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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC women. Two women going to the bank have their lives changed forever.

Introductory Comments: This story is inspired by Tabico, 321, Trillby Else, Iago and others I have read on this site for over 10 years. Also inspired by 50s 60s and 70s Sci-Fi movies

The Bank



Stella Herrin was pleased her empire was expanding. She had been absorbing rivals and now she was unopposed in her businesses and in her contracts. She expanded her mansion and added a new music room. She planned to have Slaves or Robots play music for them. In a demonstration of her cruelty and her alchemy, she turned a rival into a solid gold Harp with her arms outstretched.

She expanded the Robot areas and added three more Robotizer Rooms with Robotizers that seat six women each, so she could robotize 24 women at a time.

But as she expanded, her remaining rivals grew more irritated……………..

They would send their best Agent to eliminate her.

Stella was enjoying one of her Sex Slaves as she read the newspaper.


Sex Slave #9, a woman who had once insulted Stella knelt under the table servicing her Goddess. The Blonde woman with shaved pussy and wearing only shiny black PVC platform stiletto heeled boots licked and lapped her pussy eagerly. Her only desire to please her Mistress and provide her pleasure.

“Ah #9 you are good…………….What is this?”

64,000 Missing Women in America All Have One Important Thing in Common

On Dec. 18, 2011, Yolanda Washington drove her 1996 Chevy Blazer out of her family driveway in St. Louis County, Mo., at 3 p.m. Three hours later, the vehicle was found at an intersection 25 minutes away in East St. Louis. The driver’s door was open, the car was empty and the engine was still running. Yolanda was 23 years old. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

In May of 2005, Natalee Holloway headed off on a celebratory trip to Aruba after her high school graduation. She never returned. Holloway was last seen at a local restaurant and nightclub. She allegedly left the club with two shiny clad women……..

More than 13 years have passed, and we still don’t know what happened to Natalee Holloway. Her disappearance remains one of the most disturbing unsolved mysteries of our time.

“Yes that’s because they belong to me now………….hahaha” as Stella looked over at Robot #6 who was the missing Natalee Holloway. Taken when Stella was in Aruba with Alexandra.

The pretty black girl was now Robot #13. Both women had been brainwashed Slaves until the robotizing process was perfected.

As of today, more than 64,000 black women remain missing across the United States. The total number of missing women is over 300,000

The numbers: Despite representing 12.85% of the population, black Americans accounted for nearly 226,000 — or 34% — of all missing persons reported in 2012. According to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, the comparison with other racial groups is unfavorable: Whites and Hispanics are a combined 80.1% of the population, but account for 60% of missing persons.

So many remain missing: The families of girls and women anguish over their missing loved ones and spend their entire life savings and countless hours searching for their daughters, sisters, wives, mothers.

“Well only some of them are mine hahaha” as she discounted the article.

Standing at her side were her two favorite Robots #3/Jessica and #25/Melanie.

“Well you two are in those numbers hahahaha but you are certainly not lost. And #9 here she is so good at her new role. I think we are going out tonight to Club Lesbos!”


A well-known actress tormented by her breakup with her high profile husband and loss of the custody of her children was “recruited” as she slept.

The combination of Mind Control, Drugs and brainwashing she was turned into a powerful Agent by one of Stella’s rivals. And her money and status made it easy for her to travel wherever needed. Especially since she was a Goodwill UN Ambassador since 2010.

Angelina rode to the airport in black leather and sunglasses with ten bags of luggage, many of which she never remembered packing.

She flew via private jet to the city where Stella Herrin lived. Enroute she was awakened by a satellite phone call.


“Felébreszteni, ideje szolgálni” (Awaken, Time to serve)

“Listen I don’t speak whatever…….. Kész vagyok szolgálni” (I am ready to serve)”

(Still in Hungarian but for clarity)

“You will eliminate the German female Stella Herrin. She has many Slaves and Robots. You will use the standoff weapons and kill her. Once you kill her return to sleeper mode”

“Megértette. Fogok engedelmeskedni.” (Understood. I will obey.)

As outside the mansion, Stella prepared to go to the club, a shot was heard and missed her but hit #25/Melanie in the shoulder. The high powered weapon was mostly absorbed by the shiny PVC-like latex outfit but she was injured and began to bleed, not that she reacted as though she was injured, “GET THE MISTRESS INTO THE LIMOUSINE. THE SHOT CAME FROM THAT DIRECTION”

Two more shots were fired, another hit #25 and one hit #3 in the head and she dropped.

They collected her and Stella watched and waited as she wondered as one of her favorite Robots was dead. But as she watched, she saw the bullet get pushed out of her forehead and the wound closed and within a few seconds she sat up and said, “ROBOT #3 ONLINE. I AM REPAIRED”

Then @#25/Melanie said, “ROBOT #25 ONLINE. I AM REPAIRED”

“Thank goodness my pets. I was worried about you. You saved my life……again”




“Excellent take her to the mansion, return there at once”


The shooter, Angelina was naked sitting in a Robotizer chair.

She was screaming, “”Let me go! What am I doing here? I haven’t done anything? What’s wrong with you girls?”

As the Mistress arrived the Robots all bowed to her saying, “MISTRESS”

“I am safe, Robots #3 and #25 protected me, where is Mistress Alexandra?”


“Good. Ensure she is safe. What is the story of her, Angelina?”


“Ah yes good having Policewomen as Robots and Slaves………….So she is a Sleeper Slave or an Agent?”


“The Ghost? She is the Ghost?”


“The Ghost” was a contract killer sought by the Police and Interpol which had never been sighted and never left any evidence enough to identify him or her but was credited with 45 Assassinations.

“Well it seems I will have a new Robot to go on Contracts with great skill and beauty, but first things first—who sent you Angelina?”

“What are you talking about? I don’t know why or how I got here?! Please let me go!”


“Yes it seems the brainwashing is as thorough as mine, Robots process her into a Roboslave, not a Robot. She may retain her knowledge and we can access her mind”


“A what?! What the hell is a…….” as a hood lowered over her head and she went silent. As the hooded visor/helmet covered her eyes and her mind turned off. She shuddered in orgasm as she watched and learned new truths…………

Robotize vb (tr)
  1. to cause (a person) to be or become mechanical and lifeless, like a robot.
  2. to turn into a robot.
Ro·bot n.
  1. A person who has been processed into a subservient device capable of performing a variety of often complex tasks on command or by being programmed in advance.
  2. A person who works mechanically without original thought, especially one who responds automatically to the commands of others.
Slave n.
  1. One who is owned as the property of someone else, especially in involuntary servitude.
  2. One who is subservient to or controlled by another.
  3. One who is subject to or controlled by a specified influence.
RoboSlave n.
  1. One who is processed and controlled by a Robot and is more Robot then Slave.
Sex Slave
  1. One who is subservient to or controlled by another and used for the purpose of Sex and pleasure.

Angelina sat staring blankly ahead, her eyelids and lips silverized, with a shaved pussy and wearing shiny black PVC platform stiletto heeled boots and matching arm length gloves. The chair restraints opened and she stood up and bowed to Stella saying, “Roboslave #12 ready to serve Mistress”

There were not may Roboslaves as they were not as useful as Robots and not as flexible as Slaves.

“Good #12 much better. Do you remember who sent you as a Sleeper Agent to kill me?”

“Yes Mistress. It was The Group Mistress”

“The group? Do you know the members?”

“No Mistress. I was triggered and then served them. When I was taken they ensured I did not see who they were”

“As a Roboslave you may be able to access them. Access your programmed memories and contact them. Tell them you succeeded and await orders”

“Yes Mistress”

Using her satellite phone she dialed a number in her head, “Were you successful?”

“Yes. She is dead. Her Robots took her away in her limousine but she was hit in the head” (#3 was not Stella)

“Excellent return to base we will use our Double Agent there”

“Yes Mistress”

“WHAT?! Double Agent?!” Stella realized she had a spy in her group. But who? It could not be one of the robots…………it could not be Alexandra although that would explain her breaking free. But the robot who reconditioned her would have found this…………..Stella thought quickly, “Who knows I returned unharmed?”


“Announce I died from injuries and I will hold up in the Shelter area with #3 and #25. Inform Alexandra of the charade—no. Tell her I am dead and at my request was reduced to raw materials to benefit my Robots. She will announce my death and we will wait”


A Recruitment Slave accessed the re-enforcement machine which was in the Mistresses bedroom. The machine was designed to re-enforce Slaves to obey subtly and she reprogrammed it further to work on Alexandra. As she slept the machine instead of re-enforcing her to obey Stella, the machine began telling her sleeping mind to serve The Group. The Recruitment Slave also replaced the re-enforcement dildo and VR goggles.

Within two days of Stella in hiding, Alexandra was thinking very differently. And after some direct time with the double-agent Slave, Alexandra was flipped.

Stella was not dead and in hiding but Alexandra believed she was dead. Only the Robots now knew Stella was alive.

Alexandra received a phone call, “Hello? Yes who is this my partner just died I’m not in the mood for………..”

“Felébreszteni, ideje szolgálni” (Awaken, Time to serve)

“Listen I-I…….. Kész vagyok szolgálni” (I am ready to serve)”

(Still in Hungarian but for clarity)

“You are now our Slave Alexandra Knox. Your dead partner was a threat to us. But you shall be our finest Slave”

“Én vagyok a rabszolga” (I am your Slave)

Still in Hungarian for clarity.

“Good Slave. Now you will appoint one of The Group as your new Partner and lover. She will meet you at Club Lesbos. She will tell you ‘I love you and we are meant to serve together’ Then you will respond ‘For all time’ and you will obey”

“Megértette. Fogok engedelmeskedni.” (Understood. I will obey.)

Stella was monitoring all of this as were the Robots.

At Club Lesbos Alexandra sat in her private are with two Robots guarding her and two Sex Slaves when a beautiful redhead approached her and Alexandra said, “This is a private area”

“Sorry……….I am just stunned by you…….you are so beautiful”

“Yes yes goodbye unless you want to never leave” Alexandra said.

“Fine……but would you give me a chance if I said……..I love you and we are meant to serve together?”

Her hands dropped to her sides, and her head tilted slightly to one side. Then she said, “For all time”…………….please sit with me………?”

“Zsuzsanna Miléna, call me Zsu”

After a short night of drinking and dancing, back at the mansion the two were fucking with Stella’s and Alexandra’s bed. They were kissing, and at each other’s pussies then they took turns using a strap on dildo that was Zsu’s.

In the shelter below, Stella watched the action on a monitor.

“Fuck! She is fucking my partner in my own bed! She is being a whore!”


“No……………we need to see it The Group will further play their hand”


But waiting was possibly a mistake. Stella secretly controlled the Robots but The Recruitment Slave was converting more Slaves to serve her masters The Group.

Alexandra had ordered the robots to step outside the bedroom—this never happened before.

As Alexandra slept, Zsu used the Re-enforcement dildo and visor on her. And by morning Alexandra stared at the ceiling when she removed the visor and dildo.

“Now Slave listen carefully…….I am your new lover”

“Yes. You are my new lover. I love you. More than I have ever loved anyone”

“And I am your new partner, we will be married soon”

“Yes. You are my new partner………we will be married soon”

“And as your new partner you will give me access to all Slaves and Robots, all codes, all access do you understand……….Slave?”

“Yes I will give you access to all Slaves and Robots, all codes, all access as you desire Mistress”

“Excellent……..well done Slave”

Zsu then called on a satellite phone, “This is Zsuzsanna……….Phoenix is rising Alexandra is my obedient Slave. We will be married soon and she has given me complete access to their Slaves and Robots……..yes Robots. They are much more advanced than our Slave Agents. I will learn more and contact you soon. Prepare to move The Group to this complex. It’s far superior to our complex in New York”

As she finished Alexandra just laid on the bed staring at the ceiling.

“Now Slave the Robots they act independently?”

“Yes. They have their own……….”

As a squad of six Robots stormed in as well as Stella, “That’s quite enough bitch” as Stella slapped Zsu and looking over at Alexandra said, “You really messed with her”

“No worse than you did Stella”

“No matter the game is over, we rounded up your double agents and destroyed any spying devices. There only remains you and your satellite phone. The next time you call with a progress report you will be luring them here into a trap”

“Never! Alexandra……”

“Stop! Robots help Alexandra and unscramble her brain. Restore her to how she was—MY Slave. Destroy these re-enforcement devices. And prepared Zsu here for brainwashing into my newest Slave”

“You’ll never stop The Group! Never!”

“I’m not going to…………you are my dear and you’ll love doing it”

With a strange look on her face Zsu then called on a satellite phone, “This is Zsuzsanna……….I have full control of Alexandra. She is my obedient Slave and I control all the Slaves and Robots. You may begin relocating here. I will meet each of you as you arrive. For safety come either in pairs or alone so not everyone is together. Yes see you soon………..It is done Mistress”

“Well done Zsu my Slave, now my Alexandra is restored to me. We must keep the illusion I am dead for now until they all arrive here. Now Zsu we will further your training”

“Yes Mistress”


Zsu was kneeling at Stella’s pussy servicing her. The redheaded Zsu now also had a shaved pussy and was wearing only shiny black PVC platform stiletto heeled boots. She was not a Sex Slave but was dressed as one. Zsu licked and lapped her pussy eagerly. Her only desire to please her Mistress and provide her pleasure. Her only desire to obey her will.

The Group was no more. Their assets were now Stella’s and all five members of The Group were Sex Slaves as was Zsu now. All of their Slaves were converted to her service.

Alexandra now wore a pretty collar given to her by Stella. A shiny new collar of Black PVC. The collar ensured any stray thoughts or erroneous thinking Alexandra might have and it would be corrected instantly.

She thought of the last time she and Stella had sex, a frequent memory Alexandra was made to relive—a fake memory.

As Stella’s pussy was over her, warm, sticky cum covered her face, stinging her eyes, dripping from her chin from her servicing her. Her pussy tingled with pleasure and arousal. It was wonderful. Everything felt wonderful. She didn’t move, didn’t try to wipe her face. She hadn’t been told to. She simply needed to relax and wait for...Stella her Goddess……..

The collar rewarded her for thinking correctly.

If the collar was effective, all Slaves would be given one.

End Part Nine

(To be Continued……….)