The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Best Intentions

Part 3

Bailey had a bad Friday. First off, she was nearly late for class. She usually was there fifteen minutes early, prepping the board and getting her lesson plan in order. Some of the professors laughed at her for even having a lesson plan instead of just winging it off the chapter in the book. Her mom had been a teacher and gave her proper, if informal, schooling in how to teach and not just show. Second, she was having trouble concentrating on the work. Maya kept coming to mind, and all that Bailey was going through to keep her safe. Each night she felt a little more lost in the strange, messed up world that Tatiana had created. The underwear didn’t help matters, the ribbons reminding her of Ginger and Thi and that strange raspberry mixture. Her head seemed to be in a fog, like she kept drinking too much. She couldn’t remember well after the first few drinks, but the memories that did filter through were more about hot sex than overindulgence. Third, she made little progress on her thesis when she sat down after classes to work on it. The equations and their meanings slid off her mind. Frustrated, she finally headed off to Tatiana’s. Once there, Ginger opened the door and fetched her inside.

“I’m getting sick of this,” Bailey said as they headed into the main hall. The stress of the day started gushing out. “Are you trying to hook me on sex and alcohol? I can’t keep this up. I have trouble concentrating, I can’t work on my thesis, I’m constantly in this fog... What the hell is going on?”

“Shhh, shhh, there there, Bails,” replied Ginger. Bailey almost slapped her. “Thi has something for you to drink. It’ll soothe you a little so we can talk.” Bailey gripped the glass, filled with a cool red liquid that tasted of raspberries. Maybe she shouldn’t drink it this time. Then they might randomly decide she was breaking the agreement... She finished it quickly, finding the delicious warmth wonderful even as her head still stewed. Thi handed her another. Bailey felt her chest loosen, nipples poke out and skin flush, as her mind started to haze over. She finished it quickly and fell into the heat. It engulfed her, changing from a delicious glow to a raging inferno of desire. Her anger quickly melted away and was replaced by scorching lust. She grabbed Ginger and mashed her lips against the blonde’s. Thi pulled her off and lead her into the couch room.

“I see our guest has arrived,” said Tatiana, sitting inside. She rose as the two women pushed Bailey down in the center. “I see she’s sufficiently excited for tonight’s activities. Please bind and blind her.” Ginger pulled Bailey’s arms behind her back, tying them tightly together from the elbows down and attaching them to a rope she secured to Bailey’s ankles. Thi pulled out a black velvet blindfold and knotted it around Bailey’s head. She checked the front to make sure Bailey couldn’t see.

“Not like last night...” Bailey started saying. Her lust was boiling over.

“Shhhh.” Ginger placed a finger across Bailey’s lips. “Be a good girl again tonight.” She forced Bailey onto her knees and ankles. “Now stay still, alright?” Bailey whined but stayed still and quiet otherwise. I could move, just move, just say something, just anything to prove I’m not becoming...

Several women began to file in. Bailey could count them by footsteps, with each having a different shoe and weight to give each step a different tenor. The hushed voices continued around her with the women taking their places in the couches. One came in locked in chains, mumbling behind a gag. Someone dragged a chair in front of Bailey and sat the one wearing chains in it so the two bound women were facing each other.

“And now for some entertainment before dinner ladies,” said Tatiana, moving behind Bailey. “I have kneeling here a woman that earlier this week thought she wouldn’t enjoy herself at my humble home. What do you think now?”

“Oh, she’s definitely into it!”

“Look at that flush.”

“I think I see her nipples poking out through that shirt.”

“Let me check for you,” said Tatiana. She ripped the front of Bailey’s shirt open. “Obviously stiff through the lace.” She ran her hands over Bailey’s exposed chest before untying the ribbons. The blush began hot on Bailey’s forehead and reached all the way down to the falling cups of the bra. Bailey’s heart was racing and the sheer, exposed terror gave her that much more fuel for the fire dribbling into her already sopping panties. A hand unbuttoned her shorts and reached inside. “And so wet! She’s definitely enjoying it.

“Sitting before her, I have a slave who’s identity I must implore you keep a secret. She’s in training, and part of that training is having our little Bailey show her what being a good girl is about. So, without further ado...” Tatiana stopped speaking. Bailey was forced forward towards the chair, finding that it was cut down the middle for easy access.

Thi bent down. “Good girls eat, and only good girls get rewarded, ok?” she whispered into Bailey’s ear.

Bailey understood, and her crotch decided she would be very good. She leaned in, finding fishnets on the thighs rubbing her cheeks and the tang of woman in her nostrils. She eagerly started licking, finding her rhythm quickly. The lady’s clit was already shamelessly out and her folds wet. She cried behind a gag, trying to shout something while spreading her legs further so Bailey could hear. Some part of Bailey thought maybe the cries were familiar, but Bailey didn’t really care; she only wanted to be a good girl and get her reward. It didn’t take long before the chained woman’s shouts switched to pleas and the thighs started gripping Bailey’s head tighter. Suddenly they clenched hard as the woman gushed in her climax, straining at the edge for another, then a third. Bailey heard tears again, but with joy mixed in this time. Bailey hoped it was good enough for her own reward.

“Now ladies, the kneeling woman has been chaste all day and is in desperate need of some relief. Do you think she’s earned it?” asked Tatiana. Bailey perked up, suddenly worried. She’d thought she was only worrying about pleasing one person, and maybe making Ginger and Thi happy. Obviously it could include anyone in the room.

“She should service everyone first!”

“Let me have her!”

“Send her over here!”

Bailey dripped into her shorts and whimpered. This was turning into a nightmare.

“Oh, look at the poor girl. Give her some relief, I think she’s earned it.”

“May, you have always been such a softy,” said Tatiana. “But this time, I agree. Ginger, Thi, if you would?” Bailey felt the two pawing at her shorts, helping her onto her knees and pulling them down to her knees. They untied the panties, yanking them off, and sliding a long, hard shaft up into her slick folds. Bailey immediately impaled herself, riding it up and down to catcalls and lewd encouragement. It was no more than a few seconds before the first mind-shattering orgasm started, cramping her groin as she fought to keep moving and clench together at the same time. The second followed quickly on the heels of the first. Bailey kept riding wave after wave for long minutes while the enthralled audience watched. The sobbing from the chair increased. Something familiar about it bothered Bailey, even as she collapsed in exhaustion, and Ginger and Thi dragged her out to a bedroom to recover.

They untied her and let her rest. She received some basic sustenance: bread, a little cheese, fruit, water. Then she spent the night entertaining each guest in a more intimate milieu. Some liked simple bondage, others more complex. One implored Bailey to run free, but Bailey explained why that was impossible. The woman only shed a tear and left quietly. That was the most disturbing one of the night. In the end, Bailey was thoroughly abused and used and finally left on the bed, exhausted, in the wee hours of the morning. She passed out to quiet, gentle music in the background. It made her smile and kept her dreams vivid.

* * *

“I want to leave now.” Bailey stood in front of the three, Tatiana, Ginger, and Thi, in a red bikini again, demanding her clothes. “Give me my clothes. You said it was for seven nights, not days.”

“Well, you seem to have ripped the shirt, so I’d have to come up with other clothes,” replied Tatiana, smiling.

“You have plenty of shirts around here,” said Bailey testily.

“Oh, well, you know, I do miss Maya. Perhaps we could see her today, since I’ll have a little time after you go.” said Tatiana.

“You wouldn’t.”

“Sounds like fun. We’ll just go ahead and get your clothes, then?” said Tatiana. “Ginger, you still have Maya’s number, right?”

“Fine,” Bailey huffed. “You win. I’ll stay.”

“Oh, I do so love a challenge,” said Tatiana. “Ginger, please make sure she’s ready.”

“I will, Mistress,” replied the blonde.

Mistress? What? Bailey stared at Ginger. Something finally snapped, sending fear and panic flooding through her veins. Everything here was inherently wrong and it was time to leave. She ran, flying through the sliding door and to the front. That door was locked. She yanked back the chain, undid the bolt and threw it open.

“Hi.” The valet was standing there, smiling.

“Fuck you!” Bailey went for his face, trying to push him out of the way as she slithered past. He managed to get his arms around her even with his head almost touching his back.

“Oh no you don’t!” he said. She just grunted as she continued to struggle. She heard clapping coming from behind her.

“Oh bravo, Bailey,” said Tatiana. “I see you’ve decided our arrangement isn’t worth the price.” She walked up as the valet maneuvered Bailey into a full bear hug. Tatiana ran a finger sensuously down Bailey’s back. “You are a very interesting woman. You were right to run, if you value your freedom. Most women at this point are so lost that they would be creaming themselves at the opportunity to stay here, and yet you have enough sense to run when Ginger slips up and says Mistress before getting the cuffs and chains. Tell me, did you know what she was getting, or did you just panic?” Bailey kept struggling, grunting with the effort. “Oh well, it doesn’t matter. You’re too strong-willed for your own good. You would’ve lasted the week the way things were going so I’m forced to use heavy-handed methods. You’ll be in chains all day until we finish chaining your mind. I wish I had a month or two to break you myself, very slowly... Oh well. Ginger, if you would.”

Ginger came up to Bailey, who still faced the valet in the bear hug, and chained her wrists behind her back. Ginger leaned down to attach the long chain to Bailey’s ankles. The struggling woman kept trying to kick but Ginger was well trained to deal with recalcitrant people. It only took a minute for Ginger to finish. The valet let go and Bailey stumbled against her bonds in her attempt to run anyways. The valet caught her and picked her back up.

“Both of you, take her upstairs,” said Tatiana, indicating Thi and Ginger. “I want her ready for dinner tomorrow.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Ginger and Thi echoed. They pulled the struggling woman towards the hall and the stairs.

“Let me go you fucking bitches!” Bailey cried out. She tried to twist and kick her way out of their grip, but between the two of them they kept firm hold on either the chain or an arm. Bailey ended up thumping her knee on the edge of a wooden step and stumbling. The two finally dragged her up the steps, painfully yanking as she hit each edge.

“You really should settle down, Bailey,” said Ginger. “It would go a lot easier for you.”

“Fuck you!” Bailey shouted at them.

“Feisty to the end,” shouted Tatiana up the stairs. “Delicious!”

The three ended up in a room near the top of the stairs, with Bailey unceremoniously dumped on the hard floor. She looked up and saw a leather-bound chair with straps dominating the middle of the room, a control panel behind it and a screen in front. Thi moved a wheeled IV drip line from the far wall next to the seat. Bailey felt fear knotting her gut. The room seemed so clinical, like a hospital. The walls were white with white tile on the floor and white tiles on the ceiling. Fluorescent lights gave the room a harsh glow.

Ginger tapped at the keyboard and the monitor lit up. As Bailey watched Ginger reach for the mouse, she levered onto her hands and knees. With a fair effort after the bruising she took on the stairs, she managed to crawl to the doorway and back into the hall. Part of her mind knew that at the bottom of the stairs lay escape, and she might be able to slide down towards the exit, even sneak out a window.

“Uh uh uh, naughty naughty!” said Thi, wagging her finger. “Back in you go! Time for a little training, then you’ll feel much better, ok?” Bailey didn’t like Thi’s crooked, evil smile. She kept thrashing about in the Asian woman’s grip, forcing Ginger come over to help out.

“Let me go, you fucked up freaks! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Bailey shouted as she struggled. It didn’t keep them from getting her over to the chair. They locked the ankle cuffs to the legs of the seat, then removed the chain and handcuffs. Bailey swung a fist instantly, but without leverage from her stance the two women easily dodged the blow and pushed her back. They each strapped one of her arms down. A needle pierced her skin, hitting a vein in the crook of her elbow. “No! What the hell? Get it out! Get it out!” Bailey screamed. “What the hell are you doing to me?” Her frenzied efforts to make it come out were in vain. Bailey felt her panic clench cold in her chest, forcing out little defeated whimpers even as she twisted in the straps. Ginger pulled the bottom of the red bikini as far down Bailey’s legs as she could.

“OK, just about ready,” said Ginger as she positioned herself behind the console. “Start the drip.” Bailey watched Thi open a drip line that fed into the saline solution being forced into her arm. She cried out and shook her head, again trying in stark terror to get the needle out.

“No no no no! Stop! Please don’t!” Bailey cried. “What the hell are you putting in me?”

Ginger ignored her pleading. “I’ll get the head restraint on her.” Ginger moved to the back of the chair and fastened two heavy steel plates to the back of the seat. She maneuvered them into position and locked Bailey’s head in place. Now the only things she could see were the floor, ceiling and screen.

“Please just let me go,” Bailey cried, tears working their way down her cheeks. “Please let me up, I’ll just walk out and I won’t go to the cops, really. Just let me out, please!”

“Sorry, hon, can’t do that.” Bailey heard a click behind her, a sound like a tiny garage door opening, and faint music start whispering in her ears. Gentle colored lights swirled on the screen as she felt the first effects of whatever was in the drip line. A sense of vertigo dragged the tense fear and foreboding up again into her chest and head. She fell into the spiral starting to swirl in the hues playing on the screen.

“No no no no no please stop, please stop,” Bailey cried out, getting softer as words joined the melody. She felt a faint buzzing below her groin, adding spice to the icy despair in her gut. She heard soft footsteps and a door closing, but the spiral held her now. She kept falling further into it, the murmur guiding her down. As her thoughts slowed and focused, she stopped crying, eyes drying as they concentrated on the miasma in her vision. Her jaw went slack. Her face drooped, but her eyes strained to keep looking at the screen. It didn’t take long for the trance to claim her. The hum led her now pliant mind along new paths. Her pussy dripped in response and let the vibrations work their way inside, using the pleasure to help along the new thoughts and associate them with reward in her subconscious.

* * *

Her next thought was of a bed. A soft bed. She wasn’t sure how she got there, but she saw herself in the mirror on the ceiling. The straps were the next thing she noticed, holding her arms above her head and her legs spread wide on the cream sheets. A lush red comforter lay crumpled at the base, half off the bed on the deep burgundy carpet. She didn’t feel inclined to move. A voice in her head told her she was obeying, and that was a good thing. It tingled in her sex. Soft music played in the background.

“Good morning, sleepy head,” said Ginger as she came in. Morning? What day is it? Bailey thought. “I see that you’re doing well, waking up when told and not struggling anymore.” She placed a few things on the floor at the base of the bed. “Are you ready for your next lesson?” She gestured at Bailey’s stiff nipples. “It looks like it.”

“Yes, Mistress.” That felt right, saying it that way. There was still a little of the panic that made her run last time, but there was stronger joy in her submission. Little happy butterflies kissed inside her belly.

“I’m going to help you learn your pleasure is now controlled by others,” said Ginger, reaching for a latex dildo with a clit stimulator. She lubed it before turning it on. “Here it comes.” It vibrated against Bailey’s nether lips, gently stimulating her already dripping pussy. Ginger let it tease a little longer, tickling along the edges of Bailey’s slick opening.

“Please, Mistress, please!” Bailey begged, lifting her hips to attempt to get the device inside her.

“See?” Ginger pulled it away. “It’s not your choice anymore. I control your pussy, and through that, I control you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Bailey responded, disappointed. She let her butt back down onto the sheets. Ginger again teased her, holding her almost painfully at the edge of release. Bailey whimpered but tried to remain still.

“That’s better, slave.” Ginger kissed lightly at the crook of Bailey’s thigh. “My turn.” She flipped around to straddle Bailey’s face and lowered herself. “Do a good job and maybe I’ll reward you.” Bailey almost lost control in her desire, almost took her frustration out in an assault on the blonde’s pussy. Instead, she controlled herself like a slave should and concentrated on prolonging the ecstasy. She the thought of getting a reward slipped away in her servility. It was a good thing too; once Ginger was done, arching several times and moaning in release, she simply got off the bed.

“You did a wonderful job, just like a slave should,” Ginger said, patting Bailey’s foot. “I have a few things to attend to.” She walked out of the room. Bailey whimpered and squirmed, trying to get a little friction between her thighs. She felt guilty about it, since a slave should not masturbate. Maybe she wanted to be punished. She lay there for hours before she was let up. As Thi lead her out of the room, she stumbled, trying to work the stiffness out of her muscles.

The rest of the day was spent in more lessons. She knelt and licked, carried trays and poured wine, succeeded and was ignored, failed and was punished. All of it was done with only brown leather straps on her wrists and ankles, each emblazoned with ‘slave’ in black. Her mind simmered and her exposed pussy dripped. Each submissive act pulled her further into her role and made it easier to accept, even to desire. The world outside faded in her mind, this servitude her only thought. The dissertation work that she had planned for the weekend lay scattered around her apartment, forgotten.

As evening approached, Ginger brought her into a bright dressing room. Paints were piled off to one side, with a painter brushing glittering gold on a dark-hued slave that Bailey had come to recognize. Her own smooth body now matched that of the slave, who had obviously been waxed or had laser removal. Bailey vaguely recollected shaving herself as Ginger recorded it on video, but the memory faded as soon as it tried to come forward. She was distracted by the liquid heat streaming out from her crotch.

“Put her here,” the man said, gesturing as he put more paint on his brush.

“Stay still,” Ginger said as she positioned Bailey where the artist had pointed. Bailey only moved to breathe, not even looking around. Her mind buzzed in a fog of lust as she dripped down her leg.

“Hmmph.” The man wiped her thighs with a rag. “Pretty turned on, aren’t you? Let’s see,” he said, looking at a clipboard. “Full mermaid. I see that we have to cover some bruises you have. Those are pretty bad. Tatiana said you had a fight with some stairs. I can see they won.” He snickered. “Well, they’re no problem.” He started painting. The pigments were cold and gave her goosebumps. She stayed still as he worked, except when he needed to position her. Once he finished, he put her in front of a mirror. “There you go. What do you think?”

“It’s beautiful,” she responded. Intricate scales worked up her legs from a tail on her feet. They ended in a V around her navel and extended up her sides. A green hue covered the rest of her skin, conveniently masking her bruises. She was distilled aquatic desire.

“Wig time!” Ginger showed up and pulled her away from the mirror. Bailey watched the hairdresser finish up with the gold locks going on the other painted slave’s head.

“Oh, now isn’t she just delicious!” exclaimed the woman, looking Bailey up and down. “That hair just won’t do though, will it. Let’s finish it off.” Soon after, Bailey’s short, brown curls were covered by long, green tresses flowing almost to her butt. She didn’t have time to appreciate it in the mirror, though. Thi whisked her off to the pool.

“Up you get.” Bailey got up on the table that Thi patted. She sat on the edge. “Lie down.” Bailey did so, lying on her back. The tablecloth didn’t provide much padding. “On your side, please.” The instructions continued as Thi positioned Bailey on the table. “Stay still now.” Bailey simmered in an blissful, obedient fog. She didn’t move except to breathe and occasionally blink, while her eyes stared into the distance, unfocused. She dripped down her thigh in her excitement at being so docile and controlled. Thi wandered off.

After a while, someone Bailey didn’t recognize came out and lay sushi on and around her. The arm supporting her head fell asleep at some point, but it was a minor irritation washed out by her submissive euphoria. After a little longer, guests started to arrive. Occasionally a few would come up to her table to get sushi.

“What lovely decoration.”

“I don’t know where Tatiana gets her models, but they’re always gorgeous.”

“Damn, I wanna take her home. Think Tatiana would let me?”

“She’s so still...”

That last one made her thrilled. She was being a good slave.

After the guests filtered out, Tatiana came up to her. “You are becoming such a good little slave, Bailey. It’s been such fun breaking you.” Tatiana ran her fingers along Bailey’s exposed side, sending little shivers of delight through her and giving her goosebumps. “I think after such a strenuous night, you deserve a little reward.” Tatiana put one finger over Bailey’s clit. “Cum.” Bailey did, her entire body straining as it tried to stay perfectly still. She managed to keep her ecstasy to a whimper and small tremor as her entire belly clenched from her stomach to her crotch. Her eyes rolled back as her lids fluttered. The waves kept crashing after such a long day spent on the edge. “That is how I reward my good slaves.” Bailey barely caught the words in her rapture. “Ginger, please take her to a room.”

“Up, slave,” Ginger said. Bailey swung around quickly, choking back a shout as the blood rushed back to aching muscles and stiff joints bent for the first time in hours. “Follow me.” Ginger started walking off. Bailey was obliged to move faster than her pained body was ready for. She stumbled in her rush to keep up. Ginger lead her to a bedroom and gestured to her to get into the bed. Bailey did. Staying still had exhausted her; she only took the wig off before collapsing in the bed. She fell asleep to the faint sound of music and a smell of raspberry air freshener.

* * *

The shower in the morning took a while. The paint peeled off pretty easily but it took a while to scrub completely clean. She didn’t want to smell of musk when she went to teach. She put on makeup, which was unusual for a teaching day, trying out the dark eyeliner and red lipstick, and a little beige blush. This time she didn’t bother with the suit. It was proper that she have no modesty. Tatiana, Ginger and Thi were waiting on the deck.

“I see our mermaid has arisen from the depths,” chuckled Tatiana. “Thi has your clothes.”

The red micro-dress Thi handed her almost jerked Bailey out of her compliant stupor. It had one strap around the neck that formed a diamond that would end just past her breasts. The back was open and what material there was might not cover her ass. Every time she bent over... She realized there were no bra or panties. Thi held out thigh-high black boots.

“Uh, I can’t wear this...” Bailey shook her head. “I have class. I have...”

“Shh, dear.” Tatiana leaned in and put a finger to Bailey’s lips. “You don’t make decisions anymore. Wear this. Show off. Bend over and tease everyone.” Tatiana crooked her mouth. “You’ll love it.”

“I... uh...” Bailey couldn’t help herself. She put the dress on and slipped the boots up her legs.

“Now go, your students are anxiously awaiting their hot grad student,” Tatiana said.

Class didn’t go well. Bailey had trouble concentrating. She kept fluttering her eyelids and dropping things so that she could bend over, humiliating and inflaming herself. Her mind simmered and her slick sex dripped. Everyone watched, the guys with bulging crotches and the girls with disgusted, and maybe a few discreetly interested, looks. She kept dreaming of one of the hot girls coming up and thrusting her head between her sexy teacher’s legs... She didn’t bother with office hours and went directly home.

The couch, normally comfortable, made her fidgety. She kept wondering how this had happened to her. She wasn’t the type to wear club clothes when they would be appropriate, much less to campus. A few times she got up and went to her closet, hoping to change, but could never quite manage it. She’d always end up back on the couch, squirming, her hand resting on her thigh next to her steaming pussy. It never could make it closer; she wasn’t in control of her pleasure anymore. That just made it hotter. In the end she was getting up and standing in front of her clothes just to feel the defeat, knowing she would debase herself by going out again in this dress, wet down her thighs, musky and hot and ready for use.

Finally, something in her head clicked. It was time to go.

* * *

She strutted in this time, on display for anyone that might be looking. She saw everyone standing around the pool, with Tatiana, Ginger and Thi next to a nude, kneeling form. Bailey walked out and recognized Nia before the three, looking up with worship in her eyes.

“Ah, the offering arrives,” Tatiana said, looking at Bailey. “Please kneel, slave.” Bailey did without a thought.


Tatiana turned back to Nia. “And what payment do you offer me so that I will take you as my slave?”

“Bailey, Mistress,” said Nia.

Bailey’s mind froze. What the hell? What is going on here?

“Nia, I accept your offering and willingly enter into this relationship as your one and only Mistress.”

Nia trembled as she said, “I accept you as my Mistress, and become a slave, wanting only what you want, thinking only what you think, obedient in all things.”

Tatiana took a thin collar from Thi. There was a tag hanging from it, spelling out “dorei”.

“Nia,” Bailey said, “what the fuck is going on here?” Her stomach dropped. Why did she invite me to that party?

“Shh, Bailey,” Tatiana replied, teasing the trembling Nia with the soft fabric, running it over her shoulders and neck. “Soon, you can purchase this gift from me as well.” She leaned down. “My slave, forever.” She clicked the collar in place around Nia’s neck. The woman collapsed in ecstasy, cumming her mind away, melting into the ground in a puddle of mindless, blissful submission.

“Nia? Nia!” Bailey almost stood up. Almost. She felt like her legs were stuck in position.

“Prepare her, Thi,” Tatiana said, gesturing to the woman slumped on the deck. “Now, Bailey, be quiet for a bit and listen.”

Bailey tried to let Tatiana know just what she thought of that, and what she could do with it, but no sound would come out.

“You see, slavery is not something I can take lightly. I’d have thousands of women in here trying to fulfill their little slavery fantasies, giving up all their worldly cares for a lifetime of servitude and pleasure, if I didn’t make the entry price high enough.” Tatiana took a length of cloth from Ginger and walked behind Bailey. “You see, Nia’s was set at you, and she decided the price was worth it. Now you have to decide. What is it worth to you? I know you did all of this to protect your sister, and I said I would stay away if that’s what you wanted. I certainly can, if you still want me to.” Bailey felt the velvet collar run along her neck, down between her breasts, over her back to the other shoulder. Everywhere it touched, it shot electric sparks down to her crotch. “Or you can choose to be my slave. The price is your sister.” It dropped down her dress, briefly tingling along her nether lips before falling to the floor. “Ginger, see her out.” As Bailey stood, Tatiana said, “Don’t bother coming back without her, Bailey.”

Bailey walked out, confused and angry, hurt, betrayed, and so turned on she couldn’t think straight.

* * *

Bailey picked up her phone when it buzzed. She glared at it, willing herself to put the device back down. A picture of her sister smiling brightly on a sunny beach shone up from the screen. Set it down! For the first time in days, she answered it.

“Hey Maya,” Bailey said.

“Hey Bails!” her sister practically shouted into the phone. “How are you! Where have you been? You haven’t been answering!” Bailey strained to hear her; the sound of a raging kegger in the background threatened to drown everything out.

“It’s only 5 in the afternoon, Maya!”

“Hey, don’t go all big sister on me again,” said Maya, a little miffed. “And anyways, what they hell, it’s Friday! So how come you started avoiding me? It’s been at least a week. I’ve left messages, text you a few times...” A door closed and the music and shouting muffled.

“Only after I stopped leaving messages last week,” Bailey replied. “I’ve just had a few things going on, you know? I did want to say I’m sorry about that last time...”

“Yeah, well, I’m willing to overlook it.” Maya laughed.

“Nice, Maya,” Bailey said, dripping sarcasm. “Anyways, I wanted to let you know that, well, I met up with Tatiana later, and...” Stop stop stop stop! “you were right about her.”

“I was? Oh that’s great, Bails! I knew you’d come around!”

“Yeah, even little sisters can be right sometimes.” Don’t do this, hang up, stop! “I was hoping you could join us for a few drinks this weekend.” No! Don’t let her win! “Tatiana is having a party tomorrow if you wanted to come by, or maybe Sunday if you want something a little less formal.” No no no no no!

“Oh, sure Bails! You sound great, I really was worried.” Thump thump thump came from the background, and some shouting. Maya covered the phone and shouted something muffled back. “Hey, gotta run, I’ll call you again tomorrow, k?”

“Sure thing Maya. And Maya, thanks again. I wouldn’t have given Tatiana another chance without you.” Don’t come Maya! She’s evil!

“Hey, no prob, Bails. Gotta run!” click

Bailey tossed her phone down and whimpered. She was naked on her couch, trembling, with one hand stuck on her thigh a few inches from much needed release.