Stella laid as Vienne was at her pussy licking, lapping and kissing. Vienne tasted her Mistress and licked and lapped deeply. Vienne’s warm tongue licked along her dewy slit. Stella was very wet—she was aroused and Vienne took in her nectar.

After two hours Stella told Vienne to sleep and she fell asleep at her Mistresses feet. She would have slept on the floor if she was told to. She obeyed her Mistress.

The two Robots stood guard as the three women slept.

In the morning, the human alarm clocks entered the bedroom and Stella was awake with Vienne. She snapped her fingers and said, “We will hold off today my Sex Slaves, allow Mistress Alexandra to sleep”

“Yes Mistress” they said as she bowed fully to her and then went out.

Vienne resumed her work on Stella who moaned loudly.

As they finished, Alexandra awoke, feeling completely refreshed (As she had been told to be) and her memory was clear. Her last thought was of having sex with Stella her partner.

Vienne departed and returned to France on the cargo plane.

Stella kissed Alexandra and said, “Did you sleep well my love?”

“Yes. I feel like a new woman thank you” Alexandra said and Stella smiled because she knew she was.

After Amanda/#231 had tried to robotize her, Goddess Ashley had a group of her Robots appointed as her Elite Robot Guard—Lauren/#269, Emma/#242, Grace/#244, Breanna/#243, Melanie/#25 and Tiffany/#27. Six of her finest Robots and three would be at her side AT ALL TIMES now.

Goddess Ashley was busy with Amanda and her growing number of Sex Slaves so she left some details to her Robots, thinking she was infallible. Jessica contacted to assure all was now under control but she wanted Melanie/#25, Tiffany/#27 to assist her.

Ashley sent them but she suspected something was wrong. So she sent Lauren/#269 with special orders, “If you suspect anything report to me at once my pet. You will never fail me”


Once they departed, Ashley increased her security as Amanda emerged free, well as free as she could be. Ashley wasted no time, and soon she and her lover Amanda were fucking, Amanda was at Mistress Ashley’s perfectly shaped and shaved pussy Amanda had her tongue deep inside Ashley’s pussy, her arms around the Mistress’ leather clad hips from her minidress. Amanda tasted her and licked and lapped deeply. Amanda’s warm tongue licked along her dewy slit taking in her nectar. Mistress Ashley enjoyed the tenderness of her lover—her hypnotized lover. Amanda did not like what Ashley was doing to these women but she simply had to look into Amanda’s eyes with her own beautiful brown eyes and say “Sleep” and Amanda would sleep into trance. Right now she was in trance and they were having glorious hypnosex.


“Yes Amanda that’s it…….fuck yes…Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h”

As Ashley came hard in orgasm.

Ashley wished this could go on forever……………..

Goddess Ashley fell asleep with Amanda as her Robots stood guard over her.

Ashley dreamed of her Robots and how they served her. She loved it. Loved the feeling of power over women. And how her robot #269 had saved her from being re-robotized.

Ashley had no idea the danger she was in…………

Ten hours later another Lear Jet landed and Melanie/#25, Tiffany/#27 and Lauren/#269 exited the Lear Jet. They were immobilized immediately even #269.

But the sleeping Ashley detected this as she was linked to #269.

She knew something was wrong but she was not sure what. She was too distracted by her hypnotized Slave lover Amanda and her newest Robots Lulu and actresses Hailee Steinfeld and Demi Lovato. They were now part of her Elite Guard.


There was an order to do this to Stella if she were killed or died. Called Protocol Zero, one of the robots would take over as leader or a new leader would be brainwashed and created. If possible they would then restore Stella as a new Robot. Then make her their leader again.

In France, Jessica was wearing shiny black latex rubber stiletto heeled platform boots with 8″ heels, arm length gloves, a bustier corset and Jessica was smoking an odorless drug cigarette with her right gloved hand.

Vienne was at her pussy licking, lapping and kissing. Vienne tasted her Mistress and licked and lapped deeply. Vienne’s warm tongue licked along her dewy slit. Jessica was very wet—she was aroused and Vienne took in her nectar.

Jessica was free and had most of her memory including what happened with Abella, but she now thought like Stella having been processed under Protocol Zero.

Standing at attention in front of her Robots Lauren/#269, Melanie/#25 and Tiffany/#27 and the ten Robots sent to France were all reprogrammed, re-robotized to obey only Mistress Jessica.

“Excellent Slave Vienne you have done well. Protocol Zero is in effect. That heretic Ashley will be stopped and I will regain control of all Robots. I require an Assistant. Proceed with procurement of that model, she is lovely and once conditioned will be my new lover and Assistant”


Jessica enjoyed Vienne but she was still have robotized, she always would be. The process could not be completely reversed. Only Ashley had managed that.

Jessica looked at the robotized Melanie, she remembered the night they met at Club Lesbos;

Tiffany went to get them drinks and left Melanie alone. A beautiful latex clad brunette walked over and said, “Hey wanna dance?”

“Sure” Melanie said as she went onto the dance floor and soon the two were grinding against each other, French kissing, licking each other and then Melanie licked the brunette’s camel toed crotch.

It seemed Melanie drinking Champagne was magnifying the effects of the drug in the water she had been drinking.

Melanie was grinding and licking her new brunette friend and the brunette asked her, “Are you with anyone?”

She thought and gleefully said, “No. Not anymore” as she kissed the brunette again. The two were dancing and making out as Melanie said to her, “Fuck me”

As they grinded and kissed as Tiffany walked over shocked.

“What the fuck?” Tiffany said shocked at what she was seeing. Melanie was going up and down on her and French kissing and rubbing each other. Tiffany walked onto the dance floor and said, “My friend has had too much to drink leave her alone, come on Melanie” “No I’m having fun………I don’t even know your name” as she kissed her.


“Jessica and I are dancing Tiff, we’re having fun”

“No you are practically fucking her on the dance floor, come on your drunk Mel” as Tiffany dragged her away from Jessica who kissed her and put a piece of paper in her bra, “Call me”

Tiffany led Melanie back to the booth and they sat down.

“What the fuck was that Melanie?”

“What do you mean?”

“That?! You were grinding on that girl practically fucking her on the dance floor. I thought you said you don’t like girls?”

“I don’t”

“Liar. Then what were you doing?”

“I……I feel funny Tiff……..I’m too drunk or something?”

“Two glasses of Champagne? And you are like this? You used to be able to outdrink me. Now you are a lush”

“No I mean it……….I feel funny……… horny……….so alive……….I’m so happy you brought me here Tiffany…………I’m so horn……..” as Melanie dozed off.

‘Fuck………….Maybe someone slipped her a mickey? I was like that when I drank the water she gave me…………..the water? That water she has been drinking……….” Tiffany saw she had two bottles in her purse. Tiffany took one and put it in her purse. She saw Melanie’s cell phone had twenty missed calls. All “UNKNOWN NUMBER.”

Tiffany remembered she laid in bed after drinking the water staring at the ceiling zoning out. She was unaware she had been drugged. She slept with her eyes open for hours…………….

“The water……….” Tiffany finally said it aloud, “Melanie wake up! Melanie wake up”


“That water, why do you drink all that water?”

“Because I need to………….it’s a gift………”

“A gift?”

“Yes a gift from her”

“Who is her Melanie?”

“My phone keeps ringing I need to answer it”

“No Mel, no phones remember? Who is her Melanie? Focus Melanie, Who gives you all that water?”


“Who is Stella Melanie?” Tiffany gulped. There was something to this after all.

“She came in my work a few weeks ago……………”

“Have you seen her since then?”

“No. Well in my dreams and daydreams. She is pretty. Pretty like that girl Jessica I danced with. She dresses sexily too……..She is so in control……….Everything I’m not…………I trust her completely……….I want to obey her………….to please her……… serve her……..”

“Obey? Serve? Melanie why?”

“Because she wants me to”

“Is it the same Stella from work—the CEO?”

“Yes Tiffany. She is wealthy and powerful and so sexy. She wants me to obey her. She has lots of girls who serve her like me”

Tiffany put her head down in disbelief she wasn’t even sure what to do. Her best friend acted like she had been brainwashed.

She turned and she was gone.

Melanie went back on the dance floor and was again dancing with Jessica and making out with her. “Fuck me” Melanie said as they danced and grinded when another woman approached her on the dance floor. “Melanie stop”

The woman said as Melanie stopped mid dance, her arms up as she orgasmed recognizing the voice—it was Stella. Stella Herrin.

“Attend” she said as Melanie lowered her arms and walked off the dance floor and went with Stella. Jessica watched and wondered what this was all about. Jessica was not used to being walked away from twice as she was a model and porn star and could have any woman she desired. Melanie went with Stella to the back room of the club into her private room there where she had a booth. Melanie sat by Stella and the two latex clad women from the shop sat on each side of them. But this time there were two other black PVC clad women with enormous 38DD breasts tucked into a shiny black latex rubbery PVC bustier leotard with thong bottom giving them camel toes. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to each woman’s height. Their faces emotionless and blank, but their eyelids and lips silverized. Their hair down and long.

These women were guarding Stella and had guns in their boot tops and other devices.

“You are acting funny my dear, explain” Stella said.

“Yes Stella…….Tiffany and I are celebrating breaking up with James. I have been drinking Champagne and………”

“Ah that’s it. The Champagne. You didn’t drink so it never occurred to me. The alcohol magnifies the effects of my drug in the water you’ve been drinking. The drug makes you aroused and susceptible to suggestion. The alcohol made it go on overdrive hahaha. Listen to me Melanie. Listen well. No more drinking—ever. Unless I command it. Do you understand?”

“Yes Stella I understand”

“Good girl. Who was that brunette?”

“Her name is Jessica. She gave me her number”

“Good Melanie. So tell me why were you making out with that girl?”

“I wished you were here Stella. I danced and made out with her because I wanted her”

“Excellent! And why else?”

“She would make a good Slave for you like me”

“Excellent! Good girl. And so she shall. Where is your friend Tiffany?”

“She is looking for me I’m certain Stella”

“Did you tell her anything?”

“Only that the water is from you Stella and…….”

“Fuck!” Stella said and Melanie stopped, “And why didn’t you answer your phone? I had to use the pings to track you here?”

“I wanted to but Tiffany wouldn’t let me. We were celebrating me breaking up with James”

“Yes you did very well my dear. Now with him gone we can advance your conversion to my service. Listen to me carefully—when the phone rings you MUST answer do you hear me? You MUST answer”

“Yes Stella I will answer”

“Good girl, now go under the table and service my pussy”


As Stella enjoyed Melanie’s tongue at her pussy Jessica walked in and said, “Where is Melanie she came in here?”

“She isn’t here. What do you want my dear………you are lovely, I would like to offer you a job?”

“No thank you I’m just looking for Melanie”

“I insist, #1 and #2 proceed” Stella said as the two PVC clad women got up quickly and grabbed Jessica. One held her as the other in front of her rubbed her camel toed crotch and a 12″ dildo telescoped out of a slit which was in the thong bottom over the pussy area with a BOINK. They were the other end of the dildo in the woman’s vagina. The same robotized woman bent her gloved arms and the Jessica’s clothes glowed and disintegrated and in a cloud was vacuumed up as “raw materials” as nothing was wasted and no evidence was to be left behind.

The robotized woman walked her dildos into Jessica who moaned loudly. She fucked her sliding the dildo slid in and out spurting cum-like foam inside her, filling her and radiating her. She then withdrew the dildo wiping it off of cum and foam with her right gloved hand and she stroked the dildo spurting some of the cum-like foam onto Jessica’s naked body. Then the dildo retracted with a POP. Jessica stood at attention staring blankly ahead as an outfit began to form onto her beginning from the feet first. Her feet raised on their toes as thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with 8″ heels and 2″ bottoms formed on her legs. Then her leotard with dildos for their openings—anal and vaginal began forming, all from “Raw materials”……………..

Soon Jessica was clad in shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to her height, low cut front bustier leotard with a thong bottoms pulled tightly giving her a camel toe. Her face emotionless and blank, but her eyelids and lips were not silverized and her breasts were not yet large like the others.

“Excellent!” Stella said pleased with the process.

“Now #3 on the return trip you will be further processed”

“YES MISTRESS” Jessica said now robotized. Jessica stood on the left side of Stella.

Jessica looked at Robot Lauren/#269 “The MF-8 worked well on this one, he/She looks like Gal Gadot” as Jessica kissed her, “A beautiful Robot….I should get the real Gal Gadot to join her hahaha”

Gal Gadot was arriving at a casting call. She knocked on the door and inside Mistress Jessica sat at a desk smoking a cigarette with her right gloved hand which seemed to have no odor clad in a shiny black leather full length sleeveless Mistress Dress slit on the back, stiletto heeled shoes, arm length gloves, and she had a bracelet on her right glove and necklace as well as a ruby ring. She held a long black and red riding crop in her left gloved hand.

“Welcome Ms. Gadot” Ms. Jones said.

There was a slurping sound from under the desk. Gal asked, “What is that sound?”

“Ah the plumbing, here I want you to start reading for the part” Jessica said blowing her odorless drug cigarette smoke in her face, “You are an evil woman smoking and telling me how you will turn women into your Slaves and Robots”

“Okay, I don’t smoke anymore I didn’t bring any……..”

“Here use one of mine”

Gal began smoking it and instantly felt dizzy. “What is…………..”

And she stood immobilized. Her face went slack, her eyes wide open and dull.

Jessica said, “Smoke several times, inhaling deeply Slave”

Gal obeyed and as she did she began to have a goofy smile on her face as cum squirted from her pussy. Her panties were soaked.

Jessica stood and walked to her revealing a Sex Slave under the desk.

Jessica kissed Gal who kissed her back, and she said, “You are my Slave now. You belong to me Gal. Say it Slave”

“I belong to you now” she said still holding the odorless drug cigarette in her right hand. Her eyes blank and vacant. Jessica took hers and Gals’ cigarettes and out them out and snapped her fingers and her Sex Slave helped her mount her strap-on dildo. She then motioned and the Sex Slave pulled off Gals clothes, her face still unchanged, her eyes unmoving.

The drug Jessica smoked was VERY strong. Gal was almost catatonic and offered no assistance or resistance. Jessica was immune to most of its effects except it increased her libido and made her incredibly horny all the time. But the smoke and the second hand smoke had enough drug in it to enslave any woman within a few minutes or seconds of exposure.

Once undressed Jessica kissed Gal again and said, “Today is the day your life changes forever my dear. Your beauty will be preserved forever……….” As she kissed her again and fondled her. Then she slid her strap-on dildo into Gal’s pussy who gasped and Jessica fucked her, kissing her and fucking her. This was not only pleasant for Jessica, but it was brainwashing Gal into her Slave forever.

As they changed positions several times Gal experienced pleasure she never had before as a straight woman and as a mother. Of course she no longer would care or remember her previous life.

Jessica kissed her as she orgasmed for the tenth time, and said, “You are a Wonder Woman my dear, ten times hahahaha”

Jessica then removed her dildo and cum poured out of Gal’s pussy. Gal without a word knelt before Jessica and took the dildo into her mouth still covered by her own cum.

“Yes very good Slave, very good” Jessica said fondling and playing with Gals long dark hair. Her eyes still vacant and unmoving but the cum flowing from her pussy told Jessica her brainwashing was working.

Jessica then snapped her gloved fingers and Gal took the dildo out of her mouth and removed it from her Mistress and then slid her tongue deep into the wet perfectly shaped pussy lips of Mistress Jessica.

“Yes Slave yes”

Gal licked and sucked Jessica’s perfect pussy and kissed her clit ring shuddering in orgasm as Gal Godot ceased to exist and there was only Slave Gal.

Jessica again snapped her gloved fingers and two Robots walked in. Robot Lauren/#269 and Robot Melanie/#25. Gal didn’t notice Lauren/#269 was an exact copy of her but with 38DD breasts instead of Gals’ 32B breasts. Gal was busy servicing her new Mistress but Jessica’s orders were clear.

Gal was made to stand up and Jessica kissed her with her own cum on her lips and tongue, “Mmmmm I taste good hahaha. Now Gal these two Robots are going to make you into one of them”

“Yes Mistress Jessica”

“Excellent!” and Jessica watched them robotize her.

End Part Twenty-One

(To be Continued……….)