The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bargain Bin

Clara muttered impatiently to herself as she fished through the bin labeled “Software for under $15.00” at the Cybex store. Matt was supposed to come by that evening and she had managed to spill her lunch all over the couch, making a huge stain. Matt had been so nice helping her out ever since she moved into the building—moving her couch, putting up her shelves, fixing her television. She had promised him a home cooked-meal—not that she knew anything about cooking or housecleaning of any kind, mind you. Anyway, dinner was the least she could do. After all, Matt wasn’t really her type, so there was no possibility of anything romantic happening between them. She spent all day working with data processors, the last thing she waned was to be involved with a software designer.

Thinking about work, her hand inadvertently strayed to the back of her neck, feeling the smooth plastic of the dataport socket. She was for the thousandth time grateful that she’d invested in it. With the proper data chips, she could have instant access to all kinds of specialized knowledge, from accounting to medicine to database management. The last softchip she’d bought had paid for itself in the form of a promotion and an increase in salary. Of course, there was the extra work as well, which meant that she had almost no time at all to practice the more homely arts of housekeeping.

Therefore she found herself here in the Cybex store looking for a domestic skills softchip. Something that would tell her how to clean her apartment, remove the stain from the couch, and whip up a passable meal in the 3 and a half hours left before Matt stopped by. As her hand fished in the bargain bin, she noticed that among the old “Accountancy Now!” and “Alpine Skiing made Easy” chips there were a few from the “Adult” section of the store thrown in: “Sex Slave”, “Striptease Dancer”, “Naughty Nurse”, etc. She wrinkled her nose as she pushed them aside. “What kind of sick puppy would want to stick that garbage in their brain?” she thought to herself.

Suddenly, something caught her eye. It was a generic looking softchip that had obviously been used and returned without the original packaging: just the chip shrink-wrapped on a blister card. As-is, no manual or instructions on use, only $4.00. It was from a company called E-Chip and was labeled “Upstairs Maid”. In smaller letters were the words “Includes complete housekeeping database”. Looking again at her watch, Clara decided that it would have to do. She paid for it and headed back to her car. Deciding she didn’t have any time to lose, she quickly pulled out her Database management chip and popped the new one in.

Her first reaction was that the thing wasn’t working at all. Usually when she put in a new softchip, her conscious mind was flooded with garbled information. Frequently there was consciousness-level operating system that had to be laboriously navigated by thought process, and it took a few minutes to assimilate. Clara, however, felt no such intrusion. She was about to take out the chip when she realized that it was in fact working—and then she was impressed. Whoever had programmed this chip had been extremely subtle. She realized that the information that she needed was there, and that the chip was operating on a sub-conscious level—the operation was completely transparent. All she had to do was relax and her conscious mind would know exactly what to do. Clara had heard of software this sophisticated but had never experienced it until now. She felt lucky that she had found such a bargain.

She also realized that time was running out, and she suddenly knew that there was a list of things she would need to buy before Matt’s arrival that evening. Thankfully, the chip seemed to have a listing of local businesses, so she knew exactly where she needed to go. First, she drove to a professional cleaning supply house to get a special solvent for the couch and a feather duster. She really wasn’t sure what the feather duster was for, but she relaxed and let the softchip make the decisions. After all, it knew what needed to be done. Next she drove to the market and picked out some fish and other food. She surprised herself with her newfound ability to pick the freshest meat and produce at the best price. As she loaded the groceries into the car, she was prepared to go straight home, but she realized as she started the engine that there was one more stop to make. She needed to go to the costume shop.

As she drove to her destination, she puzzled over what she could possibly get at a costume shop. It seemed silly. She tried to consciously access the chip to get more information, but it was very subtle and didn’t seemed designed to work that way. However, the more she thought about it, the more she KNEW that she needed to go to the costume shop. After all, the chip knew what needed to be done. And as a result, so did she.

When she got to the shop she immediately realized what she needed to get. She saw one as she walked in the door. A maid’s uniform! Clara bushed as she realized what was happening. The uniform must be a part of the programming. She again tried to access the chip with her conscious mind, tried to override the suggestion in her brain, but this chip was very different from any that she had used before. Trying to argue against it was like trying to argue against her own thoughts. Her conscious mind quickly became confused. “I suppose I can’t wear my regular clothes to clean in” she thought. “They might get dirty or stained. And it would be more appropriate. A maid is supposed to wear a uniform for cleaning.”

Still, she didn’t want to look dowdy or frumpy in her uniform. Before she realized it, she was searching through a rack of sexy, “French maid” uniforms. Again her thoughts became slippery. “Surely I don’t need this. But maids are supposed to be sexy, aren’t they? Isn’t that why they make these uniforms like this? And this one would absolutely wonderful on me—the skirt is high enough to really show off my legs and the curve of my ass. And the neckline will do wonders for my tits.”

Clara paused. She usually didn’t think of herself in those terms. “Show off my tits? That sounds so cheap. Don’t I mean jugs... er, no... I mean knockers... hooters... I never realized what a great rack I have.” Before she knew what she was doing, Clara was in the fitting room, trying on the uniform. For some reason, it seemed like a good idea to be completely nude before she put it on. “After all, I won’t be wearing anything under it tonight” she thought, no longer realizing where that thought was coming from. She was quite amazed by what the outfit did for her, pushing up her ample breasts in a wonderful way, almost revealing her beautiful ass in back and barely covering her snatch in front. She didn’t recognize herself.

The shock cleared her head. “What am I doing?” she thought. “This is crazy! I can’t wear this. Maybe just to clean the couch, but that’s it! I don’t care how much it shows off my jugs or my sweet hot cunt. Even if it does make me look like a desirable, seductive slut, I am wasting my time with this ridiculous getup. I’d better just pay for it and get home.”

Clara didn’t realize that she’d actually bought the costume until she was back in her car on the way to her apartment. Her mind was extremely confused, and she suspected that there was indeed something wrong with the softchip in her head. Could it be malfunctioning? “Maybe I should remove it” she thought, moving her hand behind her neck. Before she could do it though, she stopped, confused again. “But don’t I need this chip for tonight? What will I do without it? Besides, there’s no time to go back to the store for a refund. And won’t it be fun, cooking and cleaning for Matt tonight?” Gradually she returned her hand to the steering wheel.

When she got back to the apartment, she had only a little over an hour and a half. Her anxiety over Matt’s arrival seemed to make the chip work faster, spurring her to act without really thinking about it. She made the initial preparations for the fish and then hopped into the shower to freshen up. After a quick wash, she picked up her razor and began to shave her pussy. Halfway through, she again came to her senses. “What is this?!” she thought “I’ve never done this in my life! Shaving my pussy! No, I mean my va... my cunt. I mean my snatch. I mean my hot, sweet little pussy. I guess it looks better this way. Besides, it’ll be more special for Matt.”

That thought brought her up short again. More than ever, she tried to analyze how the chip was performing, but the harder she thought about it, the more futile her struggle. “I suppose I must finish anyway” she thought. “And it will make me FEEL more special for Matt tonight. I should do it just in case he asks to see my cunt. After all, if he asked me, I’d have to show him, wouldn’t I? I’m the maid. That is, I’ll be acting as a maid... to serve him.”

After a very confused Clara stepped out of the shower and dried her hair, she quickly wriggled into her maid’s uniform, adding a pair of thigh-high elastic stockings and her sexiest 2 inch black heels to complete the ensemble. Then she applied a liberal amount of rouge and fiery red lipstick. Clara smiled as she admired herself in the mirror. “I’ll be sure to change out of this before Matt gets here” she thought.

She returned to the kitchen to check on the fish, then began cleaning the apartment, starting with the couch. The whole process was effortless, and she found herself enjoying the housework more than she had ever though possible. “That must be the softchip” she thought. “How wonderful to include a routine to make cleaning enjoyable. Why, I could clean house all day! And I never knew how sensuous it could be!”

Clara was feeling flushed and excited. Her nipples had gotten hard and she realized that there was a heat building between her legs, and her thoughts turned accordingly. “God, I never realized housework could be so stimulating! And this uniform makes me feel soooo sexy. I don’t want to stop cleaning! Maybe Matt will need to me to clean something. I hope he asks me to. That would feel so good, to enjoy cleaning something for him. God that would be hot! To do something for him like that. To serve him. To be so submissive. My sweet little cunt would get so wet for him, if he asked me to clean his stiff cock with my tongue!”

Clara realized that her hand had drifted under her skirt and was massaging her labia. Suddenly she realized it was getting late and decided to set the table. She only set one place for Matt. “After all, it would improper for a maid to eat with the master. Master? Well, he’s the guest, and I’m just the maid. The maid’s job is to serve the guest. I must do whatever he asks. As long as he’s the guest, he’s the master.”

Just then, the doorbell rang. Everything was ready. Everything was perfect. As she swayed to the door in her high heels, Clara briefly wondered why she hadn’t changed out of her uniform, but she realized that it was supposed to be that way. Clara opened the door and gave a small curtsy.

“Good evening Sir. I will be serving you this evening. Your meal is almost ready. May I take your coat?”

Needless to say, Matt was quite surprised. Indeed, Clara was surprised that she had called him “Sir” and not “Matt”, but “After all,” she thought, “If I’m going to serve him I should be respectful. I’m only the maid, and I must obey.”

Matt slowly stepped into the apartment, looking up and down Clara like he had never seen her before. Slowly, he started to remove his coat. “Uh, sure Clara. Here you go.”

“Let me help you” she said. Clara stepped forward and eased the jacket off Matt’s shoulders. She got close enough to rub her tits against his chest as she did so, and Matt did not fail to notice. Clara hung his coat in the closet and led Matt into the dining room. “Right this way, Sir” she said.

“This is quite a surprise, Clara. I had no idea that you were... well, like this at all.”

Clara smiled and curtsied again. “I will be whatever Sir needs me to be. It is my pleasure to serve. With your permission, I shall being dinner.”

“Of course”

Matt quickly warmed to the situation, and became less shy about asking for things: water, more salt, a second helping of the appetizer. Then when Clara brought out the fish and set it before him, he unashamedly looked down into her cleavage. Clara obligingly leaned over further to give him a better look. Matt was so startled that he dropped his fork.

“Oh, Sir. Please allow me!” said Clara, and she bent over to retrieve the fork, slowly, being sure to give Matt a complete and unobstructed view of her ass and pussy as she did so. When she straightened up, his jaw was agape. “I will get you a new fork right away, Sir!” she said, and turned to walk towards the kitchen. Before she took three steps, however, she heard the clatter of stainless steel hitting the floor. She turned around. “Sir?”

“I, uh... dropped my knife.” said Matt, pointing to the floor. “Would you get that for me?”

Clara walked back and again bent over, making sure to give Matt a longer look at her backside. When she finally straightened up she turned to him again. “Will there be anything else, Sir? Anything at all that you desire?” She turned on her sexiest smile.

“You’ll really do anything I tell you to?”

“I am the maid, Sir. It is my job to serve and to obey.”

“Take off your dress.”

Clara immediately moved to slip the dress off her shoulder, but Matt called out.

“Wait. Don’t just take it off. Put on some music, and... and dance. Strip off the dress and dance for me, but leave the stockings and shoes on.”

“Sir, it would be my pleasure.” Clara put some sultry dance music on the stereo and immediately began to sway to the beat. She had never done this before, but somehow she knew exactly how to move, as if her body had a mind of her own. “My god,” she thought, “I never knew how wonderful it could be. It feels so good to obey. So good to be used like this!” In a few moments, her uniform was on the floor, and she was grinding her hips in front of Matt, her hands wandering all over her body in a teasing manner. Matt reached out a hand halfway.

“Can I touch you?” he asked.

“Please Sir! Touch me! I live to serve! I want to be your sweet little fuck-toy!”

Matt reached out and groped her, then drew her to him. In a few moments, he had unzipped his pants and pulled out his shaft. Clara gazed hungrily on it. “Suck on it.” said Matt.

Clara knelt down in front of him and lavished her mouth upon his cock. It was the most delightful experience of her life. Somehow, she knew exactly what he needed. She took the whole shaft down her throat without gagging. While one hand stroked his balls, the other stroked her own pussy. She felt herself cum as he shot his load in her mouth, and she shuddered as she sucked it down.

When he was spent, she climbed into his lap. He stroked her cunt and sucked hungrily on her tits, thoroughly enjoying her body. His other hand ran up and down her back, now resting on her ass, now working its way up to the back of her neck.... her neck. Matt stopped when he felt something hard and plastic under his fingers.

“Clara, you have a softchip socket?”

“Yes Sir.” she moaned.

“Let me see it.”

Clara turned her head and lifter up her hair, which made her breasts heave in a delightful way, but Matt was only distracted for a few moments before he examined the socket closely.

“Wow, Clara” he said, “I didn’t think someone like you would use Erotic Softchips.”

“Sir?” said Clara, a look of puzzlement creeping over her face. “I do not use Erotic softchips.”

“You’ve got one in right now.”

Clara nibbled on his ear and stuck her tongue in briefly. “Sir is mistaken. This is a housekeeping softchip. I found it in the bargain bin at Cybex. I bought it specifically for this evening.”

“You didn’t know that the E-chip company name stands for Erotica-Chipset?”

Clara looked puzzled. “Sir, have I disappointed you?”

“No, Clara! Not at all!” Said Matt as he licked one of her breasts. “It’s just... don’t you think you’ve been acting a little strange tonight?”

“I am a maid. I live to obey and to serve. I live to clean and cook and fuck. I enjoy cleaning and cooking and fucking more than anything else in the world! Is that so strange? Don’t you want to fuck me?”

Clara felt Matt’s manhood stirring again beneath her. “You have no idea.” he said. “But first, you’ll do ANYTHING I ask, right?”

“Of course, Sir” said Clara, moving to straddle Matt as his cock sprung to life again.

“What if I ordered you to forget something? Could you do that?”

Clara started teasing Matt’s dick with her pussy-lips. “Of course, sir. Are you ready to fuck?”

“Oh yes.”

Clara lowered herself onto his rod, her mind blissing out in a haze of pleasure and obedience....

...Clara awoke with a slight headache. She sat up in bed, confused. What had happened? Her first thought was that she’d had too much to drink last night. She realized that she was naked... naked except for her “fuck-me” heels and her best nylons, which had a huge run in them. Why was she wearing them? In the corner of the bedroom was a French maid’s outfit. Where had that come from. Her vagina felt a little raw and then she nearly screamed when she realized that it was shaven. What the hell had happened last night?!?

On her nightstand was a small folded piece of paper with her name on it. Wrapped inside was the housecleaning softchip that she had bought yesterday. On the paper was a hastily scribbled note: “Had to go to work. Thanks for an absolutely fabulous evening. I’ll be coming back around four o’ clock to talk to you about this chip—I took it out after you fell asleep.—Matt.”

Clara stumbled into the living room. Obviously it had been a wild night—cushions everywhere, and mess on the dinning table—strange that there was only one place set. She shook her head to clear it but still could only draw a blank when she tried to focus on the previous night. Was there something wrong with the chip? Then why had she kept it in all night? Obviously the dinner was a success—she normally had no idea how to cook fish.

In despair she looked at the mess. She’d be dragging through this cleaning chore all day in the state she was in. The prospect filled her with dread. She hated housework... unless...

Clara considered the chip in her hand. If last night had gone off well, then it couldn’t be completely malfunctioning. “I’ll just leave it in long enough to get this place straightened up” she thought as she snapped the chip into it’s socket. “Now—I suppose the first thing I need is a new pair of nylons. A maid must look her best...”