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Bedazzled (Mr. Scade)

by Mr. Scade

Added 19 January 2019

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K convinces her two friends to visit a brand new leisure centre that is the talk of the town. With its decorated walls and disciplines some of them have always dreamed of trying, this place has more on offer than eye-catching designs on the walls and pretty women in skin-tight outfits that one can’t help but stare at too long... The classes here are designed to not just improve your body, but your entire way of seeing the world.

Chapter Length Added
A Prologue with an Electric Hum 1354 words 19 Jan 2019
A Warm-up with Coral Walls 8814 words 19 Jan 2019
A Work-Out with Strange Lights 6703 words 19 Jan 2019
A Stretch with Terrifying Revelations 10065 words 19 Jan 2019