The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Best Intentions

Part 2

Her beat up Geo Metro barely made it up the slope of the hill. It probably would’ve been faster if she’d pushed. Cars lined up behind her honked and cursed but her little car didn’t care. She kept chanting, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...” It finally pulled up to the house at 7:50pm. She was habitually early, the complete antithesis of her sister. The valet cocked an eyebrow at the worn out econo-box, but drove it off to find a spot. Bailey figured it would be next to the gardener’s. A woman in a butler outfit held the door open for Bailey. She stepped in, a little nervous.

“This way, please.” The butler walked off and Bailey struggled to keep up. It was only a short way though; the butler stepped out onto the deck of the pool and announced, “Miss Flume to see you, Madame.”

“Please send her over,” Tatiana replied. Bailey saw her under the floodlights, sitting at a table with a big umbrella. She had on loose white slacks and an airy white blouse. Next to Tatiana, Ginger and Thi stood like guards, each in black spandex that covered to their elbows and knees. Various party guests milled about, helping themselves to the bar and finger foods. A DJ spun club music and the pool had colored lights that changed in time to the beat. Tatiana didn’t get up, she just gestured at the only other chair at the table. Bailey’s t-shirt and shorts were again out of place, this time because of all the club attire. “Sit.”

Bailey found herself sitting without really thinking about it. “Uh, hi...”

Tatiana cut her off. “I’m glad you came, Bailey.” She took a sip of her wine. “I like a woman that’s a challenge. So here is what I’ll offer you. I know that you have some problem with me, though I don’t really know what it is, nor do I really care. But I would like the pleasure of your company, and you would prefer to keep your sister away from me and my friends. So we’ll trade. You come here at night for a week, and we’ll stop seeing your sister, if that’s what you want. Ginger and Thi can always find someone else to play with.” Both made an exaggerated pout. Tatiana paid them no heed. “So, what do you say? A week’s worth of your nights for your sister’s sudden and permanent absence?”

Bailey took a second to sift through this. A week of nights for Maya? What the hell kind of sick game is this? She held back some quick retorts. Finally, she asked, “How do I know I can trust you?”

“I don’t think there is anything I can say that will make you trust me. I give you my word though. I think that I can convince you, that Ginger and Thi can convince you, that we are sorry for our assumptions the other day. I am hoping that a week will be enough to change your mind. If it’s not, I don’t think that you’ll ever come around. And like I said, we can find plenty of other women,” she gestured around the partiers, “who are like your sister, if that is to our taste. But I prefer someone a little more complex, with a better bouquet.” She smiled and swirled her wine, sniffing before sipping again.

Bailey ignored the slight at her sister. “So that’s it. One week, hanging out here. Then I can go? And you all will leave Maya alone?”

“If, at the end of the week, yes. I give you my word,” Tatiana replied.

Bailey took a deep breath. It sounded strange and a little too good to be true. Basically, Tatiana and her gang were using Maya to get at her, but just to hang out for a week? It was all getting weirder by the minute. She couldn’t come up with any reason not to, and she could always just stop coming if they broke the deal. “I don’t know that I have much choice but to try. I’ll do it.”

“Good. It starts now.”

“But, what? Wait, I have classes...”

“Ginger and Thi, Bailey’s clothes won’t do. Please get her changed into something more appropriate for a party.” Tatiana grinned at Bailey. “Don’t worry, you’re going to enjoy this week.” She took another sip out of her glass.

Bailey felt arms guide her up out of the chair. “Wait, wait!” They bundled her inside and down the hall again, into one of the bedrooms.

“What do you think, Ginge. Red or silver?” Thi asked.

“Oh, silver, definitely. I have just the thing.” Ginger turned to the closet.

Thi started stripping Bailey, pulling the t-shirt up and the shorts down. “Shoes off! And look at this underwear! That’s gotta go, you’d never see that at a party.”

“Hey, wait, what the hell is going on?” said Bailey. She tried to hold onto her bra, but Ginger went after her panties. When she let go of the bra to defend lower down, Thi got the garment to start down her arms. Bailey quickly found herself nude with her arms held behind her back.

“We should shave her,” said Thi, gesturing at Bailey’s pubic region.

“Oh no you don’t! That’s not part of the deal!” Bailey jerked a few times but that just stretched her shoulders painfully.

“Stop fighting, Bails,” said Ginger. “We’re just getting you dressed. We can always let Maya know how uncooperative you’ve been.”

Bailey went cold. So there is a little more to it. I have to play along. She let her arms loosen, but it was harder to give in enough to let Ginger bend her legs and put on the panties. Well, if they could be called that; the lace thong barely covered anything. The bra was just as bad, with her nipples showing through the fabric. The dress they put on her wasn’t much better, with the back open to her ass, the neck loose around her breasts and the hem just barely decent.

“Yummy,” said Thi. “That’s an outfit that will turn heads.”

“She still needs makeup,” Ginger said. “We don’t have much time. Come on.” She lead them down to the bathroom. “Sit,” she commanded. Bailey sat down in front of a mirror. “Let’s see... Red? Pink?”

“That silver really cries out for metallic,” Thi said. Bailey just sat still, out of her depths when it came to makeup.

“I have bronze and champaign here. Think that will that do?” Ginger asked.

“And it will work so well with that auburn hair,” Thi said. “Too bad it’s so short.”

“We’ll deal with that another time,” Ginger said, starting to apply. After a few minutes, she said, “Now let’s have a look at you.” She gestured for Bailey to get up and took an appraising look. “Much more appropriate,” said Ginger. “Perfect for one of our girls.”

Their girls? “So is this what I’m going to be doing while I’m here?” asked Bailey.

“Oh no, there is so much more fun stuff to do,” said Ginger. “Let’s head out there.”

“No, we should stay here, just enjoy our little toy, skip the party,” said Thi.

“Tatiana said Bailey was supposed to mingle.”

“Oh damn,” Thi sighed. “Let’s go.”

“Out there? Like this?” Bailey asked, horrified. She’d not been in a dress since elementary school, and this hardly fit the definition.

“Oh, silly us. We forgot the shoes!” Ginger said. She ran back to the other room and grabbed a pair of four inch spike heels with straps that ended halfway up Bailey’s calves. Bailey struggled to stay upright; she liked her sandals. “Not used to those, are we? We’ll have to practice a little first.”

Thi led them out into the hall. Ginger went down to the other end. “Go on, Bails,” Thi said. “On your toes, careful...”

“That’s it!” Ginger said. “Down here!” Bailey was embarrassed as she went back and forth between the two women. She felt like a little kid playing dress-up. She kept her mouth shut, fighting back anger and frustration at being treated like a toy. Maya came first. She could endure this for a week. If Tatiana thinks I’m going to change my mind, this sure as hell isn’t the way to do it. After several uncomfortable repetitions and a few ankle-turning stumbles, Ginger and Thi declared her proficient enough to head out. Bailey leaned down to rub her sore calves.

“Hon, much as I like the view, you better be careful about bending like that,” Thi said, head cocked and staring at Bailey from behind. Bailey flushed everywhere. “That’s cute too.” Bailey stood up straight and tried to compose herself. “Come on, let’s go! I’m thirsty!” Thi hurried out onto the pool deck, Bailey stumbling a little to keep up. The night air was cool on her exposed skin. She fought off a shiver as they walked up to the bar. A drink might help calm her nerves a little, but she didn’t want to lose it like the last time she was here.

“Two whites and a special for Bailey here,” Ginger said. The bartender, a beauty in a bikini top and daisy dukes, nodded and dipped down to grab the bottles she needed. “You’ll love it,” Ginger breathed into Bailey’s ear.

“I wasn’t really planning on drinking much,” Bailey replied.

“Oh don’t worry,” Thi said. “It won’t get you drunk, just a little buzzed. Let you loosen up a little, which you really need.” She gave Bailey’s shoulders a friendly shake. “This is supposed to be fun!”

“Yeah, Bails, loosen up!” Ginger said, smiling. Bailey just shook her head and snorted. “Really, it’ll be a fun week if you let it.” The bartender put three glasses up on the bar. Ginger handed a red drink in a highball glass to Bailey. “Here. Give it a try. I’m’ sure you’ll love it.”

Bailey smelled the drink. It seemed a little foofterish for her, with a fruity, raspberry smell. She sipped experimentally. No alcohol taste, but she felt warmth slide down her throat. It would probably do. “That’s not bad,” she said.

“Oh, we know,” Ginger smiled. “Let’s mingle.”

The three walked around, sipping their drinks and stopping to chat with people that Ginger and Thi knew. Both introduced Bailey as dressing for the evening on a dare. Each group complimented Bailey on how she looked and how she should consider dressing like this all the time. She flushed a little each time and thanked them. She really wasn’t used to being the center of attention, particularly as such an obvious sex object. The drink also seemed to be affecting her; she finished it pretty quickly and could feel the warmth leaking out of her chest. It was strange how much it heated her skin and tingled along her breasts. Her nipples visibly poked out through the lace bra and the thin silver dress. It also leaked down into her nether regions, building into a heat that was now starting to moisten the thong.

“Oh look, Ginger, Bails finished up her drink,” Thi said.

“I’m about ready for another as well,” Ginger said. “Let’s go get another round.”

“Uh, guys, you know, I think I’m done,” Bailey said. “I’m feeling this a little more than I should.”

“We can see you’re a little flushed,” Ginger said. “Don’t worry, just one more, I promise.” She smiled and walked towards the bar. Bailey stumbled as she started after her, her legs a little unsteady in the heels from the drink already and the warm glow inside not helping any. When she looked up, she found herself staring right into the chest of a woman. Butterflies spun around her belly, lighting little fires wherever they went. The lush breasts that held her attention were covered in an off the shoulder cream dress, with only a hint of cleavage showing. She felt her chest tighten and her stomach quiver. Something was a little off in her reaction, a little exaggerated, but she couldn’t help it. It took several seconds for her to look up into the lady’s dark eyes.

“I’m Mikaela.” The woman held out her hand. Bailey saw Thi heading off to meet up with Ginger at the bar. She felt lost. A second or two later, the woman said, “And you are?”

“Oh, sorry. Bailey,” she replied, and took the offered hand.

“One of the specials, I take it?” Mikaela said, grinning.

“Only one.” Bailey hoped she meant the drink.

“They can be potent. Be careful. You do look lovely tonight, Bailey,” Mikaela said, overtly looking Bailey up and down. “Who are you with?”

“Ginger and Thi.”

“Oh, yes, then maybe they wouldn’t mind if we spent a little time together.” Mikaela moved in a little closer. Bailey thought she could feel the heat of the taller woman’s body radiating into her own melting core. “I’m sure you would enjoy that.” Mikaela reached up to run her hand along the back of Bailey’s neck.

“Oh, look, Bails has a friend,” Ginger said as she arrived, holding up a full glass. Mikaela didn’t move. Bailey wanted to but couldn’t. Instead, she found herself leaning into the brunette woman. “Here you go, Bails.” Bailey took the drink and sipped, loving the feel as the heat slipped down her throat. She hummed in pleasure. The liquid kept tasting better and better.

“I think we should leave these two,” Thi said. “Let them enjoy the evening and each other’s company.”

“Yes, we should. Let’s find Tatiana,” Ginger said. They headed off.

Bailey felt a hand slide under her dress to the naked flesh of her butt. She trembled as the fingertips played gently along the tender spot where the back her thigh began. Mikaela turned a little to stand directly in front of Bailey. Her hand slipped along the smaller woman’s hip to the front of the lacy panties. Bailey leaned in closer, pressing her breasts against Mikaela and trying to adjust her hips to get Mikaela’s fingers into a more interesting position.

“Let’s find someplace a little more private,” Mikaela suggested. Bailey slammed the rest of her drink and left the empty glass on a table as Mikaela lead her off to one of the bedrooms. Once inside, Bailey made no objections as Mikaela slipped Bailey’s dress to the floor. The bra and panties quickly followed. She helped the brunette out of her clothes, leaving only Bailey’s shoes in place. “I like the heels, they’re sexy,” Mikaela said as Bailey leaned down to loosen the straps. “Leave them.” Bailey felt a thrill go through her as she followed the suggestion. Mikaela pushed her onto the bed and climbed on top, settling her crotch above Bailey’s waiting mouth. “Eat.”

It was the best Bailey had ever tasted. She nearly came herself as she licked and suckled and messily got two fingers into the hot, slick folds she was ravishing. Mikaela moaned and tightened and fell forward as her thighs clamped around Bailey’s head. She nearly passed out before Mikaela finally relented and flopped onto her side. Bailey turned, meaning to get into a 69, but Mikaela ordered her to lay still. The taller woman climbed out of bed and went into a chest. “Ok, turn over, ass up high,” Mikaela ordered. Bailey again found herself complying, and shivered in the pleasure of submitting and the anticipation of what was about to happen. She heard a few straps being tightened. Something hard slid up the inside of her thigh before tickling her wet nether lips. “Stay still.” Strong hands grabbed her hips as a large phallus thrust suddenly inside her. Bailey moaned in ecstasy and pain, having never taken something this large before. She stretched to accommodate and trembled around it as it stayed still for a moment before pulling back and thrusting in again. The tempo picked up and she quickly crested, already nearly there after the heat of the drink and the lust of servicing Mikaela. The burning lava in her gut splashed around as she tensed, washed over her body as she spasmed, forced its way out in a howl of release. It didn’t fade; another wave came crashing right behind. She felt a slap on her ass. “You’re a damn fine ride, Bailey,” Mikaela said. “Scream for me again!” Bailey did.

She was in a fog for the rest of the night, just a wonderful, blissful toy for Mikaela to play with. She was whipped, spanked, chained and gagged. She loved every minute of it. She wasn’t sure when she was finally allowed to sleep, but it was the deep slumber of sated exhaustion when it happened.

* * *

The sheets were on Bailey when she woke. She didn’t remember getting under them. She might have even fallen asleep on the floor, at the foot of the bed, while Mikaela was on it. She also didn’t remember the soft music that was playing. She shook her head to clear it, but the night still wasn’t really coming into focus. She remembered coming to Tatiana’s, agreeing to stick around for Maya’s sake, and getting dressed up like a doll for the party, but after that, it was really fuzzy. That drink must’ve been potent, but she didn’t have a hangover. She looked around. No sign of Mikaela. Bailey slipped out of bed. Once again, there weren’t any clothes other than a little red bikini. She went out in it again. Her hair still overflowed embarrasingly. Not that a huge bush was her style, but only a lipstick creampuff would go bald.

“Have a wonderful night?” Tatiana asked as Bailey stepped onto the deck. Ginger and Thi again stood next to Tatiana, again dressed in black spandex. Tatiana gestured at Bailey to come over.

“Well, I must’ve, since I don’t remember most of it,” Bailey replied, cocking up one side of her mouth.

“Well, then, I guess you did.” Tatiana smiled. “And I suppose you have somewhere to run off to again today, don’t you?”

“Oh, uh, yes, I do.” Bailey forced her scrambled brain into order. “What time is it?”

“Almost ten.”

“Almost what?” said Bailey. Adrenalin surged and her mind became crystal clear. “Oh god, I have to get to my office right now!”

“Thi, clothes please,” Tatiana said. Thi went inside.

“How could you let me sleep this long? I have to work and now classes are coming up and what the hell was I thinking?” Bailey rambled on, explaining how much she would have to do now and that she had no time. Thi stepped out onto the deck with two sets of clothes.

“Bailey, calm down for a minute,” Tatiana said. “Here are your clothes so you can get dressed. We also have another set that you might like to wear. It will look beautiful on you.” Tatiana gestured for Ginger to take them and hold them up. It was a form-fitting blouse and knee-length skirt, nothing over the top, but Bailey was still shocked. She almost reached for it though, finding some impulse to follow the suggestion. She fought it off and grabbed her stuff. “Oh well. You’ll need to hurry; you can change out here.”

“No, if it’s all the same to you,” Bailey said, heading inside. Something was wrong with the set of clothes. Her cotton underwear were missing; instead there was a satin set. She was in a hurry, so she went to the bathroom without turning back, threw everything on and headed out to the deck. “Where’d my underwear go?”

“Oh, we figured it might be fun for you to wear something a little sexier,” Tatiana said. “It’ll save us a little time tonight. See you then!”

Bailey stopped, sensing she had just been dismissed. She was getting a little upset at being treated this way.

She left. Office hours had already started, so she floored her little car. Not that a Geo Metro goes that fast when floored; she might have had to do that anyways in La Jolla. It made her feel better, at any rate, like she was getting somewhere a little faster. She flipped open her cell and called Maya. It went to voicemail.

“Hey Maya! Bails here. Just wanted to say I’m sorry about yesterday. I really... yeah. Give me a call, k? Bye.” She hung up and concentrated on a few nasty curves at the base of the hill before flooring it again up Torry Pines and to UCSD.

* * *

Bailey took the time to shower and change after classes ended. She tried to grade the latest quizzes from today, but she couldn’t focus well enough. Her mind slid right off of each page. She sighed. Food was definitely necessary, since she might get stuck drinking at one of Tatiana’s parties again. She stopped by Jeff’s Burgers down in the Shores on her way to Tatiana’s. The cheeseburger was delicious. It fortified her against the wrath of other drivers as her little car chugged up the hill.

“Why, Bailey dear, so nice to see you!” Tatiana said, hugging her as she came in the door. “Tonight I have a little dinner planned for just the girls and myself. Please, follow me.”

“Just a dinner? That’s new,” said Bailey. “I thought all you did was party.” Tatiana ignored her.

Much as this situation was weird, Tatiana still was hot. Bailey let her eyes wander as the two walked into the sitting room. Several lamps on end tables lit the room, with a comfortable white couch and matching loveseats dominating the center. There was a portable bar in place and several women she recognized from the pool and the parties chatted as they drank. Soft music played in the background.

“Ginger and Thi had some other things to attend to tonight, so they, regrettably, won’t be able to join us,” Tatiana said. “Please, have a seat. Hema, get Bailey a drink.” A slender Indian woman, with lighter skin and dark eyes, stood and walked to the bar.

“Not the special,” Bailey said hurriedly.

“Oh? You seemed to like it last night. How about a daiquiri then? Hema is a daiquiri specialist.”

“I...” Bailey wasn’t sure she wanted to, but it looked like she wasn’t getting out of drinking something. She’d already eaten, so she should be fine. “Ok.”

“Hema, daiquiri please.”

Bailey sniffed the drink. It gave hints of a variety of berries. She sipped a little. Like the night before, it sent little warm tingles down her throat to settle in her stomach. They were again slowly dripping lower into her belly. It really was delicious. She sucked the drink quickly enough to give herself a brain freeze. The fire and ice effect was startling and wonderful. She finished it up quickly.

Tatiana laughed. “Hema, another for our guest. She seems quite thirsty.”

“Oh, sorry, it was just...” Bailey stammered. “It was good.”

“I can see that you liked it,” said Tatiana as Hema handed Bailey another. “Please feel free to drink as much as you like.”

Bailey started sipping on this one, controlling herself to not toss it down. The heat had turned into flames and she was leaning towards Tatiana with a hungry look. She steeled herself and managed to ask, “So what’s for dinner tonight?”

“You are, dear,” said Tatiana, signalling to the women in the room. Someone grabbed the drink and set it aside. Several pairs of hands grabbed Bailey from behind and started tugging her shirt off. More hands started working at her shorts. A part of her wanted to fight this, wanted to ask what the hell was going on, but the molten lava in her chest burned away those thoughts and her pussy dripped its desire to let these women have their way. Hands worked off Bailey’s bra and panties as well, her sandals having gone with the shorts. She found herself suckled by tongues and tickled by fingers and the night quickly became one long orgy of damp lips and clits and nipples and all of the tender spots she had and could find. It was pure bliss.

* * *

The bed was a surprise again, as were the covers. They must’ve moved her. At least, she didn’t remember the orgy moving into a bedroom. She was on a table at some point. Music played delicately in the background. The bikini was waiting for her. Tatiana, Ginger and Thi stood on the deck. This time, Thi was already waiting with the clothes.

“Heading off again so soon?” Tatiana said, feigning hurt. “Well, here are your things, and again we brought some that we think would highlight your beauty a little more. We’ll turn you yet.” Tatiana stroked Bailey’s chin in a condescending way. “I do so love a challenge. Please feel free to dress in your old, frumpy clothes.” Tatiana and Ginger walked off, tacitly dismissing her.

Bailey looked at the two sets. The second set had a shorter skirt this time, with a black bra and white blouse that would embarrassingly show it off. Her hand started reaching for it. She snorted, shook her head and got her own clothes. The underwear were lacy this time. She changed quickly and headed out of the mansion.

On the way down the hill, she hit the speed dial for Maya. It went to voicemail. “Hi Maya, this is Bailey. Look, I just wanted to say I’m sorry, and I care about you, and that’s... well, anyway, give me a call, k?”

* * *

It was Thursday night and she was heading over to the mansion again. She’d found herself anticipating it a few times during the day, both with dread and a little tingle. She was surprised when she finally got there and only Ginger and Thi greeted her.

“Hi Bails! Tatiana isn’t here, had to handle an emergency that came up with her friend Zaria,” Ginger said. “Come on out to the pool. We have a suit for you.” She handed Bailey one of the red bikinis. Both Ginger and Thi had more modest black two pieces on.

“Can I get changed somewhere?” Bailey asked.

“Oh, right here will do.” Ginger smiled.

“I’ll just head to the bathroom...”

“Come on, we’ve all seen everything. Change here. Hurry.” Bailey sighed, slipped out of her clothes and put the bikini on quickly, flushed to her breasts and wanting to cover her exposed hair. “Just leave them,” Ginger aid as Bailey made a move to pick up her clothes. “The staff will get them.”

“But, I wouldn’t...”

Ginger cut her off. “Leave them. Come on!” She ran out to the pool and dove in. Thi followed, and Bailey reluctantly stepped out and carefully walked down the steps into the water. It was warm, entirely unlike the ocean in La Jolla, but salted instead of chlorinated, which Bailey loved. She sank under the top and came up, forgetting her embarrassment for a minute as she luxuriated in the feel of the water.

“Drinks!” called out Thi to the waiting bar staff. “Sour pucker for Bailey, and Ginger and I will have whites.” Bailey took the offered glass and sipped experimentally. She had thought about getting a daiquiri again, but the raspberry in this drink made the heat flow just as well. She sucked down the first and was well into the second before she noticed that Ginger and Thi were leering at her. Her already sopping pussy quivered in anticipation.

“Come here, Bailey, we have something for you.” Each dropped a bikini bottom on the surface of the pool. “Come and get your treat.” They backed up to a bench built into the side. Bailey slipped under the surface and sought out each waiting woman, carefully tending to their needs. Each lick and suck caused a pale echo in her own nether region, leaving her needy and wanting. Her lungs burned as each woman held Bailey’s head under for just a little longer than was comfortable. She started getting desperate, not just for air but also for release.

Ginger pulled her up. “Come on, honey. Bedroom.” Thi led this time, with Ginger behind. “You really should see this view, Thi. That little string sliding down between those lovely cheeks... We could charge for this. Such sexy hips, cute little waist too.” Bailey blushed as she walked, but found herself adding a little extra sway for Ginger to watch.

Once in the bedroom, Thi flicked the lights on and headed straight to the bed. Ginger took Bailey to the foot of it and had her kneel, facing Thi. Then she hopped on and started making out with the Asian beauty.

“I really...” Bailey started.

“Shh,” Ginger replied, holding her finger up. She leaned back into Thi.

“But I could...” Bailey tried again.

“Shhhhh.” A little longer this time and an angry look.

“I’m desperate!” Bailey said.

“Shhh.” Ginger leaned over and put her finger in front of Bailey’s lips. “No more.” She patted Bailey on the head. A thousand flaming, ticklish butterflies swept through Bailey as she settled down and stayed quiet. Ginger turned back to Thi, who was laying on her back. Ginger slowly kissed up from Thi’s groin to her breasts, where she took a hard nipple into her mouth. Thi moaned and arched into the soft contact. Bailey dripped fire between her ankles and onto the floor. She whimpered. Ginger flipped around on top of Thi, straddling Thi’s head as she leaned down to reach her mouth between Thi’s legs. She looked up once, winking at Bailey, before gently starting to lick Thi’s folds. Bailey managed to stifle her own moan while both Thi and Ginger vocalized their lust. Bailey stared, wanting to get up on the bed and join in, but she wasn’t supposed to. She watched as both women crested multiple times, crying out and writhing in waves of release.

Ginger finally looked up. “Aw, look Thi. I think she wants to join in.” Bailey whimpered in need. “Should we let her?” She moved off of Thi.

“It would be fun to play with her,” said Thi, sitting up on her elbows. “Let’s bring her up on the bed.” Ginger leaned off the mattress and lifted Bailey with a single finger under her chin. Thi smiled at her. “Up here, toy.” Bailey crawled onto the sheets. Ginger went to the top of the bed and spread her legs while Thi started rummaging through a chest.

“Let’s see if you’re as good as Thi,” Ginger said, grabbing the back of Bailey’s head. “I doubt it. Prove me wrong.” She thrust Bailey into her crotch.

“I’ll keep her humming for you,” said Thi, sliding behind Bailey.

Bailey couldn’t see what Thi was up to, but she started caressing Ginger with her tongue. The mild vibrations from the rubber phallus suddenly playing against her folds forced a whimper out, directly into Ginger’s waiting clit. Ginger moaned and arched her back to get Bailey’s mouth into better contact. Bailey squirmed, trying to get better contact, but Thi orchestrated her teasing to keep her on the edge, never quite going over. The dildo would dip in, but never stay; it would touch her clit, but quickly move off; it would tickle her sensitive, wet lips, but never linger long enough or press hard enough to get Bailey to crest. Bailey’s mewls turned into sobs as she worked Ginger.

“I think she wants to cum, don’t you?” said Thi.

“Oh fuuuck!” Ginger cried as she peaked, thrusting her ass into the bed for the third time. “Yes! Yes, hell yes! Oh she’s good Thi, you need to try this.”

The two switched position. Bailey didn’t ask for relief, she just groaned and let Thi climb in front of her. Again, Bailey found her face in a woman’s crotch. Her tired tongue started ministering again. The infuriating dildo, keeping the fires hot and the tingles shooting everywhere, again worked her nether regions. She struggled to get more contact from Ginger, but the blonde was, if anything, better than Thi at keeping Bailey on the edge. The Asian woman was more responsive than Ginger, shouting her joy and squeezing her thighs tight as Bailey suckled. Thi came quickly, several times in succession, and jerked away as she settled back down.

“Enough! Enough! Too sensitive!” Thi pleaded.

“Has she been a good girl?” Ginger asked.

Thi panted for a bit before saying, “Yes, she has.”

“I agree. I’ll give her a reward.” Ginger plunged the phallus in as far as it would go and twirled Bailey’s clit gently with a finger. Bailey cried out almost immediately and thrust her ass high as the pent up frustration washed over her in a cascade of pure pleasure. She trembled in release for as long as Ginger kept the dildo in place, finally laying down after Ginger pulled it free. Bailey shook delicately on the bed, and cried in both relief and pure joy before passing out.

* * *

The morning routine was set, with Bailey waking up in bed and only the bikini to wear. This time, the two sets of clothes included one with a mid-thigh length skirt and stockings. She felt a little twinge, wondering what wearing something like that to class would be like. Would feel like. I would look damn good... She smirked. Courtney would’ve loved that. Her face went blank. Maybe she would’ve stayed if I’d worn things like that. The familiar wave of pain and self-pity washed over her. She grabbed her clothes.

“I do so love a challenge,” Tatiana said, smiling. She walked away.

Bailey stomped into the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and yanked out her cell phone.

“Answer, answer, answer...” It went to voicemail again. “This is Bails, Maya. Please, I just want to talk. Call me, ok?” She hung up and sighed. The underwear were different, this time held together by ribbons. She thought briefly about going commando.