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Becoming Brainy

Chapter 2


Will’s peaceful reverie was shattered by the high pitched ringing of his office phone. His grin vanished when he recognized the number on his caller ID. This call was from home, and only Beth would be the one calling.

As he took a deep breath, he lifted the receiver and introduced himself, “Dr. Will Freeman here.”

“Hey Will, it’s Beth,” she started. “Wanted to check in with you. What does tonight’s schedule look like? Will you be joining me for dinner?”

“Beth, I don’t know. There’s a lot I should be getting done around here. Things are getting pretty busy,” Will replied, tapping his pen against the hardwood desktop. He hoped this would be enough for her to close the conversation and hang up the phone.

“Listen, honey,” Beth’s down-home mannerisms began to surface, what usually happened when she started to beg. Long ago he’d been susceptible to her charms. Now, he was numb to them. “It’s been too long since we’ve had time together to chat about what’s going on in our lives. I have stuff going on that you should care about; I’m sure it’s the same for you…”

“Look, Beth, before you go on and on about this and that, the bottom line is I am swamped and have no idea when I’m going to get home,” Will announced. “I’m looking at a lot of late evenings this week. Better just plan on dinner without me.” It was always better to shut things down early, he knew.

He heard her take a deep breath and a pause on the other end of the phone.

“Alright, Will. Have it your way. It will be just me, dinner, and a movie. I just wish it didn’t have to be like this.”

“Well if you like the way life is right now, this is it. Unless something drastic changes, this is the way it’s going to be. Better just deal with it,” advised Will, crossing his arms over his chest. Everything in his life was settled and predictable. Why would there be a reason to make any major changes?

“Fine. I’ll see you when you get home.” The click from Beth’s phone ended the conversation.

Will looked back at the stack of files. They represented his comfort zone. This was the arena where he was master and able to find peace and satisfaction. On the top was Nicole’s first recommendation, a Miss Jessica O’Dell. Jessica’s file came complete with a bio, a history, and a recent photo alongside his assistant’s notes. Although these files were compiled before today and returned to the office in the brown portfolio Nicole brought from home, he knew that she worked quick and thorough when it was necessary. Her performance pleased him. She was his perfect compliment.

Will stared at a photo of a young woman with dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a pleasing smile. She certainly fit his physical expectation of a healthy female, not exotic in appearance but more like a former teenage beauty queen. Her eyes captured his gaze for a moment before he unlocked himself. Pulling his eyes from the photo, he flipped the page to review the bio, history, and notes.

Jessica is a 23 year old university student currently on the nursing educational track. She works as a bartender part time and attends class part time, hoping to pay for school as she attends. When (Nicole) told her what they were working on, Jessica expressed real interest, saying “My boyfriend, Tommy, is a pretty good guy, really. His parents are good people and I’m pretty close to his sister. But when he starts drinking with his buddies, he changes to a different person.”

According to the notes, she told Nicole that Tommy had hit her a few times in the last year and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Tommy’s been drinking more now that she’s away at class. She then clarified the change she was looking for.

“Look, he’s a good guy, and the sex can be really good at times. I mean really, really good. I just wish I didn’t feel like I had to keep loving him after all of that. Maybe I’m addicted to him. I know it’s weird. But that’s how it is right now, and I’d like that part of me to change.”

Will turned to the next page and was surprised to find Nicole’s latest contact with Jessica showed her living situation had change. Her notes read, “Unable to locate Jessica through her university or employer phone. Received a call later that day. Jessica became aware I was looking for her and she called from a women’s shelter. Apparently, restraining orders are in place against Tommy. He had another violent episode. She’s not hurt this time, just scared and determined to go through with the treatment.”

Will closed the file and sat back. He smiled and realized that Nicole had found an ideal candidate to begin this phase of their research project. Jessica O’Dell was bright, beautiful, and motivated. Will’s mind wandered further. That look she gave in the photo was captivating. Those eyes were amazing. He did not mind having to work alongside beautiful women all day long. In fact, he should fill his lab full of them, or maybe that would be too much like a “collector”.

“Hey Nicole,” Will called out as he snapped out of the fantasy. “Are you available?”

“Yeah, Will, just a moment,” replied Nicole from her workstation down the hall.

A few seconds later she reappeared at his door. “What’s up?” she said with a tired smile.

“This Jessica O’Dell looks like a good candidate. How soon can we get her in here?” he said with a tone marbled with anticipation.

Nicole paused. “Well, now that she’s at a women’s shelter, my guess would be that her schedule is pretty flexible. She’s going to be away from work for a couple weeks. I think she could begin with us tomorrow if I reach out to her at the shelter today. Is that what you want me to do?”

“Yes. Definitely. How soon can you get to the shelter?” Will responded. His pulse was increasing as other parts of him began to throb. He hid his hands from Nicole’s view.

“Uh, well,” said Nicole, appearing surprised at his sense of urgency. “I’ll have to set aside what I’m working on now, but I can do it right after lunch.” Her green eyes conveyed her recognition of the slight change in his plans.

“Great. That will be great,” said Will, beaming with expectancy as Nicole turned to leave his office.

He paused and his mind began to drift again. His eyes focused on the contours of her rear as she walked away and he wondered if Nicole would be his girl someday. She’d be the first piece of his collection, he thought, revealing a crooked half-smile.

* * *


Beth was steaming after the phone call with Will. “What an arrogant ass!” she yelled out loud, not caring that there was no one else in the house to affirm her rage.

Her first instinct was to calm her emotions. In an effort to settle down, she pulled out the albums containing photos from their years dating, their engagement, and their wedding day. He wasn’t such an ass back then, she thought. Those were innocent, idealistic times. They were happier then, and very much in love. He pledged his undying love and enthusiasm for her. She trusted him and believed he would succeed at anything he wanted. She would always be by his side. They used to be passionate and ravenous in the bedroom. That passion spread to other rooms in their house too, she thought with a smile. It was hot and sexy when they were both at home in the evenings.

But something happened over the years. The humdrum of the ordinary settled like a suffocating fog over their marriage. She still wanted him, but he didn’t notice her anymore. He took her for granted and that was not acceptable. She didn’t want unrequited love for the rest of her life. What is she chose a different path, to not desire his touch anymore?

After replacing the album in the cubby under the end table, Beth walked over to her room to retrieve the research flyer. She was about to call this Nicole person earlier, but she reconsidered the decision when she remembered that Will might somehow find out. He knew people all over the university, both allies and adversaries. Being the most notable researcher in the university science department was a precarious spot and his enemies would use anything, or anyone, against him.

Regardless of the risk, her hesitation was now gone. She was focused on her retribution in response to his callous disregard for her. Will didn’t value her feelings. He was using her to enrich his research empire. It was time to flip the tables and start over. Like he said so eloquently, everything stays the same “unless something drastic changes.”

A dark secret was waiting to be confronted. There was a part of herself that thrived in the unmentioned past, but that part of her had been long held in hiding for many years. She knew it as her “femme” and it was the outrageous, aggressive, even slutty, side of her that nobody ever imagined. In a way, it was her alter-ego.

Beth looked at the reflection in the mirror as her fingernail pressed a seam into her lower lip. Her femme didn’t like what she’d become, a soft and weak pushover, a tool for this man. For the longest time, this part was stirring and grumbling, but stayed hidden underneath many layers. It was that way all of her married life up to now. Now her femme was fully awake, screaming and growling, and the restraints were getting loose.

Beth’s concerns resurfaced in her thoughts. If Will found out about the treatment, what would she say to him?

She shook her head. No, he won’t find out, she silently spoke to herself in the mirror. No, he won’t find out, her femme reinforced.

Her wet fingertip had slipped from her lower lip and somehow, on its own accord, found itself under her pale, yellow cotton t-shirt and was rimming her nipple. It was circling round and round. When she noticed the activity, she gasped. Her finger continued, relentless, in keeping the soft tissue of her dark rosebud nipple hardened. Thirty seconds soon became an entire minute and then two. The stimulation issued its siren call to her body that craved these feelings like a drug. With her eyes partially closed, biting her lower lip to intensify the sensations, Beth felt herself drift further from reality. Her consciousness abdicated control, relinquishing it to her subconscious where her femme awaited.

In the haze, she saw her femme kiss her neck passionately, blaze a moist path down the side of her neck, nuzzle her collarbone, and kiss down to the cleft between her breasts. She thought her nipple was on fire from ongoing manual stimulation, but when she looked down through the mist at her chest, she realized her fingers weren’t near her breast.

Instead, her femme’s soft, dark feminine lips clung onto her fleshy peak. She watched the femme’s cheeks tighten as she sucked hard and felt the sensual tongue flick at the outermost surface of her tip. The femme’s other hand was caressing and kneading Beth’s other breast. Beth closed her eyes again and continued to feel the carnal tension grow in the pit of her being, like the early tide that just barely skims along shore. The tension so slowly and gradually built upon itself. It never felt so deep and stirring with any other lover. Only her femme made Beth feel this way. In all her life, there has been no one better, so all-consuming. Not one.

Beth looked at her femme’s shimmering hair, a blend of dark shadows and metallic highlights, nestled against her chest and falling down to her waist. Her femme’s lips freed Beth’s imprisoned nipple, swollen and darkened from the uncompromising stimulation, and began a slow drag along her skin downwards as Beth remained upright. The swirling, building, rising of erotic tension was getting nearer to her high water mark, where she would crest over and lose complete control. Her femme’s lips continued to trail sensually against her stomach, causing her skin to tingle with staggering electricity.

“Oh, oh my,” she whimpered as her body tensed in preparation for the crest to be reached. “Oh, keep going. Ahh, ohhh, ahhhhhhh,” as she pulled in her stomach and flexed her hips forward, towards those wandering female lips. Both of her well-manicured hands were tightly gripping the nearby wooden furniture handles.

Finally, the femme’s mouth reached the intersection of her thighs, where Beth’s swollen flower was pulsing with unmet need. Time froze for a moment as Beth felt cool breath hit her tender petals, and then shockwaves moved through her as the wet tongue hit the back cleft. That tongue then proceeded to drag itself forward to the front cleft, sparking fires along the way. The nonstop, unrelenting contact caused immediate confusion in her body. On moment it wanted to tense, and then it wanted to relax. One moment she wanted to spread her legs, and then she wanted to close them. Should she breathe or hold her breath? With such confusion, whatever trace of consciousness remained completely surrendered, no longer even registering her femme’s manipulations. The pattern repeated over and over and over again, constantly and sensually caressing her nether regions.

Another tongue sweep and the high water marks were nearly reached. Then her femme’s hands grasped the cheeks of her butt, pulling Beth’s flower toward her lips. The magical femme tongue reached to the back cleft, once again, and very slowly, slower than even before, dragged itself forward, massaging every cliff and valley along the way. When it finally reached the front of her flower, when Beth was at her tipping point, her femme swept that tongue upwards and ruthlessly lay into her budding clit.

Beth’s senses exploded from deep inside. Her entire body shook from spasm after erotic spasm. “Ahhh, Oh my. Yes. Yes. Yes! I’m yours! You know I am. You want me! Ahhhhh!”

The spasms sapped all of her strength and caused her to fall into the nearby chair. For a time she lay in the seat, sprawled out, sweaty, exhausted, and slowly descending from the hardest climax she had felt in years.

Her energy eventually returned and when she opened her eyes to focus on herself in the mirror, she observed the deep brown hues in her eyes slowly turn back to hazel and looked down to find her fingers between her legs. She spread her fingers wide, noticing the damp juice stringing like saliva between them. Beth smiled and sighed.

“Danielle, oh Danielle, I can’t believe I did that. I can’t believe I brought you back,” Beth whispered.

Recalling the damage her femme inflicted all those years ago, Beth was determined to keep tighter control this time. She doesn’t need to return to hiding now. She won’t be able to create all that chaos this time, now that I’m older and stronger. And it won’t matter that her femme and Will have never co-existed. I can make it work, she reasoned.

After sliding her shorts back on, Beth lifted the phone from its cradle and looked for the number on the flyer. “There it is-5DELINK,” she pondered, then viewed her receiver. “5-3-3-5-4-6-5,” she mouthed out.

She heard one ring before the answering service picked it up. “Hello, this is Nicole with the Empathy and Empowerment project, dedicated to progress for women. We’re glad you called. Please leave your name, number, and brief message, and I’ll get right back to you.” Beep.

“Hi, this is Be—,” she stumbled, realizing this part of her plan was not completely thought through. Beth hung up, paused, collected her thoughts, and dialed again.

After hearing the greeting again, followed by the beep, Beth began “Hi, I’m interested in this program. I really think I fit what you’re looking for. You can reach me at 555-7588. My name is,” she paused. “Danielle. My name is Danielle.”

After hanging up, Beth looked up at the mirror and noticed that the color in her eyes had temporarily deepened back to dark brown. She smiled unnaturally, the embracing smug pleasure of her accomplishment. Her femme no longer stirred or grumbled. Instead it tingled with excitement.

* * *


To Nicole’s surprise, Jessica O’Dell was immediately ready and willing to begin the project that very afternoon. When Nicole asked Will if a change in plans would be okay, she wasn’t surprised when he was thrilled. In fact, she recalled his words were “Damn right we do it! How soon can she be here?”

Nicole worked out the details on the fly; called a taxi to pick up Jessica an hour after Nicole departed the shelter. She had to hurry back to the university. There was much to prepare and not much time to do it. Everything needed to be near-perfect when their first candidate walked through the door. Will was not the only one who demanded it; Nicole expected nothing less.

From conception to the present, nearly a year of work led to this point in time that a confident-looking Jessica O’Dell walked through the door. With glowing blue eyes and dark blonde hair with faint platinum highlights, she beamed like the stereotypical cheerleader at a high school football game. She had applied bright red lipstick on her full, feminine lips and was generous with the eye shadow and mascara. As she walked towards Nicole’s desk, her hips swayed side-to-side slightly, like a subliminal mating dance. Nicole noticed and felt entranced. Her long shapely legs, a product of years of gymnastics training, were showcased under a dark flowing knee-length skirt. The dark sleeveless top revealed her well-toned arms and an open V-neck dipped low to expose one of the most envious, natural cleavages that Nicole ever witnessed. Jessica’s breasts were prominent, exactly proportional for her figure, and bounced faintly with each step forward.

Nicole had to consciously keep her jaw from dropping. This woman really cleaned up well when she dressed to impress.

“H-Hey, Jessica. Glad you made it. The taxi work out for you?” asked Nicole, overcoming the impact of the visitor’s aura.

“Yes, you definitely planned it out well. No problems at all,” Jessica replied sweetly. “Now I’m here. What should I do next?”

“Well, next I call Will, my boss, in here to meet you. He’s the project manager and creator of the program, and he’ll do the pre-treatment interview. While that’s happening, I’ll get things set up in the lab for your first treatment. After the treatment, we’ll send you home with some homework.”

“Homework? I have enough of that already,” retorted Jessica.

“No, it’s not like that. This will help the effects of your treatment last longer. It may take an hour or so to finish, but it’s not difficult at all,” clarified Nicole.

Without warning, Will appeared at Nicole’s side, his right hand outstretched to Jessica. “Hell, I’m Will Freeman, the manager of the project. You must be Miss O’Dell. It’s really nice to meet you.”

“And nice to meet you, Mr. Freeman. I hear this all exists because of you,” Jessica replied with arms outstretched and a demure look of impressiveness. Nicole noted she was referring to the entire laboratory building.

Did she just start flirting with him? Yes, she did just flirt with him, Nicole confirmed. This is not the rough and tough O’Dell that I spoke with at the shelter just hours ago. This woman has many interchangeable sides to her. She adapts quickly.

“Well, I’m passionate about helping women safely remove themselves from bad relationships. You know, my sister was in an abusive relationship. Much of this has been done to help women like her,” explained Will in softer tones.

I never heard that detail before, Nicole thought.

“You sure are sweet to notice what I’ve been trying to do for this university,” continued Will in a more patronizing tone.

“Let’s get started with a few questions. This part should be pretty painless.”

“Sounds good. Sounds real good,” whispered Jessica as she leaned toward him with a twinkle in her eye and a slight tilt of her head, so her blonde strands fell to the side.

“Um. Yes,” said a distracted Will Freeman. “Okay. First question. Why do you want to take part in this project, Jessica?”

“Well, look, I talked to Nicole. I told her about Tommy, the way he treats me, it’s bad. I mean, I’m hiding out at the shelter. That’s bad. I don’t know if I’ll get my bartending job back. Hank, the owner, is a decent guy, but he’s still got to make money working with someone reliable. Anyway, I messed up bad. I shoulda’ known Tommy was no good for me, but I kept going back to him to be his girl. Even after he hit me the first time, I told myself it was just a mistake, just one single mess up. Everybody makes mistakes, right? But I was so wrong. So, after Nichole told me about what you’re working on, I volunteered on the spot. I don’t want to want to be with Tommy anymore. I need to change that about me.”

Nicole saw Will wince when Jessica said the word “hit”, but it was clear that he was impressed by what Jessica said to them.

“Well, I applaud your determination,” said Will to his first candidate. “It takes guts to decide to move on. Okay, let’s see. What do you hope will be the outcome of our Empathy and Empowerment program for you?”

“Well, I… I hope I won’t want to be with Tommy anymore. And, I won’t desire to be with any man that treats me bad.”

Nicole turned to Will. “I’m going to get things ready in the lab.” As she was getting up, Will nodded to Jessica in agreement.

As Nicole walked down the long hallway, she thought about Jessica’s reasons. What a great candidate to start with! Maybe fate was favoring them.

The lab was a large room that was divided into two smaller spaces. Up to this point, Nicole spent most of her time in Control room, the space set up with several monitoring devises and a couple computer systems. All of the workstations in the room faced the one-way window that provided a wide view of the adjoining Delivery Room. That other space was labeled such because it was the area where all of the treatments were administered to the candidates, both animal and human. It was set up like a police interview cube, allowing for maximum scientific observation with minimum interference or distraction.

After flipping the primary computer system on, Nicole looked into the Delivery Room through the glass. She had successfully convinced Will to let her make the room less sterile and more domestic by adding plants, paintings and artwork, and piped-in soothing jazz music for ambiance. She wanted to add some lit candles to finish out the effect, but the idea was nixed primarily due to safety concerns. Nicole planned on resurrecting the idea in the future.

She walked out of the Control Room into the Delivery Room. As she entered, the candidate’s treatment chair was before her and to her left was a wheeled physician’s stool. The candidate’s chair was basically a multi-section, wide, heavily padded seat that reclined the occupant at about 40 degrees. There were padded arm rests to either side and a separate leg rest for each leg, causing the legs to part wide, creating a small gap in-between.

About 20 feet away towards the corner sat the stationary apparatus that complimented the candidate’s chair when it was wheeled over. Together they appeared to be a super-modified dental examination chair, but even that revealed little about its capabilities. The actual name for the complete unit was Empathy, the term included in the name of the study.

The machine was cutting edge technology in its ability to simultaneously imprint thoughts and suggestions in its subject at the deep subconscious level. It could then sense and record the physical reactions and make midstream adjustments to increase effectiveness. All of the data was reported to the Control Room systems, where an operator could override to make manual adjustments and limit or increase the range of Empathy’s ability to respond. Nicole felt an undercurrent of excitement as she anticipated the first use of Empathy on the lovely Jessica O’Dell.

Nicole blinked as she realized a few minutes had drifted by while daydreaming about the power of Empathy. She heard Will’s footsteps in the hallway and stepped into the entrance to greet him and their candidate. She took a deep breath, tried to appear fresh, relaxed, and presentable.

“Okay, Jessica, I’m going to leave you in Nicole’s capable hands,” said Will as he turned to face Nicole. “We are ready for Miss O’Dell, right?”

“Absolutely,” replied Nicole. “Jessica, are you ready to do this?”

“Yeah, I can’t wait. Will, thanks, for listening to me ramble on about my problems,” said a soft-voiced O’Dell. Turning toward Nicole, she added “I’m sure that Nicole’s hands are very capable indeed.”

As Will was beaming in response to her gratitude, as though in a slow motion movie shot, Nicole thought she saw Jessica give a quick wink, but soon convinced herself that she was seeing things that weren’t there. Will turned to leave and Nicole led Jessica past the Control Room into the Delivery Room. Her heart was fluttering.

“This is probably the most comfortable chair you’ll ever spend time in,” said Nicole, trying to keep the conversation warm.

“Our department really splurged on the purchase.”

Jessica climbed into the chair and looked to the assistant. “This sure is nice and comfortable. Have you ever sat in it?”

“Um, yeah. Well, I did when we first got it—,” Nicole hesitated. “Not as much as you will, though. I almost fell asleep when I rested in it. It seems to cradle you in the most perfect position.”

Nicole continued, “Why don’t you get yourself settled in? I’ll get something for you that will add to this experience.”

Moments later Nicole returned to the Delivery Room with a cold glass of pink-colored carbonated drink. “Here you go. It’s going to help you relax.” She stole a glance at the enviable curves of the woman lounging before her.

Nicole watched as Jessica lifted it to her moist red lips and took a sip. “Mm, it’s good. Tastes like Red Pop, but with a lot more strawberry,” Jessica said enthusiastically. “I like how you’re treating me so far.”

As Nicole kept the conversation going she watched her subject become more and more relaxed and more accepting of ideas and suggestions that Nicole gave her. She knew prep time was over when Jessica began to create fantasies of her life as part of a sultan’s harem.

Nicole indicated that they were going to begin the treatment and Jessica gave a quick affirmation with the nod of her head. Reaching to the side of the chair and releasing the brake, Nicole rolled the chair over to the apparatus shell. Once there, she locked the chair in place and looked back at Jessica, who was still approving and smiling.

“Okay, now we’re going to make a few adjustments. It might feel like we’re getting a bit personal, but it will help you have the best results.”

“Alright, I like new things,” exclaimed Jessica in her cheerleader voice. “Oh, sorry. Too Loud,” she apologized, putting a hand over her mouth.

Nicole smiled. With that response, she slowly turned the notched wheel that began widening the gap between Jessica’s legs. In the newly created space, she brought up a clam-shaped wand.

“Here, let’s go ahead and pull your skirt up a bit.” Jessica obliged by effortlessly lifting her hips and letting Nicole tuck the material back.

Nicole moved the wand into place, comfortably nestled against the cotton fabric of Jessica’s panties. Jessica giggled in response. “That tickles,” she said. Nicole kept smiling as her heart pounded.

“You’ll soon get used to it,” reassured Nicole. “It won’t tickle as much.”

Next she pulled down a suspended visor and head set. Jessica kept smiling. The visor was similar to an ophthalmologist’s examination machine and fit snugly around the bridge of her nose. The headset was primarily used for audio feedback from what’s on the screen and settled right next to her ears rather than directly over them. Jessica mumbled in wonder.

“Next I’ll put your hands and arms into our VR sleeves, like I told you before,” reminded Nicole.

After Jessica’s arms were in the sleeves, Nicole deftly swept her fingertips over the front of Jessica’s dark top. The motion confirmed what she had guessed: it was a light thin fabric and there was no bra to cover and support those breasts. Unreal, thought Nicole. Her breasts have some great lift to them. They were impressive and sexy.

“Yes, that will work,” muttered Nicole as she swung the final arms of Empathy into place. Two, adjustable arms holding asymmetrical cups fell in close to the thinly-veiled breasts. The lower lips of the cups were wider and longer than its upper counter-part to allow the breasts to be supported as they were held in place. The rubberized sheathing that was fitted over the metal cups added warm and program-directed stimulation and allowed bio-data to be tracked and reported. Through the thin material, Nicole cupped her hand underneath and gently lifted Jessica’s breasts, placing each one into its cup. Her insides tingled and her breath caught for a moment.

“Those are wild colors,” said a groggy Jessica staring into the visor. “I like this, a lot. Oh, yeah. Woooow.”

As Jessica finished reporting her opening impressions, Nicole quietly crept back to the Control Room and took the seat before the primary computer. Logging in, she confirmed that the pre-program was already running, a deep trance portion to prep the mind of the candidate. She activated it by flipping a switch on the headset when she was in the room. She then opened the screen that was displaying all of Jessica’s data and more. Everything seemed to be normal for this stage of the application, all pretty close to baseline. She entered the command to set that data mark. “Baseline Set” the screen responded.

Alright, time to get her feeling something new, thought Nicole. She pulled up the menu for the De-Link application and next to “Initiation”, she typed the command to begin. The Initiation phase of the program lasted nearly 60 minutes. Around the 30 minute mark, Nicole intended to check the bio measurements and make more adjustments.

As the software was following its scheduled process, Nicole rolled her chair to the adjoining desk and picked up the phone to check her messages. There were two new messages since she last checked. The first was just a hang-up, not unusual, but the second message intrigued her. It was from someone named Danielle. It wasn’t the words that Danielle used, but rather the way she said them. Nicole sensed something very unique about Danielle, although she couldn’t put her finger on the exact reason. Her inner-voice was telling her that this caller would be a good candidate. Nicole found herself trusting these gut feelings more often in recent decisions.

Nicole hung up the phone, closed her eyes and sat back, and took some deep breaths. With a smile she said, “Yes, Danielle will be a good one.” She felt confident about it and reflected on the decision.

A time later she startled herself awake, realizing that she must have been lost in another daydream. When she looked at the control monitors, the alert for bio-data check was flashing in the lower left hand corner accompanied by a low but annoying beep. Nicole quickly rolled back to the desktop and pulled up the bio-data to review it. Heart rate raised, but normal. Breathing raised, and still in the normal range. Jessica’s sweat glands were responding normally, as picked up by the sensors in the arm sleeves.

Then she found what triggered the alert. Checking the readings from the breast cups, Nicole saw that her subject was clearly aroused and there was increased blood flow in her breasts, culminating in elongated nipples, in response to the subtle physical manipulation from the cups and aggressive visual stimulation from the visor. Those pressure sensors are so hyper-sensitive that even hard nipples set them off.

Now she moved to consider the other piece of bio-data. She pulled up the readings from the clam shell wand. “Oh, my,” said Nicole.

In just the first day of the treatment, in just the Initiation stage no less, Jessica’s arousal indicators measured far higher than expected. The clam-shaped rod measured heat, moisture, and pressure, among other things. The readings confirmed her subject was extremely aroused by today’s visual stimulation and had a tendency to get very moist when sexually stimulated by what she was seeing. Jessica was getting very wet.

Nicole looked through the glass and couldn’t look away from the beautiful woman experiencing Empathy’s world. Her personal and professional curiosity was peaked. She felt hints of her own arousal.

As the Initiation portion came to an end and the cool-down automation began, Nicole went back into the Delivery Room to Empathy and began to disengage the apparatus—breast cups, clam shaped wand, arm sleeves, and finally the headgear.

Jessica blinked to allow her eyes to adjust to the lighting in the room and turned to look at Nicole. “I have never, ever, EVER, felt that way before. That was incredible,” she said as she looked Nicole up and down lasciviously. “I feel different. More awake.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” replied Nicole in cooler professional tones, attempting to take her own arousal down a notch while taking special note of her subject’s body language. “Um. Well. Do you feel like you can stand up?”

When Jessica nodded slowly, licking her lips and running hand through her hair, Nicole took hold of her arm and elbow, grazing the side of Jessica’s tender breasts. She led Jessica back to the Control Room and retrieved a take-home pouch from one of the hooks on the wall. “Here are some things to do tonight at home. It’s the homework. It will reinforce what you experienced in your first treatment,” said Nicole as they began to walk down the hallway, the lab assistant aiding an unsteady Miss O’Dell.

“Umm. Good. Do I get to come back tomorrow?” asked Jessica as they approached the front door.

“Yes, definitely. You know, everything looks like we’re having a good start. I’ll see you tomorrow, Jessica,” Nicole answered with a hand on her arm to guide her out.

“Can’t wait,” said Jessica as she walked a little less wobbly out the building and to her waiting taxi.

Nicole heard footsteps behind her and turned to see Will with his jacket on and briefcase in hand. His slightly graying hair was still in perfect condition and he appeared fresh, just as he had arrive in the morning. She wondered what, if anything, he worked on today.

“I’m done and thought I’d leave on time. Can you shut down and lock up, Nicole?”

“Sure. I have some more to do, but I’ll lock it and set the alarm when I leave,” she responded confidently. This was a very pleasant surprise that altered her plans.

Will nodded as he went out the front door, leaving the office in a hurry.

Nicole smiled to herself and locked the door after her boss left. Thankfully there was no night security in their building. She didn’t want to be disturbed this evening.

As she turned and began walking down the hallway, her heart resumed its noticeable thumping. In the Control room, she saved the updates and closed out of Jessica’s profile and returned to the main menu. From there she entered her personal hard drive, entered the password to be able to access hidden files, and located the “S” folder. She then entered the command to initiate the executable program inside the “S” file.

After seeing the on-screen message “Empathy Controls engaged”, she walked into the Delivery Room. Slipping off her lab coat, she began to completely disrobe like one with vast stripping experience. Finally naked, she climbed into Empathy, moved the clam shell rod and the breast cups into place. She pulled the headgear into place, put the visor in position, and slid her hands and arms into the sleeves. Empathy came to life as her fingers depressed the nubs inside the gloves in a particular pattern to verify the special combination code.

A youthful but exotic feminine face, encircled by luscious platinum blonde hair, came into focus on the screen and Nicole’s heart skipped a beat. “Welcome back, Nicolette,” said the beauty. “It’s been too long.”

“Yes,” Nicole responded.

“We have much to catch up on. You’re probably behind schedule.”

“Yes, Mistress. It couldn’t be helped,” Nicole replied regretfully.

“No matter. Shall we begin your next lesson?”

Nicole knew she wanted nothing more than to be intimately guided by this teenage beauty, her mistress. “Yes, Mistress.”

Nicole’s body tensed and began yielding to the expectation of intense arousal as the screen began changing inside the visor. She craved this feeling like a drug. It’s been three weeks since my last lesson, she thought. The withdrawal she experienced had been almost painful.

“I want… Oh... I really waaaaant you. Ohhh, yesssss,” moaned Nicole as she sensed the machine begin to respond to the young lady’s commands. After a pause in the activity, she tried to focus on her appropriate response as she still stared into the beauty’s eyes and whispered, “I’ve missed you, Mistress. Teach me, Serena.”