The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Behind The Barriers

Like everyone else on the evening commuter train, Amanda stared forward vacantly. However, Amanda was not simply tired from a long day at work. She was deeply hypnotised, unable to do anything but sit quietly and obediently in the crowded train carriage, and no-one knew but her.

Amanda was in her twenties, average height and slim build with full breasts, and had a pretty face with pale white skin and long brown hair. Her face was relaxed and inexpressive, and her eyes were brown and unfocused. Like most of the other travellers she was smartly dressed, and was wearing heels and a long grey coat that covered her from neck to ankle. But unlike the other travellers, she was naked underneath.

No-one had noticed that she was in a trance, and no-one would. None of the commuters spoke to strangers on trains; if they did then would likely be ignored, treating any unusual friendliness with suspicion. If anyone asked the glassy eyed Amanda if she was feeling okay then her entranced silence would seem nothing out of the ordinary. But no one asked anyway.

Her nipples were stiff and rubbed at the inside of the coat, the coarse material sending little shivers of pleasure through Amanda’s sensitive skin. Her pussy was damp beneath the coat. Her legs were slightly spread, and the end of a dildo was nestled between her thighs, deep in her pussy and vibrating against her clit. Every now and again she would slowly squeeze her legs together, pressing the buzzing dildo against her clit, just as anyone may occasionally shift position in their seat. Her own movements were unusually rhythmic, but because they were so slow no one noticed.

The insistent buzzing of the dildo clamped between Amanda’s legs was drowned out by the noise of the engine and dampened by Amanda’s own flesh, and so she sat, unable to do anything but slowly ride the dildo between her legs with shallow, squeezing strokes. Even the smell of her arousal was trapped in the hot, moist area between her legs and the coat which was tightly closed across her naked body.

She was deeply hypnotised, conscious mind serenely floating in obedient trance, but part of her realised where she was, and silently screamed out for help. This tiny part of her hoped that someone would notice that she was in a state of trance and somehow snap her out of it, but she was also ashamed at the thought of being caught naked beneath her coat, dildo buried in her wet pussy and clearly highly aroused – she would be humiliated. Still, no one noticed her, and she couldn’t do anything except slowly grind her hips forward in time to some methodical internal rhythm.

When the train arrived at the station she stood up with everyone else and walked off the train, her steps short to hold her dildo in place and to stop her coat from parting too far and revealing her long, naked legs. Through the haze she thought she could feel eyes on her, burning through her single layer of clothing to see her naked skin beneath, but no-one spoke to her. She couldn’t turn to check for watching eyes, she could only stare forwards.

She stepped daintily onto the platform, leaving one crowd and seamlessly joining another as she walked towards the barrier. The material of her coat rasped against her nipples as she walked, causing them to tingle with pleasure and making them stiffer still, which made the feeling more intense.

Amanda placed her ticket in the machine, and the barrier opened. She walked through, merging back into the crowd again. Despite being a mindlessly entranced and controlled woman, acting purely on hypnotic instructions, she was indistinguishable from any other individual. Any hypnotised person would be; they might perhaps look a little spaced out, or a little robotic in their movements, but neither of these things would attract undue attention in a bustling station.

The crowd was forced towards the exit by the sheer mass of people moving in that direction, but even if she’d been alone Amanda would have felt a compulsion to leave the station, climb the stairs to the street, and walk to the bus platform next door.

Outside, the crowd flowed both ways, and Amanda saw a great sea of faces coming towards her. No-one saw her glassy, blank eyes, or if they did they didn’t realise she was hypnotised. Out here, people did not look at each others’ faces, and if they did then their eyes soon flicked away and they kept on walking. Amongst the jostling crowd, no-one noticed Amanda was naked beneath her coat, even as the short distance caused it to flap open over her legs, revealing more of her creamy white thigh than it would if she was wearing a skirt underneath.

Amanda boarded a bus, taking a travel card from her pocket and swiping it at the door, not needing to interact with the driver, or anyone else, as she sat and settled into position, pushing her ass back into the seat and squeezing her legs so the dildo would slide deeper into her pussy. The man sitting next to her had no idea. Despite the hypnotic haze Amanda flushed with pleasure at the satisfying fullness she felt, and crossed her legs to hold the dildo firm against her clit.

The bus filled until it was standing room only, and then until it was full. A woman stood right next to Amanda, her hips at Amanda’s shoulder height, so close that her leg brushed against Amanda’s shoulder and Amanda could smell the woman’s perfume. But even she was unaware of the sexual bliss Amanda felt, and didn’t take any notice of the young woman with the pink cheeks whose breaths were slightly more frequent than you’d expect from someone sitting cross-legged on a bus.

The bus drove away, the rumbling diesel engine giving the high frequency buzz in Amanda’s pussy an additional throbbing bass note, and she closed her eyes and let the pleasure melt away the public surroundings, concentrating solely on the very private pleasure beneath her coat, between her legs.

The bus emptied bit by bit at every stop, people pressing past Amanda and occasionally brushing against her, a woman who was slowly and discreetly rubbing herself to ecstasy. Eventually they approached a point in the suburbs at which Amanda felt compelled to rise from her seat and leave the bus, taking small steps again as she felt the dildo slip away from its position hard up against her clit. She tensed her pussy walls and held it in place as she stepped onto the pavement.

There was no crowd here, but Amanda still walked with little steps, head down and one hand surreptitiously in her pocket, palm pressed against the base of her dildo, her steps further apart than normal. Her slightly clumsy walk may have attracted a few curious glances, her heels clacking with each ungainly step, but there was no-one there to notice.

She walked up a side street, approaching a house she knew she must enter. She opened the gate with her free hand, her other hand now pushing rhythmically against the dildo and her pussy tightening and slackening in time to create a delightful sensation of friction as she walked up the drive.

She stood at the door, the last barrier between public and private space, and leant against it as her legs began to quiver—her hypnotised body felt the need to approach orgasm. She opened the door using a key she found in her pocket, her shaking hand only leaving the base of the dildo long enough for her to quickly turn the key in the lock. When the door was open she practically fell inside, slamming the door behind her and moaning as the pleasure radiating from her stiff nipples and dripping pussy doubled. She knew she had been a good girl, and had done as instructed, and now she would get her reward.

She tore off her coat, revealing a body glistening with perspiration and hot with arousal, and she grabbed the base of the dildo, roughly ramming it in and out of her pussy as she collapsed onto the hall carpet. Her other hands grabbed her breasts, squashing the soft flesh with shaky fingers and grasping for her achingly sensitive nipples.

Her legs buckled and she came, hard, screaming incoherently with lust and release. She clenched every muscle in her body and her back stiffened and arched, pressing her clenched buttocks into the carpet and pushing her open pussy into the thick vibrating dildo. She rode the waves of orgasm obediently, her hypnotised mind drawing out every last ounce of pleasure as she had been instructed, and only after many great spasms of pleasure had wracked her body did she let out a long, feminine sigh and sink to the floor, totally relaxed. Her eyelids flickered and she slipped back into a peaceful trance.

Her breasts rose and fell as she regained her breath, and after several minutes she sat up, gracefully pushing herself onto her feet, and picking up her jacket as if everything was completely normal. She walked to the bedroom, glossy dildo in one hand and coat draped over the other, and laid them down neatly in the corner. She then got onto the bed on all fours, ass raised and legs spread, pussy pointed towards the door. She faced forwards, eyes glazed and mind blank, wet and hot and ready for the mysterious man who had walked into her office just before she finished work at 5 o’clock.