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Synopsis: Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC women. Two women going to the bank have their lives changed forever.

Thank you to SpacegirlElle for her assistance, her ideas, her inspiration and her awesomeness.

Also thank you to Medusa Guardette SG-105 for her ideas and input.

The Bank



Emma, Karen, Lisa and Melinda were in their rooms having Sex as Robots stood guard over them.

The Slave Agents had taken over a warehouse near their hotel downtown and there were housed Robotizers and over fifty new Robots.

Emma was licking Karen’s pussy when a Robot said, “MISTRESS WE HAVE A MESSAGE”

Emma stopped and said, “Proceed”

The Robot put her gloved fingers in Emma’s ears and her face went blank as she heard what the robot heard in her mind, a perfect, secure form of communication. After all the hotel for the Slave Agents was near NATO headquarters and other important sites.


Cum squirted from Emma’s pussy as she thought like a Robot for a few seconds.

When the Robot withdrew her fingers Emma returned to normal, but because of several times of this, she SOOO wanted to become a Robot like them.

Emma resumed her sex with Karen.

Robots—two French women—Alexia Bourque and Constance Dumont, now Robots Alexia/#F486 and Constance/#F501. They were clad in shiny black latex rubbery PVC outfits consisting of arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ their height, low cut front bustier leotards with thong bottoms pulled tightly giving them each a camel toe. Both had silverized lips and eyelids and had enormous 38DD chests. Guarded them as did:

Bérénice Vidal aka Robot Berenice/#F522

Emmanuelle Duverger aka Emmanuelle/#523

Roxane Sylvestre aka Roxane/#F524

Blandine Lémery aka Blandine/#F525

Magali Maurice aka Magali/#F526

Myriam Dior aka Myriam/#F527

Véronique Sylvestre aka Veronique/#F528

The rest were in a car outside standing by and at the Warehouse.

Even as Emma and the others were upstairs fucking, a work colleague of Nadine Vanoost, now G-X1, whose name was also names Nadine was more and more ambitious. She was now looking for her missing boss based on a few odd newspaper photos. She had a report of women dressed like Nadine in shiny black PVC at the hotel Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo, so she was snooping around there. Nadine was young 22, blonde and wore glasses. She had a camera and a tape recorder as she taped her story, “This Nadine……….I am looking for my missing boss Nadine whom I believe is behind my co-worker Phil’s disappearance and her neighbor and her boyfriend. Nadine was seen with huge 38DD boobs which she was small before and has not been seen for days now. I have a wild theory that women are being turned into some sort of Robot or Slave and are killing and kidnapping other women. I think Nadine is involved or she was taken against her will and zombified or Roboticized or whatever. I saw four American women here

I will see if I can find anything………..”

Nadine snooped and she heard the women moaning loudly as they had sex. She listed and snickered thinking that was normal and she was about to leave when she heard one of the women, Emma moaning saying, “Fuck it’s good to be a Slave!” as the four Slaves were now having sex with the Robots, having them lay on the beds and using them as Sybians. The Robots were in “Pleasure Mode”. Emma moaned, “I love being a Slave for the Mistresses!” as Nadine tried to record it. She listened at the door and heard Karen say, “Oh Robot yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!”

And Nadine became so preoccupied listening, she didn’t notice a Robot on Patrol had come up behind her. She was listening as she felt a dildo rimming her pussy from behind. She started to turn when the Robot grabbed her and forced the dildo under her skirt and into her ripped panties and she gasped as her mind was suddenly on fire with a million thoughts and images then mindlessness as she orgasmed wildly and the nosy woman found her answer. The robot walked her into the room with her dildo inside her. Emma saw her and the Robot said, “WHILE YOU WERE HAVING PLEASURE THIS ONE WAS LISTENING AND RECORDING YOU. SHE WILL SOON BE ONE OF US”

“Y-yes you did well Robot Emmanuelle/#523 let me see the camera and recorder.”

Nadine shuddered in orgasm as her clothing vanished and as the Robot dildoed her face changed and became blank and her eyes vacant and distant.

The Robot removed her dildo wiping it off with her gloved hand and within a few more minutes Nadine was partially Robotized clad in a shiny black latex rubbery PVC outfit consisting of arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ their height, low cut front bustier leotards with thong bottoms pulled tightly giving them each a camel toe. Her lips were not yet silverized and her boobs were not yet changed.



She obediently sat in the Robotizer chair.

The Robotizer Chairs were a miracle of technology. The mansion(s) had a series of six of them sitting side by side, similar to what was in the black vans except these were much bigger and it was clear they were the earlier designs. The ones in the vans were more miniaturized versions of the Robotizer. The Robotizer was developed by Mistress Stella Herrin, who was now a gold statue in the main mansion thanks to the evil Mistress Ashley.

Stella Herrin of course was not her real name. Herrin in German meant Mistress. This seemed like a “too obvious” choice for a name to use in America but Stella enjoyed the fact that the name was giving away who she was in plain sight.

The Robotizer was her project when she was in Germany and she tricked a brilliant scientist to aid her in its design. Once she teamed up with Alexandra Knox they developed their enslaving and brainwashing processes to create an army of Slaves and Sex Slaves. But Stella’s dream was to create human Robots which required only minor monitoring and guidance. Slaves required re-enforcement and close monitoring.

Once the first Robot was created, Stella eliminated her co-designer.

The first Robot was the co-designer.

Now Nadine sat awaiting her next change. She was wet, very wet. Her arousal was like nothing she experienced in her smug life.

The hood lowered her and as the hooded visor/helmet covered her eyes Nadine was shown a series of images while sounds played in her ears over small ear buds which were slid into her ears. These were affixed and would not be removed.

Nadine was extremely aroused as she was being instructed on her new life and was undergoing more changes;

Nadine watched and listened, her lips and eyelids began turning silver.

In the visors were images of women in latex and PVC, women having lesbian sex, women using strap on dildos, women being dominated and enslaved, women being made like them; women being turned into human robots. The images were made more significant as the buzzing matched women shown with dildos in her latex panties with dildos in our openings which buzzed and fucked her constantly.

Nadine was not a lesbian. That was free Nadine. Robot Nadine very much liked women as that is what she was programmed to do. Her new Mistress had no use for males as they had scorned her and abused her. As far as the Mistress was concerned they would all have to die and be used as “raw materials.” Ironic they would all be used as clothing, and whatever else was needed.

Nadine watched and learned. She had one purpose—obey. To do whatever they were commanded to do, whether kidnap, kill, enslave, robotize, serve, etc. She would obey without question or hesitation.

The intense images were also interlaced with images of several women but two women in particular, two latex rubber clad brunettes who I knew only by one name—Mistress (One of two women).

Nadine would obey these “Mistresses” without question, without hesitation and the robots over her would also be obeyed.

Nadine was re-programmed with false memories, even as her real memories were erased.

All traces of their former lives were erased from their brains. The only portion which remained of their memories were women deemed suitable for use as Robots by the “Robotizer” machine’s computers. Their minds were scanned and mostly erased except for information such as bank accounts, assets, secrets and “suitable” friends, relatives.

Her emotions and free will was fully erased.

Nadine’s brain was filled with new knowledge—how to pleasure women, how to drive any vehicle, how to fly a helicopter and a plane, how to fire a gun, how to kill barehanded, and many other tasks as well as how to process women into new human robots like she was now.

Her boobs “inflated” to the size the Mistress preferred—38DD. Nadine was a bit smaller then that but not now. Her outfit stretched tightly as her eyelids and lips were now fully silverized.

The Robotizer finished its work on Nadine;

The hood raised up revealing Nadine staring blankly ahead with silverized eyelids and lips, her hair down and Nadine was fully robotized. Nadine like her sister now had a 38DD chest and was clad in shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Consisting of arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to Nadine’s height, a low cut front bustier leotard with thong bottom pulled tightly giving her a camel toe.

Nadine stood and said, “ROBOT #F598 ONLINE READY TO SERVE”


The robotized Nadine replied, “I WILL OBEY” and served Emma and Karen as Emma had her service their pussies.

Robot Nadine/#F598 would serve them well.

* * *

In Germany, the Robots received an emergency signal from The Countess as she knelt at her blonde Enforcer Robot Mistress’ pussy, “TELL THEM SLAVE”

“Yes Mistress…………Attention all Robots a spy is escaping to the USA with Robotization process information and technology to allow them to duplicate the Enforcer Robots. Her name and face is uploaded into your Robot Hive Mind, Nadine/G-X1, Eva/G-401 and Vera/G-328 lead the capture operation. Recover or kill her and recover the data. All other opportunities may be taken and all other considerations are secondary (Meaning if the jet had to be destroyed to stop her—do it)”

ALL Slaves and Robots serving The Countess then blinked as they received the orders then said, “WE WILL OBEY MISTRESS” Nadine/G-X1, Eva/G-401 and Vera/G-328 quickly moved to the airport to join the same flight this woman was on. She was taking a large jet from Berlin to New York and the flight time was 8 hours, 27 minutes. Plenty of time to find the woman on the flight and robotize or kill her and recover the data,

Using their chameleon circuit, the three Robots appeared to be dressed in sexy leather outfits but nowhere as sexy as their real outfits. The security detected metal and wanted the three detained to be checked. The three were taken in a side room where three security females were to search them.

They returned five minutes later and the Security females said, “ENJOY YOUR FLIGHT. WE WILL GIVE OUR REGARDS TO THE COUNTESS”

“YES WELCOME SISTERS” Nadine said as the three bowed slightly as they were new Robots also disguised now. They would soon recruit others.

On the jet the three sat in first class where the woman/target was sitting. They saw her sitting in front of them. The wide body jet had two per side in first class and three per side in coach. There were 160 passengers on the jet, 95 women and 65 men. The seat next to their target was empty and Nadine sat directly behind her. The flight was at midnight and would arrived after 800 am in New York.

As the jet took off, the lights were dimmed so many of the passengers could sleep.

The flight crew was three men and a woman, the pilot was Maria Fagerström a Swedish woman with Lufthansa for ten years. As the flight was airborne, Vera went to the Stewardess and took her into the galley area bathroom. After some banging around the two emerged and the Stewardess nodded and took the flight crew drinks. The drinks contained liquid form of the gas which was used to enslave women and kill men. This was adopted from Jessica’s forces when Nadine and Brooke were taken.

The flight crew drank their drinks and the men died almost instantly and Maria became enslaved. Nadine/G-X1, Eva/G-401 and Vera/G-328 had moved quickly and three new Robots were sent to replace the men. The men were “vacuumed” as they had also adopted the vacuuming technology that Jessica used to use them as raw materials. The pilot was robotized then she understood her task. Nadine had the woman in front of her she reached around and fired the ray gun in her face. She was then taken to the lavatory nearby and emerged as a new Robot. Now that they had the target Nadine/ G-X1 ordered Maria, “ROBOT TRIGGER THE OXYGEN MASKS WE HAVE CONTAMINATED THE SUPPLY”

“YES G-X1”

As the oxygen masks were tripped people scrambled to put on the masks. Nadine/G-X1, Eva/G-401 and Vera/G-328 watched as the women became dreamy faced and blank, compliant while the men convulsed and died in their seats.

The flight of 160 passengers and 10 crew were now 95 passengers and 7 crew—all women. The dead men were all “vacuumed” up into raw materials and the robotized Maria triggered an inflight emergency and requested to return to Berlin.

They agreed and the flight turned around with one hour remaining till they landed back in Berlin. She throttled down to slow down to give more time.

Then the dreamy women—some young women some old women were all ordered to undress and they obeyed instantly.

The women were in turn robotized by new Robots by their dildos and soon there were ten then twenty then forty then eighty Robots as they literally fucked each other into new Robots. And no longer needing their chameleon circuits on each appeared clad in shiny black latex rubber outfits of Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto 8″ heeled platform boots, and leotards holding their massive 48D breasts like bowling balls. Their shaved pussies bare and exposed. Their faces were blank and expressionless and their eyelids and lips silverized and their hair pulled back into pony tails. On their Left breasts were their robot numbers. All became Guard Robots. Even the old and young who were “aged” or “de-aged” to a Perfect Robot. These included;

Seat 12 B: Tatiana Neva, a Russian actress and model now living in LA, she played in a few C-movies.

Seat 17 A: Gal Refaelov, an Israeli woman who lives in Antwerp Belgium, known as the wife of Football player Lyor.

Seat 26 C: Helene Hendriks, a Dutch former Hockey player now sports reporter for FOX.

And soon all 102 women were new robots clad in in shiny black latex rubber outfits of Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto 8″ heeled platform boots, and leotards holding their massive 48D breasts like bowling balls. Their shaved pussies bare and exposed. Their faces were blank and expressionless and their eyelids and lips silverized and their hair pulled back into pony tails. On their Left breasts were their robot numbers.


The Countess was at the pussy of the Blonde Enforcer Robot but she stopped her servicing to say, SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP “Yes Nadine my perfect Robot excellent. And the others on the plane? Witnesses?”


“Hahahahaa excellent! Well done my Robot! Divert the plane so you all may be unloaded without incident”


“Excellent I look forward to your report” CLICK

“THAT ONE IS SUPERIOR” the blonde Enforcer Robot said.

“Yes Mistress she is”

“SHE MUST BECOME ONE OF US” the blonde Enforcer Robot 37 said.

“Yes Mistress” The Countess replied as she resumed her servicing of the Robot’s pussy. The brainwashing was absolute. SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP

Pilot and Robot Maria signaled, “RUNNING OUT OF FUEL MUST DIVERT TO ALTERNATE SITE…………ACKNOWLEDGED LANDING AT PADERBORN LIPPSTADT AIRPORT” The jet was landing at the birthplace of Mistress Stella—Rhine-Westphalia.

The Countess had sedans waiting as she sat in her Ferrari and watched 102 new blank faced shiny PVC clad Robots, ALL clad in in shiny black latex rubber outfits of Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto 8″ heeled platform boots, and leotards holding their massive 48D breasts like bowling balls. Their shaved pussies bare and exposed. Their faces were blank and expressionless and their eyelids and lips silverized and their hair pulled back into pony tails. On their Left breasts were their robot numbers.

Enforcer Robot 37 sitting with the Countess rubbed her pussy area and said, “SLAVE THIS NADINE WILOL BECOME ON OF US”

“Y-yes Mistress”

Nadine/G-X1, Eva/G-401 and Vera/G-328 got into a Sedan with the robotized target female and Nadine and Vera held gloved hands as they rode in the car.

Part of Nadine remained…………the part that loved Vera.

* * *

Agent Slaves Emma and Karen “acquired” a new base for their Mistress. An abandoned asylum centers in Zaventem (near Brussels Airport) a former bank building was rebuilt as an asylum center where refugees were living but the center was abandoned and can hold 100 persons and has lots of big empty spaces.

In addition they acquired a Mansion from on older wealthy woman who was robotized. #F703 gave all of her assets to “the cause”

As a consequence they added twenty new Maid Robots.

A young brunette was placed in the Robotizer as she struggled and the hood lowered over the brunette’s head and everything went blank.

A short time later the hood raised up and the brunette stared blankly ahead, her chest was not enlarged, her eyelids and lips were silverized and she was clad in skin tight shiny black latex rubber black and white Maid Uniform. The latex covered her feet to her low cut front in shiny black latex rubber with white trim and a white apron. Stiletto heeled platform boots with 8″ heels adding 6″ to her height and arm length gloves. Her face emotionless and blank, her short brunette hair down and she stared blankly ahead. The brunette no longer existed. Now there was only Maid Robot #F61. The shackled released and she stood up at attention.

Emma fondled her and said, “Report”


“Maid Robot service me”


The Maid obeyed and lapped Emma’s pussy. SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP

“Mmmmmm yes” Emma said but then clinically said, “Their programming is perfect Karen except we need to program the Maid Robots them to lick deeper and faster”

“Yes Emma of course” Karen said.

* * *

In Germany, The Countess was undergoing a process. She was placed naked on a conveyor belt and The Enforcer Robots activated the controls. A naked Countess Von Gruber entered the machine and five minutes later she emerged wearing a shiny black PVC Policewoman type hat, long sleeve zip up front top, minishorts, belt, arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with white bands and gun holsters holding two .45 Cal black multifunction pistols, black Control collar, hoop earrings (which act as antennae), a whip mounted on her right boot top and her eyelids are silverized. Her long blonde hair is pulled back into a pony tail. Her face cold and unemotional, she stared blankly ahead. On her top was the numbers 37X.

Enforcer Robot stood up and said “ENFORCER ROBOT 37X ONLINE READY TO SERVE”



Nadine/G-X1 was with Eva/G-401 and Vera/G-328 and ALL Slaves and Robots serving The Countess then blinked as they received the orders then said, “WE WILL OBEY. WE WILL OBEY ENFORCER ROBOT 37”

Any chance of protecting her was gone. The Countess was now Enforcer Robot 37X and the Robots had to obey.


End Part Thirty-One

(To be Continued……….)