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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC women. Two women going to the bank have their lives changed forever.

Introductory Comments: This story is inspired by Tabico, 321, Trillby Else, Iago and others I have read on this site for over 10 years. Also inspired by 50s 60s and 70s Sci-Fi movies

The Bank

New Beginnings


After dinner Tiffany talked Melanie into going to a club. But after several guys hit on her Melanie wanted to leave, “I’m just not ready to jump into dating or one night stands Tiffany”

“Fine let’s try something different then” Tiffany said, “We are going to have fun and well go somewhere we can just drink and no guys to bug us”


The arrived at the Club Lesbos. Enroute Melanie had begun drinking champagne so after two classes she saw the club name and laughed. “Guys won’t hit on us in here Mel”

They went in and were taken to a booth. The music was really loud and the women were all beautiful and clad in wild outfits including latex, leather and PVC. Melanie had only had two glasses of champagne but her head was spinning.

Melanie’s purse was vibrating—her phone on silent kept ringing UNKNOWN CALLER” She started to reach in for it when Tiffany said, “Ah-Ah-Ah remember no cell phones tonight?”

“Yeah you’re right Tiffany, let’s just forget the world and have fun”

The room was spinning as Melanie felt dizzy. The champagne? She looked at the beautiful women, all wearing sexy outfits as the room began to spin faster and faster. Images of herself servicing Stella filled her mind and she felt very aroused. ‘If only Stella was there’ she thought.

Tiffany went to get them drinks and left Melanie alone. A beautiful latex clad brunette walked over and said, “Hey wanna dance?”

“Sure” Melanie said as she went onto the dance floor and soon the two were grinding against each other, French kissing, licking each other and then Melanie licked the brunette’s camel toed crotch.

It seemed Melanie drinking Champagne was magnifying the effects of the drug in the water she had been drinking.

Melanie was grinding and licking her new brunette friend and the brunette asked her, “Are you with anyone?”

She thought and gleefully said, “No. Not anymore” as she kissed the brunette again. The two were dancing and making out as Melanie said to her, “Fuck me”

As they grinded and kissed as Tiffany walked over shocked.

“What the fuck?” Tiffany said shocked at what she was seeing. Melanie was going up and down on her and French kissing and rubbing each other. Tiffany walked onto the dance floor and said, “My friend has had too much to drink leave her alone, come on Melanie” “No I’m having fun………I don’t even know your name” as she kissed her.


“Jessica and I are dancing Tiff, we’re having fun”

“No you are practically fucking her on the dance floor, come on your drunk Mel” as Tiffany dragged her away from Jessica who kissed her and put a piece of paper in her bra, “Call me”

Tiffany led Melanie back to the booth and they sat down.

“What the fuck was that Melanie?”

“What do you mean?”

“That?! You were grinding on that girl practically fucking her on the dance floor. I thought you said you don’t like girls?”

“I don’t”

“Liar. Then what were you doing?”

“I……I feel funny Tiff……..I’m too drunk or something?”

“Two glasses of Champagne? And you are like this? You used to be able to outdrink me. Now you are a lush”

“No I mean it……….I feel funny……… horny……….so alive……….I’m so happy you brought me here Tiffany…………I’m so horn……..” as Melanie dozed off.

‘Fuck………….Maybe someone slipped her a mickey? I was like that when I drank the water she gave me…………..the water? That water she has been drinking……….” Tiffany saw she had two bottles in her purse. Tiffany took one and put it in her purse. She saw Melanie’s cell phone had twenty missed calls. All “UNKNOWN NUMBER.”

Tiffany remembered she laid in bed after drinking the water staring at the ceiling zoning out. She was unaware she had been drugged. She slept with her eyes open for hours…………….

“The water……….” Tiffany finally said it aloud, “Melanie wake up! Melanie wake up”


“That water, why do you drink all that water?”

“Because I need to………….it’s a gift………”

“A gift?”

“Yes a gift from her”

“Who is her Melanie?”

“My phone keeps ringing I need to answer it”

“No Mel, no phones remember? Who is her Melanie? Focus Melanie, Who gives you all that water?”


“Who is Stella Melanie?” Tiffany gulped. There was something to this after all.

“She came in my work a few weeks ago……………”

“Have you seen her since then?”

“No. Well in my dreams and daydreams. She is pretty. Pretty like that girl Jessica I danced with. She dresses sexily too……..She is so in control……….Everything I’m not…………I trust her completely……….I want to obey her………….to please her……… serve her……..”

“Obey? Serve? Melanie why?”

“Because she wants me to”

“Is it the same Stella from work—the CEO?”

“Yes Tiffany. She is wealthy and powerful and so sexy. She wants me to obey her. She has lots of girls who serve her like me”

Tiffany put her head down in disbelief she wasn’t even sure what to do. Her best friend acted like she had been brainwashed.

She turned and she was gone.

Melanie went back on the dance floor and was again dancing with Jessica and making out with her. “Fuck me” Melanie said as they danced and grinded when another woman approached her on the dance floor. “Melanie stop”

The woman said as Melanie stopped mid dance, her arms up as she orgasmed recognizing the voice—it was Stella. Stella Herrin.

“Attend” she said as Melanie lowered her arms and walked off the dance floor and went with Stella. Jessica watched and wondered what this was all about. Jessica was not used to being walked away from twice as she was a model and porn star and could have any woman she desired. Melanie went with Stella to the back room of the club into her private room there where she had a booth. Melanie sat by Stella and the two latex clad women from the shop sat on each side of them. But this time there were two other black PVC clad women with enormous 38DDD breasts tucked into a shiny black latex rubbery PVC bustier leotard with thong bottom giving them camel toes. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to each woman’s height. Their faces emotionless and blank, but their eyelids and lips silverized. Their hair down and long.

These women were guarding Stella and had guns in their boot tops and other devices.

“You are acting funny my dear, explain” Stella said.

“Yes Stella…….Tiffany and I are celebrating breaking up with James. I have been drinking Champagne and………”

“Ah that’s it. The Champagne. You didn’t drink so it never occurred to me. The alcohol magnifies the effects of my drug in the water you’ve been drinking. The drug makes you aroused and susceptible to suggestion. The alcohol made it go on overdrive hahaha. Listen to me Melanie. Listen well. No more drinking—ever. Unless I command it. Do you understand?”

“Yes Stella I understand”

“Good girl. Who was that brunette?”

“Her name is Jessica. She gave me her number”

“Good Melanie. So tell me why were you making out with that girl?”

“I wished you were here Stella. I danced and made out with her because I wanted her”

“Excellent! And why else?”

“She would make a good Slave for you like me”

“Excellent! Good girl. And so she shall. Where is your friend Tiffany?”

“She is looking for me I’m certain Stella”

“Did you tell her anything?”

“Only that the water is from you Stella and…….”

“Fuck!” Stella said and Melanie stopped, “And why didn’t you answer your phone? I had to use the pings to track you here?”

“I wanted to by Tiffany wouldn’t let me. We were celebrating me breaking up with James”

“Yes you did very well my dear. Now with him gone we can advance your conversion to my service. Listen to me carefully—when the phone rings you MUST answer do you hear me? You MUST answer”

“Yes Stella I will answer”

“Good girl, now go under the table and service my pussy”


As Stella enjoyed Melanie’s tongue at her pussy Jessica walked in and said, “Where is Melanie she came in here?”

“She isn’t here. What do you want my dear………you are lovely, I would like to offer you a job?”

“No thank you I’m just looking for Melanie”

“I insist, #1 and #2 proceed” Stella said as the two PVC clad women got up quickly and grabbed Jessica. One held her as the other in front of her rubbed her camel toed crotch and a 12″ dildo telescoped out of a slit which was in the thong bottom over the pussy area with a BOINK. They were the other end of the dildo in the woman’s vagina. The same robotized woman bent her gloved arms and the Jessica’s clothes glowed and disintegrated and in a cloud was vacuumed up as “raw materials” as nothing was wasted and no evidence was to be left behind.

The robotized woman walked her dildos into Jessica who moaned loudly. She fucked her sliding the dildo slid in and out spurting cum-like foam inside her, filling her and radiating her. She then withdrew the dildo wiping it off of cum and foam with her right gloved hand and she stroked the dildo spurting some of the cum-like foam onto Jessica’s naked body. Then the dildo retracted with a POP. Jessica stood at attention staring blankly ahead as an outfit began to form onto her beginning from the feet first. Her feet raised on their toes as thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with 8″ heels and 2″ bottoms formed on her legs. Then her leotard with dildos for their openings—anal and vaginal began forming, all from “Raw materials”……………..

Soon Jessica was clad in shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to her height, low cut front bustier leotard with a thong bottoms pulled tightly giving her a camel toe. Her face emotionless and blank, but her eyelids and lips were not silverized and her breasts were not large like the others.

“Excellent!” Stella said pleased with the process.

“Now #3 on the return trip you will be further processed”

“YES MISTRESS” Jessica said now robotized. Jessica stood on the left side of Stella.


Stella was pleased with herself as Tiffany walked in recognizing Stella and said “Where is Melanie? I know what you have done!”

“You know nothing sit down girl”

“Fuck you I’m going to………”

“Sit Down”

Tiffany say down and as she did she realized the slurping came from beneath the table. “Melanie? Oh no…..what did you……….” Tiffany went silent as she sighed.

“What to do with you? You know too much my dear. My Melanie told you too much. I had planned for her to enslave you later. But after seeing Jessica transform I’m more then certain your fates are to end up as one of my new Robots. Melanie is too strong willed to leave a slave, she will break free eventually. But not once she is robotized. Then she will NEVER break free from my control”

Robotize vb (tr)
  1. to cause (a person) to be or become mechanical and lifeless, like a robot.
  2. to turn into a robot.
Ro·bot n.
  1. A person who has been processed into a subservient device capable of performing a variety of often complex tasks on command or by being programmed in advance.
  2. A person who works mechanically without original thought, especially one who responds automatically to the commands of others.
Slave n.
  1. One who is owned as the property of someone else, especially in involuntary servitude.
  2. One who is subservient to or controlled by another.
  3. One who is subject to or controlled by a specified influence.
RoboSlave n.
  1. One who is processed and controlled by a Robot and is more Robot then Slave.
Sex Slave
  1. One who is subservient to or controlled by another and used for the purpose of Sex and pleasure.

Tiffany sat in the booth with Melanie and the others as Stella sat drinking as one of the two beautiful women like strippers or models, wearing platform stiletto heeled boots and nothing else serviced her under the table. The other sat next to Melanie caressing and fondling her. The three PVC clad women stood at the side of the booth.


“What to do with you Ms. Alexander. One of my finest workers apparently and such a good friend to Melanie here. And a secret crush on her isn’t that right Tiffany?”

“yes. A secret crush”

“Well Melanie is mine now. Aren’t you my dear?”

“Yes I love only you Stella”

“Yes you see?” Stella said clad in her shiny black latex arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, a low cut leotard and a coat. She wore lightly tinted glasses.

“Melanie perhaps Tiffany here should become a new Slave, what do you think?”

“Tiffany? No………she………friend……… friend………”

Stella was silent. She was disappointed. Again this showed Melanie could not be left a Slave. She was too strong willed. Eventually she would become free.

“Melanie……listen to me. This is your last chance to serve me this way. You must obey me. You must listen to me and obey without hesitation. You trust only me. You love only me. Nothing I ask is not possible. Everything I ask you will obey”

“I will obey”

”Now what of Tiffany?”

“Yes Stella she should become your Slave or Robot as I am”

“Good girl Melanie. For now she will stay as she is. Her loose ends must be taken care of first. Tiffany when your phone rings………”

“I will answer and I will obey you Stella”

“Good girl. Now both of you will return home after a night of fun—drinking, one night stands with beautiful women, and you will both realize you are lesbians. You will both drink your waters at work, a gift from me and you will obey as instructed”

“Yes Stella we will obey” they both said in stereo.

“Melanie go home and use the dildo and think of me. Tiffany you will forget everything you have learned until told otherwise and you will obey me when you hear my voice”

“Yes Stella I will obey”

A short time later as they were driving home,

“OMG I had so much fun Tiffany thank you!”

“Me too Mel! There were so many pretty girls there. I can’t believe it took you breaking up with that asshole for us to realize we both like girls”

“Yes we are lesbians……… we had a night of fun—drinking, one night stands with beautiful women, and now we need to get rest and go to work Monday”

“I’m thirsty I want some water”

“Here I have two bottles……….oh one I guess?”

“I have the other Mel” the one she was going to send for analysis and try to find out what was going on. Instead they both guzzled them as instructed. The two held hands “I have had a secret crush on you forever. I didn’t tell you because you had a boyfriend Mel”

“I guess I knew somehow Tiffany………we can see where it goes………….”

When they arrived at Melanie’s apartment the two had a night of intimate, lesbian sex. In the morning the two showered together and Tiffany went home and Melanie laid down with her dildo as instructed. She then dreamed of Stella.

Tiffany went home thinking of her new lover Melanie.

Melanie’s ex-boyfriend was stalking her and trying to figure out what was going on. She was sitting in his car outside Melanie’s apartment having followed her all night. He was convinced he was right and she was having an affair with a woman. As he watched the apartment a woman in shiny black PVC approached the driver’s side of his car and he looked over to see a woman, a brunette wearing shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with 6″ heels, 38DDD breasts squeezed in a low cut front bustier leotard with thong bottom pulled tightly giving her a camel toe. Her face emotionless and blank, her eyelids and lips silverized.

His window was down because it was warm, and she looked over to see this stunning woman and wondered why she was dressed like that and why she was there but he didn’t have long to wonder because she reached in with both gloved hands and with one quick jerk of his head all the way to the left snapped his neck killing him instantly.

She then got into the car and slid his dead body over and she drove off as a black sedan followed her with two Robots in the front of the car.

A short time later James car went careening down a Cliffside as the brunette who killed him watched the car crash to the bottom. She picked up her cell phone, “TARGET ELIMINATED. CAR CRASHED AS INSTRUCTED. AWAITING FURTHER ORDERS” “You have done well Robot #3 (Jessica) return to base at once” “YES MISTRESS I OBEY”

Now there would be no interference from an ex-boyfriend. The autopsy showed he broke his neck after he crashed his car off a cliff. The gloved robotized Jessica left no evidence except cum in the driver’s seat from her and a few stray hairs. Since it was ruled an accident this was not investigated. When killed he could have been used as raw materials but Stella wanted a body found in an accident as to ensure Melanie was not investigated.

The next day,

“I can’t believe it Tiffany. I break up with James and now he’s dead……..They saw he was driving too fast and crashed off a cliff on the coast road and broke his neck in the crash”

“How horrible. I mean he was an asshole but I didn’t want him dead”

“Me either” as she cried and the two hugged and Tiffany tried to comfort Melanie. “I guess I feel guilty……..I drove him to this………..he said I was having an affair with a woman and I wasn’t but now look at us fucking like rabbits?”

“Mel you can’t blame yourself honey…….he did it to himself……….” Tiffany said.

“Yes you’re right I guess…………..”

That night Melanie was crying herself to sleep when her phone rang, “UNKNOWN NUMBER” “Why the fuck do you peop………….”

“Don’t cry my Melanie. I eliminated him for you. He will never interfere with us. Your dance partner Jessica snapped his neck Hahahaha no go to sleep and dream of me. Use the dildo and when you awake you will never think of this or him again”

“Yes Stella thank you”

Melanie obeyed and as promised she woke up feeling wonderful and went to work without another thought about her dead ex-boyfriend.

One week before the bank,

Melanie had liquidated much of her assets and converted them to cash. Melanie was unaware but the last few weeks she was busy helping Stella and her partner acquire women as new Robots. The success of the first ones made Stella accelerate her creation of Robots. She now had twenty-one (21) Robots. All of them had not only given their lives to Stella and her partner but their assets were converted to untraceable assets such as gold or cash and delivered to their Mistresses.

Melanie was to join the Robots after several small slips as a Slave. Tiffany would join her soon after.

Only perfect females which met certain requirements were selected for robotization.

At work Melanie and Tiffany worked hard drinking their water and barely taking breaks as they were devoted to Herrin Pharmaceuticals now.

Melanie had transferred her assets without being aware she did it as instructed. Tiffany had done the same.

When they did finally take a lunch break they guzzled their water and ate and talked as they read the paper, ’Missing woman seen involved in kidnapping? Woman saw her missing sister with four other women kidnapping two women from a boutique. The women were known models and porn stars and the woman said her sister didn’t seem to recognize her and that the women were all dressed in shiny PVC outfits’. The news story had a picture of the missing sister and the two kidnapped women.

Melanie thought the brunette looked like one of the missing models/porn stars. ‘What was her name?’ Melanie started to say it was Jessica but then her mind quietly ignored and forgot this detail.

“Who wears PVC anyway? How weird? I wouldn’t be caught dead in PVC”

“Me either…………it says the women were known models and porn stars and the woman said her sister didn’t seem to recognize her? How strange?”

“Yeah it’s like that old cheesy movie we watched the other night”

“Oh yeah Attack of the Robots from 1966. Women turned into Robot Assassins with dark bronze tans and dressed in shiny PVC outfits”

“Yeah men and women turned into human Robots by being processed or brainwashed and turned into robots with their type 0 blood. Those tans were funny and the shiny PVC outfits were over the top”

Melanie felt a twinge in her pussy as she thought of the PVC outfits and the whole idea of humans turned into Robots.

“Tiffany those news stories……..maybe those women are robots like in that movie?”

“Hahahaha funny Mel. There’s no such thing as Robots……….”


In her mansion Stella Herrin sat in her throne room as one of her Sex Slaves serviced her as she watched and listened to the lunch room and her two Slaves on a monitor.

The beautiful Sex Slave was a former strippers before being brainwashed into one of their Sex Slaves wearing shiny black PVC platform stiletto heeled boots and nothing else. Her pussy was shaved and she eagerly licked and lapped her Mistress. To her side stood two of her PVC clad Robots at attention guarding her.


“Excellent! They will soon be here with you my Robots. Melanie is unaware she had been busy helping me acquire new Robots and Slaves hahahahaha. Melanie will serve me well as a Robot and so will Tiffany”

Stella’s partner walked in and sat in her throne as another Sex Slave walked in and bowed then began servicing her as well.


“Ah you’re watching these two again. They are good Slaves but Melanie is too strong willed, I warned you about her”

“Yes soon she will be robotized and there will be no more worries about her. The robots have proven to be stable and prolific I will have Melanie report to the bank tomorrow when we rob that gold shipment. She’ll join our Robots then and we can collect Tiffany later” Stella said syndly.

“Yes the robots are much less work and worry then the Slaves. The process is so permanent they will never break free from our control Hahahaha” Alexandra said.

“Yes. Much less work. Melanie has been very useful but she resists me even now. Only the water and the constant re-enforcement keeps her obedient”

“Yes I want her like the other Robots. Look at Jessica/Robot #3. She was one of first Robots and she has proven very effective;

The boyfriend of one of Stella’s newest Robots was in her apartment looking for evidence of his missing girlfriend. As he was there she walked in with Robot #3 to collect some valuables and ensure there was no evidence pointing to her being taken.

The boyfriend saw her and Jessica and was shocked. He looked at them both clad in shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with 6″ heels, 38DDD breasts squeezed in a low cut front bustier leotards with thong bottoms pulled tightly giving them a camel toe. Their faces were emotionless and blank, their eyelids and lips silverized.

“Vanessa? What has happened to you? Who is this girl? You’ve been missing for two days? I was about to call the Police but I didn’t yet. Answer me what is this?”

His girlfriend walked close and put her arms around him. He thought it was to caress him, but it was to hold him still.

“Baby what is this? What’s that vibrating?”

As Jessica/Robot #3 grabbed his head from behind and twisted it hard to the left and there was a loud “CRACK” as she snapped his neck killing him instantly.

His robotized girlfriend let him go and she fell to the floor. She stared blankly ahead as Robot #3 called, “MISTRESS THE BOYFRIEND OF ROBOT #20 WAS IN HER APARTMENT. HE WAS ELIMINATED”

“Excellent! One less problem. Use him for raw materials and leave no evidence. Then return when finished with your mission”


Robot #20 looked at her dead boyfriend and felt nothing as #3 bent her arms and there was a strange energy sound as the dead boyfriend began to glow then disintegrated into a cloud of molecules and the gloves “vacuumed” them up leaving no trace of him.

The two Robots then collected the valuables and evidence as instructed—including a journal where Vanessa had made an entry about ‘Strange PVC clad women’ which were watching her all the time.

Melanie went to bed and like usual used her dildo she had received from Stella.

The next day a large gold shipment was targeted by Stella and her Robots to taken. Melanie’s life would change the next day in another direction deeper into servitude then the last six months.

At least as a Robot she and the others would not age. They would keep their youth forever. A fair trade for unending servitude?

End Part Four

(To be Continued……….)