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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC women. Two women going to the bank have their lives changed forever.

Introductory Comments: This story is inspired by Tabico, 321, Trillby Else, Iago and others I have read on this site for over 10 years. Also inspired by 50s 60s and 70s Sci-Fi movies

The Bank



“You have a Chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality……..”

Lana Del Rey


As the news was on the television;

“…….Hearing today in the Crime Madams case, Stella Herrin and Alexandra Knox arrested on kidnapping, murder and racketeering charges…………….”

Liz Atkins was sleeping, her husband already off to work. She was dreaming and the television filtered through her dreams;

Liz was sitting in the Robotizer with the hood being lowered over her head. She was clad in shiny black PVC…………….

She heard voices, beautiful voices, and angelic voices. One of them had a soft New England accent, the other a German accent. ‘You will still serve us #25 but you will be in Chameleon mode until activated……..’ ‘We will summon you when it is time. You will obey………..’

Then the memory changed………Liz was naked as she knelt before a latex rubber clad woman, she lowered herself and her arms went around the woman’s hips, and she slid her tongue into a slit on the pussy area of the shiny black latex low cut leotard she tasted her and licked and lapped deeply. Liz’s warm tongue licked along her dewy slit. The woman came in her face and she lapped up all the nectar. She heard the voice again, ‘Yes very nice my dear you please me’


“Yes” as she woke up, her sheets wet with cum. “Oh my”

As Melanie quickly washed the sheets.

She saw the news was on and realized her husband had left it on. She went to turn it off when she saw them.

The two Crime Madams women? She orgasmed as she had one thought “MISTRESSES”

“…….Hearing today in the Crime Madams case, Stella Herrin and Alexandra Knox likely to be clear of all charges. Witnesses claim Police coerced them…………….”

Liz remembered a number which popped into her head and she went to the phone and dialed it……..”YES”



She put down the phone and blinked and forgot as the orgasm faded and she returned to her programming.

She got up and turned the news off saying “I told him those women were not going to be found guilty…….”

Liz went for a walk, trying to clear her head about these weird dreams she was having. A rapist tried to grab her from behind and with a knife at her throat said,

“Do as I say bitch I won’t kill you”

Liz as though on automatic elbowed him hard, grabbed the knife hand and twisted it breaking his wrist. She then hit him hard and grabbed him and threw him into the air, where he smacked into a tree killing him.

She then blinked and wondered what happened. She looked at him puzzled. “Oh no?” She ran home trying to forget what just happened to her. How could she do that? I should call the Police……….but then a voice filled her head “DO NOT ATTRACT UNDUE ATTENTION”


100 miles away, Renae Smith was with Jennifer Jones. The two were lesbians and had been together for a few weeks but it seemed like forever.

Renae Smith was actually Tiffany/#27 and Jennifer actually Jessica/#3. After a morning of wild sex, the two were eating breakfast and saw the news

“…….Hearing today in the Crime Madams case, Stella Herrin and Alexandra Knox likely to be clear of all charges. Witnesses claim Police coerced them…………….”

When the news showed them both women dropped their spoons and stared at the TV. The Mistresses were on the TV. They watched them and as the news story changed they blinked and resumed what they were doing.

They finished breakfast then had sex again.

The hearing was in the afternoon and both women were acquitted and released.

They returned to the jail to gather their things and Officer Allison and Jane escorted them out of the jail.

“We expect to see you”


“You have done very well Robots blending in, we are very pleased”

As they drove away the two robotized women shuddered at this then went back inside. At least until the end of their shifts.

Liz and her husband Paul had dinner, Liz was eating like there was going to be no food left in the world.

“Honey how do you eat like that and never gain weight? I mean I never see you working out?”

“I never work out. I have working out. Just a high metabolism I guess?”

Then after dinner they watched the news,

“…….Hearing today in the Crime Madams case, Stella Herrin and Alexandra Knox were cleared of all charges and released. Police drop all other charges as the Mayor and Police Chief publicly apologized to avoid a lawsuit………….”

“See I told you they were not guilty!” Liz said.

“Yeah right you just liked their outfits” her husband said.

“I never saw them”

“Yes you did”

“No I didn’t”

As the continued the back and forth Liz saw the two women leaving the courthouse in their latex and leather outfits. “Uh-h-h-h-h-h” as she orgasmed so hard she squirted in her panties as images filled her mind and the word MISTRESSES.

“What was that?” Her husband said as she was still lost in thought.

Liz was sitting at the pussy of the German woman. She heard voices, beautiful voices, and angelic voices. She heard the woman tell her in German ‘you please me #25……..much better than your failed and useless life without me’ ‘Yes she was right. Mistress was always right as she tasted her and licked and lapped deeply. Liz’s warm tongue licked along her dewy slit. The woman came in her face and she lapped up all the nectar.

Then the memory changed as She heard the voice again, ‘Kill the intruder #25’ as with one snap quickly broke the man’s neck who she let go and he fell to the floor, his head hitting the floor with a clunk like a bowling ball.

Then she was French kissing the German woman as she caressed her saying ’so loyal and obedient…….


Liz snapped back to reality. “Honey are you okay?”

“Y-yes of course……….”

Liz was shocked. She was NOT a lesbian and if anything she was homophobic.

“What was that?”

“Nothing. I-I’m going to take a hot bath and try to relax……’s been a long day”

As Liz ran a hot bath, as hot as she could stand it, Liz shaved her pussy. Her husband didn’t like it that way but “THEY” did. She was compelled to do it.

She looked at her soaked panties she threw in the hamper. (Geez Liz you are not even a lesbian. Why would seeing those women make you orgasm like that? And the latex and PVC? I’d never be caught dead wearing that stuff. She orgasmed again as she had another flash

Liz was with other women clad in shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to each woman’s height, low cut front bustier leotards with thong bottoms pulled tightly giving them each a camel toe. Their faces were emotionless and blank, but unlike the others, their eyelids and lips silverized and their breasts were all 38DD. Then 12″ dildos telescoped out of a slit which was in the thong bottom over the pussy area with a BOINK. They were the other end of the dildo in each woman’s vagina. The women bent their gloves arms and the women’s clothes glowed and disintegrated and in a cloud was vacuumed up as “raw materials” as nothing was wasted and no evidence was to be left behind. Each of the women including Liz then walked their dildos into the naked women in front of them. Liz rammed the dildo coldly and robotically into the moaning woman.

Naked, Liz orgasmed so hard she squirted on the floor.

‘What the fuck?!’ Lisa thought as she cleaned up the cum. ‘What is happening to me?’

There was another flash of memory,

Liz was in her PVC outfit cleaning up cum from the floor around the Robotizer chairs. She heard that voice again with the German accent, “Thank you #25, and the new recruits left a mess Hahahaha


Liz climbed into the near scalding hot water terrified. ‘……that was my voice…

I called her Mistress and sounded so cold and controlled………..and my outfit again………with a dildo? Fuck!

As she orgasmed again squirting in the water.

She stayed in the water trying to drain it a little. She thought about the dreams or flashes;

‘That dildo was connected to me inside…………I felt like they were fucking me all the time…………when I walked……..when I knelt……..all the time. Like it was rewarding me’ “REWARDING YOU WHEN YOU OBEY…….MELANIE”


She orgasmed again squirting into the water again loudly, “Oh-h-h-h Fuck!!!!!”

Luckily the radio was on and the fan, and the door was locked. As she thought about the dildo she heard in her mind “OBEDIENCE IS PLEASURE” as Liz dozed off wonder who “Melanie” was.

Back at their mansion Stella and Alexandra recovered the small number of Robots who were still active and began reactivating all of them.

Stella ordered, “Cancel Project Chameleon and have all Slaves and Robots return here at once”


Renae Smith was having sex with her partner Jennifer Jones. The two were moaning loudly when both their phones were ringing.

“What the fuck? Don’t answer them Renae”

“They both say ‘UNKNOWN CALLER’?”

“Fine we will both cuss them out, Hello?”

“You have a Chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality……..”

Both stared blankly ahead and waited for orders silently.

“Suspend chameleon mode, restore programming Code Stella 544 Execute”



“Excellent. Eliminate loose ends and return to base”


Liz was asleep in the bathtub, as her husband saw her phone was ringing off the hook “UNKNOWN NUMBER”

He even tried answering it and it went silent. He remembered arguments they had when they were first together;

“Well at least I’m not phone obsessed Liz!”

“What are you saying?”

“You always have your phone with you! You are always secretive about it, and it rings at weird hours”

“Are you saying………”

“Maybe you have a boyfriend? LOL”


“A girlfriend?”


“Oww!!! Damn you hit me pretty hard? I didn’t think you were that strong? That hurt that really hurt? Did you used to work out?”

“No I hate it! I never work out”

“Fuck……….And another thing your phone is on silent a lot?”

“Yes I keep it with me. And Yes I leave it on silent a lot as a fucking curtesy Ass!

Someone gave out my number I think……..”

“Maybe you should change your number?”

‘NO!’ a voice rocked her head and she said “No” loudly.

“Geez okay?”

“I’ve always had this number”

“Yeah but those “UNKNOWN CALLER: missed calls you keep getting, can you block those numbers?”

‘NO!’ a voice rocked her head louder and she said “N-No……..I’ll just leave my phone on silent”

In the weeks since they were married, Liz received several of these calls. Each time she remembered telling them off or cancelling them.

The first was just after they got married, “Hello Stop calling……Yes I understand”

The three weeks later, “Hello I said you people need to………Yes I will obey”

The third was after the Mistresses first met with their lawyers and they were told the witnesses had “changed their minds”

“Hello you stupid moth……….”


She stared blankly ahead and waited for orders silently then she said, “Yes”


“Yes I will obey. I want to come home”

As her husband complained, Liz only answered these calls when alone otherwise she silenced them resulting in multiple missed calls. She had been instructed to do this to not to draw attention to them.

One time he tried calling the number and it just said, “NUMBER NOT IN SERVICE”

After her husband went to work, she locked the bedroom door and then Liz pulled out a small silver case hidden in her closet. The silver case contained a dildo and VR goggles. She laid down naked and slid the golden dildo into her vagina and put on the VR goggles. The two were connected wirelessly.

She was wet after a call but if not, she used a small vial of luxe juice lubricant which had some of Stella’s drug in it.

As they turned on, Liz turned on…………..

She got up and removed the dildo and wiped it off and the VR goggles and stored them for the next time she would be alone for more than two hours. She used them almost daily. When she didn’t, is when she had these flashes of memory.

Also in the case was a 9mm with silencer, her PVC/latex like outfit and other small devices.

As she stored the case and unlocked the door she blinked and forgot what she was doing. “Wow I must have taken a nap?” and took the sheets and washed them.

There was evidence of many orgasms.

She washed the sheets daily and worn them out. They went through a lot of sheets.

Liz quickly forgot about the calls and the dildo treatment because this is what her programming told her to do.

She was Liz Atkins was a housewife and former Nurse, now unemployed. Nothing else.

Liz had seen numerous news stories about the “Crime Madams” and at one point she actually saw her own picture on the TV as one of the victims “Melanie Johnson” kidnapped during a bank robbery.

She started to think about it when she heard a loud ‘NO’ in her head and she blinked and forgot about it.

This was easy for her since at the bank, Melanie Johnson ceased to exist when she was robotized.

Robotize vb (tr)
  1. to cause (a person) to be or become mechanical and lifeless, like a robot.
  2. to turn into a robot.
Ro·bot n.
  1. A person who has been processed into a subservient device capable of performing a variety of often complex tasks on command or by being programmed in advance.
  2. A person who works mechanically without original thought, especially one who responds automatically to the commands of others.

There were two ways to be robotized by Stella and Alexandra;

  1. By another Robot with their phallus/dildo or
  2. By processing in the Robotizer.

Once robotized they did require guidance in the form of orders and they received constant re-enforcement with the dildo panties they wore. A dildo in their vagina and their anus constantly fucking them, constantly rewarding them for obeying to keep them at constant orgasm.

The dildo in their vagina was weighted and had a sleeve in it so it fucked the user constantly. The dildo in the anus buzzed and swelled and shrank constantly.

All orders no matter how small were important given “OBEDIENCE IS PLEASURE”

Liz was sleeping in the hot bath water, dreaming wild dreams again.

Liz was with other women clad in shiny black latex rubbery PVC.

Early morning all Robots not on duty were undergoing re-enforcement training or practicing their sexual skills on each other, or working out. Robots needed to be fit. The 120lb Liz (Melanie) was lifting 500lbs on the machine. They would then shower and change outfits and be ready for duty at 0600 when the Mistresses awoke. Two Robots on regular basis were on Guard all night in the Mistresses bedroom.

Another twenty were on duty in the control room and Robotizing Room.

And another ten were on patrols capturing women for use as new Robots and Slaves. This number grew as the number or Robots grew.

Paul knew she would want the phone so he slid it under the door to the bathroom. He knew she needed to relax so he didn’t knock on the door. The phone was on

the bathroom floor and he had slid it toward the tub.

As it rang it buzzed and rattled on the floor on silent as Liz slept.

Liz went to Dr. Nelson, a female doctor and specialist as her husband had asked her to. “You don’t want your husband here for this Liz?”

“No. He really want children but I was told I can’t have children”

“By who?”

“I can’t remember……….”

“Anyway the tests. The bloodwork is fine—perfect in fact. The lab wanted to send it over to Micro to look at it under an electron microscope. Your blood is perfect. No signs of aging or cellular debris, no bacteria, no viruses, nothing. Your heart is perfect. Perfect lungs. Didn’t you say you smoked before?”

“Yes. It seems like another life ago, I quit a long time ago”

“Well your lungs show no damage from smoking or anything else. Your skin is perfect—no blemishes and barely freckles. It looks like you had a tattoo but it was removed. Everything is normal—above normal…….but”

“But what doctor?”

“Your reproductive system shows damage, if I had to guess from radiation, but that doesn’t make sense does it?”

“Radiation? No it doesn’t? I’ve never been exposed to radiation?”

“I know. It’s strange it’s like someone specifically targeted this system. Also your hormones are off. And you say you hate exercise?”

“Yes I never work out. I hate it”

“Well you have the body, heart and pulse of an athlete”

“What does that mean?”

“I don’t know Liz. I’ll get back to you”

“Fine but only to me, I don’t want to alarm my husband”

After Liz departed, Dr. Nelson was trying to make sense of Liz’s condition. She was checking her DNA test which Liz had agreed to in signing paperwork. Had she known she would have refused.

The DNA test came back not as Liz Atkins but as Melanie Johnson, one of the missing women in the “Crime Madams Case” Dr. Nelson went to call the Police but her phone was dead. So she went to her car, she would just take the information to the Police. But as she went to her car she heard the clicking of heeled boots approach her. She saw two woman approach her in shiny black PVC approached the driver’s side of her car. She saw they were both stunning, clad in shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with 8″ heels, 38DD breasts squeezed in a low cut front bustier leotards with thong bottoms pulled tightly giving their crotches to give them camel toes. Their faces were beautiful but strikingly face emotionless and blank, their eyelids and lips silverized. Dr. Nelson said, “Yes can I help you two?”


“Yes who are……….

As they bent their gloved arms and there was a hiss from their gloves as white spoke or gas sprayed in her face.

Kara was instantly paralyzed and her face began to change as she became blank faced and stared blankly ahead. Instantly her panties were wet, as cum drizzled out of her pussy, as she sat motionless.


“Yes……I will come……”


“Yes…….much more”


“Yes I will assist……..”

Once the evidence was removed, Kara Nelson became Robot #72

Liz still dozed in the bathtub dreaming,

Liz stood clad in her shiny black latex rubbery PVC outfit. She was supervising six women being robotized.

“Please no! How can you do this to us?”


The redhead looked at her strikingly beautiful face emotionless and blank, their eyelids and lips silverized. “You are going to make us like you women? You are all controlled?”


“Where are our clothes?”


As Liz nodded two other shiny clad women activated controls and dildos raised up in the chairs and the hoods began to lower onto their heads.

“Please you can’t do……….” As she went silent. Liz watched as under the hoods the women’s breasts inflated to 38DD and outfits began forming on them. She heard a voice behind her, “Well done #25 they will make excellent Robots”


“Fuck!” Liz said as she woke up. She saw the water was cold not and so she drained it and planned to refill it. This was just what she needed. To relax, no interruptions, no phone calls. Her phone?”

She smiled she saw Paul had slid it under the door for her. The phone. It had been hours since she checked it. ‘No forget the phone’ she thought but she was alone and that was NOT what her orders were. She got out of the tub and checked “10 missed calls” She saw the calls were UNKNOWN NUMBER and something triggered and she dialed a number which popped into her head. She heard, “YOU HAVE NOT ANSWERED. ARE YOU ALONE?”

“Yes I’m alone who is this? I mean really who……….”


She stared blankly ahead and waited for orders silently then she said, “Yes”

Then she heard a familiar voice, “Suspend chameleon mode, restore programming Code Stella 544 Execute”


“Excellent. Eliminate loose ends and return home”


“What is this #25? Eliminate loose ends—kill him but make it look like an accident”


“Good. See you soon #25”

Liz Atkins would refuse this order. Liz Atkins would resist this order. But Liz Atkins was an artificial personality and was now gone. There was only Robot #25 now.

Liz/#25 exited the bathroom naked, and went over to her sleeping husband and started to kill him with her are hands but her orders to were “Make it look like an accident” So instead she collected her case from the closet and changed downstairs and left. Her husband woke in the morning and she was gone. He thought maybe she went for a walk or something so at first thought nothing much about it.

Melanie/#25 stood clad in her outfit of shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with 8″ heels, 38DD breasts squeezed in a low cut front bustier leotard with thong bottom pulled tightly giving her a camel toe. Her face beautiful but strikingly face emotionless and blank, her eyelids and lips silverized.

“Welcome home #25 so you eliminated the husband hahaha eh?”


“What? I ordered you to eliminate loose ends”


“Stupid Robot! You could have smothered him with a pillow! He will call the Police if he thinks you are missing. Return there and kill him. Do it then return”


Stella was furious but she realized she should have let her Robot take care of it as she had hundreds of times. Melanie/#25 was one of her most successful control killers.

Paul was up when Melanie/#25 returned. “Liz? Honey what are you wearing?”

“I AM NOT LIZ. LIZ WAS A FABRICATION. I WAS MELANIE JOHNSON” “One of the Crime Madam women? Oh fuck honey…………were you acting?”


“You can’t kill me, you love me. I love you baby fight it”


“You won’t kill me I know it! You love me!”

He stood with his arms crossed refusing to run, refusing to try to stop her. He knew she would not harm him. She couldn’t. They loved each other. And love conquered all.

#25 moved quickly and knocked his feet from under him. He fell over and hit his head on the counter and with a SNAP broke his neck.

She stood there watching as he died and she then went out feeling nothing but bliss as she had obeyed her Mistress.

She wrote a note “I’m leaving you, you are too abusive to me”

She converted their joint assets to cash and disappeared.

Police Detective Lisa Dombrowski was crosschecking files recent deaths and missing persons. She found an unusually high number of women missing in the area and she found an oddity. A photo of a missing wife of a man who fell at home and broke his neck matched the photo of a missing woman from a bank robbery months earlier.

She also accessed the DNA company tests and found the DNA of the missing wife belonged to the missing woman Melanie Johnson. She was putting the data together to go to her chief when two Police Women involved with the Crime Madams case walked in. Oh you two, I think I have more data for your case on those two Madams”

“THAT CASE IS CLOSED” the two said staring blankly ahead.

The evidence was destroyed and Lisa Dombrowski was given time off to get married.

Lisa Dombrowski emerged from the Robotizer as Robot #88. Her fellow Policewomen who were on the case were Robots #84 and #85.

They were still Policewomen and would maintain contacts in the Police department for the Mistresses.

End Part Seven

(To be Continued……….)