The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Becoming Brainy


Will tried to open his eyes as his awareness returned. He was feeling very groggy and the environment around him shifted strangely in front of his partly opened eyes as he turned his head from side to side, feeling the tightness in his neck. During another attempt at opening his eyes, he managed to get them to open fully, and more detailed images began forming beyond the blobs of color experienced so far. He felt utterly intoxicated. This had to be an effect of whatever drug was given to him, he assumed. When he attempted to move other parts of his body, he realized that his arms and legs were both immobilized. Shifting his head left and right barely helped in clearing his vision, but he was able to make out the strips of color that represented the leather straps that bound his arms to a cold, steel frame. On it he was nearly upright. He looked down to find his feet were also strapped down at the ankles. The floor was about eighteen inches below his toes. At that point he realized an uncomfortable fact.

Damn, I’m naked! I am so vulnerable. After that thought some logic creeped back into his mind. This is clearly a violation of trust! They will pay for this humiliation!

His mental fog continued to clear up. Strange random memories began to slowly course through the surface of his mind. They brought up times long before this moment. First, he remembered the time many months ago when he received an email on his home computer from a sender called “Young Mistress.” Upon opening it, he began reading the message, not just once but over and over again. For several days, he thought about the contents of the message, compulsively returning for another view. A strange need had stirred in his gut, something that had not been there before the first time he saw the email.

Later there was the first time he walked into a club to satisfy these new desires. It was a place he had never been before; he felt drawn to the “Lucky Clover”, a gentlemen’s club of the lowest repute. In its back room, he learned to address his burgeoning addiction. He learned to “embrace the collar”, words of a chant that ran through his mind again as he reminisced his experiences at that club. He learned to serve many dommes during that time, some beautiful and others closer to average. Regardless who he was with, he strove to fulfill their needs and in turn, his own.

As he progressed through the ranks of dommes he was told of the greater Mistress that he would someday serve. The chain of dominatrices put a hope in him for the day it would finally happen. When it did, it was a promise of divine pleasure.

He also recalled how his sexual appetite and prowess grew every time he wore the collar. He was instructed well. The training to serve them prepared him to satisfy a far greater teacher.

When his eyes closed again, his thoughts took a detour and he began to review the daydreams he had on the plane as he traveled here. Instead of the many, many dommes he had previously trained under, he fantasized that his final training would be conducted by his wife, Beth. But that idea was quickly discarded since she was such a sexual ice cube. Will knew he would have to seek other avenues to locate his final and greatest mistress.

Will’s vision became nearly clear during the next attempt to open his eyes. The erratic swaying of his surroundings had become less dynamic. The room was much larger than what his first impression registered. It appeared a single hundred watt bulb hung about six feet over his head was the only source of illumination. Everything outside the bulb’s drab ambiance was cloaked in shadows and darkness. Green and red flashes of light were occasionally visible within his field of vision, but they did not remain lit consistently. A majority of the time all he saw was darkness beyond the area that the bulb illuminated.

He looked across his arms at his wrists again. His body was strapped down as if he was a sub in a kinky bondage game, or in another perspective, treated like a lunatic and restrained by leather belts, like what could be found in old insane asylums. As he verified the same material was wrapped around his lower legs and his feet were supported by metal plates beneath them, he noticed how vulnerable he was, being forced into the spread eagle position. His genitals were fully exposed. He was like DaVinci’s “Vitruvian Man”, but he knew this enclosure was not the studio of a misunderstood artist. This domain belonged to practitioners of a more exact field. The straps had rubbed marks into his skin, leading him to believe he had been suspended there for some time.

“Hello!” he called out and no response came. The time for fooling around is over, he thought.

With his eyesight fully adjusted to the nuances of the light, in the nearby shadows he was able to make out the dimensions of a large, likely mechanical, object. It seemed to stand at least eight feet tall and was propped vertically like the table he was on. He could make out several arms that glinted when the light bulb flickered. As he squinted to see more, he saw what seemed to be a mask, or faceplate, and a series of mechanical implements around the middle of the structure. None of the wires or cords were encased under protective plating. Overall, it was pretty crude and unappealing. It did not hold a candle to the neatly laid lines of his laboratory masterpiece, Empathy.

“Bet it doesn’t even work as well,” he mumbled to himself. He was beginning to get a little concerned about the predicament, but he was also feeling impatience. “Anyone out there? Time to finish this. Quit fooling around!” He sighed.

Some minutes later he heard the click-clack of heels echo nearby against a hard floor as a pair of figures came closer to him. “Come closer. I can’t see you yet,” he insisted. “Took you long enough!”

“It is good to see you awake, doctor,” said a voice. The figure stepped into the bulb’s glow.

“Pow—Powers? Is that you?” asked Will. “Can you tell me why I’m up here?”

She did not answer him immediately. She just looked at his eyes and then continued a slow careful inspection of his exposed body. She was taking notes on a white clipboard. In this position, he felt some embarrassment about the mediocre physical shape he was in. It was certainly not near the prime of his college years. He resigned himself to the current scrutiny of his body. There was no way to cover up.

Maybe she’ll like what she sees. I am a functional sex god after all. I can convince her to let me down. Then I can make it up to her.

She had looked up and down his body and then returned to his groin. She lifted his limp manhood with her glove-covered hands. “Yes. Okay. Good,” she uttered stoically. Then, over her shoulder she yelled, “We are ready to begin.”

Will heard a series of softer clicks as the source of the sound approached the lit area. Ms. Cynthia Meyers, wearing a lab coat and disposable latex gloves like Powers, arrived in front of Will. She inspected him in the same way as her supervisor. His manhood responded the same way to Cynthia as it had to Genevieve and remained limp. She also grabbed his balls and fingered around. “I agree, Dr. Powers,” she finally said.

Genevieve removed her disposable gloves and looked up at Will. “Dr. Freeman, when we spoke before, we were equals. Now, we are not. You need to recognize that.”

“I don’t understand.” Will’s mind was racing to find the cause of his predicament. “Is it because I saw her?”

She responded succinctly. “Not only that.” She paused. “But that was decisive.”

“I don’t, I don’t have to say anything. To anyone! We can still talk. We can work this out,” Will pleaded. Maybe I can get her to sympathize with me. I can seduce her and then get the upper hand on these weak women. They don’t look like they’ve experienced anyone like me, he considered.

Genevieve acted as though he did not say anything. Her tone did not alter. She remained cold towards him. “There are some…people…that you should not know about. They do not exist. But now you know they do, in fact, exist.”

“Come on. Come on. We’re both reasonable people here. We can work this out. Damnit! We can work this out!” His anger was beginning to influence his language. “You really shouldn’t mess with me.” As soon as he said it, he knew it was a terrible mistake. He revealed his play too early. His negotiating skills were ending up being subpar.

“Alright, let us get right to the matter before us. Hecate has two demands, Dr. Freeman. First, the company must acquire total and complete control of the university research lab with onsite monitors to verify compliance.”

He decided to go along, for now. Will nodded. “Sure. What else?”

“And second, we need total and complete cooperation from you, Dr. Freeman, including your waiver of your claim to all research and royalties.”

Will did not respond as quickly to that demand.

Genevieve continued. “At this precise moment, most everything else is negotiable. The cost increases as time moves on. When I say time, I mean hours. The terms can, and will, change by the hour. As it stands, you are looking at a career of indentured servitude until Hecate is done with you.”

He did not like the way that statement was worded. Will said, “You can’t believe that I would…”

Powers interrupted. “Scottie said to ask for what we want. There it is. Take it or leave it.”

“I would be mad to accept those terms. You’re talking about my life’s work. This is my, MY greatest achievement. It’s all I have!”

“You have more than that, Dr. Freeman. Take a moment to think about it, but think about it quickly.”

“I already have. No way! You’re crazy for even asking,” said Will as he clung to his pride. He disregarded his vulnerable position. They are bluffing their asses off.

Then he went further. “Now let me down from here. I can’t see if we’re going to get anywhere. With the terms you’ve proposed, the deal is D.O.A., dead on arrival.”

“That’s ironically appropriate,” Cynthia Meyers said calmly. Will chose to ignore the junior scientist’s quip.

Genevieve gave Cynthia a quick glare before resuming her address to Will. She pointed to the machinery. “This piece of technology is called the Pill. It is on the cutting edge and built specifically to work on men, such as you claim to be.”

“Oh, you have no idea, lady,” Will countered. Adjusting to a different approach, he said, “I see you did not put much effort into the aesthetic appeal on it, did you?”

“Future modifications and updates to the Pill, especially when you have given us complete access to your lab, will make the equipment suitable for all. I agree it needs a little more flair before we introduce it to help women. In my experience, they do appreciate softer curves,” Genevieve continued her lecture. “On another note, it was an unacceptable length of time before our researchers were able to locate the correct biological compound for our treatment. There was a missing link to activate the transition we were targeting.”

“Ah!” Will said suddenly as Cynthia roughly inserted a peripheral IV line into the cephalic vein of his lower left arm. She smiled at Will but did not respond to his distress as she taped the line down.

Genevieve acknowledged the mishap, “Sorry about that Doctor Freeman. I am certain my assistant did not intend to cause unnecessary discomfort.

“Yeah. Right,” said Will.

“As I was saying,” continued Genevieve. “Our business relationship with you struck gold a few months ago. Your assistant, Nicole, was kind enough to assist us in locating the necessary biological compounds. We discovered there were two that were needed. Do you recall the situation with the chimpanzees, doctor?”

“Yes, of course I do. But there’s no way she would help you!”

“Oh, she did. I was informed she was quite happy to help,” the director responded calmly.

Will felt the pang of betrayal in his gut. How could they get to her? Or did she go to them? Or is this all a lie, another bluff?

He soon recovered with more anger, allowing his temper to have reign. “I would never call another scientific colleague a “bitch”, but lady, you have really made it a special occasion. Now, before this whole charade goes too far, you need to let me go. Maybe all you have to worry about is a reprimand from the educational community and a single federal kidnapping charge. Think about it carefully, bitch.”

Genevieve sighed emphatically and looked over to Cynthia. “Ms. Meyers, could you muzzle the good doctor? I do not believe he is helping his situation any longer. We want to help him avoid harming himself by words or deed. And I really do not appreciate his language.”

Will was concerned about this development, but still had hoped that common sense would prevail. He was pushing bravado regardless of the reality of the situation. They’ll eventually see things my way.

Cynthia climbed up using a short ladder and put a leather-woven head gear over Will’s head and slipped a pair of straps under his chin. Will did not fight it. “Please tuck your tongue in the back of your mouth and put your upper and lower teeth together, doctor. There will just be a little discomfort.”

“Humph!” Will let out in anger, but quickly complied when he felt the ratcheting mechanism crank near his jawbone. Injury was not worth it. They would not back down due to a bleeding mouth. Also, it would impair his ability to negotiate as the situation transpired.

“As I was saying, it was a marvelous find. Had you been less hasty, you would have noticed these special chemicals released by a portion of your chimps. We have theorized these compounds will be helpful in uprooting the sexual essence of the homo sapien male. That is theory. Your participation will help us determine the value of the chemical compounds that were secreted by our primate friends.”

Will’s mind was on red alert. Chemicals? The chimps? I thought they were euthanized. Was that Nicole’s act of betrayal?

“The first compound we identified is a derivative of dehydro-exo-brevicomin, a form of mammalian pheromone produced by mice. Thought he compound enabled it to go airborne and also increase receptor activity, it had a structural abnormality that caused it to disburse the other compound. That other chemical compound is extremely unique in the animal kingdom. We have nicknamed it ‘CHMP’.

“After watching the videos provided by your lab, we hypothesize that the special compounds secreted by certain females can cause a loss of sexual willpower within other chimps that are in close proximity with these females while keeping the sexual drives of the affected chimps fully intact. It is remarkable, absolutely remarkable, and has far-reaching potential. It is possible that Freud was right all along; everything is a sexual game.”

She looked up at Will. “You like games, Dr. Freeman?” She paused. “What do you think about sexual role playing games? I am sure you have tried one or two of those. Every red-blooded American male has, right?”

Genevieve paused and grinned for a moment, her eyes piercing into Will. “I know that you, a married man, have indulged in games on occasion. I have proof. And you have become very good at them. Someone has been both live monitoring and also watching the recordings of them and can attest to your impressive sexual prowess and longevity.”

“Longevity for sure,” muttered Cynthia. She blushed and retreated into the shadows when she realized her thoughts were spoken out loud.

She must have been the monitor, he thought. She seemed to be that kind of person. She’s the quiet, curious type.

“And because you can go a long time before you ejaculate…you will be helpful in our research. Overall, the experience for you will either be complete bliss or cruelly harsh. Much of how your experience evolves will depend on your attitude.

“As much as I regret it, there is still a way for you to avoid being our first guinea pig,” Genevieve offered. “Ms. Meyers, bring the other clipboard here.”

Cynthia came to Genevieve with the clip board that held the signature page of a legal document. She left the clip board with the director and reached up to the apparatus that held Will and unbuckled the leather band holding Will’s right arm.

“If you sign on the line, Hecate will have everything it wants, minus the initial subject for treatment, and you will avoid all of what awaits you. I offer this in a spirit of fairness. Be smart, doctor,” Genevieve said.

He had been against this table for a while. His perspiring skin was sticking to the surface. Will was feeling stressed and not thinking clearly. He reached over with the pen in hand and began to sign his name. After only finishing his first name, he felt hot anger rise in him again. He hit the clip board out of Cynthia’s hands and it flew to the floor with a clatter. The pen slid under a rolling table nearby. Cynthia stepped down and away from Will, obviously worried that he would use his released arm to strike at her.

“That was surely unfortunate,” Genevieve said solemnly. “Now, I need a couple of techs in here.” Will thought about trying to free his other arm, but he saw the lab technicians arrive in the room and did not desire additional trouble with them.

The director gave the two burly men their instructions as they approached. They grabbed him roughly and strapped his arm back down with ease.

“We have only a part of the signature,” Cynthia said to Genevieve. Will felt a sense of accomplishment by thwarting their ultimate goals.

“Not good for you, I would say. For your information, Doctor Freeman, you would have to cede control of the research at the university lab over to Hecate. Of course, you would also be signing that none of this was under duress, which I guess may be a lie.”

Will tried to reinforce his initial feelings of success with reassurances that he would get his revenge on them after he gets away from this facility. The Hecate leadership clearly had no idea of his influence in the higher circles of the national scientific community. In addition to tarnishing their image irreparably, Will imagined the operational consequences they would suffer without him, the biggest being the loss of his insight to get past inevitable obstacles in their upcoming research.

“You are probably feeling a little confidence due to your abilities, Dr. Freeman. Probably thinking that we need to entertain the idea of keeping your faculties fully whole, as you are now, to help us with our research. That is a comforting thought for the situation you are in. It is only natural to seek mental comfort in difficult times. Unfortunately, your conjecture is incorrect.”

Then Genevieve stepped closer to Will and in a hushed tone said, “Why would we need your services, if we have the services of your assistant?”

Nicole? Will crinkled his eyebrows as he thought of her lack of project experience. The fact that he could not physically debate the point with Genevieve made him angry. He grunted loudly at to indicate to the woman that he wanted to speak again.

Finally she said, “Did you have something to say, doctor? Ms. Meyers, could you loosen Dr. Freeman’s restraints for a moment? Perhaps he can share something worthwhile that will benefit our endeavors.”

Cynthia obediently climbed the steps onto the small platform released the ratchet which freed Will’s jaw. The strap below his head fell slack.

Will knew his time allowed for speaking was limited. He would make his words matter. “You can’t be serious!” Will said after stretching his jaw. “Nicole? My Nicole? Come on! Any seasoned senior researcher with half a brain can see that she’ll be of no help to you.”

“You are wrong, doctor. I have high expectations for her future performance,” answered Genevieve. “Her past achievements and current work give me great hope that she will become a great scientist.”

“Powers, you don’t know her like I do. She’s a good worker, I’ll give you that, but that’s it. She’s a worker bee, a lab drone. I have to constantly hold her hand. She’s so unsure of herself most of the time that I have to work twice as hard to keep her progressing. She has no confidence in direction and no creativity on her own. Nicole will always be a good assistant, a sidekick to someone more accomplished, but she will never be a good leader. In a lead role, she’s certain to fail!”

“I have heard enough, Ms. Meyers. Shut him up again and then begin the drip. We are not benefitting from this,” said Genevieve sternly.

“Of course, director.” Cynthia swiftly resecured the muzzle, and Will was no longer able to say a word. Clearly his audience remained unconvinced of his value. He now had to make it through the testing and seek redemption after this travesty had ended.

He watched Cynthia wheel a small table to his side. Laying on the surface was a single syringe that was much larger than the standard medical sizes. Will thought he saw markings up to 50 mL on the side. He noticed the fluid in the syringe was clear with a slight blue tint and filled its container about three-quarters. She pierced the IV back with the needle and plunged the large syringe until a vast amount of fluid filled the bag. Under the influence of gravity, the IV bag would slowly dispense the chemical down the intravenous line to his wrist.

“Cynthia, we will need to make up for lost time. Increase his drip rate by twenty percent.”

Her assistant moved quickly to adjust the clamp on the drip line and monitored the drips for a half minute. “Increased by twenty percent, as requested,” she announced.

Then she walked back into the shadows. Moments later she was wheeling a control and monitoring board into the illuminated area. She flipped a switch on the side and all of the red and green indicators on the board came to life.

Genevieve walked back into the area and looked up at Will. “Doctor Freeman, it will not be long before the chemicals are spread throughout your bloodstream. These compounds move quickly. We are not sure exactly how it will affect you, but we do have some theories. Our strongest notion is that some parts of your brain will be impacted as certain neurological receptors are especially susceptible to the uncommon chemical structure of the compounds. They will affect your mind and body in a way no other psychoactive substance does by impacting multiple areas including the hippocampus, where you regulate emotions and store long-term memories, and the neocortex, where your sensory perception, conscious thought, language, and spatial reasoning is centered. CHMP is extremely aggressive. However, you can be sure we will monitor you closely so there is no need for concern.”

They are mad, and I’m in trouble, thought Will.

“And I’m here to ease your pain,” said a voice behind him. Will turned as far as he could but he was unable to see the one who spoke. The voice was refreshing and felt like a new rain on the dry land of his mind. It seemed both youthful and commanding, like of a woman who knew exactly what she wanted.

“You may be able to guess who this is, Will. For a long time, my subordinates have been preparing you to meet me,” said the voice in a light cadence.

“The trouble is,” whispered the voice in close proximity to his ear. “I think you’re no longer the man you were in your youth. Back then, you were strong and virile. Now, you’ve gotten soft and weak.”

Will’s ability to think straight was being undermined. She was talking to him like the others did. The others talked like that when he wore their collar. The carnal side of him was being stimulated and that would soon translate into arousal. It was mere moments before his manhood betrayed him and slowly rose out of hiding.

“Your long-held fantasy of having control over women is gone, Will. Now you’re just clay in our hands. The others prepared you. I’ll mold you…make you…into whatever I desire. This is what you want, I know it,” said the voice. “Once again, your body betrays you.

“You’re not a man. You’re property. You’re my slave. You’re barely worth more than worthless, but even so, I may decide to keep you. You’ll be a trinket. You’ll be a toy to show off, something to play with when I’m bored. You won’t be a man anymore. You’ll just be an object, owned by your Mistress.”

Will’s manhood completed its betrayal, standing full erect, nearly perpendicular to his restrained body. This voice, this Mistress, was overwhelming him. His inability to hide the physical effects of her shaming had a reactive effect on his mental state. He was losing control over the thoughts we was able to hold onto in his mind. For a half-second of clarity, he noticed Genevieve and Cynthia standing in the light and observing him silently. Then the trance-like feelings flooded him again and he closed his eyes to dwell on the tones of the youthful voice.

It must be the…chemicals, he considered. But I want her. I want to be hers. I’m her toy.

“Soon you’ll enter the Pill, and it will make you into something…something useful to me…useful in ways you cannot imagine…your imagination is getting so limited…limited because you’re a man…a man who cannot meet the needs…the needs of this woman…but this woman may decide to keep you…keep you around to be a sweet, soft toy…a dumb, mindless drone….”

While she was talking, Will began to feel a growing burning sensation on his skin of some areas of his body. It felt like a combination of light sunburn and the acute tingling pain of ingrown toenails. The pain surfaced and receded repeatedly without warning. The locations were random and without pattern. At least, no pattern he could tell will under the sultry trance.

“Now, sweetheart, show me how you would push when given the chance. How you’d push that long, thick rod of yours into my tight, wet love box. Are you a beast?”

I am a beast. I’m your toy. I’ll show you, he thought.

Will responded by lifting his hips away from the steel frame, showing off a thrusting motion. Forward and back, forward and back, forward and back, he did all he could to impress the young mistress. He believed she was the greater mistress. Nearly all common sense had departed from him. Reason and care were cast aside as he was thrusting mindlessly into the air. After a dozen thrusts, Cynthia came before him and swung a component of the Pill towards him. In a single movement, his manhood was captured in a box with a translucent shell. There was material in the box that allowed for a hint of friction from the movement. He began grunting as his thrusting continued.

I’m a sexual beast. I am…sexual…beast. Look at me. I can impress you. The thought ran through his mind repeatedly.

“That’s right. Be an animal. Give in to that nature, be the animal, a ravishing, mind-bent animal completely under my control,” said the voice. “It’s so much better to just give in.”

“Director, the CHMP treatment pouch has emptied,” Cynthia informed Genevieve. The older woman nodded to the person standing directly behind Will.

“Oh, well. It looks like our time together is over, for now,” said the voice as it moved away from him for a moment. Seconds later Serena appeared in his view. “Now it is your turn to serve me, toy.” Will whimpered in response.

Cynthia stepped up to the platform and worked swiftly and methodically. She begin with his toes, placing them in to rubber sleeves. Next, she reached with her gloved hands to his balls, not-so-gently grabbed them, and placed them above a mechanical apparatus that attached itself to the translucent box encasing his manhood. After that, she applied the bio-sensor pads to his chest and stomach, then administered lubricant, and repeated the same procedure to his nipples, neck, and cheeks. The last element was a panoramic visor headset, which she put over his eyes and fitted snuggly over his ears. Finally, she released the muzzle, letting his jaw drop unexpectedly. A second later, the lights in the visor were activated.

“This is just an introduction,” said Serena’s voice, piercing through the distractions in his visor.

A sequence of flashing lights began slow and gradually moved faster. Will felt himself falling into the abyss with no ability to slow the descent. Soon the lights were merged with images. As his animalistic mind started centering on these images, embracing the sexually graphic nature and the submissive life they presented, a set of voices began whispering in his ear.

“Less thought, more instinct…

“You’ll be such a prized toy…

“Being rational is unnecessary…

“Crave your Mistress…

“Your Mistress will pet you and stroke you…

“Let your beast loose…

“Give in to your inner animal…”

Will was unable to form an intelligent thought after the introductory session ended. Once the visor was removed, his brain began registering the strange burning sensations again. This time there were more of them and they felt harsher. As his eyes adjusted back to the low level of light in the room he looked around. Then he looked at his right arm where the pain seemed to be the greatest. Nothing was happening there. Oh, it was his left arm.

I need woman. So hungry.

He switched his view to the left side and saw the beginnings of a patch of black hair. It contrasted the sparsely populated greyish-brown hairs he had on his forearm before now. Another patch was forming in the center of his chest. That one caused his skin to feel like hellfire.

One of the male technicians removed Will’s muzzle, allowing him full range of motion. His mind moved slower than usual. He could think a little now after some minutes had passed. He could be more reasoning. His anger, however, was also getting closer to the surface of his thoughts.

“Grrr…why…ughhh…why torture…me?” Will had difficulty translating his thoughts into words. At the time, he preferred grunting and growling instead.

Genevieve chuckled. This response upset him more.

“Grah!” said Will, but he actually meant to say, “what?”

“This is not torture. This is pleasure. It is extreme pleasure,” replied Genevieve. “We are giving you a gift.”

His mind clicked back to a gear closer to normal. “It’s supposed to feel…good? I have patches…they hurt! My skin is on…fire. You have…to…stop. Grrrah!”

“We are not going to stop, Dr. Freeman. We are going to use this chemical compound to get what we want.”

“And what is…that?” asked Will.

“The essence of your sexuality,” answered Genevieve. “We are going to extract it, quantify it, and then catalog it, before storing it.”

“You are n…. nuts. Even with the pain… fire… that sounds… insannnah…”

“In this lab, doctor, I am the scientist and you are the human subject. You know how this relationship works. Maybe you had better chances coping with it if you think of it as an enjoyable hypnosis session.”

“What you’re doing goes way… goes beyond hypnosis.” He pulled at the restraints. “You’re talking like magic…essence… ife force…like dark ma-gic or somthin’. And you must be the…the witch.”“Cute. Well, maybe it is a little accurate. I guess it is closer to dark science, and you are my first willing subject,” said Genevieve in her condescending tone.

“Like hell I am. Look…lady…doctor…whatever, you let me out of here. Now! Or by g—…g—…I’ll get the authorities, the police, the army…to rain down on you. I’ll shut this place down. It will be a flood…officials and investigators and bureaucrats and….”

“Ms. Meyers, shut him up, please,” requested the Director.

Cynthia swiftly reattached the muzzle over Will’s mouth.

Genevieve waited and then said, “Silence. That is nice. Now, let me fill you in on a few things, doctor. I do not know how long the process will take. You are the first, after all. The various intravenous tubes will keep your body nourished as the modification takes place. You will be on the outside as you have been on the inside, a pure sexual beast. All will be revealed. Nothing will remain hidden when we are done.”

Will could only grunt and tug at his bindings.

Genevieve turned to Cynthia. “Ms. Meyers, please bring the technicians back into the lab. It is time to complete the assembly of the milking device.”

She turned back to Will. “Do not look so alarmed, Dr. Freeman. I assure you this will add bliss to your currently uncomfortable situation. Anyway, while that is getting set up, let me tell you more about the great social transformation which will occur due to your contribution.”

Will growled again. I don’t…wanna be part…part of your…transform—. He couldn’t complete the thought as his sexual urges again overwhelmed him.

“You will be the catalyst of a new chapter for womankind,” Genevieve pontificated. “The CHMP we introduced into your bloodstream will cause every part of your body that is associated with sexuality to completely dominate the functionality of other parts. Additionally, your pituitary gland, long dormant since the end of adolescence, will reactivate and secrete hormones to levels far beyond those of your teen years. This would be quite disturbing to your mental state. If we did not provide ways to soothe the cognitive alarms, helping you rationalize and understand and accept it all, then you could go insane. You see: we are trying to be humane in all of this.”

She paused to check if he was still listening. Will glared back at her, still tugging at the leather restraints around his forearms.

He was feeling the forceful chemicals gaining presence in his body. His rational self was being eroded away, bit by bit, and replaced by a temperament that reveled in the pleasure of the immediate, the hedonist. He felt a growing attraction to the gratification of the instant, emotional responses. He reminded himself though, if he could retain his ability to think logically, it would be his last defense. It would be his only tool for escape.

“You will eventually, in hours, or days, become your sexual essence. You will become your Mister Hyde, to use the literary analogy. Your sexual being, a beast in its own right, will overtake the rational scientist façade that you have maintained before. What was hidden will be in full view.

“The difference between you and the classic story, however, is that you will never change back to the socially approved Doctor Jekyll. Frankly, we could not help you if we wanted to, but we do not even want to waste time, or money, for that. It will take some time and when your body begins replicating CHMP on its own, we will be ready to begin the next stage.”

Will growled again, embracing his anger for this woman. She appeared to pay his sounds no mind. A separate patch of black hair was birthing under the right side of his rib cate. It hurt bad.

“After you have outwardly become the sexual beast, we will induce you into the greatest climax you have ever experienced. We will run you through that climax again, and again, and again if needed. You may wonder, ‘To what end?’ I will tell you. To have your body release a fluid with which we will craft a formula that will eventually create changes in women. These changes will artificially inflict selected women with the Denyall condition, a real blessing in disguise. It will be the ultimate steroid for the advance of womankind. Those having the privilege to partake in this new culture stemming from this condition will form a bond with each other, a sisterhood you could say. The sisterhood will change this country, accomplishing what the feminist movement could not, and dominating males in every meaningful way.” The way Genevieve was punctuating her ideas with grandiose arm movements made it clear those goals were her highest priorities.

“Will there be conscientious objectors? Of course. But as time passes, they will fall in line with the new sisterhood. The pressure to assimilate will be too irresistible.

“All great changes in history begin with a small group, and a single person. Ironically, because of you, the dawn of the new sisterhood will be enabled by a man, meaning you, doctor.

“Some will criticize the endeavor, arguing that such changes upset millennia of relations, and argue they could not become permanent. It is just a phase, they will contend. However, I will find ways to nudge nearly anyone of societal value into the sisterhood. Hecate will create ways to tap into all women’s sexual essences; a force that I believe is the most powerful on Earth, and soon the most dominant. And as time moves along, a decision will be triggered by circumstances out of their control, and the majority of women will look for safety. They will find that security with Hecate’s sisterhood, and it will become comfortable. Fortunately, today’s social constructs make working with individual women so much simpler than in previous conditions. Also it is much more acceptable. Self-improvement is a banner we all rally around.”

Genevieve paused to check on Will. “I hope you are still listening, doctor. All of this should intrigue you. It is what gets me off each morning.” Her innuendo seemed intentional.

“It is bothersome that women rarely use their untapped ability to control men with their sexuality. Too often those who try to control men receive no support from the culture around them and many fall into the trap of today’s sex industry. The new sisterhood will instruct women to use those skills. And it all starts with tiny clusters of women, one, two, or four, that gather in clubs in densely populated areas around the country and—“

Will felt himself drifting off.

Snap! Snap! Cynthia was up on the platform snapping her fingers next to his face. Will opened his eyes after the second click.

“I will finish my talk so we can move on. You might be wondering, Doctor Freeman, why I am telling you all of this. Am I not making my objective more vulnerable by exposing the overarching design? That could be trouble, especially when you escape.”

Escape? Could I? Will asked himself. Want woman more… must have… her flesh.

“I have a safety in place to be sure you do not do anything that could damage my plans. You have seen my safety and you have enjoyed her effect on you,” confided Genevieve.

After a pause, the voice behind him began speaking.

“It’s me, you know. I’m the one. I’ll be your Mistress too, just as I am to the women. When you’re the beast, I’ll be your Mistress. I’m different than the others you’ve met because I am much, much better, in every way. I’m the first of many to come, the Eve of a new generation, but none will surpass me. And if you’re good, you can be my Adam. Would you like that? Beast?”

The sexual urges from his past encounters with past dominatrices flooded Will’s thoughts. He steadily pumped into the device that held his manhood. It felt pleasing to have a way to react to the young voice.

A female presence moved from behind Will to face him. The source of the voice revealed herself. Will felt stunned by the perfection of her beauty. For a fleeting second, he was able to ignore all of the burning pain caused by the sprouting patch of dark hair along part of his jawline.

She spoke. “Will, I’m Genevieve’s daughter, Serena. I’m her offspring, but not in the usual way. You see, Beast, Mom isn’t able to have children, so I was birthed in the lab. I’m a real science baby. And she loved me so much that she gave me special gifts, ones that someone like you appreciate. Wouldn’t you like a little taste of this?”

She was wearing a tight little black dress that had spaghetti straps, a deep V at her chest, and a pulled-in waist. The skirt ended about mid-thigh and complimented her legs perfectly. It had scalloped black lace at the hem and clung to her torso in such a way that it revealed every slope of her body down to her waist.

Serena proceeded to give will a quick show of her body. She moved her hand up her hips, and over her flat stomach, and then pushed her breasts up and in, creating a goddess-like cleavage. Will stared into the darkness between her breasts, feeling like he was falling in.

“I’m a temptress, Beast. I was born this way. When I was just eight years old, Mom brought me back to the lab for some improvements. I had always been a very pretty girl, but I wasn’t aware of my potential and my thinking was like most other girls of my age. I saw the world the same innocent way. At the lab, I learned how to use my gifts and see life around me completely different. My mom said I chose to be better, better than all the others, and now I am.

“My looks changed too. My hair used to be light brown. I still have the pictures. The improvements made it lighter, nearly blonde. And my eyes weren’t always this dark. They were much lighter. Mom told me how I was the first wonderfully-made lab baby, and then the lab gave me the Denyall abilities. The company made it possible and my physical perfection closed the deal, making the end result this!”

Serena spun in a circle, causing the black skirt to fly up, exposing a white thong between two tight butt cheeks. Will caught an eyeful before the view was again veiled by gravity’s pull.

“Already I’ve told you so much about me, my Beast. If you aren’t dazzled already, let me blow your mind with another secret. I haven’t always lived here. I know: that doesn’t sound like much, but it will. When I was little, I lived in a small town that was close to a big university. Mom worked all sorts of odd hours, so I had a babysitter. She was a really nice babysitter and very smart. We got to know each other very well and played lots of games, lots of mental games. When I was seven, we moved away so mom could work at the company headquarters. I missed my babysitter for a long time, my Nicolette. I still kind of miss her, but in a different way.”

The splinter of awareness remaining in Will’s mind was sparked and his eyes opened wider. Noticing his reaction, Serena grinned and continued.

“Yes, you do know her, Dr. Freeman. After I was improved, I kept thinking about how smart she was. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I told Mom all about the games we played together. She was excited to hear of these things and of the fond memories I was sure that Nicolette had of me. You know her. I’m right, aren’t I? She sure is brilliant, don’t you think? We are a great match. I am cunning and she’s a genius. So you know what she did? Mom returned to my old home and found Nicolette, my Nicolette. She was my first prize…well…maybe that’s not completely true.” Serena paused.

“There is this other one. Well, anyway, Nicolette is my most favorite. Over time, Mom found a way to reconnect us, and we started playing new games. We’ve been close for several months now. We’re very, very close. I knew she had some fond memories of me. That probably helped. It didn’t take long for us to reconnect. Our connection is so deep. She had needs that were special and I have been meeting them since we reconnected this year.

“I loved on Nicolette and made her mine. On the other hand, my Beast, I know you mistreated her, and that doesn’t please me. You should always please your Mistress. You’ll learn that lesson soon enough.”

Will was unaware what direction this discussion would go, but the searing pain of new hair growth was recapturing his attention. This girl is so hot…but…so…unsta—…unstable.

“Well, I’m done talking to you. You’re beginning to bore me,” Serena finished. She ran a soft hand along his jawline through the newly sprouting black patch of hair. It caused shivers to travel down his over-sensitive body. “Don’t disappoint me anymore, Beast.”

As she stepped down, turned, and walked away from him, Will’s eyes tracked every subtle movement of her body. His vision absorbed the smallest erotic signals which translated into a series of renewed animalistic thrusts. To him, Serena oozed erotic energy.

“Go freshen up, daughter. Clean the animal’s sweat off of you,” Genevieve said to Serena as she walked by. Then she had a second thought. “Hold on, Serena.” She turned to Will with the clipboard and pen in hand.

“I know you are barely still there, doctor. You are more beast now than rational man. But you can still sign your name, right?”

Will just glared at her.

“Serena will come back to you for a moment, just a moment, if you sign the agreement,” Genevieve offered. “Blink twice if you agree.”

Will could not believe his good fortune. Of course he wanted Serena near him, to smell her unique scent and lust over her body. Will blinked twice emphatically. I want woman…smell her…again….

“Very well. Ms. Meyers, free his right arm again so that he can sign. Serena, come over here and get close to the doctor, allowing him to enjoy the feast that you offer. Help him sign the document, Ms. Meyers.”

Following her mother’s instructions, Serena stepped up and got close to the retrained man again. Will looked over her curves, capturing each plush slope of the tight dress covering her figure. His olfactory sense was strengthened as a result of the chemical adjustments by his body. Her scent was inhaled through his nostrils and he tasted pure lust. It confirmed to him the girl was walking beast-porn. His inner animal reacted strongly.

“Corporate attorneys, a species that I refuse to deal with, have this preference for unquestionable authenticity. That demand comes with signatures and legal documents especially.

“As you sign, know that my intention is to have Hecate take the pressure of scientific achievement off your shoulders. It is a heavy burden indeed. I intend to meet your beastly needs, sequestering you in a world of bliss that few males will ever experience,” said Genevieve.

Will signed his name right away, wallowing in the sensual fog of Serena’s presence. Before he was aware, Cynthia had re-secured his right arm to the table. He was a restrained animal again.

Surprisingly, Cynthia approached Will and began giving him a sponge bath, eradicating the trails of sweat that had been dominating the landscape of his body. The cool material provided brief relief from the surface burn created by the new growth patches of ugly hairs.

“Rrrrllll…,” Will emitted a sound of satisfaction.

The respite was too brief. Cynthia soon stepped down and took the sponge and bucket away.

“Okay, it is time,” said Genevieve. “Ms. Meyers, please set up our subject for Pill’s boot camp.”

Cynthia worked to set all of the extra devices in place. It took a few minutes until Will’s body was completely integrated into the machine when she was done. His hypersensitive skin felt the effects of the multifaceted enclosure. Then the lights flickered on.

“Remember, your sacrifice will kick start the new beginning for future generations, doctor,” said the director.

Screw that! The beast in Will was more focused on the tactile stimulation provided by Cynthia as she had connected him to the Pill. The animalistic sexuality was bubbling at the surface. His primal urges flooded his mind, dominating every cognitive surface.

Cynthia moved the oversized visor into place and Will’s world went dark. Seconds later the machine’s program was triggered, creating a cascade of sounds, images, and feelings. Losing track of time was the first symptom of many as Will’s brain began to feel muddled.

A harsh female voice spoke from the machine. He wanted to please her. He wanted to obey. She would help him begin the path of unlearning all of his former views of woman and replacing them with new perspectives. The beast was being trained. He was ready to change permanently.


Beth drove home, ate a quickly prepared meal, and cleaned dishes in silence. It was clean, unadulterated silence, but it was not welcome. She was doing what she could to keep the soundlessness from irritating her by talking out loud. To an observer, it would have been eerie. To her, the absence was earth-shattering, but nobody would have known what was missing.

“This is just perfect,” Beth continued her conversation. The sarcasm was a common flavor the last couple hours, after the anger had subsided. “Everything was going so well, right according to plan, and now this!” She finished drying the last dish before putting it away and untying the cord of her kitchen apron. The red and white striped apparel was a gift from her husband Will on their one-year anniversary. They shared an innocent giggle when he suggested it should be the only garment worn while she was the kitchen. She playfully protested for reasons of safety. Her femme cringed at the child-like innocence, but Beth did not care what she thought back then. She kept her femme sidelined from affecting their relationship. That did not mean her femme quiet, however.

Now, without her femme whispering into her mind, the loneliness began to overshadow her. Will was out in the West coast on business and she was left with her solitude. “I need to get her back. How?” Though she felt meek and uncertain at the moment, she tried to work up some false confidence to make a choice. Any decision would do. The uncertainty was unnerving. “I’ve got to do something,” she rambled on.

She wondered if the treatment was a big mistake. She did not want Will to be angry at her. She feared that possibility. That was a new fear, actually; one that arose this evening. She had it all—a man, a home, and prestige. Was she crazy to pursue something else?

Then she thought of Serena. She thought of how she was taken by her, how Empathy had delivered to her a slice of physical paradise. It was amazing. After the girl had brought her to orgasm, Serena became her whole world, and Beth’s femme was pushed to obscurity. Somehow, though, that was not right. Beth wasn’t sure why she knew. She just did.

Beth headed into her master bathroom, discarding clothes on the way. She turned on the shower and looked at herself in the mirror. Her countenance was one of worry, highlighting the light hazel corneas of her eyes. Her being sagged under the weight of anxious uncertainty. She knew where her confidence could be rescued but did not know exactly how to proceed.

This was not going to be a slow, drawn-out process. It would have to be quick. She stepped into the rush of hot water spewing from the shower head. “Mmm,” she purred. She allowed her body to be drenched by the comforting liquid. As she looked up, water dripping down her forehead into her view, she pulled the handle of the shower head off its base. The flow of water bounced off her neck, breasts, and stomach as she brought it downward.

She braced herself by placing a supporting hand on the tiled wall in front of her. Then, leaning slightly forward, she spread her feet to opposing sides of the bathtub. Her hand directed the aim of the harsh, massage-level spray at the tender pink petals between her legs. Upon impact, the breath was sucked from her lungs in a long moan of pain and pleasure. “Ohhh…mmmmm…ohhh…uhhhh,” she let the instinctual sounds flow past her lips. “Oh my…oh my…uhhh…mmmm.” As it continued, she was conflicted between flexing her hips forward towards or moving them away from the abrasive assault.

As her sounds continued to get more guttural and crude, she felt an erotic frenzy begin bubbling inside. Her vision blurred and was absorbed by the steamy fog filling the bathroom. Any concern of future soreness was completely overtaken by the erotic highs she was riding in the present. Her knees began quivering as she reached the first of multiple peaks she was hoping for. Too weak to remain standing, she leaned back and sat down with her back against the back of the bathtub. She brought her feet back toward her rear and spread her knees, allowing the harsh flow to land on her womanhood unimpeded. The once pink tissue was transforming toward a dark magenta tone.

“Uhhhh…. Come on… another one… ohhh… uhhh.” Her breathing was ragged and her heart was pounding. She knew there was another peak ahead, probably followed by a third. As she felt the second approaching, her reality shifted as it had days before.

Feeling a tinge of relief during her ongoing erotic foray, she looked across at the translucent form of a being who was her femme, Danielle. She appeared to be tired too, if that was possible. And the translucent, ghost-like nature was not the usual appearance for the being. Regardless, the femme was erotic centered. The painful pleasure had brought her back. Beth switched the water stream from harsh massage to the gentlest setting, held it in her left hand, and moved the fingers of her right hand to stroke the contours of the darkened swollen petals. The masturbating action maintained her sexual high.

“She hurt me. She’s much stronger than we imagined, my dear,” her femme spoke somberly. “When I come back, I’ll be stronger too. You’ll need to let me have more of you. More control of your passions and your thoughts. If you don’t, she will control you after your next encounter.”

“I know. I want to. I want to!” said Beth as she slightly increased the rhythm of her fingers. Her voice carried a shrill undertone as her breathlessness continued.

Her femme nodded and slinked onto her hands and knees on the bathtub floor. Her lips hovered six inches from Beth’s exposed pussy. Beth watched as Danielle’s glittering tongue snaked from her mouth, supernaturally long, and stroked the intimate inside of her thighs. Beth had enough foresight to stop the flow of water from the handheld shower head before she fell into the femme-induced wave of shivers. The dark tongue crept further up her thigh, arrived at the apex, and slid softly over the surface of her pussy.

“Arrgh!” she cried out. “Uhhh! Ohhhh!” Beth gripped the sides of the tub as she lost control of what was being done to her body. The supernatural love-making caused her heart to pound so hard she thought it may explode from her chest.

“Calm, my sweets. Calm down. No need to exert effort. Let my waves of pleasure keep you afloat. Take it easy. Enjoy the flight. I make you fly,” said the femme in between licks as she slowed the rhythm gradually. She was now pausing about ten seconds between strokes of her tongue, but they remained highly effective during the moment of inaction.

“Now imagine…think of the day…the day that we defeat that bitch…that bitch, Serena, cannot defeat us…together…we will be together…as one…together as one…forever…forever together…commit to us…together forever…give in…give in…give in to me…give in to us…leave Beth behind…Beth is in the past…we’re together as one…inseparable…I am you…and you are me…you are me…no more Beth…you are me…no more split…no more separation…together forever…just one… just Danielle…only Danielle…”

The doubts slipped off Beth like water drops from her body. Her femme was convincing. The more Beth believed in what was being said, the less translucent Danielle’s form was becoming. She was becoming more vibrant to Beth again.

“Now we know the witch. And we defeat the witch. We use her…break her…and then enslave her,” continued the femme between licks. Beth’s petals were responding by producing an immense amount of glistening moisture on the surface.

“Close your eyes…my dear…as I stroke your…pretty flower…taste you…think back…think back to find…think back to find the way…the way to make us…make us one…one…together…together as one…”

Beth slowly closed her eyes as instructed and was brought back to her memories as a ten year old girl. She found herself peering through a cracked open door while hiding in the food pantry which was conveniently adjacent to the kitchen. She had just finished a treatment session with Dr. Gavin and was sent off to play while the adults talked. They had no idea she took a detour into the dark pantry to spy on the conversation. Not only did she recall the musty odors that hung in that space, she clearly remembered what she saw and heard.

“How bad is it, doctor? Is the problem what you thought it would be?” her mom asked. Her eyes were wide, pleading for a particular answer to the questions.

“Can it be fixed?” added her dad. He was always more direct and preferred to view all issues as projects to be fixed. He knew, however, that fixing his daughter was beyond the scope of the tools in his garage.

“Now, now, calm yourselves. There is much work to be done, but we are not beyond hope or the point of no return. Your daughter has what I call the Denyall condition,” said the doctor. Beth heard him say “Danielle” because of his slow Southern-like drawl. “What you told me about her imaginary friend is very true, to her.”

Beth turned and peaked deeper into the pantry to see the gold-speckled glittering eyes of her friend. So that’s your name: Danielle, Beth thought to herself. Her denim over-all shorts rustled briefly as she turned back around to listen to more of the conversation about her friend.

“This friend, or apparition, gives her a big boost of confidence, but it’s not real confidence. It’s bogus. She pairs that false confidence with high levels of intuition to develop potent abilities. Your daughter can read other people’s feelings and body language better than most adults. She then makes challenging interpersonal decisions based on those observations. This is all very advanced,” explained Dr. Gavin.

“Well, that sounds good,” her mom said. Beth saw that she was trying to act hopeful, but it was not what she was feeling. The worried eyes remained on her mom’s face.

“Yes. It comes with a cost, however. The part of her mind that currently gives her an advantage on these types of relational intelligence also affects her sexual development. It affects development in a very definitive way. To put it simply, a normal heterosexual tendency is likely to be replaced by a strong homosexual attraction. She’ll probably become physically attracted to those who are as emotionally developed, or close, to the level she is. At this age, that’s other girls. She’ll develop disgust for boys due to their lack of maturity. In that way, Denyall Condition becomes a sexual development abnormality,” said Dr. Gavin.

“That doesn’t sound good at all. You mean, she won’t be normal?” asked her dad. Her mom just kept her hand over her mouth, speechless.

“Well, that depends on how you define ‘normal’. If you mean get a boyfriend, get married, have children, then no. With untreated Denyall, she’s not headed in that direction.”

Mom finally spoke up. “There has to be some cure, or something that can help.” She began tearing up in the corners of her eyes.

“There, there. Don’t get upset. We have several things working in our favor. We diagnosed it early. I’m the foremost expert in the condition. And, quite frankly, you can probably afford my services,” said the good doctor. Her mom’s worried eyes remained as her dad asked about the billing arrangements.

Beth’s mind then flashed forward to a memory that took place about two months later.

She was having one of her sessions with Dr. Gavin. They were in her “safe place”, her bedroom, and the door was wide open. She figured her mom was always listening outside, constantly being the cautious type. Her mother was very protective of Beth.

The doctor sat on a chair he had brought in from the dining room and she was seated on a kid-sized rocking chair. He was wearing dark trousers and a tweed jacket and was chewing gum loudly. She wore her pale blue “Rainbow-Brite” t-shirt and denim shorts. They were facing each other and engaged in deep conversation.

“So, Bethany. What did you do after that? What did you do after your friend told you to only have friends that are girls?” She heard him chew his gum loudly as he waited for her response.

“She said I should only have friends who are girls. And I didn’t do anything.”

“What do you mean you didn’t do anything?” asked Doctor Gavin, whose breath smelled of coffee and beef jerky, laced with spearmint. It was really noticeable when he leaned toward her.

“I still hang out with a few boys. I know that friend can’t be trusted.” Beth looked over the doctor’s shoulder and made eye contact with her friend, Danielle, who was sitting on her bed. Danielle smiled and winked at Beth showing approval of her answer for the doctor.

Danielle did not like the way the doctor leered at Beth’s legs. She told Beth about it and to be careful around him. Beth had not noticed the doctor doing that until she was informed. Of course, he never did anything inappropriate, but her faith in Danielle grew some more as a result.

“That’s right, Bethany. Your friend, the imaginary one, cannot be trusted.”

Beth nodded in affirmation, reveling in how easy it was to convince Gavin, her mom, and her dad, into thinking her friend was going away. In reality, her friend Danielle, who looked like a preteen ten-year old like herself, was teaching her how to deceive the adults. The hardest part was keeping the stories straight, but her friend kept them aligned for her. She was even able to trick the electric lie detector machine at the doctor’s office. After she passed that test, they did not have her do it again.

The environment faded and Beth was phased into another memory.

Beth was standing in the high school hallway in front of her locker. The calendar on the inside of the locker door was the one she had during her junior year. In the small mirror’s reflection she saw her youthful face and then looked down to see her yellow and white polka dotted sun dress, filled out nicely by her budding chest.

Another girl walked by, wearing a cheap denim jacket and flaunted her legs by sporting a dark red mid-thigh skirt and two-inch wedge sandals. She looked athletic by the way the muscles sloped on her lower body. Beth stared, taking it all in. “Enjoy the view, sweetheart,” said her femme, Danielle. “Store it in your mind to retrieve and dwell on later.”

The girl stopped at her own locker and Beth kept drinking in the view. Slowly scanning up and down those bare legs was enjoyable. The girl turned toward her and Beth did not look away. She stayed bold, intending to communicate a degree of interest. She let her eyes take one more pass over the assets that were now facing her, past the waist, and past the decent sized breasts before Beth looked into her eyes. “She is a tasty morsel. Girls like her could be yours someday. For now, we just look,” instructed her femme. That was the well-versed mantra—“only look, don’t take”. She trusted her femme to tell her when the taking would begin. As the girl walked away and turned down another hallway, a red and white form dropped right into view.

“Hey, cute girl, why are you gazing into the distance? I’m right here, baby,” remarked Johnnie Reams, her boyfriend of two months. He was athletic, a little corny with his humor, and pretty friendly. He was fully vested in what they had together, but it was a relationship of convenience for her. She used it to prove that she was not being affected by her condition anymore. It was like when her parents found the stash of Playboy magazines in her closet, she maintained a defense of curiosity and naïve interest in the articles. When Doctor Gavin was informed of the find, he argued that Beth was telling the truth. He was certain the sexual abnormality was no longer a factor in Beth’s life, he was aiding in her cure, and her parents continued to buy his conclusion. Both were facets of her deceitful ploy.

“So… I was thinking we could get a burger or something,” said Johnnie. “We should spend more time together. You haven’t ridden in my Camaro Z-28 yet.” The car was one of Johnnie’s new obsessions.

Beth looked at him sweetly and replied, “Sorry, honey, but I’m loaded with homework tonight.” She closed her locker, picked up her backpack, and kissed him on his cheek. “Thanks for understanding. I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”

She walked off down the hallway, swaying her hips a bit more to give her boyfriend a little visual treat. She had to keep her man interested. However, in her mind, she was already imagining what could be done on a night all by herself. None of those plans involved the slightest consideration of Johnnie Reams.

Beth opened her eyes again and looked at the femme sharing the bathtub with her. The water remained quite warm even though some time had passed.

“Close your eyes once again…once again…again and I’ll show you…show you…show you how we become…we become…become one…”

Beth closed her eyes again and was swept to a memory from her freshman year at college. She remembered overhearing the doctor inform her parents the previous summer that he had helped cure her condition. She conversed often with Danielle about the deception they pulled off. If her memory was correct, he said, “My sessions have worked. I know you’ve spent a lot on the treatments, but I am pleased to conclude they are an absolute success. Now, in regards to publishing the study for the Journal of Psychology, do you mind if I use your names?”

Her parents firmly insisted that they should all remain anonymous to avoid further disruption in their lives. They feared having to deal with the press and the damage to their family’s reputation. That choice, fortunately, gave Beth a blank slate in college by erasing her past. It was not long before she was accepted into the most prestigious sorority on Greek Row. The key was her physical looks and engaging personality. Her grades were merely a brief afterthought. As she grew accustomed to sorority life, she gradually began to move up the ranks. She had a personal agenda, but to everyone else she was fun-loving and ambitious. She was so proficient at hiding her femme from what she learned during years of therapy with Gavin. The effort to conceal Danielle actually made the femme’s influence on her even stronger.

Next, her memory shifted to the time when she was chosen and brought into the Turning Room by a senior named Alicia. Alicia chose to be her “sponsor” that academic year. They both wore the appropriate clothing for pledge and sponsor, a tradition that spanned decades. Beth knew enough about this ritual of the Sisterhood to know that it ended up with the two women making out in a choreographed love session. Every sister got a taste of lesbian sex, but few continued the practice. Most returned to their boyfriends. There was little inclination or structure to keep them connected to the Sapphic ways.

Alicia, a young woman of normal build whose appearance was dominated by her pale complexion, light blue eyes, and strawberry blonde shoulder length hair, began by having both of them stare into the mirrors, then chanting, and then she began to kiss Beth’s shoulders and neck. Beth enjoyed the soft heat from Alicia’s raspberry-colored lips and then Danielle whispered to Beth. “She will be your first, my love. It’s time. Take her.”

Beth gazed steadily at the mirror as Alicia’s kisses continued to be planted on her. She hummed quietly as she felt her lust growing. The power of the lust-rage that she had concealed before was now being uncapped in her. She watched the corneas of her eyes grow a couple shades darker. She was ceding control to Danielle and poor, barely innocent Alicia was going to be caught completely off-guard.

Beth turned, allowing the thin pledge nightgown to drop off her body and expose her toned, fit body, headlined by an enviable pair of breasts. Alicia looked stunned at the acceleration in the series of events. Beth brought her lips firmly onto the older girl’s mouth, grinding the soft flesh together, eliciting a moan from Alicia who was starting to go along with the younger girl’s change-of-pace. Beth continued for a half-minute and then parted her lips slightly. Alicia’s lips matched the action, knowingly opening the door for an intrusion, and Beth slipped her aggressive tongue into Alicia’s mouth. Inside, their tongues tangled and rubbed and jousted, veering multiple directions and alternating positions between subservience and dominance. Then Beth’s aggressiveness surfaced and her tongue pinned Alicia’s down and began to firmly stroke it side to side. Alicia complied with the aggressor, falling to subservience in the act, only enjoying the results and not having any control.

When the ravenous interlude finally paused and their lips separated, a string of saliva suspended between their mouths before snapping and falling on Beth’s heaving chest. She stood completely naked before Alicia, feeding on the hunger in her. Alicia stood stunned, staring into her eyes and not looking away. Beth took Alicia’s right hand and placed it on her left breast. “Go ahead, Alicia. Feel me up. Enjoy the richness of Sapphic sexuality.”

Beth was in her element now, a place she slipped into secretly during her years in high school and kept veiled until this moment, a September night of her freshman year. Danielle, her femme, was in the forefront, beyond the mental shadows, whispering and lurking. “She’ll be your first…she thought she would take you…had you…but you had her…had her and she didn’t know it…she’s unaware of your power…completely unaware…now I will guide you…guide and instruct you...teach you to lay your claim…your claim on her womanhood…claim her sex…her sex…her sexuality will be yours…claim hers for your own…kiss her…kiss her again…let her think…her believe that she’s taking you…but oh no…she’s totally unaware…but really…in reality…you’re claiming her…”

Beth observed Alicia slipping into a deeper level of lust. The older girl leaned in and connected lips again, continued to massage Beth’s tan breast, and moved her left hand to grasp Beth’s sculpted butt cheek. Alicia was moaning while molesting Beth’s young body. Alicia’s tongue reentered her mouth and swabbed back and forth against Beth’s experienced tongue. Allowing Alicia to feel more in control of the sex pushed Alicia’s lust to the next level. Beth held her hands to Alicia’s back, sporadically clenching in response to the older girl’s advances. Alicia had nearly reached a point where she couldn’t help but demand to be fondled by Beth. Her arousal demanded it. She pulled her soft lips away again; the outside surface coated in saliva, and gently pushed Beth to a seating position on the bed.

“Go sit against the headboard, and spread your legs,” the older girl ordered. Beth was more than willing to comply. The older girl then slipped off her gown, allowing her full breasts to hang freely and her dark nipples to point at Beth, who had spread her legs wide as instructed. Alicia walked around to the side of the bed, gracefully sat on it, and smoothly moved herself between the freshman’s legs with her back facing Beth. Beth felt Alicia snuggle closer, her lower back rubbing against the edges of Beth’s up-tilted and swollen flower. The closeness caused shocking sensations to roll through her. She feasting on the feelings and began to slowly rub the flesh up and down against Alicia’s lower back, a half inch up, a half inch down.

Alicia smiled with satisfaction in how she was affecting the younger girl and leaned back into Beth to give more instructions. “Play with me. Fondle me. Show me if you know your way around. Make me wild with lust for you.” The invitation was all that Beth needed to cede the rest of her control of the moment over to her femme. The two young women looked forward into the large mirror before the bed and witnessed Beth’s eye color shift again to dark brown and finally to near black in about a minute’s time. A new grin fashioned on her face as she gazed upon the girl reclined between her legs. She brought her hand up and grazed her face, laying a trail from the top of her ear down to her jaw line.

“Little girl, I won’t just play with you, or fondle you. I won’t just prove my skills to you,” Beth spoke in a sensual whisper. “Little Alicia, I plan on possessing you.” Beth stroked the outside of the girl’s ear with her wet tongue. Alicia whimpered with pleasure and relaxed completely against Beth, rubbing her hand up and down Beth’s thighs. Beth placed her hands over the girl’s pale C-cup breasts, allowed her fingers to flow down along their surfaces, graze over the hardening pink nipples, and cradle them underneath.

“You will be my first. You won’t be my last,” promised Beth. She brought her head around and Alicia turned hers so that their lips met. Hungrily they enjoyed the fullness of the kiss and tongue caress. Beth felt more erotic energy flow in her and she reflexively squeezed her legs around Alicia’s hips. She lifted the older girl’s breast, gauging their weights and allowing her fingers to enjoy the succulent mammaries. The kiss broke and Alicia kept breathing hard, looking into Beth’s dark eyes as the freshman held her breasts in her hands. Alicia’s lids drooped a little from the crushing erotic waves rushing through her.

Beth began to stroke each of the girl’s breasts a little more firmly, in a compressing motion towards each nipple where she added a pinch. Alicia obviously had very sensitive breasts. At this point, she was squirming in response. “Ohhh,” Alicia broke out in a low moan. Beth felt the girl’s erotic core coming to the surface. Beth’s sensual play of the girl’s breasts continued. “Oh, little Alicia, you like the way your mistress touches you…the way I touch you…I reach in …I have grazed your pussy…you’re dripping wet for me.” Alicia could only mew in response, obviously never handled this expertly by any person, even by another woman. Alicia’s soft chest flesh continued to be kneaded by Beth’s smaller hands. Beth’s pink nails highlighted the girl’s areolas and brazenly erect nipples. Beth watched the nails’ surface catch the light momentarily and reflect it.

“Alicia, did you ever imagine it would be this good?”

“No…ohhhh…ohhh my…never felt…ohhh…like…uhhhh…this before,” Alicia closed her mouth and then licked her lips, trying to keep them moist while breathing hard. Beth noticed it and dove her mouth in again, sharing her excess saliva with the older girl. Beth aimed to keep her in this state of exceeding passion while controlling her own level of excitement.

It felt so go to be herself, to let Danielle run free. Beth felt regret when her femme had to be hidden, but in this new environment, the sorority Sisterhood, the femme would fit right in.

Alicia was still smoldering, having given control over to Beth long before. Her breathing was heavy, her eyes unfocused, and her hips rolling enticingly. “Little Alicia, it’s time to make you mine. Are you ready to be possessed by my essence?”

Alicia nodded and said, “Mmmm…please. I need you. I waaaant you.”

“Go stand at the end of the bed and look at me,” Beth demanded.

Alicia scooted to the end of the bed, stood up, exposing her full nakedness, and gazed at Beth longingly. Beth spread her legs wider while facing the senior, showing her everything and licked the forefinger of her right hand to apply copious amounts of saliva. She then slipped her finger between her own flower’s folds. She curled the finger, allowing the pink nail to scrape the surface tissue inside her, an area popularly known as the premises dominated by the G-spot. An erotic shudder ran through her controlled body. She was closely following Danielle’s coaching.

“Come to me, my Alicia. Your mistress will now possess you. Stand next to the bed over here.”

The older girl could not help but comply with Beth’s wishes. Her mind was on fire. She had to satisfy the freshman. It was her singular purpose. The younger girl’s power over her was intoxicating, better than any booze she had experienced. Beth removed the fluid-drenched finger from her pussy. She leaned over with her left hand and began stroking the senior’s flower, causing the girl to spread her thighs apart a little more. Beth held her right hand out from her as she continued to caress the girl’s intimates until they showed another sign of clear sheen, creating a slicker surface.

The next few moments had to be done precisely as her femme insisted.

With her dark eyes, she stared right into Alicia, who responded by staring back. “Alicia, my little Alicia, your mistress is now laying claim to your body. I will be your mistress. Are you ready and willing to give yourself to me?”

Alicia again nodded affirmatively as Beth continued to fondle her.

“Your mistress will place her seal in you. It will be deep inside you. It will become part of you, part of who you are. It will become a new identity. The new identity will consume who you are now, burn it away like a fire. And when it’s placed in you, you will reach a higher peak than you’ve ever reached before. Are you ready and willing?” Beth spoke to the words given to her from Danielle.

“Yes,” Alicia answered.

Beth scooted to the edge of the bed with Alicia facing her, then moved her left hand from between Alicia’s legs, ran the surface of her hand across Alicia’s right thigh, and brought it up behind Alicia and firmly cupped Alicia’s right butt cheek. Simultaneously she brought her right hand to the girl’s flower, her pink-nailed forefinger parted, slipped between the slick tissues over the opening.

“Ahhhh…ohhh ayyy…eee…,” Alicia let out. “You’re…you’re in me…oh, so much...”

Danielle told Beth that the plunging action would feel like they are getting completely filled up, even though it was just a single finger. She could sense the climax was quickly approaching in Alicia. Beth turned her finger to create a ‘come hither’ motion inside the girl and her nail made slight contact with Alicia’s soft surface. As Beth slowly dragged her nail across the inside wall of Alicia’s love box, a lust-filled orgasm took over the girl’s body. She shook her hips side-to-side and up-and-down to impale herself upon and corral Beth’s finger more deeply. Several seconds passed and it was still erupting.

“Aaaaa…iii yeeee…ohhhh…mmm…ohhh,” an out-of-control girl announced her pleasure. Beth felt the loss of control too. In a snap during her sub’s spasms, Beth switched to a pure, natural enjoyment of what this girl was feeling. The view of the world around her changed. She took the girl and sealed her, and then the next moment her worldview had shifted completely. Danielle was in complete control, and Beth remained as just a sliver of awareness.

She began talking like her femme. “That was so good…so good,” she said as she extracted her finger. “So good…come to me…to me and rest…” Beth scooted back into the bed and laid on her side facing Alicia. “Come to me…to me…and take from me…take goodness from your mistress….” As she said it, Beth lifted her right breast towards the girl. The tan breast captured Alicia’s attention as she climbed onto the bed and then lay down next to Beth, her eyes level with the smaller female mound. Alicia wrapped her lips around the breast’s brown areola, totally taking it into her mouth and began sucking on it hungrily. Alicia brought her left leg over Beth’s right leg. Beth responded by bending her legs forward and Alicia placed her wet womanhood on the freshman’s thigh and began grinding against it. Beth ran her fingers through the girl’s hair, absorbing sexual energy from the one who had intended to be her sponsor, her leader, in the Sisterhood.

She smiled. “Yes, enjoy me…you’ll need me again…need me soon…Wallow in fever lust…lusty one…Look at me….”

Alicia looked up at the younger woman, revealing to Beth that her eyes had a shade darker than the blue of before, a result of the mind-bending bewitchment that Beth’s femme had cast. The seal has taken hold, she observed. Alicia was now infected and would soon begin serving Beth, her new Mistress.

The memory faded and Beth was once again back to the present, seated in the bathtub, staring at her dark-skinned femme. Her femme said, “You must seal another… seal one for your own… own a sub… a sub for a mistress… seal another… and become her… her mistress.”

“Then we will be one again,” finished Beth hopefully.

With her femme returned and present, Beth’s confidence in her ability to succeed at the task returned. “Nicole, my dear,” she said to herself as she began getting ready to return to the lab and the girl that waited. “I am looking forward to feasting on you.” She looked in her mirror and noticed her eyes were a shade darker than the light hazel of the weaker Beth from before. She smiled and continued to get dressed.

* * *

Beth arrived at the lab with a few minutes to spare. She did not want to disrupt any last minute touches Nicole was applying, but she was excited about resuming the program and reconnecting with Serena. With her femme back in force, she felt confidence the outcome would be in her favor. She was never defeated when she felt this way.

She confidently walked through the glass doorway. The young researcher, who was presently working at the reception desk, looked up to see who was coming. Nicole’s gaze stayed on Beth longer than the social norm. Then she blurted out, “You look amazing.” It was clear to both of them that she blurted out precisely what was on her mind.

Beth smiled and reached forward to touch the girl’s hands. “That is so kind of you to say.”

Nicole went on, prompted by the encouraging response. “The whole way you look and the way you walk is so captivating. I have a long way to go, but…someday I’d want to be like that too.”

“I believe you can get there,” replied Beth, hoping to further encourage the girl. The closer she felt to Beth, the more likely she would end up being the researcher’s mistress. She looked at the girl’s hands she was holding. She noticed some ink or oil smudges on her fingertips.

“These hands look like they’ve been hard at work,” Beth remarked.

Nicole pulled her hands away, slightly embarrassed. She stiffened her posture. Beth recognized the defensive response.

“No, sorry. Don’t misunderstand. I’m impressed. Really. What have you been up to?” Beth said in an attempt to recover the friendly nature of their conversation.

Nicole took a deep breath and relaxed. “I don’t want to bore you, but I got a lot done.” When Beth looked interested, she went on.

“Over the last couple of hours I have worked more intensely than ever before, except maybe that first week after getting my dream job of working for Doctor Freeman. I was going to show you what I can do and how good I am. It took over forty-five minutes to figure out the computer coding that was needed to make the treatment more aggressive. I had to call the West Coast Digital help line to confirm the basics of the settings after I explained to them what I wanted to do. They did what I needed on the remote link and informed me the coding was accurate. I do like to know what others think before plowing forward; sometimes I get these feelings of anxiety. It’s like I’m unsure or something.”

“Go on,” prompted Beth.

“Anyway…after we got the codes right and put them into Empathy, what could be done in the machine increased substantially. In tech-speak, the acceptable heart rate and tension readings were increased so that the machine goes into emergency shut down much later than before. I basically removed the governor in that system. Also, the visual capabilities will be far more interactive and aggressive and the audio dynamic presence is nearly tripled. The tactile intrusions and counter-systems were expanded. When you add it all up, the machine will treat the occupant, you , as part of its own holistic system, instead of treating you like a fragile, overly-sensitive guest.”

Nicole paused. “Do you want me to go on?”

“Definitely, yes. I want to hear it all,” Beth was determined for Nicole to feel ultra-competent around her so that an emotional attachment would be built. “You’re just so smart. I really do like hearing it all.”

“Okay. Well, I had to do all that so that the treatment would stay aggressive the entire time and would not self-adjust to a lower setting. In its original settings, Empathy wants to self-correct and revert to a more pliable state.

“Of course there are still safeties in place. I haven’t gone all ‘mad scientists’ or something,” Nicole chuckled to herself. “Empathy’s programming is still in bounds for what responses we can expect from you. It’s amplified, as you’d expect. It’s strong enough to challenge many of the thoughts you have about yourself and relationships. That’s a good thing. It will be empowering.”

Beth assumed she was referring to a conviction about valuing heterosexuality, a tenet that disappeared from her mind long ago. Beth kept smiling and nodding to show genuine appreciation for Nicole’s scientific acumen.

Nicole continued. “After doing a test run on Empathy to be sure there are no codification or parameter conflict in what I set up, I found it clean. There were no problems. And that’s where I left it for you.”

Nicole smiled back for a moment, and then looked contemplative and kept her line of sight towards the floor. Silence dominated the moment. Her mind really shifts gears quickly, considered Beth.

Beth felt prompted to break the silence. “What’s wrong, Nicole?”

Nicole kept her eyes downward but apparently felt comfortable disclosing the cause of her emotional shift. “Is it about the machine?” Beth asked.

“No,” answered Nicole. “It’s about you.”

“Oh, I see. Well, whatever it is, you can tell me about it.”

“Well, before you got here, I went to the ladies’ room to freshen up.” Nicole sighed and paused. “This is so dumb…I took off my shirt and jeans and…..” She looked at Beth.

Beth responded like an older sister. “I care about you, Nicole. There’s a lot more to like about you than your wonderful mind.”

“That’s just it. I stood there in my underwear looking in the mirror. I didn’t like what I saw. I’m so plain, so ordinary.” Nicole paused. “I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”

Beth was accustomed to girls divulging their feelings and thoughts to her without her prodding. Beth offered comfort by touching the girl’s arm but did not interrupt her thoughts. She saw the corners of Nicole’s eyes getting wet.

“I just stood there, looking at myself in the mirror. No curves, no nothing! I even tried to make a muscle and nothing happened. I was just bending a skinny arm. I turned around in a circle, to see all of myself. My butt might be my only redeeming physical quality but that’s not much. I’m a girl with a great brain and right-shaped butt. But mostly just brains.” Nicole sniffled. “So I guess I better learn how to use the gray matter, huh.”

Beth just looked into her eyes.

“Then I got cleaned up and met you out here.” Nicole finished. Beth instinctively gave her a hug. When they finished the embrace, Beth found Nicole looking at her chest instead of at the floor. Beth waited a couple moments but found her gaze had not changed.

“Something else on your mind?”

Nicole quickly looked up after hearing the question. “Uhm, well…yeah…it’s just that…the whole way you look, Danielle. And the way you walk. It’s all so alluring. I guess…I guess I’d do anything to look like you someday!”

“That’s really flattering,” replied Beth. She felt it would best to let Nicole continue down this path. A little attraction could make the future alliance easier to establish. She remembered how Nicole is the linchpin for any future plans for bringing back the mystic Sisterhood to full strength.

“The way your body is so fit and yet seductively feminine.”

Beth liked Nicole’s boldness between them. Nicole looked right at Beth’s chest again.

“Are they real? I have to know.” Nicole licked her lips after asking. “Up to this moment I can’t tell.”

Beth’s brown eyes opened wide and then peered back at Nicole seductively. Her glossy red lips formed a smile. She slid her hand down Nicole’s arm and clasped Nicole’s hand. “Let’s go to the back room. I’ll let you figure that out on your own.” She pulled the girl down the hallway, showing more interest in this discovery than Nicole had shown. It had been weeks since she had been fondled and the idea sounded delightful.

When they arrived in the Delivery Room, Beth slipped her shirt over her head, shook out her hair, and stared right at Nicole while reaching back to unclasp her bra.

“Danielle, are you sure? You’re okay with this?” Nicole was surprised at how quickly Beth was willingly to provide intimate access.

Though appreciable in size, her breasts stood firm towards the research assistant with no obvious signs of aging. “Go ahead, Nicole. Touch them. You find out if they’re real or not.”

After a disbelieving pause, Nicole reached forward and ran her fingertips around the outer edge of one orb, savoring the uncorrupted smooth skin. Nicole moved her hands with experience, somewhat knowledgeable in the ways women like to be handled. She gently cupped the supple tissue from the bottom, lifting it slightly to feel the weight in her hand.

Beth watched Nicole close her eyes and faintly mouth words “will desire you”. Then she did it again, “Women will desire you.” She mouthed them silently to herself. Beth wondered if Nicole forgot she was there.

“Do you, Danielle?” Nicole asked Beth.

“Do I—what?” Beth gently responded.

“Do you…do you like what I’m doing?” Nicole asked. “Does it make you desire…me?”

Beth had to think quickly in response to the unexpected question. A rejection could badly damage Beth’s anticipated future, but she knew Nicole needed to get better at this skill. Beth immersed her thoughts into the perceived lust of the moment, gave Nicole a tempting look, and replied, “Oh. Oh yeah. I am so hot…so hot right now.” Beth recognized her own sexual attractiveness and wanted to build Nicole’s confidence in the same way. She wanted Nicole to take on a femme fatale mindset, whether she looked the part or not.

Throwing off another layer of caution, Nicole began to fondle Beth’s other breast. Beth closed her eyes, pushed her chest towards the hand, and let out a moan of satisfaction. The response continued Nicole’s encouragement. Maybe Beth was wrong and Nicole did already have a gift in this art of seduction.

“So, are they?” asked Beth.

The younger woman let her thumbs glide over the front of Beth’s breasts and tripping over the semi-erect nipples. “Oh Danielle, you are so perfect,” Nicole whispered. Beth felt her nipples harden in response to the direct stimulation. When Nicole made the motion again, Beth yelped softly.

“That’s right, Danielle. Enjoy the feelings,” said an excited Nicole as Beth let her body shudder outwardly.

“Oh, yes. Those are definitely real, and oh, so perfect,” Nicole was consumed by the moment.

Beth opened her eyes as Nicole finally removed her hands.

“Again, honey, you’re too kind,” Beth said as she began stripping off her shorts. “I’m awfully proud of them too. And you’d understand how useful they are when I’m trying to distract a man, or catch the eyes of a woman. They can really grab attention.”

“I know what it’s like to be drawn in by them,” Nicole giggled. Beth saw Nicole reflexively open and close her hands like they were still holding Beth’s orbs. Nicole’s eyes betrayed a longing for reconnection also.

“So, you feel it too?” said Beth half-jokingly as she pulled her shoulders back, helping her breasts fill the air even more.

Nicole shifted her eyes away to focus on their task at hand. “Ummm…go ahead and finish stripping…I mean, removing your clothes. Let’s have you get into the Empathy chair.”

Beth, with her blonde hair and firmly shaped body and deep brown eyes, walked over to the chair and did nothing to remain modest. She treated the situation more casually than the intimacy of a locker room shower as she lifted her leg to climb into the chair. In doing so, she displayed all of her treasures to Nicole. The girl did not resist taking a series of unprofessional peeks at the tender parts. Beth proudly kept her mound completely hairless, an intentional outward sign of innocence and vulnerability. As she brought her legs together, she felt a bit of moisture gathering at the apex.

“I sit the way I did earlier, right? That hasn’t changed, has it?”

“You’re right, Danielle. That is still the same,” said Nicole as she adjusted the different aspects of Empathy’s hardware conform to the woman’s physical dimensions. “Like we’ve talked about earlier, things are going to pick up in pace. I’ve checked the settings multiple times. Honestly, I can’t wait to hear what you think about it when Empathy is done with you.”

Beth smiled as the headgear was put in place. She could not wait either. She heard Nicole inputting the commands on the hardware to activate the program. She felt the controls under her fingertips as her arms set in in place in the VR gloves. Then she heard Nicole’s footsteps walk away from Empathy as the lights came on.

Beth thought of all the computer monitors in Nicole’s control room and wondered if she could watch what was going on in Empathy. If so, Beth was sure this trip would be quite the show.

The countdown introductions had finished and Beth was ushered back into the fluorescent park. Like her previous visit, the forms were difficult to make out from far away, but the colors were bright like what’s shown in heat imaging. She used the controls placed at her fingertips in the gloves to begin walking through the park and started hearing indecipherable whispers in the background. Then she heard a clear voice call her name, “Danielle”, and she stopped walking. She turned to the right and found Serena emerging from between a pair of bright green evergreen trees about twenty feet away. Serena was glowing in fluorescent reds, yellows, and pinks and walking towards her.

Beth knew it was imperative to successfully engage the digital being.

“I can’t tell you how relieved I am to see you here again, Danielle.” Serena gave her a wistful gaze. “I missed you. I couldn’t wait to show you my new outfit. I was thinking that what I wore on our earlier interlude was probably a little edgy for a conservative girl like you. I changed over to something I thought would be more to your liking. Would you feel more comfortable hanging out with me if I’m wearing this?”

Beth’s eyes did a slow scan of Serena. The mature-looking teenaged girl was showing off her legs in a pair of slip-on sandals but the fluorescent glow made it difficult to decipher much else. She had to go along with the discussion to see more and keep a good connection.

“Sure, let’s hang out. Where do you want to go?”

“Back to my place, of course,” Serena responded and turned to head to the cottage behind the trees. Beth quickly followed. Serena opened the door to the place several feet ahead of Beth. She followed her inside without taking her eyes off the glowing beauty.

Once inside, away from the bright fluorescence of the park, Beth took the time to look her over. Serena displayed her legs by wearing a pair of cutoff denim shorts with an inseam that was barely two-inches. Her attractive thighs were fully exposed to Beth’s view. The waistband of the shorts hung right at her hips, framing a toned tan stomach. Her belly button was pierced with a single jewel, a crimson stone set on a small belly ring. Athletic ridges of her abs subtlety sidelined the focal point, visible when she twisted slightly to the side to look back at the room. Beth’s focus felt drawn to the multifaceted gem that reflected the light from one side to the other when she moved. The scene was delicious. The teenager exemplified both innocence and deviance in Beth’s mind. In the privacy of her own room, Beth would have considered sliding her own fingers over the surface between her legs while gazing upon the view.

The indistinguishable whispers continued in the background of Beth’s experience.

“Yes, take it all in. I bet you can taste it. Do I look pleasing to you? I know you’d want a little innocence thrown into our affair. I keep things exciting and fresh,” said Serena.

Beth’s gaze broke from the jewel and slowly drifted upward to the bottom of a crop top that was floating carelessly inches away from the surface of Serena’s waist. A small shadow was created by the hovering top. Her eyes focused on the apparent reason for the shadow anomaly, a pair of succulent breasts that were young enough to need no support. If Serena shifted ever so slightly, the lowest edge of one of the breasts could be seen below the shirt. Apparently pointing slight outward were two dime-sized bumps where Serena’s nipples created impressions in the pale yellow fabric. Beth’s heart raced as she thought “no bra” over and over again. Her thoughts seemed to comfortably stay in that rut.

Beth barely thought of Nicole now, except for the millisecond when she hoped the girl would see what was going on in here. Another pair of outstanding breasts to gaze upon, she thought.

“Look at me, sweetie,” whispered Serena. “Danielle, up here.”

Beth’s gaze left the poorly hidden delicacies under the cropped tank top and moved upward to look into the teenager’s eyes. She took one, then two steps toward her. The gap closed quickly and she looked down at Serena’s bright cherry red covered lips. Before she knew it, she was locked in a wet, scandalous kiss. Serena’s platinum blonde hair fell into her field of vision.

“Mmmm…, “Beth moaned.

The digital seductress appeared to be responding favorably. The adjustments made by Nicole seemed to allow, even encourage, a more liberal response to Beth’s decisions and overtures. “Ohhh, yesss,” Serena replied to Beth’s seductive kisses on her neck. “That feels good!” The reactions prompted more activity by Beth. Her breathing emphasized her arousal.

Beth looked back down at the girl’s tank top and gently lifted the lower hem, exposing a tan pair of young breasts. They were well-rounded and nearly enough to fill her hands when she began to fondle them. They were tipped with delicate cherry red-colored areolas.

Cherry red? Must be something special, Beth wondered as she moved closer to get a better look. Upon getting eye level with the girl’s mammaries, a welcomed sexual overture by the digital Serena, Beth saw the normally darkened tips were brightened with bright red makeup. Must be a theme, Beth thought.

She considered that the coloring would be from lipstick as she moved in on the breast. The initial contact created a juicy lick sound as Beth wrapped her lips around the nipple. She began sucking eagerly on it. The glossy makeup had such a sweet taste. Beth felt her mind fill with the thoughts of the sweet tasting nipple. Serena responded loudly.

“Ohhh, my. That is…soooo…oohhhh…harder, suck…me. Suck…harder. Uhhhh,” the digital Serena responded quietly. “Take me…take me all…ohhh, Danielle….Ohhhh. Yessssss.”

Beth let the sucking noises get louder as she worked harder. She moaned vocally. “Mmm… mmm… so, sooo goooood.” She refused to let the wet nipple escape from her mouth. Beth savored the fresh breast.

But then she had to stop a moment to catch her breath and felt her heart beating faster. She took hold of the other breast, captured the colored nipple between her lips, and resumed the ravenous assault. She looked up and saw Serena had closed her eyes to better wallow in the sensuality of the experience.

“Sweetie. Sweetie. You can do whatever you want to me… whatever you… ohhhh, want.” The eroticism was engulfing Serena and feeding into Beth’s core desires. She got off hard when watching other women embrace their lust.

Beth was staring at the girl’s lips while she was talking. The girl’s nipple was hard and areola had been taken into her mouth. The solid tip was rolling around on the back of her tongue and rubbing against the roof of her mouth, saliva pouring throughout and spilling beyond her own lips to her chin. The soft pliable flesh was her ambrosia.

Beth’s mouth then unlatched from the breast and pulled away a couple of inches. The cherry red makeup coloring was sucked completely off, revealing a light pink areola that was reddish and puffy.

Serena leaned back, her face and chest flushed pink in hot arousal. The crop top fell back to cover most of her breasts, leaving ample under-boob exposed to Beth.

While Serena was in a heightened state of arousal, Beth fought to stay a little more composed. She felt Danielle in her, still present and engaged in all of this activity. Beth calmed down her own heartbeat and lust levels but continued to act as a woman in heat. The digital Serena was responding solely to her outward, aggressive sexual actions.

Beth looked up and saw that a large skylight let copious amounts of light into the room, eliminating all but a few shadows. The center of the beam was on the bed, the centerpiece of the dwelling. For a brief moment, she looked around the room at the quilted blankets, vintage décor, and large down-feather pillows. The country motif was dominant.

The digital Serena had calmed a little also by that point. She held Beth’s hands and said, “Danielle, I have an idea of what you may want to do next.” The she leaned towards her ear and continued, “You want to play a game, don’t you? So do I. I like games.” Serena continued unimpeded, “This game has a single objective, a rule easy to remember. Basically, whoever cums first is the loser. I can tell you have a bit of dominatrix in you. We have to sexually engage each other and no playing defense. Remember, whoever climaxes first is the loser. Now, what about the stakes….”

Beth jumped in. “I have an intriguing idea. Whoever wins will get total control of the other person for ten whole minutes. Anything goes in those ten long minutes. No holds barred. If I wish, I control you, Serena, and all of Empathy’s world, for ten minutes. If you wish, I will be all yours—mind, body, and soul—for ten minutes. Empathy can do whatever it wishes to me, no governor, nor boundaries, no safeties,” Beth said her suggestion out loud so that even Nicole could hear it in the lab.

Serena looked at her and smiled. “Agreed. And no playing defense or running away.” She turned around and swiftly removed the crop tank top. “But first, a show to get this party started.” At that moment, both music and whispers began to fill the background. Serena turned a quarter circle away from Beth, showing a plump side-boob. She cupped it underneath. “Even though you’ve already sucked on these, this should be something you like.”

Beth smiled at Empathy’s propensity to bend the rules. Serena turned her back towards Beth again, hooked both thumps into the sides of her scandalously short denim cut-offs and slid them down so they glided through her legs to her ankles. Beth licked her lips as she looked over the back of the girl’s legs. Serena kicked the shorts over to the side of the room. Beth’s eyes paused at the cheeky-styled white panties with the word “OBEY” stenciled in red print across the rear.

Without turning, Serena said “It’s a nice view, isn’t it? When I’m your mistress, I promise the views will keep getting better and better.” She hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties. “Now pay close attention. Follow every detail and you’ll get an appetizer.” The girl began to sway her hips side to side.

Beth was watching the round cheeks go back and forth, like a pendulum, and the white material was gradually pulled downward. The sunlight stream that landed on Serena complimented her toned back and svelte waist. The rhythms of the background musci were enticing. Beth felt a short, quick tightness occur between her legs. This girl is too much for me, thought Beth. I shouldn’t be feeling this way, not yet. Danielle, help calm the impulses bubbling in me.

Serena continued her powerful strip dance. She had moved the panties waistband down only an inch or two. “I know you want to feel these exquisite curves…as you take advantage of me.” She ran her fingers with the nails that were painted red up and down the surface of her tanned cheeks. “Women like these as much as the little boys do, don’t they?”

Beth gulped. “Yesss…yes.” She felt the involuntary clench again. It was happening due to the audio and visual stimulation. Calm me down, pleaded Beth to her femme. Help me. Her femme responded like a cool breeze flowing through her body. Beth felt the tightness begin to dissipate. She felt her heartrate begin to slow.

Serena was unrelenting in her sexiness. Smack! The sound gave Beth a start. The girl had slapped her own butt cheek which jiggled in response and flushed a slight pink through the tan skin. “Are you going to be rough with me? To teach me a lesson?”

Beth’s arousal picked back up. She knew should could take this girl, take her rough, and teach her. She’d educate her in what it felt like to be a sub to an experienced dominatrix.

“You’ll find that I’m not a good girl,” Serena continued.

No kidding, thought Beth sarcastically.

Serena began moving the panty band down again so it stretched midway across her butt. Firm, tantalizing cheeks were framed inappropriately. Beth desired to see more when the band clung to the girl’s thighs and she got a quick view of her soft folds.

Beth was astonished at the carnal depths of her thoughts after so little time with Serena in Empathy’s environment. The dance was doing its job. She had to hold it together better than this! The consequences of complete vulnerability to Empathy for ten whole minutes were not something she would be able to endure without experiencing a serious setback to her objectives. It would be agony. Danielle! Help!

“And you don’t want me to be a good girl.” The white OBEY panties continued to slowly slide until they cleared the bottom curve of those cheeks. She leaned forward, away from Beth, and gave her a complete view of her treasures. Beth beheld full exposure of the seductress’ pussy lips. As Beth had hoped, they were also painted a bright cherry red.

Beth was drawn in, gradually giving into her arousal. She had taken a few steps toward the vulnerable digital teenager. Whispering over her shoulder, Serena said, “You KNOW what I want to do. I want you to do it. Dive in head first and revel in your lesbian sex fantasy with me.” Serena teased more dirty thoughts into Beth’s mind.

“Be creative. Use your imagination. Be the strong, naughty girl you want to be.”

Beth was consumed by the mental image of the girl bent over before her. She knew what she wanted and responded out loud. “Strap-on. Put a strap-on on me. I’m going to take you.” This was reminding her of college.

After finishing the word “you”, her voice descended into a lusty growl. Beth looked down at her hand and found she was gripping a pink strap-on dildo with a black harness. She looked down, stripped off her clothes, and stepped into the harness loops. She secured it in place like the veteran she was. Her real world experience was blending into this game.

Beth’s arousal was steaming. Her breathing had become more intermittent. She felt the clench again. And then another. Both the new toy and the anticipation were driving her mad with lust.

Now Beth was not hesitant to let her inner dominatrix loose. Her femme seemed to drive at the notion, seeking the pleasure that was here and now. Restraint was no longer a consideration.

She took small steps forward toward the girl, looked down past her prominent breasts, and across her flat toned stomach. She momentarily gazed on the pink rod that was swaying side to side with each step. She felt the extra weight. As she approached the vixen, she put one hand on the girl’s hip and the other around her dildo. She would guide it in like a pro.

Serena was breathing heavily in anticipation. The white “OBEY” panties had fallen to her ankles. “Remember the game…first one to cum wins…ohhh….I plan on… making you mine. Forever.” Serena paused. “I’ll fill all of your fantasies…you will cum hard…so deep’ll make me…me…your mistress! Ugh!” Serena gasped loudly as the phallus was pushed into her wetted pussy. It made a sexual smooth “smunk” sound as Beth firmly guided it inwards.

“Ohhhh, Danielle!” Serena yelped.

“Mmmm. Urgh…urgh…mmrmph,” Beth groaned as she slowly pulled the pink shaft in and out of the girl’s snatch. She intended for it to not only fill her up, but to caress every curved fleshy surface that awaited each thrust. Intentional and steady was her way. Every surface would be caressed and stimulated. She looked down to enjoy watching its length disappear into Serena and then reappear on each withdrawal. Her own breasts were swaying to the action. Serena was squealing in response to the deep intrusion. The teen’s breasts were swaying dramatically as she was being taken. Beth put a hand on the girl’s back and leaned over, reaching around and cupping a breast with the other. She hoped they would be hypersensitive at this point.

“Ahhh…yes. Yes! Yes! Take…me…ohhh,” Serena voiced.

Overall, Beth felt something new happening in this encounter. The digital Serena was more responsive, far beyond before, even giving total reign to what was happening. This was turning Beth on even more. With every thrust, she felt a serious clench. Her own pussy was betraying her, overreacting to the mental stimulation of the dominant position she was taking on Serena.

“Ohhh…yes…keep doing me…yes! Yes! Make my…pussy…yours,” Serena encouraged. “Harder! Ugh! Ugh!”

Beth kept going. In-out, in-out. It was paradise to mount this girl.

Knowing that Empathy was not accustomed to be defeated in its own challenge, she was watching for the artificial intelligence to change the circumstances. The AI did nothing for quite a while. It was all too eerily predictable and Beth began to care less about the possibility. She was sure the girl would soon be racked by her own climax. Her voice gave indication of her extreme arousal. The voices in the background and the bass booms were covered by Serena’s vocal exertions.

“That is…so…good,” moaned Serena. “Now…feel it…real.”

“Ohhhh…ahhh…ohhh…uhhh,” Beth knew she was moaning out-loud in the lab.

The feelings changed after Serena spoke. They got much more intense. As she continued thrusting, the physical effects had jumped in realism. Beth looked down while thrusting and found that instead of a black pliable harness holding a pink dildo, Empathy had made a change. She was now looking across her flexing, thrusting abdominals to what was a surreal flesh-colored appendage that was seamlessly attached to Beth’s body. It was flushed a light tint of pink and had ridges and veins mapped over its hardness. The thrusting continued.

Empathy had again modified reality to give Beth the full experience of what it was to take Serena from behind, exponentially increasing the mental stimulation.

“Oh, gawd. Ughhhh.. shit! So gooooood! Argh!” She felt the seed of the climax knotting up in the base of her new appendage. The thrusting was vibrating the seed and it was beginning to grow.

Serena had her arms on the edge of the bed and Beth reached around her sides with both hands to cup and fondle the swinging breasts. This caused her to completely lean across the girl’s back and her own breasts to rub against the soft and firm surface. She kneaded and pinched the sensitive tips as her thrusts continued.

Beth knew she was getting dangerously close to orgasm even as her femme renewed attempts to supplement her self-control. It would not take much more of the stimulating repetition before it would happen. She was doing everything that would have made her hit climax much much sooner if it were not for her femme.

“Ugh…ohhh…yesss…argh…again…umph…ahhhh…so good…yes! Yes! Yes! Ahhhhh!” The digital vixen broke into her climax. “Ohhhh…ahhhh…ohhhhh…” Beth felt Serena’s cunt squeeze and then spasm multiple times around her appendage. It was an experience she had never had.

Serena’s arms gave way and she fell forward on the bed, her most delicate parts exposed to Beth. Beth saw the life-like penis fade away and revert back to the black harness and pink dildo. She felt some disappointment in not reaching her own peak. She was still breathing hard and knew it would not take much to hit her orgasm, but knew time was limited, she removed the harness. Serena was too exhausted to move and was falling asleep on the bed.

Beth had less than ten minutes to act.

The naked trophy wife began looking around the room. She looked over the paintings, the sculptures, the fireplace, all over the walls and the ceilings. She was looking for a trigger, a switch, or a lever. She wanted to find the digital connection that Nicole had mentioned when she talked about West Coast Digital’s ability to tap into the machine. Beth believed that it was the one Serena probably used. Since the world virtually connected to destinations outside the lab, Beth assumed the pathway was hidden that way also. It probably held the key to ultimately controlling the Empathy machine.

It has to be around here somewhere, thought Beth. Her femme was reminding her of the reason to search. “We will defeat the witch,” said her femme. “Look for it. Hurry!”

Then Beth walked over to an old hourglass on the edge of small dresser. It was about eight inches tall and looked as if it hung on a central axis. In the cottage, it was dangling in mid-air. She reached up and, finding it moveable, gently flipped it over. Click! The front door of the one-room cottage opened. The gap revealed what appeared to be the interior of a tunnel. The fluorescent park that she thought was outside the door was not there this time.

Disregarding her nudity, Beth walked over and stepped into the tunnel. It seemed to go on for at least fifty meters before taking a right turn. Up ahead was a light. She began walking. The tunnel had an incline as she followed the path towards to the light.

Assuming that Empathy’s world cared little about whether she was clothed or not, Beth moved on and crept quickly toward the light. The end of the tunnel opened into a large warehouse. There was a delivery bay and many boxes and pallets scattered around the far-reaching room.

She stayed behind the boxes as she followed voices that she had heard off to her left. As she got closer she saw there were two stationary lights that illuminated a small section of the warehouse. She crept closer, mindful that her time left was draining. This detour captured her curiosity. It confirmed her belief that there was a virtual connection to something outside of the physical lab.

Her arousal had fallen back down to nothing as she leapfrogged from one shadow to the next. She stayed behind the boxes while getting closer to the lights.

Each step in that direction helped the scene become a little clearer. She was able to stay very quiet as she remained in the shadows along the wall. She saw that someone was strapped to an upright table which was positioned at a slight angle and tilted back at the top. She tried to get a better view. Her heart rate was increasing from anxiety over what she would find. She did not see anything to contradict her belief the person on the table was naked. She finally arrived at a spot where she could see more. The poor creature had dark patches of hair, or fur, all over their body. The being was straining under some sort of physical change. Its body was thin and had very little fat over its bones and muscle, which was minimal. Visible perspiration was covering the areas of skin that were not covered under the dark mats of fur.

Beth advanced to a closer position where she thought she would remain hidden. From the new angle, she saw the person was flat-chest and had a translucent, rectangular enclosure, about the size of a shoe box, placed in the space directly in front of the genital area. From this, she assumed the subject of this experiment is, or was, a man.

Realizing her time was nearing its limit, she moved several steps closer, creating a new line of sight to the man on the table, and was able to see him thrusting against the enclosure. He was grunting and the table was vibrating from his movements. She squinted to focus more on the bound person.

Beth finally believed that she recognized the man’s penis. She had seen it before. And as the realization hit her, she let out a quick squeal before covering her mouth. The wretched subject turned his head. He had a visor over him, but she thought he had yelled out “Who’s…there? Help me! Grahhhh…send…help!” Regrettably, the message was consumed by grunts and growls instead of intelligible words.

Beth could not believe her eyes. Too shocked by the discovery of the man’s possible identity to give any further thought to his situation, she jumped to her feet and ran straight toward the exit at the tunnel. Without clothing, or a bra, her chest flopped around while she strode quickly. Her bare feet smacked against the smooth hard floor. She did not care. She turned into the tunnel and headed back to the cottage.

What the hell! Why did I see that? What is he doing in this god-awful machine?! Beth’s brain screamed at her. This was a piece of horror that she was completely unprepared for.

She burst through the doorway of the virtual cottage and quickly turned to shut the door behind her, as if closing it securely would delete what she had seen and heard. That part of the machine would stay away from her. That could not be real. Empathy is just making stuff up! Or my mind is playing tricks on me, she deduced.

After latching the door, she heard a familiar voice. “I was wondering when you’d return to me.”

Beth felt a tight grip on her shoulders and felt herself being flung back onto the quilt-covered bed. Landing forcefully, she found herself in a vulnerable position. She lifted her head to see Serena looking over her. The girl was staring at Beth’s opened legs and exposed breasts.

“There is something inside you that makes you very strong, sweetheart,” said the aggressively-positioned teen. “I intend to conquer you and then force that secret out of you. You will be mine. And I will be your mistress.”

“I beat you at your game already, and I can do it again,” Beth protested to the oversexualized persona confronting her. Surprisingly, Serena leaned forward and placed her hand on Beth’s jaw and squeezed slightly.

“Enough of the talking,” said the teen through angry clenched teeth. “I do not want to use pain on you. But if you continue talking….” Serena’s eyes glowed white hot around the edges. “Do you understand, Danielle?”

Wary of the sudden change of events, Beth nodded in compliance and Serena removed her hand. Beth decided it was wiser to go along and see where this leads. She had no idea of how far an angry Empathy would go to hurt her. If Empathy gets violent, I’m in a bad situation.

“Good,” replied Serena. Then, switching to her more seductress persona that fit her character more appropriately, she cupped her right breast. She then offered it to Beth and said, “Suck on me.”

The tanned sloping curves of the girl’s mammary consumed Beth’s view as she willingly gave in to the compulsion. Her femme was cheering her on. She latched on and began sucking in earnest. The embers of her arousal began to regain their healthy glow.

“That’s right. Oooh…be my baby…my sweet, tender baby,” whispered the digital teen. “And I’ll be…you…your…ahhh, mistressssss.”

Beth’s curiosity to understand Empathy’s motivation for the sudden shift from angry to sexy slowly drifted away. Beth looked into the girl’s eyes and held the gaze as she continued to consume the breast. She felt her muscles begin to tighten and heartrate continue its upward climb. She was climbing levels of arousal; a pursuit she knew was predicted by the increasing moisture between her legs. Her pang of longing was higher than normal since she had not climaxed earlier in the session.

Her femme, who had encouraged this reengagement of passion, could barely be heard in Beth’s mind. Beth did not care nor notice at the time.

“Mmmm…so…mmmm…good,” verbalized Beth, enjoying her situation and the taste of the pink female flesh between her lips and in her mouth.

“You’re doing so good, baby. Suck as long as you want,” Serena said as she softly stroked the older woman’s cheek. “This is your own way of embracing your inner lesbian, isn’t it? And look…your need…is for…teens…teen girls. I think you crave girls like…me. Free the lesbian that’s in you. I know…ohhh…you have it…in you…uhhh….You are showing me…ohhhh, my…so much about you.” Serena closed her eyes and savored the pleasure.

Like teens? Like teen girls? Oh, that does sound good. This one tastes yummy. I like yum-yums. My mistress is a teen girl. I like her. I must like all teen girls. Beth began to feel the craving was real and yet so foreign. It was so improper and so unlikely, but now it was making sense. She wanted to relive her senior year at high school and all of her college years. She missed so much, missed so much love of her mistress. She was surrounded by young, nubile beauties there. I don’t want to hide those desires anymore.

“Mmm…grmph…ahhh…hmmmm….” Beth kept at it, pausing only for the infrequent gulps for air. She was reveling in Empathy’s unrestricted responses in this session, a path to higher and better eroticism.

Serena then gently unlatched Beth’s mouth from her breast, causing a quick “thwop” sound and Beth yearning-filled “uhhh” as she reached for it again. Serena pulled back a bit.

“Not yet, my baby, sweet Danielle,” began Serena. “You’re going to get a special treat from me. It’s a special lesbian treat that only your Mistress can give you. Almost nobody gets this Sapphic delight, but you, my baby, deserve it sooooo much. And after this, I will satisfy your thirst for lesbian love.”

Oh, I can’t wait! I can’t wait. I want it sooo bad. I am so horny right now.

“Once you’ve tasted me fully, and filled your cute, precious belly, you’ll always be with me. There’s nothing that will separate us.”

Anything! What can it be! Beth felt an immature excitement sprout in her mind. Wait. Why is that my answer? Beth felt a confusing conflict now. Who’s in control here?

As Serena sat up on the bed, Beth looked over her at the objects of her lust, her breasts. The one she had been sucking was flushed pink, covered in saliva and moisture, and the cherry red makeup was worn off. It was the other breast, however, that took Beth completely by surprise and captivated her.

Instead of looking like a soft and pliable twin, it was larger than the first and had a very firm looking surface. Light blue vein trails were evident, leading to the pink areola, which was puffy, and the nipple extended outward. Copious amounts of saliva began to fill Beth’s mouth as she knew what was happening to that breast.

“Up here, Danielle, baby,” Serena smiled. “First, your lesbian treat, and then I’ll fill your belly.” The seductress then slid one leg over Beth’s and the other leg under, getting into a scissor position. Beth propped herself up as the teen moved even closer. She watched her mistress’ perfectly shaped pussy flower inch closer and closer to her own. The soft pink petals were darkened along the edges due to her own arousal, precisely symmetrical, and swollen to offer maximum titillation.

Beth watched as Serena’s flower made momentary contact with the insider of her upper thigh. “Mmmm,” she moaned aloud. Serena smiled cravenly and slowly scooted herself closer.

“Ugh…oh my, ah my! Oooohhhhh my!” Beth squealed as Serena made complete contact, pussy to pussy, and began swiveling her hips to rake her parts across the older woman’s tenders. Sensual power began flowing between them. They both found motivation to continue the fleshly interlude. “Oh yeah. Right there!” she continued. She looked over to watch Serena’s taut stomach flex and relax with each grinding motion the jewel at her belly glimmered as it caught the streams of sunlight. Her breasts hung in full view—one remaining supple and the other hardened and swollen.

Beth’s erotic tension was rising. The tribbing was getting ingrained in her mind as a virtual escapade that should be replayed over and over. There was no sign of slowing down as she was captivated in the thralls of Serena’s sexual influence. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Give it to me. Soooo good…so, so good…ugh…don’t stop…do me!”

The whispers and bass booms had reentered the background, though Beth did not really know when. They were just there and she did not really mind. She only cared about one thing, her own sexual pleasure.

Serena seemed to feel the same way. “That’s so good, Danielle! I want you bad. Real bad!” she said between heavy breathing. “This is…for…you…and then…you’ll be…be mine. Ugh!”

“O…Oooh…ahhhh…ahhh…yesssss…yes, yes…yes…ohhhh…ohmyyyyy…aghhhh…Mistresss! Agh!” Beth screamed Serena’s title as she hit her climax, driving and holding her tender parts against those of the teen beauty. Visible moisture flooded the surface of her flower and part of her upper thighs as her parts throbbed and pulsed. “That was so good. That was so good! So good…so good.”

Serena nodded in fatigued agreement and then smiled coyly as she untangled her legs from Beth’s. “Come over here. You’ve been breathing so hard, your throat must be dry. I can help that.” She moved to the back of the bed and encouraged Beth to join her.

My throat is very dry. All that moaning. Now she’ll take care of me. I am thirsty for her.

“Put your head across my lap. Let me share this Sapphic joy with you, sweetheart.”

Beth complied in the drowsy afterglow of her post-climactic state, laying her body on the left side, perpendicular to her Mistress. She lay on her back, placed her head on the girl’s lap, and looked up at the teen. Her view was somewhat impeded by the underside of a beautiful breast.

I need to show her I love her. To help her want me. I can give her something.

“I can give you something. Do you want something, Mistress? I can make you proud of me,” Beth babbled as she laid her head on the naked teen’s lap. “There’s a house, a big one. I’m going to get it for you. It is very special.”

“That’s good, sweetheart. I like gifts from my women,” said Serena. “You are so beautiful, Danielle. I’d be proud to be your one and only mistress.” She soothed Beth’s face and hair with her hand. “Would my baby like to stop talking and have her tasty treat now?”

Oh, yes, please please please. Give me. Give me! Beth nodded her head eagerly. Her mommy… err, mistress… gave her good things.

“Uh, huh,” was the only meek response she considered verbalizing at the moment.

“I knew you would. I’m getting to know you, and what you need so well,” Serena replied thoughtfully. “Here. Take. Enjoy.”

The girl looked down into Beth’s eyes as she took her right breast, swollen to a size noticeably larger than normal, and offered the nipple to Beth’s awaiting lips. Before she responded, Beth saw a drop of cloudy white fluid fall from the tip. It blazed a wet trail down the underside of the breast, all within Beth’s view. She felt her heartbeat take a jump. It was a feast!

Beth extended her dry tongue to try and catch it, but was too late. She licked her lips and retrieved the next one with an outstretched tongue as it still hung before dropping. She savored the sweet taste and then swept her tongue all around the areola, finding pleasure by moving it over the bumpy nipple. A couple more drops of milk formed at the nipple. Beth rid herself of resistance and latched on like a child craving her mother’s nourishment.

“Mmmm… mmmm… mmmm…,” moaned Beth as she greedily drank the milk from its feminine reservoir. She sucked the sweet organic fluid and swallowed it as it filled the back of her throat. The slurping noise became more common than the guttural moans.

She knew she had dominated this girl before, but she no longer cared to be in control. She did not want to be that anymore. She felt a need to be comforted by Serena grow. Her dependence on her was increasing. Only her Mistress mommy could give her life.

A fountain of Sapphic love-milk was flowing between her lips. The rush of milk passed over her taste buds of her tongue, registering its pure sweetness. It then accumulated in the back of her throat, more and more with each suckle, until she swallowed and sent the nourishment into her belly.

Empathy’s Serena seemed pleased with the situation, experiencing a genuine maternal satisfaction. “Keep drinking, little one. Keep sucking for my lesbian milk. It changes you inside, deep deep down inside. Once you fill up with it, you’ll never want anything else.”

Beth absolute believed those words. Only mommy’s lesbian milk will satisfy me.

“You want me to be your mommy Mistress, Danielle?” Serena asked.

Beth’s heartrate had returned to arousal levels. Through lying on her back, she began curling her hips upward in an erotic grinding motion. Then she felt one, and then another one. Her sex was beginning to clench. It did not take long for digital Serena to realize what was happening with her.

“Ohhh. My, my, my. Baby needs a little more than just milk to feel better?” said Serena in a maternal voice. “Mommy can help you with that.” Beth opened her eyes to look up at the girl after she responded. Serena then lifted up her left hand to show Beth what she had.

Between her thumb and finger Serena held a lopsided purple “u”, a soft toy about two inches wide on the long end and a little bit thinner on the shorter end. Beth curled her hips upward. She felt the place between her legs clenched again at the top of the movement.

“Do you want this?” Serena asked.

“Mmmm, hmmm,” the grown woman attached to the teen’s milky breast responded.

“Sweetie, I can’t understand you with your mouth full.”

Beth did not want to take the risk if she was kidding or not, so she unlatched her lips from the breast and replied, “Yes, yes,” she said. “Please.”

Serena appeared unconvinced. “Tell me who I am and what you want me to do.”

Beth was agonizing in erotic frustration. Now she had to beg! She licked her lips, picking up a morsel of liquid sweetness, before responding more thoroughly. “My mommy Mistress, pleassssse.” Another droplet of milk forming at the surface of the darkened nipple tried to distract her. “Please help me feel better, my Mistress. You are mine. I am yours, and you can do whatever you want with me.” The need demanded the outrageous response, and Beth rushed the last set of words to bring her lips back over the wet areola, capturing the drop that was almost lost. She renewed her sucking of the nipple inside her mouth. In a few seconds she had to swallow again with a loud gulp.

Serena took the special vibrator toy and placed it between Beth’s legs. “Ohhhh,” Beth cried out, unintentionally losing hold of the milky breast.

A small jet of fluid squirted onto her cheek. Beth felt it begin to slowly stream down to her neck. She did not care where it was falling. She loved it. She flourished in the Sapphic waterfall.

Serena calmly spoke to Beth. “I think you’re really going to like this, sweetheart. I put the longer end at the entrance of my baby’s blooming flower. The shorter end is sitting on the rim of your dark tightness,” Serena winked at her, knowing Beth understood.

“Uhhhh,” said Beth, feeling the toy move a little without any influence from Serena.

“It’s a special toy, dear, that you’ll only get to experience in this world with me. Now that I’ve turned it on, it stays in place and vibrates and then…every minute or so…it will move just a teensy-weensy bit into you.”

“Uhhh…ohhh,” Beth felt it creep just a millimeter toward her private parts.

“Mommy mistress could tell you more, baby girl,” said Serena soothingly, “But you’re so horny right now, I’ll stay quiet and let you enjoy it.”

Beth’s attention returned to the breast’s milky tip as the active toy vibrated with a quiet hum between her legs. The soft purr pacified her as she suckled.

After a couple minutes and about two millimeters, Beth felt the tip of the ends begin to spread her out. It was erotic agony going at this slow rate. Though she flexed her hips upward several times, forming a sheen of sparkly sweat across her midsection, the toy refused to budge from its position. “Ahhh,” she moaned. “Come on!” she cried.

Serena cradled Beth’s head in her arm while she was trying to drain the remaining milk and used her other hand to massage and knead the woman’s breasts. She rubbed along the contours and then erotically dragged her cherry-red fingernails across the surface of the matured dark areolas. She repeated the pattern again, caressing the contours and then dragging her fingernails, catching the nipple in the swipe. The movement caused an extra shock to reverberate through Beth’s body. Serena repeated it over and over again.

“Ohhhhh, my. It’s getting in there…deeper…my pussy is…on fire!” Beth said to Serena.

“Tell me how it feels, little Danielle.”

It had been more than ten minutes since the toy embarked on its slow approach. “It’s past my flower….Uhhhh….Uhhh…urgh,” Beth groaned. She shut her eyes and tensed in response to the torment. “And my…my tight…tightness has stretched.”

She opened her eyes again to show Serena a dazed look. “Argh…ahhh…it’s never felt…there before…so deep…gahhhh.”

Serena remained somewhat passive and in control, smiling. “Where’s that again, baby? Keep drinking from mommy. Calm yourself. Shhhhh…just give in, baby Dani.”

Beth slurped a couple more droplets of milk from Serena’s breast before looking at Serena and answering. “Ugh…in my…my asssss….” Beth tried to driver her hips down into the bedding to force the toy deeper into her tightness, but was unsuccessful with that attempt also. “Mistress… it’s so good.” She latched on for more milk.

“Your little pucker, your tightness, feeling so wonderfully stretched? Well, you need to feel that for your training, your conversion,” Serena explained.

“Mmmm, hmmm,” Beth agreed.

“You need to feel taken, baby, and helpless. You’ve been in charge so long that now it’s time to be a baby. My baby.” Beth felt what Serena was saying made complete sense.

Serena continued, “You’re a strong-willed woman, with confidence and intuition, but you need to learn. You need to learn to serve and obey. My Dani baby needs to be a submissive.”

Beth closed her eyes, agreeing with every word and letting the truth resonate in her mind.

“You have denied your lesbian self. You felt it when we met but have not claimed it as your own. I’ll help you find it, make it strong, and use those desires in service to me. Your mommy Mistress will claim your sex, own it, and every bit of erotic self that connects.” Beth gave a satisfied whimper and moan as she left the nipple to gaze upon her Mistress’ face. She knew that the digital teen seductress was not exactly correct about her past, but this was no time for correction. It was only time for enjoyment. Liquid goodness dripped from the tip and down the curved underside of the now less-than-hardened breast, onto Serena’s stomach. Other drops fell on to Beth’s shoulder.

“It moves slow, but…it doesn’t take too long,” Serena said in her maternal tone to the enraptured woman in her lap. The statement diverted Beth’s mental focus back onto the slow-moving humming intrusion.

“Since you can’t see it all, I’ll tell you what happens next. While I tell my baby about your toy, keep drinking.” Beth complied.

“There’s nothing like my potent lesbian milk,” Serena reminded.

“The fun buzz-buzz toy will keep moving into you. It feels so yummy, doesn’t it! It rubs the walls of your little pussy so good, and buzzes your pucker tightness to make it bigger. So much that you’ll want…oh, don’t stop drinking. We’re getting to an important part of your transformation. It’s so good, that you’ll ask for it again…and again…and again…so soon, you’ll need it.”

Somehow Beth was convinced Serena was right about her future. She would need this treatment over and over again.

“But for now, as soon as it can’t go any farther into you, and when the curved part of the “u” is right against your perineum, it will rub against those nerves. It will buzz-buzz right where it feels good between your holes. Then, it will magically fill you up!” her Mistress exclaimed.

Beth’s eyes popped open. They first showed concern then fell into an anxious bliss. “Ahhhh… it’s…. it’s happening. Hooo! Hooo! Ughhh!”

Beth’s mouth let go of the breast as she stared straight upward. She showed no concern for the milky droplets that continued to fall. Beth’s whole body tensed—her face, her neck, her arms, her chest, and stomach. Her legs splayed out, toes extended. Her vocalizations started soft and got progressively louder.

“Ahh…oh…my…oh…ohhh…ahhh…oh…ahhhh…arghhhh…ohhhh!” She looked up at Serena as she grabbed the bedding in her hands. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! You…you did this…to me…ahhh…eeeh…mahhhhh.”

In a couple moments she let the tension break. Beth’s hands released the grip on the quilt. She looked at Serena with inquisitive eyes. “I felt that. It squirted. In me. It squirted in me! And… it was soooo gooood.” Her words finished in a dreamy tone. Her eyelids fluttered back to a dreamy state.

“Yes, honey. Shhhh, shhhh. Mommy’s here for you. The toy gave you a surprise.” Serena paused for effect. “In about a minute, you’ll feel it start again, another clench. It will be so deep, like an explosion under the surface.”

“Wha?!” Beth blurted, coming to her senses a little.

“Don’t worry, honey. Your Mistress will never let awful things happen to her new baby,” Serena’s words calmed Beth. “It’s just that your favorite toy, your buzz-buzz, squirted special liquid into you. The special stuff helps you feel the toy even more. So much that you’ll want the toy. It will feel so good to have the toy. And when you don’t have the toy, it will really bother you, and make you sad.”

Beth deciphered the meaning. She was now becoming addicted to the virtual toy.

“I feel funny,” said Beth as she lifted her hand to rub her fluid filled belly. “Uhhmm. Ummm… I think it’s starting.” Beth looked around as she was unable to keep from tensing in extreme sexual arousal. “I’m going to cum. Again! I’m cumming… ohh… uhhh… again!”

“Yes, my little Dani, another time,” said Serena, soothing the woman’s hair as her body was being raptured. “Oh, Dani, you’re so perfect. You’re my favorite. You were probably once a queen in your social circles, with the wealthy and the proud, but now you’re my baby slave. Oh, my Dani, Dani, Dani.” Serena said in baby talk.

Serena’s comforting began to fade in the background as another orgasm began its approach. Beth figured this was the eighth one in half as many minutes. She had no control over them and fear began spiking into her voice.

“No more. Not another one, mommy. No more. Ahhhh. Ohhhhh,” Beth yelled out loud. “Take it out! Please, mommy. Not…no, no, no…another one!” Digital Serena kept smiling at her.

Immediately the session was wound down. Beth felt herself quickly evacuating Empathy’s world. A countdown was in her visor starting at the thirty second mark. Calming voices were all around Beth. Multiple digital prompts were telling her how refreshed she would feel, like waking up from a perfect summertime nap. Beth’s mind remained in shock.

After the counting numbers hit zero and the light went green, the headgear was lifted above her head and the muted lighting of the Delivery Room shone in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry. That was too strong. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. Are you okay? Danielle?” The assistant girl was chirping at her. Beth tried to remember her name.

“How do you feel, Danielle?”

Beth now recalled it. She was Nicole. Beth felt completely disoriented.

“I’m really concerned about you, Danielle. Are you okay?” The girl, Nicole, asked again. She seemed really concerned.

“Yes. I think I’m okay,” Beth answered as Nicole began to help her out of the chair.

“Are you hurt in any way?”

“No, not hurt.”

“Are you angry?” Nicole asked quickly.

Beth’s orientation was gradually returning. “I’m good. I’m good, not angry.” Beth found her eyes looking at an unremarkable candle in the room and stay focused on it for a long moment. Her mind felt extremely sluggish and satisfied in not seeking additional stimuli.

Nicole snapped her fingers in Beth’s view and Beth turned to her. She felt like her vision was a little glassy. As their eyes met, Nicole gasped.

Beth picked up on that. “What is it?” There was a pause before Nicole responded.

“Are you feeling okay, Danielle? Any pain?”

Beth thought for a moment and decided to ignore her question. “Please call me Dani. I like Dani now. That’s what she chose for me.”

“Okay. Dani,” the lab assistant responded. She looked back into Beth’s eyes. “They look different. Your eyes, I mean.”

Beth felt a compulsion to explain things to this girl, Nicole. She spoke slowly and succinctly. “I serve her now. She seduced me. She claimed me. I drank the milk from her breast. Then she made me feel. I felt. Taken… felt taken… and owned… and I liked it. I satisfied me. Then the toy. She gave me the buzz-buzz toy. It put stuff in me, special stuff. I have to get more soon. Very soon. Do you think I can go back…soon?”

“Danielle, err…Dani, did you realize you were yelling out at the end of your time in Empathy?” Nicole steered clear of specifics to help avoid reintroducing unnecessary trauma.

Beth felt more aware now, looked down and then ran her hands up and down the front of her slick, naked body. Nicole was staring at her. Beth felt good about the attention and wanted more of it.

“It was so good. It wouldn’t be surprising that…I’d be yelling—from the incredible…oh…feelings. Wow, the things my Mistress did to me!” Beth paused. “Have you met…my Mistress, Nicole? She said…she loved me the most of all her girls.”

Nicole crinkled her eyebrows. “First of all, you were screaming. I know that sound. It was like you were being tortured. It was not a good feelings kind of yell. And what did you say about Mistress?”

“That I serve Mistress, and I’m her favor—“

Nicole interrupted her. “How can you be so sure? Maybe she says that to all of the girls.” Nicole’s tone became juvenile.

Beth would not let Nicole’s obvious jealousy dampen her current afterglow. “Oh, the way she made me feel. So good. She wouldn’t lie to me. Never. I trust her. I trust her with the deepest part of me. I know. I am her favorite.” She said the words in complete confidence.

“But women will adore ME!” exclaimed the lab assistant. She was clearly upset, like a promise had been broken. Beth observed as the jealousy morphed into anger. The young woman began mumbling and pacing. “I’m the most important. I have to prove my worth. I have to show dominance. There is a chain of command and I won’t be ignored!” Then she stopped

With an odd grin, Nicole looked at Beth. In the silence, Beth reflected on the differences between herself and the lab assistant. Her beautiful body overshadowed the physique of a very ordinary younger woman. It was like comparing a trophy-wife goddess to an unremarkable waif. She must realize that Mistress prefers my body over hers, thought Beth.

“I have met your Mistress, Danielle.”

“It’s Dani.”

“Dan-ee—yell! In fact, I know her very well,” Nicole said. Danielle showed cautious interest. “And she is helping me run these treatments, these help sessions.” Nicole began walking towards Beth, her shoulders back and chin up. She was trying to exude confidence.

“After you have received Serena—yes, I know her well—as your Mistress, and you’re doing with your session in Empathy.” Nicole was right next to Beth now, her arm brushing the top of the woman’s breast. “Then there’s another test.”

Of course, that made sense. Her Mistress would test her loyalty. “What kind of test?” Beth was interested in passing this test as soon as possible and continue on to her next stage of development.

“A very bold test,” Nicole whispered in her ear, “to prove you devotion to your Mistress as her newest lesbian submissive.”

Though Beth couldn’t tell if this was a legitimate test, the risk of failure was too great to not take the younger woman seriously.

“It’s simple, really. You are to serve someone who is more attractive than you are, such as our Mistress. You, Danielle…err, Dani, are very attractive and there are not many women who are more beautiful. What Serena wishes is for you to find someone more... average. Maybe she’ll be plain and ordinary. And you will tap into your inner lesbian, and service that woman’s sexual needs.” Nicole smiled and stepped back. “Then, and only then, will you prove your loyalty and the validity of your transformation to our Mistress.”

Beth felt perplexed and baffled at the challenge. How to find this woman?

Of course! Beth smiled. “Would it please our Mistress if I served you, Nicole?”

“Excuse me?”

“Well, no offense meant, but…you are…less physically gifted than I am. You’re kind of ordinary. Maybe our Mistress means to have me serve you.”

Nicole waited a minute before responding. “Yes, I think you’re right, Dani. You should serve me, even let me dominate you. You should satisfy me,” said the smaller woman.

“Satisfy you?” Beth wanted clarification.

“Yes. You’ll do that that, because I am a higher rank than you. You are the first of many women who will want me, who will desire me.” The young lady was trying to grab hold of her newfound boldness.

Beth could not resist. There was no compelling force to prevent her from complying with the apparent wishes of her Mistress. She was drawn to OBEY.

She walked over to Nicole, reveling in her nudity and the fact her breasts were right in her view when she approached. Nicole took her hand and guided her over to the sofa couch. “Now, Dani, undress me.”

Beth slipped the lab coat off Nicole’s shoulders and then took the hem of her dark tank top and pulled it up, over her head, and off. She then unbuttoned the front of the young woman’s low rise dark denim jeans and slid them down past her knees. Nicole gracefully kicked her jeans to the side and turned around, putting her back to Beth. Beth stood back up and unclasped the bra of the shorter woman. The straps slacked on the upper arms and Beth slid it smoothly down her arms and past her hands while leaning into her from behind.

The younger woman sighed and leaned back into sensual contact with Beth. She turned around and met Beth’s eyes. Her small breasts hung out in front, completely exposed to the entire room. Nicole tried to stand proud, hiding any sign of embarrassment at her shortcomings.

Then Nicole placed her hands on her hips and said, “There’s one more piece, Dani.”

Beth loved the sound of her new name. She appraised Nicole, licked her lips, and grasped the sides of the white cotton underwear. She knelt to pull them just past the girl’s hips and down her legs. She looked up and at her eye level was the start of a trimmed patch of dark pubic hair that led to a pair of uneven pussy lips between Nicole’s legs. Beth sensed the younger woman’s rate of breathing had increased at the exposure.

Nicole put both of her hands gently on the sides of Beth’s head. “Can you smell my lust, Dani? This is how our Mistress expects you to serve me. Now satisfy my need.”

Nicole stepped back, sat on the soft sofa, and brazenly spread her legs, tilting her treasures toward Beth. She looked down, past her lemon-sized breasts and flat stomach. She ran a finger along her labia, inviting Beth and sparking the erotic power. Apparently swimming in newfound lust-driven confidence, her eyelids dipped sexually as she looked at Beth and said with a stain of contempt, “Eat me…sub.”

Beth felt happy at the chance to obey. She crawled forward on her knees and leaned between Nicole’s outstretched legs. The labia were puffy and pink as Beth placed the flat of her tongue on it and licked up the length of the flesh. It was humbling and gratifying to have this woman dominate her. She sent shockwaves up the younger body, her strong and dexterous tongue revealing knowledge in advanced ways of pleasuring women. Every sexual ache that Nicole could have felt was addressed as soon as it arose.

“Good. Good. Oh yeah, right there. Oooh!” Nicole shared as her arousal built up. “Give it to me, Dani…ahhh. Love…me so…soo…gooood. Keep g…going!” Since Serena was testing her, Beth would have to drive Nicole out of her mind. Nicole’s responses showed more release of her self-control and she got louder. With a stab and a dig by the front of her tongue, Beth found that the woman’s pussy hole was accommodating with the overwhelming arousal.

“Arrrgh…uhhhh…ohhehhh…so, so…goooood.” At one point Nicole closed her legs on to Beth’s head but moments later they sprang back open. Beth continued to consume her pussy with a ravenous hunger.

As good as she was, Beth’s oral skills had taken a developmental jump forward as an after-effect of time in Empathy. She wasn’t only responding to needs, she was anticipating sexual itches. By tending to them as they transpired, Nicole was being held in a state of unruly passion. Beth’s tongue’s merciless stroking was followed by the soothing rub of her lower lip. Her tongue then dove into the pussy to initiate a feeling of being intruded and then a retreat so Beth could suck on the swollen tissue. Beth pulled back a moment and noticed the sucking momentarily turned the labia from pink color to a dark crimson. Then she resumed her activity.

Nicole grabbed the sides of the sofa as the onslaught continued. “Ohhhh…ahhh…Right there. Yes, yesssss…mmmmhhh.” Nicole lost the ability to say normal words and began only to emit noises, guttural sexual noises. A strong sexual aura, or charge, was building and linking Beth to Nicole. Nicole may not have sensed it, but Beth did. As her tongue and lips reached the juiciest part of Nicole, the younger woman began yelping about feeling “so alive”, then “so complete”, and finally “so fulfilled”.

Nicole began grunting in approval. “Grrmphh…grrr…nnnnnghahllll…ooohhh.” Nicole’s sweat and sex dripped and coated the inside of her thighs to her precious apex. Nicole’s abs began flexing hard as Beth’s mouth continued to feast. For a moment, sanity returned to the lab assistant.

“That’s right! That’s right. Oh, yeah… slave. Be my…animal.” The crude words were jarring, unexpected, and erotic. “B…bi…b…tch! Yeahhhh. Your place…ahhh…is betweeeeen my legggs.” Nicole breathed hard. “Know your place…ahhhhh!”

When she came, the orgasm arrived fast and hard.

Beth felt the spike and subsequent flood of Nicole’s climax at the end of a tongue stroke across the inside edge of her saliva-soaked crimson-colored labia. Nicole let it out in one passion-filled orgasmic scream that echoed throughout the lab.

“AHHHHH,” Nicole release as Beth kept her lips on the pussy as spasm after spasm resulted in shudders flowing up and down the younger woman’s body. After many seconds, her body was able to start relaxing and exhaustion soon enveloped her like a blanket.

Nicole looked down at Beth, who responded with a pleasing smile. Beth then got up off her knees and picked up a nearby throw blanket and used it to cover Nicole’s naked body. Nicole looked up and whispered “Well done” before allowing her eyes to close and her mind to rest.

Beth watched her fall asleep, standing nearby in her own swirl of post-arousal bliss. Her breathing was returning to normal and her heartrate was decreasing. The young researcher looked so peaceful.

As Beth got her clothes back on, she felt the treatment session had been very successful. She had finally met the woman in the machine, Serena, who was her new Mistress. Beth looked forward to servicing her again and again. That was the point, wasn’t it?

Beth exited the glass doors of the lab building. For a second, a thought that something was wrong crossed the deepest surface of her consciousness. It caused her to stop walking, but the thought disappeared as quickly as it appeared. “Must be nothing,” she said to herself as she began her drive home.


The world slowly faded back into view after Nicole stretched her arms and legs out. She swallowed twice and found her mouth was parched. She remembered the reason for the dryness and smiled broadly. She had never demanded, or even requested, another woman to treat her like that.

Am I really that kind of person? She asked herself. A sense of wariness cast a shadow over the physically-thrilling memories. The unusual tint of the recent past triggered a moment of self-reflection for the deep-thinking scientist. She relaxed her naked body into the soft sofa and brought the throw blanket over her chest and tucked it under her chin as she began to think.

She thought back to the hours of preparation for this session. She had intended for Empathy’s settings to self-correct, reverting to a more flexible state in response to the alien presence in the seat. Instead of a guest, Danielle had been would be treated as a foreign entity. That was certainly what had happened.

Nicole placed high value in impressing Danielle, or “Dani” as she now preferred, with her scientific genius.

Then she thought of the time she spent looking at herself in the bathroom mirror. She had always been very critical of her physical attributes, or glaring lack of them. The only redeeming quality she had was a firm set of butt cheeks, compensation from the several early years of competitive gymnastics. They were like a pair of firm oversized peaches. Of course she did them a disservice by covering them with just a pair of plain cotton undergarments. They deserved better coverings.

She flexed her arm to make a muscle and nothing appeared to happen, nothing showed up. She was a lot stronger during those tumbling days and now her body was letting her down. Wow. I am pathetic!

She thought about Danielle, who was quite toned and firm and then she thought about Jessica O’Dell, their first subject. She was muscular without even trying. She thought of Jessica fondly and was looking forward to seeing her again. Isn’t she due back here any day?

Nicole had freshened up, touched up her dark mascara and light makeup, and brushed her hair before greeting Danielle. Even after those improvements, her low-grade appearance paled in comparison. Ugh, I’m awful.

And then the moment the older woman invited her to inspect her breasts. That was amazing, she thought. And the promise from Serena kept ringing through her mind, that women will desire her. At that moment, she felt the reverse. With her hand on that perfect breast, she was melting inside. Lust was filling into her. She savored the taste.

After Danielle was put into Empathy, Nicole went back to the control room. There she accessed the special monitor and headphones to watch the entire session. She was a silent observer of Danielle’s experience. Nearly everything was seen through Danielle’s eyes as Empathy tracked her line of sight. Nicole enjoyed the encounter far more than her ethical boundaries allowed.

When the older woman met the seductress in the fluorescent park, Nicole felt drawn in. Her obsession over the details increased when she realized Serena was not wearing a bra. The broadened parameters of Empathy’s settings would obviously be revealed in a very liberal sexual content.

It didn’t take long for the lab research assistant to experience the base physiological response, arousal, as she continued spying. What she was watching amounted to lab porn of the freshest kind. Only watching two people having sex in person could top the intensity. Without thought, she had slipped her hands inside the front of her jeans, finger running over the front surface of her panties. That was nice, she recalled.

When Danielle took the end of Serena’s breast into her mouth, Nicole imagined how it would feel to wrap her own lips around the soft, pliable mass. To be connected in that manner would be a taste of bliss.

During the first sexual encounter she was surprised to find Danielle’s bio-reading remained stable. The digital Serena was not affecting her as much as Danielle was affecting Serena. Something was very different about the human subject this time around. Nicole considered how she would react and the thoughts were very different.

Then Nicole thought about the intense encounter the second time around when Serena basically drove Danielle insane with lust. Nicole’s fingers had crept beneath her panties by that point and they were vigorously rubbing her clit, bringing herself to eventual climax. Nicole would not have expected that to happen until Serena was alive and reactivated after Danielle ran out of the tun-

“Oh my goodness,” Nicole whispered out loud. That tunnel! It was not to be discovered by anybody, not even Nicole. That was the hidden link between Empathy, Serena, and West Coast Digital.

Nicole thought about it more and then remembered the voice, the body, and the face. She recalled the man strapped to the upright table. He called out to Danielle. He called for help. What in the world?

Nicole felt her curiosity grow. The researcher in her was taking over. She had been successfully adhering to her curiosity so far- another trip would not hurt.

Conveniently Nicole was still naked under the blanket. She pulled the covering over her shoulders and walked over to Empathy. “Nicole, this is crazy,” she said to herself as she climbed in, leaving the blanket on the floor. Being naked in Empathy was novel, as she normally kept her bra and panties on, but joy-riding in the machine with its more strict parameters in place was not.

She pulled the headset and visor in place and activated the machine using hidden code combinations inside the right glove. Her world became dark. Moments later, she was moving through an abbreviated introduction and then arrived at the fluorescent park.

The landscape was light on activity this visit. No one was on the benches or taking walks on the encircling sidewalks. She found the bench where Serena had made out with many girls in past sessions, but it too was vacant. Digital Serena was not in the park. Does Empathy know I’m arrived?

Nicole then located the familiar set of evergreen trees. She followed the dirt trail that went around them and then caught a glimpse of Serena’s cottage. The bright glow of her natural environment extended to the exterior dimensions of the one-room oddity. The exterior glow was cobalt blue in this world. She hurried along the path to the shelter that was only about fifty yards away. She felt her heart beating, assuming that computer displays showed her bio-readings were steadily climbing away from their baseline “normal”.

The door to the cottage was unlocked, of course, and Nicole entered, hearing only the patter of her own bare feet. The lack of acknowledgement of her presence continued. There were no background voices or scenery noise and no digital apparitions to greet her. All of this was very strange and uncharacteristic, and also possible with the settings Nicole had given the machine. No longer was Empathy obliged to behave in any standard or uniform way. It was freer to adjust its own reactions after considering all factors including the person, the timing, and its own motive. It continued to adapt to the new settings that provided more freedom than before.

Nicole remained naked in Empathy, but her sexual vulnerability had yet to serve a purpose. Her feet padded over to the dresser and the hourglass that hovered over the top. She grabbed the top edge and turned it 180 degrees, as she had seen Danielle doing, and the front door mechanically popped open, revealing the inside walls of the tunnel. She walked to the entrance and sauntered inside about seven or eight steps before she paused.

“I should get a blanket,” she said as she recognized her nudity. She turned to go back into the cottage but was halted when the door closed with a thud. Not believing it was happening, she tried the handle of the door. It did not budge.

“Great,” she mumbled. Obviously Empathy was now aware and now had a plan. She felt like one of her own lab rats, utterly confounded when a segment of wall blocked the path in a maze. The only way was towards the light and the end of the tunnel. How theatrical. How clinical.

Feeling more self-conscious and far more fear than arousal, Nicole covered her breasts with one arm and put her other hand over the front of her pubic mound. The positioning prevented her from taking normal strides, increasing the time it took to cover the distance. It honestly did not matter how long it took she figured, for time in the virtual world was inconsistently skewed compared to reality. They never lined up with each other. Temporal distortion with the outside world was extended exponentially the longer she was in Empathy’s world.

After leaving the tunnel, she got to the warehouse-sized enclosure with a floor covered by crates. She stopped and listened. There was a large powerful light being emitted from a source to her left. She also heard voices coming from that area. She crept behind the large boxes, moving from one cover to the next. Each step brought her closer to the voices and the light. She wondered if Empathy knew where she was. Maybe not, but what if? There wasn’t anything she should be doing differently at the moment. Fate had not given her a fork in the road. Closer and closer she crept on quiet bare feet.

The voices became more than just muddled murmurs as she drew closer to the source of light. At first the glow of the bright white bulbs kept her from deciphering any nearby shapes. The illumination was brighter than when she was third-party observing through the monitor. Her eyes adjusted after a minute and she began to see more clearly.

There were two people, women it appeared, standing near an instrument panel of sorts and observing an object about twenty feet from them. Nicole remembered there was a man, or at least he sounded masculine, that was fastened to a table. That was all she could recall at the moment so she wanted to try to get a better look. In order to do that, though, she’d have to circle the perimeter closer to the women without being noticed. In this digital world, Nicole did not expect that to work. Empathy would allow her escapade to go on for only a limited time.

The two women were wearing white lab coats that extended down to their mid-thighs. Nicole was able to make out the Hecate emblem above the left-front pocket. The women were talking at a volume that was nearly discernable, but she had to get closer to be confident of what she was hearing. Pat, pat, pat went the sound of her feet against the smooth concrete floor. Nicole tried to be stealthy.

“We have been expecting you, Nicole,” called out one of the women. “You can come over here. You are safe. We are colleagues after all.”

“Um, I would but…I, uh,” stuttered Nicole as she peeked past the crate she was behind.

“Oh, that is right. I forgot. You are probably less than dressed. Ms. Meyers, would you get a Small, no make that a Medium, lab coat for Miss Nicole?” Just seconds later, the shorter woman, Ms. Meyers, approached the box Nicole was behind and handed a size Medium white Hecate lab coat over to her. She slipped it on, cinched the front closed with the three buttons, and came out from behind the obstruction.

“Great, now the three of us are together, as we should be,” said the taller woman.

“I’m sorry. You know me, but I don’t know you, or even if you are real people,” Nicole said.

“I can assure you that we are quite real, Miss Nicole,” said the shorter woman.

“I’m still not sure. Who are you?” asked Nicole.

“Well, I’m Cynthia, Cynthia Meyers. And this is my boss, Director Genevieve Powers. We both work for Hecate Pharma,” said the woman with a voice that was less abrasive than the other’s voice.

“Hecate? The big drug company? How? How are you here, in my machine?”

“We could ask you the same thing,” said Powers in a rough tone. “You were not supposed to locate the feed, but here you are.”

“Here? Where’s here?” Nicole was getting frustrated by the aloof answers.

“Okay, let me explain it to you,” answered Cynthia. “The connection from Empathy to Western Digital Solutions actually is sourced from our lab at Hecate. We’re the parent company of WDS. You found the feed that is used by the Help Desk, among others. We were notified of your impending arrival when you went through the tunnel.”

That made sense to Nicole, so far.

Cynthia continued, “So, you are basically a very realistic digital representation of yourself, as transmitted by the Empathy machine in the university lab, through the feed into our real life corporate lab. You’re here as a hologram of sorts. Normally, our people traverse the other direction, toward your Empathy. This time you found the back way here. You have already experienced much of what we deliver to your side through the feed.”

“Such as Mistress Serena,” interjected Genevieve Powers.

Cynthia appeared at ease with the interruption. It must have been a common occurrence. “Yes, that’s right. Just like the interactions you have with Serena have a physical impact, your presence here at our research facility is the same. You do have a viable physical impact over here now since you traversed the feed.”

Nicole’s mind worked on grasping the technology so advanced that it blurred the lines between Virtual Reality and actual reality. This concept was just a gleam in the eyes of many IT engineers so the fact that Hecate had an operational design was blowing her mind.

“Wow” was the only word Nicole uttered in response.

“Yes, it’s quite amazing, but much of what we’ve designed besides this are ideas that you birthed. We have the resources to launch the concept and take them farther than your university is capable of doing. In fact, we were building that machine at the time that you were constructing Empathy. We call ours the ‘Pill’. Much of your knowledge on ways to impact the subconscious was applied in the design of this machine. You would develop your concept and work with our help desk to incorporate it, and we would quickly replicate it into our own model and test over the same time,” said Cynthia.

“So, you stole my ideas….” Nicole spoke without thinking.

“Do not be childish,” quipped Mrs. Powers. “We are more like the development team that you never knew you had. You would have received credit.”

“So, now that I know about you, will I still be credited for my work?”

“Of course, dear. You and that Doctor…Freeman, is it? You both will still get the credit,” said Powers, “but we know that you are the true genius in that lab.”

The compliment made Nicole feel more at ease about the situation. Finally, her brilliance was going to be identified and recognized. Maybe this all was not as creepy or offensive as it appeared.

“Would you like to know more about the Pill?” asked Cynthia.

“Oh, yes I would,” responded Nicole. It’s time to hear how much they stole from me.

“Well, the equipment as it’s currently designed works on male subjects, not females. While your pursuit of female empowerment matches our overall goal, we took a different path to find ways to soften and modify the men in our everyday lives. In a relationship, women can be more empowered when the man is less empowered, and more compliant with the woman’s new role. If a woman wishes to branch out sexually, the man should accommodate the decision.”

Cynthia continued. “This is a conscious and subconscious assault on the man in addition to physical impact. Some men are stronger than they should be, and need some extra attention. The subject on the table up there is beginning another round of treatment in the Pill.”

Nicole turned to look at the person who was strapped to the upright modified gurney nearly twenty feet away. There was an oversized viewer blocking his face and many sets of wires strung from the equipment to the nearby control tower. He was completely naked and aside from the visor, and he was being physically manipulated by a tube that looked like a pump attached to his genitals and additional hardware further between his legs. She could hear soothing moans coming from him when the women were not talking. Any fat that was on his body was being steadily burned away, changing his whole appearance.

Cynthia walked up to the instrument panel. “He’s on a low grade application right now. It’s quite soothing to him but very effective when administered over a long period of time.”

“Is that an IV attached to his arm?” Nicole asked and stepped over to the instrument panel also. She was feeling more comfortable with these two, her colleagues.

Powers answered. “Yes, it is. It is delivering physical nourishment and also a psychotropic compound we call CHMP.”

“C-H-M-P. Like ‘Chimp’?” asked Nicole.

“Well, yes, Nicole,” answered Cynthia who looked over at Powers before continuing. Powers nodded in return. “We’re testing the effects on our subject here. We believe its effects will be different with him than when it’s administered to females.”

“And, how did you develop it?” asked Nicole.

“We did not create it. It is not entirely artificial. The entire organic base was provided by you,” responded Powers matter-of-factly. “We modified it a little from there to be more receptive to the human body.”

Nicole gulped. She didn’t recall sending any organic material to anyone, especially not to Hecate Pharma. “You call it CHMP.”

“Yes, we have established that, darling,” Powers responded.

“There is so much to tell you, Nicole, but before we get to that point, I would like to hear your thoughts on the situation we are encountering with this subject.” She indicated the subject strapped to the table.

Nicole was interested in the challenge. Even though she was just a virtual presence, they wanted her to prove her worth in their work environment. If she got this right, they would be impressed with her. Additionally, they were in contact with Serena. A good word from them could secure her importance in her Mistress’ eyes.

“What are you aiming to accomplish with this treatment?” Nicole asked, keeping the terminology professional.

“Every woman can make a man cum. We want to capture his sexual essence,” answered Genevieve solemnly.

“Umm. What is that, and why would you want that?” Nicole felt like an amateur again.

“Theoretically, we believe that a man’s sexual essence is the sum of all the nerves firing and chemicals exploding at the peak of orgasm, at that single moment. Every man has a different pattern, like a fingerprint. By capturing the essence of this man, we can understand it better. Also, the capturing the man’s sexual essence leads to creating other theories that may be beneficial to the Gender Empowerment for Women,” Cynthia added.

Sounded harmless enough. “I’m just a virtual presence. How can I help?” Nicole asked. Although she hoped the man would get rewarded for all of his troubles, the puzzle they pursued intrigued her. Her boss, Will, always told her that every discovery carried a cost.

Cynthia answered, “You can manipulate the real controls virtually. We’ll show you how the controls work, and using your knowledge and intuition—“

“You will get it out of him,” Genevieve added coolly.

“Come up to the control panel,” encouraged Cynthia. Nicole lost track of the fact she wore only a lab coat that fell a couple inches beyond her butt until she began walking and feeling the worn cloth edges. She stepped up on the control podium, feeling more exposed than before, but less than when she was naked. She looked over at Cynthia.

I wonder what she looks like under her coat. Damn it, Nicole don’t get distracted. Stay professional. Focus! Impress these women. The thoughts rolled through her mind.

As she drew closer to the panel, the man’s moaning was more distinguishable and distracting. Cynthia had to raise her voice a notch so Nicole could understand her.

“Here’s the treatment controls, Nicole.”

Nicole looked over each one, noting the differences in terminology.

“To the upper right, these are his biometric readings. The ones in green are his current baselines and the red numbers are actual values. The baselines are recalculated every 24 hours.” Nicole was impressed with the advanced approach that allowed the researchers to account for the man’s physical ability to adapt to the stress he was experiencing over time. It was a variable her university lab project was not able to track.

“So, let me get this straight. You want me to bring this man to sexual climax, and not only catch his physical essence but also his complete physiological and mental sexual essence?” Nicole clarified.

“Yes, Nicole. You need to find the perfect point for this subject,” Genevieve said. “And we are going to watch you work.”

I need to impress Cynthia and Director Powers, Nicole thought. Achieving those goals seemed very important. She approached the board, noting the level of stimulation from the Pill. Her experience in monitoring and adjusting the controls of Empathy began to kick in. She took in a breath.

Fortunately the levers under her control were labeled in longhand instead of the lab-specific shorthand that was usually found. One set was grouped under macro-adjustments and headed three controls—genital manipulation, visual aggression, and audio aggression. The other set was grouped under micro-adjustments and was more numerous. A quick scan over the field of buttons and dials revealed numerous and varied ways to deeply manipulate the man’s experience. That kind of power would be intoxicating for both the subject and the operator. She felt its tingle but remained focused.

Nicole made an educated guess that the dials that controlled micro-adjustments would be the least hazardous to the subject. It would allow her to learn the machine’s capabilities. Of the set of small dials that were related to the macro-lever ‘genital manipulation’, she moved the dial marking from a three to a five and looked up to observe the reaction.

At first there was no alteration to the low, guttural moans the man was releasing. In a few seconds, however, she saw the man’s hip flexors activate and move off the surface towards the source of the stimulus. She imagined the increased tugging on the man’s most sensitive organ and how it gave rise to a new wave of pleasure. All that happened with the minor increase of a single dial, she thought.

He was moaning louder now. His hips kept moving forward, back, forward, and back. Each time, he was peeling parts of his sweaty skin away from the stainless steel surface of the table, but it sure seemed worth it to him. There was clearly lubricant in the box and she could see through the clear plastic that his member was fashioning a reddish color. He could do this for hours.

“Even little stimulation over an excessive amount of time can be torturous,” said Genevieve while standing behind her. “Of course, if that is the way you like to be…”

In response, Nicole dialed the suction back to level three. She didn’t want to be perceived as a torturer or mad scientist. She was to be seen as a professional, pure and simple.

“Actually, Director Powers, I think Nicole has chosen the right approach. The subject was surely enjoying the stimulus and his heartbeat, and muscle tension indicated his arousal was surfacing,” replied Cynthia.

Nicole reached to the dial again and increased the level of suction from three to four. It seemed to be a compromise of the current discussion. Even if she was just a hologram in this lab in reality, Empathy was equipped to deeply analyze every movement she intended to make, even the most subtle, and cause the levers and dials to move as she intended.

“While we are focused on his manhood,” said Genevieve, “You will want to know the next dial to the right controls the physical pressure around it. Like a tightness adjustment—the higher numbers feel more virginal while the lower numbers are for more experienced, or veteran, tightness.”

“But you don’t want him to orgasm yet,” reminded Cynthia.

Nicole turned around. “And that is because our goal cannot be achieved in such a short time, right?”

“That is right. You will not get what you want. Like in real sexual intercourse, longer and greater amounts of foreplay lead to more peaks and plateaus of arousal. You have not reached enough plateaus yet to be sure you will reach his ultimate peak,” Genevieve said without a smile.

“Think of it like you’re driving him up to the top of Mount Everest, where the peak is the highest sexual high he can ever experience. Allowing him to orgasm and ejaculate now will be like barely reaching the first base camp and then discontinuing the rest of the trip,” added Cynthia.

“And you want to capture his essence. The best capture will happen when he is most vulnerable. You want him to be completely gone mad with lust,” Genevieve said as she continued to observe Nicole closely.

Nicole turned back around to the controls, her naked breast tips sliding across the inside of the rough material of the lab coat. She closed her eyes and breathed out slowly, a little trick to help deal with the pressure and return to focus. Once that was done, she decided the ideal way to bring this man to his ultimate peak would be to empathize with him. She should feel like she was in his place instead of being a detached, clinical observer.

Knowing that Cynthia and Genevieve cared most about results and don’t concern themselves with the means to get there, it seemed worth the risk. She looked at the pair and said, “In order to complete this assignment, I…um…,” she gulped. “I need to feel how the subject is feeling. Well, sort of. I think that I need to bring my carnal side to the surface.”

Nicole’s concern about whether the other women understood her suggestion was answered quickly. Genevieve broke out of her frozen expression to smile and said, “Of course, we can help with that.”

Neither woman moved in response but continued to watch Nicole. Not wanting to keep them waiting, she looked back to the board of controls. How would she get herself aroused? Wouldn’t it be weird to do it in front of them? How far will I go for science?

While one hand was still on the dial that changed the ‘dynamics of visual’ component, Nicole brought the other hand up to start caressing her small left breast. There was a soothing sensation as her hand groped through the rough material. Though it was nowhere close to where she needed it to be to reach her point of satisfaction, she did feel the pangs of arousal begin sprouting.

“Here, let me, Nicolette,” said a sweet young female voice into her ear. Nicole’s heart leaped as she turned to see Serena standing next to her. Her Mistress’ appearance was simultaneously overwhelming and subtle. After a few drawn out moments of staring into the beautiful eyes, followed by a deep gulp, Nicole and Serena kissed lips and let their flesh bond for a few seconds before they separated.

“I know you can do this. I’ll help you ‘empathize’ with him. I’ll take care of your other needs,” whispered Serena. “It’s worth it because I know you’re brilliant.” Serena’s lips were so close to Nicole’s ear that the soft surface made several contacts, sending shivers up and down Nicole’s spine.

Nicole looked at the exposed parts of the man in the Pill. Her focus returned. The instrument panel took on a new perspective to her. She realized the dials and sliders were laid out intuitively. They were placed in such a logical order that it occurred to her she could stop reviewing each tag before making a decision. She could go with her gut. Surely Genevieve’s patience was beginning to wane so delaying or being cautious was no longer an option.

The subject’s arousal had plateaued according to the display readings. It was not decreasing, fortunately. The stronger visual aggressiveness had probably stabilized him during her period of delay and indecision.

As Serena was fondling her breast through the lab coat and kissing her neck, Nicole turned to a macro dial to the right and moved a slider upwards. About fifteen seconds later the man moaned. He began moving his hips forward again. His heartrate was up a little also.

Though distracted, Nicole worked hard to concentrate on her task. Even with her ironclad focus, her mind kept skipping to the physical interactions affecting her.

Ohhh, that feels good.

Yeah, girl, right there. Feel me up, my Mistress.

These kisses are so soft, so perfect.

This was the situation she found herself. Her arousal was fully awake after the masterful foreplay by her Mistress and she had to remain on task. Soon, she let the pleasure and the professionalism blend together; it was exhausting trying to keep them apart. She also began responding verbally to Serena who was saying very little in reply.

“Oh yes. Ohhh, good.” Her eyes had shut momentarily to enjoy the feelings but she opened them again, observed the subject, and turned another dial upwards, a second nob down, and the corresponding lever up a half-notch.

Her eyes closed again as she stood. Serena’s hand had burrowed underneath the unbuttoned lab coat and was stroking the sides of Nicole’s breast. Although the soft tissue did not fill Serena’s palm when she cupped it, the tip of her nipple extended nearly a quarter of an inch and grazed her hand’s surface. Serena seemed to enjoy it as much as Nicole. Her Mistress would pull on it randomly, sending a surge of eroticism throughout her chest and down to her groin.

“Ughhh…mmm…that’s niiiice,” murmured Nicole.

She saw the man’s hips were moving, or thrusting, steadily back and forth. He was moaning hard. Sheens of sweat were forming on his chest. Nicole increased the aggressiveness of both the auditory and visual components.

She felt the back of her lab coat creep upwards, uncovering her rounded butt cheeks. A set of long fingernails was trailing over the surface. Her breath escaped for a moment and she felt herself slip into a new level of arousal. She instinctively squeezed her thighs together and felt the wetness between her legs for the first time in the encounter. Serena’s finger nails made trails over the inside halves of her cheeks, from her upper thigh to the lowest line of her waist. The subtleness of the masterful tease lit a craving in Nicole’s body for more of the same.

Nicole walked back a bit and leaned forward over the front of the controls. She spread her feet out a little more than shoulder-width. She did not care that her butt was now exposed; she wanted Serena’s loving more. Her Mistress was cupping her dangling breast with one hand, massaging and caressing the sides perfectly. The other hand was sliding slowly up and down her butt and inner thighs. Then a feminine nail made brief contact with the swollenness between her legs.

“Uhhhh…oh, my,” Nicole let out involuntarily. Her focus on the subject was obliterated for what seemed to be minutes. When she finally willed her eyes to focus, she found the subject’s heartrate was up to 185 beats per minute, then 190, and increasing rapidly.

The man’s vocalizations were drowning out the technical beeping of the machines in the room. His body was glistening with sweat and drips began to hit the floor beneath him.

“Keep pushing him,” Genevieve advised.

“But…,” Nicole interjected before another erotic shiver traveled up her spine. She looked back to the woman through half-closed eyes. Feelings fought against her concentration on the task.

“If you do not think you are up to the task, I can have Ms. Meyers step in,” said Genevieve.

“No, no. Uhhh…I can do this. I can do this,” Nicole repeated, not wanting to lose the Director’s respect.

“Alright. Serena continues only if,” Genevieve leveled her gaze at Nicole, “you keep pushing the subject past the extreme limits.” Her arms were crossed to show the discussion was settled.

Through the lust fog, Nicole saw Cynthia in a different light. She was watching Serena and Nicole closely, soaking up every detail, enjoying it. She seemed to like voyeurism.

The subject’s heart rate had passed 200 beats per minute, causing the digits on the display to change to yellow from green. Nicole felt concern, but that soon passed as Serena’s nail traced the outer contours of her exposed womanhood. Her fantasy was coming to life and Nicole couldn’t imagine it getting any better.

After another gentle but firm tug on Nicole’s nipple, Serena brought her hand back to Nicole’s hips. She felt both of her Mistress’ hands rest there. Every movement was prolonged, graceful, and unpredictable.

She looked back to the subject. She increased the suction on his penis and tightness around the shaft. The increase would mirror the level of sexual intoxication she was feeling. He would experience her level. Her own heart was pounding as Serena stood behind her, stroking her hips up and down.

Then Serena tugged her hips back further, allowing Nicole to support her upper body by holding the sides of the tabletop next to the control panel. Her breasts were hanging straight down toward the floor now.

“Push him, Miss Nicole,” instructed Genevieve.

As Nicole reached up to the master lever lever, which would increase the impact of all of the dialed settings at once, she felt the wet caress of her Mistress’ tongue slide over the surface of her delicate flower. It stroked the fire of her arousal. The one, slow, methodical stroke from the top to the base of her pussy opening sent a pair of spasms through her body. The eroticism was transferred between the virtual and actual reality.

The spasms shook her, made her feel as if her legs were turning into gel, and caused her to accidently pull on the lever further than she intended. The man let loose a squealing yelp. Nicole could not recover from the skilled onslaught; only brace herself for more. And the tongue made contact again, and again, and again. Each time it reached a fraction deeper in her.

Nicole lost awareness of what was happening with the subject, his moaning and the machine’s beeps melting into the background. Her sole concern was this Sapphic assault on her physique. She gave herself to it completely, reveling in the purest of sexual pursuits. She moaned as Serena licked her pussy lips. Serena was also moaning, and she mewed as well.

“Get ready,” Genevieve said, barely speaking above the other noises.

“Ohhhh…hmmm…eeeeh,” added the subject in the Pill.

“Nicole pay attention,” the Director said. “He is almost there.”

Peering up through the darkness of her lust haze, Nicole tried to be aware of the subject’s state. His heartrate was bursting past 240, then 245. Serena’s sucking of her petals pulled her back into oblivion.

“Nicole, look at the readings. Focus!” said the director.

Her hair’s bangs were starting to mat down against her forehead due to the heavy perspiration gathered there. She wanted to do well on the lab test, but she may have taken on more than she could handle. She wanted to give into her carnal cravings of the moment. It seemed no one had ever brought Nicole to the place she was now, not even Danielle. Her entire body was bursting with the feel-good electric current that originated with the tongue of her Mistress. Even her small A-cup breasts hanging from her chest had nipples that were extremely sensitive, amplified by what was being done to her.

“Nicole, you need to pay attention,” repeated Genevieve.

Nicole’s eyes popped open. The subject’s heartrate was nearing 270 and the tension and perspiration readings told her that he was likely at his precipice.

Her own body was quivering on the edge. She was losing control to Serena, an animal in her hands. Nicole began grunting in sexual urges, pushing her love box into the soft lips.

“Erghhh! Arghhh… ohhh… ahhhh!” Nicole’s animalistic sounds flew from her throat.

She looked up moments before the heartrate monitor flashed, then peaked. The other measurements seemed in line and she was able to depress the blue button to initiate the capture of the subject’s fluids and data to decipher his sexual essence.

Her own sexual explosion reverberated up and down her body, tremor after tremor, spasm, then another spasm. The raw sexuality of the experience rocked her. She felt the prudent, modest, careful girl inside herself start to peel away and uninhibited sexual hunger exposed. One after another, waves of orgasm hit. Her arms nearly failed to support her.

Nicole was breathing so hard that it took a couple minutes before the beeping sounds of the instrument panel returned her to full awareness. She looked up and saw that the heartrate was registering a zero. Suddenly a couple of burly techs with a gurney rushed into the lab to the subject and quickly began unfastening the subject and then lifting him onto the rolling bed.

“You did well, Nicole,” said Genevieve. “The sexual essence of that beast is ours now.”

“You timed that perfectly,” added Cynthia. “And you put on quite the show.” She smiled.

“Now you truly deserve me,” said Serena before she planted a wet kiss on Nicole’s lips. The taste of her womanhood mixed with the teen’s saliva. The blend of two fluids was an ambrosia on her taste buds.

When their deep tongue kiss disengaged, Nicole looked over at Genevieve. “How is he doing?”

Genevieve looked solemn and did not respond. Cynthia looked at the floor, also saying nothing.

The open lab jacket flapped against her chest as she turned quickly to see the beast, or the man, who was laying on the gurney. He was disfigured by many patches of dark fur on the surface of his body. Any body fat he had was completely consumed by the experience, leaving a lean but unhealthy physique. Nicole believed it was an effect of the special drug that he took. He was probably of average appearance when he began the treatment. His face was shielded from her view by one of the lab techs. The tech then moved to the side a bit, revealing his face.

His face was marred by several patches of the dark fur and his cheeks were drawn inwards, completely devoid of body fat beneath them. She was sure not even his own mother would recognize him as the beast he had become.

The techs then began wheeling him out and Nicole peered at his neck and torso. There was a dark red skin irritation, like a rug burn, about two inches wide that circled his neck.

Nicole gasped. She quick brought her hand to her mouth. No! It couldn’t be.

“Oh god!” she squeaked. That could not be right. There is no way. She looked again at the neck as he was rolled out of the lab. It was the one she had seen before, earlier that week, on a man she respected. It could not be a coincidence, could it?

Water began gathering in the corners of her eyes. “No!” she said aloud. She looked at the two women who were saying things to trying and calm her down. “No! No! It can’t be him.”

Nicole wanted to get out of there. She had an immediate claustrophobic feeling and felt the walls of the lab were closing in on her, and she was suffocating. She stumbled around with her lab coat flailing. Then a pair of hands took hold of her shoulders and turned her. She faced Serena who was holding her tight.

“Whom do you serve?” asked Serena.

“What?” Nicole didn’t understand the question.

“Who is your Mistress?” said Serena

Nicole looked right into her eyes. Tears dripped down the side of her face. “You,” she answered meekly. “I serve you, Mistress.”

“Say it again.”

Nicole took a breath. “Mistress, it is you I serve.” She felt more at peace as she looked into Serena’s eyes. They were hypnotic. When she looked away and at Genevieve, the peace dissolved. Her emotions began bubbling.

“You are our girl now, Nicole,” said Genevieve.

Nicole shook her head.

“You pushed the subject. That was expected. Now he is dead. That was not expected,” Genevieve stated. She stepped towards Nicole. “Bottom line, you succeeded. I did not think you had it in you.”

“But he’s dead!” Nicole retorted. She was amazed at how cold the Director behaved.

“It was a cost you were willing to pay,” Genevieve said calmly as she took another step toward the young lab assistant.

Nicole backed away a step, then another. The boxes and the tunnel were at her back. She bumped into the nearest crate.

“This can’t be real! It can’t be!” Nicole yelled. “None of this is real.”

She ran some steps, and then turned back to Genevieve and the others. “This is not really happening. There’s no way!” She turned and ran without stopping. She ran into the dimly lit tunnel, towards the door. She pushed the slam bar on the door and broke into darkness.

Now the headgear is around her. She removed her arms from the gloves and moved the helmet up, allowing her eyes to adjust to the lighting in the Delivery room.

Nicole exited from Empathy; her bangs matted the same way they were while in the virtual world. She was in a daze and questions flooded her mind. Confusion struck as to what to do or what to believe.

She began by rationalize that all that happened in Empathy was just imaginary, like a fancy computer game. She would see Will when he returns from his trip in a few days.

Then she wondered about loyalties and values. Is Danielle viable anymore? Is Serena my true calling, my destiny? Is Hecate good or is it evil? Does it even matter?

When she thought of what her Mistress did to her, she felt the buzz deep inside her core. It was so good letting herself loose to pure lust and getting randy towards Serena. Satiating her growling feeling of animalistic sexual hunger gave her a physical satisfaction that she rarely experienced.

Nicole slipped her clothes back on, shut down the computer system and equipment, and turned out the lights before leaving the lab. She felt a combustive mixture of emotions—lust, fear, anger, self-doubt, and a strange feeling of accomplishment.

Fortunately she departed from the lab at such a time she only had to wait a few minutes before the city bus arrived at the stop. She used her bus pass, which was due to expire the following week, climbed aboard, and took a seat across from a young couple. They appeared to be in their teens and were having a hushed conversation. Although she was emotionally flustered and tried not to eavesdrop, Nicole was able to overhear most of what was said anyway.

“It’s good that you wait for me after practice,” said the athletic-looking boy with his face leaning close to the girl’s face. “That way everyone knows you’re my girl!”

“I’d do anything for you, Donovan. I can’t imagine going through my junior year without you. We’re so perfect together,” said the perky brown-haired girl.

“So…you forgive me? You’re okay with everything now, Tina?” replied Donovan.

“I’m okay now. I wasn’t before. She was like all throwing herself at you, pushing her boobs in your face, getting you all hot and bothered. I don’t know why you had to go off and sleep with her, but I think, that, you know, we love each other even more. Our love is greater than one hot slut on one night,” said Tina quietly. “I’m positive you’ll never do that again.”

Nicole was sick to her stomach by the pathetic rationalizations of the girl.

The boy, Donovan, paused before responding. “Of course, never ever ever again. Just you and me, baby. Now…,” he smiled, laying it on thick. “Give me a little som’thin’ “.

At first, Tina responded, “Not here on the bus.” But with one look she gave in to his coaxing and the cravings she had for Donovan, the stereotypical jock.

Not long ago, Nicole considered the romantic before all else. She would have been like Tina. She would be willing to take any boyfriend just to have one. Someone special in her life was the first step to finding her soul mate. Now that has changed several degrees. Now she was sold out to the idea of real empowerment for women, and nothing less would do.

She felt a strong sense of pity for Tina. She is so clueless. He’s going to use her and cheat on her over and over again. She will just keep explaining it away.

Nicole began feeling an obligation to save her. Someday, I’ll be able to save her. She remembered Serena’s promise that women would desire her. That will be the first step to recovery—an attraction to me.

The young couple departed the bus a few stops before Nicole did. She was let off at the back corner of the Sorority House Row. She kept daydreaming about other women desiring her as she walked up the front porch and opened the door.

The house’s occupants had return to normal activities. Most explained the ‘heavy air’ incidence of several days ago similar to being drugged. In fact, they may have been. Nearly all the girls explained it away in attempts to deny what had transpired. Nicole’s mind had not explained it away.

She was no longer merely obsessed with her Mistress. She began considering ways to be a messenger to the girls around her to show them their need. They are so needy. The need me to teach them. The need to be delivered as fresh, nubile brides to my Mistress.

As she walked by, she noticed the long, smooth legs, the young bosoms, the beautiful hair both long and short, and manicured fingernails. Some wore lipstick, some did not, but nearly all had soft plump lips. Nicole noticed all of their features.

Some girls were having conversations while others were deep in study. Though there was no sexual activity tonight, Nicole couldn’t help but see the pairings from before and the pre-orgy activities that were being savored. She felt sexual tension in the room. She was highly sensitive to it. Obviously, the perceived level of arousal was very low, near non-existent to the others.

This is boring, Nicole caught herself thinking as she entered the kitchen. On the countertop was a milkshake in a glass and a note next to it. The note said, “Sorry I missed you.—B”. The shake was still frothy on top, indicating it had been made recently. Brenda must have waited pretty long for her but went to bed as Nicole returned home much later than usual.

She lifted the shake to her lips and began drinking. This one had a pleasant but subtle lime flavor. She liked the momentary sourness which was then consumed by a stronger sweetness. A bit of froth stuck to her lips. As Nicole walked to get a napkin, she noticed a large parcel at the end of the counter. Curious, she moved closer to peek as to whom the box was addressed. The label read “Miss Nicolette Bunning”.

A surprise! Nicole lifted it from the counter and discovered it was not heavy. It was bulky, however. She brought it over to the table where she was enjoying her shake.

There’s only one person who calls me “Nicolette”, she thought.

A sense of thrill ran up her back as she turned the parcel over and noticed the packing slip secured to the outside. She tore open the plastic sleeve and pulled out the paper. The writing on it was laid out like a set of instructions.

She skipped over the introductory part and jumped to the instructions.

“One,” she read to herself. “Do not shake the box. Two, do not open or unpack until you receive further instructions. Three, bring to your room and wait for my call.”

Nicole knew who would be calling. At least she had a pretty good guess.

She finished the shake and carried the box up to her room. She closed and locked the door behind her. She did not want any chance of being disturbed. Maybe this will help me figure out what I saw before and that it’s all my imagination and not reality.

She stared at the box as she set it down on the end of the bed. It would be disappointing to fail to follow such simple directions. Then the bedroom phone rang. Nicole walked over and picked up the receiver. “Hello?”

A sweet young female voice responded. “Hello, my Nicolette.” There was a slight pause before her Mistress continued. “Forty eight hours from now, you and I will meet for another session. It’s time to build a new you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Nicole replied before she heard a click on the other end.

The mystery of the call stirred Nicole’s curiosity. She wanted to know more. She looked around the room, wondering if someone was watching. She assured herself it was just paranoia. She took another glance at the large wall mirror, but then looked away. You’re just being silly, she thought to herself.

Nicole went over to the box with a pair of scissors and carefully inspected the packaging. It didn’t seem to be special. There were no strange sensors or warnings, so she began to cut through the tape.

The tape gave way against the somewhat sharp blades and Nicole opened the large box flaps. She then removed the top layer of bubble package which revealed the item below.

“What is it?” she asked aloud as she reached in to lift it out. She held the item at arm’s length as it hung down.

It appeared to be an exquisite piece of black lingerie but much more complex than the ones she had seen before. “This is the strangest teddy that I’ve ever seen,” said Nicole to herself.

A note was attached to one shoulder. She set the teddy down and read the note. “It is time for the new chapter. Sorry for your loss. Time to step up. You are the one in charge now.—G.P.”